American Rust (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

St. Sebastian

Previously on "American Rust"
[HARRIS] Someone's pushing
cocaine-and-fentanyl SweeTarts
- in my town.
[HARRIS] Fentanyl's
coming from a pharmacist.
[JACKSON] Someone
broke in through my back door.
[STEVE] For a guy who says he
doesn't handle much fentanyl,
Jackson handles a fuckload of fentanyl.
If I were you, I might put
a camera out back there.
And I'll use Jackson to get
to this Bobby Jesus prick.
You want to find this Bobby guy
for your girlfriend.
You tag him with drug dealing
and killing
a high school kid, he becomes
a pretty terrible witness
against Billy Poe.
You can have two different reasons
- for doing the right thing.
- No.
If it's the wrong reason,
it corrupts everything.
The guy who named Billy
is a drug dealer?
- Can you prove it?
- Not yet, but I'm trying.
Don't worry. You'll figure it out.
We're in this together.
[GUARD] Lawyer's here, Poe. Let's go.
Tell her to go home. I'm not interested.
You protecting somebody?
Please don't. Please don't hit me.
It's okay. Hey.
It's Rachel. Public defender Rachel.
Oh. Shit. Hi.
Your son is refusing to see me.
I can't be his lawyer
until he signs the paper.
I can get you in to talk to him.
How do you know that?
Because he's in love with me.
I just want to know
how much he's willing to pay you
to come here and talk us out
of what's owed to us.
Enough, Grace!
[HARRIS] Felonies make up a
big chunk of the population.
And you're a big guy.
Someone'll test you.
Do not engage. You hear me, Billy?
- Okay.
Can you ask Rylan to shut off the music?
- Will he do that?
- He better.
Considering what I laid out
for all this beer.
All right.
Hey! Listen up, everyone!
I want to thank you all
for coming out for this.
I hope you're enjoying your drinks.
I know that some of you
are still on the fence
about what's going on.
Seems like this five-letter word, union,
has some of you thinking it's
actually a four-letter word.
- But it's not.
It's a good word.
I assure you.
And I wanted to urge all of you
to join me in voting in favor
of unionizing tomorrow.
We need 51%.
Please join us.
51% and we got ourselves a union.
I know, in a lot of ways,
Mr. Gelsey has been good to us.
- Not always.
But most of the time.
I've been working for him
as long as anybody here,
and, uh, I appreciate
the steady paycheck.
And the working conditions
aren't terrible.
But you know what?
"Not terrible" is not enough.
- That's right.
- We deserve more.
By a long shot.
We are entitled to medical benefits.
We are entitled to a pension.
And we are entitled
to proper vacation time.
Jeanie Potts, when your baby's born,
you should be able
to take paid maternity leave
and know that your job
is secure. Am I right?
- Yeah.
- Lisa, you've been working here
for 16 years.
It's crazy you don't have a pension.
Wouldn't you like
to be able to retire at 66
with something to fall back on?
Or are you gonna be
hunched over that zigzag
for the rest of your life,
hemming dresses
until you're in your frickin' 70s?
- Look, I've been sewing lace
onto dresses since
as long as my son's been alive.
And I am proud of that work.
[WOMAN] Yeah. That's right. Yeah.
We make damn good dresses at Gelsey's.
- Hear, hear.
these are basic,
fundamental workers' rights
we're asking for.
Please stand in solidarity
with me tomorrow
and cast your vote for unionization.
Let's take control of our lives
for once.
[FELIX] Don't lean on the fence.
It's a good way to get shanked.
It's Bill, right?
- Billy.
- Billy.
My bad. I'm Jerry.
I came to let you know you're welcome
to come over and use
the fitness equipment.
Don't worry. No one's gonna hurt you.
Dealer's choice.
You got the pull-up bar, the bench
and a whole rack of dumbbells.
I'll go bench.
All right. Come on.
It's all yours.
I'll spot you.
- I got it.
- Mm.
You did good the other night.
Not a lot of guys could handle
themselves the way you did.
You strike hard, quick.
[CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You can take a hit.
I'm Milo, by the way.
It's Billy, right?


[STEVE] Here's his personal items
- and the goods.
- [FRANK] Copy that.
Thanks, Steve.
- Chief.
- Hey.
Could I see you in my office?
You mind telling me
what the fuck's going on here?
Offinger caught the guy dealing
to a couple of construction
workers over on Swan Boulevard
and called for backup.
We apprehended him
just before he reached
the outskirts of town
and brought him in to the station.
So who called Deluca?
I did.
Because it's related to his case.
Trent Tisdell overdosed in Buell,
which is my jurisdiction.
- Your jurisdiction?
- Our jurisdiction.
Buell fucking Township.
It's not Deluca's case.
But everyone knows
the perp is linked to that Bobby guy.
Based on what evidence?
Based on the fact that he was dealing
the exact same baggies of coke,
which likely contained
the exact same contents.
Just because the baggies are the
same fucking brand from Costco
doesn't confirm anything.
Every goddamn drug dealer from
here to Boise fucking Idaho
uses those baggies.
They haven't even sent his stash
to the lab
for testing yet.
Look, you're not on that case, Chief.
Can I ask you a question, Park?
Very basic question.
Of course.
Whose fucking side are you on?
The guard standing over
by the food line.
Brown eyes, goatee.
Don't look.
Do you know who I'm talking about?
during the second mess shift change,
in the hall connecting
that entrance over there
to our cell block
Look at it.
By the clock.
Got it?
Down that hallway,
that's where you're gonna take him out.
A necessary item
will be provided to you.
It'll be approximately four inches long
and plenty sharp.
I'd advise going for the throat.
He needs to cease existing.
What did he do?
Not what he was supposed to.

Nod twice to let me know
you understand your mission.


- Oh, my friend
- We have reached
- The end
How you feeling?
[EXHALES] I've been better.
You've been asleep for 20 hours.
You should drink some water.
I left some Advil there for you.
I'm told you can take
up to six at a time.
When all my roads are ending ♪
You mind me asking what happened to you?
Run ♪
It isn't you ♪
- I'm running from ♪
And after all this, I still ♪
I paid for all that.
So you're welcome to it.
If you're looking for something
a bit more nutritious,
there's an entire Tupperware container
of leftover chicken soup in the fridge.
Feel free to heat it up
in the microwave.
I washed your jacket.
I couldn't get all the spray paint out.
Might need to take
some turpentine to it.
I left some fresh towels
and clean clothes for you
in the bathroom.
Hot water takes
about ten seconds to kick in.
Call your bluff ♪
It reminds me of ♪
An ocean caught between us ♪
So, I got 200 bucks in this shoebox.
I keep it up on the shelf
in the closet in my bedroom.
And there's a Blu-ray player
right over there,
but that's about it.
TV's a piece of shit.
In case you were planning to rob me.
[EXHALES] I'm not gonna rob you.
Okay, then.


Hey, Ma.
What have they done to you?
- I got in a fight.
- You got in a fight?
Already? I mean, what happened?
In the shower.
It was no big deal.
I am sitting here,
looking at your face.
How can you tell me it's no big deal?
No contact.
Did you see a doctor?
I don't need a doctor, Ma.
How are your hands?
I don't give a shit
about my hands right now.
Are you sure
you don't need to see a doctor?
I've been hit harder playing football.
Trust me, I'll be okay.
Tell me what's going on.
Everything's fine, Ma.
I promise. [INHALES]
I just had a little fight.
It's over.
I don't got a lot of time,
so I need to ask you something.
And I need you to be honest with me.
Why aren't you talking to Rachel?
Do you not trust her?
If we have any chance
of getting you out of here,
you have to engage with her.
Do you understand that?
She wants to help you.
But she can't if you won't let her.
Can you at least promise me
that you'll see her again?
Can you promise me that?
Say it.
I promise you I'll see her again.

[HARRIS] The Trent Tisdell overdose
happened in my jurisdiction, Frank.
I'm not sure
what you're concerned about.
I'm concerned
how your handling of this guy
might affect
whatever syndicate led the drugs
to that house party in Buell.
You nab one tomcat
and all the other cats scramble.
Now, what's this guy
actually giving you?
He's giving us a lot.
A lot for what case?
The drugs in Trent Tisdell's tox screen
were a direct match
with the couple who OD'd
at that Little League game.
Melanie and Tom Bayer.
Also my jurisdiction.
Goddamn it!
- Del.
- What?!
Sit down.
And calm down.
- You calm?
- I'm calm.
Now listen to me.
- I'm listening.
- Sue Herlitz is willing
to cut this guy a deal
if he can give us any intel,
anything to help track
this line of traffic back
to our Bobby Jesus character.
You knocking on doors for her, too?
You'd think she was running
for attorney general.
Look, Del, if this guy reveals anything
that might relate to Tisdell's overdose,
I promise you,
you'll be the first one to know.
It's not that I'm afraid ♪
- Of the houses in the deep ♪
It's just I know your name ♪
They call ♪
You the Beast ♪
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do ♪
- Excuse me, sir.
- Please keep your distance.
I'm sorry.
Talk to me.
An inmate told me
I had to take out another guard.
I-I need to be transferred.
Can you help me?
You did the right thing.
Come with me.
[low, ominous music

I'm glad you came to me.
That took a lot of guts.
Approach the urinal.
Because there's something
in there for you.

Reach inside.
Now drop it in the toilet.
I'd go in after it if I were you.

That should help you
carry out your mission.
After the glow ♪
You're still here.
The sad talk ♪
I thought you'd be long gone by now.
I'll never forget ♪
Hey, you got to pay ♪
So what'd you do all day?
Slept, mostly.
Looks like you had a shower.
- Was the water okay?
- Yeah.
- It was perfect.
- Did you eat?
I had that chicken soup.
It's good, right?
Yeah. It's good.
Right or wrong,
it's all that I can do ♪
And I wouldn't want to let you be ♪
I want a range life ♪
If I could settle down ♪
Why are you being so nice to me?
- If I could settle down ♪
Then I would settle ♪
See these?
They're all fake.
These six.
Range life ♪
About six months ago,
I was coming out of work,
walking to my car in the parking lot,
and this guy jumps me
with a baseball bat.
Knocked out my teeth.
Broke my nose. Busted my collarbone.
Cracked three ribs.
he had mistook me for this other guy
who was fucking his wife.
I spent three days in the ICU.
Took me over a month
before I was able
to raise my arms above my head.
But my point is,
when it comes to recognizing
someone else
who's been through something
it's like I've developed superpowers.
You had that look.
Something bad happened to you.
This crime, it is never complete ♪
Plus, what they spray-painted
on the back of your jacket.
You're never gonna feel free ♪
I don't even know where I am.
You're in Chadron.
Chadron, Nebraska.
Northwest corner of the state.
We're about 15 miles below South Dakota,
a few hours east of Wyoming.
No one but myself to blame ♪
Don't worry ♪
We're in no hurry ♪
So how many of them were there?
What did you expect? ♪
Two or three. Maybe four.
Never actually saw them.
They hit me pretty hard
from behind, and I went down.
I just remember feeling their boots
blasting into my ribs and my face,
my shoulder blades.
Then they took my backpack and ran off.
From the looks of it,
they got you pretty good.
If I could settle down ♪
I'm starting to think I'm
the kind of person bad things happen to.
I think I know how you feel.

Hopefully things
will turn around for you.
The pinewood derby's finest.
That's some bowl.
It's a magic bowl.
- I don't understand ♪
What they mean ♪
And I could really give a fuck ♪
Stone Temple Pilots ♪
They're elegant bachelors ♪
They're foxy to me ♪
Are they foxy to you? ♪
[NATE] You happen to be in the presence
of the 1995 pinewood derby champ
of Beatrice, Nebraska.
Dream, dream, dream ♪
[GUARD] Lights out in the gallery.

The new phone book's here!
The new phone book's here!
[HARRY] Well, I wish I could
get that excited about nothing.
[NAVIN] Nothing?! Are you kidding?!
Page 73!
"Johnson, Navin R."!
I'm somebody now!
Millions of people look
at this book every day!
Here's to small victories.
"What victories?" he's thinking,
as he drinks his lady's bourbon.
I convinced Billy
to meet with his lawyer again.
Gave a bona fide speech last night.
Stood on a chair in front
of a gathering of my coworkers.
I think it went pretty well.
We might have a
a legitimate shot at this union thing.
Good for you, Grace.
What is going on?
Did something happen?
The county sheriff's office
brought in this guy
for questioning today.
He was dealing from the same batch
as our Bobby Jesus character.
So, it's only a matter of time
before they connect the dots.
If Herlitz and Deluca
get to him first
They'll protect him.
Oh, they'll more than protect him.
They'll rehab his reputation
till he goes on the stand and
names Billy.
That'll be that.
Even if I go pick him up first.
Same result.

Okay. Um
So what can we do?
You know what I mean.
What do you need from me?
I didn't realize that my needs
were suddenly under consideration.
Oh, come on, Del.
I'm gonna go.
You don't really need me here.
Why would you say that?

- [SIGHS] Hmm.

For your own protection ♪
Over their affection ♪
Nobody broke your heart ♪
Finish what you start ♪
Walk down Alameda ♪
Brushing off the nightmares ♪
You wish could plague me ♪
When I'm awake ♪
So now you see ♪
Your first mistake ♪
Was thinking ♪
That you could relate ♪
For one or two ♪
- Do you want to?
- You sure?
In ♪
You're all pretension ♪
I never pay attention ♪
Nobody broke your heart ♪
[low, sinister music


[low, tense music

- What the fuck?
Come here, you motherfucker.
Code two! Code two! South corridor!
- Stay down.
Tell me about your necklace.
It's St. Sebastian.
He's the patron saint of athletes or
archers or something like that.
Legend has it he was tied to a tree
and shot with arrows during
the Roman emperor's persecution
of the Christians.
Somehow the arrows didn't kill him,
and he was rescued by St. Irene of Rome.
And she nursed him back to health.
But shortly after that,
he was clubbed to death anyway.
- Yikes. [CHUCKLES]
- Rough life.
[EXHALES] My mother gave it to me.
It was hers.
I think something about
his martyrdom spoke to her.
Does your mother know where you are?
She must be worried sick.
You might want to give her a call,
just to let her know you're okay.
My mom's dead, Nate.
She passed away a few years ago.
Isaac, I'm sorry.
Were you close?
How about your dad?
He's still around.
He's turning into the kind
of person you can talk about
when they're right there
in the room with you.
He's a checked-out, bitter old man.
Do you think your mother knew?
About you?
They always know, Isaac.
Maybe that's why she gave you
this necklace.
She knew
St. Sebastian would protect you.
Open number nine.
Picked the wrong group
to fuck with, Poe.
Good luck with the Aryans
when you get out of here.
Close nine.
Gentle, melancholy music

There you go.
Nice clear mark on the ballot, please.
[ROBINSON] Open nine.
Your lawyer, Rachel Walton,
is here to see you.
How are you?
I'm good.
Is everything all right?
Your dad okay?
- Everything's fine.
- Take a seat, Billy.
How are you doing?
- I'm okay.
- I understand
from your mom that you got in a fight.
Yeah, one fight. It's no big deal.
And the warden just informed me
that you wound up
in solitary confinement for
accosting two fellow inmates.
So there were two fights.
Do you want to tell me what happened?
The first one was sort of, um
an initiation thing.
I had no choice about the second one.
I'll just leave it at that.
All this fighting is not going
to look good to the D.A.'s office.
They will try and use it
against you at your trial.
I hope you realize that.
Your mom also told me
you're ready to talk to me.
- I'm open to it.
- Good.
So, let's talk about what
happened at the steel mill.
According to Sheriff Deluca,
the anonymous source
who named you described you in detail.
He said you accosted Pete Novick,
that you "coldcocked him,"
and that there was blood.
So were you there?

[RACHEL] Billy
whatever you are going to say,
please say it.
Billy, I can't help you
unless you talk to me.
Please, let me help you.
Was there anyone else there besides you,
Pete Novick and the other guy
who made the anonymous call?
If someone else was with you
in that steel mill,
now is the time to tell me.
this may be your last chance.
Do you really want to stay here
for the rest of your life?

I have nothing else to say.
What? Why?
I'm sorry, but I don't want you
to represent me anymore.
- Hello?
- Grace, it's Rachel.
Hey. What's going on?
Is everything okay?
Billy fired me.
- Why?
- I have no idea.
I'm afraid you're gonna have
to find your son another lawyer.
- Good luck.
- What? Hey
[WOMAN] All right,
that's all she wrote, ladies.
[GRACE] What?
What happened?
We got less than 30%.
That's impossible.
Thank you for your trust in me, ladies.
Uh, I'm sorry you all had
to go through this.
I know it's been a-a trying time.
I'm just happy that, uh
we can get things back to normal now.
Uh, why don't we take a 20-minute break
before we get back to work?
All right? 20 minutes.
Grace Well, clearly they got scared.
I'm done playing by the fucking rules.
[Dramatic music


Going cold turkey.
That's a lot of pills.
You sure you're up for this?
It could make things a little erratic.
It's time.
Suit yourself.
County sheriff's office
picked up the guy who sold
that lethal dose of tainted
cocaine to Trent Tisdell.
So that's good news.
That is good news.
Had him in for questioning.
Hoping to work it back to
whoever's selling around the county.
Well, I mean, sounds
like the sheriff is doing
- good police work.
- Yeah, sometimes
our community leaders
actually come through for us.
Restores your faith in people.
- Take care, Jackson.
- Mm-hmm.

Whoa, hey, hey!
- It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. I got you.
Just breathe, Isaac.
- Breathe.
It wasn't murder.
It was self-defense.
Sort of.
We were heading out of town.
We were walking. He was seeing me off.
And then Billy saw this guy dip
into an abandoned steel mill.
It was this ex-cop who
had messed with him in the past,
so Billy went in after him.
After a minute, Billy didn't
come out, so I followed him in.
And I saw that this
other guy had a knife to his neck,
like a hunting knife.
And the ex-cop was
on the ground, about ten feet
away from them, I think.
Billy must've knocked him down.
And then the ex-cop got up
and it looked like
he was getting a knife when
I came up behind him with a wrench
I found on the floor of the steel mill.

I hit the ex-cop in the back of the head
as hard as I could.
It seemed like he was gonna hurt Billy.
I-I was sure of it, I
It was a lot of blood.
And where's Billy now?
Just found out he's in prison.
Awaiting trial.
He was charged with murder one,
for the man I killed.
I think he's giving up his life for me.
You know, when you say his name,
your face changes.
You care about him a lot.
- Were you two?
- No.
It wasn't like that.
Seems like you have
a big decision to make.
Well, I was young and hungry ♪
And about to leave that place ♪
When just as I was leaving ♪
Well, she looked me in the face ♪
I said, "You must know the answer" ♪
She said, "No,
but I'll give it a try" ♪
And to this very day,
we've been living our way ♪
Here is the reason why ♪
Blow up your TV ♪
Throw away your paper ♪
Go to the country ♪
Build you a home ♪
Plant a little garden ♪
Eat a lot of peaches ♪
Try and find Jesus ♪
On your own. ♪


- Thanks, Belle.
- Thanks.
don't go too close to that corner.
It's the bad luck corner.
You're fine here and-and there.
Well, enjoy your tea, boys.
Supposed to be calming.
So what are you doing here, Jackson?
[SIGHS] It appears the county sheriff
is getting wise to things.
They've been questioning
the Emaciated One.
And it's only a matter of time
until he slips up
and gives them your friend Michael.
- Great.
- And I'll bet my flat,
white ass that nimrod will take
a fucking deal from the D.A.
and rat us out.
Look, the bottom line here?
We can't have anything leading
the police back to Michael,
because it'll lead them
directly to this porch,
and then to my fucking pharmacy.
And we are now in the center
of a complete fucking shit show.
Hey, just chill out, okay?
I'll take care of it.
You'll take care of it how?
Just drink your tea.
Like the old lady said
it's calming.


Thank you.
I just got off the phone
with Eddie Roe at the fire department.
They're looking at possible arson.
Surrounding property is fine.
I can't believe
somebody actually did that.
It's a beautiful piece of land, Grace.
You'll always have that.
Is there anything we can do?
About the fire?
About Billy.
My son is gonna spend
the rest of his life
in that prison,
and he's not gonna make it.
I mean, you should've seen him.
He-he looked like a
abused animal.
- Grace.
You have been through a lot.
You're exhausted.
What you need is a good night's sleep.
Yeah. Sorry. My mind's
it's all over the place.
Thank you for taking me in.
You can stay here as long
as you need to, okay?
What's mine is yours.
Bud and me are gonna be
the best roommates you ever had.
You should see what Bud can do
with a load of laundry.
World-class folding skills.
I am gonna take such good care of you.
I'm gonna take
good care of you, too, Grace.
Because this is what this is now, right?
This is what this is now.
I am all yours, Del.
You have me completely.
And we are gonna go above
and beyond for each other.
[SNIFFLES] Because I would do
anything for you.
Would you do anything for me?

I know where he is.
That Bobby guy.
I found him.
- You found him?
- Yeah.
Then you know what has to be done.
I want to hear you say it.
Say it, Del.
I know.
You know what?
I know what has to be done.


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