American Woman (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 - - [SMOOTH JAZZ MUSIC] Your Rolex President in 18 karat gold.
A very handsome timepiece, Mrs.
- What's the occasion? - Mr.
Nolan's birthday.
- I'd like it engraved, please.
- Very good.
I'll put the watch on Mr.
Nolan's account.
I mean that won't work.
You see, it's a surprise for Mr.
Nolan's birthday, and he can't know anything about it.
I'll pay in cash when I pick it up.
But the watch needs to be purchased in order to engrave it, which means it must go on Mr.
Nolan's account.
And if that's not possible, I'm afraid I can't help you.
Will there be anything else? No.
I'm I'm sorry to have troubled you.
I completely understand your position, and I know you'll understand when I have my husband close his account here and take his business, which has included many substantial purchases, elsewhere.
- Elsewhere? - Yes.
As in somewhere else.
I can hold the watch for you until Thursday, Mrs.
That's the best I can do.
Thursday will be fine, Andre.
Am I missing something here? The caterers want to put the food in a tent.
It's a birthday party, not a scene from "Lawrence of Arabia.
" This party's gonna cost a fortune.
Every day at work, I keep thinking you're gonna walk into the bank and ask for a loan.
You know what I think would be fun? Please don't say a costume party.
A costume party, and don't sit there and act like you didn't have a good time at mine.
I love a costume party.
I went as Wonder Woman.
I just love Lynda Carter.
She's dating Paul Michael Glaser.
- Really? - Mm-hmm.
Greg works in casting at Paramount, and he gets all the Hollywood gossip.
Kathleen tells me you stayed to be an actress back in New York.
True, but then talkies came in, and I was out on my ass.
I'm just curious as to why you didn't pursue your career.
I got pregnant, and that was not what proper, unmarried girls from nice New York families - did in those days, so - Mommy.
Ooh, baby.
Becca, darling, come over here and give your mother a disinterested hug.
- [CHUCKLES] - Hey.
These are the stars in this family.
Girls, say hello to your aunt Kathleen's friend Greg.
- Hello.
- BOTH: Hi.
Have Julia to get you girls a snack.
Julietta! - Romantic.
- [WHISPERS] Oh, my God, Diana.
The pool boy keeps looking over here.
I think he sees something he likes.
Mm, yes.
Would it be all right if I take a dip? Of course.
Follow the path.
There's a door that leads to the guest bathroom.
Have fun.
- This way? - Yes.
[CLEARS THROAT] I don't know why you take those diet pills, Kathleen.
You look thin already.
Thank you, but all four of my sisters are married.
Even my sister Connie's married, and she's missing a finger.
Well, now I've got a man, and I'm doing everything I can not to lose him.
Why are you worried about losing him? Well, I'm not worried.
Greg is great.
He's so sweet and attentive.
But there's just no spark.
Sometimes I think I might not be his type.
Well, what is his type? [CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL'S "BAD MOON RISING"] [UPBEAT MUSIC] I see a bad moon rising I see trouble on the way Don't go around tonight Well, it's bound to take your life There's a bad moon on the rise Honey! I'm home.
Hello, handsome.
You look fantastic.
Is that a new dress? Got it today.
I like the color.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER ON TV] How was your day? Good.
The girls came by.
We had a nice afternoon by the pool.
Kathleen has a new boyfriend.
BOTH: Mm-hmm.
- Of course she does.
- [CHUCKLES] I'm so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.
If you're too tired, maybe we should cancel.
No, I can't.
Paul and his wife are new in town.
They don't know anyone.
Besides, they kind of remind me of you and I when we first started out.
major in physics or become a brain surgeon.
It is the working woman demanding that she get the same pay and promotion opportunities as a man What, are you watching this? Not really.
I just had it on.
Wait, do you understand what she's talking about? - 'Cause I sure don't.
- Well, I think some women want to work and have a career.
That's what Diana's doing.
- I don't think it's that crazy.
- Yeah, I guess, but it's no picnic out there in the real world.
And I feel like you women have it pretty good.
I mean, why complain? [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE ON TV] [LAUGHTER] I-I proposed to her at a drive-in.
During "Ben-Hur.
" And I had this whole plan.
I was gonna wait till the movie was over, everyone's gone, get down on my knee, pull out the ring, pop the question, the whole romantic thing, okay? I even had the bottle of champagne set aside in case she said yes.
But I-I got a little nervous, didn't I? Did I? [LAUGHS] I asked her during the chariot race.
When did you move to California? After our daughter Becca was born.
California, yeah, it was different back then.
So what are your thoughts on Jerry Brown, Steve? Jerry Brown? Oh, you know, I'll take a "wait and see" on that.
He's dating Linda Ronstadt.
Do you listen to rock music, Bonnie? [CHUCKLING] How old do you think I am, Margo? Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it like that.
You just seem sophisticated, and a lot of what they play is kind of out there.
Linda Ronstadt has a great ass.
[MEN LAUGH] But not as good as yours, honey.
Isn't he the sweetest? I'm gonna pop into the ladies' room for one moment.
- Bonnie? - Just let me grab my walker.
How long have you two been married? Two years.
And how far along are you? Oh, my gosh, can you tell? Lucky guess.
We don't want anybody to know.
Paul wants me to get rid of it.
Why? He says it's not a good time.
And he's right, you know.
He's just starting out in his career and he doesn't want a family right now.
Well, what about what you want? Well, I [SIGHS] I would like to have a baby.
[VOICE BREAKING] I've always wanted that.
To be a mom.
Anyway It's not about me.
It's about Paul.
We have to support our husbands, right? Isn't that what we do? Yes, that's what we do.
[PENSIVE MUSIC] You don't smell like you.
- Don't I? - No.
Are you wearing a different cologne? Oh, yeah, that's yeah, I forgot about that.
You've worn Old Spice since I met you.
Yeah, I thought I'd try something new.
- Steve - Hey.
I need more money for the party.
Listen, I told you not to go overboard.
- Didn't I say that? - I'm not.
I just want it to be special for you.
This party's my gift to you.
Well, it's not a gift if I pay for the entire goddamn thing.
I'm sorry.
[WHISPERS] I'm sorry.
I know you've been working really hard on the party.
If I had some of my own money, I wouldn't have to ask you all the time.
Oh, hey, listen to me.
Listen to me.
Tomorrow morning, I'm gonna write you a check, okay? Get everything you need.
You forgive me? Yes.
- I love you.
- [GIGGLES] - Yeah? I love you.
- I love you too.
- Aw.
- You're so goddamn beautiful.
All right.
Come here.
- [LAUGHING] Steve, it's late.
We're just here for the drinks.
- Ah.
- I'm so glad you're here.
- Hi, Greg.
- Hi.
You can be the first to congratulate us.
We're going into business together.
Greg's opening up his own casting agency.
You don't know anything about casting.
Greg's in charge of that.
I'm just putting up the money.
I've always wanted to get out of the studio and work for myself, but I've never been able to afford it.
Oh, I got to run.
So maybe we could meet up tonight and celebrate at Crush Club? - Okay.
- All right.
- Bye, baby.
- I want to see this one dance.
- Oh.
- Bye, Greg.
- Mmm.
- Did you order? Oh, no, I'm not eating.
I want to lose a few more pounds before Steve's party.
I need to watch my figure.
You're probably right.
The only thing Greg wants to see fat on you is your pocketbook.
- Bonnie - Mmm-hmm.
It's an investment.
We're gonna split the profits 50/50.
You know, women can start businesses.
- That's true.
- A couple on "Phil Donahue" opened a nudist colony together.
Really? They like seeing each other nude that much? Phil had this woman on who found out her husband had been flying to Miami every other weekend because he secretly married another woman.
- Oh, my God.
- And do you know what made her suspicious? His sudden craving for Cuban food? No.
He changed his cologne.
You want to split the club sandwich? I'm not eating.
- Hey, honey, it's me.
Hey, listen, I'm stuck at work.
I'm gonna be late, so just have dinner without me.
That's all right, darling.
I'll just keep everything warm until you get here.
No, it's okay.
I'm gonna be really late.
- We're having an emergency.
- Really? You have emergencies in real estate? Yeah, so, listen, they're calling me now.
I got to go.
I love you.
Don't wait up.
Get off me.
Mom, slow down.
You're always wanting to go on those ridiculous amusement park rides that throw you around like a rag doll.
This is just like that, and it's free.
[UPBEAT JAZZY MUSIC] Why are we at Daddy's work? Bah, bah, bah [LAUGHING] Oh Oh-oh-oh-oh What's so funny? I am.
[SIGHS] Let's go home.
We can go home now.
Daddy got flowers for you.
- Don't look in the windows.
We don't know these people.
Mom, I'm getting bit by mosquitoes.
How can I go to my dance recital with bites all Wear pants.
You'll be the Katherine Hepburn of your school.
Girls, stay down.
Out of sight.
Mom, I stepped in dog poop.
That makes two of us.
I'm hungry.
Me too.
I heard you.
We'll stop at Pioneer Chicken and pick something up.
- Oh, can we have biscuits? - Biscuits? Does it feel like we're celebrating to you? - Mom, where are we? - Oh, God.
Are there parts of this town they just didn't finish? Hey.
How much will $20 get me? [CHUCKLES] Aw.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Mom, who was that? Lee Majors.
How should I know? [TIRES SQUEALING, ENGINE REVVING] Seriously, Mom, if you keep on driving like this, I'm gonna need a neck brace.
[ENGINE REVVING] Mom, that dude is following us.
Mom, what is he doing? Make him go away! Mom! [TIRES SQUEALING] Mom, do something! Okay, okay.
Okay, girls.
[TIRES SCREECH] [ENGINE REVVING] Keep the doors locked until I get back.
Where are you going? Becca, take care of your sister.
Wait, Mom.
Just Whatever you do, don't tell 'em you voted for Nixon.
[UPBEAT ROCK MUSIC] [GRUNTS] Are you having fun? Huh? Driving around trying to frighten people? Well, you're not frightening me.
Okay? So you better get the hell out of here, or I'm gonna grab the tire iron from the trunk of my car and make friends with the side of your face.
[BANG] Your brights are on.
[DOOR BANGS] [ENGINE REVS] [ENGINE REVVING SLOWLY] [SIGHS] What did you say to 'em, Mom? I let them know what's what.
Let that be a lesson to you girls.
Never let a man intimidate you, under any circumstances.
You always have to stand up for yourself.
Little late for a nightcap, don't you think? I've been waiting to hear about your evening.
What happened? It's past midnight, so I'm assuming you not only sold the house, you also built it? Ah, it's a whole lot of boring business stuff.
- [CHUCKLES] - Keep it simple.
I'll try to follow along.
For instance, who was on top? You? Or did you shake things up and let the human Barbie doll have a break from staring at the ceiling all night? How do you know about that? It doesn't matter.
Listen, Bonnie, it doesn't mean anything.
That's your answer? Is that supposed to make me feel better? You should be ashamed of yourself.
Who do you think you're talking to? I'm still your husband.
I thought you loved me.
- But you don't, do you? - Of course I love you.
You're upset.
I know that.
But we're just gonna forget that this ever happened - and just move on.
- Yeah? I can't do that.
I want you out of this house tonight.
I don't care what you want! This isn't a democracy.
It's a marriage, and I'm in charge of it.
I've got a career and reputation to uphold that supports this family! So this is a private matter, and we're gonna keep it private.
Am I making myself clear? If you think I'm going to live a lie and be the topic of whispered gossip - at people's dinner parties - Okay, okay.
So you could sell more houses, you are mistaken.
I have always put you first! Before me and before what I wanted.
But I won't do this, Steven.
I won't be shamed by you, - not this time.
- Listen.
- Listen.
- I don't take orders from you - Listen! - Anymore! Are you afraid? You should be.
Because your life is never gonna be the same without me.
Turn the lights out when you're done.
I pay the bills around here now.
[SOMBER MUSIC] You might as well have this.
The watch works; the inscription doesn't.
So based on what you told me, I put together a list of what it's going to take to keep the house going.
I hope you included a case of vodka.
I talked to Daddy, and he gave me the name of a good divorce attorney here in town, just in case.
All I want is the house.
The it's my babies' home.
They grew up here.
No one is taking that away from them.
I understand you're angry, but how are you gonna survive? My parents offered to give me a little bit of money.
And I'm letting go of Julietta.
What? Who's going to clean? And I also fired the gardener.
What? Who's gonna garden? I-I didn't know this was gonna happen.
I'm just trying to figure it all out.
I I don't know, okay? Honey, listen.
Being on your own isn't easy.
You have to be careful.
When I got hired at the bank, I thought in five years I'd be the general manager of that branch, and I had heard how hard it was for women to go out on their own, but I was convinced it was gonna be different for me.
Diana, I don't understand.
You've always told us you were doing very well there.
Yes, if by "very well" you mean I don't go to the ladies' room and cry more than once a day or I manage to get out of there without my idiot boss telling me I have nice tits.
Then, yes, I guess I'm doing very well.
But I want more than that.
And there are not a lot of options out there for us.
Believe me.
I know.
But what am I supposed to do? Maybe I should call him and take him back, forget this ever happened.
Bonnie, you cannot do that.
Diana's right.
Daddy always says a snake can shed its skin and straighten its line, but at the end of the day, it's still just a snake trying to get back into the coop.
Okay, Texas is a very weird place.
Got a minute? I'm sorry.
And I know you guys are probably mad at me.
But we need to talk.
About what? Your father is with another lady.
And he's probably not coming back.
And I wish I didn't have to tell you this, but I want you to know the truth, because I love you and I don't want to lie to you.
A liar is the worst thing you can be.
A stripper's also bad.
Is Daddy gonna live with that other lady now? I don't know.
Did you want him to leave? [WHISPERS] No, I didn't.
But he needed to.
Are you sad? A little.
Me too.
I wish he'd come back.
I know you do, baby, and I'm gonna do everything I can to make it better, I promise.
[SIGHS] Come here.
I'm sorry about what I said.
You're not horrible.
[CHUCKLES] That's all right.
Sometimes I am.
Oh, it's [JAZZY MUSIC] Been such a long, long time Look like I'd get you off of my mind But I can't Just the thought of you Turns my whole world Misty blue Oh, honey Just the mention of your name Turns the flicker to a flame Listen to me good, baby I think of the things we used to do And my whole world turns Misty blue Oh Baby I should forget you Heaven knows I tried Baby Bonnie Nolan, you really know how to throw a party.
You actually managed to have Steve's birthday without Steve.
This is nothing.
Wait till you see what I have planned for our anniversary.
[WOMEN CHUCKLE] Are you okay? I'm fine.
But I'm glad you two are here.
Are you getting sentimental on us? I was talking about after the party.
You know how I hate to clean up.
- [ALL LAUGH] - [UPBEAT MUSIC] - We can help you clean up.
- Ooh, sorry.
- We will.
- I will.
I always oh.
- It's our song.
- Ours? - It's our song.
- Are you inviting me to dance? I am inviting you to dance.
- Come on, Mom.
- So precious.
Y'all you got it! Come on.
- Right.
- Okay, right.
I believe in miracles Where you from You sexy thing? Sexy thing, yeah - Whoo! Ooh.
- I believe in miracles I close my eyes Then I drift away Into the magic night I softly say - [DOORBELL RINGS] - A silent prayer Like dreamers do Then I fall asleep to dream Is this the Nolan residence? What's the charge, officer? Operating a home while under the influence? I have a warrant for the arrest of Steve Nolan.
Is he in trouble? Are you his wife? I used to be.
But Mr.
Nolan doesn't live here anymore.
This is my house now.
Not for long.
I'd get a lawyer if I were you.