America's Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[woman 1] It's real pretty and soft,
so we can go real dramatic,
but it still has a softness to it.
-[Brooklyn] I love some drama.
-[woman 1] Will you take a look?
You can turn the light on.
The little There you go.
[Brooklyn laughs] Oh, I look so good!
-[woman 1] You like so far? Good.
-So good!
[woman 1] Wonderful.
Okay, great. Yeah, it's
-Yeah. That looks good.
They're not gonna recognize me
when I walk in.
-[woman 1] All right. Good.
-[Brooklyn] Perfect.
-Does it feel crazy, having that on?
-[woman 2] Yeah.
[Reece] Um, crazy is an understatement.
I don't even know.
I keep looking,
and I'm like, "Oh." [giggles]
-[woman 3] You're like, "Who is that?"
-"Who is that?"
Work, Anna Kate.
-What pose should I do?
-What'd your sister do? She did the
-She did the hand.
-[Reece] The hand.
I'm like, "Hm." [laughs]
Whatever you do is gonna be Anna Kate,
you know? So
-I'm like
I was like, "You want a passé picture?
I'll give you a passé."
-You're like, "How's this one look?"
-Maybe an attitude.
[photographer] Very good. Cute, cute.
-See how that That works great.
-Just keep going?
-We'll squeeze in two or three.
One, two, three.
[Kelli] She's stiff as a board.
[gentle, slightly whimsical music playing]
-[man] Has she always been blonde?
-[man] Or brunette like
-She's a little bit more like
-[man] Caroline?
-But we debated.
-[man] Did y'all make her blonde, or?
-[Kelli] No, she came that way.
-[man] Okay.
[Judy] We are taking
what we call cameo shots.
[photographer] Sexy. Looks good.
This is the photo
that identifies them for the entire year.
[photographer] Turn a little straighter.
Go ahead and just reset the jacket.
[Judy] Cameo days are a very big deal
for the girls.
It's history for this year.
It's something that they've looked at
of all the cheerleaders
that have come before them.
It's a very exciting day.
Do you see these?
It just looks like you're standing there.
You could pop into a hip more.
-You can do more in your I know you can.
-Okay. I gotcha. I gotcha.
-I know!
-Let's see.
Being on the team,
it solidifies that I'm a DCC, yes,
but I don't think
it solidifies their thoughts.
I feel like I'm still having to prove
that I'm better than they saw me.
Like, either tell me that I suck
or tell me that I'm great.
I need to hear one or the other.
I just need to know that I am being seen.
[Judy] No. Do your best Tina pose.
[Victoria] My best Tina pose?
You've never seen a picture
of your mom as a cheerleader?
I've seen the ones of her
in a ballgown in the beach.
-[photographer] That's the one. Perfect.
-[Judy] That's it. Get the poms.
Your earrings aren't bigger
than the others', are they?
I don't believe so.
I can change around if I need to.
[Kelli] We knew we'd find
something wrong with Reece.
Sorry. They're kind of They're so old.
-No. You're totally fine.
[Kelli] Everything else looks gorgeous.
[Reece] When I made the team,
I remember so much love flooding over me,
and then I finally got up, and I was like,
"Whoa! I'm a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader."
I get so emotional thinking about it.
Oh, man.
She does always make me kick.
So I do need to stretch.
-[Reece] Gosh.
-She surprises me every year.
I think it's not gonna happen,
then she's like,
"You're gonna do a kick, right?"
Like, "No. Ow!"
I don't really feel like
it's even completely hit me
that this is my last time.
I am trying to just enjoy
and soak up every moment that I can.
Kelli sat me down, and she was like,
"I want you to seriously think
about what you want your legacy to be
when you leave here."
I mean, I put a lot of expectations
on myself
to be a great leader
and show up as a great leader,
but when I'm running
on four hours of sleep,
I am tired.
But tired of doing this? No.
-[Judy] One, two, three.
-[photographer] Okay.
[Kelcey] The most defeating thing
as a leader, it's just,
even if I had a bad day
or a horrible week, like,
there's no room
for letting those emotions show.
[gentle music continues]
[delicate harp flourish]
[music fades]
[leaves rustling in blowing breeze]
[birds chirping]
[Kelli] So, this is my serenity garden.
Here's where my little Sugar
is laid to rest. She's here.
And I've got 18 flowers around her,
'cause my husband's Jewish,
and 18 means life
in Hebrew.
I feel closest to God
when I'm out here in my trees.
Here's where I sit
and I have my best thoughts.
My worlds are just one.
Work and home are all one and the same.
But I try to shut it off when I can.
All right, now it is time to go.
Hey, Siri, what time is it?
Have I lost her again?
This is my new dishwasher.
That, I'm kinda proud of.
-Normal. Heated dry.
Here's the script, and I blow it up.
There are, in this game,
36 pages of elements.
Now that we have our team set,
we're past training camp,
everything is about getting ready
for the game.
Cheerleaders' practice
should be 12:00 to 1:00.
We have a lot to accomplish,
from the choreography, to the fittings,
to getting the pictures made,
to shooting calendars,
lockers, costumes, uniforms
Everything's urgent.
Okay, credential. Da-da-da.
This was 2022. Goodbye to that.
And here's my new 2023.
This is how we do it ♪
[tender piano music playing]
Our first big moment as a team
is Meet the
for our family and friends at the stadium.
[indistinct chatter]
They're so excited to see the progress
and see the new members of the team.
Oh my gosh!
-[exclaims softly]
-[indistinct chatter]
We come down,
and you meet these girls and go, "Wow!"
They just got superstar tendencies that
that organization looks for
when they're building a team
and putting a team together,
and that's impressive.
I should say this is the second one.
Two. Two times.
[Tina] No matter
if they're legacy girls or not,
they always want to impress their moms.
I don't care who you are.
You always wanna impress your family.
[Reece] They're super proud.
I think they're like, "Whoa!
Little sis is doing big things out there."
-I'm so proud of you.
[man 1] Let me hold you.
-Hold me?
-Yeah. Come on.
[woman] Aw
[man 2] Dads aren't supposed to cry,
but just watching her was enough to bring
a few tears to the old man's eyes.
Forget how to smile.
Is it a good one?
They're pretty.
-You like 'em?
-I love 'em. Thank you.
-The flower girls were so excited.
-These are gorgeous.
Really? That's funny.
Once they found out
it was for a Cowboys Cheerleader,
they were like, "We gotta do it up."
Come on, Mom!
[Shannon] Being handed that uniform,
she knew she worked hard.
And, you know,
I can't speak for Kelli and Judy,
but I'm glad Maddie was persistent
and that she truly earned it.
You know, she didn't make the squad
because Mom cheered with with Kelli.
She proved herself.
-She's gonna cry.
-Here, take it.
[cheerleaders] Five, six, seven, eight.
G3 is the place to be.
Party like DCC.
[Kelcey] We have not very many practices
before we have our first game.
You just show up the next day
and get your spots,
because we know who's gonna have a uniform
and be on the field.
There's not ever a pause moment.
-I'm such a fan.
-Okay, okay.
Get out! [giggles]
[tender piano music continues]
[crickets chirring]
[music fades]
Girl, since you're awake,
we're gonna get up.
I work with a little girl.
I know you're tired.
I know. I know.
She's very sick.
[aspirator whirring]
[suction hissing, gurgling]
[Kelcey] So she pretty much
has been laying down her whole life.
[aspirator stops]
[Kelcey] I work 7:30 to 4:30 every day.
My patient needs all of her meds
and everything in the morning,
so I get her ready. I give her her meds.
Can you swallow that stuff?
I know you can.
My job really has made my head very clear
about what's important
and what doesn't really matter.
I don't know.
I feel like it's really cleared my mind.
The game's Saturday.
[Nate] My dad texted me today
about coming down.
Will they for sure have t-shirts
for my parents?
They made t-shirts.
-They have one? [laughs]
-They do.
-[Nate] That'll be hot.
-Big picture of my face.
-I'm gonna make you wear it to the gym.
"This is my girlfriend."
-"Kelcey's number one fan."
Nate's such a sweetheart.
He's kind. He's charismatic.
He's empathetic.
He's my best friend.
-[interviewer] He's a handsome guy.
-He is. He's very pretty. [giggles]
I didn't even ask.
Did you want this seasoning on here?
Yeah, I really like that stuff.
You know I don't care.
We've been together for three years,
give and take.
But we broke up for a little bit.
He was pursuing acting.
I was in DCC and working as a nurse.
We both were really focused
on our careers,
and it just wasn't the time for us.
[Nate] I'd never been to LA.
I didn't have
any acting experience at all,
but I was lucky enough
Early on, I got a small role
in an HBO show, Minx.
I had a small role in a Lifetime movie.
Um, I did actually get the lead in
Love at First Like
is the name of the movie.
See, I met somebody recently.
She taught me that finding love
isn't something you do by playing games.
I do wanna continue with acting.
I think it's just been something
kinda put on the back burner,
especially once I moved to Dallas.
That made things difficult.
[Kelcey] He was
really passionate about acting,
but he's sacrificed a lot
for me to be here and do this.
So, now it's my turn. [laughs softly]
[Nate] My agent and manager,
they still contact me pretty regularly.
-[Kelcey] Yeah.
-I just kinda cold-turkey told them
I needed to take a step back.
But I miss it. I do. I miss acting.
-I do miss that.
-[Kelcey] You love it.
So once you're done with DCC,
maybe that'll change things,
'cause you're gonna be able to have
more flexibility with your schedule.
-Maybe that's something that would work.
-For sure.
[Nate] This is a big change
in her life coming up.
She's gonna be done.
This is her last year with the Cowboys.
So, I actually, um,
plan to propose to her.
I know I wanna spend the rest of my life
with her, without a doubt.
I love her more than anything.
Mm! That's hot.
-Are you happy training camp is done?
-That was "Yeah."
-Yes. Yeah.
We have to teach this dance
that I haven't gone over in eight months.
I'm like [shrieks, giggles]
It's a lot.
'Cause our team is a lot based on tenure.
You respect your upper vets and stuff.
Which I don't care,
but they always wanna be respectful
of me making the final decision.
-I remember you saying that.
-I'm like, "I don't care. Please help me."
-"I need help." Yeah.
-"I need help." Yes.
[gentle, dreamy music playing]
[music fades]
[indistinct chatter]
[Judy] We are announcing
first leaders only tonight,
and we have a really good feeling
for our leadership.
So, your first group leader is Kelcey.
[cheering, applause]
[cheering, applause]
[cheering, applause]
And Chandi.
[cheering, applause]
[Kelcey] There's four first leaders.
Those are, like, the captains.
And then the four second leaders
are like the co-captains.
And we each get assigned a second leader.
[Kelli] The second group leaders
are still to be determined.
We're constantly watching
to see who's growing.
[Kelcey] Until they appoint
all of the leaders,
we wanna respect their decision
and give them space to be able
to see everyone's leadership qualities,
clean the slate,
and give them a chance to see everyone.
So it's kind of a lot on me
until we announce all the rest of them.
[indistinct chatter]
Wait. Let's do it together
'cause I need to go over them too.
Intro, then anthem, then kickoff,
then we'll do water and watch.
-[soft, tense music playing]
Get ready. First quarter.
Once the game starts,
it's out of my hands at that point,
and Judy's hands.
The group leaders have
to recognize that music
and start her group,
and her group follows her.
Your legs are just so much longer,
so your body's back here
when you're touching it.
[Kelli] And then there's
our second leaders.
-We'll announce them very soon.
-[Kelcey] Like, next time we rehearse.
I think we just need to practice too,
'cause we're finding each other's paces.
Yeah. We just need to look at each other.
-Yes. We're good.
-Yeah. We're good.
[Kelli] A first NFL football game,
it's not easy.
We will have 50 routines ready
for every game.
-Yes, ma'am?
[Kelli] You were performing, I'd say,
kind of timid.
[Brooklyn] Okay.
It's in your big moves
where you're just tapping
and doing things.
-Yes, ma'am. From the back?
-Yeah. You're just barely doing it.
Okay. Yes, ma'am.
[Kelli] Now, everybody's got their eye
on the big target,
that first football game.
[Judy] Kelcey's is a little crooked.
[Kelli] It becomes a skill
to learn how to project
on a football field.
Formations and precision matter.
[Judy] When you're looking
at the big picture,
and somebody's got white boots on,
white poms,
and one person is rushing the music,
it stands out like a sore thumb.
Jada, you were early or late
on that final pose.
-I think early.
-Yes, ma'am.
-Madeline, are you on the 50?
-Yes, ma'am.
-You need to be on it when you're on it.
-Yes, ma'am.
[Judy] Messy.
They have to be perfect all the time.
Exactly even lines and formations.
[Kelli] I thought
they were dancing a little
[Judy] Ooh! Claire's ended bad.
[Kelli] Right now,
they're not ready for the game.
I don't have time to do everything
to prepare them.
Now, that's pressure, is trying
to get everything done we need to
in such a short amount of time
with absolutely no break.
-Vic's gonna anchor on the white.
-[Kelcey] Perfect.
-It looks like right from this point.
[Kelli] Now I'm getting stressed
'cause I'm thinking, "Oh, shoot!"
"We're chasing time."
[music fades]
[birds chirping]
[video call ringing]
-[Will] Hey.
[Will] Say hey to Poppy.
Hey, Poppy.
-Hey, doll, what you doing?
-[gasps] I'm just unpacking a little bit.
Oh, you're getting ready
to go perform, huh?
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I like your shirt.
[Poppy] Well, hey,
I'll let you wear it next time.
[Will] He said he said
that, uh, I can't come out there.
We're gonna have to
make long-distance work.
[Poppy] You'll have to have
long-distance love.
[Will] Poppy doesn't understand.
[Reece scoffs]
-Yes, he does. Stop.
-He just doesn't want me to leave.
-I know.
-But that's okay, 'cause I really
I mean, I don't wanna leave,
because I've been trained here and stuff,
but that's the way of life, you know?
-It's gotta happen.
How was your interview yesterday?
It was good.
Uh We went over the hour
that was allotted,
so we'll see.
Just in a waiting period,
and that's sometimes where you gotta be.
Are you excited for the weekend?
Yeah. I can bring that carpet cleaner
for you.
So you so we can clean the carpet.
And I can do that Thursday
while you're at practice, I guess.
-I appreciate that.
[Will] I know. I know.
I'll see you I'll see you soon.
Okay. Love you.
-All right, love you. Bye.
[gentle music playing]
[Reece] I got approved for my apartment
48 hours after finding out
I made the team.
It was just such a big whirlwind.
You know, I've always lived
with a few girls.
And now, I'm just, like, by myself.
I am definitely lonely.
This is my little Will's graduation.
I was seeing Will
pretty much every day in college,
and now that I'm in Dallas,
it's extremely hard.
Just being by myself,
trying to figure out,
pray that he gets a job, um, eventually.
But I do have practices
to look forward to at-at nights,
getting to see, um,
my new family I'm creating.
[music fades]
[insects buzzing]
[birds chirping]
[airplane engines roaring in distance]
[running footsteps]
We're filming a TikTok.
[recording beeping]
["Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)"
by Bob Sinclair & Cutee B playing]
-Yeah! ♪
-Everybody dance now ♪
Let's go! ♪
Oh! ♪
Let's go! ♪
I missed the cake.
As soon as you hit that last pose
and go up,
-that's when I point at the cake.
-Yeah! ♪
-Everybody dance now ♪
Let's go! ♪
Crap! I messed up the dance.
-Yeah! ♪
-Everybody dance now ♪
Let's go! ♪
I messed it up again!
-Happy birthday to you ♪
-[snapping rhythmically]
Happy birthday to you ♪
Happy birthday, happy birthday ♪
-Happy birthday to you ♪
-[shrieks playfully]
[Tina] Make a wish.
Yes! [giggles]
-So how does it feel to be 24 years old?
-[Victoria] I feel old.
-[Tina] You feel old?
-I feel so old.
[Tina] Well, you're not old.
I don't know.
I feel like I'm behind in life.
Let's be real. I didn't go to college.
I tried out when I was 18, and I got cut.
That set me back a year.
-[Tina] Okay.
-My year off set me back a year.
We did, like, plan my whole life.
-And technically, I am behind on our plan.
-[Tina] Okay.
You have got to forgive yourself
for taking off a year
to make yourself better.
Because guess what, if you didn't do that,
you wouldn't be where you are right now.
You wouldn't.
-You would
-But if I didn't
-But Victoria
-then I would be a step ahead.
[Tina] But that's called life.
That is called life.
I mean, I'm gonna get
a little "Catholic" on you.
Our plan is not always what God plans.
[Victoria] I know.
And his plan and what we end up doing
is always the better one.
-Where do you want me to cut it, boo?
-[Victoria] I don't care.
-[Tina] You gotta at least try it.
-[Victoria] I'll have
-You'll have these right here?
Okay. 'Cause I know you love, um
-the icing.
Here it comes. Boom.
[Victoria] What were you doing at 24?
[Tina] Twenty-four years old?
I think I'd just finished cheering,
so I was working at the bank.
How old were you when you married?
Twenty-five, twenty-six.
I know!
[gentle, dramatic music playing]
-I am behind in the game of life.
-[Tina] I don't think so.
That's why I hate
I love birthdays, but I hate them.
-[Tina] Yeah.
-I am behind in the game of life.
-[Tina] I love you, poodle.
-[Victoria] I love you too.
I think Mom played
the role of Mom and Dad very, very well,
having to be, like, both growing up.
I think that's why
my mom and I are so close,
'cause she's really been the only one
that's been to anything and everything.
I even feel lonely in my own family
because my brothers, my dad,
they've not been
to one of my dance recitals.
They've never been
to one of my dance competitions.
Just that alone,
I just felt like I only had my mom.
Wow! Is it bad
that I don't know which way it goes
-[Tina] This way.
-without having my uniform?
-It goes this way?
-[Tina] Yeah.
[both laugh]
[Tina] You know, my era,
we wore real belts,
and they had plastic on the backs of them,
and by the end of the year,
it would be painful to have on that belt
because the plastic would be coming up.
-It'd cut into your skin.
What do you mean "real belts"?
Like, we had a real belt.
Instead of the stars
that y'all put on your thing.
-To make it seem like
-We had belt loops.
-Mm-hmm. That's weird, isn't it?
-[Tina] That's vintage.
You didn't have a big belt buckle.
[Tina] No. We just had,
like, a regular old belt.
[gentle, poignant music playing]
I grew up being a Dallas Cowboys freak.
I mean, I was like a fan deluxe.
And to wear that uniform was
just a really big dream come true to me.
Like, "Wow!"
It was so cool.
Keep your eye right there
and wait to the very last minute.
Whip your head around and catch it again.
[Judy] Back then,
I was the assistant choreographer,
and I remember Tina vividly.
She wasn't the best dancer.
But she still drew people in.
[Tina] The girls on the team,
they were all talented, gorgeous girls,
and I knew
that I didn't have the dance experience,
but what I could bring was
maybe my personality and sparkle.
So that's basically
how I became a group leader.
[Judy] She learned to be a good performer.
She was a group leader
because she could organize
her little group,
she made them have fun,
and she was really great
at being a teammate.
-How do you feel right now? Excited?
-I'm nervous.
-She's nervous. This is her first time.
-I'm nervous.
This is my second time.
I have to take care of her.
[laughs] My big sis.
Gotta have someone to hang out with.
She better take care of me.
-We're excited. Gonna have fun.
-I didn't sleep last night.
[Victoria] Sometimes, it's hard
to kind of relate to her.
Hey, sugar, tell 'em all your name.
[man] Grab her, man!
She was the most lively cheerleader
out there.
She was the popular one,
and everyone wanted to be around her.
But that camaraderie with me
doesn't come so easily.
[Tina] My closest friends, to this day,
are the girls I cheered with.
And so, I think
I pushed that on her at the beginning,
and you can't push that on people.
That's gotta happen organically.
With Victoria, everywhere
outside of this particular organization,
she's, like, the most popular person.
At dance, people swarm over her.
I don't know what it is
with this particular group.
I don't.
You can be a DCC
without any titles, any labels, anything,
or you can have those goals of being
a second group leader, first group leader.
And that's something
I've wanted since I was a little tot.
It's just been engrained.
My mom has had great memories
being a group leader herself.
Like, those are her glory days.
It was a great time for my mom,
and I know that I would love to have
the opportunity to be in that role.
I think we should
walk through "Thunder" first.
[Zoë] Okay.
One, two, three, four,
five, six, seven, eight.
Okay. Wait. Just cleaning that up.
-This is straight legs. Yes.
-Straight legs? Okay.
One, two, and three, four,
five, and six. Squeeze that arm.
-[Zoë exhales]
-Yes. Good. Five, and six, seven
Being a rookie
can be super, super stressful
because you are learning
all the new routines,
all the new expectations, the policies.
Beautiful! Seven
So if I can help anyone, I want to.
-three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
-Um, angles, yes.
-Okay. Angles.
-Just put your blinders on.
-[Zoë] Blinders on.
-Blinders on.
-[Zoë] Mm-hmm. Focus.
-Focus on you. Yes.
-[Zoë] Focus. Focus.
-'Cause you know you can do it.
[indistinct chatter]
[Kelli] Do you have
the group leaders' feedback?
Okay, so then the next girls
that have received a lot of feedback
I think Megan is a great teacher of dance
-[Judy] I do too.
-and a great example.
And Victoria usually helps rookies, and
Wow. Didn't get any rookie votes
and two veterans.
Did she make it to training camp
her first year?
[Judy] Yes.
-[Kelli] Got cut in training camp?
-[Kelli] Came back next year, made it.
-Then took a year off.
[Kelli] Took a year off.
Now, she's back this year.
-And kind of
Doesn't know what class I'm in.
[Judy] I can see that confusion
in not knowing where to fit in.
She'll be fine. We're gonna have
some disappointment, but it is what it is.
Okay. And then you've got
the groups lined out?
-[Judy] I do.
[gentle, dramatic music playing]
[Kelcey] Victoria is one of
the most incredible dancers on the team.
But when you haven't been around
for a year,
there's always gonna be a feeling
that you're kind of an outsider
just because all of us
have gotten in the flow
of being around the same people
for a year.
We've spent a lot of time together.
When she had to come back
and kind of insert herself
into a team that was so close-knit,
it probably was very tough to navigate
and tough to feel a part of the team.
[Judy] So tonight, I'm gonna give you
some second group leaders.
I did mean there could be two groups.
Okay, so group one is Jada.
[cheering, applause]
Who's group two?
-[woman] McKenzie.
-[Judy] Okay, sorry. I just
Group two, your second group leader,
[cheering, applause]
Group three
On her right side
is second group leader Dani.
[cheering, applause]
[no audible dialogue]
[Judy] Okay.
No surprise. Group four
[scattered, individual cheering]
[woman shushing]
[Judy] second group leader is Megan.
[cheering, applause]
[no audible dialogue]
I feel like I am the one that shows up
looking like that DCC role every day,
and am there when needed and called on.
So if they don't see me as group leader,
especially already being a fourth year,
it's like, "Well, what other value
can I hold?"
[vehicle rumbling past]
-[KayDianna] Thank you.
-[Reece] Yes! That looks
[server] The tuna.
-Yes, that is I.
-That looks so good.
-Look at that crispy!
-Thank you. I appreciate it.
-Thank you so much!
-[server] Enjoy.
-Thank you.
-[KayDianna] You wanna pray?
-[Reece] Yes.
Dear Lord, thank you for this day.
Thank you for this time together,
and this sisterhood.
We thank you for everything
you've done, doing, and going to do.
Please bless this food
we're about to receive.
Let it nourish our bodies.
Take any impurities out of it.
Just bless this time together with Reece.
-In Jesus' name. Amen.
That's so sweet. I, um
-[in deep voice] Let's grub.
-[Reece, in deep voice] Yeah!
-[KayDianna sighs]
-[Reece] Mm.
[sighs] So how are you feeling
for this week?
[Reece] This week, I just felt, like,
kind of on edge, a little anxious.
-I'm a little like [exclaims]
-[KayDianna] It's a lot.
When you're surrounded
by 35 other insanely talented
-women, you're like, "Oh, gosh."
-Like [grumbles]
-Nope. Totally understand.
That was that was me.
It's still me sometimes.
-You're going to be overwhelmed.
-That's gonna happen.
But also, remember,
this isn't training camp.
And when you get into the game,
the best moment is
when you can switch your brain
from panic mode to just enjoying it.
[Reece] Yes.
-And I think that will happen soon.
It's not as if
we're gonna get to practice,
and Judy's gonna be like,
"Okay, rookies, let's go out,
and you're gonna perform all seven
of those dances that you learned."
And then you turn around, and you're like
-"Here we go."
-"Okay, Jesus, take the wheel." I know.
-No, literally.
[tires thudding over bumps]
[Nate] I don't know how you do this
while it's bumping and jostling around.
[Kelcey] Well, you know
[laughs] Might not go very well,
but we'll see.
[Nate] I'll make sure
to hit every pothole.
[Kelcey] Please drive smoothly.
-[Nate] Really test your skills here.
-[Kelcey laughs]
[Nate] So happy I'm a dude.
[Kelcey] I am glad you went with
that outfit rather than just, like, a
-plain old button-up.
-I like it. It's different.
[Nate] I kinda had an idea of a timeframe
of when I wanted to propose,
and so I bought a ring,
and two days later,
whether it's God's plan or what,
there was a photographer
that reached out to her on Instagram
that had relocated to Dallas,
and he was just wanting some content
and wanting a collaboration.
So I was thinking, "Well, that's perfect."
So I kinda, under the table,
reached out to him behind her back,
and I told him,
"This is what I'm thinking."
"I would like to turn the couple's shoot
into I'm gonna propose."
[Kelcey] I'm really interested
to see how this goes.
-We've never done a
-[Nate] Photo shoot?
photo shoot together.
-[Nate] Be like an awkward prom couple.
-I know. [laughs]
[Nate] Yeah, probably.
-You look good.
-Thank you. So do you.
-I like it.
-You look very nice.
[Nate] She's gonna be dressed up nice.
Her nails are gonna be done.
I'm gonna be able to get pictures.
I'm hitting the checklist of things
that I know that she would want.
So I'm excited to actually get to propose
and get on
with the rest of our lives together, so
-[shutter snapping]
-Go almost for the kiss, but don't kiss.
That's it.
[shutter snaps]
-[photographer] Go.
-[shutter snapping]
-[photographer] Stop.
-[shutter snapping]
So, we're gonna be standing right here.
And let me stage you, okay?
-Straight forward.
And now, when I say "change,"
you're gonna look at me.
[photographer] Can you actually
step away from each other slightly?
Okay, let the people
in the green move away.
Wait. Give me just a moment, all right?
Give me the moment ♪
[shutter snaps]
Here we go.
Okay, now look straight.
[shutter snapping]
[photographer] Let Kelcey turn right now.
[Kelcey sniffles]
I love you
more than anything in the world.
[tearfully] Oh, God!
[shutter snapping]
I wanna spend the rest of my life
with you. Will you marry me?
-[laughs nervously]
-[Kelcey cries, sniffles]
Oh, that's beautiful. [laughs]
-I hope it fits.
-I hope so too. [laughs]
-[tender piano music playing]
-[shutter snapping]
[indistinct, overlapping chatter]
[Caroline] Okay, girls!
She's gonna walk all the way to here,
and then we're all like this, "Surprise!"
Any questions?
[all] Surprise!
[cheering, shrieking joyfully]
Holy moly! Good job, Nate.
Don't move. Don't move.
Don't move. Don't move.
-[woman 1] Aw!
-[indistinct chatter]
[woman 2] It kinda makes my heart break.
-[woman 3] Wait.
-[woman 4] Ready? Smile.
[woman 5] Oh my God, that's so pretty.
[chatter continues]
[woman 6] Need a new one?
What do you want?
I'll get you a new one.
-[Kat] Yay!
-[Kelcey] It took him forever!
[Caroline] When we put ourself
in this box,
as a cheerleader,
that you have to be perfect,
you have to have this impressive career,
you have to be getting engaged
your last year you're on the team.
[Nate] So, basically had her turn
towards the camera and turn away
[Caroline] I just feel fear
of being judged, or of people thinking,
"Gosh, she doesn't know what's next.
She doesn't have it all together."
I don't know what's next,
and I hate people asking me,
because I hate having to admit that
to myself or anyone.
[Kat] It's weird when you leave DCC,
because everybody's
either pregnant, married
I don't know.
Has a really great job doing something
in space engineering or something,
and they're on their way out.
[woman] That looks pretty good.
[Kat] So I'm trying to remind myself,
"Don't compare to other people,
because it is gonna drive you up the wall,
and you're gonna go insane."
Camille, do you have a boyfriend?
-I do not.
-I didn't think so.
I am single as a Pringle.
-But I'm not really worried about it.
-Yeah, no. That's good.
-What about you?
-Single as a Pringle too.
It's just It'll come when it
-It's hard.
And I'm like, "These relationships
matter more right now than a boy."
-You know?
I wouldn't wanna sacrifice,
"Do I hang out with him tonight
or go to Kelcey's thing?"
-That's just horrible.
-[men exclaiming]
-They got a touchdown.
The boyfriends need to chill out.
I can't wait to have
Wait. That's the thing.
I feel like we have to hurry
and get boyfriends.
I feel like our boyfriends
would be really different.
From them? Absolutely.
-[woman laughing]
-Everyone else is married. I'm like
"When did everybody
start dating so seriously?"
-Where were we?
-I don't know.
We were all just bopping around,
and all of a sudden,
everybody started shifting off.
I know. I didn't even notice until
We were the only ones at dinners,
and we had no idea. [laughs]
-I think that all the time.
-I'm sweating, so I gotta
-Me too. I gotta go inside.
-I feel like this is good.
-We gotta go check on little bit.
-Anna Kate.
-Anna Kate.
-All right. This your phone?
No. Kleine's phone.
[knob clicking]
-Oh, you're joking!
You're joking right now.
You're absolutely joking!
You're absolutely joking!
[in British accent] Open this door, babes.
Open this door.
[Caroline] It's hot.
[traffic humming]
[door unlocks]
-Hello. [squeals softly]
-[Will] Mm.
[Reece] Wait. I gotta hold the door.
[Will] I've missed you so much.
[Reece] Me too.
-[Will] Hi.
-I don't wanna get the door on your foot.
-I don't wanna stop hugging you.
[Reece] Sorry.
-[Will] Mmm.
-You gonna crack my back?
-[Will grunts]
That was a big one.
I know that felt good.
Thank you.
-So good to see you.
[Will] I am here because my fiancée,
uh, DCC Reece,
has made the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.
-I missed you.
-I missed you too.
-I'm so glad you're here.
-Me too.
It was worth the long drive.
Mm, the nine and a half hours.
I was just a college student
going crazy at a basketball game,
and a couple weeks later,
she actually slid into my DMs.
That's kind of a big flex,
a Dallas Cowboys
a now-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader
slid into my DMs.
We hang out probably 15, 20 times
before I actually, like,
put my arm around her.
We were watching Guardians of the Galaxy,
and I
I think I put my arm around her this way.
She was like [breathing rapidly]
Just hyperventilating.
I was scared for her,
and she was like,
"I've never had any boy do that ever."
I was like, "Are you serious?"
My prayer was, "Lord, if I meet someone,
I pray that that is my husband,"
and here we are. [giggles]
[Will] Her dream was to become
a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.
I wasn't gonna be a dream-squasher.
That was her dream.
I really didn't have
any, like, massive dreams or anything.
So, I was like,
"My dream is to pursue this woman."
And that was my dream,
and that still is today.
I got my nails done today.
I saw that.
I saw you flexing that ring right there.
[Will laughs]
I got
Hmm Funny Bunny.
Yep. And? [giggles]
-It's my combo.
-Bubble Bath.
-Bubble Bath.
-Funny Bunny and Bubble Bath.
-Good job. Good job.
[Will] When she was in training camp,
I was thinking about her every day,
and I'm like, "Should I go ahead
and start trying to find a job?"
But I didn't wanna jinx anything.
She made it, and I was like,
"This is serious face."
"You gotta find something out there,
'cause she's gonna be out there."
I've always loved sports,
so when Reece became DCC,
my first dream was
find something with the Rangers.
But I talked to a few people,
and they're like,
"Most of their stuff is posted
in, like, January."
I was like, "I can't wait that long."
So, I been looking, you know?
I got on the job search quick,
but nothing
[Reece] Mm-hmm.
-The Lord's closed all the doors so far.
-[Reece] Yeah.
-But there's one open somewhere.
Just gotta find his will where we'll be.
[gentle, poignant music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[music fades]
[insects chirring]
-[Kelli] What is the temperature?
[electronic voice] That would be
96 degrees Fahrenheit.
[Judy] Y'all warm? Ha. No pun intended.
[Kelli] Okay.
We have one day
until y'all have your first audience
as a team.
-All right, are y'all ready?
-[cheerleaders] Yes, ma'am.
["Thunderstruck" by AC/DC playing]
Thunder ♪
[Kelli] The first the first file is bad.
-[Judy] You wanna start over?
[song stops]
[Judy] Let's start by correcting our file.
["Thunderstruck" by AC/DC playing]
I feel like they're holding back. Like
I feel like they're holding back.
I think they're holding their balance.
Yeah, yeah, thunderstruck ♪
Ugh. The boots.
Thunderstruck ♪
Somebody's feet are flexed.
Number four.
Is it Elli?
[music turns off]
Jada, the two little circles,
it's like you just came down a hair late.
[Kelli] Next time,
I'd love to see more pointed feet.
Yes, ma'am.
["Tick Tick Boom"
by Sage the Gemini playing]
Whoo! ♪
It's go-go-go-go-go-go-go time ♪
We're bringin' the noise
Oh baby, we bringin' out toys ♪
Separate men from the boys ♪
Chopper be singin'
Should be on The Voice ♪
You can't stop me
So who gon' stop me? ♪
You can't stop me
So who gon' stop me? ♪
-I feel like my knee's been tweaking.
-Yeah. Yeah.
-It's this straightening motion.
-Yeah, exactly. Yeah.
-That kind of irritates it now.
-Stop doing that.
Is this one, two, three, four,
five, six, seven?
-Is it eight?
[woman] I thought it was seven.
They're gonna look at us
and be like, "Huh?"
[Kelli] Do that eight count again.
-Five, six, seven.
-Hold it.
Do-si-don'tcha wanna dance on over ♪
Let me see
Your Tennessee two-step closer ♪
Boot scoot, kick a little sawdust up ♪
-[Kelcey] Let's go one more.
-[woman] A woo.
One more? A woo-woo?
-A good one. Five more.
-Just throw up.
[Kelli] It's not 100 degrees, though.
I did check. It's 96.
-[Kelcey] Good job.
-[woman] That was great.
[Kelli] One more time.
-[Kelcey] Get some water.
-[Kelli] Again!
-What'd she say? Again?
-["Yeah!" by Usher playing]
[Kelli] You guys should like
the pace of this.
-Okay ♪
-Usher, Usher, Usher, Usher ♪
-Lil Jon ♪
-Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
-Whoo. Now maybe let's get some water.
-[woman] That'll get your heart beating.
Y'all, this is a change for everyone,
and I know it's
late, but that's what we're good at doing.
-Making things better.
-Yes, ma'am.
On "go," instead of going up and down,
everyone go up.
And make sure you hit big on "go"
and then let it sizzle out.
[Kelcey] seven, eight.
Three, and four, go, five, seven
[dramatic music playing]
[Judy] Y'all, quick water,
and then we're gonna do "Thunder" again.
Yes, ma'am.
-[all] Five, seven. One, three, five.
-[woman] Six, eight. Two, four
-Almost there!
-Sharp head!
-[all] One, three.
-[woman] Two.
[all] Five, six, seven.
One, three
[Kelli] The biggest pressures for me are
to prepare them for a global stage,
because that, they're not used to,
and that can be vulnerable.
That visibility, that's the pressure,
is, "Have I prepared them
for every aspect of this job?"
Being world-class
and holding up the standards,
it's a lot.
Tradition can unite generations of people
that have something in common.
It can be a source of comfort.
It can be a source of consistency.
And it gives people things to be proud of.
This is sacred ground.
[gentle, dramatic music playing]
I have heartfelt
We've used the word "tradition,"
but some things
that we've maintained and protected.
I mean, if anybody's gonna carry on
the tradition
and protect and grow this team
you're looking at it.
There's a lot of people around the world
who take ownership
to the Dallas Cowboys as a fan,
so it's a huge responsibility.
[music brightens,
turns dreamy and ethereal]
[crowd clamoring]
[Kelli] All right, gather up! Circle up!
[woman] The nerves have hit.
[Kelli] A circle's a circle.
[woman] Nerves are here. Yep.
We wanted to gather up as a team,
obviously, before we go out.
One thing I wanted to say
to the whole team
I know I said it to my group, but
It can get really chaotic out there.
I hope I'm not gonna start crying.
But make sure you take a second
to look around and enjoy [voice breaks]
-Oh, gosh. I said I wouldn't!
[tearfully] Um Take a look around
and enjoy the moment too.
I know it gets really stressful,
but thinking of my rookie year
I keep crying when I talk about this.
[shrieks] Um
Like, thinking connecting to the rookies
I mean, it's my last first game,
and thinking back
to when I was in your position,
this is literally gonna be
the best day ever.
So I'm so excited for you guys.
We're so proud of you.
You've worked so hard,
and you've done this in record time.
You look great. You look like DCCs.
-We're so proud of you.
But just don't forget
to look around and enjoy it too.
[Judy] Y'all dance in four minutes.
-[Judy laughs]
[woman] Get out of here!
-Get out of here.
-[Judy] Y'all know I get nervous.
-It's gonna be great!
-[Judy] Four minutes!
[woman] Kill it out there!
[Kelli] Y'all ready?
Cowboy girls, let's go.
-[all chattering]
-Let's get it!
[woman] I am too!
I can't even put my
They're probably coming out right now.
The most nerve-racking part
of the whole day.
But also, everyone's hugging,
and you're like, "I love my life.
Don't you? This is so fun."
-Sorry. You're first. You're important.
-[Judy] This is the countdown.
This is the countdown.
[bright electronic music playing]
[Kelli] I'll do my damnedest
for us to be our best
and prepare the girls
as much as I possibly can
so that the performance is
as flawless and exciting as it can be.
But our cheerleaders have to be
quick on their feet
and quick to respond to the music
for three solid hours.
You can't panic.
You can never panic in show business.
[crowd noise builds]
[crowd noise cuts off abruptly]
[bright electronic music continues]
[music fades]
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