An Astrological Guide for Broken Hearts (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


Go! Go! Go!
Change! Look at me!
Four! Keep going! Come on, ladies!
Turn around! One.
And two.
And three.
And four.
And change! Look at me.
Again! From the top.
Two! Three!
You're on fire!
Let's boil that water, girls.
Go! Go! From the top.
Feel it, Alice! One!
- How did it go?
- Very good.
- Bye.
- Ciao. See you next week.
Did you send me the horoscope
this morning?
Yes, but don't read it,
otherwise you'll start crying.
But you haven't sent me anything yet, Tio.
There you go, Luisa.
That's a typical Capricorn attitude.
I'm a Taurus, actually.
Yes, a long time ago.
Still alive? Here, here.
- You know what?
- I prefer you as an actor.
I think your students
need to be tested for doping.
They're either taking drugs
or this is, uh
the pool in Cocoon.
Next time,
switch off your phone.
Look at this.
He messaged me again.
You're saying that an Aries and I
aren't compatible?
The funny thing is that, usually,
I meet someone in a bar or at work.
- Mm-hmm.
- I've never considered astrology as
I just told you how I do it. Okay?
So, hold on. You really only date
astrologically-compatible people?
- It never fails?
- It's worked so far.
Wait, look. Luca's a little eager,
but he's so cute!
Of course he's eager.
The more you run away,
the more he chases after.
He is an Aries, after all!
Your signs are on opposite sides
of the Zodiac, okay?
He rushes into things too hastily
and makes a show of his feelings,
while you, instead, as a true Libra,
always make too much of an effort
to balance your wants and those of others.
In other words, someone like that
will eat you alive.
But not all Aries are equal.
Libras likewise.
They can all be different, no?
He could be a vegetarian. Just saying.
- Hi.
- Hi!
- How are you?
- Super well, you?
Great, thanks.
Listen. Um, semolina. Have it in stock?
Sure do.
so we're both restless
and fun-loving at heart.
I don't know what you and this Luca
are like. That's for sure.
- But
- But?
They do know. And very well.
- Very good. Alice
- Mm-hmm.
- They're really yummy, aren't they?
- They may be good,
but I'm a little skeptical
that these yummy cookies,
however delicious,
also hold the truth
about everyone in the world.
Always such a smartass, Paola.
I get the charm of your new friend,
Mr. Astrologist.
But you're exaggerating. Call Luca!
He's a nice guy!
You need to loosen up a little.
And I will consider.
Hey, what's going on?
Nothing. Why?
- Are you at work?
- Mm-hmm.
Remember, when you pitch
to that new boss of yours,
chin high and look self-assured.
Yes, but they're not my ideas.
I just assist Enrico
in putting his together.
You need to pitch your ideas to him.
Paola, I'm not a writer.
And plus,
Sardi's got my number if I slip at all.
Just a teaspoon, okay?
- Come on, you'll like it.
- No, thanks.
I don't want any pet insurance.
That's good. Thanks a lot.
There was a miscommunication
with my message the other night.
That one part at the end
- "I'm pissed"?
- Yeah.
What I really wanted to write was,
"I'm pissed because I couldn't see
your big moment together as a couple."
It's just that I thought I'd see you
the following day,
and so I deleted it,
but evidently, I missed this.
- Sure, that was obvious.
- Of course!
That's enough chatting. Get back here!
I better, uh I better go.
Always wasting time
with your girlfriends. We're late.
We're perfectly on time.
And Cristina, excuse me, is not my friend.
Then you're screwing up.
Always befriend your boss' assistants.
You should talk to Sardi
on your own.
No. We worked on it together,
we should present it together.
We're a team.
- No, not this time.
- One sec, it's important.
- Alice, no more No!
- Sorry!
- Hi, Luca!
- Hi, Alice.
You never called me back.
Yeah, I know.
A little hectic recently, but
- So? Shall we grab a beer?
- Yeah, sure.
- What do you say?
- Tonight?
- Yup.
- Sure.
Tonight's perfect, yes.
- All right, I'll come pick you up at 7.
- Let's go. Come on!
I'll call you back in half an hour, okay?
- Okay.
- Bye. Sorry.
- Okay. Are you ready?
- Mm-hmm.
Take a deep breath.
And for the last pitch, um,
and if I may say so, my favorite,
here it is.
We are convinced that a classic quiz show
could be a nostalgic attraction
for a particular audience.
Do you have anything to add
to Enrico's brilliant presentation or no?
No. I think that, more or less
I was mainly responsible for the graphics.
Look, I can guarantee her contribution
has always been wholly fundamental.
Essential, in fact.
Sure enough.
All your ideas were presented very well.
Thank you.
Tonight I'll take the time
for another look and be in touch.
Perfect. Thanks again for your time.
- Bye.
- Thanks.
Miss Bassi.
Sorry to insist,
but I'm interested in your opinion
on the ideas you pitched.
Do you like them?
Well, uh
They were pretty good, sure.
Then we have the same taste, you and I.
But only for cookies.
We know the chances we're taking ♪
We don't know where anything's going ♪
Who cares about tomorrow  ♪
When we got everything right now?   ♪
All our friends are ready
To have some fun ♪
And the night has only just begun ♪
We can dance until the morning light ♪
We're gonna celebrate tonight  ♪
We're gonna celebrate tonight ♪
Hello. Wow!
Oh man, look at you!
I may as well
give this night my best shot.
Plus, he's so, uh
- Sexy?
- Hmm.
You've got it.
What's wrong with that?
Nothing. I'm just saying that, you know,
don't get your hopes up.
That's all.
What have you got going?
Semolina gnocchi.
And while we're speaking seriously,
have you decided what to wear or not?
What do you think?
With a pair of jeans.
Oh. That's superb.
Yes. Your evening will end
before it's even begun.
That's good.
Alice, we've discussed how the male Aries
are totally carnivorous.
You gotta play the role
of their tasty prey. Do you agree?
I'll open the top button, then.
Oh, dear Lord. Are you sure?
Come on.
And those colors, Alice, seriously?
He will need prey with some
That will drive the other boys to envy.
You need something
Uh, I don't got any red.
No, wait!
I've got this.
I wore it to a Halloween party with Carlo.
- Tiziano!
- Are you kidding?
Who are you talking to?
Well, I'm talking to a good friend here.
But almost finished. Mm?
- Come here, come here.
- It's who? Rosaria?
Yes, yes, it's Rosaria.
tell your son
that he should cut his hairs off.
It's really getting so long!
Be right there.
She mistook you for my mom.
Every so often, she gets things mixed up.
She's adorable.
Listen, I gotta go now.
Be bold. And conquer.
Enjoy your evening. Have fun!
- Hi.
- Hi.
No Well, I'm on my way out.
And who's the lucky guy?
A colleague of Paola's.
Well, then a journalist.
Must be an intellectual night.
Great choice.
I was putting it on to see how it looked.
What are you doing here?
I heard that you talked to Cristina today.
But why are you here?
Well, since we missed
the celebratory toast the other night
But I'm about to leave, Carlo.
Not yet. Just one. Will you give me that?
Thank you.
To the future.
To your future.
I was wondering if we could do
a rough edit of our movie a bit?
I got stuck at scene 52.
And it's missing your magic touch.
Like here. Here, look.
Remember your initial idea?
Something like that.
Oh, fuck! He's here!
Listen, it's chill if I stay here
to work, right?
What do you mean?
I can't think at my house now.
It's impossible.
Cristina lives there now,
and there's all her mess, and
It's just chaos.
You two are getting married.
Shouldn't you start getting used to it?
Yeah, funny.
I require total silence.
Plus, we both know how your nights
usually end up.
Nine times out of ten,
you hate them and come back early.
That means we can get back to work.
Tonight I don't think
I'll come back early.
All right now.
Aries or not, you are not coming home.
'Cause, hey, why not?
Sorry I'm late, Luca.
No worries.
After you.
Old school. I like it!
Do you like this place?
- Oh, sorry.
- Oh.
Here, follow me.
Wait, wait. It's probably better
if I'm there.
For one simple reason: there's a window.
There's a draft. I would never want you
to catch a chill.
Here you go.
- Thanks.
- What are these?
Americano, of course.
They're the best in the city.
I would have preferred
something else.
Actually, I
Sorry, I thought I might
have recognized someone.
The reality is that there are so many
amazing places in the world
that I really couldn't even plan
where I would start.
I'd like to take the Trans-Siberian again.
- You've done it?
- Yes.
I went a couple of years ago,
but my ex thought it was too cold,
and then she complained the whole time.
So, I bet you've got your speech ready
for when you win your Oscar.
Am I right?
Come on
It'd be very, very unlikely
that any kind of production assistant
would win an Oscar.
- And you?
- What?
What part of journalism
do you think is the most compelling?
I like uncovering stories
people choose to keep hidden.
Are you hiding any secrets?
Excuse me. One minute.
You wanna eat something?
Can you get me a gin and tonic
and a whisky sour, please?
What a coincidence!
I didn't think you still came here.
Well, here I am.
This is Anna.
His name is Wolf.
Pleasure, Anna, and Wolf.
Pleasure to meet you.
His ex.
He brought me to their bar.
To their
table, Tio.
She's got it all. She had
Um, the miniskirt
Her legs are amazing.
God, the red
Shoes and um
Wait, let me check out her shoes. One sec.
She's perfect.
But you know all of this, right?
Do you think
one, two, three mini pizzas here
and One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine
Okay, ten olives,
will neutralize
Americanos on an empty stomach?
Idiot. Voicemail.
Hey  ♪
You don't have to go back home alone ♪
I see you walkin' this way
Walkin' this way ♪
It's so cold out here tonight ♪
But is Wolf written
on the birth certificate?
No, Wolfgang is my surname.
You are not going home, Alice.
Have you been dating for long?
Nah, first date.
From Tinder.
And you with
Um, a friend.
A friend of a friend.
Which doesn't guarantee
your night will go well, does it?
It seems not.
No, thanks. I'm already reeling over here.
It helps with the spinning.
It will spin you in the other direction.
You are not going home!
Jerry Gary Ricky
They're all the same ♪
And what is your sign, huh, Wolf?
Only if you've had a terrible accident
that entirely prevents you from moving,
speaking, simply thinking,
or even just deciding
if it's best to breathe
through your nose or your mouth.
Only in those cases,
when you're on the brink of death
or comatose,
is Taurus, then, the best choice.
When a Taurus speaks,
a Taurus decides.
And nothing,
prevents him
from putting his plan in action.
That means your precious little opinions.
Good thing
you're not a Scorpio, huh?
You'd be in hot water.
Ah, sure. Good to know, then.
My wise friend said.
He's brilliant, this guy.
- Have you got a brilliant friend?
- Oh, no.
All my friends are fools.
You're just gonna anger the bull
like that, eh?
This is where I work!
It's where I live too.
What a coincidence, huh?
You can tell him that it's too hard ♪
And just leave him with a broken heart ♪
And baby
Fuck men, fuck men, fuck men ♪
Alice. Do you know him?
- What are you doing here?
- Davide
I want you to meet Wolf,
who lives right
uh, there, in front.
It's chill. She's had a little to drink.
She'll sober up soon.
You okay?
I'm fine.
Could you give me a lift home by chance?
Bye, Alice.
Are you dizzy?
Um, do you always work so late?
- Here, drink some water.
- Okay.
Whoa, hey! Hey.
Bravo, Alice. That's how you do it.
- What did you say?
- Fuck!
You should drink more slowly.
Small sips, otherwise it's worse.
I'm fine.
I'm certain I can make
all the right choices
for my big decisions.
Actually, I don't know.
I can't do it myself.
Not alone.
With who, then?
Ah, yes. Too many people underestimate
the wisdom of fairy lights.
The stars.
I think that we should all
let ourselves be guided by the stars.
Like a captain at sea?
Mm. Tio's better.
If I had listened to him,
I wouldn't be in this situation.
What situation is that?
Oh, well
So I am drunk
sitting on some steps
in the middle of the night with you,
my new boss.
I see your point.
You would prefer to be with Wolf?
You gotta have a bad opinion of me.
'Cause since I've known you
I've done nothing but look ridiculous.
You're not ridiculous.
what sign are you, Davide Sardi?
- Come on!
- Let's go back.
No, not my house.
I'll call my friend.
You know, this is the first time
I've seen my city from a motorcycle.
It's incredible!
And do you ever think
of how many things the stars have seen?
I only have the strangest ideas.
Get what I'm saying? Like a program
based all around astrology.
I figure twelve contestants,
one from each sign of the zodiac.
And plus another who's lonely and single
and who's looking for the right person.
But then again,
the person isn't really, really alone,
because Tio's there as a guide.
He reads the stars
so that the contestants
pick the best match, yeah?
You can't imagine how many errors
I could have avoided
if there had been a show like this.
We've arrived.
- Whoa.
- Oh.
Take it easy.
The only good thing I've done tonight
is convincing you to call me Alice.
It was a pleasure for me as well.
I want you to know that you witnessed
the worst possible Alice.
Carlo is moving on.
Paola has her son.
And even my folks
have their own busy schedules these days.
And, as for me,
I've had my chance.
And I blew it.
And the worst thing is
that it was all my fault.
Where's Auntie? There she is!
Ah, you woke up Auntie Alice!
Poor Auntie.
We go to Auntie Alice and tell her,
"Sorry for waking you, Auntie."
- Sorry.
- No worries.
I've put the coffee on the stove.
I made enough coffee for ten,
so help yourself.
Mm. Good idea.
This new thing,
that every time a guy goes
and disappoints you,
you get drunk, can we end that?
Giovanni hates me, is that right?
A little bit.
But I also said that I'm to blame.
I swear to you that Luca
is so nice at work.
That asshole!
What are you laughing at, kid?
You know that Aunty kissed goodbye
to her job yesterday?
Don't exaggerate.
Your boss, he seemed really kind.
And not just kind, he's also
extremely beautiful.
Mama! Mama!
I was gonna tell him that, you know
I was such a mess last night, Paola.
Couldn't stop talking about Carlo.
And I was so close to
Then what?
I vomited all over him. Oh, God.
How fuckin' embarrassing!
Hey, there you are.
What happened to you?
Ah, good.
But there's no time to recover.
Bodrato is waiting for you
in Sardi's office.
Cristina, excuse me.
Do you know what he wants to discuss?
No, but Sardi is in there too.
No, uh, Cristina. Wait.
- I wanted to ask you a favor.
- Mm-hmm.
Last night,
I futzed things up badly with Sardi.
Could you maybe put in a good word
with Bodrato?
But did you futz everything up
before or after my fiancé
was at your house?
No, after.
No, that is
No, he just came over to work on a script,
but I left the house straightaway.
Yes, he told me.
I'm pissed,
but I can't
do anything to help.
Come in! Close the door.
Thank you.
Miss Bassi, there we are.
I'm sorry I'm running late today.
Oh, it makes sense.
Davide tells me you had
a crazy night.
Well, it certainly seems like it was, um,
an interesting night.
I'm very embarrassed.
It was a horrible night.
I wasn't in control.
But I promise
it's the last time it will happen.
What Mr. Bodrato
is trying to tell you
is that he was thrilled about the pitch
that you told me on the motorcycle.
Yeah, the game show, you know?
About love and astrology?
Well, sure, for now, it's just an idea,
but Davide is sure that you, Miss Bassi,
you could really pull it off
thinking totally outside the box.
And that you will, without a doubt,
be able to make it all work.
Don't you agree?
Don't let him down.
We're the new currency ♪
Making diamonds look cheap ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Can't put a price on dreams ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
We got the kinda credit card
That we know won't decline ♪
And we can run it so wild
'Cause we don't have to spend a dime ♪
And no, we'll never be sold
Just doing everything they say ♪
And no, we'll never grow old
We were born doing it this way ♪
We've got all we need ♪
Richer than money ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Making diamonds look cheap ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Can't put a price on dreams ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Ooh ♪
Yeah ♪
Ooh ♪
Currency ♪
'Cause we're the new currency ♪
They ain't even current, see ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
'Cause we're the new currency ♪
They ain't even current, see ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
We've got all we need ♪
When it's you and me ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Making diamonds look cheap ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Can't put a price on dreams ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Ooh ♪
Yeah ♪
Ooh ♪
We're the new currency ♪
Making diamonds look cheap ♪
Love is our cash machine ♪
The gold in our hearts
That money can't buy ♪
We're the new currency ♪
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