Analog Squad (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Bonds and connections

- [photographer] Ready? One, two, three.
- [shutter clicks]
[photographer] Beautiful! All right.
[Pupae] I used to believe a woman like me
would be alone for the rest of her life.
But then Ruk came along
and changed my mind.
He made me feel like I was more special
than anything else in the world.
[sentimental music playing]
[Pupae] We loved each other so much.
Yeah. I got it.
[Pupae] But I knew that my career
wouldn't be accepted by everyone.
[dramatic music playing]
I knew he loved me.
That day,
something in me died
when he walked out of my life.
[baby crying]
[Pupae] But many months later,
another life was born.
There, there. It's okay.
[Pupae] I never told him about it.
It never crossed my mind.
[baby crying]
[Pupae] He tried contacting me many times,
refusing to let go
and stay out of my life.
One day after his dad's funeral,
he came back.
He apologized
and asked for another chance.
I forgave him
the minute I saw his face.
[slow, mellow music playing over stereo]
[Pupae] Mm-hmm?
I don't wanna keep this a secret anymore.
I want to be Keg's dad.
[sighs deeply]
We've talked about this.
You and I can start over,
but don't get our son involved in it.
If you're gonna use the hostel
to blackmail me,
I'll find the money somehow
and pay you back.
I never said anything like that, Pupae.
But haven't you ever thought
that Keg might actually want a father?
I'm his dad, and I want him to know it.
How much longer
are you gonna keep lying to him?
I never lied to him.
As far as I was concerned,
Keg never had a father.
I know it was my fault,
but I've always loved you.
I never stopped.
And I really love my son as well.
A son I only just
found out about three years ago.
I've been waiting till you were ready
to build a family together.
It would be great
if we could do it now.
Do you know
why I don't wanna tell our son?
It's because I don't know
if you'll leave us again.
[tuts and inhales deeply]
Have the last three years
not proven anything to you?
I didn't expect anything,
so it was okay.
Look. I'm serious, Pupae.
So are you saying you're ready
to go and tell him that you're his father
and that you'll take care of him
and never leave him again?
[woman] Try to find it, dear.
It's probably in the cupboard
by the windows.
[daughter] Yes, Mom.
- [daughter] Which box is it?
- [mom] Mm, I can't remember.
It might be in the drawers.
I kept them because I wanted you
to wear them on your wedding day.
[daughter] Hmm. Is it the same pair
you wore at your wedding?
[mom] Yes! I think they'll go really well
with your dress.
[intriguing music playing]
19 FEBRUARY 1976
19 FEBRUARY 1985
19 FEBRUARY 1994
[Mag] Mom.
- Did you find the earrings?
- I want to invite Dad to my wedding.
[mom] It's been 20 years.
Why are you bringing him up now?
Why do you care?
He's never cared about you.
You had every right
to get remarried,
but now I have every right
to invite Dad to my wedding.
[mom scoffs]
You don't even know your father.
I highly doubt
he'll even recognize you when he sees you.
I can understand
your anger and hatred towards him,
but why is it you want us to hate him too?
[dramatic music playing]
[Sodsai] My goodness!
Bangkok is really huge!
Oh! Look. There's the Skytrain!
[Keg] It just opened, Grandma.
It's always crowded.
[Sodsai] Mm-hmm.
[Keg] People line up for it
like it's a roller coaster.
[Sodsai] Mm-hmm. Hmm!
[shutter clicks]
Let me take a picture of you
so I can show it to Grandpa.
[shutter clicks]
If you're afraid of heights,
why'd you bring me up here?
I'm not afraid. Uh, just not used to it.
[Sodsai] Mm. Come on. Come with me.
Come and stand over here.
[playful music]
Now, do as I say.
Stand up straight.
Keep your head up
so your nose is at 45 degrees.
Take a nice deep breath in.
Get the energy from the sky.
And then, as loud as you can, yell,
"I'm not afraid of you!"
[laughs] Okay! Now you try.
[Keg exhales]
[Sodsai] One, two, three!
[shouting together] I'm not afraid of you!
[Sodsai] How was that?
[both chuckle]
Okay, here. Take some photos of me.
- [Keg] Ready? One, two, three.
- [shutter clicks]
One, two
Tell me if I look too old now.
You don't look old.
One more. One, two, three. Mm-hmm.
When Grandpa's feeling better,
I'm definitely bringing him up here.
That's why you wanna get back.
You miss him, right?
[laughs] Of course!
[Sodsai chuckles]
- [Sodsai sighs]
- So you're not gonna wait to see Dad now?
Pond will get in touch when he's ready to.
[Keg] Hmm.
I know the truth now.
Why are you so surprised at that?
Well you know the truth now.
It's normal
for a husband and wife to fight.
People who live together
don't always understand each other.
Your dad has been like that
ever since he was young.
He's never changed.
When he has problems, he always retreats.
But sometimes
he retreats a little too long.
That's the reason why he hasn't
talked to Grandpa for ten years.
can I ask you something?
What did Dad and Grandpa fight about?
[Sodsai] It's because of
that stupid Apollo moon mission.
[on radio] Ladies and gentlemen, today is
a day that will go down in history.
As Neil Armstrong said,
it may be a small step for man,
but it is one giant leap for mankind.
As Apollo 11 comes back to Earth
- Hey, Mek!
- [Mek] Hi, Pond.
- Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo!
- Let's celebrate.
[Mek sighs] You always get me
to do the weirdest things.
[both laugh]
- [Pond] Oh!
- [Mek] I hope I don't get fired!
I'm gonna shoot this up to the moon
like Apollo, buddy!
[Mek] Sure. Go ahead!
[steady rock music playing]
[firework squeals and bangs]
[both laugh]
[Pond] Wow!
Look at my Apollo space rocket!
- [Mek] How about that? Whoo!
- [Pond laughs]
- [Mek] Why didn't mine go far?
- [Pond] Hold it higher.
- [Mek] Like this?
- [Pond] That's it.
- Wow!
- Whoo!
- [Pond] Apollo!
- [Mek cheering]
- This is fucking great!
- [Mek] Yeah!
- All right!
- [laughing]
[both yelling and whooping]
- [Pond] Look at it go!
- [Mek] Yeah!
[Pond] Check it out!
60 KG
- [tense music playing]
- [Pond] Oh shit!
- We're screwed.
- Fuck me!
- Hey! Where are you going?
- I'm getting an extinguisher.
Let me take care of it. Just stay here.
If my boss finds out, he'll can me.
[Pond] What the hell are you doing?
Mek! Mek! What are you doing?
[Mek] You just stay here.
[Pond] Mek!
- [Mek] Shit!
- [Pond] Mek!
[dramatic music playing]
[Pond whimpers]
Mek, where are you?
Mek! Get out!
[Pond coughing]
Mek, come on!
[wood cracking]
[gasps] Mek, come on!
No! Mek!
[panting and coughing]
[dramatic music continues]
[music building]
[Pond screams]
- What's wrong? Pond!
- [continues sobbing]
What happened?
- Mek's dead.
- Sh.
He's dead.
We have to go to the police.
We'll all go together.
But what if they arrest him?
How can they? It was an accident.
[Sodsai sighs]
But Mek died, Dad.
What if the police say I did it?
So are you telling me the truth?
Have I ever lied to you?
How can you ask that?
Have I ever lied to you?
I I have never done that!
- Then there's nothing to be afraid of.
- The police don't care what the truth is.
They only care about proof,
which I don't have.
- Listen. I won't let them put you in jail.
- [Pond] So what are you gonna do?
I told you. There were no witnesses!
So what do you want me to do?
If someone asks you, just tell them
I was at home all day. That's it.
You want me to lie?
Can you do that for me?
[inhales deeply]
One lie leads to another, then another.
And then we'll have to keep on lying.
Please help.
- [somber music playing]
- [Pond sobbing]
Help me.
[sniffles, sobs]
[motorbike approaching]
[man] Is Pond here?
[Kew] How can we help you, officer?
[officer] Last night,
someone lit some fireworks,
burned down the fertilizer warehouse.
Someone died.
The victim's name is Mek, and we were told
he was a close friend of Pond's.
Someone saw them together yesterday.
We'd like to ask Pond a few questions.
Do you know where Pond was
at 8:00 p.m. last night?
[Kew] I don't know.
He wasn't at home.
Why didn't you help our son?
If he runs from this,
he'll run the rest of his life.
Kew, he told you he didn't do it.
Why don't you believe him?
I do believe him. That's why
I wanted to take him to the police,
so he could tell them what he told us.
He told you why he couldn't.
There are no witnesses.
Then, we'll figure out something else.
We'll do whatever it takes.
This is our son's life.
How could you do this to him?
Do you think I don't love him?
If we want to help,
we have to do it the right way.
[tense music playing]
[Sodsai] Pond ran away
for almost ten years
and came back
when you and Mag were little.
[Keg] If I were Dad, I'd be mad too.
Why was Grandpa so mean?
He wasn't mean. I understood both of them.
But it doesn't mean I liked it.
Grandpa loves Pond very much.
But when Pond disappeared,
he tried to find any proof
or witnesses to prove Pond's innocence
in Mek's death,
but there was none.
I'm just so glad
that at least we got
to see each other again.
Can you do me a favor, Mon?
Tell your dad to talk to Grandpa, please.
Pond's a father himself now,
so he should understand
his own dad better.
Let's not wait
till someone gets sick or dies
before we see each other again.
Pinkie swear?
[Bung] Hmm, it's pretty cloudy.
Think we'll be able
to see the sunset, Grandpa?
[Kew] Hopefully,
it should be setting soon.
The sunset here is
the most beautiful sunset of all.
Let's wait a bit longer, okay?
Sometimes waiting is
its own form of happiness.
[Bung chuckles]
You're okay without having Grandma around?
Uh it's nice
to have the chance to miss her.
Oh! [chuckles]
I'm gonna steal that one and send a page.
Hey! Who are you gonna page?
Have you got a lover, hmm?
I am seeing someone.
But it's a girl.
[Kew] Really?
[Kew] Hmm.
Do, uh, your parents know about it?
Do I have to tell them, Grandpa?
I just live my life.
Doesn't matter what I am, does it?
When you spend time with your parents,
do you ever feel uncomfortable?
Do you ever feel
that you can't be yourself?
If so,
then I think you should just tell them.
Tell them now.
You'll feel so much lighter.
Secrets can weigh heavily on you.
[Sodsai] I'm leaving tomorrow night.
I should be there late morning.
[Kew] Can you be more specific? Give me
a time so I know when to leave the house.
Hmm. Don't pick me up.
I'll just grab a taxi.
By the way,
did you take all your medicine?
[Kew] Of course.
Mag reminded me when to take it.
So how's it going there?
How was your big trip to Bangkok?
Great! Mon is such a sweetie.
He took me to the Baiyoke Tower,
and he bought
a beautiful pair of leather shoes
at the World Trade Center for you.
[Kew] Ah, my old pair are still good.
Why did he do that? It's a waste of money.
Mon, Grandpa wants to talk to you.
- Yes, Grandpa?
- Hey.
Don't buy anything for me.
I'd rather you saved up your money
so you can come here.
- I'll go visit when I can.
- Hey.
How's it been babysitting Grandma?
She gets wasted every day.
[Sodsai] Hey! [laughs]
So how are you doing?
Is Mag taking care of you?
- Did you two go anywhere?
- Well, why don't you ask her yourself?
Hey, Mag.
- [Bung] Hello.
- When you coming back?
Miss you.
You'll see me when I get back.
I'll return the video then.
I'm just gonna wait
till Grandma gets here so I can see her.
Uh, by the way, does Mom want me
to bring her anything back?
Mom, Mag wants to talk to you.
Oh. Okay.
- [Lilly] Hello?
- Hello, Ma!
Hello, my sweet daughter.
How you doing?
I'm very happy.
- Do you want me to bring anything back?
- No, no.
So when are you planning
on coming back here, huh?
Your brother misses you.
Okay, Ma.
Later, Mom.
- [Lilly] Okay. See ya.
- [hangs up phone]
- Hey.
- [Lilly] What?
- Anything from Pond yet?
- [Lilly] No.
[Lilly sighs]
[Keg sighs deeply]
[mellow acoustic music playing]
[Kew whistling]
[pager ringing]
[Bung sighs]
[pager continues ringing]
[Kew whistling]
[Bung sniffles]
Grandpa Kew.
[Kew continues whistling]
Grandma died last night.
- [Kew stops whistling]
- [Bung sobbing softly]
[thunder rumbling]
[mournful song playing]
[Boonmee] Hey. What's going on?
[Kew] Sodsai died last night.
[Boonmee] Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
If you need anything, let me know.
Take care of yourself, okay?
[Kew] Thank you. Thank you, Boonmee.
[indistinct chatter]
[Lilly] Please have a seat over here.
Would you like some tea?
[woman 1] Sodsai's very lucky.
She died peacefully in her sleep.
[woman 2] So who's moving in with Grandpa?
Or are you gonna move him to Bangkok?
Uh we don't know yet.
We haven't really made any plans.
[woman 3] Every morning, your grandma
would buy Dang's soy milk
for your grandpa.
You'll have to help each other
take care of him.
[woman 2] Hmm.
Your grandpa loves his house.
I don't think he'll wanna move.
By the way, where's your dad?
He should be here!
[gentle piano music playing]
[woman] Hello, sir.
My name's Jeab. I'm Mek's wife.
Do you remember me?
Of course I do.
After Mek's funeral,
I never came back here.
[Kew] Uh,
I'm sorry about what happened.
I've wanted to tell you that
for a very long time,
but I never had the chance.
This is Ken.
- Ken is our son.
- [Kew] Oh.
We met before when you were little.
You were so tiny then.
Is Pond here?
Unfortunately, he's out of town.
Today, I brought my son here
to say goodbye.
But I also wanted to see Pond.
I wanted Ken to meet Pond
because after Mek passed away,
Pond would always send us money,
until Ken finished school.
I just wanted to tell him
I appreciated it.
Did Pond really do that?
[Jeab] Yes.
Could you possibly
give him another message?
Hmm, sure.
No matter what happened that day
I've forgiven him.
[Kew] Mm.
It was an accident.
Have a drink, Mom.
[exhales softly]
Guess you won't
be going to the hospital with me.
Thank you
for making me
want to give life another chance.
Before I met you,
I'd decided not to get treatment.
I thought, "Fuck it."
"It's only death."
[sighs deeply]
But you made me feel that
being alive is actually pretty wonderful.
[melancholy music playing]
Even though we only knew each other
a short time,
I'm pretty damn sure
that if I died
that you'd definitely cry for me.
[exhales deeply]
But you
You went and died ahead of me, damn it.
I promise, Mom,
that I'll live the rest of my life
the best way possible.
And we'll meet again one day, Ma.
Oh, right.
M Ma
I'm actually not really
your daughter-in-law.
I'd really love to be,
but your son doesn't want me.
[thunder rumbling]
Why are we so broken up about this?
We're not even her real grandchildren.
There are no real or fake bonds.
If we feel it, we feel it.
She loved us,
and we loved her.
That's all.
[knocks on door]
This is Grandma's.
How does this thing work?
If you wanna read your messages,
press this button,
and then this one
to read the next messages.
[Kew] Oh.
Don't cancel the number.
[Kew] Hmm?
- I'm gonna bring Dad back here.
- Hmm.
[on radio] Hello, listeners.
Here we are back again,
and it's Christmas morning, 1999.
Today is Christmas Day.
What are your plans today?
Are you spending time with family at home,
or are you planning a nice vacation away
during this long holiday season?
[unsettling music playing]
- [man 1] Take care all of that stuff.
- [man 2] Got it, sir.
No problem.
- [man 1] Hey! How did you get on the ship?
- [whimpers]
- Hey, get back here! Go on, find her!
- [man 2] Yes, sir. I'm on it.
[rock music playing]
[man] I see you!
- Hey!
- [Mag squeals]
- [man] Hey!
- [Mag yelps]
[man] Stop!
- Go check that room out.
- Okay.
[breathing shakily]
- [man] There she is!
- [Mag gasps]
[man] Stop!
Hey! Miss!
Miss, stop!
[man] Why did you run away?
[Mag] Well, you were yelling at me,
so I ran.
I told you, I'm looking for my dad.
I didn't come to steal.
It's Pond.
Hey. You know who he is?
- How do you know him?
- He's my father.
How do you know him?
I, uh I used to work for Pond.
Really? So where is he now?
I haven't seen him for years now.
He was in jail for a while, and then
But I don't know where he went
after he got out.
My dad was in jail?
His company went bankrupt
during the financial crisis.
He couldn't pay back his debts,
so he got sued.
They even confiscated this ship.
Oh, but he's a really good person.
I mean, even when he was broke,
he gave me this amulet
instead of my salary.
It's worth more than my pay.
It's a famous amulet
from Phang Nga, his hometown.
Thank you, sir.
[man] Huh? Where are you going?
[laughs] What's with this girl?
[Lilly] Excuse me. Can we get the check?
[server] Sure.
You're Sodsai's family, right?
- It's okay. It's on me.
- [Bung] Um
- [Lilly] But we can pay.
- No, it's okay.
Don't worry. It's my treat.
Our lies are spreading
like the plague around here.
I feel like we're lying
to more and more people.
We can't stop now.
If we confess now,
it would be totally selfish.
We just don't wanna feel like we're bad,
Which we actually are.
But we have to remember
that Grandpa's got no one left but us.
I agree with Keg, Bung.
I think we should find Pond first,
and then tell Grandpa together.
[pager buzzing]
I know how we can find Pond!
[Bung] Wait!
[line ringing]
[coins drop]
- [Ruk] Hello?
- Hello, Ruk.
I need a favor.
A favor? What is it?
Can you check the messages
for this number?
Nine, zero, one, nine, nine, nine.
We're not allowed doing that.
I know that, but this is urgent.
Remember when I told you that I pretended
to be a family member for someone?
- Mm-hmm.
- [Keg] Well, the grandmother died.
And we can't contact her son.
There might be some messages in his pager.
Can you check them for me?
Mm. Mm-hmm.
Are you okay?
I can't leave this family like this.
I'm going to America soon.
you wanted me to call you?
Um, don't worry about it.
We can talk later
when you get back home, okay?
I've gotta get back to work.
Okay, Ruk. Let's have a couple of beers
next week. My treat.
- I'll wait to hear from you.
- Mm-hmm.
[replaces receiver]
[operator] Pagelink 1200.
How may I help you?
Uh, number seven, zero, zero,
seven, three, seven, please.
Seven, zero, zero, seven, three, seven.
May I have your message?
I got your souvenirs.
You didn't have
to buy me anything in Bangkok.
But, uh, thank you very much.
Oh, uh, I can hold
for ten whole seconds on the triflow now.
[Lilly] Mm, come on, Dad!
He's lying! Don't believe him, Mom!
He only lasted five seconds.
Fine. Five seconds.
This is from Kew.
Let's really make it ten, Dad.
Okay. Let's do it.
One, two
[both laugh]
- Okay, try again.
- [Kew coughing]
- I'll count quicker!
- Okay.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
- [groans] Oh! I did it! I finally did it.
- [laughing]
[laughing] Oh, I'm good.
[both laughing]
[pager buzzing]
Santa Claus sent me a present!
[Bung] Santa who? He sent you what?
I know where Pond is, Bung!
Get up and take a shower!
- Quick!
- Hey, Lil! I mean, Mom! Oh! Ma!
Tell Grandpa I need to borrow his car.
I'll bring it back in one piece.
- Drive carefully.
- Don't worry. I will.
- I'll bring Pond back.
- [Lilly] Mm.
[dramatic music playing]
[men grunting]
[man 1] Give me your smokes,
you fuckin' asshole!
- [man 2] They're mine!
- [Pond] Hey!
[man 1] Fuck off!
- What's going on?
- He stole my cigarettes.
You wanna smoke that much?
Here, take mine.
You won't have to steal his.
[PA chimes]
[over PA] Attention.
Passengers bound for Phuket,
please board at gate number three.
Attention. Passengers bound for Phuket,
please board at gate number three.
[tense music playing]
Hey, hurry up! There's a lot
more to move, guys. Come on!
[man 2] Be careful.
- [man 1] Come on! Let's go! Hurry up.
- [man 2] Go.
- [man 3] Let's go!
- [man 1] Careful, guys. Careful!
That's it. Put 'em there.
[man 2] Come on.
We've gotta move this stuff fast.
Be careful though.
[man 3] Don't drop and break them.
- [man 2] Get everything.
- [man 4] Go! Go!
[man 1] Get the rest! Come on! Keep going!
[man 2] Come on, guys!
[man 5] Bro, thanks a lot
for what you did before.
You gotta learn to fight back.
I won't always be around to help you.
[man 5] That guy really pisses me off.
Shoulda seen when he took my cigarettes.
[grunts] I elbowed him, and he screamed!
- [laughs]
- It's the last one.
[man 5 sighs]
I should give him one next time
and not give him the whole pack.
Then you and I can split it.
Oh, I see. Tryin' to make a deal,
you little shit?
Easy, bro. Whoa! Relax.
Asshole, "split it with me."
[man 6] Stop slacking off, bro.
[rock music playing]
Hurry up. Get to work.
[gentle piano music playing]
[pop music playing]
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