Anatomy of a Scandal (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Hello? Holly? I can't stop thinking about the case.
Angela scored some points.
You'll do the same tomorrow.
It's Olivia who's haunting me.
I don't want her to feel like a pawn.
I'd never forgive myself.
She's lucky to have you.
Unless I fail her.
That is impossible.
Richard, forgive me, but Why don't we just enjoy the rare fact of us getting to spend the whole night together.
Uh, this is terrible of me.
I'm so sorry, I just need to be alone.
You want me to go? What, at this hour? Um Okay.
It's the case.
I'm distracted.
Got it.
You seem to be taking it rather personally.
Well, always.
Not like this.
I mean what if you're wrong? What if James Whitehouse is just your garden-variety philanderer? He's a rapist.
Although a philanderer too, no doubt.
He's a married man.
I'm a married man.
Yes, but you're unhappy.
I'm still married.
Yes, but you're kind.
You don't behave like an entitled arsehole.
And Olivia worked for him.
There was a power imbalance baked into their relationship.
I was your pupil master once upon a time.
But I went after you, remember? Yeah, but you keep talking about the balance of power.
It's making me wonder if there's something that you're not saying.
But our power imbalance is in the past.
That's what I always thought.
- Talk tomorrow? - Yeah.
If I can.
Hey, Sophie.
- Morning, Sophie.
How are you? - Morning.
Knock, knock.
Sorry I'm late.
Did you do the notes? Uh, yeah.
It's on the desk, on top of the blue folder.
Now I know where to go if I ever need a non-yellow highlighter.
I know I said I'd have the Woolf notes, but I'm only halfway through the book.
Halfway "to the lighthouse" as it were.
Take the notes and go.
I did next week's too.
Did something happen? Are you leaving, Holly? There's two weeks left until the end of term.
Just go away.
I said, fuck off! - Krystyna.
- Sorry.
I didn't realise you I'm so sorry for the way I spoke to you earlier.
You have a lot going on.
That doesn't matter.
You've been sucked into the whole hideous mess.
The paparazzi on our doorstep, having to lie on our behalf.
I was brought up to control my emotions.
I've suddenly lost all my skills.
You think he's a good man, don't you? A bit assertive, but not brutish? Not the kind of man who'd 'Cause otherwise, you wouldn't stay working here, would you? He's not a brute.
He's a good man.
He's a man.
- What did you say to him? - Why are you FaceTiming me? Because I need to see your lying face.
What makes you think I said anything to him? He was finally due to acknowledge the seriousness of the allegations against you in this trial and how the House of Commons needs to be a safe space, blah blah, and now, all of a sudden, he's choosing to remain silent.
So, James, I repeat, what the fuck did you say to him? That he'll weather this no-confidence storm and he has my full support.
Your full support is a wet turd on the floor of the Palace of Westminster.
You're an accused rapist, twice over.
I am innocent.
If you're calling to tell me he's continuing to stand by me, I thank you for the message.
Let's just hope his suicidal support of you doesn't bring down his government, you stupid cunt.
Say hello to Sophie.
Oh, apologies for my vulgarity, Sophie.
I was raised by wolves.
Oh God, look at you.
You're just as lovely without make-up.
Fuck you very much, Chris.
I'll see you shortly.
You won't be seeing me.
I'm not coming to court.
No, you can't not stand by him.
Standing by him doesn't mean I have to sit there, lapping it all up.
God, he's vile.
I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed.
Well, you'll have Chris to support you.
Your support is far more meaningful, believe me.
Why not just be there? The worst is over.
B, how do you know? And A, because I'm taking the children to the country for the day to see your parents.
But it's a school day.
It's a nightmare, and they need a break.
Finn's back to wetting the bed, and Emily's started biting her cuticles again.
And to tell you the truth, I won't mind missing today's evidence from the friend reinforcing Olivia's words, as told to her, about the ways in which you kissed, sucked, tweaked and poked her.
Because you know, James, the distinct parallels between the way you do those things to me were less than fun to hear.
I will make this up to you.
Yes, you will.
I had a dream last night about Holly.
A nightmare.
She was accusing you.
Do I have to defend myself against your nightmares as well now? Maybe.
When will you be back? We're just going for the day.
A bit of country air will do us good.
I'm giving evidence tomorrow.
And I'll be there for you.
Oh, I thought this place was my little secret.
- What are you playing at? - Sorry? The Oxford police making inquiries about my client.
- I have no idea what you're talking about.
- Who's behind it then? I haven't a clue.
Whatever it is, it wouldn't be admissible at this stage anyway.
What did they say, the Oxford police? It was some report about an assault at uni in the '90s.
- Involving Whitehouse? - Hmm.
The allegation was made by a third-party.
There's no complainant.
And when they tried to track her down, her mother said she'd moved to Australia and they'd lost touch.
Believe me, Angela, the last thing I want is for anything to interfere with this trial.
Certainly not before I've given your client a good kicking.
Do you ever think about the population of the woodwork? So many fucking crazy people stuffed in there, waiting for their moment to emerge.
So this jury analysis you've been conducting is based on what, exactly? Observation.
Ms Long Curly Hair in the front row stares at him for hours like a starstruck teenager.
Sounds like her mind's going down a dirty little path.
Well, at the very least she'd like to acquit him.
But Grey Shirt Guy is definitely on our side.
Grey shirt guys always vote to convict.
Maggie, I need a word.
You didn't discuss making inquiries into James Whitehouse's Oxford years with any of the case officers, did you? Of course not.
Because I expressly said it wasn't relevant.
I know.
You're absolutely sure you didn't? I follow your instructions, Kate, always.
Well, I'm sorry.
I'm tired.
Look, I forgot to take care of something.
- Is there anything you'd like me to do? - No.
I'll be back.
I'm rooting for you, sir.
I appreciate it.
- Can I ask you a question though? - Of course.
What are you lot gonna do about bloody Uber? They're massacring us.
The office said it was an emergency.
Well, don't be.
Aren't you due in court today? Yeah, in minutes.
Well, talk to me.
You all right? I'm not sure.
Your case is getting a lot of attention.
No surprise if you feel a bit wobbly.
It's not that.
Then what? What's happened? It's nothing.
I just needed to hear a familiar voice.
Should you talk to the judge or something? No.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It's a bit busy here today, sir.
Shall I drop you off round the back? That won't be necessary.
- Mr Whitehouse, where's Sophie? - Where's Sophie? Mr Whitehouse, where's Sophie? - Granny! Grandpa! - Granny! - Oh, sweet pea! - Good to see you.
Missed you.
Hello, my little man.
- I missed you.
- How are you? Hello.
What is that? Ribena.
- You are such a mucky pup.
- Bit of a spill.
- Sophie.
Come in.
- I know what you like to do.
- Play a bit of croquet.
- Yes! Whoo! Are you sure I shouldn't soak his shirt? I haven't got another.
It'll be ruined if it sits for too long.
I do hate waste.
Well, as we've learned, shit happens, Tuppence.
How are you doing, dear? We're getting on.
Almost over.
The trial is, yes.
I get so angry in the middle of the night when I think of that girl's vicious lies.
She's trying to exploit his good nature.
He was always so happy and handsome and successful at everything that he tried.
So bright.
He knew it, mind you.
Perhaps it's a male thing, that complete self-belief.
My girls don't have it.
Neither do I.
Even as a very little boy, he was like that.
Like what? Over-confident, I suppose.
Unashamedly lying at Cluedo and cheating at Monopoly.
Insisting on changing the rules.
You're good for him.
His father and I have always made that quite clear to him, how lucky he is to have you.
Why would you do that? Do what, Sophie? Raise your son to believe that it's okay to cheat? To cheat at Monopoly? - It's only a game, dear.
- With which he honed his ability to lie.
Well, perhaps I should have said "dissemble.
" Lie.
I don't need to remind you, politics requires a certain agility in that regard.
It doesn't require him to lie to me.
It may seem insurmountable to you at the moment, but you will get through this.
Sometimes, I think I'm partly to blame.
I beg your pardon? I let things slide.
I didn't question little things when I should have, but little things add up, don't they? Oh nonsense.
You're a model wife and mother.
I hope you don't mind me saying what I've always suspected.
The fact that you survived a broken home as a child has made you all the more determined to keep your own family together.
And to that, I say bravo.
What this girl is doing to James is inexcusable.
Actually, Tuppence, she's of another generation.
Things were very different when I was at uni, the blurriness of consent.
Men were guilty of selfish exuberance.
We were guilty of failure to communicate.
Does that make us complicit? Because sometimes, I think it was just easier to acquiesce.
Oh, please don't tell me that you've ever been assaulted.
- No.
- Oh thank God for that.
Sophie, I've never seen you like this before.
Well, James is on trial for rape.
My son will be proven innocent.
Then everything can go back to the way it was.
Conservative Central Office.
Can you tell us please, Miss Ledger, about your part in what brought Mr Whitehouse here? It was Mr Whitehouse's own actions that brought him here.
When did Miss Lytton first tell you about the events we are concerned with? The next day.
- How did she seem? - Very upset indeed.
Normally, she was quite blasé about things.
Or had been before her relationship with the minister ended.
Had she told you about the affair prior to this? Yes.
She needed a friend and knew I would be discreet.
And, uh what did you think about your friend's involvement with the minister? I thought it was a mistake.
Um, Miss Woodcroft? What did Miss Lytton tell you the next day about what happened in the lift? She blamed herself for the fact that he raped her.
Did she describe the events in the lift to you? In horrifying detail.
Who raised the question of rape? I did.
After she told me about him ripping her underwear.
After she showed me that bruise.
After she told me what he'd called her.
I said, "You do realise what he's done, don't you?" And how did she respond? With a nod.
And then convulsive crying.
She wouldn't say the word.
So how did it come up? Well, I said, "You told him repeatedly that you didn't want it, and he ignored you.
" "That's rape.
" And what happened then? She couldn't even speak for a long time.
It was a sort of crying I hadn't seen since childhood, to be honest.
Those hyperventilating breaths.
Did you discuss, once she'd regained her composure, what, if any, action she should take? I suggested she go to the police.
It took her two whole weeks.
She was very reluctant at first.
I I think she kept hoping she could will away the fact that it happened.
But that's not going to work, is it? She needed to admit to herself what had happened before she reported that her boss, James Whitehouse, had raped her.
Miss Regan.
You appear to be a no-nonsense person, Miss Ledger.
Is that a fair assessment? I like to think so.
- And you like clarity, is that right? - Absolutely.
Black is black and white is white, and never the twain shall meet.
Grey is overrated.
Did you approve of your friend, Miss Lytton's, affair with James Whitehouse? - I was worried about Olivia.
- But you believe affairs are wrong? Yes.
So if your friend comes to you, upset about her relationship with a married man, you'd view any sex that occurred between them as wrong? That's not why we're here.
- Even consensual sex? Is that right? - I don't see how that matters.
Did your views on infidelity lead you to hound your friend to go to the police? "Hound"? Uh, Miss Regan, I don't think the evidence is that Miss Ledger hounded the complainant.
I apologise, My Lord.
Perhaps the point is better put this way.
Is the reason you were so keen for your friend to go to the police because you disapproved of her relationship with her boss? No.
I told her to go to the police because he raped her, in black and white.
Members of the jury, we'll adjourn until tomorrow morning.
All rise.
- How was it, miss? - Awful.
It wasn't awful, but Kitty Ledger was great.
But Kate Woodcroft was off her fucking game.
That's not true.
It's a bit true.
Her ears are bionic.
But the witness Mr Whitehouse! Mr Whitehouse! Hello? They're not back yet.
Ah, hey.
Uh, should I make you something to eat? Uh, no, thank you, Krystyna.
I I'm not your job.
Um, uh, did you eat? Great idea.
Um, is there more? Uh, just Rocky Road.
Oh, Finn's flavour.
No, no.
Stay, stay.
I don't understand marshmallows.
Yeah, agreed.
They're completely disgusting.
And occasionally compelling.
I'm sorry I don't understand.
Uh, I'm just trying to thank you in Russian.
Was that Russian? Uh, I'm not sure what that was.
I'm hopeless at languages.
Absolutely no ear.
But, um Uh, seriously, Krystyna, I I wanted to thank you.
For what? For taking such good care of the children.
They trust you and feel safe with you.
I will miss them when I go back to Podolsk.
What will you study there? I want to be a civil engineer.
I'm really interested in infrastructure.
I didn't know that about you.
You'll be great.
could not accept staying in the Customs Union, which could mean that Britain would have no control over its trade policy, and in theory, the EU could come to trade agreements, which we would have to abide by, which would be directly in contravention to our own country's interests.
But let's be quite clear.
You know, what she said is Soph? God.
When did you get back? Just now.
I didn't want to wake you.
I'm surprised I fell asleep.
Well, you're exhausted.
How was Mum and Dad? As always.
We've always been so lucky, you and I.
I'm not sure I'd call it luck.
What would you call it? Smart decisions and bloody hard work.
No, James, mostly we were born and raised lucky.
Well, you just spent the afternoon with my parents.
You call that luck? Now it seems to have deserted us, our luck.
That's not true.
Yes, it is.
We are officially formerly lucky.
Well, thank you for the vote of confidence the night before I give evidence.
When we What? When we spent two weeks in Corsica, and we made love every single night, that was in the middle of your affair with her, correct? Not the middle, the end.
What a massive workout your penis was getting.
If you're going to be nasty, I'm going to bed.
I'm sorry, but I can't let it go.
- I hope in time you'll be able to.
- Not your affair.
What the Oxford administrator said about Holly.
Good night.
I'm not saying it was you.
I believe you.
May I ask why you are more concerned with your first-year tutorial partner than this trial, with your husband's life? - Of course I'm concerned.
- You choose to take the day off! - For the children! - Not a great look! Believe me, your absence was not lost on anyone.
- I needed a break! - I'd like a break! Maybe don't fuck an underling in a House of Commons lift.
When did you become so crass? Sorry.
Were you making love? We had sex, how about that? Anything.
As long as it's not rape.
My only point, darling, is you should have been in court today for everyone's sake.
Whatever happened would have been at the end of our first year.
- What? - End of the first week in June.
- That's when Holly left.
- I don't give a fuck about Holly! I know you don't give a fuck, but if I don't get some order in my thoughts, if you don't help me to get there, I don't know what I'm gonna do.
But I fear it won't be good.
All of those end of year parties Exactly.
Impossible to tell one from the other at this vantage point, surely.
But only weeks away from your graduation.
I remember the sense of urgency.
About what? About everything.
The future.
What? I have this image of us dancing.
I was wearing a brand-new outfit.
I thought I looked so good.
A little black dress.
I remember what you were wearing too.
You'd brought your father's flask.
Everyone was partying that week, even Holly was there.
- Sophie! - Hey! - Hey! - Come on.
Soph, this is two decades ago.
I can barely remember what happened last week.
It wouldn't have registered with you.
She's not your type.
- Who's that? - Uh, she's my tutorial partner.
- Her name's Holly.
- James! Yes! So sorry.
I feel very confused.
About me? About everything.
Do you still love me? If you're still you, then yes.
Are you still you? Of course, I'm still me.
I have to sleep.
You coming up? In a minute.
- I have to go.
- Already? I'm late for the Libertines.
No! Come on.
Whoo! One night ♪ One night ♪ Cheers! The year 2000 ♪ Won't be strange When we're all fully grown ♪ Oh my God, I love this song! You can dance ♪ You can jive ♪ Having the time of your life ♪ This is the rhythm of the night ♪ The night, oh yeah ♪ The rhythm of the night ♪ - I've got to go.
- What, really? I'm too dizzy.
Oh, where the fuck's me pumpkin coach? Sorry! So sorry! Sorry, sorry.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm all right.
Do I know you? It's Molly.
No, Polly.
Yeah, it's Polly.
Pretty Polly.
Well, if I don't know you, then I probably should, yeah? You are pretty.
That's not true.
I should go.
Really? Really.
I don't think that's what you want to do at all.
Is that better? Yeah.
Much better.
No, I Just Wait.
Don't be such a prick tease.
Fuck, first time? Oh fuck, I'm so sorry.
You should have said.
Uh I would've gone a bit slower.
I haven't met many virgins.
Are you fine? Of course.
It's Holly.

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