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Aliens And The Third Reich

Invading armies of almost invincible power Incredible weaponry designed to both intimidate And annihilate.
Secret experiments of an otherworldly nature.
A lot of the information that we've been told about the second world war is wrong.
Did, as some believe, Adolf Hitler base his plans for world domination on secret extraterrestrial knowledge? The Nazis were looking for some kind of technology that the ancients possessed.
And did the German military develop an arsenal of so-called "wonder weapons" based on advanced alien technologies? Not only were they able to cancel out gravity, they could be manipulating time.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, just what was their connection to Hitler's Nazis and world war ii? During the second world war, Germany possessed the most technologically advanced military in the world.
Weapons such as the jet aircraft Precision bombers And guided missiles All designed with one purpose To help the Nazis and their leader, Adolf Hitler, blitzkrieg their way across Europe And create a "third reich," or empire, that would eventually rule the world.
And they developed two amazing weapons.
One was the v-1 buzz bomber, literally the first cruise missile.
And the other was the v-2, the first ballistic missile.
The German rocket program was years ahead of any of the allied nations.
By the end of the war, they were developing the a-10, which was also known as the New York rocket.
So that'd give you an idea of what they were thinking.
They also had one in the works that they were calling "the Mars rocket.
" So I think they had some pretty grandiose plans.
Even to their enemies, German scientists were the envy of the world.
But what was the source of their incredible achievements? Were they simply smarter than their counterparts in other countries? Did they receive more funding and resources for their research? Or were they, as some ancient astronaut theorists believe, guided by other, possibly extraterrestrial, forces? Hitler was always saying that he had access to the most advanced technology, that the Nazis would prevail in world war ii.
And I suppose it is a very important question to ask.
"What was giving Adolf Hitler" the confidence to assert to masses of people that he was going to essentially take over "the world?" In his 1993 book, secret societies and their power in the 20th century, author jan van Helsing told the story of a strange crash in Germany's black forest that occurred in 1936, three years before the start of world war ii.
According to van Helsing, residents living near the small town of Freiburg woke up to what sounded like a massive plane crash.
But when investigators examined the crash, they found a strange disc-shaped object.
And inside were the remains of what appeared to be extraterrestrial beings.
Van Helsing also claims that within hours of the crash, Hitler's ss troops took possession of the downed aircraft and its deceased crew and carried it away to their top-secret headquarters at Wewelsburg castle.
There, it was believed, Nazi scientists began the task of reverse-engineering the technology found aboard the damaged craft.
But is there any evidence that this extraterrestrial space ship even existed? And would it have been possible to reverse-engineer it? What exists are the reports of scientists who claim to have read reports of analysis done on that craft and the propulsions system.
The challenges in reverse- engineering it would depend a little bit on the nature of the power source it used and how it worked.
Right now, because we are such an electronically-based society, and it's almost all based on silicon electronics, um, if it wasn't that, it might be very, very hard.
But if it was close to what we did, then it would probably be pretty easy.
According to reports discovered after the war, German scientists began experimenting with anti-gravity technologies shortly after the alleged discovery of the alien craft.
One of these scientists was an Austrian inventor named Viktor Schauberger.
He was very instrumental in talking about creative ways of using fluid motion to generate propulsions.
And a lot of it has to do with studying the way animals actually move through water or air.
He looked especially on the trout standing still in a raging torrent.
And he thought of, "how can this fish stand still in this river?" And then he thought of how nature works.
And he stated, it's not the animal itself, it's air or water that moves this animal.
A fish does not swim, it is swum, and a bird does not fly, it is flown.
So why can't we do this with machines? Move the air in a special way so that the vehicle is pulled, not pushed.
Viktor Schauberger, he developed a type of vortex engine artificial tornado, as it were where vortex activity and gyroscopic activity could be harnessed with liquids such as water or Mercury.
My grandfather Viktor Schauberger made some big inventions.
Inventions that lead maybe back to ancient times.
This is the so-called repulsin, or repulsine in German.
It was meant to be some kind of propulsion system mounted in a submarine or an aircraft vertically to create a field Viktor Schauberger called "biological vacuum.
" And the aircraft or the submarine should be sucked into this field.
The special shape of this device led to the story that Viktor Schauberger is the inventor of flying saucers.
At the time of its development, the repulsin's inverse propulsion system seemed revolutionary, but Viktor Schauberger believed he had rediscovered an ancient technology.
Viktor also refers to old Indian texts where he reads out of these texts that these older peoples, they used some kind of flowing magnetism that allowed them to overcome gravity.
According to early sanskrit texts discovered in India, aircraft called vimanas used a similar propulsion system thousands of years ago.
Is it possible that German scientists viewed ancient texts like the Bhagavad-Gita not as legendary myth, but as a source of historical and scientific fact? The Germans were the best oriental scholars in the world.
So they translated the, uh, the ancient text, sanskrit, and later, into German.
And the Germans studied these ancient Indian epics and were familiar with the ideas of vimanas.
And so, by combining that with this vortex technology and, allegedly, this crashed disc from 1936 in the black forest, they then came up with their designs for these flying saucers.
In 1939, three years after the reported crash at Freiberg German scientists developed their own flying-saucer-shaped aircraft and called it the Haunebu.
Early prototypes had a diameter of 25 meters and were manned by a crew of eight.
The Haunebu was a classic flying-saucer design with a dome and windows on the top, with one large dome underneath.
It was sort of contained ball lightning is what it was.
These two balls, they would produce electrons and positrons, and the positrons would migrate to the top of the sphere and levitate.
Almost all my life I've heard stories that the Nazis had obtained a flying saucer.
And I do believe the Nazis were in touch with nonhuman intelligences that gave them the advanced technology that they developed right up to the end of the war.
But how many in Hitler's regime actually believed in the existence of extraterrestrial beings? How close were they to the f├╝hrer? And how far did they go to make contact? The swastika.
This simple, four-sided figure is the ultimate symbol of Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.
But its origins reveal a much different message One that dates back over 3,000 years.
"Swastika" is a sanskrit word from ancient India.
It means "mark of good fortune," and the same symbol is found not only in ancient India but all over the world In many different ancient cultures, ranging from Egypt to Iran to the cultures of the americas.
During the 1930's, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party used the swastika to symbolize the Aryan race in its struggle for victory.
But were the German leaders aware of the swastika's extraterrestrial connection? In the ancient sanskrit texts, it stated that the symbol of the swastika is connected with extraterrestrial beings, such as the hindu God brahman.
It's often used in worship in temples dedicated to extraterrestrial beings.
The swastika turns up in the legends of indigenous peoples all around the world, and the theory was that it was a magical power, a magical symbol, given to these indigenous peoples by extraterrestrials, and that by using this symbol, it could ward off enemies, ward off evil, give them the power to not only survive but become supreme.
Did Hitler choose the swastika as the symbol of the Nazi party because of its extraterrestrial connections? Did he believe in aliens from other worlds? It is known that Hitler surrounded himself with those who believed in extraterrestrial beings and ancient advanced civilizations.
Hitler was obsessed with ancient mythology, he was obsessed with the occult, and more importantly, he was obsessed with trying to gain knowledge That he believed he could muster before anybody else could.
So he spent an inordinate amount of time, energy and money all over the planet to try to get information about things that would give Germany an upper hand.
One of the main groups advising the Nazi leadership was a secret society known as the Vril.
Members are said to have included the commander of the ss, Heinrich himmler Air force commander Hermann g ring And the head of the Nazi party, Martin Bormann.
The Vril society took their name from a 19th-century book written by Edward Bulwer-Lytton called the coming race.
In it, Bulwer-Lytton describes a powerful master race and an ancient mystical energy form known as Vril that could be tapped and controlled.
The Vril society in Germany took their name from this force, this universal force, which, in sanskrit, is known as Prahna.
Just like an engineer can use electricity to either heat a room or cool a room or make sound or do so many other things, it's one energy, but it can be manifested in different ways.
The Vril society believed that this Vril power could power machines and devices, and they wanted to use it for aircraft, discoid flying saucers.
According to their beliefs, the Vril could tap into this energy because they were the direct descendants of extraterrestrials from the Aldabaran solar system that had come to earth in the distant past.
Members of this pure master race were known as aryans.
They believed that aryans ascended from a race of e.
'S and these e.
'S imbued this Aryan race with tremendous power and meant for them to be the master race on earth.
And that was, in part, the justification for the Nazi political party to establish the Aryan supremacy on the planet earth.
When the Nazi party swept into power in 1933, the Vril encouraged Hitler and his henchmen to fund a worldwide search for ancient alternative technologies.
German scientists and researchers scoured the planet for ancient texts and relics Such as the holy grail And the ark of the covenant.
According to legend, these biblical artifacts contained powerful energies that could be harnessed and used as weapons.
The ark of the covenant was said to be a wooden box that was overlaid in gold, and the lsraelites were said to revere this box because it represented God.
The ark of the covenant is said to possess tremendous power.
Whoever touched it dies.
Any army that marches with the ark of the covenant can defeat any other army.
And this is part of the lore and the legend of the ark of the covenant.
But did Hitler really believe these tales to be true? Did he view the Bible as a history book? When you see, like, the Indiana Jones movies, which tend to focus on these secret Nazi occult expeditions around the world to find the ark of the covenant or the spear of destiny or some secret libraries and aliens, while those movies are fiction, they're very much based on truth.
Hitler was obsessed with trying to find the ark of the covenant.
It was far more important, I think, than just some religious belief.
I think the ark of the covenant had a function, whatever it might have been.
In the book of exodus, there's a very detailed description of the ark of the covenant.
Supposedly it was the box that was constructed to contain the two tablets of the ten commandments Which were irradiated with divine power because they had been touched by the finger of God.
As soon as the tablets are placed inside the box, if you look at the biblical accounts, that box becomes dangerous.
It starts striking people dead.
Strange voices emerge from it.
They weren't far off in the Indiana Jones movie when it was described as a radio for talking to God.
At his headquarters in Wewelsburg castle, ss commander Heinrich himmler brought in psychics and mediums who claimed they could contact extraterrestrial beings.
One of these was an influential member of the Vril society named Maria Orsic.
Maria Orsic headed a group of women known as the "Vriligen," or the female Vril members.
And they were beautiful women.
They grew their hair very long because they felt like their long hair could act as an antenna to the universal Vril energy.
They believed that extraterrestrials, non-human force, was right here on planet earth.
And they were the ones who inspired the early technology to develop circular-shaped craft based on images that they'd seen of flying saucers.
They inspired Schauberger.
They inspired other developers to look into the possibility that these disc-shaped craft could fly through some sort of antigravity, some sort of levitation.
The Germans were able to develop a technology so far in advance of the allied technology, that people said they were helped by extraterrestrials.
In fact, the one quote we have was from Hermann Oberth, and Dr.
Oberth was in the German rocketry program.
Hermann oberth said, quote, "we were helped by people from other worlds.
" Was it possible that the Nazis made contact with extraterrestrial beings? If so, might the Germans have received other advanced alien technologies? Just how close did Hitler come to building the deadliest weapon in the history of the world? Berlin, 1938.
The world took its first step towards the atomic age when German chemists Otto hahn and Fritz Strassmann split uranium atoms and inadvertently discovered fission, the basis of nuclear energy.
When you have atoms either break apart or come together, you lose a small amount of mass.
It turns out the amount of energy in mass is related to the mass times the speed of light, squared.
And the speed of light is such a huge number, that's what converts this small amount of mass into a huge amount of energy.
News of the discovery quickly spread through the world's scientific community.
In the United States, Albert Einstein warned president Franklin Roosevelt in an August progress could lead to the creation of a powerful new bomb.
How were the German scientists in Berlin able to make this discovery before anyone else? Was this really a new breakthrough? Or might these scientists have rediscovered an ancient source of unimaginable power? Deformed skeletons and vitrified stone at Mohen Daro, Pakistan.
Radioactive ash covering the ancient city of Harappa, India.
And the biblical cities of sodom and gomorrah.
According to the ancient astronaut theory, the first atomic blasts may not have occurred during the 1940s, but thousands of years earlier.
What they found in these cities Mohenjo Daro, Harappa, Kot Diji, others of these Harappan cities they found people just lying dead in the streets.
It was like some doom had just taken over these cities.
Some theorists have proposed that what happened to sodom and gomorrah, two cities right at the end of the dead sea, was some kind of nuclear explosion that wiped this area out.
Lot's wife was allegedly turned into a pillar of salt.
The idea there would be that when there is a nuclear explosion, people are suddenly vaporized, incinerated, mineralized.
When an atomic bomb explodes, the heat is so intense that it melts the silicon in the sand into glass.
There are some reports that such fields of fused sand, of glass, have been found in places including India.
But, if they do exist, this would confirm the descriptions given in the ancient sanskrit writings that the people of those times had weapons resembling our modern nuclear weapons.
They were called Brahmastras.
According to the hindu texts, the Brahmastras came from gods.
But who were these supernatural beings? Many of these hindu gods did look different than humans.
Generally they're often depicted as having blue skin, and that may well be describing extraterrestrials.
Could Hitler have been aware of these same ancient accounts? Might that have been the reason behind Nazi Germany's archeological and scientific trips to India and Africa? The Nazis were looking for something.
They were looking for some kind of technology that the ancients possessed that we had lost, and they wanted to find it, and they wanted to find it fast.
Throughout the middle east and also in ancient India, there's stories of jinn, these genies, they've got magic powers, magic lamps, flying carpets and things like that.
So in my mind, it's quite possible that this ancient jinn are really the ancient aliens with all their technology and aircraft.
Did Hitler and the Nazis uncover any ancient atomic secrets? Just how close did they come to developing the ultimate weapon? And how much of their quest was guided by an outside hand? In a secret lecture in February 1942, German physicist Werner Heisenberg spoke of building a nuclear reactor designed to control fission and enable uranium to be converted into plutonium.
In layman's terms, how the atomic bomb works, it's basically two stages.
The key element is you have to get uranium to split.
So you need a trigger for this reaction to happen.
And then you need it to have what they call a "critical mass.
" Enough of it together that once you get it to happen in one place, it can cause the next reaction, and next reaction, and next reaction.
So it's actually a series of explosions.
Hitler was now on the brink of having an atomic bomb.
But then the Germans suddenly stopped trying to build one.
But why did the Germans give up on their atomic program? Most mainstream historians believe it was due to its high cost and commitment amid a losing war effort.
Others suggest that the German scientists lacked the knowledge or possibly even sabotaged the project in fear of what Hitler would do with his new weapon.
The Germans came very close to developing a weapon that would have allowed them to win the war.
All I can say is, "thank God we beat them to the punch," because if they had gotten that technology perfected, we'd all be speaking German right now.
But might the Nazi scientists, as some suggest, have turned their attention to an even more advanced weapon, one that would allow Hitler's army to travel through both space and time? In a remote valley just outside Ludwikowice, Poland stands a strange circular structure known as the henge or fly trap.
We are in the middle of a valley, which was taken over by the SS and transformed into a secret research, development and industrial facility.
It was closely guarded.
Inside of this valley, we have three security rings, closing specific areas from each other.
Inside of the innermost circle, this structure stands, and it's quite mysterious.
Mainstream scholars believe the structure served as the concrete support base to a cooling tower used by a coal mine.
But according to Witkowski and others, the German high command would not have devoted so many military resources here if the valley contained only an energy plant.
They say the henge was used to test a new, highly-advanced machine known as die glocke, or the bell.
The bell, die glocke, was probably one of the top secret projects of the third reich.
It was so secret that it's even unclear on how much Hitler was told.
There's a great deal of evidence that suggests that the scientists, including hermann oberth and Wernher Von Braun and others, were working on a bell-shaped craft that was electromagnetic in its propulsion system.
This, some say, was the Vunda Vava, the wonder weapon, a weapon so powerful, so exotic, that even in the last minutes of the war, as the Soviet army closed in on Poland It could have changed the whole course of the war.
Surviving sketches depict the bell as having a ceramic covering and dimensions measuring ten feet high and five feet in diameter.
Its design appears contrary to modern aerodynamic principles.
If you're starting to think about a bell shape for flight, the challenge you're facing, I think, is making it aerodynamic when you move around side to side and forward and backward, 'cause you're presenting a very large cross-sectional area to the air, and you're gonna generate a lot of drag.
So you might be very good if you wanted just, like, a hovercraft that went up and down, but once you start moving, I think you're gonna run into trouble.
But if the bell was not a new type of aircraft, then what was it? According to some ancient astronaut theorists, the bell may have been a time machine.
There is a kind of vortices named solitons vortices isolated electromagnetically from the outside world.
Recent research and experiments show that the link between gravity and electromagnetic physics is much stronger than the scientists thought for some time.
The laws of the universe being universal, if you take the right electromagnetic field, and very high voltage, pulse it or phase it in a certain way, you can get some very strange phenomenon.
You can make things disappear and reappear.
Therefore, it follows to reason that this would be studied, and that the Nazi bell was probably an attempt by that regime to develop some type of flying machine that would use these sort of advanced electromagnetic concepts.
But was time travel even a possibility? According to German-born physicist Albert Einstein, humans were theoretically capable of it.
His theory of special relativity actually showed for the first time that time can slow down when you go very fast.
And so, that has an impact on going into the future.
It allows you to travel really fast somewhere, and your time goes slower than somebody else, and you end up in the future relative to what you thought you re doing.
The harder one to think about is general relativity, where Einstein talks about gravity, and how to describe gravity.
And there, you can start thinking about space-time, and bending it, and actually by warping space and time in the right way, you end up going backwards in time.
While no records exist indicating the bell was ever used during the war As the allied military forces pushed into Germany, the entire project and its commander, ss general Hans Kammler, suddenly disappeared.
Ss general hans kammler was going to defect in exchange for immunity.
But then, by the end of the war, he disappeared.
So where did hans kammler go, and what did he take? I think he took the bell.
Did he create a wormhole? Did he create a Stargate? And this is what the Nazis were working on.
Did kammler and other Nazis really use the bell to escape justice by disappearing across time, or possibly to another planet? Reportedly, the rest of the project team met a more sinister fate.
The engineers that worked on the bell were put to death by the SS.
They didn't want this technology falling into the hands of the east or the west.
I mean, you have like, all these people are being murdered.
I mean I mean, top scientists, you know.
They blow themselves up in their own labs.
It was also rumored that Maria Orsic, the psychic and member of the secret society known as the Vril, sent out a coded message to the remaining members, hoping to escape with the help of extraterrestrial beings.
What I have been given to understand was, that was the agreed-to code to gather at a certain location.
I believe it was somewhere near what was left of hamburg.
At that time, a ufo was seen over hamburg.
She disappeared.
Several other key members of the Vril society disappeared and some say, Martin Bormann the major league occultist, also disappeared.
There have been rumors for many, many years that they went to another planet.
The ironic thing about all of this is, years later in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, a similar object was witnessed by a number of people That looked like the bell.
Is it possible that the Nazis perfected these things? Or is it possible that the aliens looked like Nazis in uniforms? How bizarre would that be? In the spring of collapsed As the allied armies advanced towards Berlin.
German scientists and engineers abandoned their laboratories.
Hitler's search for a wonder weapon failed.
But as the war neared its end, what happened to the German scientists? While it's known many ended up in the U.
, just what secrets did they bring with them? On April 30, 1945, as the allied armies closed in on Berlin, Adolf Hitler committed suicide.
Two days later, the city fell.
On may 7, 1945, the German army unconditionally surrendered.
After the war in Europe, many leading Nazi party members disappeared some never to be found.
Two months after the defeat of Germany, a group of American scientists, led by Dr.
Robert Oppenheimer, gathered in a remote area of new Mexico known as jornada del muerto or "journey of death.
" There, at 5:29 A.
on July 16, the first ever atomic bomb.
But how had the Americans discovered the key to the world's first successful nuclear device? Did they do it themselves, or might they have had access to the same ancient texts the Germans did that described powerful weapons and extraterrestrial aircraft? It's something that's never denied by people that research this thing.
There's a geophysicist in Germany, Dr.
Axel Stoll, and he's done a technical translation of some of the ancient Indian texts with an eye towards the idea that it may have had something to do with the German flying discs built during the second world war.
So this idea is a possibility.
Perhaps the most amazing technological advancement in the history of mankind was placing a man on the moon.
On July 20, 1969, less than 25 years after the end of world war ii, astronauts Neil Armstrong and buzz aldrin stood on the surface of an actual alien world.
But how did such a technological leap forward happen so quickly? And could it possibly have been tied to ancient technologies discovered by Germany? If you think about all the technology we have today, there isn't anything that either wasn't invented during this period of time, or greatly enhanced by the Germans during the reich years.
The Germans pretty much invented our modern world.
Following the end of world war ii, many of Germany's top scientists, engineers and technicians were captured and brought to America as part of a secret project known as operation paper clip.
Operation paper clip was a us government project to bring German scientists to the United States to work, either for the military or for industry.
They were taken into custody, they were granted asylum, they were brought to the United States.
Their horrific war crimes with concentration camp victims were expunged.
The most important and influential of these former German scientists was Dr.
Wernher Von Braun, the commander of Germany's Peenemunde space research center.
Von Braun was really the developer of the v-1 and the v-2 rocket.
He was a member of the Nazi party.
His commanders were ss generals.
He was privy to some of the most secret projects that Nazi Germany was developing during the war.
Once in America, Von Braun quickly established himself as the leader of the us military's burgeoning rocket program.
He would eventually become one of the key architects of NASA.
In fact, the first rockets that the United States was launching out in new Mexico were essentially the v-2 rockets.
In fact, I think the only real difference was that we'd taken the swastikas and iron crosses off.
The whole space race almost seems like a joke, as I look back on it, because the fact is that there wasn't an American rocket program versus a Russian rocket program.
We had a German rocket program.
We didn't have an American rocket program.
There's no question, as you look at NASA, there's no getting to the moon without Von Braun and the other German rocket scientists.
In many ways, the American government has just carried on what the third reich Building underground bases and factories, developing secret technology.
And this technology was also in ancient times, too, and is the same technology that was used in the vimanas.
In 1970, ufo researcher Allen Greenfield claims to have met rocket expert wernher Von Braun while examining declassified files at Wright-Patterson air force base.
And I said to him, "how did you develop that much technology so fast?" And he looked down the rows of ufo files.
And he said, "we had help from them.
" And I said, "you mean, them?" Meaning the aliens.
He said, "yeah, we had help.
We all got help from them.
" And that was, like, the eye- opening moment.
The evidence that the Nazis were aware of nonhuman technology is simply the fact of the existence of this incredible technology that they had by the end of the war.
In the end, Adolf Hitler's quest for a powerful new wonder weapon failed.
But the technological advancements created by German scientists did succeed in changing our world and even threatening our very existence.
But could today's space-age technology really be the result of ancient alien research? And if extraterrestrials once possessed deadly weapons capable of mass destruction What happened to them? Did they become victims of their own super-intelligence? If so will we? Perhaps only time And space Will tell.

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