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Aliens and Evil Places

The Valley of Death Suicide Forest the Mountain of the Dead For thousands of years, there have been places on Earth believed to be cursed and evil.
And those who chose to ignore the warnings are said to have mysteriously disappeared-- or died horrible deaths.
The locals are very reluctant to speak about what's going on.
They don't want people to go there.
There is an area some people believe possesses some form of negative energy.
Almost as if there's a curse.
But what is it about these various sites throughout the world that makes them so perilous that only a brave few have ever been there, and fewer still have lived to tell the tale of what they've seen? This is a warning to people, don't go to the place where these extraterrestrials come and inhabit 'cause they will destroy you.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And are they responsible for creating some of the world's most evil places? Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.
Here, 60 miles southwest of Tokyo, at the base of Mount Fuji, lies the Aokigahara Forest.
Each year nearly 100 Japanese citizens come to these lush woods not to hike or explore, but to commit suicide.
Just about anywhere you are in the middle of Japan you always see Mount Fuji, it's always in the distance.
So even when you're approaching near the region when you're getting there by train or by car has this kind of *** feeling Then when you finally enter the forest at the base of the mountain, it's super silent.
It's really quiet.
It's so spooky.
Known to locals as "The Suicide Forest," officials have long ago posted signs warning those who enter to turn back and seek help.
There's a car that's been abandoned for a few months.
I'm assuming the owner of the car went in from here and never came out.
I guess they went into the forest with troubled thoughts.
The Japanese have a very close-knit relationship with nature.
I think a lot of people go in and they're undecided.
And they have the ribbons so that they can find their way back.
There's something about it that's so like appealing and visually it's such a strong thing, but then you always know that at the end of that there's somebody's bag or there's somebody's tent, or there's somebody who spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to do with their lives.
They do an annual sweep and they usually find between They find a lot of bodies.
And the number has been increasing over the years.
Geologist and environmental researcher Azusa Hayano has been studying this phenomenon for the past 20 years.
Locals don't come here to commit suicide.
As children, they're told not to come near here.
They're told it's a scary forest.
Yes, we did find a skeleton today.
I think it's about a year or two old.
It makes me feel sorry for them, seeing how humans decompose.
I think it's impossible to die heroically by committing suicide.
The overwhelming majority of suicides are by hanging.
Some people who decide to kill themselves come here fast and hang a rope from a tree then commit suicide quickly.
This is a farewell note written on May 18 about a year before.
His name is also written here.
He wrote "I came here, because there is nothing except bad things in my life until now.
Please do not search for me.
"12:45 p.
" He came in the afternoon.
Leaving a name is a little bit creepy.
But the dead body should be around here if the suicide was only last year.
We actually spent two days there walking through the forest, and we did find everything from places where people had obviously attempted to commit suicide or had thought about committing suicide.
We accidentally found this, but it's not a prank.
They nailed this character upside down as a symbol of contempt for society.
No, it's more like a curse.
The curse is nailed in.
I think this person was tortured by society.
There is no question that according to tradition that there are places that over time, have become evil but there's some type of mystique going on there that is not good nature, but rather evil.
According to local legends, people wishing to end their lives have been drawn to Aokigahara Forest for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.
But why? What is it about this particular region of Japan that could account for this strange, morbid behavior? Mount Fuji is so neat for a reason.
It's the Holy mountain of the goddess Fuji who once came to the Ainu, the original inhabitants of Japan.
She visited them and brought knowledge So, it's a place of deep reverence.
Mount Fuji in Japan is called world navel It's one of the many places on planet Earth where according to legend, the earth meets the sky.
And where the earth meets the sky it's known as the heaven's gate.
It is a place where human beings pass from Earth to the heavens, and a place where otherworldly entities, extraterrestrials, pass from the heavens to Earth.
People go to Mount Fuji for the express purpose of committing suicide to release themselves from this life to pass through the axis mundi-- the world navel-- into the next life, into a higher plane.
And that would explain the high level of suicides at Mount Fuji.
Like the Bermuda Triangle off the coast of North America, Aokigahara Forest is also said to contain high levels of electromagnetic energy.
If so, might numerous recent sightings of UFOs near Mount Fuji be an indication that some sort of dimensional time-space portal might exist here-- as ancient astronaut theorists believe? In many areas where dimensional portals may exist, we see magnetic anomalies.
In various places around the world, in ancient sacred places they always show certain types of magnetic anomalies.
either negative or positive.
What we have are mountains where somehow the energy seems to be of such a nature that it transforms human consciousness and makes it really impossible for us to live there These are power places where weird things happen.
And the suicides are not necessarily related to the fact that ancient aliens are potentially there in the past or that modern UFO phenomena are happening there in the present.
But it goes to show that these are powerful places where weird things happen and where things out of the ordinary happen in the past and are happening today.
Could there really be a portal or star gate through which the souls of the deceased can journey to a new dimension? And might this explain why people seeking death have been drawn to this forest for so many years? Some researchers and ancient astronaut theorists believe such an outrageous idea is entirely possible.
But further evidence also suggests that some humans are not so willing to give up their lives without a fight.
And that their journey to an alien dimension may not be a positive one, after all.
February, 1959 A group of nine mountaineers embark on a winter trek into Russia's Ural Mountains.
a mountain called Otorten, which in the local Mansi language means, "Do not go there.
" Among them were the rest were students.
They were all young, I think the oldest was like 37 years old.
They had conducted other hard treks to the area.
They were all experienced, strong-willed, determined people.
On their fourth night out, bad weather forces the hikers to camp atop an area called Kholate Syakhal, which in Mansi translates to "The Mountain of the Dead.
" It was a very inhospitable, very strange, very, very hard place to be.
Snow, cold, freezing winds, and very few living things around.
They decided that they would spend the night of February not too far away from the top of the mountain.
They didn't want to go back to the forest, one and a half kilometers, because it would take them too much time, and they would lose the day.
Ten days later, when the nine adventurers fail to show up at their destination, military rescue teams search the area.
They find the hikers' camp abandoned and a tent that is badly damaged.
The investigators determine that the tent has been cut and ripped open from the inside and the hikers appeared to have fled the area in only socks or bare feet.
This tent had been cut out with knives from the interior It was absolutely obvious that neither animals nor people had approached the tent to break in, meaning that nothing from this Earth had approached them.
Something was pushing them to run away without taking any clothing with them, without taking any supplies.
They were behaving like they were in a daze, confused.
The investigators followed the trail to the edge of the forest.
But what they eventually find is beyond belief.
All nine hikers died.
They were discovered by Soviet troops, in various stages of what can only be described as being mutilated Their bodies were burned.
Some suffered radiation poisoning.
In one case, a hiker's tongue was missing.
They had prematurely aged.
Their skin was orange, their hair had turned gray.
What could've explained this? Three of them had injuries that could be sustained when somebody is hit by a speeding car, except the injuries were inside.
Their ribs were crushed, like eggshells.
Some of them entered their hearts, but there was no effect on their skin.
It was like a force was directed at all of them.
An unknown force had hit the hikers, and it was very selective in hitting only the hikers, leaving untouched the snow, the trees and everything else around.
The official explanation was that the nine died from hypothermia.
But the chief investigator refused to sign off on the report, and instead resigned from the inquiry.
When the investigation was taking place by the local officials, one of the people in charge was removed quite quickly from the very investigation because he was very thorough.
And local officials didn't want this to come out.
The authorities did their best to cover the whole thing up.
It was practically forbidden to mention it.
At the end the bodies were buried in zinc coffins, I believe so no one would see.
But there was enough of the investigation, enough people had seen what had been going on and were amazed at what they found, including the coloration of the corpses when they were found, and other things, that news broke out.
And this is one of the most mysterious murder cases in the former Soviet Union.
I am convinced it was a murder.
But they were not killed by anything we know.
They were killed by an unknown force.
Years later, members of the search party spoke out.
According to their testimony, at the time of the incident, strange orange spheres or orbs were seen floating in the sky.
These observations are from local people who saw some unidentified flying objects during the night of the hikers' deaths.
I think there is a clear connection.
The orbs themselves could have been a life form, the orbs themselves could have been extraterrestrial probes.
Based on my research of different parts of Russia in history, fiery spheres have been ever present, including desolate areas like this.
Locals know they exist.
It's like a part of life.
They don't put too much attention to them, and they hope and pray that the fiery spheres don't bother them, because throughout the ages, most of the encounters were peaceful everywhere.
But once in a while, like here, something goes very bad.
But what could have compelled nine experienced mountaineers to flee their camp and run for their lives? And what strange forces could have caused such violence and death? Could the hikers have been attacked by something extraterrestrial, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? During my research and my 30 plus years of investigating UFO sightings, in particular, I've only come across several cases in which aliens have actually attacked people like wild animals.
And some of these creatures had claws and teeth, and they would jump on people and scratch 'em, and create claw marks in them.
But most of the time these encounters, the aliens or the creatures just want to get away from humans.
There's no interaction whatsoever.
It could've been inadvertent.
The orbs, in probing the area where the human beings were, created collateral damage.
Maybe they didn't mean to harm human beings.
Maybe it wasn't an attack as much as the power of these orbs, the energy was so intense that human beings were prematurely aged, irradiated, and suffered all kinds of lethal biological symptoms.
It's not a coincidence that UFOs were reported by these hikers in the Ural Mountains in the Place of the Dead, "Do not go there," or so on 'cause I believe that many UFO sightings come in here from a parallel reality, and they come through portals.
And this area may be a hot portal.
According to ancient Mansi legend, the Mountain of the Dead, where the nine hikers' mutilated bodies were found, was named after a similar incident in which nine Mansi men were also found dead while seeking salvation from a flood during ancient times.
But is it really possible that the Mansi-- and the doomed expedition-- were attacked and killed by otherworldly forces? Perhaps further evidence can be found deep underground not in the Russian wilderness, but half a hemisphere away on an Australian mountaintop.
The continent of Australia.
the northeastern coastline sits one of the world's most mysterious and menacing geologic features-- Black Mountain.
Standing nearly 1,400 feet high, the mountain consists of enormous black granite boulders piled precariously one on top of the other.
Called, "Kalkajaka" or "Mountain of Death" by the local Aborigines, Black Mountain-- with its numerous dark passageways and caverns-- is considered a cursed and evil place.
What the old people told us when me and my brother Sam were growing up not to go into the mountains.
We wanted to go and have a look into the mountains to see if there was a cave where you could walk in but they said no if you do go in, you won't come back.
Black Mountain is the most fearful place in the north Queensland area of Australia The local residents fear to go there, because many people have disappeared, as if the Earth or the mountain itself swallowed them up.
The first documented disappearance involving European settlers occurred in 1877, when a rancher searching for a lost bull near the mountain was reported missing.
Since then, there have been numerous stories of people, horses and even herds of cattle disappearing into the labyrinth of rocks-- never to be seen again.
Local police and trackers looking for the missing have also vanished.
And pilots flying over the mountain have reported strange occurrences.
Pilots flying over the Black Mountains have commented that there is unusual turbulence.
Of course they have magnetic problems, they have navigational problems.
They've heard loud noises, cracking noises, explosive noises They've heard like mournful, moaning sounds.
So this is a very strange area.
Some Ufologists in Australia say that this is the entrance to an underground empire, inhabited by an unearthly race of lizard creatures and evil monsters.
The Aborigines don't call them aliens, they call them demons or spirits.
The Tales of the Rainbow Serpent are among the most important of the Aboriginal lore in Australia.
It can be a punisher of those who are out of line.
It sometimes swallows people.
It can bring chaos and destruction.
So it's a very awesome force.
The Rainbow Serpent is a creator for us.
And it was told by our people that the Rainbow Serpent created everything for us.
It's a giver of life for us.
And this boulder rock here, Kalkajaka, is very important because the Rainbow Serpent lives in the mountains here.
The Rainbow Serpent-- I believe if you disturb her or do something wrong that you're not supposed to, I feel that's when she turns against you.
To guard off any evil forces from the mountain, the Aboriginal people perform a sacred warming and smoking ceremony.
The warming and smoking is for us to introduce people on our country.
And it's also significant to let the spirit know that we're bringing somebody to come and visit.
So the Rainbow Serpent that lives here, he smells us and he knows the tribal people from here.
We went there to look for all the mysteries connected to this area.
And because this was a very abnormal place, where people are disappearing, we wanted to find an explanation.
So we entered this mountain and there was a labyrinth of holes.
So we used rope in order not to lose our way.
And when we came into the middle of the mountain, we could go up, or down, or to the sides, but each time our path was blocked with sand and rocks, and we could not continue.
It's difficult to say if there are any chambers or vaults with any monsters, or a gateway into a different time.
Although mainstream scientists believe the strange disappearances at Black Mountain are most likely due to the area's unique and dangerous terrain, ancient astronaut theorists have another, more otherworldly, explanation.
The moment I hear about giant snakes and serpents my mind immediately goes to all the other cultures around the world that talk about similar imagery.
In the Hindu world, for example, we have the stories about flying serpents, just like we have the similar stories in South America with Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl, this winged serpent flying around in the sky which also were described as having been enormous in size.
So the Rainbow Serpent at Black Mountain, was that really a biological entity? Or was it some type of an extraterrestrial flying machine, a machine that when people came too close to it they fell ill or died because of the fumes or radioactivity? Might the Australian Rainbow Serpent really have been some sort of an ancient alien spacecraft-- guarding Black Mountain from intruders? If so, what might it have been protecting? In 1872, an expedition led by William Hann discovered gold in the nearby Palmer River.
Within 20 years, 55 tons of gold had been removed.
Gold was important to every society, throughout centuries until today.
Gold does not rust.
Gold cannot be disturbed, except you melt it, etcetera.
Gold is very, very important.
Gold shines wonderful.
In antiquity, the extraterrestrials, the gods, they asked humans for gold.
Humans had to produce in gold mines, gold and make offerings to the gods.
Is it possible that Black Mountain is not a natural geologic formation, but was constructed to hide debris from an ancient mining operation? This could have been a place where thousands of years ago, ancient aliens might've landed.
And the radiation deep inside the Earth is so intense, that people are dying from radiation poisoning.
And that might well explain why the Black Mountain, in the outback in Australia is considered an evil place.
I really believe that it should be really left alone.
Because they are real.
They do exist.
And I feel that it should be left alone.
If extraterrestrial visitors really did leave behind high concentrations of alien contaminants at Black Mountain, wouldn't there be other, presumably more conclusive, examples? Perhaps there are.
And one of them is believed to be located deep inside Siberia, in an area known as "The Valley of Death.
" Yakutia, Russia This vast region in north-central Siberia is one of the most remote and least explored in the world.
Here, deep within the dense forests and thick marshlands along the Vilyuy River is an area many refer to as "The Valley of Death".
The Valley of Death in Siberia is a place where local people will not venture.
Because they say no one comes out alive.
The locals are very reluctant to speak about what's going on, and they don't want people to go there.
It's an area of such quote unquote evil that the people who live there, the Yakut tribe describe it as a place that is almost inhabitable.
In 1854, geographer and natural scientist Richard Karl Maak was appointed by the Russian Geographical Society to lead a scientific expedition into the dreaded Vilyuy River basin.
In his journal, Maak wrote of several large and mysterious metallic objects that the local hunters referred to as "cauldrons.
" These pictures illustrate what people claimed "cauldrons" had looked like.
The first picture shows a cauldron upside down with an open entrance where even a man on his reindeer can enter it.
The second one shows another cauldron with some side supports.
The existence of the metal structures was confirmed on three separate occasions between 1933 and 1947 by Mikhail Koretsky of Vladivostok who had traveled to the Valley of Death to pan for gold.
He claimed to have seen seven dome-shaped cauldrons, each measuring 20 to 30 feet in diameter, with odd and unnatural vegetation growing around them.
Some of the people later reported loss of hair, strange sickness affecting them, strange condition of the skin that would never go away.
But what could explain such a toxic reaction? And where might the dangerous cauldrons have come from? In search of answers, UFO researcher Ivan Mackerle and a team of scientists traveled to the Valley of Death to try and locate the strange metal objects.
I didn't know if it was just a legend or if it was real, so I wanted first of all to find this place and investigate it to make up my own opinion.
Using a motor-assisted parachute to search the expansive valley, the researchers eventually spotted an odd circular pattern in a marshland.
When the team explored on foot, they found the ground under the strange marsh area to be very unusual.
It sounded metallic and hollow, so we thought that we found the sunken cauldrons.
Then we found another place like it and even a third that had higher magnetic variations.
All seemed like evidence of caldrons sunken into the earth.
But before they could explore the site any further, members of the exploration suddenly began to complain of strange, even bizarre, symptoms similar to those described in local legends.
I felt very dizzy all of a sudden, lost my balance, threw up and had a fever.
And I didn't know why.
I could not walk.
I was losing sight.
I could not drink or swallow, and the pupils in my eyes were dilating fast.
So I thought maybe I got some poisoning.
When I came home, I had a thorough checkup and the doctors couldn't find any reason for my illness.
Have the explorers actually found the location of the metal cauldrons? And what was the cause of Mackerle's strange and sudden symptoms? Could it have been from some sort of radiation deep beneath the ground? According to local Yakutian legends, the metal cauldrons were part of a powerful weapon left behind after a great battle between extraterrestrial beings.
According to old legends, there was an epic battle between the forest demons named Niurgun Bootur and Tong Duurai.
During the battle, fireballs were shooting up from the Earth.
There was a horrible sound, and all the forest area was destroyed, trees were upside down and rocks smashed.
And when everything cleared out, the locals found a vertical structure that stayed there for a while, until it sunk into the permafrost.
The Valley of Death is said to contain strange objects embedded in the permafrost that are activated through the ages, through the centuries, and basically shoot out fiery objects that intercept incoming objects that are out to harm the planet.
The local people there say it is some kind of alien underground installation, that comes active and will shoot comets or meteors or areal craft that are in the area And, in fact, this may have been what caused the Tunguska explosion.
Approximately a century ago, relatively nearby the Valley of Death, we had a very enigmatic event happening, the so-called Tunguska explosion.
An explosion of such extraordinary mass and such extraordinary impact that it wiped out almost an entire area of Siberia It was some type of an explosion that happened in midair above the ground at Tunguska.
So, is it possible the weapon was deployed, maybe? The only way that such a thing is in fact possible, is if extraterrestrials had their hands in it.
Our ancestors could never have built a defense system like that.
So if such a defense system really existed, then it would have had to have been 100% extraterrestrial in origin.
This is such an extraordinary story, that really we have to wonder whether it could potentially be real.
If it is real, then we are really confronted with evidence that at some point in the past, something was going on on this planet which is really ancient aliens in its most physical form with ancient remains which could still be seen there.
Might the so-called "Valley of Death" really be the site of an underground radioactive defense system, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? And might this help to explain the numerous accounts of sickness and death arising from that region of Siberia? Perhaps further evidence can be found deep underground, not in the Russian wilderness, but half a hemisphere away in the New Mexico desert.
The Valley of Death Black Mountain Suicide Forest The Mountain of the Dead Just what could be responsible for the strange and deadly occurrences at these and other so-called "evil places"? There are some cursed places in this planet, that are very strange.
When you go there, things can happen to you.
Maybe it was always that way, but there are just some areas down there you just don't feel right.
There's one specific case in France where by a very powerful place which is actually called perilous because it is a perilous place to go and it was said that this was a place where God had been seen.
So what we have here is something which happened for generations, and really warned off the next generation not to go there.
There is an area that they talk about in Lebanon called Baalbek.
It's reported to be a landing site for extraterrestrials.
Some people also believe it possesses some form of negative energy.
Almost as if there's a curse.
You can feel it.
It looms over you if you're out there.
There are some areas on this planet that seem to have an increase in radioactivity.
What caused that? What happened? Was there an explosion? Was there something from outer space? Was there some kind of a craft that landed that creates radioactivity? Who knows? But these are areas that we human beings ought not go.
There seem to be certain areas around the world where there has been some kind of nuclear conflict or radiation weapons used or that there are some kind of dumping ground radioactive waves You have places like Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan, where certain skeletons are radioactive, you've got areas of south west Egypt where there are sheets of glass as if from some nuclear explosion.
In ancient India, you have wars between gigantic tribes sometimes, the gods, the so-called extraterrestrials interfere.
You can read definitely in the Mahabharata that gigantic armies are killed.
You have some atomic bomb, or something like atomic bomb, because it is described that the sun went up shining brighter than the normal sun.
It was a gigantic lightning.
Then they describe in a circle of about 20 kilometer everything was dead.
And the ones who survived had all kind of new sickness which were never seen before.
Like the teeth falling out.
Today we call these kind of sickness radiation sickness.
In a number of occasions, you will probably find that an evil place is a very dangerous place because what is happening there might be the remnants of some kind of ancient technology which was in operation there.
We know that, for example, in the mountains of Libya, there are actually places where uranium was mined 8,000 years ago.
And in those places, clearly it is an evil place.
It should be avoided at all costs.
Might radioactivity, or some other unknown type of energy left behind by extraterrestrial visitors, really be the cause of Earth's existing "evil places," as ancient astronaut theorists believe? Eddy County, New Mexico The Waste lsolation Pilot Plant.
Here, since 1999, the United States Department of Energy has been storing radioactive and nuclear waste inside a salt mine more than 2,000 feet underground.
Computer projections estimate that the walls and ceiling of this "geologic lockbox" will collapse and entomb the toxic refuse in about 1,000 years.
There have been all sorts of calculations over whether it can stay there forever this is the sort of rock strata, it's quite safe and it's geological thought and so forth but over the kind of life span of these substances a half-life of uranium is 4.
5 billion years and plutonium is 25,000 years.
So in 50,000 years still half of the plutonium will be there.
And there's no way over that period of time that this stuff won't become a very, very serious hazard for the human race.
But what if a nuclear waste disposal site becomes compromised hundreds if not thousands of years from now, and toxic radiation leaks into the surrounding environment causing serious illness and even death? Might future generations of humans also consider these deadly sites to be cursed or evil as a result? Are the Earth's so-called "evil places" really evidence of extraterrestrial activity thousands of years ago? Could they be a type of intergalactic "no trespassing" sign, intended to protect us, to frighten us, or to keep us from discovering the truth about our origins? Or, perhaps, prepare us for our future?
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