Ancient Aliens s04e03 Episode Script

The Greys

NARRATOR: Prehistoric sculptures of reptilian beings Something significant happened.
Something that would alter our understanding of human history.
NARRATOR: weird, elongated skulls, nearly 4,000 years old It would seem that those elongated skulls were people who were somehow half-alien, half-human.
NARRATOR: and ancient myths of small, grey beings with large heads and black, oval eyes.
There have been descriptions of gray beings going back hundreds, if not thousands of years.
NARRATOR: All around the planet, ancient evidence points to strange, otherworldly visitors.
This data suggests beyond a shadow of a doubt that physical extraterrestrials visited Earth in the remote past.
NARRATOR: Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might science finally reveal the truth behind the mystery of the Greys.
NARRATOR: Roswell, New Mexico.
July 3, 1947.
A flash of light streaks across the sky and crashes in the desert near the Roswell Army Airfield.
Rancher Mac Brazel hears the impact and investigates the next morning.
He reports what he finds to authorities.
NICK REDFERN: The field of debris was like nothing ever seen before.
And the rancher reported finding what looked like, initially, foil-like material that, when it was scooped up and collected, it had these strange properties, like memory metal.
In other words, it would resume its original shape when it was crumpled up, if you like.
This sort of suggested the possibility that something very strange had come down at Roswell.
JASON MARTELL: And they find five alien bodies.
Alien because they do not look human.
Using hermetically sealed, smaller, coffin-sized boxes, KEN STORCH: They're described as the classical Grey, three and a half, four feet tall, black wrap-around eyes, slits for a mouth, long arms, depending on which description, between three and five fingers.
NARRATOR: At first, U.
Military personnel announce that they have recovered debris from an unknown spacecraft.
But later, they reverse themselves.
REDFERN: 'Cause 24 hours later, the military completely changed its story and said, "Sorry, we made a big mistake.
It was just a weather balloon.
" But, of course, no statement was made as to how trained military personnel couldn't tell the difference between a flying saucer and a weather balloon.
NARRATOR: But why did the military change their story? Was it because they found something else, something "otherworldly," as ancient astronaut theorists believe.
GEORGE NOORY: People who claim to have been associated with the crash at Roswell claim that there were several alien bodies recovered.
It's very strange that they would talk about beings.
We also know that the mortician was called and that they were asked to come up with small little caskets.
Something obviously happened at Roswell.
What was it exactly? We really don't know, but I think it was out of this world.
SABINA MAGLIOCCO: This is kind of the core of the Roswell legend.
Our government, which is, in a democracy, supposed to be of the people, by the people, for the people, is covering this up.
The second thing that is implicit in this legend is, of course, that extraterrestrials have been visiting the Earth.
NARRATOR: But if alien beings did, in fact, crash at Roswell, who are they and what do they want? September 19, 1961.
According to news accounts, Betty and Barney Hill were driving through New Hampshire late at night when a large flying saucer rapidly approached them and then hovered over their car.
They saw strange figures through the windows of the craft.
And mysteriously, the couple also reported complete memory loss of the two hours immediately following the encounter.
MARTELL: No one really knows, to this day, what Betty and Barney Hill saw, however, the details of their case do reflect on various other versions of alien abduction.
I say "alien abduction," because some of the pieces of information that they discuss the loss of time, seeing beings that actually came out of this craft and associated and interacted with them, and they weren't human.
STORCH: Ultimately, under hypnosis, they recalled being brought out of the car and taken aboard the ship, and it was a legitimate abduction, and that Betty pleaded with her captors, if you will, that not to harm her as she laid on this table and experiments were done on her, like a needle being inserted into her stomach.
Barney relates a number of skin samples and sperm being taken from him.
MARTELL: The beings described by Betty and Barney Hill fit the classic case of a Grey.
Now, there are variations to size and dimensions of these beings, but they all seem to have the same characteristics: Slim, spindly bodies; large, oval heads; large, oversized eyes.
NARRATOR: The Hills were the first documented case of an alien abduction in modern time, but it is not the last.
Since the 1960s, there have been many more similar reports, including that of Kim Carlsberg, a commercial photographer who, in 1988, claimed to have been abducted by Grey aliens in the middle of the night.
KIM CARLSBERG: We were living on the beach in Pacific Palisades, and I walked up to the window, and I saw this light on the horizon that I had never seen before.
You know, I've lived on the beach my whole life, and it wasn't a boat and it wasn't a star.
I just watched this craft.
The next thing I knew, it jetted into the stars and disappeared, and I went to bed as usual.
I woke up in the middle of the night and I was not in my bed any longer.
I was naked and I was paralyzed.
The beings I saw were about 3½ feet tall.
They were naked.
They were off-white, they were not grey.
They had huge heads, huge wraparound black eyes, tiny little bodies.
MAGLIOCCO: There are many stories of Greys abducting humans into their spaceships and even of being inseminated with alien reproductive material and then conceiving human-alien hybrid babies and having those fetuses removed from their bodies and then grown on the alien spaceships.
In some cases, people report going back onto the spaceship and being able to see these hybrid offspring.
CARLSBERG: I was being used for my DNA.
They were creating hybrid children from my eggs, someone else's sperm, and combining it with their DNA and their sperm.
I would be implanted with an alien fetus and they would leave the fetus in my body for a few months.
Then they would bring me back again later and then they would remove it.
It was horrific, it was terrifying.
NOORY: You can't have so many people saying that they've been abducted and not have some possibility of truth with that.
I think it's happening.
I don't know if it's a hybridization program for these ET's, or whether they're trying to bring these hybrids back to this planet one day, when the environment changes.
But, in my opinion, something very strange is happening to these people who claim to be abducted.
RICHARD DOLAN: There is an overabundance of testimony from just too many people who say that they remember these types of creatures and having been taken by them.
Yeah, I think the Greys make perfect sense.
Now, the question is, where are they from? MICHAEL DENNIN: So, if you think about the Grey alien with the large head, small body, why are these the aliens that are so often projected? As a scientist, you really have sort of two sides that you like to think about.
One is, why do we project them that way if, you know, they're just our projection? And if they did really exist, hypothetically, would intelligent life look radically different? And I think there the answer can be very much, yes.
NARRATOR: But what can explain the similarity of the Greys described by abduction victims? And why do recent descriptions match ancient depictions of so-called sky gods found all around the world? Might they be from the same race of otherworldly beings, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? GIORGIO A.
TSOUKALOS: Something can be said about a potential presence of Greys in the remote past, because there are some figurines and some cave drawings that look like Greys.
There are some statues in ancient Sumeria, but we can also find cave drawings in Europe and, for example, in Australia, where the heads feature a triangular shape with the big almond eyes.
NARRATOR: Cave paintings in the Kimberley region of Australia nearly 5,000 years old could be among the earliest depictions of Greys ever discovered.
According to local legends, the carvings are of ancient spirits called the Wondjina who appeared during dream time to create the landscape and influence its inhabitants.
PHILLIP COPPENS: Really what you have there is a typical depiction of your Grey alien being.
The almond-shaped eyes, the almond-shaped heads, because quite often you find in rock art various strange creatures there, but not necessarily the Greys.
So to have, in the Kimberley caves, a depiction of a Grey is really extraordinary.
TSOUKALOS: The Wondjina were beings that descended from the sky and essentially jump-started civilization in and around Australia.
In fact, the Aboriginals of today still pray to those beings.
And to me, that is significant, because what we have here is what I refer to as living mythology; that these mythologies have been kept alive over thousands of years.
And to me, there is no coincidence in that.
NARRATOR: Might alien beings, known as the Greys, really have been visiting Earth for thousands of years, as Ancient Astronaut theorists believe? Perhaps the answer can be found not in the stars, but in man's earliest depictions of sky gods.
NARRATOR: Iraq a region once known as Mesopotamia.
Located on the east bank of the Tigris River, opposite the modern city of Mosul, lie the remains of the ancient city of Nineveh.
Here, in 1849, 6,000-year-old Sumerian clay tablets were discovered that contain the earliest known form of written records.
Interpretations of the accounts engraved on the tablets speak of an alien race called the Anunnaki who settled in Sumer and bred with humans.
MARTELL: The Anunnaki, which comes from Sumer, our modern-day Iraq, speak of gods that literally created us humans in their image and after their likeness.
So when we go back to some of these Sumerian epics and various texts that go back thousands of years, the Anunnaki are a great resource of realizing these were actual beings that existed.
And the Anunnaki even worked with or had some relationship with the Greys.
COPPENS: With the Anunnaki, what Anu really is a description of the fact that they're linked with their creative deities, and, in this case, Anu is linked with the constellation of Orion very specifically saying that these creatures come from somewhere out there in the universe, and have come from there to us.
CHILDRESS: When you look at the evidence, it appears that there was a number of different alien species that were coming to this planet.
You have the smaller, big-headed Grey aliens.
You have the very tall, literal giants that were sometimes called the Anunnaki.
We have other alien species that allegedly look almost identical to us.
NARRATOR: In the American Southwest, the ancestors of the Native Hopi Indians believed in deities from other worlds and created illustrations of them on canyon walls.
But in some cases, researchers believe the depictions of sky gods match modern-day descriptions of the Greys.
MAGLIOCCO: In Hopi culture, there are spirits called Kachina that represent, really, beings from the other world.
They really are a mixture of nature spirits, earth spirits.
Some of them also really take on almost aspects of very powerful ancestors or gods.
These are otherworldly creatures.
TSOUKALOS: The translation for the word Kachina is very simple.
It means teacher.
The Kachina were not a part of the spiritual world, but they were, in fact, a part of the physical world.
They descended from the sky in what the Hopi refer to as fiery shields.
They would touch down on Earth, spend time with human beings, teach them, give them knowledge, and then they would use the same "shields" to fly back into the sky.
COPPENS: The Kachinas were physically living with them, and at some point it is said that the Kachinas took to the mountains, specifically the San Francisco Mountains outside of Flagstaff, and then that later, they disappeared.
MARTELL: The Kachinas in the Hopi culture are known as gods, and this term "gods" I use loosely, because we now look at the information and wonder if they're possibly extraterrestrials.
Now what's interesting is this theme is replicated across many different cultures.
The gods come here and find our human females attractive, so this is the same thing reported by the Hopi Indians.
NARRATOR: But if Grey aliens came to Earth in the distant past and mated with humans, where is the physical evidence of this union? Researchers point to numerous elongated humanoid skulls found on several continents.
Might such remains actually be of a hybrid species part alien and part human as Ancient Astronaut theorists believe? CHILDRESS: One of the things that you see around the pyramids, here on coastal Peru, is that they're associated with these skulls.
It would seem that those elongated skulls were half-alien, half-human.
And in fact, some of the recent DNA testing that's been done, here in Peru, is indicating that these people are, somehow, half-human and half some other race.
VON DANIKEN: Well, this, uh, elongated skulls is a phenomenon which is worldwide.
We found them in Central America.
We found them in South America.
You find them in Egypt.
So I think in the very, very beginning, these extraterrestrials, they must have had longer heads than the normal human brain.
MARTELL: They're found all over the globe, and we have to wonder if this was some type of either lost advanced civilization, or were these actually extraterrestrials visiting various cultures and having similar influences.
Maybe some of these elongated skulls are actually artifacts to, say, beings existed at one time, that ancient man considered gods.
COPPENS: And it's once again cross-cultural.
We find it specifically at a very brief period in time, in ancient Egypt, under Akhenaton.
And specifically, in Peru, an awful lot of excavations are happening where you see strange skulls being uncovered, specifically these skulls which are really larger than they should be.
It seems very straightforward that, somehow, the gods were visually linked with elongated skulls.
NARRATOR: Might elongated skulls some estimated to be over 4,000 years old, really be evidence of the existence of Grey aliens in the ancient past? And if so, could this be proof of intermingling between human and alien civilizations? For ancient astronaut theorists, the answer on both counts is a categorical yes.
Perhaps further evidence can be found not here on Earth, but on the surface of a nearby planet.
July 31, 2008.
NASA's Phoenix Lander successfully touches down on the Martian surface.
And while searching for evidence of microbial life, the robotic spacecraft finds trace amounts of water frozen underneath the soil.
The discovery of an element so essential to life raises speculation that Mars may have been home to alien life-forms in the distant past.
COPPENS: When we start scouring the solar system for evidence of an alien species, what we're really beginning to find out is that Mars is, by far, the best candidate.
DENNIN: Given that our local solar system already has example of two planets one that clearly has life 'cause we're here, and then one, like Mars, that could have had it started and then just 'cause it was in the wrong place or not quite right, it didn't keep going gives hope that there really is more life elsewhere in the universe.
MAGLIOCCO: Mars has a special place in our consciousness and our folklore, going back to the time of, really, the ancient Greeks.
And this becomes more important as we get closer to the end of the 19th century, where you have reliable astronomy, powerful telescopes that can see, for example, some of what are called canals on the planet Mars.
People have begun to imagine a civilization that, perhaps, existed long ago on Mars, created these canals for transportation, or for other reasons.
But then something cataclysmic happened, that possibility of life on that planet was destroyed.
And so the denizens had to flee and go somewhere else.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that Mars was once a fertile planet like the Earth? And if so, might it have been home to a species of beings we call the Greys, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists believe? VON DANIKEN: All mythologies consider Mars to be the planet of war.
So you cannot exclude that, sometime in the past this could be 10,000 or hundred thousands of years ago Mars had a civilization.
And the civilization destroyed itself, whatever the reason was, and some of the winners of the situation escaped to Earth.
COPPENS: Our ancestors were also convinced that there was life on Mars.
Mars has always been singled out as this cosmic twin of planet Earth.
It's almost as if it's somehow part of our DNA that somehow tells us we need to go to Mars.
And if we did have a brother at one point, the likely chance is that we're going to find evidence of this brother on Mars.
Everything which we know about non-human life contact in the past or in more recent times, it is somewhat humanoid.
And so, to find out that this species would have a base on Mars is, I think, very much in the line of expectations.
MARTELL: Any type of species on Mars today would probably be subterranean.
Now this is an interesting piece for the idea that the Greys occupy Mars.
We know that here on Earth, we do see evidence of subterranean activity.
Maybe the Greys actually came from Mars.
NARRATOR: But if Mars might have once sustained life, and possibly intelligent beings, might other more distant planets in the universe also have supported life, and perhaps even a thriving civilization? December 5, 2011.
Scientists, using NASA's Kepler space telescope, confirm that they have found two planets, orbiting a distant sun-like star, that are in a narrow range of space within their solar system, called the habitable zone, in which a planet might have water, and perhaps, sustain life.
DENNIN: So, there's been the recent announcements of the Kepler B and new planets.
And it's been a very exciting period for astronomy.
Our telescopes have gotten powerful enough to finally find planets around other suns.
We have them around ours; Why would we be unique? MARTELL: Kepler 22B is an example.
rotates on a 290-day orbit, very similar to our own properties here on Earth.
Potentially the Greys, or various other aliens that have been visiting us, come from other worlds that we're now finally starting to locate.
COPPENS: And so what we're having here is really a threshold.
Science, NASA in this case, has really made a lunge forward in saying we have left the field of possibilities, we've entered the realm whereby the ancient alien theory is no longer a theory but is really coming closer and closer and closer to evidence, if not proof.
NOORY: I think it's very possible that Kepler will find more and more planets, some Earth-like.
They've already come up with a theory that there are billions of planets in our galaxy now.
Some of them are bound to have intelligent life.
NARRATOR: If Grey aliens did originate from habitable planets like Kepler 22B, is there evidence that their intergalactic quest led them to Earth? According to Ancient Astronaut theorists, we need look no further than the megalithic structures and pyramids of Central America's ancient city of Teotihuacan.
TSOUKALOS: The word "Teotihuacan" means "where man met with the gods.
" The main reason why Teotihuacan was even built there was because at one point, some type of extraterrestrial contact took place at Teotihuacan.
NARRATOR: According to researchers, Teotihuacan's three main pyramids were built in precise alignment with the three bright stars of the Orion constellation.
And astonishingly, the smaller structures along the broad avenue were positioned to represent our solar system.
VON DANIKEN: Teotihuacan has a main road orientated north-south.
And on this main road, you have different buildings, mostly pyramids.
Every building has the position of one planet in our solar system.
And the distances between one building and the next correspond with the distances of the planets in our solar system, including the asteroid belt.
You see, in our solar system, we have, in the center, the sun.
Then comes Mercury, Venus, Mars.
Between Mars and Jupiter is the asteroid belt.
Then comes Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, etcetera.
But the constructors of this could not have known this.
Where does this knowledge come from? CHILDRESS: When you look at pyramids themselves, they are a special geometric form.
In fact, the locations of many of these pyramids can also be mapped out into geometric grid patterns on the Earth.
And you have to think that whoever is guiding such a precise network of pyramids must have been a very advanced culture, probably extraterrestrials.
NOORY: These are strange structures.
And if you look at them, you just say, number one, how did they build this with primitive tools, if they had tools at all? I think there's one of two things going on here, on this planet.
Either Earth is very old and life started much earlier and human life started millions of years before we think they did, or there was some kind of extraterrestrial help.
MARTELL: We seem to have megalithic monuments and information cross cultures around the globe that seem to be coming from some type of outside source.
It goes back thousands of years.
We have artifacts, for instance, in random places like Armenia.
There are actual reliefs of what look like Grey aliens.
Sumer, modern-day Iraq, we find figurines, little statues; They look like Grey aliens.
The evidence that we see here is that the Greys do exist.
NARRATOR: Does the discovery of distant, possibly life-sustaining planets, add credence to the evidence of Grey aliens in our recent and prehistoric past, as Ancient Astronaut theorists believe? Perhaps further evidence can be found in ancient stone carvings of strange creatures known as the Reptilians.
NARRATOR: Chichen Itza, Mexico Vijayangara, India and the Forbidden City in China.
All across the ancient world are numerous pyramids and temples dedicated to what ancient inhabitants referred to as sky gods.
But is it possible, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists contend, that these so-called sky gods were, in fact, another form of Grey alien known as the Reptilians? TSOUKALOS: All throughout Central and South America, people worshiped this winged serpent.
But it gets even better, because halfway around the world, in ancient India, we find the stories of flying snakes again.
They were very aware that snakes cannot fly.
However, whatever it was that they saw flying around in the sky could best be described as a winged serpent.
COPPENS: Whenever creatures are being encountered, we are going to look towards the animal kingdom to find comparisons with what we are seeing.
And basically what that suggests is, really, that the creature looks like us, but also has some reptilian features.
And so, while we're looking at creatures in modern UFO mythology, specifically the Greys, what you have is interbreeding between the Greys and reptiles.
NARRATOR: Some researchers believe that, before settling on primates, Grey aliens may have viewed reptiles as Earth's dominant life-form, one they could exploit for reproductive purposes.
If so, might the Greys have combined their genes with the DNA of reptiles to create hybrid reptilian creatures that, for a while, coexisted with early hominids on Earth? And might this explain the numerous ancient depictions of reptilian beings? TSOUKALOS: In ancient India, we have the Naga.
Half-man, half-snake.
It was allegedly a creation by the god Vishnu or Krishna.
And who were these gods? And according to the ancient alien theory, the gods were nothing else but genetic products of extraterrestrials.
COPPENS: The Sheti are an interesting subset of the Hopi tradition.
They are quite reptilian in nature, as well, because they are a species which tend to go underground.
Now, when we make comparison to the UFO folklore, we quite often find or hear that some of these entities prefer the underground or live in underground bases.
NOORY: If you go back even to the Biblical days, the description of Satan is somewhat reptilian.
It's very possible he was a reptilian extraterrestrial and that the human beings at the time just interpreted that as something from the heavens.
MARTELL: There are various reports in South America.
Even in Asia, in China, we have this similar reference of reptilians and kings being denoted as a dragon symbol so there must have been some type of global influence that took place from a reptilian source.
COPPENS: In ancient Chinese culture, we have four Dragon Kings, and they are the deities of the sea.
And it is said that they had a crystal palace underneath the ocean.
But it is not mythological in the sense that it is completely invented.
Somehow these weird creatures made contact with the early Chinese and hence were remembered in Chinese mythology.
MARTELL: Not only do they have reptilian characteristics, but supposedly they could shape-shift actually become another type of form of a body, a human being alien versus human.
Now, a lot of these things are hard for us to grasp and understand, but throughout time, there are reports of these reptilian creatures having amazing abilities, even the ability to change their shape.
NARRATOR: Some researchers have also theorized that the Reptilians may have battled hominids for domination of Earth resulting in near extinction of the hybrid species and forcing survivors to go underground.
MARTELL: It's clearly evidence that ancient man were witnessing things.
Whether it be extraterrestrials visiting us, or beings that lived maybe underground we don't know.
But there are clear references of some type of advanced humanoid reptilian being that has influenced our cultures.
NARRATOR: Might such legends and depictions of reptilian serpents and dragons have been prehistoric man's way of documenting their encounters with supernatural hybrid creatures produced by Grey aliens, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists believe? Perhaps the evidence may even show that we are more closely connected to the Greys than ever imagined.
NARRATOR: Washington, DC.
The National Institute of Health.
Here, in 1990, scientists began the Human Genome Project to identify every gene in the human body and determine what makes up our DNA.
This scientific breakthrough may allow us to manipulate human evolution and alter the human race.
But is it possible when we have become masters of human evolution that we may finally understand the true nature of Grey aliens? DOLAN: When you look at the physiology of what we think the Greys are, okay large head, huge wrap-around eyes, spindly body you have to ask yourself, does this make sense in an evolutionary sense? And the answer is no.
But does it make sense if these beings are bio-engineered? And the answer to that is yes.
That's what the Greys really, I think, most realistically, are.
STORCH: I believe that extraterrestrials found on this planet a species that they were able to change the genetic code that would allow them to interact and secure the longevity of their species.
We're the product of that.
We're the genetic carrier, if you will.
It's one of the reasons why they're still abducting us.
That tweaking of the genetic code is still going on.
The Greys are our space brothers.
I don't think they're necessarily evil.
We're an ends to a means.
DENNIN: Could extraterrestrials have bred with humans? You sort of need two things to have happened.
One is the life-form would have had to be carbon-based like us, presumably, because the chemistry has to work.
The second thing is, you would need, basically, the same genetic-type structure.
So you could imagine, if there was another planet with fairly similar conditions, that gave carbon-based life forms, what would evolve, there is a good likelihood that you would get species like us.
And if they were close enough, then, of course, they could interbreed with humans on Earth.
MARTELL: Why would they be creating a hybrid being? Is there something that's gonna happen here on Earth where our genetic makeup maybe won't be able to survive some type of solar activity or something that they needed to genetically modify us so that we can still survive? Is it for our own good as humans, or are they doing it for their need as aliens? NARRATOR: If Grey aliens interbred with humans, might their biology and appearance be a reflection of their more advanced evolution as a species? And if so, might they provide a hint of what humans may look like in the distant future? REDFERN: Even though the Greys kind of look very different to us, you know, the larger heads, the smaller bodies, the big black eyes, in terms of evolution, you need hands, you need fingers and thumbs you need eyes, you need ears, you need a mouth.
You need to be able to communicate because you would need that type of form to really advance yourself as a civilization.
DOLAN: When you're a super technologically advanced race, you don't really need big muscles.
You don't really need sex organs if you're being genetically engineered biologically and cybernetically, most likely to function in the capacity that they do here.
A super-large head, for example, houses a hell of a large brain, easily their greatest asset.
It's a brain that allows them to have a cognitive capacity, probably, vastly beyond what we're able to have.
It's a brain that allows them, most likely, to have telepathic capabilities that are beyond the capability of most humans.
NOORY: I tend to subscribe to the theory that we are in their image.
Sounds like the Book of Genesis, doesn't it? But it's very possible that ET's who look like we do, or should I say, we look like they do, came here, did a little manipulation, genetically altered what was here on the planet and created the Adam and Eve, turned it into modern man, and then left, for whatever reason.
STORCH: There is a missing link.
The missing link is ET.
They've changed our genetic code eons ago.
And through a process of evolution, you have the human development to the point where we're going into space.
Our evolutionary process is a direct result of genetic manipulation by ET.
NARRATOR: But could an alien species such as the Greys really travel to Earth from a star system hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of light-years away? Or might the Greys actually be time travelers from our own future, as some Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest? MAGLIOCCO: What we have is a whole shift in the imagination in the 20th and 21st century.
Alien Greys are actually beings from the future, who are traveling in time to the present time, which is their past.
And they have evolved into this strange, hairless, greyish bug-eyed form.
MARTELL: I have to wonder if they're actually interdimensional.
I say this because the evidence suggests they have the ability to fold space and time with their technology.
COPPENS: Once we're talking about interdimensional beings, and what we are finding is that, today, ancient history and future, I think, are all the same.
That also explains why there are so many time anomalies happening with these events.
MARTELL: So it's very possible that they actually come from a distant part of our future.
NARRATOR: Will we ever know the truth about the Greys? What is the secret to their mysterious origin? And why if they exist do they appear to be so interested in our world? Are they here to study us? To communicate with us? Or are they really coming here to warn us of our future?
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