Ancient Aliens s05e07 Episode Script

Prophest and Prophecies

Commandments from a divine realm.
stearing the course of history.
There are people in every age who know where the future lies.
There are people who set out a path and really lead other people along this path.
Mysterious journeys to other worlds.
Glowing clouds coming down from the sky pillars of fire, voices coming from the heavens.
And strange encounters with supernatural beings revealing visions of the future.
We have to ask ourselves who were these guys.
Were they just a figment of our ancestors' imagination or did they exist? Were the prophets of the ancient world really messengers from God? Or did their knowledge come from more mysterious sources? Prophets were targeted to be the spokespersons for the extraterrestrial powers trying to rule the world.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might there be evidence in the stories of ancient prophets and their mysterious predictions.
Gebel Khashm el-Tarif, Egypt.
This mountain rising out of the Sinai desert is believed by some to be the site of two of history's most important divine encounters the peak where the Biblical patriarch Moses encountered the burning bush, and the place where Moses later received the Ten Commandments from God.
But what was the true nature of Moses' divine encounter? Was he a normal human randomly chosen to deliver the word of God? Or did he possess a special gift? An inherent ability to communicate with otherworldly forces? Mystical literature from all over the world has accounts of visitations from angels, gods, some kind of supernatural creatures that interact and interfere, that represent some powers beyond our understanding.
We see this in the Bible with Moses.
He is just one of several examples of leaders who are guided by divine guidance, who really are getting the help of the gods into getting to their goal.
In addition to stories of the prophet Moses, the Hebrew and Christian Testaments also feature similar accounts of numerous other prophets, including Elijah, Isaiah, Noah, Abraham, Enoch and Jesus.
Prophets are a major element in almost all ancient societies.
These were people who functioned sort of as liaisons between the mortal world and the immortal world, between the gods and the humans.
They have a message, which is a communication from God, but what's very interesting about that, it's not just a message.
The presence of God is felt to be in the words of the prophet himself.
So, the one who hears a prophet actually is encountering the presence of God, and not just a message from God.
So, if you have a prophet who is an authority figure in your community, and he says, this god is upset about this, you need to do X, Y, or Z to placate this god or goddess, you did it.
But was the source of these prophetic messages truly of a divine nature? According to ancient astronaut theorists, there is, perhaps, another possible explanation as to who or what may have been contacting these prophets of the ancient past.
What we're beginning to realize is that this is not religious, but that these are people who have had anomalous experiences with entities, and that this is contact with a nonhuman intelligence.
Prophets and prophecies are evidence that these higher beings are instructing us to help create civilization, for us to move forward, and even to give us some warning of the future.
This is what's going to happen.
You need to get ready.
Is it really possible that extraterrestrial beings made contact with the ancient prophets? Perhaps the answers can be found by looking further into the story of Moses, as written more than 3,000 years ago, and chronicled in the Hebrew Testament's Book of Exodus.
Moses's first encounter with God occurs in the, uh in the third chapter of the book of Exodus.
Moses encounters a burning bush, and God speaks to him out of this burning bush.
And Moses was given a mission.
And the mission is to liberate the Hebrews indentured in Egypt.
The idea of the burning bush is very interesting to me, because things like burning bushes really don't exist, especially if they all of a sudden give instructions.
So we have to ask ourselves, what did our ancestors describe? And so, the burning bush idea could have have been a technological creation, which Moses described as a burning bush.
Might the burning bush, as described by Moses, really have been an extraterrestrial device? A machine? Or perhaps, even a type of spacecraft? If so, then with whom, or with what, was Moses really communicating? Perhaps more clues can be found in the story of another, equally mysterious, close encounter.
Tell el-Daba, Egypt.
Some scholars and researchers believe that it was here, in the northeastern region of the Nile Delta, where the Israelites began their exodus, and where Moses had his second divine encounter this time with an incredible object in the sky.
They were met partway toward their destination by what I would call a biblical UFO.
In Exodus, Chapter 13, verses 21 and 22, it says, "The Lord went before them by day in a pillar "of cloud and by night in a pillar of fire.
" "the pillar did not depart from before the people" Meaning that it was always there.
Well, what the Bible tells us is that it is the presence of God manifesting himself in a dramatic way, accompanying the Israelites.
The question has always been asked, "Well, what was that cloud of fire?" What is it? Is it God? Or, as the ancient alien theory suggests, it could have been some type of a craft, a beacon that they had to follow.
The Hebrew people they were following the object, and it makes it very clear that whenever the object was on the ground, the people stopped and camped.
When it was taken up, they broke camp, and they moved forward.
The object was leading them.
And the description of a pillar of cloud and of fire A pillar is cylindrical in shape, and perhaps quite hard or solid.
This is very similar to UFOs that are reported now.
The flying saucer types are more famous, but the cylindrical-shaped UFOs are very common, and they can be very large.
Up to a half-mile in length, perhaps.
Some students of UFOs think these are mother ships, and the fact that it's a cloud by day suggests, as in modern UFOs, that there's some type of halo effect around the UFO.
If we look at it in that context, perhaps the ancients would have described a gleaming UFO in the day as a cloud, a bright cloud, and they would have described a brightly lit UFO at night as a fiery pillar.
Was this strange pillar of fire and cloud really a physical manifestation of God? Or was it an advanced technological device of an otherworldly origin? As far as ancient astronaut theories are concerned, further clues may lie in the story of Moses' final divine encounter on the summit of Mount Sinai.
Moses receives a message from God that he is going to land on Mount Sinai.
So he gathers the nation of Israel around the mountain.
This huge, bright glowing cloud lands on Mount Sinai.
And it's quite spectacular because it's surrounded by all sorts of preternatural phenomenon, of the sounds of trumpets and clouds and fire.
And the Jewish people are told to stay at the bottom of Mount Sinai, but Moses is authorized, and you might even say protected, by the pillar of cloud and the fire, so that he can go up there and everybody else can't.
According to the biblical texts, Moses ascends the mountain and enters the glowing cloud.
There he communes with the almighty God the creator of the universe and after 40 days he returns, carrying the Ten Commandments.
But for ancient astronaut theorists, the story of what happened on Mount Sinai may, in fact, offer compelling evidence of a very different type of encounter.
Moses going up with God, being gone for 40 days, it sounds very much like the contactee experience today, where contactees are given rules and regulations and ideas to follow, you know, in terms of elevating the human race.
The commandments that are given go against our very animal nature, because, to some extent, what the Bible says is that God would will to give divine power to humans if we could handle it.
But the problem is, we don't have the ethics to handle it.
Thou shalt not kill.
Thou shalt not commit adultery.
Thou shalt not steal.
The Ten Commandments are a start toward handling divine power.
And the prophets were picked to be the spokespersons for the powers that were trying to rule the world through rules and regulations, commandments that would bring about moral obedience, which is superior to following our animal instincts.
Is it possible that Moses' encounter on Mount Sinai was not with the almighty God but with some sort of extraterrestrial messenger? One that deliberately sought to guide and govern human behavior? Ancient astronaut theorists say that such a profound and controversial notion is possible, and claim additional evidence can be found in the story of yet another Old Testament prophet, one who delivered ominous warnings of the future and described unearthly beings that descended from the heavens.
Northern Israel.
According to Bible texts, it was here, in the ninth century BC, that the prophet Elijah reportedly had several encounters with both angels and God during which he was given prophetic warnings of drought and cataclysm.
One of the most important prophets in Israelite tradition, of course, is Elijah.
Elijah predicts some rough things coming and, of course, they do.
He warns of a drought that's going to devastate Israel and cause all this starvation.
He also is interesting because he was never known to have died.
And it's thought that, in some ways, yeah, he was taken into space and lives for eternity.
In Elijah's final encounter with God, written in the Second Book of Kings, the prophet "goes up by a whirlwind" into Heaven by what's described in the Hebrew Bible as a fiery horse-drawn chariot.
There's a story in Kings about Elijah, who reported seeing this strange aerial phenomena that was described variously as sort of bright, whirlwind-like, cloud lit up, clearly some sort of object in the sky.
Elijah's experience details a spinning object or a spinning beam that took him up into the object.
We see a whirlwind that came over him a a chariot of fire.
So the question is: Was it the chariot of fire that was spinning, or was it a beam that came down and took him up? For the faithful, this extraordinary event is believed to be a religious miracle.
But could Elijah have been chosen by heavenly beings to fulfill an otherworldly purpose, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? The one thing that many people don't realize is that the first story we can read about Elijah doesn't talk about that he was taken up there with horses, but just by that fiery chariot that initially was described like a fiery furnace.
Now, what's a fiery furnace? Could the fire have been some sort of engine? When he's taken up in a whirlwind, you know, you only have to look at, for example, when the space shuttle takes to the sky.
You know, you have this rumbling, roaring jet flames, et cetera, et cetera.
If you look at it in that context, you could really place this into a UFO category.
When you look at Elijah, there's a nuts-and-bolts craft there a fiery chariot and they get inside it.
They meet these beings, which are luminous beings that talk to them, instruct them.
It's important to realize that the biblical religion is an extraterrestrial religion, meaning that God is not from Earth.
We learn this in the Lord's Prayer.
"Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
"Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done: on Earth as it is in Heaven.
" Extraterrestrial help is sent to Earth to help humanity in the quest to do God's will.
Was Elijah really a man chosen by otherworldly beings to help them steer the course of humanity? And if so, might this help explain other, even more incredible, Biblical encounters between God and mankind? Manchester, New York.
March, 1830.
publishes the Book of Mormon and creates the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a religious movement with more than 14 million followers today.
Incredibly, the Book of Mormon includes Joseph Smith's personal accounts of his interaction with an otherworldly being.
Joseph Smith had something like a vision.
He wrote that an angel appeared to him, an angel with the name of Moroni.
And this angel appeared three times and told to Joseph Smith he should go to a certain little hill, he should pull the stone plate away, and inside he would find a cave, and in the cave he would find unknown writings.
He showed Joseph Smith the location of a buried treasure, these golden plates with a message from someplace else, a new revelation, a new book of the Bible.
He explained that he had come from the star system Pleiades.
And so the source of the Book of Mormon is extraterrestrial.
Smith actually describes several different cases where he appears to be with this extraterrestrial Moroni.
We really have to wonder if these aren't just mythological explanations or physical events that actually took place.
Joseph Smith is interesting because he meets mythical beings.
The story of Smith is to some extent unique, in the sense that obviously a religion was created based on what he encountered.
However which way you want to look at this, whether it's a flesh-and-blood alien or an actual angel, they're both extraterrestrials, so there's no question about that.
They misunderstood those visits as being angelic in nature, when in reality they were visited by physical space travelers.
Is it possible that the angel Moroni who instructed Joseph Smith Jr.
was, in fact, an otherworldly being? And if so, could the Book of Mormon really be evidence that these beings have shared celestial information with mankind? Lumbini, Nepal.
The fourth century BC.
It was during this period that the Jataka tales ancient Buddhist poems and prose were written.
These incredible writings document the supernatural birth and life of the Supreme Buddha, a spiritual leader upon whose teachings the Buddhist religion was founded.
The Buddha's mother is Queen Maya, and it is believed that she had a dream one night that a white elephant entered her womb, thus she was conceived and the Buddha was born.
The Buddha is supposed to have reached enlightenment after meditating for a long time under a tree.
The enlightenment is called "nirvana.
" According to some ancient astronaut researchers, before Buddha began laying the foundation for one of the world's great religions, he was psychically imprinted with telepathic messages by otherworldly beings.
In Buddhism, there's an interesting story of Buddha meeting with what are called the "devas," or these special luminous spirits.
Devas are like superhuman beings, like superheroes.
They can fly, they live longer, they are stronger, they are much taller than humans.
They also have craft that help them fly.
You have to wonder who these devas are.
In many ways they're very much like extraterrestrials.
Buddha actually writes about this state and calls it "par-nirvana," and basically says that this is also the link with the immortals.
And other traditions basically say that this is when contact with the gods is made.
Many religious figures have had some type of out-of-body experience.
Buddha himself described being able to access multiple dimensions, interacting with different beings.
There could be other dimensions, other realities in parallel with us that contain extraterrestrials.
Do the strange accounts of Elijah, Joseph Smith Jr.
and Buddha really prove divine beings have been influencing mankind for thousands of years? And if so, do the words of these prophets, when looked at together, reveal a master plan for the human species? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that even more clues may be found in the centuries-old accounts of prophets and holy men who lived long before the Bible was conceived.
Persepolis, Iran.
Here, 30 miles northeast of the city of Shiraz, lay the ruins of an ancient capital.
Built by the Persian conqueror Darius more than 2,000 years ago, Persepolis was once a mighty city that legend says was protected by a powerful god named Ahuru Mazda.
And etched in stone atop the crumbling remains of a building called the "Tripylon" is a depiction of this ancient god, seated inside a winged disk.
Ahuru Mazda was central to the ancient Persian religion Zoroastrianism and the experiences of a prophet named Zarathustra who lived 2,600 years ago.
Zarathustra was the founder of a religion he was in the area near Persia, of modern-day Persia or Iran and he had a visitor, Ahuru Mazda, a divine encounter that led to the major form of monotheism in the entire area.
It preceded the Egyptian form of monotheism and way beyond the Hebrew and then Christian forms.
According to ancient Zoroastrian texts called the Avesta, Zarathustra's first meeting with Ahuru Mazda occurred at the top of a mountain that was shrouded in clouds and bathed in an eerie light.
Zarathustra carries this idea that there is this one true god, it is literally the god of truth, and truth is a great central principle in the Zoroastrian worldview.
Right and wrong, good and evil, black and white a very strong contrast, and you are to identify with the good and search the truth.
Some researchers believe these divine prophecies provide proof that the prophet Zarathustra was following commands from an extraterrestrial being, one who perhaps came to Earth to sow the seeds of what is now known as civilization.
When we look at Zarathustra encountering Ahura Mazda, what we are confronted with here are human beings who are encountering nonhuman intelligences.
These are indicative of physical encounters.
These are encounters with something which is otherworldly yet physical.
We have to ask ourselves: Were they just a figment of our ancestors' imagination, or did they exist? These are extraterrestrial, or alien, entities who come here and provide some kind of information exchange and guidance program between cultures and entities who are willing to help that culture.
Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that extraterrestrials contacted prophets in the distant past in order to guide the development of human civilization? And if so, might there be more clues found in the historical accounts of what is perhaps the most intriguing character in all of ancient Greece? Mount Parnassus.
On the flanks of this 8,000-foot peak lie the ruins of a marble sanctuary that was once home to one of history's most famous prophets, a temple priestess known as the Oracle of Delphi.
The Oracle of Delphi is the most famous oracle from the ancient world.
There was a temple there dedicated to the god Apollo.
Apollo is the central god for prophecy.
And a temple was established for Apollo in Delphi, and that became the seat of the actual oracle where people would visit.
The Oracle of Delphi was located in the Temple of Apollo, which would have been, at the time, the major building structure.
This was the central point.
So the oracle was all-important.
Everything else was there because of the oracle in the complex.
Also known as Pythia, the oracle could be found sitting on a tall, three-legged seat over an opening in the earth, where vapors rising from the ground would put her into a trance.
The Oracle of Delphi would basically channel the god Apollo.
Apollo was really the god of civilization.
He was the god of light.
He was the god of prophecy.
And she would become Apollo.
You can imagine how it is when something supernatural or superhuman comes into a human body.
It, of course, creates a fugue state, essentially.
It creates a weird trance.
Nowadays we have movies about possessions and stuff like that.
It's kind of like that.
It's not necessarily demonic.
But any time the supernatural becomes housed within something natural like a human body, it is inevitably going to be causing some kind of trance, some kind of fugue state or something.
For more than a thousand years, the oracle and her numerous successors dispensed advice to everyone from emperors and generals to poets and politicians.
Prophecy was central to the Greek worldview, and the affairs of state, the planning of battles, any important decisions, would be taken to the oracle to be considered, to get some kind of guidance from beyond ordinary knowing.
You can come and ask about giving birth to a child.
You can come and ask about crops that you want to plant.
You can come and ask about joining the army.
You can come and ask about undertaking a military expedition.
The priestess is there to be the liaison.
And in fact, when people come to the oracle and ask questions, they specifically ask the priestess, and she's the one who channels the answer from Apollo back down to the human beings.
But just what, or whom, was the reason for the oracle's bizarre trance like state? One in which, according to contemporary accounts, she could accurately predict everything from the Trojan War and the eventual decline of Greek power to the slaughter of the famed 300 Spartans at Thermopylae? Mainstream researchers say it was most likely due to her inhalation of intoxicating fumes from various gases seeping out of Mount Parnassus.
But might she, in fact, have been in contact with an extraterrestrial being? One whom the ancient Greeks knew as Apollo? The idea that Apollo was possibly some extraterrestrial makes sense, because they want us to develop, they want us to have civilization.
They want us to have technology and to be like them.
We've always been their pet project, so to speak, meaning that they helped us become who we are today.
Were ancient so-called gods, like Ahuru Mazda and Apollo, really part of an advanced race of celestial beings? Aliens who used human agents known as prophets to instruct and steer the course of human civilization? If so, might these same extraterrestrials also be the force behind one of history's most infamous prophets? A man who claimed to have visions of some of the most cataclysmic events in history? The 16th century prophet named Nostradamus.
Southern France.
Here a chemist and apothecary named Michel de Nostradame publishes an almanac titled The Prophecies.
In it he writes more than a thousand four-line poetic verses called "quatrains," verses that seem to predict the future.
Michel Nostradamus, at an early age, began having visions.
He would stare into the water in a bowl, and he would begin to see visions of what he thought was the future.
At the time that he was doing this, seeing into the future was considered witchcraft, and he risked being called a warlock and being taken by the Inquisition and basically killed.
So what he did was, he masked his visions in quatrains, four-line prose poems, in which he hid the future very carefully so that you wouldn't really understand the quatrain until after the event had occurred.
Some people say that he channeled his prophecies.
I think he just went into either a higher state of consciousness or a very deep meditative state.
And he was seeing things that he then would write about.
In the centuries after his death, Nostradamus has been credited with predicting everything from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and the rise of Hitler in the 1930s to the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima in 1945.
Nostradamus was able to access information which was not available to any of his contemporaries.
As such, he was identified as a visionary, a seer, a prophet, whatever name you want to give him.
But perhaps the biggest unsolved mystery concerning Nostradamus is that no one knows the source of his mysterious powers of prediction.
Was he fed futuristic information from a higher spiritual power, like the Oracle of Delphi? Or was he obtaining his uncanny knowledge from an otherworldly or extraterrestrial origin? We know that he somehow was able to train his brain to really make contact with something out there.
Now, science is going to try and give this various names, whether it is zero-point energy, the zero-point field, a different dimension, whatever it is.
Some researchers believe that everything and everyone connects through the zero-point field, where a collection of electric charges from every thought, action and event of the past, present and future is stored.
The zero-point field is thought to be where everything that ever was thought, or every behavior, every action anything that involved energy was dumped into the field, and still is.
It literally contains all information for the infinite time that we have been here.
The concept of the zero-point field rests on the theory that the universe occupies more than just the three spatial dimensions of height, width and depth.
And this evolving concept is known as "string theory.
" In string theory, there are typically 11 dimensions that are envisioned.
They're what we call very small, or wrapped up, or compact.
So, if these dimensions are sufficiently small and curved and compact, we wouldn't be able to experience moving along them, so we wouldn't know they exist.
But if string theory is, in fact, correct, is it possible that the zero-point field exists in another dimension one undetected by mankind? Dozens of ancient cultures describe the existence of a cosmic well of knowledge that only certain people have the ability to access.
The Hindus refer to it as the "Akashic Record.
" The Akashic Record, the idea behind it is that all of the information in the universe is sort of preexisting and an individual could actually tap into that information.
What we see is that Nostradamus fits this perspective of people who are able to access information which is not of this world.
He was able to take his brain, his mind, outside of the constraints of this reality, and when he was there, he was able to get information, which he then brought back to us, and, in his case, wrote down, so that we were able to later partake in this information.
I think any of these great prophets were accessing the zero-point field, or, as I call it, the "grid.
" I think we all access information that we don't normally have.
I think we do it in dreams, and I think we do it when we have déjá  vu.
So I think we're all doing this.
It's a gift, it's a talent, or maybe a skill, that is within all of us.
So perhaps people like Nostradamus are really able to tap into that grid, that field, at will.
Were the ancient prophets really able to access incredible information from a hidden dimension? Or from extraterrestrial beings, as some ancient astronaut theorists believe? And if so, could there still be prophets at work today? Men and women who are in league with other, perhaps otherworldly forces? Perhaps the answer can be found, not on another planet, but inside the mind of Albert Einstein.
September 26th, 1905 Swiss patent clerk Albert Einstein publishes a groundbreaking paper in a German scientific journal, upending centuries of belief on how the cosmos works.
In the paper, Einstein proposes his theory of special relativity, in which he imagines a universe where both space and time are fluid and flexible.
Prior to Einstein's theory of relativity, physicists tended to view the physical world as a static, immovable universe where everything was set into its place.
The biggest change after Einstein's theories of relativity was how we viewed space and time.
We thought of space, literally, as just what we move through, and time is how you measure things going forward.
And Einstein made them geometrically connected to each other.
They were no longer fundamentally different, and you had to account for them together.
He showed that time and space were relative, and that time and space can be warped, and ultimately that time travel and space travel and black holes and time warps, all of these things were possible.
Although Einstein never claimed that his profound knowledge had divine origins as did the prophets of ancient times his insights into the fundamental nature of the universe were no less powerful and influential.
Whenever someone like Einstein is able to look at the universe and physics and then see things in a different way, this is a kind of mystic awareness.
And you have to wonder if it's not some contact with extraterrestrials, where E.
's appear to you in your bedroom, give you some insight and knowledge that's going to help you on your way to that new scientific discovery.
Einstein's wife reported after he died that his favorite book was Isis Unveiled by Madame Blavatsky.
It's a book all about the innate psychic ability of humans, about the hidden history of the human race, and I believe that Einstein was very much into all of this, and used his own psychic abilities to create the theory of relativity.
And in fact, Einstein got the theory of relativity by standing on a street and looking at the mist surrounding a streetlight and imagining in his head how long it took for the light to go from the streetlight, hit the mist and reflect to his eye.
And then he realized, in a kind of a transcendental, meditative, quiet moment, that light travels, and then the theory of relativity came from that mystical experience.
Were Einstein's insights the result of his own incredible IQ? Or were his discoveries aided by his ability to tap into the knowledge of the universe? The same kind of knowledge that was also made available to the great prophets of the ancient world? The word "prophet" is used in areas of innovation and great thinkers and engineers, and developers of products are sometimes thought of as prophets.
There are new prophets constantly.
James Watson and Francis Crick discover the shape and makeup of DNA.
In 2000, J.
Craig Venter decodes the human genome.
Might these also be examples of modern-day prophets functioning in our midst? Prophets that are able to tap into advanced alien knowledge? There are people in every age who know where the future lies, and they are called prophets, whether they are Steve Jobs or Einstein or whoever.
They are people who set out a path and really lead other people along this path.
When you start looking into what they are, you're beginning to realize that there are certain anomalies in the lives of these people.
The information which they possess, which helped us guide along the path, really is not theirs, but that they somehow are messengers of a larger reality.
I think prophets could be communicating with extraterrestrial, extra- dimensional beings, angels, gods.
If you're channeling information that is far beyond your own wisdom, you're automatically going to assume it's coming from somebody smarter than you.
They may be coming crossing over dimensions so that they can impart their knowledge.
But why would otherworldly beings use humans to shape our religionsour politics our science? Is there perhaps an extraterrestrial plan for the human species? One that is guiding us to our next, or perhaps final, destination? You have to wonder: Why do they care about us? Why would they want to help us, give us prophecies, instruct us in better lives? And, in many ways, it's only natural that they would.
We're like their children.
We try to reduce them to great prophets, great leaders, but truly, they were great mystics.
And the story of a great mystic is really that he is somebody who has part of his being in this reality and part of his being in another reality.
These are people who have had a foot in this dimension but also in another dimension.
Prophets chosen by beings from other worlds and bearing messages that have changed the destiny of mankind.
Could there really be an ultimate plan that is, as yet, unknown to us? Perhaps the answer lies hidden, still waiting to be discovered.
Or maybe it will be revealed when they return.

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