Ancient Aliens s05e09 Episode Script

Strange Abductions

Demons who seize control of humans while they sleep.
Being unable to breathe, feeling like you're frozen these are similar things that happen to people in modern abduction phenomenon.
Interplanetary journeys in space and time.
They go to another world of supernatural beings, and then they come back, and missing time is involved.
And entire cultures that mysteriously vanish from the earth.
We do know that they were threatened from something from the sky.
Could this be some type of upwelling of energy that was possibly utilized by ancient aliens in some fashion that we still don't understand? Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And might accounts of ancient abductions reveal an incredible agenda? Central Arizona.
The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.
November 5, 1975.
At 6:30 P.
, a bright light suddenly appears in the sky over the central Arizona mountains.
Six U.
forest service workers driving home after their day shift witness a large silvery disc hovering in the sky.
It was smooth as glass, but glowing and reflective at the same time.
It just had a powerful look and feel to it that was just amazing.
This beam of energy hit me.
I felt like I'd been hit real suddenly, like a physical blow, but with a sort of a tingling electric shock sort of feeling, at the same time.
Walton basically got zapped by this blinding light.
The crew just hot-footed out of the area quickly, and then thought, well, we've got to go back; you know, we got to get Travis.
Went back, whatever this object was, was gone.
And he was gone as well.
According to Travis Walton, the mysterious beam of light rendered him unconscious, and when he awoke, he found himself in a room surrounded by strange beings.
I was looking straight into the face of this creature.
These small beings were humanoid, but so un-human.
It was just terrifying.
And I just flipped out.
It was just horrible.
It was like they were looking right into me.
Crews searched everywhere for the missing forest worker, but it wasn't until five days later that Walton reappeared in a nearby town.
I was lying face down, outside, in the dark, and there was a light above me, and I saw the bottom of the craft there, right before it shot up into the sky.
When details of Travis Walton's close encounter were revealed to authorities, they dismissed the accounts of the young man's disappearance as a possible hoax.
But researchers say the Travis Walton case is one of the most credible abduction stories on record.
Stories of alien encounters, abductions to different realms, are as old as mankind itself.
Something truly enigmatic has been happening with us and with our ancestors.
And when you look at the modern accounts of abductions, you find that they are one and the same.
Washington, DC December 1969.
The United States government suddenly terminates project Blue Book, the air force investigation into claims of UFO sightings and contact with extraterrestrials.
Though more than 12,000 reports were investigated over a span of 20 years, the government publically concluded that most cases were misunderstood natural phenomena.
But inside the organization, project Blue Book astronomer J.
Allen Hynek had been creating a system of classifying the data he believed provided scientific evidence of alien encounters.
Hynek was actively in charge of some of the investigations.
And he realized early on, after amassing so many cases and having a database, that he needed to organize it and classify these types of reports, so he came up with the close encounter one-through-three classification.
According to Hynek's classification system a close encounter of the first kind or CE1 is described as witnessing a UFO within 500 feet.
CE2 is when a UFO leaves behind a physical trace of its presence.
And CE3 includes seeing occupants within the UFO.
Allen Hynek invented these three terms which basically detailed the distance of the person from the UFO and the nature of the experience, and it was basically designed as terms so that, you know, we would have a good understanding of whether somebody saw an object at a distance in the sky, further close up, a UFO on the ground.
Close encounters of the fourth kind is that the occupants of this craft took the observer aboard And either did some type of experimental procedure on him or implanted him with them.
And then close encounters of the fifth kind is people that are having some type of telepathic communication with the occupants of the craft, or E.
, per se.
Since Travis Walton's close encounter of the fourth kind, in which he was taken aboard a craft, claims of alien contact have been increasing.
Perhaps most alarming, they say, are details of abductions claiming sexual interactions, and even the creation of hybrid humans.
Many of these abduction stories are really scary.
The abductee is not fully in control of his or her own body.
The abductee has all kinds of very painful things done to them that he or she cannot control.
And they're deeply changed by these experiences in ways that are often detrimental to them, and very disturbing.
I'm often asked, do I have any kind of an idea of who they are, what do they want, why have they been terraforming this planet and manipulating genes, apparently, in various life-forms and interacting with humans in the human abduction syndrome? The phenomena, the high strangeness, continues and persists, defying human logic and defying human understanding.
Researchers claim that alien abductions have been occurring for millennia.
Could such extraordinary events have been documented in the ancient world? According to ancient astronaut theorists, evidence can be found right in what many believe to be the missing pages of the Judeo-Christian Bible.
Khirbet Qumran, Palestine.
In 1946, a collection of ancient manuscripts, known as the dead sea scrolls, is discovered, hidden in clay jars deep inside a cave.
Among the manuscripts is the book of Enoch, a so-called "lost" biblical text, in which a Hebrew prophet named Enoch describes in great detail his extraordinary encounters with otherworldly beings.
Enoch tells us about the guardians of the sky who came down.
He doesn't use the word "spaceship," but we have "came down from the sky to earth.
" He is the only one who speaks in the first person.
"I did, I thought, I flew, I had" contact with the so-called "guardians of the sky.
" Enoch was taken away from our planet Earth by the lord in a fiery chariot.
They were not angels, they were not gods, they were flesh-and-blood extraterrestrials who took him up there in some type of a vehicle in order to write down "the knowledge of the universe," as he calls it.
Our ancestors thought that all they were witnessing had something to do with magic, when, in reality, it was nothing else but misunderstood technology.
Could the book of Enoch really be describing an actual abduction event one that took place thousands of years ago? If so, might the Bible contain other examples of extraterrestrial encounters with humans, and could these incredible close encounters betray another, perhaps less benign, alien agenda one that involves controlling our behavior and psychic abductions to other dimensions? The Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.
In the judeo-Christian Bible as found in the book of Exodus Moses receives the Ten Commandments from God after disappearing on Mount Sinai for a period of 40 days and 40 nights.
When the prophet returns to his people, his appearance has drastically changed.
It's very interesting.
He had been around this God for so long, his face was glowing and he had to literally cover himself because people were afraid of him because he had changed his countenance had changed so much.
Basically his people recognize him but also see that he has physically changed, and so, this is very interesting because, if you were to take it from a biblical perspective, you would think that an encounter with God is something nice, something phenomenal, but not that it has physical effects.
In the case of the Moses encounter, what you have is something very physical, something very specific, suggestive that what happened to him is a very physical encounter with a deity An extraterrestrial being rather than what we would generally classify as divine.
If we look at it from the context of today's alien abduction stories, you know, was God coming down from the sky actually a UFO descending? Was he taken aboard, abducted onto a UFO, and held for I think, you know, if we look at it in that context, we've got what sounds like a classic abduction.
Could the biblical accounts of Enoch and Moses suggest an extraterrestrial agenda one where alien beings communicate messages of peace and harmony with humans? Northeast Syria.
The Khabur River.
According to the Hebrew Bible, it was here, in the sixth century BC, that divine beings descended from heaven and made contact with a 30-year-old Hebrew priest named Ezekiel.
Ezekiel was by the river Chebar and he said a great whirlwind came toward him.
He described it as a fire enfolding itself, and out of the fire was the color of amber, which is the Hebrew word which means "polished specter of metal," which implies that it's metallic, and that it's spinning and it lands in front of him, right directly in front of him, and suddenly, out of this whirlwind come four creatures.
In the Bible, the prophet Ezekiel calls these spiritual beings cherubims and describes them as having four faces, four wings, and skin that shone like polished bronze.
Ezekiel says that he was taken up into the sky and taken to different places where he could see different things.
And then he was told some of the future things that were going to come.
But what, in fact, was the mysterious object that touched down in front of Ezekiel and lifted him up to the sky? And who were the strange beings that emerged and shared a vision of the future with the prophet? He described it was the likeness of a man, but they seem to have different faces on them of different animals, and some people have interpreted that as perhaps even like a space suit.
You know, imagine the helmet, oxygen mask, that kind of thing.
Could he have been actually seeing something that was a face but didn't look like a face normally looks? He's got the best description of a UFO that's anywhere in the Bible because he basically says that the thing looked like a wheel within a wheel, kind of a classic flying saucer description.
It's basically the account of a guy who has been abducted, who has been told certain things, and who is then returned to the place of origin.
It would be what we today would describe as an abduction account.
Could it be that the prophet Ezekiel's account of a heavenly close encounter might have been something else perhaps one not involving heavenly beings but visitors of another, interplanetary nature? If so, what might this suggest about other biblical accounts of similarly strange encounters? In the book of Jonah, there is a character that was called by God to do a mission, but he didn't want to do it.
He tried to travel away from his destiny.
God intervened.
He brought a storm.
The sailors grew afraid and they threw him overboard.
He was swallowed up by a great fish.
He was in the belly for three days and three nights and finally coughed up on the shore.
The story of Jonah and the whale, where Jonah had this transformatory experience in my opinion, it was some type of a submarine or some type of a craft, and what's even more fascinating is that, in the apocryphic texts, we can read that the skin and the ribs of that whale were made of shiny bronze.
What Jonah described was, in fact, some type of a mechanical apparatus.
He is swallowed by a big fish and lives in the belly of the fish for three days.
This doesn't seem very probable, and we do know that modern UFOs do go in the water as well as in the air.
They seem to be able to go anywhere they want, so the idea that a UFO might have swallowed up Jonah instead of a fish it makes sense.
Do the Old Testament stories of Ezekiel and Jonah actually offer proof of extraterrestrial contact with technically advanced but relatively harmless entities? And if so, then what are we to make of similar accounts of humans who are physically abducted and taken to other dimensions? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answers can be found by taking a closer look at the tale of Muhammad and his encounter with an angelic being.
The ancient city of Mecca.
Historical islamic accounts in the Hadith say that Muhammad, the last great prophet, was sent by God to unite the Arabian peninsula tribes under a single religion of Islam.
Before forming Islam, Muhammad is said to have retreated to a mountain cave where he received a series of revelations from God.
Muhammad would take a period of time each year to reflect and pray in a cave in the mountains nearby.
During one of these retreats, the angel Gabriel came to him and had a prophecy for him and was his guide throughout his ministry.
The angel Gabriel is somebody who is known in the Old Testament.
He makes appearances there.
He also announces the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist in a Christian context.
Now, when it comes to Muhammad, we're seeing that this angel is, all of a sudden, far more important.
According to Muslim legend, Muhammad formed an intense relationship with Gabriel.
During one of Muhammad's retreats, Gabriel is said to have given the prophet the complete text to the Koran.
In the case of Muhammad, what we're seeing is he stays with him for 23 years.
He reveals the Koran to him.
And it really, once again, shows you that there are these messengers of the gods, these entities who come to us human beings and say, "You are chosen.
If you're willing to listen to us and work with us, "we will actually teach you information about the divine.
" Now, the angel said to Muhammad, "I will take you with me.
" And they fly over the earth.
He sees the whole planet.
They circle the Earth.
And then the angel brings Muhammad back to the cave.
They were surrounding the Earth very, very quick, because it probably took one, one and a half minute, the whole surrounding around the Earth.
Is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists believe, that Muhammad was repeatedly taken and seeded with information over time in a series of extraterrestrial abductions? Researchers point to one particular interaction between Gabriel and Muhammad, when the prophet flees the holy city of Mecca in the direction of Jerusalem.
The angel Gabriel came to Mohammad with a creature, a winged horse, the buraq, who was able to fly him to Jerusalem some distance.
It was called "the farthest mosque.
" And they meditated there for a time.
And then, after some time of visit there, he went to heaven and was able to visit with the prophets, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and then with Yahweh, Allah, God himself, and get insights and inspiration, then came back from the heavens to Jerusalem and back from Jerusalem to Mecca, completely inspired for his further teachings.
It is said that he goes from Mecca to Jerusalem in a single night.
This is a physical impossibility.
It simply cannot be.
Now, rather than take this allegorically, if we take it literally, we're actually given the tools and the explanation as to why this might have been possible.
We're actually told that he did this with the help of the angel Gabriel.
Might this tale describe a physical abduction in which Muhammad is taken to other dimensions, including heaven, by the angel Gabriel? Could there be more to this than a misinterpreted account? Ancient astronaut theorists say the answer is yes and claim that evidence is found in mysterious disappearances documented in an area of the Atlantic ocean known as the Bermuda triangle.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
December 5, 1945.
Five Navy Avenger bombers flying due east on a routine training mission encounter something strange over the Bermuda Islands.
About an hour and a half into the flight, squadron leader lieutenant Charles Taylor sends a radio transmission that his two on board compasses have become inoperable.
Everybody got totally confused as to where they were.
They were totally lost in an area where they should not have been lost.
A whole squadron of U.
Navy aircraft just vanished.
The fact that it was in this particular area obviously has given rise to the theory, could they have been abducted? Three hours later, a rescue aircraft, a TVY mariner with a crew of 11 aboard, disappeared with no trace.
And what that caused is one of the most extensive search and rescue operations in the annals of the United States Navy.
And they never found a life preserver, a piece of a wing or anything from those aircraft.
And to this day we have no clue as to what happened.
But flight 19 is only one incident in allegedly hundreds that have claimed victims in what is commonly referred to as the Bermuda triangle.
And according to ancient astronaut theorists, this site which spans a 500,000 square mile area between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico plays host to numerous unexplained physical and metaphysical phenomena Strange energies that may help to explain why pilots, sailors and ship captains enter the area and are never seen or heard from again.
So you have to wonder, what's happening to these people? Is there something about the Bermuda triangle? It's some kind of portal that aliens are using to come and go through hyperspace.
And suddenly you and your yacht or you and your plane are sucked into some other dimension.
And you're not coming back.
The Bermuda triangle is interesting for a number of reasons.
First of all, it's not just one plane which goes missing somewhere.
This is several planes which all disappear.
Now, the question is, where have all of them gone? It's not just the case that, on occasion, one of them is found.
Really, an awful lot of what has gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle has never been seen, has never been heard of.
If an aircraft is flying over or a ship's sailing the ocean at the wrong time, could it pull them down underneath the water? So, you know, we're looking at possibly not abductions into the sky but actually below the ocean.
Ancient astronaut theorists say the legend of the lost city of Atlantis may be connected to the possible abductions in the Bermuda Triangle.
According to legends, the island of Atlantis was an enormous ancient power that thrived as far back as 9600 BC.
The story of Atlantis, which is one of the most famous mysteries from antiquity, the earliest sources we have on it is Plato.
And the city was known for being a sort of a technological marvel in its own right.
And at some point, for reasons that are not entirely clear, there was an eruption of some sort and the city disappeared.
We have no archaeological artifacts from Atlantis, and we don't know if it's just mythology.
So is it possible, either through evil intentions or by accident, they sunk to the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda area and that's why we're experiencing, or pilots experiencing, all kinds of electrical interference when they fly over the Bermuda Triangle.
Might the ruins of Atlantis lie below the waters of the Bermuda and Bimini Islands? And could this help explain the disappearances and possible abductions associated with the Bermuda triangle? Atlantis was destroyed in a day and a night.
It just completely vanished.
Is it possible that they were all mass-abducted and left the planet? Could it be possible that Earth has hidden vortexes that are causing unexplained disappearances and may have even swallowed up the lost continent of Atlantis? And if so, might this help explain the fate of other so-called "lost" civilizations, empires whose populations and technologies have also mysteriously disappeared? Mesa Verde, Colorado.
Rancher Richard Wetherill discovers massive native American cliff ruins believed to have been built by the Pueblo people in the 12th century.
Wetherill chooses the Navajo name "Anasazi," or "ancient ones," to describe the region's former inhabitants.
The Anasazi are a very mysterious people.
Initially, they built these wonderful pueblos along the river systems, but for some reason, in the late 1100s, the early 1200s, they moved up to higher ground, as if they were trying to create defensive positions.
And they had the most sophisticated cities that were built not on the ground, not on the tops of canyons, but actually built into the rock walls.
Now, why would anyone in their mind build their cities into a rock wall? So my question is: Who were they hiding from? And my answer is: Some type of an aerial enemy.
Pueblo Indian legends describe the Anasazi as having great spiritual power, as well as an ability to control natural forces.
But by 1350, many believe this once-great people suddenly, and mysteriously, disappeared and there are no graves to account for the Anasazi civilization that thrived here.
Throughout history, there are civilizations who just, essentially, vanished.
We have this with the Anasazi in the southwest whole areas just completely depopulated.
And exactly the causes for this, um, remain a mystery.
We don't actually know where the Anasazi went, but we do know that they were threatened from something from the sky, and made decisions to build their domiciles in these cliffside homes.
Maybe the Anasazi were protecting themselves on the cliffside from something that would be easily exposed on the ground aliens, UFOs looking for people to abduct? If the Anasazi were under siege from an extraterrestrial threat, what might have led the conflict to escalate into mass abductions? According to ancient astronaut theorists, the rich minerals hidden in the ground of the American southwest may hold a clue.
Perhaps there has been literally a battle for our planet's resources, over gold and other minerals.
And during these wars, perhaps there have been mass abductions of, say, the Anasazi in the southwest.
We know that the area they lived in was rich, where there is gold, which really quite often the gods are said to be interested in.
It might be that they indeed ended up as other cultures which had a specific focus and emphasis on gold, which is they disappeared.
Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that hundreds of people even entire civilizations, like the Anasazi and the people of Atlantis disappeared due to mass abductions by extraterrestrials throughout history? And if so, were they physically called home to their place of origin in the stars? Perhaps further evidence can be found in the so-called "psychic abductions" that some believe have an otherworldly origin.
The Selma plateau.
capitol city of Muscat, a treacherous cavern lies deep beneath the earth's surface.
Discovered in June of 1983, this massive underground chamber is known as Majlis Al Jinn.
Translated as "meeting place of the Jinn," it is one of the largest caves in the world.
The Jinn is like an arabic fairy the genie in the bottle of Aladdin and his lamp.
The Jinn can come out of the bottle and grant you three wishes, but those wishes might not turn out the way that you hoped that they would.
In Arab and Islamic traditions, these were a set of beings that were made by God, and in some ways they're sort of intermediate, between humans and angels.
Could they represent a being from another realm of the universe that we're not used to? We just don't know.
According to descriptions in the Koran, the Jinn are supernatural entities from another dimension that can appear and disappear at will.
They are variously described as being both benevolent and malevolent to humans, and often reveal themselves with messages, which can be either good or evil.
Mystical literature from all over the world has accounts of visitations from magical creatures, angels, gods, what have you.
Moses talked to a burning bush.
Jacob had angels coming down a ladder.
So we have tales from our familiar culture, and from many others, of some kind of supernatural creatures that interact and interfere, that represent some powers beyond our understanding.
Spirit beings with sinister motives can also be found in recorded history dating as far back as 2400 BC.
The sumerian king list, a manuscript believed to be over 4,000 years old describes a demon named Lilu a spirit that seduces women in their sleep.
Depictions of supernatural beings, also known as Incubus, and a female counterpart, Succubus, exist in the folklore of various cultures.
In each account, Incubus and Succubus can paralyze their victims before having sex with them.
A female, uh, entity would come and, uh, have its way with a male victim.
Uh, that would be the Succubus.
An Incubus would be a male version of this.
Being unable to breathe, feeling like you're frozen, these are very, very similar things that happen to people in modern abduction phenomenon.
These stories basically are about how these malignant entities somehow come to people in their sleep, at night time.
And it is said that they have sexual intercourse with these beings.
From time to time, they made a landing, and they simply captured nice-looking girls, sometimes nice-looking men, captured them and take them away.
Sometimes, these extraterrestrials had sex with some of our humans, so you have an offspring, and the offspring still has part of the blood of the extraterrestrial.
But might the legends of Jinn, Incubus and Succubus be describing not demons but alien visitors? Beings with the ability to seduce and psychically abduct humans? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that, throughout history, humans have documented numerous otherworldly communications, both voluntary and involuntary.
Human beings have been having similar kinds of experiences all along.
According to some folklorists, the experience of missing time, of having contact with nonhuman humanoids is the same.
It is historically consistent whether people are describing it as being taken by the fairies or whether people are describing being taken by UFO aliens.
According to native American folklore, tribal priests, known as shamans, are able to reach a higher state of consciousness by communicating telepathically with the spirit world.
Traditional shamans go into altered states of consciousness, and many of them believe that they are dealing now with spirits.
Could these actually be what some people call "star beings"? Beings that are living in another dimension, another level of reality.
There are many descriptions of shamanic experiences where shamans come into contact with unusual beings, psychically.
So, in many ways, shamans are sort of being psychically abducted.
You have some revelation of a sort.
So, where's that coming from? Is it possibly coming also from extraterrestrials? Is is possible that seductions and telepathic messages may be a form of abduction, as some believe? And should humans be fearful of what could very well be considered a type of alien mind control? And might we look to the ancient past for proof that otherworldly contact is not only benign, but even essential for our very survival? Are abductions even more prevalent than we know? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that psychic abductions with otherworldly beings have provided inspiration to numerous historical figures, including Winston Churchill, Joan of Arc, Alexander the Great, Mahatma Gandhi, and one of the greatest scientific minds of the From 1884 until his death in 1943, Tesla was responsible for groundbreaking scientific discoveries, including alternating current, radio, x-rays, and lasers.
In a magazine article, Tesla authored in 1901, he described receiving telepathic messages from beings on Mars, a comment that earned him the nickname "mad scientist.
" Nikola Tesla was involved in all sorts of highly alternative research, science, physics, et cetera.
There is a story that he supposedly, when he was doing some of his research, picked up these strange signals, and potentially was in contact with some sort of higher nonhuman entities.
Nikola Tesla claimed that a lot of his ideas and knowledge came from telepathic messages that he was receiving from some type of extraterrestrial, um that they were guiding him, and that he was just a conduit for that information.
Might Tesla's accounts of telepathic encounters with otherworldly beings provide proof of abductions that not only involves the physical but the mental, as well? Could it be that extraterrestrials have a secret agenda, a plan that may involve preparing humans for an intergalactic future? Or, perhaps, as some suggest, a desire to breed with us and populate planet Earth with a new hybrid race.
The reason I think that extraterrestrials are kidnapping citizens, abducting them, is for genetic purposes.
Somewhere along the line, someone changed the genetic code, and we became who we are today.
And I believe that's still going on today, whether it's out of a survival mode, or we're an experimental petri dish, or that we are some kind of pet, I don't know.
That remains to be seen, but I, for one, think that you have to go way back into ancient historical documentation and there lies the evidence, if you will.
The ancient astronaut theory has never suggested that extraterrestrials only visited in the remote past.
In fact, they have never left.
The evidence suggests that there is a type of an abduction scenario clearly going on in this day and age.
Is there some sort of hybridization or cross-species interaction? The natural thing is to consider our interest in biology of other species and what we do.
We obviously have zoos, we do animal research, we use it for drug testing.
How close would their biology really be to ours, and how useful could that be? You have to ask yourself if there is not some big alien agenda for all of these thousands of reported abductions.
It's a it's a preparation for something to happen in the future.
And all these abductions are a way of preparing mankind for this big event.
I've come to, uh, sort of redefine what happened to me.
If I believe there's more than one type of being coming, I would have to say alien agendas, in the plural.
And I think much of what's referred to as an abduction isn't really an abduction in the truest sense of the words.
I think in many cases, at least in my case, they were they were trying to help.
And if we're dealing with one or more intelligences, that maybe they have different agendas.
But maybe there is something out there that has been an ally to evolving hominids, and we're the latest model.
Might the numerous accounts of alien abductions not only recently, but throughout the ancient past really provide evidence of an extraterrestrial agenda a plan not only to communicate with us, but for us to communicate through them? If so, what is the message? Are we being prepared for a bright new future? And might these so-called abductions be a reunion with our remote past? One fact seems clear: Many believe contact is being made, and mankind's ultimate future may be closer than we think.

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