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The Monoliths

Massive stone structures built to reach for the Heavens.
It is a place of connection, a place of communication with the gods themselves.
Strange figures buried deep in the earth Long narrow noses with narrow lips.
They look like robots.
And globally connected spheres creating the energy to travel to another world.
Somehow by touching these stones we're able to establish a bridge to another dimension Are ancient monoliths simply the product of pre-historic man's hard labor? Or are they the manifestation of a more profound power? Certainly in the past, that kind of technology could only come from extraterrestrials.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really helped to shape our history? And if so might there be evidence here on Earth.
hidden in the mysterious monoliths.
created by bellows The Washington Monument built in the 19th century to commemorate the first president of the United States It towers more than 555 feet above America's capital city.
Its pinnacle is fashioned into a distinctive pyramid shape The monument is considered to be the tallest stone obelisk in the world.
Obelisk is a generic phrase used for the rectangular pillars that are a little pointy at the top that you can find in ancient Egypt, ancient Rome.
They would have writing on them.
They were used often to record battles special events, record in time the reign of a king or a particular ruler And so now, here in the United States, we've done a similar thing.
The Washington Monument a symbol of the United States and of the power in Washington D.
The Washington Monument is built out of blocks of stone but then it looks identical to an egyptian obelisk.
But those obelisk are different.
They are one solid stone.
Single standing massive stones are known as monoliths.
And millions of them were used to construct monuments all across the ancient world.
Including locations such as Turkey, Peru and Ethiopia.
But why did ancient man began to create these massive monolithic structures? Could there be something inherent in the quality of stone that might have some sort of influence or power over mankind? Perhaps the answer can be found at a location 90 miles west of London, in the English countryside.
Stonehenge, England Here on the Salisbury plain, in the county of Whiltshire stands the most sophisticated prehistoric stone circle in the world.
According to radio carbon dating this striking arrangement of monoliths was placed in this wide plain in southern England more than 4,000 years ago.
Consisting of more than 100 stone blocks, the monolith creates a larger structure known as a megalith.
There is a period in time, several thousand years ago which is known as the megalithic time.
And it is defined by the fact that our ancestors pretty much in every part of civilization began to build with gigantic stones.
These cultures which are known as megalithic cultures are something of a mystery to us We have to ask ourselves why all of a sudden virtually, human beings across a broad stretch of Europe and Asia suddenly started to praise large pieces of rock free dragged them around the landscape and then piling them up in very exotic and unusual ways.
Stonehenge, the world's most famous megalithic structure, derives its name from the material used to construct it.
And also from the term "henge" which refers to a circular or oval shaped bag that surrounds a central flat area.
Stonehenge is just 25% of the original monument.
Originally, they had 60 huge blocks that formed a perfect circle.
The question is, who was able to move them and what was the purpose.
Although the specific origin of the site has eluded researchers for centuries the physical construction of Stonehenge is believed to have taken place in different stages over a period of several thousands of years.
It is now believed that the very first part of Stonehenge is three grey wooden post holes which is now in the car park.
And there's blocks of paint on them, these are dated to at least The next phase of construction of Stonehenge was around 3,200-3,400 BC.
, when they build the great Earth in henge.
And there was just a couple of stones there.
Then a few hundred years later, they brought in the blue stones.
And these are the ones that were brought over 100 miles away from the Preseli Mountains in Wales.
The major monoliths there of Sarsen stones They were brought from much closer, about 20 miles away.
But then some of them weigh up to 50 tons.
Multi ton stones being carved from the landscape and transported distances above to 100 miles.
Is it really possible that the prehistoric people could have accomplish such an enormous and seemingly impossible task? The theories really range from they had to use rollers, tree trunks Which is kind of unlikely, when we look at some of the terrain that they would have had to go through.
There have been teams of Brits who have tried to recapitulate these things.
How did they get them across the rivers between Wales and Stonehenge? How did they go up and down through valleys and over hills? One explanation dissociated with Stonehenge dates back to the Arthurian legend And the legend says that the stones at Stonehenge were brought from Ireland by Merlin, who was king Arthur's magician.
Merlin was said to transport the stones, by levitating them and pushing them along, just with his bare hands all the way across the landscape from Wales to Stonehenge.
KATHLEEN McGOWAN: The great and historian, Jean Marquel wrote over 40 books on the life of Merlin and Arthur and the Celtic traditions.
And Marquel was adamant that Merlin was a real person.
He was also adamant that Merlin was an incredibly powerful otherworldly being, who was here to teach us to move beyond the human restrictions and boundaries.
Could the legend of Merlin really be proof of contact with extraterrestrial entities in the ancient past.
And did they provide the advanced technology to help transport and place the monoliths? If so, why would stone be the ideal material needed to construct the site? Probably it was worth using as a medium if you wanted to impress the gods.
Because it was quite likely that people saw stone as being synonymous with god.
Because it seemed to them to last forever.
If they are gonna build a monument to provide a testament to how long-lived their culture is, stones are the best way to go.
Stones were recognised to have very spectacular properties, of toughness, of hardness.
And some of them other properties, such as quartz crystals, which we see at a particular use in a lot of these cultures.
With blue stones, it created the outer and inner circle of Stonehenge, contains quartz crystal.
The properties of those stones have been found to have effects on the human body to impart vibration and beneficial effects to the holder of those stones, to have healing properties.
And in fact, it's often been said that Stonehenge was some healing place where people came, with their ailments to be cured.
For some researchers, further clues to Stonehenge's extraterrestrial connection can be found in one of the site's most striking features.
The precise position and alignment of each stone that makes up the megalith.
Seen from the air, Stonehenge is, actually, a replica of our solar system.
All those concentric circles, they all represent one planet in our solar system.
How did they know this? And according to the ancient texts and the ancient traditions this knowledge was given to our ancestors by none other than extraterrestrials, by the gods.
Some people think Stonehenge was some sort of calendar marker, so that ancient cultures could know when it was the right time to plant.
Other people think that it actually was a celestial calendar that was designed to show when we would pass through some very very intense meteor streams.
We know that through the position of different monoliths they were able to watch the summer solstice, the winter solstice, even the movement of some star systems.
So who was it then who needed these astronomical calculations.
Would it be the extraterrestrials? Or rather the priestly groups that extraterrestrials were cultivating here on Earth, and training them to monitor the stars and the heavens and the moon and the eclipses.
Is it really possible that otherworldly beings designed Stonehenge so ancient man could gather data about the stars? If so, why? And what was the ultimate purpose behind obtaining this celestial knowledge? Ancient astronaut theorists believe further clues can be found by traveling deeper into the English countryside, to another monolithic site that is 16 times larger than Stonehenge.
And even more mysterious.
Southwest England.
Here just 17 miles north of Stonehenge is Avebury.
The largest megalithic stone circle in the world.
Originally constructed with hundreds of monoliths some experts believe this immense site was once a major center of religious ritual in Great Britain.
Avebury is probably the most significant and the most interesting megalithic sites in Great Britain.
Partly because it is the largest.
And just imagine the magnitude of what we're dealing with here.
There's now been a whole village built inside it because it is so large.
The stones are huge, they are probably between They are rough hewn stones, in a great circle.
And there are even two stone circles within Avebury itself.
And these were roughly the same size of Stonehenge each.
Old antiquarians once said that Stonehenge was like a parish church compared to Avebury which was like a great cathedral.
Approaching Avebury, from at least 2 different locations were avenues of stones that led off into the local landscape Plus on top of that, there were other monuments locally as well.
Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe, and the West Kenneth Long Barrow, which was a burial chamber.
dating back perhaps 6,000 years.
Encompassing more than 28 acres mainstream historians believe Avebury was constructed from 2,850 to 2,200 BC, by neolithic Britons.
And like Stonehenge, was used during sacred rituals.
They were celebrating the different cycles of the years, and the changing of the seasons.
They seemed to think this was necessary within their society to show there was some kind of rhythm and cycle within nature that it was not only understood but could be controlled in some manner.
By creating something like this, there is stability in the world chaos and disorder cannot reign.
Avebury was considered to be a meeting point and significant to the solstices of mid summer and the mid winter.
But exactly what took place there and exactly what the people who built it believed we don't know.
According to some researchers there may be a profound purpose for the circular alignment of stones at Avebury.
One perhaps connecting the monoliths to celestial beings that visited the site thousand of years ago.
The area around Avebury has always been associated with kind of magic mystery.
There's been lots of orbs seen there, UFOs there's been ghost sightings, there's been hundred of crop circles around the area.
There's got this strange mystical feeling about it.
The mythologies in conjunction with Avebury always point to the sky, to some celestial beings, defining ones as they were called descending from the sky and educating people in various disciplines: agriculture, mathematics, geometry, engineering.
In many cases with Avebury and other giant megaliths it's as if they are set up by some ancient people perhaps an extraterrestrial race, who essentially went out and surveyed these wilderness lands.
And as part of their surveying we were left with what we call gigantic survey markers.
And then at certain places, for unknown reasons they made stone circles, like Avebury.
It is pretty clear that in Avebury you have this fenced off environment whereby only probably certain people were able to come because the stones somehow embodied the deities.
Maybe they thought that they could communicate with the deities, through these monolithic stones.
And we're once again to this time frame of a civilization who said that at one point in time the deities were physically present.
Could Avebury's location and building materials really have been chosen in order to enable communication with extraterrestrials? And if so, might this explain why man has been drawn to stone structures throughout the world since ancient times? Perhaps the answers can be found at another mysterious city one that was built on top of a giant rock.
Sigiriya, Sri Lanka Known as Lion's Rock, this natural monolith towers 600 feet over the surrounding landscape.
It was discovered in 1831 by the British army officer named Jonathan Forbes.
What he found there was a natural monolith a giant cliff rock, and stairs have been cut into it and then a palace had been built on top, in this extremely remote area and high up vertical cliffs.
Sigiriya was certainly a Buddhist monastery from the first millennium BC.
And then around 500 AD, it actually became a fortress and a palace for a local king.
There are gardens, palaces on the very top of the rock.
Then there's various caves and within these caves are different murals.
These fresco paintings feature portraits of women that some researchers believe represent ladies of the king's court.
While others suggest the women are religious figures.
But according to ancient astronaut theorists, the images reveal more evidence of extraterrestrial contact in the distant past.
We find some of the most amazing paintings of people emerging out of the clouds.
And they are actually floating in mid air.
And you have to wonder what did our ancestors try to depict here.
According to the local myths and legends Sigiriya was created with the help of the gods, who descended from the sky.
What a beautiful poetic way to depict something that they might have witnessed.
It was a complete misunderstanding of a visitation by technologically advanced space travelers.
Is it possible these paintings depict actual sky beings descending to Earth, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, might there be another more profound reason why ancient men built a city on top of this massive monolith? We see so often how these enigmatic rocks are worshiped by our ancestors They somehow are gateways between our world and the world of the gods.
And so in Sigiriya we're seeing this once again confirmed.
The very concept of a monolith can be very important very sacred to the people.
Also the concept of a mountain reaching to heaven.
It makes me think of the celestial or the cosmic Mount Meru.
Mount Meru is the name used in Buddhist culture to describe a cosmic mountain It's actually described in ancient literature as a massive golden light, like a golden blazing fire in the shape of a mountain.
It's set in the center of the universe and it exists in many levels from there, not in a physical sense but in an energy sense.
The gods lived on the slopes of it, they all have palaces and cities.
Mount Meru was a place of the gods It was seen as a place of connection, a place of communication with the gods themselves.
It's the point of access between this world and heaven So Sigiriya is basically a small scale replica of Mount Meru.
Our ancestors took to this rock and began to build on top of that.
And it's saying: this is the rock we have in this specific place, so we're gonna use it, in order to establish an up-link and a down-link to the gods in the sky.
Is it possible that Sigiriya was built in order to honor and connect to extraterrestrials as ancient astronaut theorists believe.
If so, might other monoliths reveal more evidence of these ancient space visitations? Perhaps the ultimate proof can be found carved in stones buried half a world away.
Easter Island Isolated in the Pacific Ocean, more than 2,000 miles west of Chile this tiny land mass is home to nearly 900 monolithic stone statues.
On Easter Island we have these huge heads and torsos that are carved out of the volcanic rock.
They are called the Moai.
Some of them that have been erected are 30 feet or so tall and weighing up to 75 tons.
You don't realise that they are really buried right up to their chest.
And these statues are two or three times as large as we can see.
Because most of them is below ground.
Many of the statues are often times sort of sideways, looking up.
And they look inward toward the center of the island They also seem to look up to the skies So I think there's a deeper significance and it has to do with the heavens, it has to do with things that were happening in the sky that were very important to the people.
And that they are recording in these Moai and point to look upward, there's something going on there.
According to archeologists, the native Polynesian inhabitants of Easter Island, known as the Rapa Nui people constructed the Moai between the 7th and 8th centuries AD to honor their ancestors.
But recent archeological excavations have revealed that the figures were naturally buried over thousands of years, making them much older than originally believed.
From a geologic perspective to bury the Moai in 20 feet or more of sediment suggests that they are potentially thousands of years old much older than traditional archeologists have suggested.
The idea that they were built 1,000, 1,500 or 700 years ago not realistic.
They were built much much before that.
It seemed that certain guests came, built them and probably those heads do represent their original builders.
If the Moai are older than previously recognised who really built them and why? Considering the Rapa Nui are bound to have arrived to Easter Island no earlier than 300 AD is it possible that celestial beings visited here thousands of years before.
Ancient astronaut theorists believe these monolithic figures provide clues that the Rapa Nui ancestors may have actually been space travelers.
You cannot exclude that they are representations of celestial ancestors.
We have all these statues and the faces of the statues do not look like the Easter islanders.
The statues they created they look like robots with long narrow noses, with narrow lips.
There is nothing which compares them to the Easter Island people.
So what do they represent? They are elongated heads They are also these cone heads that we see at Nazca, in Egypt, in other areas of the world.
Who are these people? One possible explanation for why these heads of the Easter Island stone figures face the heavens is as if they are pointing a finger to their place of origin but not because they forgot where they came from.
But so that the humans could remember.
Is it possible the Moai heads represent extraterrestrial beings nodding to their otherworldly origin? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes.
And point at similar stone figures, thousands of miles away in south east Asia as proof.
Bada Valley, Indonesia.
Hidden in the isolated mountains of the island of Sulawesi, more than 20 monoliths are scattered in the field of this farming region.
Mainstream historians date the statues to the 1st millennium BC.
Although the actual date of their creation has not been determined.
Much of the valley has rice terraces, which are familiar throughout Indonesia and South East Asia.
But then in the middle of these rice paddies are these statues and they are just sitting there.
And when you look at it you're baffled.
The stones are coming from these deep river valleys.
There are some miles away where there are giant boulders weighing 100 tons.
But then a whole those giant boulders up into the valley and then erected, then carved it into this giant 15 feet statue, and you don't know why they would do it or how.
The Bada Valley in Indonesia features some of the most magnificent megalithic structures that we can find.
Giant statues that are very reminiscent to the statues that we can find for example, on the Easter Island.
But how is it that monoliths have way around the world can bear such a close resemblance to each other.
Some researchers believe the inspiration came from the same celestial visitors.
You get a similar style carving, it's very strange alien looking faces, which are very symmetrical, very beautifully carved, they have an intricate kinda craftsmanship to build into them.
They wanted to make them resemble.
While in my opinion, was a depiction of the ancestors, the gods, which somehow these stones were allowing to commemorate or communicate with these entities.
They are basically telling us: this is a memorial to our god.
A deity who was once present and who has left since.
Is it possible as ancient astronaut theorist suggest that these monoliths were created by mankind to pay homage to actual otherworldly beings who visited Earth in the distant past.
And if so, might monoliths throughout the world have an even more profound connection to each other? Some researchers believe the answers can be found by taking a closer look at sphere shaped stones hidden in the jungles of Costa Rica.
Palmar Sur, Costa Rica While clearing the jungles in the 1930s crews discovered hundreds of monolithic stone spheres.
Many of them are huge.
I mean, they are 10 feet in diameter.
They are gigantically huge.
Others are much smaller, the size of a basket ball or a car tyre or something like that.
To date, over 300 sphere stones have been found at archeological sites across the region.
And "Las Bolas" as they are called, are some of the most precise stone carvings in the ancient world.
Some experts believe these mysterious stone balls could be 96% completely spherical.
A perfect spherical round ball is hard to make.
And in fact where they are found is a primitive area, so the stone balls that we see at Costa Rica would have been very very hard to make by just bashing them out with a rock.
We can only imagine how they may have been able to make such perfect spheres.
These spheres are carved out granites and granite diorites.
These are very hard igneous rocks, difficult to work.
Diorite is one of the hardest natural materials.
It never comes free in nature in the shape of a sphere.
So, obviously, somebody shaped that.
Today we would need to use diamond tools and laser to shape the spheres.
It almost seems like there was some kind of megalithic carving school, who could create the most perfect sphere.
Some are still hidden within the jungles so what were they doing, why were they constructed.
Jungle dwelling local chiefs were sometimes buried with some of the smaller balls.
But some of the balls are gigantically huge, I mean, in fact they are so large, they couldn't fit in any grave.
So the great mystery: what the stone balls really is? What their purpose was? According to the legends of Costa Rica, those stone spheres were used as cannon balls by the god of thunder, to drive away the god of wind and hurricanes.
And these are wonderful ideas of a story but as we all know, every story has a core of truth, and the question is: what is that core? Are the legends of gods battling storms really a description of ancient astronaut machinery at work, as some researchers suggest.
And if so, might the discovery of stone spheres revealed the ultimate purpose for monoliths.
Bosnia Herzegovina, 2004 A team of archeologists discover stone spheres in forests and creek beds near the town of Banja Luka.
If you go into that area, there's a ravine in a mountain site, that's been cut by a stream and in it are all of these stone balls.
Very similar to the ones in Costa Rica.
There are half buried in this mountain site, and some are exposed It is a tourist area And in fact, Bosnia has 4 or 5 areas where these stone balls can be seen.
The biggest source of Bosnia stone spheres is in the central Bosnian town of Zavidovici.
We took samples from four different stone spheres and samples of natural stone, that we found near by.
And then we did chemical analysis and the conclusion was those stone spheres were made.
From the liquid state, they would melt them, they were adding certain additives to get better properties of the material, and then when they got dry, in certain molds, they were getting a perfect shape of the sphere.
Like most other monoliths, researchers believe the spheres were likely used for ceremonial rituals.
But is it possible that these monoliths like the stone spheres in Costa Rica, helped create a connection to celestial beings, as ancient astronaut theorists contend.
Another theory of the stone balls is that they were somehow used as star maps.
And that they were rolled around and they would show where stars were and their relationship to other areas, Very much like some extraterrestrial map.
It is also said that those stone balls were there to concentrate thought.
That it was some kind of a physical device that somehow by touching or working with these stones they were able to establish a bridge to another dimension.
And so, we might actually be looking at a civilization who realised that the places were these stone spheres were located were somehow power spots.
And that somehow there was some form of energy where by if we were able to concentrate, we would indeed be transported to a world where we could communicate with the gods.
And that might be why these stone spheres are located in the places they are.
Could it really be that these round monoliths were placed throughout the world to create a greater cosmic energy grid, as some researchers believe.
If so, might stone spheres and other monoliths be celestial travel tools placed in power spots, portals for star travelers visiting Earth.
And is it possible these advanced beings have left behind more evidence.
Perhaps not on Earth, but approximately The Mars Global Surveyor snaps photos of what appears to be a monolith on Phobos, one of the two moons that orbit the planet Mars.
On the moon of Mars, Phobos, there's a very very interesting obelisk or monolith.
They call it the Phobos monolith.
Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon made a really big deal out of this.
And basically claimed that it was artificial and when we got there and studied it it would change everything in terms of how we look at our history.
Is it really possible there is an obelisk on a moon of Mars, one that is not a natural occurrence, but was in fact, put there by otherworldly beings.
If so, might they have created other similar structures on other planets and celestial bodies.
Perhaps even Earth, as some researchers suggest.
Egypt has a number of obelisks in it, and those obelisks are And obelisks in Ethiopia may be that old too.
Obelisks are a piece of crystal and granite and within the granite is quartz crystal.
So obelisks themselves are, in a sense a crystal tower, with all of the properties that quartz crystal brings to technology.
It's an antenna.
And any antenna can receive a broadcast and it can give a broadcast.
And then we have these ancient obelisks that were at one point, apparently all around the world.
It would seem that there was a worldwide system similar to a wireless broadcasting system.
These obelisks would broadcast power into the atmosphere and remote locations around the world could pick up that power Much like a radio today or a television set, or a satellite phone or a computer.
This seems to be the system that was set up by extraterrestrials thousands of years ago on this planet and incredibly, they didn't just do it on planet Earth.
So we may well find that when we go to Mars we'll find obelisks there.
Is it really possible as some researchers believe that monoliths on Earth have a cosmic connection to the obelisk on Phobos? And that at one time, many of the monolithic sites seen around the world were part of an advanced system that would help to receive and distribute energy? You have to realise that there is more than just the stones involved.
There is a kind of energy field around them, and it works through the stones by the way of their placement or put in a circle or in rows, or standing singly.
They would ground celestial energy, transmitted and downloaded to the local landscape.
It was meant to be a kind of passive continuous input to the Earth from the celestial and galactic realms.
Places like Easter Island, or remote jungles or a remote mountain area as long as you're able to dial in that energy pattern, and to the energy being put out, you would have power.
These sort of tall standing stones all around the world could have been easily been part of an energy grid around the planet.
Connecting up all these ancient cultures.
Connecting up the energies of the Earth all in different parts of the world.
Some of them harnessing cosmic energy with Earth energy, and used for various different purposes.
We are only just beginning to understand today.
This is sort of megalithic landscape was designed to create higher nodes of awareness in multiple places.
The placement was specific to take advantage of implicit energy aspects and gradients in the landscape.
The location of stones is very important.
For example, Stonehenge, we now know, that those stones were positioned above the underground water flows.
The water moves, generates energy, stones receive the energy and slowly release it.
The ancient people, they would be around those monoliths keeping their hands on the stones receiving their energy.
And that the stones were arranged in a pattern, it would create kind of a geometry of consciousness that would have a lifting effect on people who are in proximity of them.
Throughout the world whether the stone spheres in Bosnia or megalithic monuments in Avebury what we're seeing is that our ancestors are saying that these stones are able to hold energy.
The soul, the spirit of our ancestors, of the gods.
And so what we see throughout the world is these monoliths because throughout the world we are trying to establish this link between us, mankind and the world of the gods.
Monoliths, interconnected by design, tapping into the energy of the Earth, and serving as a beacon to link with celestial beings.
Is it really possible that ancient monoliths hold an advanced perhaps extraterrestrial power we have yet to realise.
And if so, just what will happen when we unlock the mystery of the monoliths.
created by bellows
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