Ancient Aliens s06e02 Episode Script

The Crystal Skulls

Luminous relics in the shape of human skulls.
The skull was cut against its grain.
This skull should not exist.
Otherworldly artifacts believed to harness the secrets of the universe.
The skulls are containers of great knowledge, great wisdom, information vital to the very survival of the human race.
Are they part of an elaborate hoax? These crystal skulls may have some kind of very strange mystical powers.
Or do they reveal a extraterrestrial agenda? Crystal skulls are very much a powerful weapon.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might the proof be found when we examine the mysterious power of the crystal skulls? December 12, 2012.
Miami, Florida.
Just days before the Mayan calendar is set to end, hundreds converge here at the Miami circle, an archaeological site that was once a sacred center for the native American tequesta tribe.
They are gathered to witness a native ritual involving an ancient relic known as the crystal skull.
Similar events centered around these mysterious crystal artifacts continue to draw large crowds.
But why? What is it about the crystal skulls that has fascinated mankind for centuries? Part of the lore or prophecy of the crystal skulls is that at certain times of strife or perhaps impending catastrophe, people will be able to use the power of the skulls to forestall that cataclysm.
Maybe events like we see throughout the world at specific dates are times when these skulls can be brought back together and their power can be amplified.
And according to the legend, the skulls are containers of great knowledge, great wisdom, information.
Common to all of these legends is that these crystal skulls are something particularly special and actually, they believe, very important to humanity.
Although there have been literally hundreds of crystal skulls found throughout the world, according to legend, there are only 13 which are believed to possess an awesome, mystical power.
The crystal skulls have become so famous that the field has been flooded with dozens of modern skulls.
And on a number of occasions, people who have possessed these skulls are trying to pretend as if their skull is ancient.
And this, of course, is very difficult because, at the same time, we have the skeptics, the scientists, who basically say it is all fake.
And so, as a result of which, we're really confronted with a mixture of crystal skulls and a very difficult situation.
According to crystal skulls enthusiasts, as many as 12 of the 13 authentic skulls have been discovered and are in private collections.
But where did these so-called authentic skulls come from? And how were they discovered? In the late 19th century, museums in London and Paris displayed crystal skulls as genuine mesoamerican religious relics.
But today, mainstream scientists argue they are all modern creations.
They also insist that any analysis of the skulls is incomplete, as quartz crystal cannot be carbon-dated.
Quartz has no carbon.
Quartz actually has no radioactive elements in it.
It's pretty much pure silicon.
So the quartz itself has no real signature that can be used to do dating.
Even getting within 1,000 years or 10,000 years, it gets almost impossible to actually date it.
Authenticity is something difficult to determine when they've been analyzed using modern scientific techniques.
In some cases, there are suggestions that modern tools were being used.
Other people have suggested, however, they were using very sophisticated tools back in ancient times.
Some people believe that because there are tool markings on the teeth of some of the crystal skulls that therefore they are relatively modern fakes.
However, there are others who point out that actually the ancient Maya had wheel-carving technologies.
But to jump to the conclusion that simply because there are tool marks that somehow this means it is a 19th century fake is simply unscientific.
Like crystal skulls enthusiasts, many ancient astronaut theorists believe that the 12 known ancient quartz skulls do, in fact, have ancient origins and believe they may possess a great, perhaps even otherworldly power, one that has yet to be fully revealed.
There is something definitely ancient about these skulls, and they're not modern carvings.
There were suggestions that these skulls may have been from a nonhuman source.
The evidence for this is scarce, but the-the mythologies and the legends do suggest they were known about in prehistoric times and they were revered.
Several native American tribes have similar stories about ancient crystal skulls that were said to have been left behind by the earliest ancestors way back in the mists of time.
Some believe that these are ancient artifacts left behind by extraterrestrials or that they were remnants left over from the lost civilizations.
According to legend, the secret of the skulls will be revealed when the original 13 skulls come together to form a global grid.
In fact, there are many who believe that this so-called "reunion of the skulls" will awaken sacred knowledge of the gods, knowledge that has been hidden from mankind for thousands of years.
According to some native American myths, there are and each one of those skulls contains the information from one of these planets, including earth.
And the reason why there's a skull contains the knowledge of all those planets.
It's basically a backup.
It's genuinely possible that some of these crystal skulls are many, many thousands of years old.
People have suggested, too, that some crystal skulls aren't from this planet and that they have been brought here from other solar systems.
And, of course, if that were the case, they would have been brought here by extraterrestrials.
Crystal skulls with extraterrestrial origins? Is such a profound theory even possible? Perhaps the answer can be found by examining one of the oldest and most enigmatic crystal skulls ever found.
Lubaantun, Belize, central America.
Here in the jungles of the Yucatan peninsula lay the ruins of an ancient pre-columbian city that thrived in the eighth century a.
In 1924, explorer Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter Anna discover a human-sized skull made of clear quartz crystal.
It has a detachable jaw, making it one of the most unique and anatomically accurate of all the crystal skulls.
Mitchell-Hedges was told by the Mayans that his skull was over 3,600 years old.
This is fascinating because this would predate Mayan civilization.
When Mitchell-Hedges passed away in to his daughter Anna.
She guarded the skull for more than a decade before allowing it to be studied.
And it was studied by a guy named Frank Dorland, and what he found was that the skull was completely baffling to him.
He would come down at night to find the room completely glowing, and the crystal skull was literally lighting up itself a dark room like it was a light.
All kinds of strange phenomena would happen around the skull, including people would hear strange sounds and smell things like sudden flowers and things like that in the room with no explanation but that it was coming from the skull.
So all kinds of unusual things were happening around the skull, and Dorland himself couldn't figure out how the skull had been made.
When it comes to the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, it has been analyzed on a number Frank Dorland in the 1960s did it as a private individual; Hewlett-Packard did it as well; and the British Museum did a very short analysis in 1980 as well.
So this skull has been subjected to a number of detailed scientific analysis.
In all of those occasions, what was found was that it was almost impossible for a human being to make this.
One of the scientists that examined the skull actually said, "this skull shouldn't even "exist.
" And that is really what led to the idea that perhaps these crystal skulls were not made by humans at all.
And many people to this day still believe that to be the case.
The entire mythology of the Mayans is based on extraterrestrial encounters in the past.
Mitchell-Hedges was told by the locals that their ancestors gave that skull to them.
My question is, who were those ancestors, and is their origin out there? And the answer, of course, is yes.
Could the Mitchell-Hedges skull really be an ancient, extraterrestrial relic, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, might this skull and others like it around the world really possess supernatural powers? Perhaps further evidence can be found by examining the history of another crystal skull, one linked to an ancient aboriginal tribe half a world away.
The melanesian islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea.
Eighth century A.
According to legend, aboriginal tribal leaders set sail east toward the Hawaiian islands.
They carry with them a highly revered ancestral crystal skull.
Today, that skull, known as synergy, is under the care of guardian Sherry Whitfield.
It was given to her as a gift by a European businessman.
When I first got the skull, I only knew a little bit of the history of it.
I knew that it had come across the pacific in a Reed canoe.
It had been in Hawaii, on easter island, with the people of the sky.
In the 1600s, the skull was given to a young nun in Peru.
On her deathbed in 1720, she passed the skull to a native family and said, "keep the skull "until the right person comes.
" And she gave them the history.
And they disappeared into the jungle.
In 2005, Whitfield was contacted by a representative of the aboriginal tribe who saw a photograph of synergy in a newspaper.
And he said he brought the photos and he brought the little skull to the shaman and the chief, and everything stopped.
And they declared 24 hours of feasting and telling stories about the skulls.
It was really cool because, really, they don't talk that much about the skulls in their everyday life.
It's part of their sacred secrets and their teachings.
Now, they say that they didn't make the skull, that it was passed to them as a legacy, so it's an ancestral object.
Their legend is that their tribe was started by a white man and a black man, twins.
Their whole religion revolves around twins.
And they have the twin of this skull.
Their legends are that there were two of these skulls made identical.
There's a powerful spirit in crystal skulls.
Melanesia is populated by all different classifications of spirits, of ancestral spirits, meaning spirits of the remote ancestors that have to do with a particular group's creation story or recently dead ancestors.
Spiritual energy in melanesian society is just not for people.
It can be in places, in objects, in plants and animals.
The notion of a spiritual energy that resides in inanimate objects is widespread throughout the South pacific.
Anthropologists who studied melanesian societies in the 19th and early 20th centuries termed this supernatural force "mana.
" The idea of mana is that there is a divine magical energy that is both the source of life and a kind of animating presence in things, in places, in people.
There is reverence for specific objects because they seem particularly strong in this magical power.
Some believe that the power comes from ancestral sources and that the older the ancestors, the greater the power.
These things are incredibly important to the people in all aspects of life like warfare, hunting, gardening, fishing, any type of thing that normal human beings can't control.
And these objects with this ancestral spirit energy, if you control them right and access them right and speak to them right and get their permission and get their aid and get their help, they can, in effect, pre-kill your enemy prior to battle.
Is it really possible for objects like crystal skulls to be possessed by otherworldly spirits, as South pacific islanders believe? And if so, where do these spirits come from? In the South pacific, their ancestral myths talk about people descending from the sky.
One of the mythologies talks about two brothers descending from the sky, barkulkul and marelul.
And the time in which they spent, it was considered to be the golden age.
After that time ended, guess what, the two of them went back up into the sky to return where they came from, the stars.
The core message of crystal skulls is that our ancestors are very specific That these are divine, that these are ancient.
Some of them are definitely known to be used for divination, whereby somebody basically makes contact with an intelligence who is either contactable or resident within this crystal skull.
Could crystal skulls really provide a link to mankind's extraterrestrial ancestors, as many ancient astronaut theorists believe? And if so, is there something unique about the properties of these translucent objects that could enable them to contain supernatural powers? Anglesey, British isles.
Roman soldiers conquer the last stronghold of the druids, a class of mystics and priests whose roots stretch back to the dawn of European civilization.
Everything that we know about the druids, we know through their enemies, the romans, who went to a great deal of trouble to exterminate the druids because they saw them, rightly, as social organizers, as important leaders around whom the Celtic tribes coalesced.
Many powers get attributed to the druidsfor example, that the druids held mystical knowledge.
The druids had a philosophy of reincarnation.
The druids used crystal to tell fortunes, to read the future, to do ecstatic mystical rituals.
The scot highlanders called these "stones of power.
" There's something about the crystal clarity, the strange experience of staring into it, the things one can imagine.
And the crystal ball that grew out of this and used by more recent seers really helped a person slip into a sort of trance state from which they're able to imagine or hear or experience or see something that is taken as important information.
The information was considered to come from the gods or the spirits.
Gazing into a crystal ball was another means in medieval times as to how to come into contact with the world of the divine, to make contact with otherworldly intelligences.
Is it possible that ancient cultures accessed other dimensions through the use of crystal objects, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, might there be a scientific reason why divination objects like crystal skulls are made of this unique material? Crystal has a unique lattice structure, and some people believe that it has an other-dimensional quality.
It can transmit and receive messages from other dimensions and is actually other-dimensional substance itself.
Crystal's ability to communicate inter-dimensionally could explain why people throughout history have used crystal balls to foretell the future or even to look into the past.
And it's interesting because when you think of the legend that crystal skulls were containers of great knowledge, then perhaps there is vast amounts of information, as the native American elders say, inside a crystal skull.
Ancient people were very much aware of how important crystals are and how they are, in a sense, a high-tech object.
But how would they know that? They had to have these high-tech objects in the past, either used by the ancient people or, in a sense, brought to us by extraterrestrials.
Could the inherent properties in crystal allow for inter-dimensional communications and assistance, as some researchers suggest? And might this extraordinary power be used for other, possibly more sinister purposes? Perhaps the answers can be found by examining the tales surrounding another quartz crystal skull, one possessed by one of the most brutal leaders in human history.
Lhasa, Tibet.
March 1959.
As the Chinese begin to invade this capital city, the Dalai lama and a small group of high lamas flee into the treacherous himalayan mountains, risking imprisonment, torture and even death to make the According to reports, in their possession was a 22-pound crystal skull named amar.
I've heard many stories about a high lama who fled from China, took a large crystal skull.
Other Tibetan monks who risked their lives hiding crystal skulls when the Chinese came.
So, that tells me there also is something more than just a physical infatuation with these objects, that there's some spiritual component.
We have a Tibetan priest who hauls a Tibet, specifically to stop it from getting into the wrong hands.
Building a human skull out of crystal could serve as a sort of antenna for the consciousness of someone who is a highly-adept meditator to be able to focus their minds for the purposes of healing, or potentially, for destructive purposes.
If the stories are true, why did the skull's caretakers go to such great lengths to protect the 22-pound object? Could there really be a potentially dangerous component to the amar skull and other crystal skulls, especially if one were to fall into the wrong hands? Bavaria, Germany.
March 2011.
A 20-pound crystal skull is discovered at the former home of a high-ranking Nazi ss officer.
Some researchers believe the skull was once owned by Heinrich Himmler, the sinister henchman of Adolf Hitler and the man who oversaw the extermination of millions of people during world war ii.
I, for one, think that probably Heinrich Himmler, uh, had procured a crystal skull.
The Nazis were really obsessed with procuring ancient knowledge, and part of that ancient knowledge was with the crystal skull.
In the waning days of world war ii, the Nazis were heavily involved in the wonder weapon that was going to change the course of the war and pronounce them as victorious.
Nazis, specifically Hitler, loved the occult.
There's no question that Adolf Hitler, as barbaric and as insane as he was, was into the occult and desperately wanted to possess all these things, because he believed that they would give the Nazis incredible powers.
They basically went on the hunt for as many of these relics and artifacts as they could find to try and find out if these ancient religious relics contained fantastic powers that could be used against the allies during the second world war.
The Nazis were obsessed with skulls and skull imagery, and especially the knowledge of the ancestors.
It's not a stretch, with their interest in ancient occult legends and lore, that the Nazis knew of the tremendous power of the crystal skull.
Is it possible, as many ancient astronaut theorists believe, that Hitler's henchman, Heinrich Himmler, acquired a crystal skull in an effort to direct its power against those who opposed the third reich? The legend says that mankind has to be sufficiently prepared for the knowledge that the crystal skulls contain, because, apparently, this is knowledge that can either be abused or used for good.
In the case of Heinrich Himmler, what we're seeing is a man who is going to will his power over everybody else.
And the question is whether he used the skull into trying to get people to do certain things.
Crystal skulls are said to somehow be able to transform the intention of a human being.
And this is very much a powerful weapon.
This is something which can be used against other human beings.
Are ancient crystal skulls, like the one possessed by Heinrich Himmler, really amplifiers of energy, both positive and negative? And, if so, could the possession of a skull really give its owner potentially destructive powers? Perhaps the answer can be found by examining the possible reason why these mysterious crystal relics were fashioned in the shape of human skulls in the first place.
It may be that building a crystal in the exact shape of the human cranium does have some sort of energetic quality.
The crystallized form of the human skull was believed to represent the eminence of the soul upon death.
It may even be possible that that crystal skull, when it focuses this human energy field, could be used as a form of propelling the aspirant into an out-of-body experience, to resonate with their own skull, to raise the frequency of their bioenergy field, so that they can achieve this out-of-body state.
One interesting thing about a crystal skull is a crystal is a clear thing, and the idea of a skull is a very dark idea.
So you have light and dark combined in the same symbol, and a kind of wisdom comes out of seeing something combined, a holistic bridging of the light and the dark.
Skull motifs are common really throughout the world to signify death and another world, the world of the dead.
In these mythologies, there was another world a death world To which everybody went, really, when they died.
And it was very parallel to our own world.
In Tibetan buddhism, the skull is very powerful.
It has a deep, deep meaning, because it stands for death.
It also stands for the transcendence of death, overcoming of death.
So it's a symbol that also represents impermanence of life.
Were 13 ancient crystal objects shaped like human skulls in an effort to suggest they might have the power of life and death? If so, what is the source of such an awesome ability? And why has it been lost to mankind for centuries? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answers might be found in a mythical lost civilization, one that vanished overnight.
In two of his famous dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, the fourth century B.
Greek philosopher Plato describes this "lost continent" as an island founded by Poseidon, the God of the sea.
Atlantis, at least as imagined by Plato, was very advanced technologically.
Had very advanced and progressive ideas about justice, of law.
In addition to being a sort of technological marvel, it's also a model of ethical, philosophical and moral civilization, as well.
According to ancient astronaut theorists, the Atlantians also used objects made of crystal, not only as a means of harnessing energy, but as a means to store important information, much like a computer.
Part of the lore and legend of Atlantis is that the priests had taken the ancient relics and sacred knowledge of Atlantis and deposited it, or perhaps even encoded it, into crystal objects, including skulls.
According to legend, the continent of Atlantis mysteriously disappeared thousands of years ago.
But if Atlantis actually existed, is it possible that a handful of its citizens survived? And might crystal skulls be among the objects that survived with them? Could this explain why 12 of what are thought to be the original 13 skulls were found in nearly every part of the world? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and for evidence, point to the curious similarities that exist between the ancient Mayans and modern-day tibetans.
What we're finding is that in those places across the world which have said to have been a place of refuge, in those places, we have crystal skulls, specifically Tibet, specifically the Mayan world.
Those two areas are specifically linked as being identified as refuges of the Atlantis civilization.
But what would be so important about the crystal skulls that would compel the doomed citizens of Atlantis to risk their lives in an effort to escape with them? Tokyo, Japan.
The engineering and electronics company, Hitachi, reveals a revolutionary data storage device, a quartz glass chip, which will preserve encoded information for millions of years.
Hitachi announced some very exciting breakthroughs in etching data into actual quartz crystal type materials.
And so, by figuring out a way to burn little holes in the quartz using high-powered lasers, you've now created your ones and zeros, and they were actually doing it at a scale where you can just look at it with a microscope and see the ones and zeroes and read it out.
That chip, if intact, can be read a million years from now.
But that also takes into question, how do you read the chip? Because you need to have the device with which to actually access the information.
And that is the problem we are experiencing with the crystal skulls.
If they contain knowledge, we don't know where the "on" button is.
I would not exclude that in a crystal skull, there is a message, because we can make the most modern little chips out of crystals.
So, I really suggest it has to do something with extraterrestrials.
Maybe there is information in the crystal skull.
But we have not the technology to reach this information.
This is a question of the future.
Modern science has researched and explored the use of quartz crystal in cutting-edge technology and communication.
But some ancient astronaut theorists believe that there is evidence that the ancients also recognized the potential of this uniquely conductive mineral.
Quartz is said to be able to hold power, to be able to absorb energy.
It's been suggested that maybe the ancients used quartz to somehow record things in some way that we don't quite understand, or possibly not to record so much, but to tap into other realms.
Or to be able to use as communication devices.
Certain types of receivers, crystal radios, television sets, other types of communication, and even power for spaceships, can be done through quartz crystals.
NASA even does special experiments in space where they want to grow perfect quartz crystals.
So, the idea of quartz crystal technology being used by extraterrestrials as kind of high-tech technology makes a lot of sense.
What we know as a fact is that crystal is able to store information.
So, what we need to ask ourselves is whether crystal skulls were made out of crystal because our ancestors wanted to put information in them.
While we might not have a means of extracting it, I think we really require it, for ourselves, to try and make an effort to see what kind of information might be present within these crystal skulls.
When we hear these stories about having to bring together all those crystal skulls, where does this premise come from, this idea that they have to come together, and then, something important happens? Well, could it be that each crystal skull might be some type of a computer chip, and that they belong to some motherboard of some extraterrestrial computer, and that the only way it works, if all those skulls come together? Might crystal skulls really be part of an elaborate ancient computer system? Could they be data-gathering devices, used for both recording and transmitting information? Perhaps further evidence can be found by measuring the electromagnetic energy field, or aura, surrounding an actual crystal skull named Einstein.
This is Einstein, believed to be the largest ancient crystal skull as yet discovered.
Its owner, Carolyn Ford, says she obtained the 33-pound crystal object more than 20 years ago, and that she was unaware that it possessed any strange abilities until the day when, she claims, it actually communicated with her.
It was revealed to me by Einstein the moment that I got him, when I knew nothing about crystal skulls, he said, "I'm an ancient computer.
" In fact, I'm a master computer.
And we record everything, like a live feed 24/7.
"And that's our purpose.
" He's been recording history on this planet since the beginning of time, so indeed, he was in Atlantis.
A lot of the ancient crystal skulls have been in Atlantis, and even before that time.
Could the so-called "Einstein skull" really be an artifact from the lost civilization of Atlantis, as its owner claims? Sedona, Arizona.
It's very clear down here, and then it gets cloudy.
Ancient astronaut theorist David Childress enlists the help of aura photography expert Jamie JONES in an effort to test the Einstein skull for unusual energy pulses or auras.
These auras appear as colors that correspond to various physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states.
With aura technology, we're able to use biofeedback imaging to pick up electromagnetic energy field around the human body, and by looking at this, it's amazing.
It's like our blueprint for our life.
And these energies are represented in colors.
I'm not expecting any energy to be coming out of the inanimate object.
So, I'm a little skeptical in that I'm not sure, um, what to expect when I photograph the skull.
And, um, I've been told a lot of things about skulls, as far as information that they're holding, what civilizations they're from, or if they're actually from the extraterrestrials.
So, I'm kind of excited to see this particular skull and what it emits.
Hi, Jamie.
And this is carolyn, and wow, here is the skull.
This is fabulous.
So what do we do? These are biofeedback censors.
And they're gonna be reading the energy, if there's energy around the skull, so you're gonna place it on here for me.
So it has to go on both of the two sensors? This section here.
Yes, because both sensors are picking up energy, so we want as much coverage as possible.
Okay, that's perfect.
All right.
All right, and now, um, you just take a photo of it, huh? We're gonna take a picture.
All right.
I don't have really big expectations, honestly, but I think there is some energy in the skull, so maybe this aura camera can pick it up.
All right, and here is the aura of the skull.
Oh, look at those colors! Okay.
That is amazing.
It's amazing.
Really? Soso what are we looking at here? I mean, here we can see the skull.
It seems to be very strong, warrior-type protective energy, and if you look closely, that energy is arched over.
Literal arc of protection over the skull.
Now, the blue that we see throughout the entire picture is wisdom and knowledge from traveling many lifetimes and many dimensions.
Obviously, this skull has some consciousness and energy around it that it emanates quite strongly, and these other beings with it, as well.
'Cause he calls himself the skull of consciousness.
Oh, there you go, see? Ah, is that right? - Yeah, yeah, so, um - See? Quite profound.
I was surprised really that the aura camera would pick up so much energy from the skull and the different colors.
There's something there.
Does the photographed energy field surrounding Einstein help to prove that the crystal skull could, in fact, be some sort of recording device? An extraterrestrial object used to harness both energy and information? Perhaps until all 13 legendary skulls are discovered, their true power will remain a mystery.
You got to ask yourself, what happens when we do find those crystal skulls that have been around for eons, and we put all 13 together? Is the legend going to come true? Part of this legend is that, yes, these 13 crystal skulls are extraterrestrial skulls.
And when the 13 skulls are together, it'll create a new epoch for planet earth.
I think this planet is up in arms.
So, if the legend's true that the crystal skulls are gonna join together and create this incredible power to help us, it better be sooner than later.
There is certainly a belief amongst certain native American tribes, when humanity is at its most desperate, all of these original ancient crystal skulls will come back together, and that they will divulge their knowledge and wisdom that can help the human race survive.
They specifically say that what will come out of the crystal skulls is the lesson that we are all connected.
So, perhaps the journey to find these crystal skulls is going to help unravel the truth of ancient human origins, which may include the fact that we are not indigenous to this planet and that the human form is far more sacred than we believe.
Could there really be a network of crystal skulls that will, when reunited, harness powerful forces? And, if so, will they reveal the truth about mankind's purpose? There are many who believe the answer is a profound "yes" and that the evidence is right before our eyes.
And as clear as crystal.

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