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Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs

Powerful monarchs Ramses felt that he should have absolute control over everything.
ruling by divine right.
Tracing royal lineage back to a god implies great wisdom, almost celestial power.
Centuries-old dynasties amassing enormous wealth.
The royal family is one of the most successful organizations in the world.
And legendary leaders wielding powerful weapons of mass destruction.
What we're being told is that this was extraterrestrial technology.
Did the power and authority of the world's great kings come from mortal deeds? Or was it granted from otherworldly sources? The rulers saw themselves as direct descendents of gods, and those gods, apparently, were extraterrestrials.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might they have guided us through our emperors, kings and pharaohs? Westminster Abbey, London.
June 2, 1953.
crowned Queen Elizabeth II of England.
She has inherited the British throne following the death of her father, King George VI.
During the coronation ceremony, the young monarch swears to uphold the laws of God and is anointed with sacred oil.
It is an initiation ritual that has remained unchanged for more than a thousand years.
There's a very interesting connection between the Bible and the British monarchy.
So when you've actually examined the oath that the family would swear to, it describes the Bible as the "Oracles of God.
" It is said in the Divine Right of Kings that God chose and appointed these rulers.
Throughout human history, powerful monarchs have created laws, fought wars and explored vast regions of the globe.
They have also used the wealth of their lands to wield enormous power, and all while claiming that they have received their authority from an even higher, otherworldly origin.
This is something we see a lot in highly stratified societies, this belief that the royalty actually was a different sort of person than the common man.
And that therefore this somehow justified their position at the top of the hierarchy.
And this is usually done religiously, to say that, in a sense, the kings or the rulers or the pharaohs or whoever, were to some degree, divine.
There's no question that those in control believed that they had the connection with the divine, they had the connection with the gods, they had the connection with the other world.
Is it possible that ancient rulers were, in fact, connected to divine or, some would say, extraterrestrial forces? And if so, how? And what was their purpose? According to ancient astronaut theorists, part of the answer can be found by looking into the extraordinary origins of the Egyptian pharaohs.
Abu Simbel, Egypt.
Here on the western bank of Lake Nasser, are two massive rock temples.
Carved out of the mountain side, they were built during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC.
Ramses II, also known as Ramses The Great, was probably the greatest of the builders of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.
He did this, basically, to impress upon everybody just how great he was.
What he created was a series of absolutely gigantic statues of himself, and certain gods which formed the entrance into a rock-cut series of inner temples, shrines, and ruins.
Ramses is forever here.
When one comes here, you almost feel him around.
He leaves this great temple here, so that he could constantly communicate with his cosmic afterworld and his earthly domain.
Within the main temple of Abu Simbel are statues of Ramses depicted, not just as a mortal king and warrior, but as the Egyptian god of the afterlife, Osiris.
According to the Pyramid Texts, ancient Egyptian religious writings that date back to the the offspring of the Earth god Geb, and the sky goddess, Nut, and often portrayed as green-skinned.
He was considered to be a wise and beloved ruler who married his sister Isis, and was murdered by his brother Set.
Osiris and Set were in conflict.
The story goes that Set, being jealous of his more successful brother, kills him and cuts his body into 14 pieces.
Isis, in despair, collects the bodies and performs the first magical ritual of resurrection.
Isis, the wife and sister, finds a way to revive Osiris briefly and conceive a son.
The son is a god; the god Horus.
Horus grows up and avenges his father, defeats Set, and becomes the first Horus king of the land of Egypt, the cosmic land of Egypt, the land of the gods.
Is it possible that Ramses II was, as he claimed, an actual physical descendant of Osiris? And if the legends are to be believed, does this lineage suggest that Ramses was, in fact, an extraterrestrial hybrid part human, part so-called god? As pharaoh, Ramses considered himself the embodiment of Horus Essentially, the sun god on Earth during his lifetime, and then once he passed on to the afterlife, he became essentially one with the gods, forming his rightful place in the everlasting pantheons of the gods.
The myth of Osiris was extremely important in the credibility of the rulers of Egypt.
Every pharaoh saw himself as a reincarnation of Horus, the god of the daylight, the god of life, and the personification of Osiris, the god of the unseen and the underworld, the afterlife.
And so, consequently, the reason in ancient Egypt that the pharaoh had the right to tell you exactly what to do and you had to obey him was because he was a direct descendant of a god, in fact, a demigod himself.
Was Ramses II's otherworldly connection the reason he became one of the most powerful pharaohs in ancient Egypt? And what does this say about Egypt's other legendary rulers? Could they have been, as their legends claim, actual descendants of extraterrestrial beings? According to researchers, additional evidence can be found in the design and construction of the Abu Simbel temples.
We're in the Osirian hall.
Amazing how they carved this out of the living rock, slowly cutting, slowly fashioning, and they produced this.
It's extraordinary.
The temple at Abu Simbel was built with astonishing precision.
Twice a year, light from the morning sun traveled down the entire expanse of the temple cave to the very back wall, illuminating the statue of Ramses seated amongst the gods.
Ramses saw himself as a living god, and because of this, he felt that he should have this absolute control over everything, that he himself could even get the sun to shine in this way, as if the sun itself was working on behalf of him.
But how and why did Ramses design and build such a sophisticated structure more than 3,000 years ago? Was it designed to channel some cosmic or otherworldly power? The world of the spirit and the world of matter seem divided at times.
But a great leader, like Ramses II, understands that the mysteries need to be concrete.
There's a need for building, and in these monuments and palaces and other structures that Ramses built, there will be depictions of himself as a god, or in the company of gods, showing a divine connection to his rule and to the people.
There are stories in which Ramses himself claims that he was in direct contact with the guardians of the sky.
Now, who were these guardians of the sky? Were they just fantasy or did they really exist? Ramses II and all the Egyptian pharaohs, I mean, they saw themselves as direct descendants of gods, and their genetic material and their blood was the same blood that was coming from the gods and those gods, apparently, were extraterrestrials.
Is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that the legends and stories of Osiris, along with the architectural wonders like the temples of Abu Simbel, provide evidence that the pharaohs of ancient Egypt had, in fact, otherworldly origins? And if so, might similar legends of divine rulers throughout the world reveal extraterrestrial connections? Perhaps the answers can be found by examining the celestial origins of some of Asia's greatest emperors.
Xinzheng, China.
It was here that Huangdi, a mythical ancient leader known as the Yellow Emperor, is believed to have reigned throughout the 27th century B.
Viewed by many as the father of Chinese culture, the Yellow Emperor has been credited with creating traditional Chinese medicine such as acupuncture, and introducing advancements like wooden houses, the bow and arrow, bronze coins, and a written language.
The Yellow Emperor is, according to most Chinese, a legendary figure.
He's a cultural hero as well as a ruler, but at the same time, he's also believed to be, actually, the founder of Chinese civilization.
In fact, just about everything that you would think as the basic elements of civilization is somehow associated with the Yellow Emperor.
According to some researchers, the Yellow Emperor, like other ancient rulers, possessed otherworldly power, and they believe the proof can be found by looking at the celestial origins of this mysterious leader.
Like the Egyptians, the ancient Chinese believed their emperors received their powers and abilities from the heavens.
The Chinese emperor is actually called "son of heaven.
" What that means is that the emperor earns his right to rule people because he received a certain guidance from heaven to rule.
Heaven is always sending down these messages telling the emperor when is the best time to harvest, when is the best time to sow seeds, when to actually wage a war.
So, um, it's very important for the emperor, then, to read the signs.
According to ancient Chinese legends, the Yellow Emperor was floating through space.
He saw that the people of Earth were sad and poor, but he saw potential.
So in order to help the people, he descended from the sky and taught those people different scientific disciplines.
The Yellow Emperor comes down to bring comfort, order and leadership to his people.
So there's a direct connection between the divine realms and the beginnings of our personality, our identity, our nation.
According to legend, after ruling for 100 years, the Yellow Emperor made preparations to leave his earthly kingdom.
After Huangdi's work was done on planet Earth, he returned to the stars, and he did this by doing something very specific.
He installed a cauldron, and the moment he installed that thing, according to the ancient legends, the heavens opened.
A yellow dragon comes down from the heavens, and he rides the dragon out into the and becomes stars himself.
Mysterious cauldrons? Flying dragons? Could these fantastic notions really have played a part in the fate of China's Yellow Emperor? Or is there another, perhaps more plausible, explanation? Are we really just talking about folklore here? Or did something actually happen in real life? And of course, the answer is that something was witnessed by our ancestors that they could best describe with the vocabulary that was available to them at the time.
When we look at the story of the Yellow Emperor ascending into heaven, this to me sounds like the description of some type of UFO encounter.
It's very possible that the Yellow Emperor was actually traveling on a UFO.
Is it possible the Yellow Emperor was, in fact, an extraterrestrial being one that traveled to and from Earth by means of a spacecraft? If so, might there be similar descriptions of close encounters found in the historical accounts of other, perhaps even more mysterious, Far Eastern emperors? Japan.
Emperor Jimmu becomes the first ruler of the island nation's imperial family.
According to legend, the ancient Japanese also believed Jimmu was the direct descendent of the sun goddess Amaterasu.
The Japanese people worshipped a deity named Amaterasu who was believed to shine like the sun.
She sent her descendants to Earth in order to bring order out of chaos.
Japan's first emperor, Jimmu, directly connected himself as a descendant of Amaterasu, therefore setting up his lineage in connection to this divinity.
He was the man who united the island of Japan's various warring factions into, into one country.
And all emperors since Jimmu have all claimed descent from the sun goddess.
And the reason why the Japanese flag has this rising sun is that it represents the descent from the sun goddess.
According to legend, the sun goddess, Amaterasu, gave three gifts to Jimmu: a mirror a jewel and a sword.
Known as the Imperial Regalia of Japan, it is believed that, with these divine artifacts, Jimmu was able to control his empire.
Apart from the emperor and a few elite priests, no one is ever allowed to see them.
So where they are, nobody knows, but it is said that in three separate shrines in Japan, which are also tourist attractions, somewhere deep inside them, the priesthood keeps these secret crown jewels that no one is ever allowed to see.
But what unique powers might these three divine gifts have possessed? Might they have been not merely symbols of power, but examples of highly advanced extraterrestrial technology? According to legend, this mirror was quite extraordinary.
They say in this mirror he could see what happened at every minute around all the islands in the Pacific Ocean.
At every minute! So what is this mirror, some technical device? So what is it, that we're looking at here? Well, if you look at it from a perspective of misunderstood technology, then next time you look at your computer monitor and you're looking at a YouTube clip from, let's say, the Iguazu Falls, then you are looking at a magic mirror that shows you everything in the world.
You have to wonder here, whether these objects had more power than just an ordinary thing.
And perhaps they were actually highly technical objects, given to him by extraterrestrials, by the gods, to help him first emperor.
Might Jimmu's mirror really have been a technological device, given to the emperor in an effort to help him rule his people? Does it suggest the emperor was actually an alien being? Or was he a human messenger employed by the gods to impose order and propagate the notion that otherworldly visitors were to be regarded by humans as gods? Perhaps the proof can be found by examining the legends of other ancient kings and rulers rulers who some believe had even more powerful and deadly extraterrestrial technology.
November 13, 2012.
Every fall, Hindus throughout the world celebrate in a festival of lights called Diwali.
Diwali is a five-day festival of lights, which is as important to the Hindus as Christmas is to Christians.
The Hindus celebrate this festival with great reverence.
The festival commemorates King Rama, one of the most popular figures of Hinduism.
But just who was King Rama? And why is this ancient leader so revered, even to this day? Hindus believe that Rama was a real physically historical king who lived Now, Rama was supposed to bring writing and enlightenment and philosophy and all sorts of various other engineering skills to humanity.
In Hindu mythology, Rama is described as the embodiment of truth and goodness, and it is said that he was a reincarnation of the blue-skinned god Vishnu.
According to the Hindu texts, Rama's rise to power began after a battle he waged with a ten-headed demon king named Ravana who had kidnapped his wife.
Rama goes in search of his wife who was kidnapped by Ravana.
There's a long battle between Ravana and Rama and his army.
Rama used an incredibly sophisticated device called the Brahmastra to kill the demon king and rescue his wife.
Known to cause severe damage, it was a weapon for which there was no defense.
Brahmastra is the most deadliest weapon ever conceived or ever produced in Hinduism, and Brahmastra, obviously, as the name suggest, it was created by god Brahma himself.
It was a weapon that was so powerful that when it was used, it would absolutely annihilate the enemy completely and would also make the whole environment around where the weapon was used completely desolate.
What this sounds like is something that we would create today.
It actually sounds like the effects of a nuclear bomb.
Might the Brahmastra, as described in ancient Indian texts, really have existed? And if so, where did it come from? Might it have been something like a nuclear weapon one created by the gods and used by Rama, thousands of years ago? In the case of the ancient Indian epics, what we're being told is that this was technology of the gods, that this was extraterrestrial technology which was somehow used or at least could be used on planet Earth and which could result in the complete destruction or annihilation of the human species.
Did King Rama possess a deadly, perhaps nuclear, power? If so, do the stories of the Brahmastra help to prove that Rama and other ancient rulers like him descended from extraterrestrial beings? Sanchi, India.
Here, 400 miles south of New Delhi, lies the Great Stupa, a dome-shaped Buddhist shrine.
This incredible structure was first commissioned in the third century BC by Ashoka the Great, an emperor who ruled over most of India by 263 BC.
Ashoka the Great was intent in conquering all of India.
So there was one place that he had not been able to conquer, and he finally mounts this attack.
It is said that many thousands of people were killed soldiers from both sides.
When he went to the battleground, he became very, very moved by this horrendous scene, and then he became a changed man and he devoted all of his time in propagating the peaceful message of the Buddha.
But according to the second century Sanskrit text called the Ashokavadana, there is another, even more profound, tale describing Ashoka's transformation from brutal tyrant to religious leader, one that some believe provides evidence of an otherworldly influence.
A wandering monk was imprisoned by Ashoka.
He throws this man into a cauldron and wants to boil him alive.
At this point, the monk levitates up into the air.
The eyewitness reports say that the monk's body was half fire, and half flowing water.
Ashoka was so amazed by what he saw that he completely shut down the torture prisons.
After Ashoka's conversion, he gets so engaged in the Buddhist tradition that he begins building stupas, most notably the one at Sanchi.
Like other stupas throughout Asia, Ashoka's great monument has become one of the most important places of Buddhist pilgrimage.
Pilgrims would make a visit to the stupa in order to receive blessings and prayer energy.
Ashoka built stupas and other structures throughout Asia that were inscribed with his teachings, and from this, we get the idea that he was trying to communicate through stone throughout time and generations.
But just what was Ashoka trying to communicate? Is it possible, as some researchers believe, that Ashoka had experienced an extraterrestrial encounter? And if so, might stupas actually represent something much more technological and with origins even more out of this world? When you look at the structure of these stupas, it certainly appears as if there may be some reference being made in their shape, to actual extraterrestrial piloted vehicles.
This may be related to the Hindu legend of the vimana, which is allegedly a noiseless, wingless aircraft that flies through the air.
Vimanas are described in the Hindu epics, and their mission is to transport gods, primarily, and the gods are the owners of these vehicles because they are worthy of traveling through space very fast.
These people built, in stone, objects which they seem to have seen in the sky, in flight, at some point, no doubt, landed on the surface of the Earth as well.
When these objects left, they began to build them in stone so that they would have reminders that this was the instruments in which the gods came to them.
Might the Great Stupa really have been built to symbolize vimanas, the mythological flying machines described in ancient Hindu texts? And if so, might this provide even more compelling proof that powerful leaders like Rama and Ashoka the Great were in direct contact with extraterrestrial beings? Perhaps additional evidence can be found by looking at the extraordinary bloodline of one of the most powerful and enduring royal families in human history.
London, England.
June, 2012.
Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, commemorating 60 years on the British throne.
The 87-year-old monarch presides over the United Kingdom and with a combined population of more than 134 million people.
Her grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, are heirs to the throne, in the line of succession after their father, Prince Charles.
But from where does the British monarchy claim its authority? And what are the origins of its vast wealth and symbolic power? Queen Elizabeth II has sat on the throne since 1952.
And she has huge prestige because the royal family in this country is one of the most successful organizations, institutions in the world.
One of the most important things for any leader is their bloodline to be continued.
We want the best for our own children, our own offspring, as if it's some form of immortality.
The succession of power in ancient civilizations depended very much on bloodlines.
Like other European monarchies, the British royal family has fiercely protected the integrity of its bloodlines for thousands of years, but why? What exactly is so unique or significant about royal bloodlines? Various leaders of ancient cultures went to considerable lengths to make sure that their own bloodline continued as the, uh, the ruling elite.
For example, the pharaohs of Egypt married their own sisters or mothers.
The famous Tutankhamen was married to his own sister, and previous to that he was married to his own grandmother, so that they could keep the blood within the same family.
So if you were of the same blood as Cyrus, Ramses, Alexander the II, Leonidas of Sparta, you had some kind of claim to recognition.
In the ancient world, it was seen as extending to the right to rule.
It gave legitimacy.
It gave continuity.
It gave certainty.
That is still recognized in some respects now.
We have had, for instance, father and son presidents of the United States.
We've had a series of members of the same family running India.
We have even had tyrannies in North Korea, father-son inheritance.
It's extraordinary the extent to which this still exists.
It is important for people to feel their leaders are extraordinary, not common.
So much is focused on the bloodlines.
Have they descended from the gods? Have they descended from rulers that were unusually exceptional? And it was something that they would obviously pass on into the successive generations, so that if you had that blood, you also had that power of connection with the gods.
According to some researchers, the bloodline of Queen Elizabeth II can be traced all the way back to that of a mythical deity named Woden.
If we look closely, the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, could trace lineage to Woden through the kings of Wessex.
Woden is supposedly an ancient king.
He is obviously a variation on the Norse god Odin or the German Wotan, but he is a mighty, powerful, furious leader, a semi god or a god in his own right.
He is also a warrior leader, so he is a very exciting, ecstatic energy.
Now interestingly, the legends associated with this god, Woden, was that usually, around midwinter, the god Woden would lead a great hunt across the skies.
All these horsemen would be seen flying across the skies.
It's described that when Woden would pass overhead, that people would witness seeing strong winds and hearing thunderous claps of sound.
And Woden, in some legends, was said to have been seen riding an eight-legged horse.
In ancient English legends, Woden was known as the god of wind, and whenever he appeared, he flew across the sky in a fiery eight-legged horse.
Now, what does that mean? Whatever it was they encountered, that they witnessed up in the sky could best be described as an eight-legged horse because they didn't have the vocabulary for spacecraft.
But did, as mainstream scholars suggest, Queen Elizabeth's ancestors simply claim a blood connection to Woden, in an effort to strengthen and legitimize their reign? Or is it possible that the British monarch is an actual flesh-and-blood descendant of otherworldly beings? Tracing royal lineage back to a god implies great wisdom, almost celestial power, a connection to the divine, truly making the gods on our side.
Kings and queens all over the world, particularly in Europe, they are from a special bloodline and they make a big deal of that.
So you have to ask yourself, what is it about their blood, as opposed to other people's blood, that's so special? Might ancient royalty's possible extraterrestrial origins explain why monarchs have protected their bloodlines for centuries? Or might there be another even more biological reason? What if the proof could be seen with the naked eye? Not in ancient monuments or deciphered texts, but in our own DNA? The Mongol Empire in the 13th century AD.
This massive kingdom, one that stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Sea of Japan, was forged by the emperor Genghis Khan.
Uniting the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia, historians believe that by the time of his death in 1227, Genghis Khan ruled over as many as 100 million people.
Many people think of the great empires of the world, such as the Roman Empire, the empire of Alexander the Great, or the British Empire, but the greatest in landmass area the world has ever seen was the empire of Genghis Khan.
He and his immediate descendants conquered all of China, conquered most of what's now Russia and half of Europe.
It was an astonishing empire and built by people who had had really no proper civilization before that.
Although generally believed to be a brutal and bloody conqueror, Genghis Khan also brought communication, technology, justice, and prosperity to his people.
He attributed his success to Tengri, the god of the eternal blue sky.
Genghis Khan was known to disappear for days and climb the most sacred mountain of Asia in order to commune with Tengri, who imparted to him not only battle plans but spiritual capability that made him the amazing leader that he was.
Genghis Khan believed Tengri to be his sky father and claimed that he had a direct genetic connection with Tengri.
He even referred to himself as a man from the sky.
Now if this is actually the case, Genghis Khan might have some type of extraterrestrial component to him.
We know that scientifically today, one in 200 people can actually be traced back to Genghis Khan.
So if Genghis Khan does have any extraterrestrial genetics to him, it's possible that over 16 million people now share this same gene.
Is it possible that Genghis Kahn did, in fact, have extraterrestrial ancestry as he himself claimed? And if so, might evidence of that alien biology appear in certain bloodlines, even today? London, England.
January, 2013.
Researchers at the University College London announce their discovery of a unique DNA sequence, one that suggests that some people may, in fact, be born to lead.
Comparing DNA samples taken from sets of twins, both fraternal and identical, scientists were able to determine that as much as 24% of leadership behavior could be attributed to genetics.
These are classical twin studies.
The identical twins are genetically identical, non-identical twins are, basically, like siblings.
The kids were asked whether, in their job, they supervised someone or they did not supervise one.
This was the question that the research team associated with leadership quality, yes or no.
Minor changes in the genetic composition were then correlated with the incidence of having a leadership or not having a leadership based on the answer to the question, and it was demonstrated that one particular genotype associates with having a leadership role.
Before this, it was assumed that leadership was learned, but now we know that leadership has a direct genetic component to it, and it can, in fact, be inherited.
But is it really possible that the world's legendary leaders might have shared a common genetic trait? A so-called leadership gene? And might this gene have been not a product of genetic evolution, but inherited by mankind from some otherworldly source? A long, long time ago, the gods from outer space were on Earth, and they definitely made a genetical change with some of our humans.
These humans obviously are of a little higher level than the rest of mankind.
Just like today, we want to view our leaders as being special, smarter than us, more capable, and it's the same thing in ancient times, too.
The rulers were special.
They somehow had God in their bloods.
They were descendants of the gods.
They had special DNA.
One thing is certain and that is if it wasn't for these ancient peoples believing that their kings and emperors were divine, there is very little to have held these early civilizations together, and believing that your leader was somehow a god or descended from a god, kept people together, and so it's a part of survival of the human race.
Many of our greatest rulers were guided or influenced directly, according to what they say, by celestial beings.
Perhaps it is this influence that gave some of these rulers the capacity to change human history.
Were there really extraterrestrial influences steering the emperors, kings and pharaohs of the ancient world? And if so, ds this mean that the blood of the so-called gods doesn't only flow throughout the veins of today's monarchs, but in the DNA of millions of people ving throughout the world? The implications are both astonishing and profound, because it may not be that we need to wait for Earth's alien ancestors to return.
Maybe they are already here.

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