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Aliens and Forbidden islands

Megalithic structures in the middle of the ocean.
Legends state that the stones were actually flown from one part of the island to another.
Terrifying creatures There are stories about giants killing people and taking over things.
And mysterious events on the open sea.
How can an island just disappear? Are the stories of lost civilizations and unreachable paradises simply the product of imaginative seafarers? Or could there be remote locations all over the world that are secret bases for extraterrestrials? There have been sightings on the Isle of Man, going back centuries, of what are described as "fiery wheels" in the sky.
They're in the middle of the ocean.
There's just nothing that's supposed to be there, and yet there's activity being reported there.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might we find proof by exploring the world's forbidden islands? March 1963.
While training in anti-submarine maneuvers, the United States Navy's fleet led by the USS Wasp aircraft carrier detects an unknown sonar target moving in the nearby waters.
For four days the fleet tracked the unknown object, recording its speed at more than 150 knots, or 170 miles per hour.
There is nothing in any naval inventory anywhere in the world that can approach anything remotely that speed.
Not then, not now.
Moreover, the object descended to a depth of something like 27,000 feet.
Again, another impossibility.
The pressures down there are vastly too much.
They would crush any vessel that went down that deep.
At that time, the technology that we had, the best that we could do underwater was about 45 knots at a maximum depth of about 3,000 feet.
For the last hundred, been many, many accounts of objects that have been seen underwater.
But exactly what they are we still do not know.
There's been a tremendous surge of UFO sightings in Puerto Rico since the early 1990s.
And for many of the Puerto Rican witnesses, they're absolutely convinced that there's some sort of massive futuristic installation deep below Puerto Rico, under the ocean bed.
Is it possible that aliens have bases here on Earth, hidden deep underwater and off the coasts of islands? Could this explain why so many islands around the world have stories of unexplained sightings of objects both overhead and Isolated island would be a perfect location for, say, extraterrestrial beings to make their base of operations.
Radar could spot any kind of craft in orbit very quickly.
However, if you had your base underwater, near an island a lot more difficult to be discovered.
Islands are essentially mountains that are mostly underwater.
What they are, in essence, is energetic upwellings of the energy of the earth, pushing higher and higher and higher.
Logically, these types of locations would be very attractive to visitors from another world, especially visitors that would be looking for an ideal place to set up a base, or a landing spot, or simply a place where they could draw some of the earth's energy.
The Aleutian Islands.
Just off the Alaskan coast, this chain of more than 100 small islands extends west for 1,100 miles, separating the Bering Sea from the Pacific Ocean.
Here, in the summer of 1945, 14 crew members of the United States army transport Delarof reported seeing what they believed to be a large UFO emerge from the waters near the island of Adak.
It is reported that a round object that appeared dark, um, against the setting sun at the time, actually rose up vertically into the air and then circled the boat two, or possibly three, times.
And was visible for about seven or eight minutes before it vanished.
Something that comes out of the water, circles around and then takes off like that, uh, that's well beyond anything we're supposed to have.
And they're in the middle of the ocean.
That's the important thing to remember here.
There's just nothing, nothing that's supposed to be there, and yet there's activity being reported there.
UFO sightings around the Aleutian Islands continue to this day.
But why? Is it perhaps more than mere coincidence that the native people known as the Aleuts believe this is the exact spot where their ancestors first The Aleuts believe they descended from a creature that had come from the sky.
A dog, actually, had fallen to the island of Umnak and had had two pups with paws.
But the children that came from those two were perfect humans.
So by way of this descent from the heavens and by way of animal form, we get the Aleutian people.
I find it intriguing that the Aleut's origin story has something to do with them having arrived from the sky, essentially saying that they have been seeded.
So the fact that, to this day, that area of the world is considered a hot spot for UFO's is not coincidence.
There have been rumors that there is an underground alien or UFO base in the Aleutian Islands.
The question is: could a base really exist there? And the answer is yeah.
There's plenty of places knolls, atolls, volcanoes where, if hollowed out, they would pretty much make ideal bases for UFOs to use to come and go as they please, and to investigate that area.
Could there really be a connection between the high number of UFO sightings and the Aleuts' origin story? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and as evidence, they point to the fact that similar legends exist on other remote islands islands that have also had reports of UFOs.
Aleutian Islands, nestled in the Irish Sea, lies the Isle of Man.
According to legend, the Isle of Man was founded by a mystical race of Celts, the Tuatha Dé Danann, who possessed magical powers.
Banished from heaven for their sorcery and advanced knowledge, they descended on Ireland in a cloud of mist.
It's said that at the end of their time, they just sort of vanished.
Left behind their ghosts, quite literally, and these are remembered in the folklore of the Isle of Man as the "Little People.
" The so-called "Little People" are believed by the locals to be able to put humans under a magical spell a spell in which all awareness of space and time is lost.
Kidnapping human beings is one of the chief activities of the Little People.
And the whole point of these stories is that the humans tend to come back from the other realm, often finding that hundreds of years have passed.
And this sounds really, really similar to what people experience sometimes during alien abduction events where a ship will show up, the very small aliens will come out.
They'll find themselves paralyzed, they'll have missing time experiences.
And there's reason to believe that the Little People may have, in fact, been extraterrestrials; the same "greys," as we describe them, that perform the same types of magical enchantment on people that they abduct today.
Could the legends of the Little People and the ancestral Tuatha de Danann actually be describing otherworldly beings that came to Earth in the distant past? And if so, might these legends be connected to modern-day UFO sightings over the Isle of Man? Locals claim that these UFO sightings have been reported for centuries and for ancient astronaut theorists, the most compelling sighting of all is a wheel with three spokes descending from the heavens.
According to legend on the Isle of Man, some fishermen were washed ashore during a terrible storm.
Suddenly this three-spoked craft came out of the clouds terrifying them.
There have been sightings on the Isle of Man going back centuries of what are described as wheels or "fiery wheels" in the sky.
Now, these descriptions are almost identical to the description of the wheel of Ezekiel in the Bible.
According to Ezekiel, chapter one, the prophet saw a flying object described as four wheels within a wheel, an account that ancient astronaut theorists say is not of an angel, but of an Biblical scholars have very much struggled with the description of Ezekiel's wheel, seeing wheels within wheels, the idea that a cherub was standing next to each wheel.
It's very clear that he's describing some type of device.
Ezekiel describes wheels within a wheel, and eyes of different animals, and they're all gleaming like bronze and metal.
So what is really It reads much more like an encounter with some type of an extraterrestrial craft that was misinterpreted as some type of a divine event.
So you have to think really that Isle of Man was some kind of island that was chosen by the extraterrestrials.
This was one of their bases.
They would land their UFOs there.
And in fact, legends about UFO's and extraterrestrials continue on the island even to this day.
Could these islands actually contain alien base camps, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? And might these powerful locations reveal important knowledge for mankind? Perhaps clues can be found in another mysterious Pacific island chain 9,200 miles to the southeast, an area rumored to be inhabited by giants.
The Solomon Islands.
New Guinea, this group of nearly Though first discovered in 1568 by Spanish explorers, many people identify this area with World War II due to the fierce fighting that occurred between the Japanese and Americans on the largest island here, Guadalcanal.
In a campaign that lasted over six months, a total of 41 warships were sunk and over The Americans and Japanese, they left behind a lot of the remnants of the war.
Ships that were sunk, for instance.
And then on land you have leftovers of tanks and a lot of ammunitions as well.
There was a place close to where I went to school called Hell's Point and it's full of live ammunitions.
But Guadalcanal is also infamous for something else: the countless local legends of giants.
There are mysterious legends all over the Solomons, actually.
A lot of the stories from Guadalcanal tend to talk about giants; the relationship between people and giants.
Giants are often portrayed in different ways.
Sometimes they are benevolent giants; they help people; they look after people.
But there are stories about giants killing people and taking over things.
So giant is a major character in a lot of the Guadalcanal stories.
There are legends and stories that go way back that suggest that giants actually still live on the Solomon Islands.
Some say they're kind of hairy beast, Sasquatch-like kind of beings.
Others say they're more humanoid.
Some say they even relate and kind of mate with the human population.
According to local legends, those giants were able to travel the entire length of the island without seeing the light of day by utilizing subterranean tunnels.
People talk about it that giants actually do exist.
They existed in the past.
Today, with all kinds of developments taking place, they shifted further into the mountains.
They really do exist.
It's not just a mythology to scare children.
According to one report, in 1998, workers during a gold-mining operation witnessed what they believe is proof of the existence of the giants of Guadalcanal when one of their bulldozers broke down.
The workers say they removed the ten-ton blade from the machine to make overnight repairs, and when they returned to the dig site the next morning, they were The blade itself had been moved quite a distance, and they found footprints of giants in the mud.
So they could only assume that these famous giants of the Solomon Islands had been there and moved the bulldozer blade.
Could Guadalcanal really be home to giants? If so, what are they? And where did they come from? In the book Solomon Islands Mysteries, author Marius Boirayon, a retired helicopter engineer who lived on the Solomon Islands for many years interviewing locals, unveils a groundbreaking theory.
The Australian author Boirayon believed that incidents of the giants that he'd been told about by the natives were related to UFO activity.
And from what he could put together, there was some kind of UFO base deep in the mountains of central Guadalcanal and it involved these giants.
And at the same time, there was some kind of underwater UFO base there, as well.
Eyewitness accounts of UFOs have been documented on the Solomon Islands for years, and mysteriously, details reveal that the UFOs seem to rise out of the surrounding ocean where warships sank in World War II and vanish into a remote mountain lake on the island.
People often talk about seeing light not only in the sky, but in the ocean as well.
That you see lights in the ocean and then you see lights flying past, uh, overhead, as well.
And sometimes crashing into the ocean There have been sightings of flying saucers appearing over the wreckage, flying into and out of mountains and volcanoes in the area.
So, the whole area is really pretty interesting.
There have been reports that objects, strange lights, actually rise up out of the waters into the air, and move about for a period of time, and then disappear.
And often this is either witnessed from the beach, or is experienced at close hand by fishermen, and it is said that sometimes these objects come so close that the fisherman can actually feel the heat as they pass.
There was a lot of local people who had said, "Yes.
For many years we've seen these "types of things happening.
" There are numerous accounts of abductions, people who disappear after coming into contact with these UFOs, never to be seen again.
Could there be a connection between the legends of the giants of Guadalcanal and the numerous UFO sightings that have been reported here over the years? And might this be evidence that Guadalcanal really is the site of an underwater alien base? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the answers can be found by examining stories of other strange creatures said to inhabit the island creatures like the Adaro.
The Adaro are frightening-looking creatures: half fish, half man.
They were said to have come from the sun by way of rainbows, and they could be dangerous.
They could shoot poisonous flying fish at you.
So the notion of some creature that was of danger and mythological qualities coming from far away seems alive and well in the Solomon Islands.
Chua-Chua is the story that a lot of people on Guadalcanal know about, that these are actually human beings.
But at certain time they take different forms.
These are energies that can shape shift into any form.
These are not just stories for entertainment or for scaring the children.
These fears are great.
You have to wonder if these famous giants of the Solomon Islands and these weird beings were, in fact, extraterrestrials that were there to protect these secret bases.
Is it possible that the stories of giants, sea monsters, and other strange beings on Guadalcanal are really accounts of extraterrestrials who appear as frightening creatures in order to scare off anyone who might discover their secret alien bases? The Solomon Islands is right on what we call the Ring of Fire.
A lot of volcanic activity.
A lot of tectonic and geo activity.
So there's a lot of energy there.
One theory would simply be that if these other beings, whatever they are, wanted access to a good source of energy, that might be a very good place to go.
Could the stories from the Aleutian Islands, the Isle of Man, and the Solomon Islands be evidence that there are alien bases located beneath our seas? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and point to an island on the other side of the world that has archaeologists mystified even to this day.
The Island of Pohnpei.
More than 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii, completely isolated in the Pacific Ocean, this Micronesian landmass is home to just 34,000 people, mainly farmers and fishermen.
But there is one area of the island that is completely uninhabited: the Lost City of Nan Madol.
The native islanders believe this ancient site is cursed, and it is also home to some of the most mysterious archaeological ruins in the world.
Built on a coral reef just off the eastern coast of Pohnpei and sprawling more than 200 acres, Nan Madol consists of 92 smaller man-made islands connected by canals.
According to historians, this ancient city, often called the Venice of the Pacific, was the capital of the Saudeleur dynasty that ruled from about 500 to 1628 AD.
This ancient city housed the Saudeleurs, the kings of that time.
So it has their houses.
It has feasting areas.
It has tombs.
So there's a whole number of areas that each of these islets supported.
Most archaeologists agree that construction of these artificial islands began sometime in the 13th century.
Each has been formed with columnar basalt, a black rock that forms when basaltic lava from a volcano cools in the form of columns.
There are a number of columnar basalt outflows across Pohnpei itself.
And we know of several of these outcrops that were used to mine the basalt.
They were then transported to the area of Nan Madol, and then placed to create these small islets.
But how did native people living here 800 years ago manage to build 92 islets out of giant basalt columns? Researchers estimate that each stone log used to construct the megalithic structures weighs between 5 to 50 tons.
Stacked to form walls as high as archaeologists believe that it was an undertaking that most likely would have required all Around the ruins of Nan Madol are many canals, which researchers and archeologists say were the routes taken by boats to move these basalt columns across and around the island to construct the huge megalithic site.
Mainstream scholars insist people built Nan Madol using ropes, rollers and rafts, but attempts to prove this theory have failed.
If you add up all of these stone logs, you have a weight of 750,000 or so metric tons.
That's a lot.
If you were to move maybe 2,000 tons a year, you might be able to get it built over about three centuries.
We're talking about a major, massive effort here.
The kind of effort that you would see in the construction of the pyramids in Egypt.
But could there be another explanation for how these ancient people were able to move such massive rocks miles across the island and into place in the ocean without the help of modern machinery? According to local legends, the ancient builders used a much more profound method of construction: an advanced anti-gravitational technology that ancient astronaut theorists believe may explain many of the world's mysterious megalithic sites.
Some legends state that the stones were actually flown from one part of the island to another or levitated some way to get them up to such high areas of the main This is very reminiscent of what researchers call "auditive levitation," which was a technique of raising heavy stones by matching the sound frequency of matter, rendering it weightless and moving it into place.
The people themselves who still to this day live there in Pohnpei say that this place was not built by us; it's been here before we arrived.
And they themselves say that basalt blocks were moved as if by ghost hand.
That is why the natives call Nan Madol also the "City of Ghosts.
" Although no written records on the island's history exist, its spoken myths and legends have survived through generations.
According to the natives, Nan Madol has been plagued by a curse for centuries, and anyone who explores the ruins will perish.
The local islanders believe that the city of Nan Madol is cursed.
And they say they see lights moving throughout the city at night.
And they believe that if they spend the night there, they'll die.
When the Europeans came to colonize Micronesia in the early 20th century, they were advised of Nan Madol and its alleged spell.
In April of 1907, the German Governor Victor Berg disregarded these warnings and not only explored the island ruins, but even opened a tomb of the ancient rulers.
Locals say Governor Berg was haunted by strange sounds that night, and the next morning mysteriously died.
The local legend said that if you messed with this site in any way, it was cursed, and in fact, there would be a terrible price to pay for it.
And it appears that Victor Berg lost his life because of this curse.
Official records indicate the governor died April 30, 1907 due to sunstroke and heat exhaustion while surveying the ruins.
But the natives maintain that his untimely death was a result of the curse and proof that otherworldly powers guard the mystical island city.
Might the local legends of supernatural forces at work on the islands actually be true? And if so, just who or what is haunting these mysterious islands? Ancient astronaut theorists claim the strongest evidence that an advanced race of extraterrestrials helped to build Nan Madol is not the megalithic rock structures but what may lie beneath them.
Nan Madol is a huge city and most of it is above water, but parts of it are underwater.
And the islanders say that there is a second city there called Kanemweiso.
This is the city of the gods.
And it's in even deeper water.
You have to wonder if there isn't some kind of underwater UFO base even today.
If the local legends are true, could Nan Madol really be the remnants of an ancient alien base? One that exists not only above ground, but also extends down into the sea? And might this explain why the natives of Pohnpei have left this part of the island uninhabited for nearly 400 years? There are those who believe the answers can be found by examining islands that have suddenly and mysteriously vanished.
The Pacific Ocean, October, 2012.
Scientists aboard a research ship between Australia and New Caledonia set a course for 19 degrees south latitude and 160 degrees east longitude: the location of Sandy Island.
But when they arrive, they make a shocking discovery: the island is not there.
Digital scientific databases have shown Sandy Island to be 15 miles long and three miles wide, approximately the size of Manhattan.
Small islands sometimes disappear due to rising ocean levels, but the researchers find no evidence of a sunken landmass, just ocean waters 4600 feet deep.
Sandy Island is a island of great mystery.
It literally disappeared.
According to early eyewitness accounts, including those by Captain Cook in the 1700s, this island clearly existed.
And it makes you wonder, how can an island just disappear? Was it there to begin with? Absolutely it was.
There's eyewitness accounts of it.
Captain James Cook was the first to establish Sandy Island on a map back in 1774.
And, in fact, the island still appeared even on modern satellite maps up until 2013 when it was finally removed based on the findings of the University of Sydney.
But how could an island that has appeared on maps for over 230 years suddenly disappear? There are a number of accounts, um, within folklore and legend of mythical islands.
For instance, the Antilles, and others which appeared on ancient maps, and yet, which don't exist today.
So, did they once exist? Do they exist only at certain times? We could be dealing with a phenomena whereby these islands disappear at certain times and then reappear.
Although, is that something that's natural? Is this something to do with geology or is this something to do with something more supernatural? This is obviously a mystery which remains to be solved.
When the University of Sydney findings were first revealed, many scientists insisted that the researchers must have been looking in the wrong place, pointing to the fact that satellites had recorded temperatures in this location consistent with the presence of land.
Scientists would later claim that this anomaly was due to errors in the data sets.
But how could the temperature data, the satellite images, and numerous other maps dating back to the 18th century all be in error? It's possible that these islands actually do exist, but they're somehow being cloaked by whoever might be using the islands.
For instance, extraterrestrial visitors could very easily create a light-bending type of device, which could make it appear that an island that was once there is no longer there.
There are other stories of islands that appear and disappear, and that sometimes there's a mist around them.
There are stories like this around the Samoan Islands.
So you have to wonder if extraterrestrials have some kind of super technology that allows them to cloak islands and make them appear and disappear.
It boggles the mind that such a technology would exist, and yet it appears to be so.
Could extraterrestrials really be using advanced cloaking technology to hide Sandy Island? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe there may be an even more incredible explanation behind the disappearance Things like Sandy Island, that somehow was located, and then when they went to go look for it, is gone.
It's very possible that these aren't islands, but are some technological device coming up to the surface.
Or landing for a little while and going away.
In ancient Greek mythology we have these stories of the Asteria; of the falling stars that would fall into the water but they wouldn't sink.
They could, in fact, travel from place to place.
Floating islands, so to speak.
So what if, in this particular case, we have a similar story? Is that really what is happening? Is it possible that these phantom islands that appear and disappear are really elaborate alien outposts? And could the extraterrestrials that use them still be here on Earth, waiting to be discovered? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that further evidence can be found by examining another island that mysteriously disappeared an island that was said to be home to otherworldly beings.
The North Atlantic Ocean.
open waters expanding as far as the eye can see.
But according to 14th-century Mediterranean mapmakers, this exact spot marks the location of For more than 600 years, sailors across the world have searched for this so-called phantom island belied to contain an Eden-like paradise.
Lore has it that the island couldn't be seen except once every seven years, when it could be seen but not reached.
disappeared behind the mists.
It could never definitively be found.
Although, it's putative location is marked on some of these early maps.
mapped by the Italian-Majorcan cartographer Angelino de Dalorto in 1325, who described the island as being "a strikingly round form.
" Over a century later in 1497, Italian explorer John Cabot also And in 1674, Captain John Nisbet of Ireland reportedly brought back silver and gold from the island that he claimed to have received from an old, mysterious man.
Strangely, he and his men inhabited by what they called "giant black rabbits.
" Other explorers of the time returned from the island with similarly bizarre stories and accounts of beautiful glowing people.
in Irish lore to be the place that the Irish gods came from.
the gods had a luxurious life.
They were able to develop an advanced civilization.
In 1684, one of the first Irish historians, Roderick O'Flaherty, wrote about A Chorographical Description of West Or H-Iar Connacht.
In it, he refers to the island as "enchanted" and writes that it is a "land kept hidden by the special ordinates of God.
Like a lot of other mythologies, such as Atlantis, the source of civilization.
Especially in Ireland and England and other areas such as that.
still exists under the sea, and that periodically, when the conditions are right, it'll surface.
According to legend, the mysterious land was last seen in 1872 by author T.
Westropp and his crew, who saw the island appear and then vanish.
land, very possibly it could be that at one time on planet Earth there was a superior technology; a civilization that had progress that far surpassed even our own today.
And these people originated from the stars.
They are the people that the human race descended from.
the homeland of these creatures.
Is it possible that the not only exists, but is actually a high-tech alien base? And if so, might there be others located all over the world? You find so many accounts of beings coming and going from the stars at these locations.
You find mysterious disappearances.
You find other supernatural events taking place at these islands.
And it makes you wonder if they're in fact being used by advanced extraterrestrial races as portals, as gateways, even as stopover places, maybe even refueling stations in a way, as places that are known throughout the cosmos.
Might aliens have been visiting these remote, relatively uninhabited locations for thousands of years using them as secret hideouts landing spots, or energetic refueling stations? Could there be extraterrestrial bases on hidden islands even now? And when the truth behind these forbidden islands is revealed, will we finally come face-to-face with our celestial ancestors?
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