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Aliens Breeders

Demonic seduction You cannot resist or do anything about it.
hybrid offspring People believed that he was half-dragon and half-human.
and strange abductions.
These beings from outer space wanted to have sex.
In cultures throughout the world, there are tales of intimate encounters with extraterrestrial beings.
But could these stories be more than just myth? Did aliens come to Earth to mate with humans? Clearly, there are entities out there which have an agenda: mating with human beings for their own purpose.
Millions of people around the world believe we have been visited in the past by extraterrestrial beings.
What if it were true? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? And if so, might we be the product of alien breeders? Leipzig, Germany.
Biologists led by Svante Paabo of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology make a stunning announcement: they have determined that early humans not only co-existed on Earth with other, me primitive, hominids, they also mated with them.
But even more astonishing was their finding that another as yet unidentified species may also be represented in human Up until now, most people have been familiar with the typical DNA model of human evolution, in which you have a very nicely defined progression from previous types of human or hominid life up to anatomically modern humans.
That's not true anymore.
And what we're seeing is evidence that there could have been interbreeding with what the actual mainstream media is calling "mystery species" of humans.
There's a big debate over Neanderthals and others, whether they had sexual contact in humans.
But if there were primates already here who had evolved by Darwinian evolution, it's not a big step to take the next step and create a cross.
An anthropologist from the University of Wisconsin, Dr.
John Hawks, did a comprehensive analysis of human DNA going back for many thousands of years, and what he found was astonishing.
If you look at the DNA from someone in 3000 B.
and you compare that to the DNA of someone alive today, it has changed by seven percent.
Mapping the human genome, Dr.
Hawks found that in the past 5,000 years, our DNA has evolved at a rate 100 times greater than any previous So what happened in the last 5,000 years that altered the structure of human DNA by seven percent? Is it possible that extraterrestrial humans interbred with us sometime in the last 5,000 years and that could account for these monumental changes in the structure of human DNA? Could it be that our ancestors are not only hominids who lived here on Earth, but also beings from beyond our world? Ancient astronaut theorists claim that evidence of this can be found in stories throughout history that depict humans mating with gods.
Throughout world cultures and mythologies, this idea of otherworldly beings, gods, supernatural beings, demons having sex with humans is very, very common.
The way that we interpret that experience depends on the cultural and religious factors around us.
We can read about these accounts of all sorts of weird beings who had their way with humans.
Now all we have to do is to approach these stories and look at them from a modern perspective, to eliminate the always suggested symbolism and look at these events for what they potentially really were: encounters with extraterrestrials.
There is abundant, undeniable evidence of human and extraterrestrial interbreeding.
It's in so many different cultures that to suggest that it's all a conspiracy theory, or a myth, or a fantasy is completely illogical.
But if extraterrestrials have, in fact, been mating with human beings since ancient times, what might their purpose be? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer can be found in the biblical stories of the There are references in the Scriptures to rebellious angels who were in trouble with God, came to Earth, found the daughters of men attractive and married them, which is to say had sex with them, and produced offspring.
But God was not happy about it.
The unhappiness of God about it doesn't appear in Genesis so much as it does in the extra-canonical Old Testament Book of Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, it actually gives the numbers.
It says 200 angels disobeyed God and came to Earth and mated with human women.
In the Book of Enoch, these beings from outer space, they wanted to have sex with beauties on Earth.
So they all came together and "they swore, " We will do it even if it's against the rule.
" The apocryphal text called the Book of Enoch was written before the time of Jesus, but was curiously removed from the Bible in the fourth century A.
at the Council of Laodicea.
According to many biblical scholars, the reason for this was most likely the controversy over these accounts of the fallen angels mating with daughters of men accounts that the people of the time had taken as fact.
But if the stories of the fallen angels are to be taken literally, how is it that spiritual beings were able to not only mate with humans, but even reproduce? If angels are what we think they are today, these non-corporeal, certainly non-human entities, what on earth why on earth how on earth could there be any interest in a sexual relationship with human women? So, therefore, if there's any legitimacy to what the Bible says, as we believe that there is, we must re-understand what these "sons of God" are.
We have to change the interpretation and to interpret them in a modern way.
And you see, of a sudden, it all makes sense.
Now the problem is, if extraterrestrials had sexual contact with our forefathers, that means that the genital apparatus must be similar, otherwise, it's not possible.
Now, here's the interesting thing.
They didn't come down here for recreational pastime, as we use sexuality today.
They had an agenda in the manipulation of the human genetic pool.
Is it possible that the stories of the fallen angels are really depicting alien beings coming down to Earth to mate with humans and manipulate our genetic makeup? In this ancient tale that was excised from the Hebrew Bible, it also describes the offspring of these encounters a race of giants known as the Nephilim.
Nephilim were beings that were a crossbreed between an angelic order and a human order, which apparently were very large.
The offspring of the sons of God and daughters of men were not completely human.
They were what we might today call demigods.
They were not necessarily Homo sapien men, but Homo superious.
They had added abilities, added strength.
Very possibly added stature.
These entities created devastation upon the Earth.
Why? Because they are not indigenous to this Earth.
Ancient accounts of powerful beings that are the offspring of gods and humans can be found in cultures throughout the world.
But if these giants were more than mythology, wouldn't we've found skeletal remains or other evidence of their existence? According to some ancient astronaut theorists, the proof that these human-alien hybrids once walked the Earth may lie not in the Middle East, Africa or even Asia, but on the other side of the world in North America.
Delavan Lake, Wisconsin.
May 4, 1912.
According to a report in the New York Times, two local boys made an extraordinary discovery.
of ancient burial mounds, and all of them measuring between seven-and nine-feet tall.
The enormous skeletons were reportedly submitted to the State Historical Museum, but some say they were later confiscated by the Smithsonian Institution.
There have been finds of giant humanoid bones all over the world.
Even here in the American Southwest.
Yet most of these stories have been suppressed.
They're not the kind of thing you read about in anatomy textbooks.
You don't ever read about them in the news.
They're generally just regarded as myths and legends.
The reason why that would be the case is because that would imply that these creatures were not necessarily evolved here on Earth, that they had come from somewhere else.
You have to wonder if they're not half- extraterrestrial, half-human giants that existed here hundreds and thousands of years ago.
Did ancient humans really have sexual encounters with extraterrestrial beings that resulted in superhuman offspring? But if so, why aren't there giants among us today? Ancient astronaut theorists say the answer can once again be found in the Holy Bible.
Because of the contamination of the human gene pool, God's experiment on Earth was thwarted.
And God was not going to be thwarted.
And therefore, he chose, I guess we can call plan "B.
" He sent the flood.
In the Old Testament's Book of Genesis, the story of Noah tells of how "God" "saw that the wickedness of man was great" and decided to destroy all of creation with a great flood.
Noah, his family, and the animals aboard the ark were allowed to survive and repopulate the planet.
But ancient astronaut theorists believe there is more to the story that can be found in the Book of Enoch.
In the Book of Enoch, it's recorded that when Noah was born, his body shined.
Kind of like the glow of Moses' face when he came down from Mount Sinai.
When his father saw this, he immediately was appalled and he turned to his mother accusing her of being intimate with one of the sons of God.
According to the story, the father Lamech received advice from his grandfather Enoch that Noah is to be the future of the human race.
Enoch says he should accept the baby as his own son, because the guardians of the sky will destroy the planet with the great flood and Noah is the survivor of the new generation.
And Noah was a mixed creature between extraterrestrials and us.
Now we are the descendents of Noah, so we all are part of it.
This changed human evolution completely.
I believe almost every culture around the world has a flood legend.
There is someone in the place of a Noah.
So therefore, the ancient flood was of vital importance.
Because the world before the flood was very different than the world afterwards.
There are continual legends from around the world that in the pre-flood times was an advanced technological civilization where human beings were in touch with beings from the stars.
All of this was lost because of the contamination that occurred.
Is it possible that the story of the great flood is not only true, but that it was caused by extraterrestrials to eradicate a human population that had been genetically contaminated? If so, did this bring an end to sexual contact between humans and aliens? Or have extraterrestrials continued to experiment with our DNA? Mount Olympus, Greece.
It is here that the Greek gods known as the Olympians were said to reside.
According to the Ancient Greek stories, the Olympians often came down from Mount Olympus to intervene in the lives of mortals, aiding them in war teaching them valuable skills like how to make fire and create weapons, and even mating with them.
There are many, many myths of Zeus having sexual relationships with mortal women.
And the mortal women then giving birth to these exceptional children.
Uh, for example, Heracles, also known as Hercules, is one of the children of Zeus.
His mother was Alcmene who was a mortal woman.
And Zeus approached her as a shower of gold.
And as a result, she became pregnant and she gave birth to the great hero Hercules.
One of the aspects of these sexual relationships between, uh, gods and humans is that the woman is almost always pregnant as a result of it.
One of the most well-known of these encounters between gods and mortals is the story of Zeus and Leda a pairing which produced Helen of Troy, the woman whose beauty was said to be the cause of the Trojan War.
Zeus came as a swan and seduced Leda, who is the mother.
The fact that Leda was coupling with a swan, even if it was Zeus, means that Helen was born of an egg.
Helen of Troy is born, apparently, out of an egg.
Now, what is going on here? Through the lens of the ancient astronaut theory, we might be able to surmise that maybe Helen of Troy was a hybrid born inside one of those incubation tanks that many modern-day abductees have described.
It's interesting to me to compare that to potentially an extraterrestrial event.
Although most people regard the Olympians as purely mythological, the Ancient Greeks considered them to be actual beings.
This notion was made even more credible in 1870 when German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann uncovered evidence that suggests Troy was a real place.
As the progress of archeology continues forward, we're validating more and more of these Ancient Greek mythologies.
So why should we arbitrarily induce a bias into the research that says, "Oh, all" the reports of gods can't be "true," even though we're validating everything else with actual empirical data? What if these gods were there, and what if the people of the time were directly interacting with a higher form of intelligence? Is it possible that the Olympians were not mythological gods, but extraterrestrial beings? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the Greek stories are more than just mythology.
And as evidence, point to similar stories found in a culture thousands of miles away.
Jiangsu Province, China.
It was here in 247 B.
that the founder of the ancient Han Empire was born under mysterious circumstances.
Liu Bang, later known as Emperor Gao, was said to have been the product of a supernatural His mother, who was not pregnant at the time, got caught in a rainstorm.
There were very large claps of thunder and wind whipping up, and she fled under a bridge to find shelter.
Her husband went to rescue her and he noticed that there was a dragon hovering above her.
So from that point, she basically became pregnant with Liu Bang.
He sort of had the appearance of a dragon as well.
So many people believed that he was half-dragon, half-human.
And Liu Bang was extraordinary in other respects as well.
He came from a peasant family.
It was extremely improbable for a peasant to become an emperor in those days.
Liu Bang began Han China, the great empire in China.
And so it was thought that somehow this child had not only human origins but whatever came from this flying presence at the conception factored into who he was.
These various descriptions of ancient flying dragons have similar properties to what we would today call a technological flying craft: a large body, sounds of smoke and fire and great noise.
You have to wonder here if this hovering dragon isn't some kind of fiery or lit up extraterrestrial ship that had hovered over her, and ultimately she was impregnated by these extraterrestrial visitors.
Is it possible that the conception stories of both Liu Bang and Helen of Troy are really accounts of aliens mating with early humans? And if so, were they part of a larger extraterrestrial agenda? Incredibly, ancient astronaut theorists claim further answers can be found with the deathbed confession of a pope.
The Vatican.
May 12, 1003 A.
One of the most controversial popes of all time, Pope Sylvester II, lies on his deathbed.
Over the course of his four years as pope, Sylvester has proven to be learned and innovative, having promoted the study of arithmetic and astronomy.
But there were those who believed that the mysterious pontiff's scientific skills were the result of his having been in league with demons that he had studied the black arts and that he had even built a robotic head from which he received secret knowledge.
According to some accounts, with his last breaths Pope Sylvester made a shocking confession: that he was involved with a mythological demon called a succubus.
Incubi and succubi are very commonly appearing in ancient mythologies straight through to the medieval times.
This is not a one-off, it was a common feature of life back in those days.
In ancient stories, the succubus is a demonic being that takes the form of a woman and seduces human men.
This demon is also able to change genders and become an incubus, using the semen taken from men to impregnate mortal women.
Incubi and succubae were said to come to people in the night in a kind of nightmarish experience of sleep paralysis.
They wake up from a deep sleep and are fully conscious of their surroundings.
However, they also are paralyzed.
And there's a sexual component to this presence in that it is attempting to rape you.
Stories of the incubus and succubus, demons that appear at night to have sex with people, in their bedrooms.
There's often some fear involved, but you cannot resist or do anything about it.
The classic form of the incubus theory is owed to St.
Thomas Aquinas.
In several of his works, he discusses this phrase "children" of the devil.
" For a child of the devil to be born, the devil is somehow going to have to steal viable semen from a man and inject it into a woman.
Clearly, there are entities out there which have an agenda with apparently mating with human beings for their own purpose.
Might these sexual predators be simply an ancient myth? Or could the legends be based on historical documentation? Between 1480 and 1750, an estimated 50,000 executions of so-called witches occurred as part of the Holy Inquisition; an unrelenting war waged by the Roman Catholic Church against anyone they saw as opposing God's law.
Witches were people who were thought to be engaged in a conspiracy with Satan to bring about the destruction of Christianity, the destruction of the civilized world.
According to the Malleus Maleficarum or "Hammer of the Witches" witchcraft began when women ceased resisting the advances of demons.
Woman accused of having sex with demons were tortured into confessions that revealed lurid details of their sexual relations.
If you had sex with a demon, you had given your soul to the demon, and therefore, you would be forced, even against your will, to kill livestock, kill and eat babies, destroy pregnancies, make men impotent, and on down the line.
Many of these reports from medieval times have similarities to a modern-day alien abduction.
People report the same type of feeling and having some type of a sexual encounter.
Could the confessions heard during the Inquisition and encounters with the mythological incubus and succubus really be describing sexual relations with extraterrestrials? Some ancient astronaut theorists say that not only was this happening in medieval times, but that it still goes on today.
Modern accounts of sexual encounters with aliens date back to 1957, when a Brazilian farmer claimed he was taken on board a ship and coerced into having sex with a strange-looking blonde One of the most famous and earliest, uh, of the modern extraterrestrial abduction reports is the 1957 case of Antonio Villas Boas in Brazil.
And he claimed that a flying saucer landed in his remote farm.
Uh, he was taken aboard.
Uh, while he was there, he had a sexual encounter with this extraterrestrial woman.
That's one of the first abduction cases, and most interesting, because it preceded all the others and wasn't well known until years afterwards.
So you can't say that Antonio Villas Boas got these ideas by reading pulp literature.
A few years later, in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill of Lancaster, New Hampshire reported a famous abduction incident where they were placed naked on examination tables and probed by what they described as grey aliens, who extracted eggs and sperm samples.
There are too many stories like that where one can dismiss them as simply saying, oh, all those stories are made up.
I personally think that many abduction stories are fake, because people want attention, they want to be listened to.
But at the same time, to suggest that all of these stories are a hoax it's-it's too much.
What we're seeing is a clear-cut through line between modern-day extraterrestrial abduction accounts and what we actually find in medieval times.
There are notable similarities in these stories.
And the products of that sexual conjunction appear to be used for a genetic interbreeding program.
Are these incidents along with the incubus and succubus stories from medieval times really encounters with extraterrestrial beings? If so, are they simply the actions of rogue aliens, similar to the ancient stories of the fallen angels? Or might they be part of some greater plan? Perhaps the answer can be found with the stories of unborn babies that mysteriously disappear from the womb.
Sydney, Australia.
July 1992.
Peter Khoury awakes to find himself paralyzed and unable to talk, but fully conscious.
He feels a weight pressing down on him, and as his eyes adjust to the darkness, he notices a woman with very strange features straddling his body.
I got the shock of my life because right on top of me was this female, a blonde female.
She was milky white in color.
Her eyes were probably two, three times bigger than human eyes.
She had protruding cheekbones and a narrow face that narrowed down to a pointy chin.
And on the side of the bed, on the corner of the bed, there was another female.
An Asian-looking female.
And then she the-the blonde female touches her stomach and points to the sky.
The visitors then disappeared, but not without leaving behind proof that they were there: a single blonde hair.
Khoury took this piece of evidence to an independent genealogy lab, where biochemist Horace Drew subjected the hair to DNA analysis.
The results were not what he It was very unusual, because most people's hair is yellow or brown or black.
And this was optically clear, like nylon fishing line.
There is nobody who has hair, on Earth, which is optically clear.
Normally, a human hair only has one kind of DNA type.
In the shaft above the hair, we got a very rare Chinese lineage, about .
1%, 1% percent of ethnic Chinese.
And then in the other part, we actually got blue-eyed Celtic light-skinned lineage.
This shows authentically an unusual DNA, which is fairly rare, which Peter could not just have picked up in his bedroom or off the street.
The Peter Khoury hair sample yielded very unusual DNA results that just aren't easy to explain in normal, conventional human DNA sequences.
You can't really keep dismissing it all as sort of fantasies of the mind, or sexual fantasies.
And, uh, while it didn't absolutely prove that it was alien because we're only dealing with one hair sample it did nevertheless prove that we're dealing with something quite unusual.
When we see DNA evidence in the hair of something that doesn't match up with what we would expect to be old Gaelic DNA mixed with Chinese DNA and blonde hair the storylines don't add up unless we start to invoke the idea of abduction and genetic interbreeding going back for many thousands of years, all the way to the dawn of history.
Could the unusual DNA sequence found in the hair sample be evidence that Peter Khoury really did have an encounter with otherworldly beings? And if so, what did they want? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe the answer can be found by looking back at the medieval accounts of women being impregnated by so-called demons.
According to medieval literature that warned of these demonic sexual unions, women's bellies would grow enormous following their encounters, but the fetus would often mysteriously In the Malleus, there are numbers of, uh, symptoms that get listed as proof of the reality of these demonic encounters, between women and demons.
One of them is a kind of medieval theory of false pregnancies.
Kramer says that women who have had children sired on them by demons will sometimes find that their bellies are full of nothing but air.
According to the Malleus, she expels a great quantity of wind, and of course doesn't deliver anything living.
To medieval Christians, this in and of itself, this phantom pregnancy with no progeny seemed demonic.
It seemed wrong.
But were these women really pregnant or was it all in their minds? Phantom pregnancies are reported even today, known in the medical world as pseudocyesis.
Pseudocyesis literally means false pregnancy.
It's otherwise known as phantom pregnancies, and in fact, it's so rare that we don't even have a clear understanding of its true prevalence.
We have two hypotheses to explain this.
One is psychosomatic.
So it's the mind that's making the body believe that it's pregnant.
And the other hypothesis is just reverse of that, there's something that's happening in the human body that's making the mind think that it's pregnant.
The thought pregnancies, and then reported the fetus disappears, the initial speculation is it might be a phantom pregnancy.
But there have been a number of very compelling cases that argue that maybe there's something more to it than that.
There is more than one case of a UFO abduction followed by a pregnancy, but it turns out that a couple of months later the pregnancy disappears.
There is some evidence that the woman has been reabducted, a fetus removed in the UFO, and the woman put back on Earth.
Where this all leads, I don't know.
How reliable all the stories are, I don't know.
But there's enough evidence here to make me reasonably certain on the balance of probability that something like this is happening.
Is it possible, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest, that false pregnancies reported in medieval times and even today are actually the result of an extraterrestrial encounter? If so, what is happening to these unborn babies? Perhaps the ultimate answer can be found with the story of a man who claims to have met his child on an alien spaceship.
Las Vegas, Nevada.
In the middle of the night, Bret Oldham and his girlfriend Dhyanne Swanson are awakened by a loud bang.
The couple, who are expecting their first child, are shocked to see a number of what look like grey aliens surrounding Before we even had time to react to seeing the Greys in the room, we were gone.
They took us aboard the craft.
They placed me on the table.
And placed her to my right.
And they had her in a position much like women do when they get a exam from the gynecologist.
I realized immediately what was happening: They were taking the fetus.
I couldn't move I couldn't move my head.
I couldn't move anything.
I could move my eyes to see, you know, ifhe Where he was at.
And I could hear him screaming.
That's when I realized they were doing something to me.
I remember just calling, just saying, "Please, please, don't don't take my baby.
" Don't hurt us.
" According to Dhyanne's account, the next morning she refused to believe the incident was more than just a terrible nightmare.
But after finding traces of blood in her bed, she feared a miscarriage, and the couple went to see her doctor.
When examined, Dhyanne was found to have no tissue remaining in her womb as if the fetus had been surgically removed.
He said, "I've never" seen anything like this before.
It was like this woman was never pregnant.
I went in to clean the womb and "the womb was already cleaned.
" Dhyanne had been nearly four months pregnant at the time of this incident.
If you're referring to a case where we have ultrasonographic evidence that the fetus was present and then sometime later, there's no more fetus, I would think that strange.
What you have here is a ultrasonographic image of a human fetus at about three months of gestation.
If you measure the what we call "crown to rump" length, which is the longest distance from the head to the butt, that's about five to six centimeters, so that's roughly the size or the diameter of a baseball.
Could the body absorb this fetus overnight? That's very unlikely.
How could the unborn child just disappear completely, without a trace? Is it possible that what Bret and Dhyanne experienced the previous night really was more than just a bizarre dream? Most of the time we would explain that by saying that the patient had a miscarriage.
But in the event that there's not much bleeding and there's not much passage of tissue and yet the embryo is gone, I couldn't explain that.
We were both kind of stunned when we left the hospital that night and it took a while for us to start talking about if we remembered the same things.
Three years later, Bret Oldham claims he was once again visited and taken by grey aliens.
I was taken by two small Greys to an area that I'd never seen before.
Within a few minutes, I could see that it was a female hybrid.
She was carrying a small child with her and as she got closer, I could also see that, uh, the child she was carrying was a female hybrid.
I did feel a bond with the child, which would lead me to believe that it probably was part mine.
There seems to be a good deal of relatively consistent evidence on the part of both male and female abductees that there's some interest in our reproductive process.
There is also some evidence that abductees have been put in contact on spaceships with hybrid children, who seem to have some human characteristics, and some characteristics that aren't quite human.
Might the stories of reunions with hybrid babies be not fantasy, but a conditioning process to prepare us for the day when the alien agenda is finally revealed? But if we are being subtly and strategically altered, where It would seem that extraterrestrials have been coming to Earth for quite a long time and having sexual relationships with humans.
And the reason for this would be to manipulate our DNA, making us into the more refined race that we are today.
And we still have a certain evolution to go.
Is there another very heinous thing behind all of this? And that is "let's wipe out the" earthlings and put in this new "breed that we can control.
" In my personal view, we're seeing extraterrestrials interbreeding with humans as part of a long-term interfamilial exchange.
The human family goes far beyond life on Earth.
Extraterrestrial humans may be coming here to replenish their genetic supply.
It may literally be a question of life and death for them.
When I'm asked whether an alien sexual agenda exists, or if there is anything that we can do to stop it Well, if such an agenda really exists, then I've got bad news for you.
There's nothing we can do.
Are extraterrestrials really interbreeding with humans to carry out a secret alien agenda? Could they be upgrading our genetic makeup? Or are they experimenting with our DNA to one day replace us with a superior human race? Perhaps one day we'll discover that an alien invasion has been taking place on Earth for thousands of years.
One being waged within our own bodies.

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