Ancient Aliens s10e04 Episode Script

Dark Forces

Narrator: Possessed by demons.
George Noory: The dark side needs physical bodies to act and exist in.
Narrator: Tempted by evil.
Robert Cargill: Many people desire things so badly that they're willing to forfeit their immortal soul.
Narrator: And enlisted to the dark side.
They understood that they were serving darkness.
Narrator: If there is good that exists in the world, must there also be evil? Are there negative energies that permeate the cosmos? And if so, might the true source of these dark forces be extraterrestrial beings? William Bramley: There's good and evil in the world.
When you look at all the evidence, you're gonna find, behind this, extraterrestrial entities.
Narrator: Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has credited its origins to gods and other visitors from the stars.
What if it were true? Did extraterrestrial beings really help to shape our history? And if so, are some of these beings acting as dark forces? Narrator: Richard Ramirez, the "Night Stalker.
" Found guilty of killing 13 people.
He claims to be "a minion of Satan sent to Earth to carry out atrocities for the Devil.
" David Berkowitz, "Son of Sam.
" Charged with killing six people and wounding seven others.
He stated that he was a "soldier in a Satanic army.
" Ted Bundy.
Serial killer and rapist.
Arrested in connection with over 36 murders.
He alleged that something overtook him while committing the crimes.
He called it "the entity.
" Were these men simply delusional, or could their claims that they were compelled to violence by dark entities actually be true? The idea of otherworldly agents of good and evil influencing humans exists in nearly every culture throughout the world.
Philosophers, religious scholars and psychologists have long debated not only the existence of, but also the nature of, these forces.
Light and dark forces may be something quite objective and real.
They may in that sense be spiritual powers, uh, the things that are named as God on the one hand and Satan and the Devil and the demons on the other.
JONATHAN YOUNG: Whether we think of light and dark forces in metaphysical terms, that is out there somewhere, or psychological terms, there are light and dark forces of some kind, and respecting that is important.
Cargill: The majority of humans on Earth and throughout history believe that otherworldly beings are actually agents.
They're doing things in this world, either directly to us or indirectly, and that they too are experiencing a battle or a struggle and using us as humans as agents, as proxies if you will, to fight this battle.
Bramley: There's obviously good and evil in the world.
I think when you look at all the evidence of the UFO and the ancient astronaut evidence, you're gonna find, behind this, entities that were accused of causing the darkness, the war, the suffering, all of that, were by and large extraterrestrial entities.
They called them the gods, uh, in Mesopotamia.
Also in Egypt.
And then that morphed into angels and forces of Satan.
Today we call them extraterrestrials, but it's really the same thing.
TSOUKALOS: There's no question in my mind that good and bad permeates the entire universe, that good and bad, yin and yang, positive-negative exists all throughout the known and the unknown universe.
Good or evil, in my opinion, also applies to extraterrestrials themselves.
Narrator: Are good and evil more than just qualities that exist within an individual? Could they be tangible forces that permeate the cosmos? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining ancient texts that describe the unleashing of dark forces upon the earth.
Mount Helicon, Central Greece.
At the base of this mountain, sixth-century-BC poet Hesiod claimed to have made contact with the nine Muses immortal daughters of the god Zeus, said to impart knowledge and art to humans.
Hesiod composed poems under the guidance of these muses, including what many consider his most important work the Theogony and the infamous story of Pandora's box.
Cargill: When the Titan, Prometheus, stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans, Zeus wasn't happy about it.
Zeus wanted revenge.
So what he did was he commissioned Hephaestus to create Pandora, the first woman.
So he gave Pandora a pithos, a jar that contained all of the evils of the world.
Richard Rader: We call it a box, but in Greek it's a jar, and she's told, "Don't open this," and of course she opens it up, and so all these evils are released into the world.
These evil forces are sometimes embodied by demons.
Sometimes those demons are gods, sometimes they are a hybrid mix of monsters and gods, but they are the forces of negative events in the world.
Zeus wanted to counterbalance the fact that they had these good things that had been unfairly, in Zeus' opinion, given to humans.
So it's an explanation that lays the existence of evil at the responsibility of the deities, of the gods.
Bramley: Pandora is telling a theme that people believed to be true for a long time.
That these gods, these extraterrestrial gods, were in control of human society.
Pandora was an unleashing of entities or beings to cause these things to happen.
David Wilcock: The box itself might have been some sort of portal that, when you opened the box, you may actually create a doorway that a whole variety of nasty entities, spiritual beings or extraterrestrial life, potentially, was able to fly into the earth through.
Narrator: Might the story of Pandora's box be describing the release of negative beings upon the earth by extraterrestrials, as ancient astronaut theorists propose? Could it be that these dark forces are actual entities that infiltrated our world? Fanthorpe: If we look into some of the eastern legends, we come across beings like the jinn, who could on occasion provide goodness and help and on other occasions were like demons and could provide all kinds of evil and all kinds of temptation.
So that's the theory: that the forces of good and evil are perhaps personal beings of some sort.
The jinn are-are really of some alternative world, but they're able to pass through gateways and come into our world to influence us.
So you have to wonder, perhaps, if the jinn aren't in some ways some kind of extraterrestrial force that's using other dimensions to appear and influence us in some way.
Narrator: Could it be that the stories of the Jinn and of Pandora's box are actually accounts of extraterrestrials purposely unleashing dark forces upon humanity, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? And if so, might this be evidence that alien entities exist that are intent on man's destruction? Perhaps clues can be found by examining the beliefs of a Christian sect that was denounced as the Church of Satan and ultimately exterminated.
Narrator: Villerouge-Termenès Castle.
Languedoc, France.
This medieval fortress, dating back to the 13th century AD, served as the final holdout of the Christian sect known as the Cathars.
In 1321, the last known Cathar perfectus, Guillaume Bélibaste, was burned at the stake here as part of the Holy Inquisition.
SABINA MAGLIOCCO: The Cathars were a heretical sect that developed in Europe during the Middle Ages.
They are considered a Christian Heresy.
The Cathars saw all of the things that happened in the world as a result of a cosmic struggle between the forces of good and the forces of evil.
The forces of God on one hand and the forces of Satan on the other hand.
And we human beings were nothing but pawns in this cosmic struggle.
McGOWAN: It was Heresy to believe that there is a force as strong as God, and the Cathars certainly believed that.
The Cathars believed in an evil force, a force that was here to corrupt humans.
The Cathars referred to this force as Rex Mundi.
Rex Mundi means the king of the world.
He is essentially a type of demon.
Rex Mundi will lead you from your path with material temptations.
STEPHEN O'SHEA: The Cathars believed that there were two great forces of darkness and light that collided at the beginning of time.
And that the good God remained out there somewhere in the stars, but the bad God, sometimes called the Devil, called many names, created matter, and it trapped our particles of light in humanity.
McGOWAN: The Cathars believed that we are angels contained within flesh and that we struggle every day with remembering our divine origins, with remembering that there are dark forces that tempt us away from our spirituality, and they tempt us with the physical world.
O'SHEA: The Cathars believed that you had to lead a perfect, an exemplary, aesthetic life in order to escape this world.
If you didn't, if you became too involved in the things of this world, upon death, you would be reincarnated.
There was no hell.
Hell is here, hell is on Earth.
Fanthorpe: The Cathars had very odd ideas about the human race.
Their ultimate idea of heaven, or of a celestial end of the universe, was that everybody would resume a spiritual nature and that all things physical would go.
Cargill: Because the Devil is the-the ruler over this physical world, this perishable world, he's going to try to exchange these possessions on this earth, uh, for things that are immortal or imperishable namely human souls.
And many people desire things on this earth so badly that they're willing to forfeit their immortal soul, their eternal soul, and live under the rule of the Devil in exchange for this temporary wealth.
Narrator: Could it be that humans really are otherworldly beings trapped in physical bodies, as the Cathars believed? And do the dark forces serve to keep mankind in physical shackles here on Earth? Some ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that further evidence can be found in one of humanity's earliest creation accounts the Mesopotamian epic known as the Atra-Hasis.
ERICH VON DANIKEN: We know from Sumerian cuneiforms that the gods created humans as slaves.
Our forefathers could not understand it.
They believed, erroneously, that these extraterrestrials are some gods, because they came down from the skies, they influenced humans, and they had supernatural forces.
They were not spirits or ghosts definitely not.
Bramley: The Mesopotamian creation story talks about that there's several elements that needed to go into creating this work race that the extraterrestrial gods wanted to make.
In order for the body to function, you need to attach a soul to make it work.
WILLIAM Henry: The gods fashioned the body as a sort of prison that would trap the divine sparks or souls of the light beings in a human form.
One begins to wonder if this dualistic or hybrid aspect of humanity is sort of like a game to these extraterrestrial gods.
Let's conflict these humans.
Let's put them on this planet.
Let's see what happens.
Humans are essentially hybrid beings.
We are conflicted beings.
Part of us is immaterial and light, and the other part of us is material and dark.
And it's that constant conflict between us that-that rules our lives and defines our civilization.
Narrator: Is it possible that humans were not only the creation of extraterrestrial beings, but also one deliberately fashioned to possess attributes of both good and evil? And if so, are the forces of light and dark in an epic struggle to influence the path of mankind? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the life of one of the most controversial and polarizing figures in modern history Grigory Rasputin.
Narrator: Yekaterinburg, Russia.
July 17, 1918.
Members of the deposed Russian royal family, Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandra Romanov and their five children, are awakened in the middle of the night by Bolshevik soldiers.
They are led to the basement of their safe house.
One after the other, they are executed.
Rumors spread that their death was the result of a curse laid upon them by the powerful mystic Grigory Rasputin, a man who had been murdered himself a year and a half prior.
McGOWAN: Rasputin wrote an open letter to Russia.
And within this open letter he states, "If I am murdered by the royal family "or by someone related to the royal family, "within two years every member of the royal family will be dead.
" Narrator: Just who was this mysterious figure known as Rasputin? And how did he come to be so infamously associated with dark powers from beyond the grave? Pokrovskoye, Western Siberia.
A comet streaks across the Russian sky the evening of January 23, 1871.
This celestial event is said to have set the stage for the birth of Rasputin.
From the, uh, memoir of Maria Rasputin, Rasputin's daughter, she wrote that when he was born, there were other omens and portents things like a dog with six legs being born, babies with deformities, that kind of thing.
Narrator: From a very early age, Rasputin displayed what some believed to be supernatural powers, including psychic premonitions and the ability to heal animals.
And by the time he reached adulthood, he would experience a vision that would profoundly alter the trajectory of his peasant life.
McGOWAN: One day while plowing his fields, Rasputin sees a strange light in the sky, and out from the middle of this light emerges a vision of the Virgin Mary.
And she doesn't speak to him, but he watches her gesture to the horizon and Rasputin takes this to mean that he is being told by the Mother of God that he must go and find himself on a spiritual pilgrimage.
And this begins the huge shift in Rasputin's life.
Narrator: But was it really the Virgin Mary that appeared to Rasputin? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that what Rasputin encountered was a very different kind of otherworldly being.
Bramley: The vision set Rasputin on his course of then trying to become a religious monk, which finally led him to the czarist family.
This has been a very consistent thing throughout all of human history.
People claiming that they're being guided.
Well, then you have to ask, well, who's guiding them? People have made contact.
And it is clear that there is a definitive extraterrestrial involvement here.
We have religious-ized this understanding.
We have developed a mythology, a legend around something, and we have not understood it correctly.
Narrator: In 1905, after years of wandering and developing a reputation as a healer, Rasputin was introduced to the Russian royal family.
HEALEY: The reason why the royal family are interested in Rasputin is the problem they have with their only son Alexis, who is hemophilic.
It becomes very clear from the earliest visits to the palace that Rasputin's prayers, his gaze, that psychological penetration that he's able to help stop the bleeding.
YOUNG: Rasputin certainly had a powerful magnetic presence.
He gained great favor with the royal family, the czar's family.
Some felt he was one of the most powerful people in Russia at the time, but he also drew the attention of powerful rivals, so he made some major enemies.
McGOWAN: Rasputin's behavior certainly became an area of concern for the nobility.
He was seen to be debaucherous.
He was involved in orgies.
He was a very, very heavy drinker.
He was often seen battling with demons out loud as he walked through the streets.
Narrator: Rasputin's erratic behavior would earn him the nickname "the mad monk.
" But might he really have been functioning as a vessel for otherworldly forces? Forces he had little, if any, control over? This whole idea of channeling essentially implies that you are a conduit to a different world or to a different realm, so then the question arises, are you in control of, uh, that conduit or not? Noory: The dark side needs physical bodies to act and exist in.
And Rasputin could've been one of those.
They could've used him.
They could've possessed him.
Bramley: Rasputin really almost comes across as really being a pawn in a much bigger game.
And that's a bigger game that's connected to extraterrestrials.
And that's one of the amazing things about it.
Narrator: On the night of December 16, 1916, Grigory Rasputin was lured to the home of Prince Felix Yusopov.
Yusopov and his co-conspirators were convinced that Rasputin was set to destroy the royal family and was being led by forces of darkness.
HEALEY: Yusupov offers Rasputin cakes that he has laced with cyanide and sweet wine that also is poisoned.
Felix Yusupov becomes anxious because Rasputin hasn't died despite consuming what he thinks are prodigious amounts of-of cyanide.
So he makes an excuse, goes upstairs to talk to the other conspirators and-and gets a gun from them.
He comes back downstairs and then he shoots him.
And he thinks that he's killed him.
Rasputin, however, is still alive.
And he crawls out of the cellar and out into the courtyard, where he's bleeding profusely onto the snow.
Then they got really panicked and they actually shot him through the head as well.
They beat his body way beyond the point that somebody should have died, then they tie him up and they throw him into the river and his body was found frozen solid in the ice of the river, and it showed that he had managed to wrestle out of his shackles inside the river.
McGOWAN: Rasputin would not die.
What would have killed a normal man did not kill him.
This raises a very interesting question.
Was Rasputin somehow protected? Narrator: Could it be that there were extraterrestrial dark forces working through Rasputin and possibly protecting him, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Might these same forces have led to the assassination of the Russian royal family an outcome that Rasputin had prophesied? If so, are there other humans on Earth that serve as foot soldiers for an otherworldly cause? Perhaps evidence of this can be found by exploring what was happening behind the scenes during one of mankind's darkest hours.
Narrator: Genghis Kahn.
Vlad the Impaler.
Adolf Hitler.
Joseph Stalin.
Many of history's most powerful leaders have been accused of making a pact with dark forces in exchange for power.
The idea of a pact with the Devil seems to be worldwide.
And there are many stories of those who have made such a pact and then had their life of wealth and power and sexual pleasure.
Today we don't talk about making a deal with the Devil as much as we talk about making pacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.
This is a-a retooling of a very ancient idea, but it may in fact take us back to the original source and the original truth of these stories of deals with the Devil or other nefarious beings.
Narrator: Have we historically misinterpreted stories of encounters with demonic forces? And could these entities actually be extraterrestrial, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Wewelsburg Castle, Northwest Germany.
In the crypt of the north tower, surrounding a gas pipe meant to feed an eternal flame stand as a testament to the occult leanings of Heinrich Himmler and the Nazi SS.
And on the marble floors of the circular Hall of SS Generals is the mystical symbol of a Black Sun.
Wewelsburg Castle was acquired in 1933 by Himmler.
He intended to make that the spiritual center of the world.
The Black Sun symbol symbolized an invisible sun or a dead sun, and consequently it was believed that there was hidden power that resided in that, that could be tapped, that would link you into a completely different source of energies from the ordinary ones that you would get.
O'SHEA: By tapping into a dark force, you have more power.
If you think about necromancy, black magic, alchemy, the black arts, you're trying to tap into the dark forces to accrue more power.
And of course, having power from some telluric earthly dark force would make you unvanquishable.
Nazi Germany was an occult society.
They were seeking contact.
They were seeking the secret power to gain control, because they worshipped what was called the Black Sun the darkness.
They understood that they were serving darkness.
Particularly within the SS, they were totally absorbed with trying to make contact with hidden entities, extraterrestrials.
Even they used a medium to contact other worlds.
Narrator: It is well known that high-level members of the Nazi Party participated in magic ritual and extraterrestrial contact efforts.
However, the Allies were also said to have employed psychics, magicians and channelers to assist the war effort.
The Allies also made use of what you might call psychic magical, uh, warfare, and some of it was done at the highest level.
Churchill, in particular, was very much involved into that.
Churchill, of course, had been initiated as a Druid in 1908.
He was into the occult thing.
There was more psychics and occultists, et cetera, on the British government's payroll than that of any other government except the German government, 'cause Churchill decided that was very important.
He literally recruited a whole team of psychics and occultists and put them on the payroll, like Aleister Crowley.
Narrator: Aleister Crowley was considered the world's most infamous occultist and claimed to have studied the secret teachings of the ancient Egyptians.
Aleister Crowley was a British occultist who's considered the wickedest man alive.
He was important to human history because he is said to have given Winston Churchill that famous "V" sign.
"V for victory" is what we think it means, but in Crowley's world it's a s ancient symbol that was given to Churchill to help defeat Nazism and to counteract the power of the swastika.
Narrator: Is it possible that both the Allied forces and the Nazi SS were attempting to receive help from otherworldly sources? If so, did World War II serve as a battle between extraterrestrial forces of light and dark? Perhaps evidence of this can be found by further examining the magic rituals of Aleister Crowley.
NARRATOR Rome, Italy.
November 6, 2014.
Vatican officials announce a pastoral emergency due to a rise in occult activity, such as the use of Ouija boards and séances.
They caution that the spiritual realm is very real and that these games may have unintended consequences.
Similar warnings concerning the danger of trying to summon dark forces can be found throughout history, and in 1918, the infamous occultist Aleister Crowley claimed to be in contact with a dark entity that he was actually able to put a face to.
FITZGERALD: Aleister Crowley conducted some rituals in which he came into contact with a being called Lam.
He believed this was what, as he called it, an interdimensional being.
But he never wrote anything about Lam, which is curious, 'cause he wrote a great deal about some of his other rituals.
It could be that it frightened him and he didn't want to encourage other people to go down that stage.
Noory: What was he looking at? Where did that creature come from? Who knows? But it doesn't look human.
It looks more extraterrestrial.
Childress: Lam looks very much like a Grey alien.
And in some ways he looks like one of the Atenists, like Akhenaten.
Or their children, with large, extended heads.
So you have to ask yourself, is this Lam actually some Grey alien who's appeared to Crowley, and have these Grey aliens appeared throughout history? Narrator: Is it possible that through his ritual practices, Aleister Crowley made contact with an extraterrestrial entity called Lam? Some ancient astronaut theorists say yes and claim further evidence can be found by examining the magical rituals that coincided with the beginning of the age of UFOs.
Pasadena, California.
In a mansion on Millionaire's Row, rocket scientist and founder of Jet Propulsion Laboratories Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L.
Ron Hubbard dabble in the magical rituals of Aleister Crowley.
Jack Parsons is arguably the most controversial and strange figure in the history of the American space program.
He found out about the work of Aleister Crowley and the secret society known as O.
, or Ordo Templi Orientis, and Parsons got very interested in what you could essentially call black magic and Satanism.
Then comes along the science fiction writer L.
Ron Hubbard.
Ron Hubbard moved in with Jack Parsons, and together they started to do this elaborate magical ceremony.
Between January and March 1946, Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard were conducting these rituals.
Crowley certainly didn't authorize them to do the rituals.
The one thing he did say was to advise people not to do his rituals unless they were properly prepared.
He was not happy with them doing them.
Narrator: Some ancient astronaut theorists suggest that by conducting the rituals without understanding the consequences, Hubbard and Parsons inadvertently ushered in the UFO age.
Apparently the same latitude line of Pasadena, California, if you take it all the way around the earth, you've got the Roswell crash which happens the very next year, 1947, and many other UFO sightings and crashes that took place all over the world.
It was as if Parsons and Hubbard were walking alongside a tarp that was hanging down vertically and they had a box-cutter knife and slit holes in the tarp, and these holes become like portals that allow extraterrestrials to get in.
Noory: I think that Hubbard and Parsons dabbled in things that they shouldn't have dabbled with.
There are a lot of experts out there that think that demonic forces are indeed extraterrestrials.
So who knows what the two of them mixed and conjured up? But there was always talk that the two of them were big into UFOs and very strange things like that.
And they may have opened up a doorway, a portal to get all these things through.
Narrator: Is it possible that the modern-day UFO phenomenon is connected to rituals that were conducted to summon otherworldly beings? Could this be evidence that dark forces really are of an extraterrestrial nature, as some ancient astronaut theorists suggest? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining recent studies that show positive and negative energy can, in fact, alter our physical world.
Narrator: Tokyo, Japan.
Japanese researcher Dr.
Masaru Emoto publishes findings claiming that human thoughts, words, and feelings have a direct effect on water molecules.
Emoto and his team subjected samples of water to numerous types of positive and negative stimuli, such as applying labels to the samples and addressing them verbally.
They then flash-froze the samples to capture the structural formation of ice crystals.
Using high-speed photography, the team found observable differences in the crystal formations when subjected to destructive thoughts compared to thoughts of love and appreciation.
Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that these findings may have profound implications not only regarding the existence of good and evil but also on our relationship to extraterrestrial entities.
Wilcock: There could be parasitic entities in the spirit plane that can feed off of negative energy and actually harness that energy and use it as a food supply.
When we give them our energy through sending a concentrated focus towards them that they then have more ability to project into our reality.
It's possible that right now on Earth we are actually seeing a battle between negative and positive extraterrestrials who are working behind the scenes in a battle for control over humanity's future.
Narrator: Do the observable effects of positive and negative energies on the structure of water molecules provide proof that dark forces exist? If so, could the escalating violence occurring in our world today have a more profound origin than we realize? There are those who believe the answer is yes and that humans may have the power to stop it.
Childress: You can't really have the forces of light without forces of dark.
And every individual has to make that choice themselves of whether they're going to go to the dark side of the force or the light side of the force.
Fanthorpe: You have the power of good and the power of evil.
They are looking for recruits to help each of them to conquer the other.
So maybe the powers have times of ascendancy and they have times of failure.
And so we're left wondering: who is going to win? Cargill: According to the biblical stories the Apocalypse of John, right, the Book of Revelation if you could peel behind and look and see what's really going on in the heavenly realm, then you could see that there are forces at play and that what we're seeing on this earth is just the-the physical manifestation of an otherworldly battle that's going on.
Henry: When we think about this struggle between light and dark, this is the whole end times scenario of Christian or Judeo-Christian prophecy that at the end times we will see a final battle between the sons of light and the sons of darkness, with humankind as the swords in that battle.
TZADOK: The biblical prophecy is clear: we will reintegrate with our universal destiny, a restoration of our bonds of heaven and earth, which mean an extraterrestrial and terrestrial bond and union.
And when the Messiah comes, he comes with an army.
It comes from a place off this earth, most believe from out of the skies.
Well, what would we call an invading army from out of the skies? We're not going to call it an army of angels.
We're going to call it an extraterrestrial invasion.
Narrator: Are human beings actually soldiers in a cosmic war between good and evil? And if so, have our experiences with the light and dark forces helped to prepare us for the final battle, one that will reunite us with our extraterrestrial creators? Or will we find ourselves fighting against them?
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