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Pyramids of Antarctica

This gigantic pyramid in Antarctica would be the oldest pyramid on our planet.
It's possible that underneath the ice will be keys for us to reclaim our ancient past.
The Nazis were particularly interested in Antarctica.
Saucers were coming up out of the water and were shooting them with some sort of beam, literally cutting ships in half.
Antarctica may hold lost remnants of an extraterrestrial civilization that existed there, thousands and thousands of years ago.
Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has credited its origins to gods and other visitors from the stars.
What if it were true? Did extraterrestrial beings really help to shape our history? And if so, might the ultimate proof be found when we uncover the pyramids of Antarctica? Ancient Aliens S11E01 PYRAMIDS OF ANTARCTICA Stretching over five million square miles, across the southernmost reaches of the Earth, lies the coldest and most isolated continent in the world, Antarctica.
Because of its hostile climate, including average daily temperatures of minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit and wind speeds of over 200 miles per hour, Antarctica remains largely untouched by mankind.
According to historical records, modern man did not even set foot on the continent until 1853, when ship captain Mercator Cooper landed on what is now known as the Oates Coast of Victoria Land.
Today, anywhere from reside at the research stations scattered across the continent, braving the extreme conditions in hopes of learning more about this mysterious landscape.
The thing about Antarctica is that as much as 98% of it is covered in ice.
And just occasionally, there are little areas that stick out mountaintops, ridges, peaks.
Antarctica is the least explored of the continents.
Even the North Pole, which is just ice, has been explored more.
It is a mystery, and it's right here on the Earth.
It's perhaps the last big unexplored part of our home planet.
Antarctica is a vast, frozen world and we know very little about it.
And, in fact, the ice in Antarctica is up to three miles thick in certain places.
And what's beneath the ice is still largely a mystery to scientists.
You just have to imagine this.
The Sears Tower is a little less under a third of a mile tall, so you have to imagine that you can stack nine Sears Towers on top of each other and they would still not peek out from that ice sheet.
Most geologists believe Antarctica has been completely frozen and uninhabited for over 12 million years.
But in 2012, new photographs revealed formations in the landscape that challenge this notion: Mysterious pyramid structures emerging from the now-melting ice.
Recently there have been a number of reports of pyramids being found on Antarctica.
There are various photographs that show what appear to be perfect four-sided pyramids, very similar in design to those at Giza, Egypt, and perhaps other places around the world.
While the photos were explained away by mainstream scientists as nothing more than natural land formations satellite imagery analysts like Joseph White are not entirely convinced.
In March of 2013, he uncovered what he believes is evidence of yet another pyramid, located just south of Antarctica's remote Shackleton mountain range.
I initially found the structure whilst looking on Google Earth.
I was in fact looking at some of the ra-rather strange blank spots that you get in Antarctica, when I stumbled on upon this very large square structure which seems to be some kind of building or perhaps even a pyramid, but certainly, very large and very square.
It actually lines up perfectly with the coordinates of the compass: north, south, east and west.
And, uh, this dictates to me that it's probably an intelligent structure, because, uh, random structures, like mountains, are not aligned to the compass.
And another way we know that, uh, a structure is not naturally occurring is generally to look for symmetry things like right angles and equilateral triangles and shapes that you would not normally find in nature.
This structure is-is exactly, uh, two kilometers square.
And, uh, this corner to this corner is two kilometers and this corner to this corner is also exactly two kilometers, which would make this more than double the size of any pyramid thus far found on Earth.
While it may seem unthinkable that pyramids could exist in Antarctica, in recent years, archaeologists have found pyramids all over the world that had been lost for centuries, mistaken as natural formations or hidden in the most unlikely places.
They have been discovered in the plains of northern Peru; buried beneath dirt and rubble in Indonesia; and one may even exist in Los Angeles, California.
All the way round the world we find evidence of pyramid structures.
We should start looking at the possibility that there was habitation on Antarctica.
Was it a lost civilization? Could it be ancient astronauts? And just maybe the earliest monuments of our own civilization came originally from Antarctica.
If this gigantic pyramid in Antarctica is an artificial structure, it would probably be the oldest pyramid on our planet.
And, in fact, it might be the master pyramid that all the other pyramids on planet Earth were designed, uh, to-to look like.
There has been extensive research done on pyramids throughout the world, in terms of their structure and what it is that they really are.
And one of the theories is that pyramids are power generators.
And so, if you have these pyramids strategically placed around the world, generating this charge, it's possible to create a general standing wave around the world that is basically a wireless transmission of energy.
It's been theorized that ancient ships, extraterrestrials and those with high technology could use this interconnected wireless energy system to navigate around the planet and it makes sense that, if there was some kind of worldwide pyramid power grid like this, that Antarctica would have pyramids as well.
The whole idea of these pyramidal structures where did it come from? 'Cause it's not an arbitrary thing.
And these structures, they exist worldwide.
So, you know, what was the impetus? What's the origin? And, even more fascinating, did they originate on the Antarctic continent? Might the pyramid Joseph White claims to have discovered near the Shackleton Mountain Range and other pyramid-shaped formations recently photographed in Antarctica provide evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet in the remote past? And if they are actually man-made structures, how is such a thing even possible in a place that has been buried beneath the ice for over 12 million years? According to ancient astronaut theorists, Antarctica may not have been a frozen continent for as long as mainstream scientists suggest.
And they say proof can be found by examining a 500-year-old map depicting the continent without any ice.
Siberia, 2013.
A wooly mammoth is discovered flash frozen in the glacial ice, engulfed so quickly that its blood and muscle tissue are perfectly preserved.
It is just one of dozens that have been found within the Siberian ice since the turn of the 20th century.
Many seemingly caught in suspended animation, some with food in their mouths and vegetation in their stomachs that would only grow in a much warmer climate.
The discovery of a woolly mammoth that was flash frozen raises some interesting scientific questions.
Did something happen very locally to the woolly mammoth that it froze very fast? But it does also raise the question of how quickly can climate really change.
And does it take some sort of cataclysm? One that's sudden and unexpected? In 1958, Charles Hapgood, a Harvard-educated scientist, published the book, Earth's Shifting Crust.
In it, he proposed that portions of the Earth's crust experienced violent and sudden shifts during Earth's geological history.
His theory, known as Crustal Displacement, posited that both Siberia and the continent of Antarctica were located in slightly more temperate climates prior to the end of the last Ice Age, approximately 12,000 years ago.
But then, some unknown catastrophe plunged them into their current positions.
Professor Hapgood came up with the idea that the previous North Pole position had been in the area of the Hudson Bay.
And then it shifted to where the pole is today.
And at the southern pole, he believes that the area of Antarctica had previously also experienced a temperate climate, and that this was suddenly now thrust into this deep ice and this harsh, freezing climate.
He believed the last time that this had actually taken place was approximately When we think about Earth crust displacement theory and plate tectonics, you want to think of the crust basically floating on the magna and being able to shift and move around on top of it.
The Earth's crust is not one solid piece.
We know it's made of individual pieces.
So, you could look and see how the continents probably used to fit together and where they've moved, and how they move apart over a long period of time.
But the question is, you know, would something the size of Antarctica shift suddenly, or is that too big? These crustal shifts, according to Hapgood, actually could happen over a period of even days.
And so, if you had a thriving civilization, this crustal displacement could have hit it very, very quickly, and so, it could have actually been frozen over a very short period of time.
Although Hapgood's theory of sudden, large-scale shifts of the Earth's crust was not widely accepted, renowned physicist Albert Einstein was "electrified" by it, and even wrote the foreword of Hapgood's book.
Hapgood would also find additional support for his theory when, in 1960, while combing through the Library of Congress archives, he unearthed an unusual map, published in 1531.
The map, credited to mathematician and cartographer Oronteus Finaeus appears to depict an ice-free continent remarkably similar to today's maps of Antarctica.
It was not until as late as 1820 that we had any real idea of what Antarctica looked like.
Yet, here, on the Oronteus Finaeus map from 1531, here was Antarctica.
How the hell is it possible that it could appear on this map? Researchers are baffled as to how the Oronteus Finaeus map could include a continent that was not discovered until over 300 years later, and are even more perplexed by the fact that it depicts Antarctica free of ice.
If explorers somehow discovered Antarctica in the 1500s, it would have been completely frozen over.
Remarkably, the Finaeus map shows not only a detailed coastline free of ice, but the entire continent, including interior features such as rivers, valleys and mountains.
The map shows mountain ranges that have rivers coming out of the mountain ranges.
How could that be? It's frozen.
It's ice.
There's a NASA image of the continent of Antarctica using radar so that mountain ranges come through and can be seen.
And you can see a mountain range on one photograph, and on the Oronteus Finaeus map, it's right there, too.
It's the same mountain range.
According to climatologists, the estimates of when this feature would have been free from ice cover was at least 6,000 years ago.
So how is it possible that this map exists? Did Finaeus have access to an older map? One dating back thousands of years? Perhaps more confounding, U.
Air Force cartographers that were sent the maps in the 1960s concluded that they were drawn using advanced spherical trigonometry with remarkable precision, especially when considering the maps were made hundreds of years ago.
The fact that we find something that's a reference to modern-day technology on a map that dates back to the 16th century, makes me think: is it possible that some type of advanced radar technology was used? Because in order to produce a map that would outline the areas we see, you would have to be at an altitude of 80 miles.
So, how was that possible? Could it be that the basis for these maps was gleaned from maps that were cartographed by extraterrestrial land surveyors? The implications of all this and if you now are able to add things like pyramids this would really indicate that there was some kind of ancient civilization in Antarctica.
And that it would have been over And you've got to wonder what kind of civilization this was.
Is it possible that it was extraterrestrials? Could Antarctica have been inhabited by extraterrestrials in the distant past? Did they study this continent and leave behind detailed information about its landscape? If so, just what happened to these otherworldly visitors? Ancient astronaut theorists believe more clues can be found in Egyptian stories describing an Earth-altering catastrophe.
Edfu, Egypt.
Located on the western bank of the Nile, the Temple of Edfu is one of the largest and most well preserved temples of the ancient kingdom, dating back to 237 BC.
The Edfu Temple is of tremendous importance.
As you enter the temple, it's like you're going inside a book.
It's literally full of texts every wall, every column, every room, every chamber is filled with text.
They're known collectively as the Edfu Texts.
What is very interesting is that the majority of these texts speak about the creation of the world.
According to the texts, the Earth was created by powerful gods who came down from the sky, and these gods first established a place known as the Island of the Egg.
Two gods, they created an island in the middle of the eternal lake.
Creation started with that island.
The occupants of this so-called primordial, mythical world very strange creatures.
There seems to be three groups of people: one called the sages, one called the builders, and the other called the Shebtiu.
Nobody knows who they are.
These are the ones that are very mysterious because they are said to emerge from the water.
Then the Egyptians believed a series of gods came and built the first temples.
It says that here the first temples were-were built, the first ones ever in the world.
And that these became the blueprint for every temple in Egypt.
Once all the creator gods have done their job with creating the world, they would meet with their big bird and ascend to the sky.
Ancient Egyptians believed with all their heart that everything listed and inscribed on these walls are true, true, true.
If the walls say there's an island in the middle of nowhere where gods would go and ascend to the sky, then ancient Egyptians, the devoted ones, would believe that island exists.
According to the Edfu Texts, not all of the occupants left.
And after many generations, the island suffered a terrible fate.
The texts are very different as to what happens to the occupants, these strange gods.
They seem to once they have set the scene, once they have built the temples, they hand over their work to the historical lineage, and then they depart.
We don't know where they go.
There seems to be something very interesting here.
There seems to be a war going on.
The armies of these divinities is led by this falcon god.
And he battles a kind of enemy represented by a snake.
In the skies appeared what was known as the enemy snake.
It had a name.
It was called the Great Leaping One.
It was said that immediately it appeared, there was a time of darkness.
And there were suddenly floods that destroyed this sacred island.
And when the waters receded, these original beings, who were known as the Ancient Ones or the Elder Ones, were now no longer there.
Perhaps the Great Leaping One, this enemy snake, was the memory of the comet that entered into our inner solar system, broke up, causing devastation and destruction.
Might the account of this ancient catastrophe inscribed on the walls of the Edfu Temple be describing a natural event? Or was it a deliberate attack, an attack targeting an otherworldly civilization existing on what we now know as the Antarctic continent? We need to take a second look at the Edfu Texts and the story of the Island of the Egg because it's the source material for Plato's story.
In his story of Atlantis, he gives a very important detail.
He describes it as an immense island the size of Libya and North Africa combined.
Now, the thing about it is, is that there's only one island on the planet that's out in the middle of the ocean that matches that description, and that's Antarctica.
Curiously, the island continent depicted on the Oronteus Finaeus map reveals a shift of the South Pole of seven and a half degrees, or nearly 1,000 miles from what it is today.
Might this shift corroborate the accounts of a major catastrophic event in the remote past? If so, could the creation myth recorded at Edfu be describing something more than mythology? The cataclysm which would have shifted Antarctica, this would have destroyed the civilization that was there.
And then, over time, whatever buildings and pyramids that were there would be covered with ice.
So the whole idea that Antarctica is hiding, beneath its ice, some ancient civilization is a very intriguing idea and one that may very well be true.
Might there actually be evidence of an ancient extraterrestrial civilization buried under the ice of Antarctica? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and believe that this long history of an alien presence there is precisely what brought another occupying force to its frozen shores the Nazis.
Hamburg, Germany.
December, 1938.
Four years into Adolf Hitler's reign as Fuhrer, he is beginning to establish his total dictatorship by taking direct control of the German military.
But on the brink of World War II, Hitler is also involved in much stranger endeavors that are hidden to the public.
He is committing every remaining resource to searching for ancient relics that he believes could hold incredible powers.
On December 17, the German freighter MS Schwabenland sets out on one of these top secret missions.
Its 33-member team is rumored to include scientists, military experts, construction crews, and key members of the Thule Society, an elite group associated with the Nazis that focused on mysticism and the occult.
at their destination, Antarctica.
The Nazis themselves were fascinated by ancient civilizations and legends of vanished super races.
They were searching for this lost Arctic home that they thought that the Aryans had come from.
They were looking all over the world, and that included Antarctica.
The Thule Society actually believed that they were mystics, or channels, who were able to communicate with these beings who claimed to be either extraterrestrial in origin or claimed to belong to this, uh, civilization that lived in Earth's interior.
They gave a lot of information about the building of advanced aerospace vehicles, flying saucers, and I think this is where, uh, Hitler's Nazi party got a lot of its information about Antarctica that, uh, in Antarctica there is this ancient civilization, or bases where they could find a lot of these advanced technologies.
During their time in Antarctica, the Nazis were believed to have mapped huge swaths of the icy landscape by air.
Ancient astronaut theorists believe they also established an elaborate underground headquarters known as Base 211.
Hitler and the Nazis were particularly interested in Antarctica.
I think they really believed that there were things going on deep under the ice.
And there have always been rumors that the Nazis, with their submarines, have underwater caverns, small cities; that they escaped there after World War II.
When the Germans got to Antarctica what they found were massive cities that were highly technological.
And these buildings were not just on the surface they went deep down underground.
So, they began relocating a massive amount of equipment and personnel to Antarctica, repressurizing these ancient facilities and reoccupying them.
In 1946, one year after the end of World War II, the U.
government launched its own large-scale mission to Antarctica.
Operation Highjump deployed 4,700 troops, and a number of seaplanes to Antarctica.
Although the government denied it at the time, it would later become known that one of the operation's primary objectives was "extending the United States' sovereignty over the largest practicable area of the Antarctic continent.
" The U.
Navy, then, sent what was basically a flotilla of armed ships to Antarctica.
In Operation Highjump, there were stories that were quite strange, that ultimately came out of that expedition, which-which ended quite early.
There were stories of craft coming up out of the water, around the ships, and of flying saucer-type vehicles.
Saucers were coming up out of the water, and were shooting them with some sort of beam, literally cutting ships in half.
They were shooting planes out of the sky.
And they traveled so fast, that it was almost impossible to visually reference where the disk was going.
So, the American fleet had to limp back to the United States, totally broken and destroyed.
It's still a mystery, all of the activities that were going on in Antarctica.
You have to wonder if the American military, and other governments, too, are aware of structures under the ice, of pyramids beneath the ice; and perhaps they know that there's some kind of ancient civilization frozen beneath the ice of Antarctica.
If, in fact, the Nazis were seeking extraterrestrial technology in Antarctica, is it possible that they actually discovered it? And might the U.
military have encountered this powerful technology years later, during Operation Highjump? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that further proof of an alien presence in Antarctica may be found in a prehistoric lake buried under two miles of ice.
Lake Vostok, Antarctica.
Buried under two miles of ice is a 4,800-square-mile body of water.
It is by far the largest of the continent's nearly 400 lakes that are entirely covered by ice.
In 2001, pilots collecting data here recorded unusual and extreme irregularities in the magnetic field at the southeastern corner of the lake.
Spanning a remarkable the anomalous area is producing an unusually high level of magnetic energy.
This anomaly was roughly, uh, 50 miles in diameter and was something that would be commensurate with the magnetic field being generated by a city.
I have been to Lake Vostok several times, as part of expedition research.
And when we were in the area, we did pick up this magnetic anomaly.
But we also found other magnetic anomalies which were actually transitioning from one place to another.
They were moving.
Highly rare and extremely unusual.
We weren't able to determine what was causing these anomalies.
It's totally inexplicable.
And of course, this has given rise to theories that perhaps there is something else here.
Perhaps it's a UFO some kind of alien base; perhaps even the remnants of a lost civilization.
And now the NSA themself have almost put a blanket over any further research, and it's almost become a no-go area.
Vostok is not the only site with limited outside access.
Seven different countries have claimed territories in Antarctica, yet it remains one of the most restricted locations in the world.
Currently, there are 68 international bases here, many of which require permits or special permissions to visit.
They are manned not just with scientists but also military personnel.
But why is it so restricted? McMurdo Station, Antarctica.
Located on a southern peninsula of Ross Island, this is the largest research station on the continent.
It was opened by the U.
government in 1956 and houses up to as many as 1,200 residents at a time.
In January of 2015 a U.
Navy flight engineer, who served with the Antarctic Development Squadron at McMurdo for 14 years, came forward to investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe with bizarre accounts of his time in Antarctica.
In January of 2015, I got an e-mail from a retired naval flight engineer.
He's asked me to call him only Brian in the world public.
And this is what he told me: From about 1983, to when he retired from the Navy in 1997, he was in all kinds of what they call Antarctic squadron expedition missions, that included rescuing people in and out of various places.
In all these trips, nothing of a high strangeness had occurred.
And then, all of a sudden, it was one thing after another.
During a squadron mission in the Transantarctic Mountains, the whole crew saw a whole bunch of silver darting objects.
And they are round.
And he says they're doing the strangest thing.
They're going, like, to this peak in a group, to this peak in a group, to this peak in a group.
And then they'd all take off.
And not only did this happen once, it happened over and over.
According to the informant, this was just one of many strange mysteries on the continent that he witnessed during his time there.
They get an assignment not long after.
There's a medical emergency.
They are now under the gun, the clock is ticking, and a decision was made: They're going o through the no-fly zone because it's a medical emergency.
And what do they see? In the ice, like, a huge entrance to a cave but slanted going down.
And he said, "I think it was at least, Linda, a big hole in the ice.
" And he said, "Our instruments are not operating.
" "We were losing electricity.
We had magnetic anomalies.
"And we concluded there's something about this hole that is now causing these problems.
" They do their medical recovery.
And the next thing they know, they're all being chewed out by men in suits that are not from McMurdo.
They appear to be from Washington, DC.
And he-he said, "They told us that we are never, ever "to fly over that hole.
And we are never to discuss it again.
" What is that about? And does that have anything to do with all these other pieces that keep emerging that there might be something archaeological in Antarctica? According to ancient astronaut theorists, this was not the first time a massive hole has been spotted in the ice of Antarctica.
Famous polar explorer.
Admiral Richard Byrd allegedly reported seeing a massive entrance to an underground world during his 1947 expedition to the South Pole.
Admiral Byrd made a lot of unusual statements, allegedly talking about a large opening at the South Pole, that went deep inside the Earth, ice-free, and was inhabited by various sorts of aliens.
And when Byrd got back to the United States, he was brought back to Washington, where he was questioned very heavily about his statements.
And, allegedly, he was told to stop talking about this.
You have to wonder, is the South Pole some kind of extraterrestrial entry zone, some kind of portal that's so important that it has to be controlled by the military? Is the United States government covering up an extraterrestrial presence in Antarctica? And if so, could they be the same otherworldly beings that once occupied the continent thousands of years ago? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the truth may be revealed when Antarctica's ice finally disappears.
East Antarctica.
October, 2015.
Scientists at NASA announce that despite years of thinking otherwise, they are now finding that the ice in this region is actually growing, averaging 82 billion tons a year.
Snowfall is currently adding ice to most of the continent.
But at the same time, glaciers are rapidly melting along the coast of Western Antarctica.
Scientists calculate that, since 2009, as much as 60 cubic kilometers of ice, the equivalent of is disappearing into the ocean each year.
But why is the ice here melting, when it is growing throughout much of the rest of the continent? We see the graphic pictures on television of the ice caps melting and falling into the sea.
But it's actually only in some areas that the ice caps are actually melting.
What's so strange is that, through various factors, that the ice in Antarctica might actually be growing and extending.
This is very strange.
We can't rule out the possibility that, in certain cases, there could be entire cities that are built underground that may even be actively maintained by extraterrestrials now, and that as those cities are powered up or expanded in size that they are giving off some kind of heat and that heat, in turn, is melting the ice above them.
If there are things buried under the miles of ice at Antarctica, then that would mean that had to have happened before the last Ice Age.
So who knows what we'll find there? Remnants of a lost civilization, perhaps even tools with which these civilizations were built.
It's possible that underneath the ice will be keys for us to actually save ourselves and reclaim our ancient past.
We may end up in a situation where this can't be covered up anymore, where visible ruins gigantic pyramids, gigantic obelisks start to peek through the ice.
And, at that point, it's game over.
No longer can this be swept under the rug.
There's no question that under the ice of Antarctica there could be extraterrestrial craft.
There could be cities down there.
Bottom line is, it will shock the entire belief system of humankind.
It will just change everything we know.
What really lies beneath the ice and snow in Antarctica? Was this frozen continent once covered with lush vegetation, as well as pyramids that predate those in Egypt? And if extraterrestrials truly did inhabit Antarctica, could these otherworldly visitors still be hiding out there today? Perhaps, one day soon, we will discover what the ice of Antarctica has hidden for thousands of years, and it will finally expose the truth about our alien past.
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