Ancient Aliens s11e14 Episode Script

The Returned

1 It was like being inside a nightmare, then I realized this was not a dream.
NICK REDFERN: There is some sort of infiltration of society going on.
GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: I think these abduction stories are all part of a larger plan.
There is a reason why these people are being returned.
GEORGE NOORY: There are people who are going to bed tonight who have no idea that they'll do something that they've been programmed to do.
That's pretty scary.
NARRATOR: Since the dawn of civilization, mankind has credited its origins to gods and other visitors from the stars.
What if it were true? Did extraterrestrial beings really help to shape our history? And if so, could the truth lie with those who have been taken and returned? NARRATOR: Elista, Kalmykia, Russia.
July 16, 2007.
The President of the Kalmykia Republic, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, discloses in an international primetime television interview for Al Jazeera that nearly a decade prior, he was abducted by extraterrestrials.
I-I was taken by my apartment in Moscow to this spaceship.
Ilyumzhinov claimed he'd been taken aboard a UFO by extraterrestrials dressed in these yellow outfits, and essentially sort of given a tour of the UFO onto which he was taken.
It's never been clear exactly how long he was gone, but he said it was almost a day where he was taken far away.
He said to another star, on this massive vessel.
And this is his claim.
And, it's, I mean, an unbelievably outrageous claim.
But the problem is that this is a man who is a very accomplished individual.
And when you listen to him speak about this, he's very open about it.
He doesn't sound crazy, except for the content of what he's saying.
There's an interesting theory about his story.
Given his position and his standing within the government, when somebody like him speaks out, it actually adds a great deal of weight to the UFO subject.
So an argument was made that perhaps extraterrestrials abducted him with the very hope that he would go public with the story, expose more and more people to the existence of the UFO phenomenon.
NARRATOR: Ilyumzhinov is the highest profile individual to come forward with an admission of being abducted by extraterrestrials and subsequently returned to Earth.
However, he is just one of tens of thousands of people that have made such claims, dating back to the infamous case of Betty and Barney Hill, who were allegedly abducted from their vehicle on a New Hampshire road in 1961.
Purported extraterrestrial abductions involve men, women and children of various cultures and religious backgrounds.
This is a global phenomenon.
I've had people write to me from all around the world about their abduction events.
It has nothing to do with countries and everything to do with being human.
There are some themes in these abduction stories that are universal or at least recur.
Some report being paralyzed.
Many report shifts in time.
Some lose vast amount of time.
TSOUKALOS: It would be one thing if there were only ten or 20 abduction stories worldwide.
The fact of the matter is that there are hundreds of thousands of abduction reports all around the world.
DAVID WILCOCK: The real question we need to ask ourselves is not whether abduction is taking place.
It's very obvious that it's taking place.
We need to try to crack into the mystery and understand why this is happening.
What makes us so interesting to these people that they want to be bringing us up there, performing what appear to be medical experiments, and then putting us back down on Earth? NARRATOR: Could it be that hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been taken off-planet only to be placed back into society? But if so, for what purpose? Perhaps clues can be found by exploring the age-old accounts of human abductions by otherworldly beings that can be found in nearly every culture throughout the world.
The stories of the representative of humanity who is taken to another place permeate mythic lore.
This is a great universal story.
We have Moses going up onto the mountain and getting the Commandments and bringing them down.
We imagine they're on tablets, and somehow this is going to be the guidance of the future of the people.
The prophet Enoch, the prophet Ezekiel going up into heaven and learning all of the things of heaven.
The fairies or fae, in Celtic mythology, draw you into an adventure.
Often, there is some seduction.
Sometimes, it's a demon who will force you away from your path into something, some kind of hell, but you somehow escape later and come back with new knowledge, new skills, new strengths.
ARIEL BAR TZADOK: What's curious is, when we look at the situations, the stories as described in ancient literature, and looking at modern experiences interpreted as alien abductions, they seem to be identical.
These stories, these legends have been around for centuries.
They can't all just be made up.
There's too many of them.
They're too prolific, they're too widespread.
There has to be some basis to them.
For what purpose have these things been happening throughout history? Who knows? KATHLEEN MCGOWAN: Perhaps the most important thread that runs through the abduction stories is that all of these people are returned.
They're not kept.
They're allowed to come back.
They are brought back.
So the question is: Why? NARRATOR: Might what we refer to today as alien abductions trace back thousands of years? If so, are those that are returned part of a bigger extraterrestrial plan? Perhaps more evidence can be found by examining an ancient abduction that took place in the jungles of Southeast Asia.
Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.
A group of missionaries traveling through the Cambodian jungle stumble across the largest and most elaborate religious complex in the world, Angkor Wat.
The Khmer people mysteriously abandoned the ancient site in the 15th century.
It was enveloped by the surrounding vegetation and lay forgotten for centuries.
Archaeologists believe construction likely began under the rule of King Suryavarman II in 1116 A.
Cambodian lore credits its design to Preah Pisnokar, a half-human, half-divine architect who is said to have been taken off-planet and returned to Earth with the plans to build this advanced complex.
Preah Pisnokar's legend is one of the best stories you could ever imagine for the ancient astronaut theory.
Because in the legend, he is taken to what's called Indra's heaven, that was orbiting the Earth as described in the ancient Vedic texts.
When Preah Pisnokar first was introduced to go to Indra's heaven, he was exposed to this blue light where he himself describes how he felt his entire body being rejuvenated.
And the question is, could it be that that was some type of a decontamination pod? CHILDRESS: It's quite curious that an ancient Cambodian legend like this would contain a scene where the main character has to go through some decontamination process, and one that's done in space.
It's done in this celestial home of the gods.
He underwent this intense education program and weeks later, he was rejoining his people, and he essentially imparted all this knowledge that was given to him by the extraterrestrials to his people.
NARRATOR: Upon his return, Pisnokar is said to have designed Angkor Wat.
It was built as a replica of the heavenly original in anticipation of the return of the gods.
CHILDRESS: He's returned to the Earth to give humans all of this amazing knowledge, and to help humans advance.
And, in his case, by building an amazing temple city that is one of the wonders of the world today.
The one issue that people don't focus on too much is the matter of the abductees being returned from where they were taken.
We can look back in countless religious texts where contactees are given rules and regulations and ideas to follow in terms of elevating the human race.
And sometimes they would build structures for the gods, doing their bidding, whatever that might be.
It could well be an ongoing program that hasn't stopped.
It's just that we don't realize, necessarily, what's going on.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the story of Preah Pisnokar is true? Are select humans being taken off-planet and inserted back into society, even today? But if so, to what end? Perhaps more clues can be found by exploring the details of modern alien abductions.
Coming up JOE MONTALDO: We've learned that abductions start pre-birth and it starts in family lines.
NOORY: Most people who are being abducted don't even know it.
They don't think about it.
They don't dream about it.
They're unaware of it.
NARRATOR: Harvard University.
Cambridge, Massachusetts.
John E.
Mack, a Harvard professor and renowned psychiatrist working with trauma patients, is convinced by a colleague to examine those who claim to have been abducted by extraterrestrials.
He started, according to him, having his clients tell him these very, very detailed and traumatizing, in many cases, accounts of beings coming and taking them, and doing experimentation, and even this discussion of alien hybrids that were produced from experimentation.
And in the beginning, he talks about how he had a lot of trouble considering this to be even close to being in the realm of possibility.
You know, he's an ardent academic.
And his job is to find the rational approach to what's really going on here.
And, of course, he started trying to analyze what's the state of mind of these people? Are there any connections between the type of people that are recounting these stories? You know, so that way, he can develop a psychological profile.
But what he found was that that's not the case.
These stories were coming from a wide demographic of people, people from all over the world.
TSOUKALOS: John Mack was a skeptic.
At first, he didn't believe a single thing, but after five or six encounters with experiencers, he changed his tune.
So, for a skeptic to all of a sudden change 180 degrees, that's amazing.
Because John Mack applied all of his clinical knowledge on those experiencers, and due to that, because it is a science, he had to conclude that extraterrestrial visitations are not a likelihood, but a certainty.
He also said the abduction phenomenon is not a modern day occurrence only.
NOORY: He was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that people were being abducted by extraterrestrials.
He was ridiculed, scorned by his colleagues, laughed at, but he did not stop.
He continued to try to get these answers as to what was happening to these people.
REDFERN: During the course of his research, Dr.
John Mack came to realize that the alien abduction phenomenon wasn't one of scarcity.
It was essentially an epidemic.
Reports were coming from all across the planet.
But more importantly, there were people who had had vague dreams and memories of something going on, but clearly didn't realize they'd been abducted.
And this suggested to John Mack that there were what we could call "silent abductees.
" NOORY: Most people who are being abducted don't even know it.
They don't think about it.
They don't dream about it.
They're unaware of it.
Because, I believe, the extraterrestrials have somehow washed their memory.
However, in hypnosis, when you regress somebody, you may be able to pick up things where they do recollect what has happened.
It happened in the original case of Barney and Betty Hill, where the psychiatrist, Dr.
Benjamin Simon, put them under via hypnosis.
And that's when they started talking about the things that had happened.
You cannot erase the mind permanently, and-and the ETs know that, but in terms of just full consciousness, they're able to knock it out.
There are people who are going to bed tonight who have no idea that they may be abducted by extraterrestrials.
They won't remember it, and they won't recall it, and they won't even know.
The big question is why? NARRATOR: While researchers suggest that many individuals that have been returned may never be identified, they believe clues to the extraterrestrial motive may be found in the specific characteristic traits of those being taken.
The International Community for Alien Research begins conducting the largest and most in-depth study into the specific characteristics of abductees.
MONTALDO: The International Community for Alien Research was founded by about a half a dozen ufologists who were not satisfied with what was going on in the field at the time.
There wasn't new legitimate abduction research being done.
Started with the questionnaire, which is now going on about 13 years now.
I believe about 18,000 contactees have taken the study.
What this has told us is it's showed us similarities in all of these abductions.
We've learned that abductions start pre-birth and it starts in family lines.
NARRATOR: The findings of the study also showed a greater percentage of individuals with hazel or green eyes are being abducted, as well as those having Rh negative blood types.
"The Rh Factor" refers to the presence of specific proteins or antigens in the blood.
Most humans have these antigens, and are considered Rh positive.
MONTALDO: About 25,000 to 35,000 years ago, out of the blue, no scientist today understands why, Rh negative emerged on the scene.
Most people don't realize, but man was just positive blood until then.
There was no Rh negative.
Really what's funny about this is, is why would Mother Nature create Rh negative? What's odd about both the Rh negative and the green eyes is they're mutations.
They're both rare.
Rh negative is only 15% of world population.
Green-eyed people, I think, make up two or three percent of the world's population.
But almost 50% of contactees have hazel or green eyes.
We don't think the color, per se, has anything to do with it.
It's the fact that it's a mutation, and for some reason the extraterrestrials either created it or if they didn't create it, they seemed to have an extreme interest in it.
NARRATOR: Could there really be a genetic component at play in the extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon? And might these lineages trace back to the ancient accounts of otherworldly encounters? If so, does this provide insight into a long-term agenda? Perhaps further clues can be found by extracting what lies buried in the memories of those that have been returned.
And by examining what might also be hidden beneath their skin.
Coming up It turns out that the objects are meteoric in origin.
This is amazing.
You can see the little objects here.
Perfect T.
TSOUKALOS: How did it get into the woman's body? NARRATOR: Ulster County, New York.
December 26, 1985.
Best-selling fiction author Whitley Strieber is vacationing at his cabin when he experiences a strange event that will forever change his life.
STRIEBER: I woke up in the middle of the night, right after Christmas, in an incredibly peculiar situation.
It was like being inside a nightmare, and at the time, I was a horror novelist, and I thought, "Oh, good," but only for a second because then I realized this was not a dream.
It was not going away.
I had these big-eyed creatures in front of me, like big insects, and I was in a little round room.
And these other darting, dark-blue figures were there.
It degenerated very quickly into what amounted to a kind of assault.
I, then, found myself the next morning, waking up feeling pretty beat up and very, very confused.
What could've happened? Was it a nightmare? What was it? NARRATOR: According to Strieber, these strange abductions continued to occur.
And after one of his experiences, he was returned with physical proof.
STRIEBER: My ear began to hurt, the top of my ear, and I felt it, and it was a little lump.
That lump had not been there before.
I went to a doctor, and he said, "It's a little cyst.
I'll take care of it.
" When he opened it up, he said, "It's a disk.
" Then he touched it with his scalpel, and it went down into the peanu-- the bottom of my ear.
And he pulled out, immediately said, "I don't know what to do about this," and closed it up.
NARRATOR: Could it be that people are being returned with objects implanted in them? Objects of otherworldly origins? NARRATOR: Houston, Texas.
Former law enforcement officer and investigator, Derrel Sims, has spent three decades collecting evidence left behind at abduction scenes throughout the country.
SIMS: I treat it as a crime scene.
And to do that you need to know what to look for.
In some of these cases, we'll find a burn mark, and in rare cases, radiation traces where a UFO has landed.
People will come back with a scar like a dermatological scoop mark.
And sometimes we find some type of implant.
Thank you for coming by, Giorgio.
NARRATOR: In April 2016, Giorgio Tsoukalos met with Derrel Sims to get a closer look at some of the hard evidence that Sims has collected through the years.
One of the things we found on these abductees is -alien leaves like a fingerprint on them.
-Really? And when they touch them, it leaves a subdermal mark on you in the form of fingerprints, -or of long fingers.
And here's an example.
It impacts the body subdermally.
TSOUKALOS: This is amazing.
SIMS: It-it literally goes into the skin.
And you can't wash it off, you can't get it off with any kind of solvent or anything.
And here is another good example.
Here are some other handprints that we've found around the world.
This is in Chile.
The lady who got touched by this entity with huge prints on both front and back.
And left caustic burns on her body.
-So this was visible light.
This same handprint literally shows up in several other cases as well.
A little girl shows the same exact hand.
This was fluorescence.
SIMS: A police officer gets abducted.
The entity actually comes through the glass window and left the holographic imagery in the glass.
TSOUKALOS: Very odd.
SIMS: Here's one that fascinates me.
This is a print that came off a wall in Pennsylvania.
The entire family are abductees with the exception of one person and this one touched the wall and you can see the fluorescence there where we lit it up.
-This is the case of, uh, a lady that this is our long fing-- You see the huge, long fingerprints and the suction cups on these forefingers.
And this is on her headboard.
That's fantastic.
You've now spent many years studying this.
And you see fingerprints like that, handprints, and you know, residue, what is your theory what we are looking at here? SIMS: My estimation as a former police officer is that there was an oil-like substance that apparently exudes from the body of the entity.
TSOUKALOS: That's bizarre.
There's some actual implants NARRATOR: Perhaps the most intriguing pieces of evidence in Sims' collection are the alleged extraterrestrial implants retrieved from various victims.
I want to show you something rather remarkable.
You can see the little objects here-- the perfect and the one off to the side? TSOUKALOS: Yes.
So we had them surgically excised.
And here's what we found.
-There's a good look at them.
-Oh, wow! -After they're taken out.
SIMS: There was a biological cocoon surrounding these originally.
TSOUKALOS: This is bizarre.
And-and what did they determine this is? We had this done in a blinded study-- Los Alamos, New Mexico Tech.
They did a qualitative and quantitative analysis.
And they found-- Giorgio, you're not gonna believe this.
It turns out that the objects are meteoric in origin.
What's your opinion then? And how did it get into the woman's body? In my opinion, what we're looking at are objects that have been installed inside these people.
Someone is doing this.
This is entity-related.
So, in my opinion, we're looking at real, actual evidence of these cases.
TSOUKALOS: Well, this is amazing.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the implants collected from the bodies of alleged abductees are of extraterrestrial origin? But if so, what is their purpose? -Are aliens tracking humans -(rhythmic heartbeat) on whom they've performed medical experiments? Or might their ultimate agenda be even more profound? Perhaps further clues can be found by exploring what many researchers believe is the most compelling abduction account in modern history.
Coming up HOWE: He remembered a computer screen in front of him.
Letters and numbers, of the alien world.
NOORY: People who are being abducted are being programmed.
NARRATOR: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Investigative Journalist Linda Moulton Howe publishes Glimpses of Other Realities Volume II: High Strangeness.
In it, she includes material on human interactions with extraterrestrial beings and what she considers one of the most compelling abduction cases on record.
As a reporter who has always been investigating issues having to do with science, medicine and the environment, which is how I came into finding myself talking with people in the human abduction syndrome.
I remember it was 1995 at the Eureka Springs Ozark UFO Conference and I was introduced to Jim Sparks.
And he unfolded one of the most amazing human abduction stories I've ever heard.
With Jim, he was aware of literally going through the ceiling, going through the roof.
Many people in the abduction syndrome will describe this.
And he could see trees.
He could see the land receding.
But then, there would be a blackout period.
And then, he would be in the world of what he calls "the Grey beings" of which there are many different types.
And, he said one day, he remembered a computer screen in front of him.
And that he knew that they were trying to make him learn an alien symbol.
They wanted him to trace, for example, "A," the letter "A" in the alphabet.
It would be a line drawn from right to left, left to right, right to left.
And it was the motion, let alone just looks like a line.
But he said every one of their symbols and numbers had embedded frequencies.
NARRATOR: In yet another encounter, Sparks claimed to have been presented with a sequence of images depicting past lifetimes, including scenes of ancient Rome and culminating with images of primitive humans.
HOWE: When they went to an image and showed him primates, like in a forest, he finally got it.
They have manipulated DNA and already evolving primates to create something that was a hybrid of them, and that life-form on this planet.
CHILDRESS: When you look at his account, you have to wonder if these abductions of humans by extraterrestrials don't go back many thousands and thousands of years, and in fact certain human beings were selected, brought perhaps to a space station, or an orbiting spaceship, or a city of the gods, given a special education, and then returned to the Earth.
NARRATOR: Jim Sparks would later claim that extraterrestrials are somehow manipulating abductees' so-called junk DNA, the 97% of human DNA for which scientists have not been able to find any purpose.
HENRY: Geneticists used to believe that a large percent of our DNA was unused.
Recent discoveries have proven, however, that there are hidden switches.
There are hidden signals within that junk DNA that is gonna ultimately reveal a treasure trove of new human capabilities.
NOORY: Jim believed that people who are being abducted are being programmed that at any given time, the ETs (snaps) will send a signal, and these people will react and do something, almost like a sleeper-soldier.
They'll immediately do something that they've been programmed to do, whatever that might be.
That's pretty scary.
JACOBS: Early on, when I started doing abduction research, people would tell me, I think something is gonna happen in the future and I'm gonna have to do something.
Serious people who I've worked with for a long time have told me that, uh, they have been injected with knowledge, they're not sure what it is, but it will be switched on eventually when the time comes and they will know it.
And I have come to think that that is actually correct.
That that is true.
NOORY: It's an all-encompassing thing.
The sleeper-soldiers will start to get things ready.
Those who are already here will start to get things ready.
And also don't forget the millions of hybrids that they have been making since the beginning of time, that they've probably got on some mothership somewhere just ready to start bringing them in.
NARRATOR: Could it be that some abductees have been returned as preparation by extraterrestrials for some future mission? A mission that has been in the works for hundreds, if not thousands, of years? And might it involve the integration of alien-human hybrids on Earth? Some abduction experts suggest that such hybrids are, in fact, already here.
REDFERN: There was some sort of infiltration of society going on.
JACOBS: Are we dealing with hybrids who will replace humans? NARRATOR: Pacific Palisades, California.
July 17, 2015.
5:00 p.
Police are alerted that inside an abandoned SUV parked on a residential street is a dead body.
The badly decomposed corpse is sent to the coroner's office so that identification of the victim can be made.
-(indistinct radio chatter) -Although foul play is not suspected, -(siren wails) -as police continue to investigate, the case takes a bizarre turn.
The body is identified by his fiancée as 60-year-old Jeffrey Alan Lash.
Los Angeles police find more than 1,200 guns and seven tons of ammunition, along with numerous militarized vehicles and $230,000 in cash inside of his home.
His fiancée reports that Lash had proclaimed to be an alien hybrid secretly working for the government.
NOORY: It's the weirdest story I think I've ever heard.
His girlfriend, and she seems to be pretty normal and legit, claims that he's an alien hybrid.
That he was placed on this planet to do something specifically.
Nothing adds up about his case.
NARRATOR: When examining the body, the coroner's office could not find any fingerprints, even though fingerprints are the last skin tissue to decompose.
Lash apparently had no fingerprints.
His fiancée believed that he was an alien hybrid.
And we have to wonder who this guy was.
Was he really an alien hybrid as he said? Why did he have all these weapons? CHILDRESS: A number of people who have claimed that they have been abducted by extraterrestrials also claim that they've witnessed what they say are alien-human hybrids.
And this would indicate that the extraterrestrials have a program of manipulating people and their DNA to genetically alter us slightly.
And perhaps this has been going on for thousands of years.
And that even as we are today, we've been manipulated subtly by extraterrestrials.
And this is still going on.
HOWE: As more and more people around the planet have been experiencing, whether they are seeing lights, whether they are being taken, whether they have missing time, there is a global evolution of a relationship with an alien presence that by the 21st century has moved from creatures from outer space to human-ET hybrids that are a combination of something alien and something human.
And in that evolution, we are now seeing a hybridization program on this planet.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that Lash's claim to be an alien hybrid might actually be true? For the last decade, self-proclaimed abductees have been coming to Dr.
David Jacobs in rapidly increasing numbers, with alarmingly similar stories of alien hybrid integration into society.
What I've had now recently is people who have befriended hybrids who have come down to live here.
The hybrid looks absolutely human.
There is no difference whatsoever, except one major, major, major difference.
They are telepathic and they are neurologically controlling.
They can control people's minds.
They can make people think or do or act any way they want.
And we can't do that.
That would make us a second-class species.
The question is are we dealing with hybrids who will replace humans or who will live alongside humans and control them? I don't really know the answer to that.
NARRATOR: Could it be that there really are alien hybrids currently living amongst us? As fantastic as it may sound, recent statements made by some of the world's most powerful leaders may just point to such a scenario.
NARRATOR: Moscow, Russia.
December 7, 2012.
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev gives a primetime network television interview.
But after the interview is over, he makes a shocking statement, not realizing that his microphone is still on.
DOLAN: He said, "When you become President of Russia, "you're given information on aliens in our country, and the human groups that are monitoring them.
" And you know, what's interesting about this video, the journalist that he was talking with, she was laughing nervously while he was doing this.
But he was totally with a straight face during all of this.
MICHAEL SALLA: Here he is on film saying that extraterrestrials live amongst us.
And I don't think this was an accident.
I believe that what he was doing was part of a policy that the Russian government has begun implementing at the highest level to prepare its citizens for the truth.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that there are already aliens living among us and that our governments are fully aware of this? Could this be the culmination of years of extraterrestrial abductions? WHITEHEAD: Our decisions here as a species could very well be affecting these other civilizations.
So they may be in a sense intervening on their own behalf.
They might not really care about whether we make it or not.
HOWE: If invasion and takeover of the planet were the goal of these extraterrestrial biological entities, they are so advanced, it could be done easily.
Therefore, invasion and takeover of the world cannot be their goal.
And if that is not the goal, then what is the goal? What is the alien agenda? CHILDRESS: You have a sort of dichotomy of are we being invaded by terrible extraterrestrials who are trying to take over our planet? Or are the extraterrestrials really trying to help us and that this has been an ongoing thing for many thousands of years? TSOUKALOS: I think these abduction stories are all part of a larger plan.
A plan going on for a very long time.
What we are experiencing now is the next step, where we are now learning that we are not alone, and that they soon will come back, because that is what they promised in the ancient texts.
NARRATOR: Are extraterrestrials really coming to Earth in order to capture and examine human specimens? And if so, is their plan to join us or replace us? Perhaps the final outcome will be determined by how ready we are to welcome them and how well we treat each other.
One thing appears certain-- mankind's very existence hangs in the balance.
And the time for answers could be sooner than we think.

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