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The Mystery of Rudloe Manor

So, right underneath our feet there are tunnels and facilities? Miles, absolutely miles of tunnels.
It really is like something out of a James Bond movie.
Could a secret base in England hold evidence of extraterrestrial visitation? If there was anywhere in the United Kingdom, any secret facility where crashed UFO debris would have been brought, would've been right here.
Is the British government in possession of an alien spacecraft? The more I looked into these claims, the more I realized, "Wait a minute, there's something going on here.
" And did they even develop one of their own? I had about five minutes, and then a police car showed up and he said, "Well, I think it's time for you to leave.
" London, England.
The British Ministry of Defence, or MOD, makes a startling announcement.
They are releasing the entirety of their UFO files to the National Archives of England.
My belief is that the MOD's motive was to have people stop asking them questions.
They could get away from all these difficult Freedom of Information Act requests that people were making.
And they framed it in a way that it was all about cost cutting.
But in reality, it was almost as if they just didn't want anything to do with the subject anymore.
I still believe they take a very active interest in the subject, but they don't want to be seen publicly to take that interest.
After a rollout that took more than a decade, it came to light that the Ministry of Defence had accumulated over 60,000 documents pertaining to UFO encounters.
But researchers sorting through the archives were able to determine that 18 key files were missing.
There were a number of very famous cases where people have taken some really good photos, some really good film imagery that the MOD can't now find.
Large parts of their files were seemingly destroyed.
And it seems they have a very good, uh, history on losing really important bits of information.
After a request was submitted, Ministry of Defence officials located the missing files.
Each file, by the way, contains upward of maybe a hundred, 200 documents.
So, we're talking thousands of documents.
They sent those files to the National Archives and everyone was expecting an imminent release.
But in an unprecedented move, the Ministry of Defence then recalled the files.
Now, I've never heard of this happening before.
To date, these 18 files remain under lock and key.
So, something very mysterious is going on.
Why would the British Ministry of Defence send UFO files to the National Archives and then suddenly recall them without explanation? Some government insiders have suggested that the files were moved for safekeeping while another even more secure facility was being prepared.
When the National Archives returned the files to the British government, they were spirited away to an undisclosed location.
There are those who believe that location is a former Royal Air Force base in the southwest county of Wiltshire, called Rudloe Manor, a site that the Ministry of Defence used to perform UFO investigations dating back to the 1940s.
On the surface, it appears to be nothing more than a quaint English manor house.
But deep beneath this structure lie an astounding 2.
2 million square feet of vast caverns divided into many smaller chambers.
These underground quarries were excavated in the 19th century to mine Bath stone, a type of limestone used to build the nearby city of Bath and several other English cities.
One century later, in 1939, England was drawn into World War II and the British Royal Air Force took over the depleted quarries, transforming them into an underground aircraft factory.
At the end of the war, many such facilities were returned to civilian control, but Rudloe Manor and its over two million square feet of secret tunnels and chambers were never surrendered.
For years, it was home to a group called the Provost and Security Services.
They're kind of like the James Bonds of the British Royal Air Force.
They do espionage investigations, counterintelligence programs, things like that, even terrorism investigations.
But back in the 1990s and certainly going back to the 1950s, the Provost and Security Services were heavily involved in UFO investigations.
Now, for years, the Air Force and the Ministry of Defence denied that any UFO investigations were going on at Rudloe Manor.
Then, a document got released and it showed that actually, yes, UFO investigations had been done from Rudloe Manor.
And the staff there had been working hand in glove with those of us in the headquarters building in London.
Shortly before the Ministry of Defence released their UFO files in 2007, they announced that Rudloe Manor was no longer in use by the military.
But if that's true, why are the grounds surrounded by chain-link fences, monitored by security cameras, and even protected by guard dogs? To find the answers, in January of 2017, ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos traveled to the protected boundaries - of Rudloe Manor.
- There it is.
Joining him in his search for the truth was Nick Pope, who in the early 1990s, worked for the Ministry of Defence investigating UFOs.
We're here.
During your time at the MOD, what did you learn about this place or any type of, uh, UFO cases that may have happened around this area? Well, this whole area is rich in UFO sightings.
Rudloe Manor was the headquarters of a unit known as Provost and Security Services.
- Mm.
- Now, this is all tied up with Air Force security and intelligence.
UFO sightings were investigated by staff based here at Rudloe Manor.
But for years, we-we denied it.
We told Parliament, the media and the public that these things were of no interest, that Rudloe Manor had no involvement in this.
And yet, when the files were declassified, it turned out that people were right.
- Right here? - Right here.
- Okay.
- And-and so, this-this building really was at the heart of Britain's secret UFO research and particularly, the underground facilities below us.
All sorts of secrets and research and investigation projects went on from, uh, this particular facility.
While the manor house was the face of Rudloe Manor and the headquarters for Britain's UFO investigations, access to the underground facilities is found two miles away at the equally secretive installation known as the C.
It's close to where we are.
It's all part of the underground facility, so there are tunnels which start right underneath the manor house here and go to e C.
No one knows exactly how many people work down there, but it's thousands.
-Nobody knows exactly what they do.
And I worked for the government, for the Ministry of Defence for 21 years and I don't know.
-So, and even if I did, I wouldn't be able to tell you.
Of course.
Are the UFO files withheld by the Ministry of Defence being kept at Rudloe Manor, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? And could even greater secrets be hidden at the mysterious site known as the C.
? Officially, it's called the Corsham Computer Centre.
And you can't get in there.
It's absolutely off-limits.
Whatever's going on down there, it's big.
It says here, "Before opening this gate "to allow someone to enter, you must ensure that they are authorized.
" Anybody know what the secret code is? Despite the fact that it is not open to the public, ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos asked Nick Pope to take him to the C.
for a firsthand look at the installation.
- All right.
- Good luck.
Thank you very much.
As a former employee of the Ministry of Defence, Nick did not feel it was appropriate for him to approach the facility himself without clearance.
I'll see you later, Nick.
- Yes.
- Take care.
Here we are.
The C.
The lights are on.
And, uh, just like Nick explained, it's got barbed wire, it is fenced down, it's impenetrable.
According to the British Ministry of Defence, the C.
is simply a data processing center for the Royal Navy.
But if true, why is it so heavily guarded? Clearly, it's an access to what seems to be an underground system.
And if the stories that Nick told me are true, then underneath our feet is a vast system of tunnels and underground facilities.
Within minutes of Giorgio's arrival at the security gate, the crew is met by a military police unit.
Can you tell me anything about this place? Unfortunately, the situation ends with filming being halted.
Well, we're only trying to find out the truth.
But why? What is it that's so top secret that Giorgio and his camera crew are not even allowed to film the entrance from public property? So it was exactly how you said Fortification, barbed wire fence.
I had about five minutes, and then a police car showed up, and he said, "Well, I think it's time for you to leave.
" Oh, I think you did exactly the right thing to get out there while you could, but you know that, uh, "A," it is operational, and "B," it's obviously important.
They sent the security people out.
I-I guarantee you they had eyes on you from the moment you started.
Could this seemingly innocuous building and the underground facilities it leads to be continuing the extraterrestrial investigations that were previously carried out at Rudloe Manor? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that they are not only looking into UFO reports but mysterious phenomena that has been happening in the county of Wiltshire for thousands of years.
- I think this is it right here.
- Yes, here we are.
- Right.
- Right.
Author and historian Andrew Collins has lived in or near Wiltshire for most of his life and has investigated the many strange happenings associated with the area.
- How are you? You good? - All right.
Giorgio and Nick arranged to meet with him to discuss why the Ministry of Defence might have chosen this location to be the headquarters of their UFO investigations.
You're looking at the dead center of weird activity in the whole of Great Britain.
We've got UFOs we've got crop circles, we've got the most intensive amount of prehistoric sites, ancient mounds, burrows.
Plus, we have, obviously, the strange activity that surrounds places like Rudloe Manor or Corsham as a whole, where we are here today.
And some of these sites, I don't think people realize, but they're older - than the Egyptian pyramids.
- Absolutely.
We've got here Stonehenge and Avebury itself.
Most people think that these sites go back 4,500 to 5,000 years, but they in fact go back at least 10,000 years.
I lived in the center of Avebury, which is the largest stone-circle complex in the whole of the world.
UFOs have been seen, in the vicinity of the stones there.
Sometimes they've been seen to actually come into the circle and land.
Other times they have manifested into strange shapes, figures, things like that.
All around the country, there are certain areas where UFOs manifest more than anywhere else.
They're called window areas, and I believe that the area around Stonehenge and Avebury is exactly one of those window areas.
Because there are reports of UFOs and strange lights being seen here for several hundred years.
And it's long been speculated that there's a connection between UFOs and what are known as "ley lines.
" In 1925, amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins published The Old Straight Track, a book in which he proposed that man's earliest monuments and megaliths were linked by a network of what he called "ley lines.
" Some researchers claim scientific testing shows evidence that the ley lines are magnetic in nature, and delineate the lines of Earth's unseen energy fields.
I'm aware of at least one ley line that goes all the way from England to the bottom of the boot in Italy in one straight line.
And what's fascinating, that especially as it goes through Italy, all these cities, they contain the root word for "star.
" We have what we call the Earth grids.
These are sites, power sites, all the way round the world, which all seem to be linked by these lines of energy that seem to converge, and at all of these sites you'll find the same type of phenomena Strange lights, UFOs, mysterious happenings, prehistoric activity, sacred sites.
And this is exactly what we have here in Wiltshire.
Could the so-called "ley lines" be part of an invisible energy grid? And might this explain both the high number of mysterious occurrences in this area, as well as the decision by the British Ministry of Defence to base the headquarters for their UFO investigations here? Why is the government there? What are they seeing? There are many compelling UFO sightings in Wiltshire that are jaw-dropping in their level of significance.
As one example, in 1948, a couple was walking through the fields of Wiltshire and there in a low altitude comes a flying saucer.
They see two people inside the ship, closely enough that they could tell the people were looking right at them.
And this was in the immediate aftermath of World War II.
And remember, now, after World War II, the British never gave back the underground city below Rudloe Manor.
And it could be that there are unusual energies there at that exact spot where the Ministry of Defence had the center of their UFO investigating headquarters.
Is it possible that the Ministry of Defence retained control of Rudloe Manor after World War II because they were aware that extraterrestrials have been visiting the area of Wiltshire not just in modern times but for thousands of years? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that further clues as to what is really going on in the vast underground facilities can be found by investigating an incident that has become known as Britain's Roswell.
Have you had any earthquakes around here? London, England.
May 22, 1955.
In reports syndicated by the INS, famed American newspaper columnist Dorothy Kilgallen makes an audacious claim: Dorothy Kilgallen was someone who had extremely good ties and links with people in the government, the intelligence community, and the military.
Kilgallen heard a story that she said came directly to her from a high-ranking representative of the British government.
And the story was, back in '55, the British government had got its hands on a crashed UFO.
And judging from the size of the craft and the interior of the vehicle, it appeared to be piloted by very small, humanoid-like entities.
that the event had actually occurred during the Second World War, and this crashed UFO was put on ice, so to speak.
And then, when the war was over and the peace was reigning again, the military then decided to pull this wrecked UFO out of the hangar and then start investigating it.
Now, a lot of the rumors coming out about "the real investigations" are coming from Rudloe Manor.
One of the more thought-provoking aspects of Rudloe Manor is this claim that it's sort of the British equivalent of Area 51.
Interestingly, this would not be the last time allegations surfaced that a crashed UFO had been retrieved and taken to Rudloe Manor.
Another, much more notorious incident, occurred in the 1970s and was witnessed by an entire village.
Llandrillo, Wales, January 23, 1974.
Late in the evening, this quiet rural village in the Berwyn Mountains is rocked by an enormous explosion.
14-year-old Huw Lloyd is in his home, watching television, when he feels the impact and then receives call after call from his neighbors, most claiming to have seen an incredibly bright light falling from the sky, and then glowing on the mountainside.
Today, Huw Lloyd still works on his father's ranch in Llandrillo.
- Are you Huw? - Yep.
Ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos and Nick Pope, a former UFO investigator for the British Ministry of Defence, met up with Huw to get his take on what really happened that night.
Can you tell us your experience? -Well Your neighbors called you to ask you if you're okay.
So they pretty much had similar experiences? So you're not the only one? And you were, uh, 14 years old? How did your parents react? And what time of evening was this? So, you know, some people have suggested that, why, it was nothing else but an earthquake.
-Which I don't subscribe to this idea, but have you had any earthquakes around here? But you saw that light, and it was much, much brighter than people lamping.
I mean, it was something almost blinding? Wow.
According to ancient astronaut theorists, what really happened in the Berwyn Mountains that night was the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft that was retrieved and taken to Rudloe Manor.
And they suggest that the most compelling clues can be found by examining not the event itself but what happened immediately after.
The policeman basically said, "There's nothing to see here, let's go back down," and then you saw the lights? Yeah, these lights appeared.
At 9:10 p.
, on the night of the mysterious incident at Llandrillo, approximately 30 minutes after the strange lights and violent tremors were reported, a police officer arrived at the home of eyewitness Huw Lloyd.
There's a knock on the door, and it was a police officer there.
- Right, so a senior officer.
- Yeah.
- Not one of the local - No.
A plane crash? For Nick Pope, who worked at the Ministry of Defence and has seen the file on this incident, this is a surprising new detail.
The official report only mentions a meteor and nothing about a plane.
Right, and roughly what time did he turn up at the house? Right.
So there is no way that he could have got from Barmouth.
We've heard lots of stories about military involvement, as well as police.
The theory, initially, that this was a plane crash and that this police and military operation - was a search and rescue - Yeah.
Or search and recovery, that's fine.
But I mean, you know, we know where our planes are.
There is 24-7 radar coverage, - civilian aircraft.
- Even back then.
Yeah, absolutely, planes don't just drop out of the sky.
And if they do, immediately, everyone knows which aircraft it is, so it seems odd.
The officer commandeered the family's truck and drove with Huw to the crash site.
Nick and Giorgio were taken on the exact same journey that was made that night.
How high is the mountain? You know, one thing that struck me is, this is a pretty difficult drive.
So you've got to be pretty determined to get a whole bunch of people up here.
Yes, and for what purpose? Unless it's really something of importance.
Yeah, this is not to be undertaken lightly, is it? -No.
An interesting thing is the fact that it was an inspector who came out.
-I mean, that's the thing, you see, in the U.
, most cops are constables, and then next up from that is sergeant.
And then inspector is above that.
Oh, really? -So it's actually quite a senior rank.
This, to me, says that somebody somewhere was treating this as an important, high-profile incident that needed someone with the seniority and the clout to deal with it.
According to Huw, the police inspector directed them to stop at this spot, although he was allegedly not familiar with the area and seemed to have no reason for doing so.
It was at this location that he witnessed an incredibly bright light in the distance.
So, down there? Yeah, more to the left there, okay? -Yeah.
So not in the trees, but beyond in the valley.
When this light appeared, did it seem to you as if it was an explosion? And how long was it shining for? According to Huw, the inspector wanted to get a closer look at the mysterious light but then received a curious command from his superiors.
So, it sounds like it was a stand down call.
Curiously, the official explanation for these events provided by the Ministry of Defence did not include either fox hunters or a plane crash, as was told to Huw that night.
And the story they did provide involves an incredible coincidence.
The story is apparently that there was an earthquake that hit the village.
But at the same time, there was a bright fireball meteor breaking up in the Earth's atmosphere.
So, not one extraordinary event, but two at exactly the same time.
Some people said, "Has there been a UFO incident? Has there maybe been a UFO crash?" Over the years, the UFO community has become convinced that this was indeed a UFO crash, that the military launched a secret operation to secure the crash site, to recover the wreckage and maybe bodies, and to take it to a secure facility.
And many believe that that secure facility is Rudloe Manor.
If what Huw Lloyd and hundreds of others witnessed on that night in 1974 really was an alien craft falling from the sky, might the wreckage have been taken to Rudloe Manor for investigation? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that perhaps the most compelling evidence of all can be found by reexamining England's best-documented UFO encounter, the Rendlesham Forest incident.
They were moving erratically, as if conducting some sort of grid search.
What I've seen this evening is not logical.
Whatever we saw was definitely under intelligent control.
Rendlesham Forest.
Suffolk County, England.
200 miles east of Rudloe Manor lie six square miles of woodlands that has become notorious as the site of Great Britain's most incredible UFO encounter.
On December 26, 1980, near an air base leased to the United States Air Force by the R.
, strange lights are reported on the horizon, in what appears to be a possible downed aircraft.
Two U.
servicemen are dispatched to the site.
According to accounts, radios failed as they approached the targeted area, and the air itself felt electrically charged as they closed in.
Strange lights were seen about 300 to 400 meters away from an area that was called the East Gate.
And the patrolling officers at the East Gate saw the lights above the forest and they thought potentially it was a downed aircraft or an aircraft in distress.
So two of them, Sergeant Penniston and Airman John Burroughs, went further into the forest.
Once at the so-called crash site, the men observed a strange triangular craft on the ground, approximately three meters wide at its base.
It appeared to be either hovering or on legs.
And it had clearly come down into this small clearing and smashed some of the branches off the trees, so there was physical evidence which was looked at afterwards.
And so the men looked at this strange object.
I noticed that there was an inscription on the side of the aircraft.
I was expecting to find, I don't know, USAF, something like that.
And what I find is glyphs, pictorial glyphs, making no sense at all.
And then I was running my hand over the side of the craft; it was very warm to touch.
At this time, we're getting a feeling of electricity that was just bouncing.
It was much, much stronger.
There was this feeling of being drawn into it, or being pulled into it.
Like someone was holding a picture of zeros and ones in my mind's eye.
The strange visions Sergeant Penniston had upon touching the craft has made this one of Britain's most famous UFO encounters, but ancient astronaut theorists suggest that even more compelling is what happened after.
The following evening, further strange sightings occurred, and also the night after, reported by U.
Air Force Colonel Charles Halt.
Colonel Halt led his own search party to put an end to the confusion.
But instead of finding a logical explanation, they discovered high levels of radioactivity where Burroughs and Penniston had previously seen the strange craft, and three "impact holes" in the ground.
They then spotted a light in a nearby field that suddenly came towards them through the trees at high speed.
One of the people with me said, "Look there, to the north.
" There were four or five objects in the sky.
They were elliptical and round, they changed shape.
They moved at very high speed, made sharp, angular turns, as though they were doing some type of a grid search.
One came at high speed, and stopped directly overhead, 3,000, 4,000, maybe 5,000 feet, and sent down a concentrated beam about eight or ten feet from us.
It was about a foot in diameter.
I would describe it today as probably like a laser beam.
We noticed the other object to the south sending down similar beams on Woodbridge Base.
Apparently, these beams were falling down into or near the weapons storage area.
I was really concerned, then.
I suspect it was some kind of scan to see what was inside, the ordnance inside.
What we do know is Lieutenant Colonel Halt saw Colonel Williams just a few hours later and told him that beams had been shone down into the storage bunkers, and he said, "I think the ordnance needs to be checked out.
" If Colonel Halt's report is true, why were these craft emitting beams of light down into the Woodbridge Base? According to some ancient astronaut theorists, they may have been conducting a search, not for nuclear weapons but for one of their own craft.
They were moving around erratically, he said, as if conducting some sort of grid search, and the reason he said that was that beams of lights were firing down from this UFO into one of the most sensitive parts of the base, the weapons storage area.
Maybe the aliens would be looking for crashed UFOs, maybe their own alien technology to prevent us from trying to back engineer it and build our own spacecraft.
Could it be that the UFOs witnessed over the highly secure Woodbridge Base were aliens searching for one of their own downed craft? Might they have considered this base the most likely place the British government would hide such wreckage, unaware of its true location in the underground facilities of Rudloe Manor? Ancient astronaut theorists believe the truth lies within the 18 UFO files the British government has withheld from the public, and that it might also exist in documents recently declassified by the CIA.
Washington, D.
October 2016.
In the weeks leading up to the United States presidential election, WikiLeaks publishes over 20,000 pages of private e-mails belonging to John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Within these e-mails, it is revealed that Podesta has a strong interest in releasing the CIA's classified UFO files should Clinton become president.
While his candidate lost the election, Podesta ultimately got his wish.
On January 18, 2017, in Barack Obama's last days as president, the CIA uploaded nearly a million classified UFO files to its Web site.
The move prompted new calls for the British government to release the 18 files that they held back from their own disclosure of UFO reports that began in 2007.
But still, the Ministry of Defence will not release their documents.
Could these files hold information about extraterrestrial activity not even known to the CIA? And do they remain hidden at Rudloe Manor? I think the MOD is not willing to have that honest debate with the public.
It is not willing to, sort of, open up its files.
I don't think they trust the people with information.
They don't want an informed populace.
If you would get access to all the information the MOD holds, I think it would point to the fact that the MOD has a lot of information that we're being visited by extraterrestrial craft.
We now know that there are at least two confirmed cases of crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft being relocated to Rudloe Manor.
This includes Dorothy Kilgallen's claim that craft were crashing in World War II and were brought to Rudloe Manor, and it also includes the Berwyn Mountains incident that occurred in 1974.
The Ministry of Defence vehemently denied that they were involved in UFO investigations, and yet now, thanks to declassified documents, we know that they were, in fact, actively investigating this subject and that Rudloe Manor was at the center of it.
So now that we find out that even after they told us they released all the documents, that there's 18 documents being held back, something tells me that when we go into those documents, we will find that all roads lead back to Rudloe Manor.
I think it's highly likely that they know that intelligent extraterrestrial life exists.
The only reason why this information has not yet been made public is because of this bizarre thought that we as a human species can't handle the truth that we're not alone in the universe.
And I think that all government agencies around the world should give the people living on this planet a little bit more credit because it just shows the greater picture and that we are part of this larger picture.
Could the remains of an extraterrestrial craft really lie hidden deep beneath the surface of Rudloe Manor? And if so, might the recent disclosure by themerican CIA push the British government closer to revealing an incredible truth? Proof that first contact with extraterrestrials is no longer the stuff of science fiction, but of scientific and historical fact.

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