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The Animal Agenda

1 Tom is our insect Wrangler that is going to help us set up a demonstration on one of the coolest animals on earth, the bombardier beetle.
This animal is a chemical warrior.
This guy has a couple chemicals in his abdomen and is able to shoot out one hot stream of a really toxic liquid that have the thing sort of message rocket shoot.
Now, how cool ! He actually seed a squirt, a mist of vapor.
What was the evolutionary process of this beetle for that defense mechanism even exist, it defies evolution.
Houston Texas.
December 11 1992.
In one of the strangest alien abduction cases on record, eight different people report being taken onto an extraterrestrial spacecraft, even stranger.
It's a fact that the same eight people were allegedly abducted again, three days later.
Derrel Sims, a former US intelligence operative, is the first to investigate these separate cases as a single event.
All these people came back to the same identical information exact same story, same location, same entities, same everything.
I was just absolutely amazed at the clarity of the information.
Police before separate and apart from each other, no one had any knowledge of any mass abduction.
Each of the self-described abductees reported being taken aboard a small craft that transported them to a much larger spaceship and once inside, they encountered other abductees that were not human.
They were all led out through this massive hallway.
It looked like the museum.
They seemed to have collected species, animals, people, all kinds of things ! This room that they found themselves in that was straight out of a science fiction movie with glass tubes and glass cases and according to their eyewitness reports, in these glass cases, they saw creatures that they had never seen before, but also, creatures from Planet Earth.
When we look at any of the cosmos we have to ask is it filled with beings of different kinds of types of animalistic characteristics, birds headed beings, other animal headed beings that exist within the cosmos.
Thousands of abductees have given us information on a wide variety of extraterrestrial beings in all kinds of shapes and forms and so we would think really that in this universe there are extraterrestrial entities of every form, size and shape that we possibily imagine, insectoid, arthropod looking like giant cats or birds.
There's some actual genetic connection with some of these extraterrestrials being of a lineage from animals that we have here on earth.
Could the encounter given by the 8 people who were abducted in Houston and numerous other reports of encounters with animal by Alien pointed the possibility that humans are not the only life-form on earth to have been captured and examined by extraterrestrial visitors ? In 1859, biologist Charles Darwin introduced the world to the theory of evolution with his book on the origin of species.
In it, he proposed that gradual multi-generational changes occurring due to natural selection and resulted in the modification upon existing species while scientists agree that this process does, in fact, take place to some extent.
In recent years evidence has been presented that suggests evolution alone cannot account for all the species present in the animal kingdom.
There's one species of dog, but look at it from chihuahuas, the Saint Bernards, the Bulldogs, everything in between, and all of that has happened in less than a few thousand years.
This is crazy, this is like going from this generalized wolf-like creature into this huge variety of dogs.
There are fossils of your apps short necks and then we have the present and there is no intermediate form.
If you suddenly give a giraffe a much longer neck than it had.
before, a lot of things have to change, it's blood pressure regulation has to change, it's got to have a different heart.
This is going to be eating different things with a long neck.
All of that software for the animal has to be rewritten and you're telling me this all happens or not.
Ancient astronaut theorists propose that it's up or possibly all of the life-forms on earth cannot be explained as the product of natural selection or evolution.
It may, in fact, offer proof of not only intelligent design, but also what they believe to be extraterrestrial intervention, and they say the overwhelming evidence can be found by examining the practices of ancient cultures all over the world.
Manchester, England.
September 2015.
Researchers from the University of Manchester use the latest medical imaging technology to reveal the first look inside more than eight hundred mummies from ancient Egypt.
The deceased are not humans, but crocodiles, cats, baboons, birds and numerous other species painstakingly preserved for thousands of years.
When we think of mummies we tend to think of people being mummified, we are aware to you find out that Egyptians had also mummified a tremendous amount of cats, dogs, alligators, all sorts of things were being mummified in ancient Egypt.
The mummification of animals was so pervasive than, in 2015, archeologists discovered a catacomb, underneath the temple dedicated to Anubis, the God of the dead, held the staggering 8 millions dog mummies.
The dogs were thought to have a direct connection with Anubis, the lord of the underworld.
That was the jackal-headed God, so when a dog died, it carry on message.
It is believed that as many as 70 million animals were mummified and sites like this throughout Egypt which is roughly the same as the number of human mummies that have been found.
Seventy million is just the ones that have been found right some presumably have gotten loss of decomposing.
So the fact that there are mummies means that this practice was widespread and also that it continued over a long period of time.
This went on for the whole 2000 to 3000 years of ancient Egyptian civilization.
But why did the ancient Egyptians mummify their animals ? It's a character to see thousands of birds mummified right next to each other, thousands of them.
The reason that he huge amount of animals were mummified in Egypt was because they believed those animals were sacred.
They are equivalent to lighting a candle when you go to a church.
You bring your mummified animal that the God would employ.
The science believe that the reason for this is that the Egyptian people originally were animist.
In other words they saw the entire universe around them as filled with life and they attributed deity, divinity, to the animals in their universe.
But it wasn't just in ancient Egypt where animals were so highly revered.
Similar practices of animal worship can be found among the ancient Sumerians, the Maya and Aztec of Mesoamerica and the Australian Aborigines, just to name a few.
And in each of these separate cultures can be found stories in which animals are involved in encounters with alien visitors, otherwise known as Gods.
Animals have always put a very interesting role in the bible.
One of the races of angels himself who is withness by Ezéchiel famous Sharia vision humans called Hayoth which translates as animals.
And indeed they have the faces of animals, lions, Eagles and like.
So at all these parallel cultures, we have .
a crossover of spiritual beings and extraterrestrial beings manifesting in these forms that's repeated over and over again.
Could it be that these were the same extraterrestrial beings that were visiting each of these cultures at different times ? If cultures, all across the world, revered animals as having a connection with Gods that came down from the sky, could this be evidence that certain earthly creatures possess a link to extraterrestrial entities ? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that some of the planet's non-human life forms may even be directly related to mankind's ancient alien ancestors.
Luxor, Egypt.
Within the mortuary temple of Hatchepsout one of the few female Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, is a carving of the bull God Apis, depicted with a solar disk above his head.
Although she is little known today among the pantheon of Egyptian deities, historians suggest Apis was the very first God to be worshipped in Egypt emerging around 3000 BC.
He was considered to be the creator of humanity.
Animals were so important to ancient Egyptian death.
One of the creation myth starts with a bull.
The bull comes out of nowhere ! The bull comes out of the sky ! It appears in the middle of the endless oceans.
It is the one that creates humanity.
That bull is the father of all the humanity.
In many many mythic traditions, it is an animal or sometimes a council of animal that creates people and different cultures have different animals that played very very formative roles.
Sometimes this is a particular ancestor to humankind, sometimes it's an ancestor to a particular tribe or a group of people.
We find it's very commonly in the North West Coast with American groups.
We have different clans that we have different lineages sacredly founded by different animals, the Wolf Clan, the Bear Clan, the Frog Clan, and you feel this reflected in heir totem poles of those groups.
Many ancient cultures throughout the world not only have stories that humans were created by animals but also depicted their gods with animal features.
Ganesh, the indian hindu God, one with the head of an elephant could intervene and solve problems for the faithful.
The monkey god Hanuman was a bit of a trickster but he could be seen interacting with human beings walking among us.
In Aboriginal stories from Australia, the creator of the universe was a Rainbow Serpent.
Many of the animal Gods were described as descending from the sky.
Egyptian religion taught that God was head of an Ibis who taught science, philosophy and magic.
Khepri had the hand of a scare of them played a major role in the creation of the world.
Most of the Gods were depicted with the animal head and a human body because ancient Egyptians knew that the head had the wisdom.
If the ancient stories of flying monkeys and animal headed gods are literal accounts of what our ancestors witnessed as ancient astronaut theorists suggest, is this evidence that humankind was created by otherworldly beings that are genetically connected to animals that still roam the earth today or did the extraterrestrials disguised themselves as animals to appear more friendly and acceptable to early humans.
We could be dealing with extraterrestrials, extraterrestrials who've chose to incarnate as calves and dogs and other animals in order to guide humans and also to disguise their true form to manifest on earth in a form that would be perhaps more palatable to humans.
Zeus is one of our most well known Gods from the Greek pantheon and we have Zeus transforming himself into a bull which is part of the story of how the people of Europe performed or Europa.
We have Zeus transforming himself into a swan, Susan with Leda.
In the traditions of West Africa, live on traditions of legs battle sometimes called very often appears as a variety of animals.
In the Native American Pawnee culture, the sky God, the Creator God, the Great Spirit would never come in direct form and use animals forms, many different animals as a way to communicate with the humans.
In the Pawnee tradition, young men entering adulthood would go out or envision classes.
They would isolate themselves from the tribe perform ritual prayers and fast.
Through this process they would enter a trance-like state in hopes of communicating with these King talented animals.
A bear might go up to you and say hi, it might be a cattle power, it might be a squirrel but at some point something interacted with you.
Some animal actually interacted with you.
And that was held to be very very profound in terms of your own identity, in terms of your own spirituality.
So the idea that each animal therefore is connected to their own sort of animal spirit.
So that single caribou is in part in touch with this sort of larger caribou school.
So in terms of the Vision Quest, you might figure out who more guardian spirit was Similarly, in India, the prophets known as Rishi's would describe animal encounters after extensive meditation.
And in Mesoamerica and Puebla cultures, shamans would use powerful psychedelic plants to not only communicate with otherworldly creatures, but in some cases transform into the animals themselves.
And all these traditions, the encounters are taken very seriously.
These animal energies are very real and tangible and the wisdom is extremely valuable.
Some ancient astronaut theorists propose that while extraterrestrials may disguise themselves as animals, they may also have a real physiological relation to certain creatures on earth.
And they suggest that those creatures were put on this planet with a very specific purpose.
One is to handle to the advancement of humanity.
Thousand Oaks, California.
May 2017.
Ancient astronaut theorists, Giorgio tsoukalos, visits the Ventura bio center to examine one of Earth's most curious creatures, the bombardier beetle.
This little bomb is a marvel of evolution or some say, intelligent design.
- Peter, how are you ! - All right nice.
- Tom ! - How is going ? Tom is our insect Wrangler that is going to help us set up a demonstration on one of the coolest animals on earth, the bombardier beetle.
That's fantastic because about a year ago Erich von däniken gave me his latest manuscript for his newest book.
And we all know it abilities multiple creatures that seem to defy Darwinian evolution.
And one creature that jumped out at me that I hadn't heard before was this beetle right here.
This beetle is fascinating from evolutionary point of view and, in fact, his produce that many people suggest that evolution doesn't work at all and the reason is the enormous complexity of this thing, this animal is achemical warrior is able to shoot out white hot streams of what really toxic liquid that has the same sort of Nexus rocket fuel.
That's amazing ! They could shoot over 500 of these bursts per second but the process happens so fast it's almost in a blink for eye, so we have a high-speed camera over here that could shoot about 2500 frames per second.
And with that camera we can slow down this process and then see in that process, we can work out the exact sequence of events.
So let's set this up with Tom and watch this take place.
Let's do it.
Ok, guys, so what I've got is some non-toxic very mild adhesive and I'm just going to touch it to the beetles back and that will suspend him in the air.
We've been a gift from a little bit of stimulation with these four steps, simulates the predator make security defensive.
There was.
It is almost imperceptible to the naked eye, with the high-speed camera the beetle can be seen blasting rapid-fire strings of deadly chemicals directed at any would-be predator.
- Oh there we go ! - How cool ! - Objected adapt your direction ! - Right ! You can actually see the squirt, the mist, the vapor ! The appendage which allows it to happen to rotate so, it can shoot this lots of different directions.
Yeah, this is really awesome ! Dr.
Ward has set up a computer-generated model on the bombardier beetle to show Giorgio the incredible process that is taking place inside his body.
You've got a organs that produce the chemicals and two separate chemicals are being made.
We've got this hydroquinone which is actually a makeup of the organics of the creature perfect root skeleton.
A second one is the chemical hydrogen peroxide which is rocket fuel.
Now if we combine these two together in a chamber, what we can do, is build this chemical material that's going to get really hot and blast out the back of the bug.
So, what are the coolest things about this whole system is kind of one-way valve once this chemical concoction, so getting really hot it starts reacting the last thing you want is having to blast back into the interior of your body, so it can direct it squirts out this super hot super toxic material in that predator space.
And one has to wonder what was the evolutionary process of this beetle for that defense mechanism to even exist.
Yeah, that's a critical question ! If evolution takes places step by step, what the intermediate ? How does something that blow itself up as if experimenting through time ? How do you go so just a coordinate garden-variety needle to a Super Beetle like this ? One has to wonder if this creature, perhaps, was blood here, it's finished form or, at least, a genetic material for the creature came here as a finished product.
Could the physiology of the bombardier beetle be proof that there are animals on this planet of extraterrestrial design ? The dances that the beetle of myths can burn the skin of humans and if the mechanism it holds within its body, who was constructed on a longer scale, it could be a very deadly chemical weapon.
Is it possible that aliens place certain creatures on this planet, so that humans can learn from them and recreate their abilities ? Throughout the animal kingdom, there are other organisms that also have tremendous abilities.
The dung beetle able to pull upwards of 1,100 times its body weight.
The mantis shrimp, they can see things like polarized light, UV, infrared light.
An octopus basically change their their body coloration and the patterns and even the texture of their skin as it move across different substrates, this is just incredible.
Many advances in human technology have been inspired by the animal world, an approach scientists refer to as biomimicry.
Airplanes were designed to imitate the wind flight of birds.
Military camouflage evolved out of observing the way squid, octopuses and chameleons take on the appearance of their surroundings.
Sonar used in the navigation of submarines and ships.
Is this skills were taken from dolphins, whales and bats who emit sound waves to locate those prey and predators.
We have stolen so many attributes of animals in the past for our own technologies.
We're taking on this worldview of what an animal can do and using technology to rebuild.
We're taking clues from the natural world to develop technologies.
This may be part of a greater hidden extraterrestrial initiative perhaps for a seeding of a technological and human revolution that we're just starting to see now.
Could extraterrestrial beings have intended for mankind to study the other animals of Earth in order to advance our technology as ancient astronaut theorists suggest.
And if so, is this the continuation of an experiment that they have been conducting with different life-forms on earth for thousands of years ? Perhaps further Clues can be found by examining a recent discovery that humans have not always been the most intelligent animal on the planet.
Barcelona, Spain.
July 2016.
Researchers, studying the genome of Indigenous Australians living in the Andaman Islands, uncover a mysterious brand of DNA dating back 40,000 years.
A string that is not human.
Although, they do not know what species this DNA belongs to, they theorized that it had something else with the DNA of humans, it would likely add one more name to the ever-growing list of intelligent hominid species that lived alongside our ancestors.
Today, archaeologists have discovered, at least, eight other intelligent human-like species have existed on earth.
One of the surprises of the last decade has been that now that we can break into bones at extract ancient DNA.
This is a slight surprise that we seem to have been interbreeding with creatures that are not of our species.
We've got pieces of DNA these foreign, as you will, non homo sapiens DNA within us.
This discovery adds to the ever-growing list of hominid species that were roaming around the planet in the ancient world and it brings up the question just how many other intelligent species were there out there that humans as we know have interacting with ? Perhaps we're going to discover fossils of other versions of humanity that were mated or hybrid versions of other animals that we have yet to discover.
How is it, that there were so many other intelligent human-like species that had happened to the Planet thousands of years ago, but only humans remain today.
Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that birth may have acted as a laboratory.
It was extraterrestrials experimented with various life-forms and his evidence went to the numerous ancient stories of hybrid creatures.
Hybrid creatures abound in mythology all over the world wicked animals that are partly lumping partly another.
In ancient Greek we hear about the Cerberus, a terrifying three-headed dog who was the guardian of a portal to the underworld.
The Greeks also had the Centaur, half-human, half-horse, large, an impressive creature.
In Hindu mythology we have another bizarre with strange characters, serpentine at the bottom, human torsos and heads of faces.
Even in the Quran, the horse that was said to have flown Muhammad from Mecca to Jerusalem, was a flying horse with a human face.
Either it's all fantasy or our ancestors witnessed these things and if they witnessed them, there's two options to that, either these creatures actually came here or whatever extraterrestrials were here, they created them and it's a huge, huge question, because both possibilities in my opinion are possible ! If the hybrid creatures described in ancient mythologies really did exist alongside humans and other intelligent hominids, is it possible that Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection play a role in the rise of humans after all ? Could it be a case of alien intervention on earth creating numerous species that were forced to fight for survival ? Perhaps further Clues can be found by examining stories of an ancient cataclysm often referred to as the Great Flood.
Bible teaches us an ancient legend that there was a global flood.
We all know that the sins of the people would cause God to intervene.
But yet, legends tell us that the actual problem that occurred at this time was an extraterrestrial involvement, a manipulation of human genetics.
The Bible speaks in Genesis chapter 6 of the sons of God who came down from heaven and took the daughters of men as wives from which were born arised takings before dreams even work, and that they unleashed terror happened in the world.
The books of Enoch teach us that this sons of God were the angels who came down from heaven.
The development was going the wrong direction and then, they decided to stop the whole experiment again, they decided to create a great flood.
We have stories of the great flood practically all over the world, not on in the Bible, not only in the Gilgamesh epic, not only the Illuma Elish from the Sumerian.
We have it in Central America among the Maya, we have it in South America among the Kogi Indians, they live in Colombia, always the Great Flood story ! But it every case, there was a so-called God who give instructions to construct a ship.
And this is where ancient legends get very interesting because, well, Noah was building his ark and saving his animals.
Other versions said and others of his generation, some other precautions, some building other types of ships which will go to the stars.
And what is also interesting is that the legends tell us that not all animals were included on Noah's Ark.
Does the story of the great flood provide evidence that extraterrestrials have been experimenting with different life-forms on earth for thousands of years ? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that such experimentation continues on this day but that it is now being directed by human.
Rappalo, Italy, 1988.
While studying marine life off the coast of italy, german biology student, Christian Summer, discovers on microscopic species with an incredible ability, it never dies ! The animal, a jellyfish called turritopsis dohrnii, repeatedly reverts back to its various polyps state and begins its life cycle over and over again.
Now, there's something strange going on here, there's something that doesn't appear to happen in any other life form that we've ever identified in the millions and millions of different creatures that live on earth.
There is no theoretical limit to how much this creature is able to recycle itself.
That completely defies all known scientific laws in biology as we, now, see them.
Scientists have nicknamed the species, the immortal jellyfish, and are attempting to unlock its biological secrets in the hopes that they may hold the key to increasing the lifespan of humans.
But how did such an incredible creature in the first place ? Ancient astronaut theorists believe that extraterrestrials may still be seeding our planet with new life-forms to help direct the path of mankind's evolution.
The idea that life on Earth may have an otherworldly world origin has fascinated mankind for thousands of years.
It was first proposed in the fifth century BC by Greek philosopher Anaxagoras.
He believed that all living things came from cosmic seas scattered throughout the universe.
He called the concept panspermia.
Significant thinkers throughout the ages have considered this possibility and next chorus in ancient Greece, Lord Kelvin, Fred Hoyle, Francis Crick the co-discoverer of DNA who, by the way, thought that it was too complicated to have been developed on earth alone, up to Stephen Hawking in our time, have considered this idea that life came from beyond the planet.
Is it also possible that what we're looking at is a series of ET"s that might have been visiting earth for hundreds of thousands of years and have been systematically dropping off some of their favorite creatures from other biological world very similar to our own that have certain special ingredients so that once we reached a certain level of technology, we could adapt those qualities into our own life.
Is humanity still under the influence of animals introduced to Earth by otherworldly beings ? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that we are beginning to become like our alien ancestors planing ahead in the evolution of life on Earth.
One of the cutting edges of biology now is we're taking cells putting them into embryos of animals and hoping that it becomes a human organ itself so this is a lot of experimentation We can take a DNA molecule within an animal and knock out specific genes we deliver to that for a while, but now we're able to replace them with specific genes the very first time which is unleashing lots of Frankenstein monsters.
Right now, what we've seen the most interesting and to me scary example of this constitutional where they have taken a single gene inserted it into a beagle and caused that beagle to have twice the musculature that otherwise would have.
These things are like super beagles, now makes the question if you can do to a beagle, can be due to human, absolutely ! This could be the first step of a revolution in biology that leads to us starting to have the type of abilities that are commonly reported in the ancient lore of extraterrestrial Gods visiting earth.
Is it possible that mankind is beginning to reach the level of our alien ancestors as ancient astronaut theorists propose ? And do they continue to assist us in this process secretly introducing incredible new life-forms on earth ? Perhaps further Clues can be found by examining a new scientific endeavor to see earth life on other planets.
Frankfurt, Germany.
September 2016.
German physicist, Dr.
Claudius Gross of the Institute of theoretical physics at Goethe University introduces a new theory titled the Genesis project which proposes that mankind should not simply search for life on distant planets, but created it ! So in exoplanet search, you have realized, now, that they will be planets which will be habitable, but liveness.
And normally people believe were, that is bad luck, because they are looking for second earth.
But it offers a new opportunity limit to green light to this planet.
The Genesis project calls for depositing single-cell living organisms on to lifeless planets.
If you really want to keep from that, if you find been already oxygenating in this world and then you can put out cells such as ours and big nucleus that can move directly into an animal grade which is multicellular.
In a sense, this kind of seeding that process growth is wanting to do in the near future.
It's exactly the kind of thing that extraterrestrials would probably have done in the remote past.
In planning to transmit life to other planets, are humans replicating what extraterrestrials did on earth ? Are we continuing a cycle that has been taking place throughout the universe for many millions of years ? The fossil record while it's there doesn't necessarily correspond to Darwinian evolution because you don't see the transitional creatures in between whatever evolution there may have been.
So this just to me an outside influence.
Whether it was panspermia, directed panspermia, or later, the artificial mutation of our genes by extraterrestrials, I think, in fact, it may be a combination of all three.
It's very possible there have been lost cultures and species and a bit early ball to left the planet.
When we look at the various races of extraterrestrials that are possibly visiting us today, there could be some connection to various species here on earth.
With all of these incredible stories of ancient human animal hybrids and strange creatures coming from stars, coupled with moderate stories of people that have had experiences with animalistic type extraterrestrials, we have to ask if earth is some kind of a laboratory where extraterrestrials are experimenting with various species trying to come up with different beings.
In fact, look out in the cosmos we have to ask : is it filled with these different animalistic characteristics ? And as we begin to meet these beings, are we meeting with past versions of ourselves or perhaps future versions of ourselves ? Is it possible that extraterrestrials seeded the earth and continue to use it as a genetic laboratory in which humans are just one of many experiments ? If so, could there be another species distance to overtake us or are we in the process of merging other animals with ourselves to become more like our Aryan ancestors ? Perhaps one day soon, we will learn that such genetic manipulation is happening not only on earth, but throughout the universe.

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