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The Alien Disks

1 Archaeologists discovered cave systems in China.
Inside those caves, they found hundreds of these round disks that contained these bizarre grooves with strange writing on them.
All over the world, you find ancient depictions of disks.
Not only depictions, but they also occur as actual artifacts.
Local legend says that the sun disk was transported through these tunnels to some unknown destination.
The disk could actually be some method of communicating with the god himself.
Sort of a god button that the ancient civilizations could push and be able to connect with the gods.
Maybe the disks themselves are extraterrestrial, or they're imbued with some sort of extraterrestrial intelligence.
The Baian-Kara-Ula mountain range, China, 1938.
While trekking through the rugged terrain, an archaeologist from Beijing University and his team discover what appears to be man-made caves.
Archaeologists discovered cave systems in China that contained the skeletons of very short, spindly creatures with giant heads.
They also found petroglyphs and cave paintings of the solar system.
And inside those caves, they also found hundreds of these round disks that contained these bizarre grooves with strange writing on them.
According to an article published in a German magazine in July 1962, entitled "UFOs in Prehistoric Times," archaeologists unearthed 716 of these disk-shaped objects from the caves, later termed Dropa stones.
Each stone had a small hole in the center, measured roughly a foot in diameter, and had grooves containing microscopic inscriptions.
The team from Beijing dated the Dropa stones to roughly 10000 BC, based on the skeletal remains found at the site.
But their purpose remained a mystery for more than two decades, until a Chinese archaeologist claimed to have deciphered them.
When the disks were closely examined, they discovered that within the grooves were tiny hieroglyphs that were so tiny, they could only be seen with a magnifying glass.
When they were finally deciphered, they told this amazing story.
They tell the story of the Dropa, tiny extraterrestrial or dwarf-like beings.
Those hieroglyphs told about the crash landing of some people that flew through the universe and came upon the third planet of our solar system.
And when they crash landed in this remote mountain area, they had no possibility to repair their spacecraft and had to stay there.
The Chinese Academy of the Sciences forbid the Chinese archaeologist, named Tsum Um Nui, to, uh, publish what he found out.
But he succeeded in publishing the story, and when it came to our Western states, it was received as, well, some kind of science fiction.
No one believed the story.
Shortly after the article about the Dropa Stones was published, the Chinese government confiscated the disks and quickly dismissed their existence as a hoax.
But was it? An interesting aspect about the Dropa stones is that, today, none of these disks exist publicly.
So, that means, at some point, these disks were put away by museums, by archaeologists, who knows? Any and all trace of these disks is gone.
So one has to wonder: "What was up with these disks?" Because if they were just ordinary artifacts, then they would be displayed at museums.
What if we have another example of where archaeologists are afraid to investigate something, just because the inscription on there reads there was an extraterrestrial visitation? Years after the Dropa stones disappeared from the public sphere, evidence of a mysterious short-statured population known as the Dzopa was discovered in the area.
This would seem to add further credence to the Beijing archaeologists' report, in which they stated that they had come across three-foot-tall human-like skeletons in the caves that contained the Dropa stones.
Since the Chinese government took control of these disks, we're at a loss for more knowledge about who the Dropa actually were.
But the reason why we should pay attention to the Dropa story is because in 1995, it was discovered that there was a group of people living very near the Dropa crash.
The tallest person in this group was three-foot, ten inches tall, matching identically the description of the Dropa beings.
Because this tribe matched the description of the Dropa, one wonders, are they actual descendants of the Dropa beings? If the published account of the Dropa disks is true, is this evidence of an alien technology on Earth? References to disk-shaped artifacts associated with otherworldly beings can be found throughout human history.
All over the world it doesn't matter on what continent You find ancient depictions of disks.
Not only depictions, but they also occur as actual artifacts.
Disks are everywhere in ancient imagery, connected with extraterrestrials or celestial beings.
In Christian art, we'll see disks in the sky that appear to be like craft or UFOs.
The Chinese portrayed their gods flying in disks.
You will see saints with halos, and it symbolizes expanded consciousness and connection to other realms.
The Egyptians had golden disks on their heads as well.
When we see these disks, it always symbolizes their connection to otherworldly realms.
Disks have found themselves as central artifacts within every ancient culture.
Disks were seen as points of communication with the divine.
Disks were revered as being that point of connection with their creator gods.
When we look at the almost universal presence of this disk shape in so many ancient cultures, we're seeing something that defies the common idea of it just being a useless artifact.
It is an archetype.
It is a consistent motif that shows up over and over again, and we need to investigate the possibility that there is some actual message contained within them.
Is there a connection between the Dropa stones reportedly found in the mountains of China, and disk-shaped artifacts written about by ancient cultures all around the world? And if so, were they left here by extraterrestrial visitors, with a purpose mankind has yet to discover? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining ancient disks that were believed to hold the power to communicate with the gods.
Phaistos, Crete, 1908.
While exploring the ruins of an ancient Minoan palace dating to the 17th century BC, Italian archaeologist Luigi Pernier unearths a clay disk with strange writing on it.
More than 100 years after its discovery, researchers are still unsure who created this mysterious disk, what its purpose was, or what the symbols on it might mean.
The Phaistos Disk is interesting because of what we don't know, in a sense.
What we do know is that it came from the Phaistos Temple, which is a Minoan temple, and we really wish we did know more about what Minoan civilization was, what their writing was, what their culture was.
It in itself is a very mysterious culture.
And then the disk adds another layer of mystery.
Here it was in one of their main temples, and yet it doesn't bear resemblance to anything we've seen from Minoan civilization.
So did this come from a very, very early time? Was it brought in from an outsider group at some point that was considered significant and sacred enough to put in a temple? There isn't a scholar on this planet that can tell you where the Phaistos Disk originated from.
The clay the disk has been made from is not Minoan.
Nobody knows the origins of the language on the Phaistos Disk.
It doesn't match ancient Minoan.
Now, over the last 100 years, there's been 40 failed academic attempts to decode or to discover the true language of the Phaistos Disk.
It wasn't until 2008, professors from the University of Crete and the University of Oxford deciphered the first phrase, which was, "The mother goddess from beyond.
" They can see the patterns within the structure of the language.
But they all admit they can understand 100% of nothing.
The Phaistos Disk is written in these curious hieroglyphics.
They include pictures of men with Mohawks, different designs.
Even one of the figures looks like a flying saucer.
While the Phaistos Disk was discovered in Crete, we know that the script on it is not Minoan.
It's believed to be made with moveable type, which wasn't invented for another 1,500 years.
This opens up the possibility that the Minoans must have been in contact with some advanced beings, maybe even extraterrestrials who, in fact, created the disk as a sort of computer disk, or some kind of an information disk, that would be able to be deciphered at a later date.
According to the ancient astronaut theory, the only reason why ancient relics became sacred is because of their connection with someone descending from the sky.
According to the Minoan mythologies, the knowledge that they garnered, at first, was given to them by none other than the Sons of the Skies.
Could it be that the Minoans were in touch with advanced beings visiting them from outer space? Could the mysterious Phaistos Disk that was found within a 4,000-year-old Minoan palace be of extraterrestrial origin? And might it also have a connection to the Dropa stones unearthed in China? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further evidence can be found by examining another disk belonging to one of mankind's earliest known civilizations.
Tell Abu Habbah, Iraq.
In the Iraqi desert, just 18 miles southwest of Baghdad, lie the ruins of ancient Babylonia.
In 1881, archaeologists digging at the ancient site unearthed tens of thousands of stone tablets dating back to the sixth century BC.
Amongst the finds was a bas-relief carving depicting the Mesopotamian sun god Shamash.
This here is the Babylonian Tablet of Shamash, which has this central disk right here, with God Shamash right here and human beings right here.
What's so cool in this depiction is that Shamash is shown as if he was some type of a giant, 'cause he is much, much bigger than the rest of the people here.
The enclosure has this type of a connection to the cosmos because you have a depiction of the Moon, the Sun and Venus.
Now, what I think is really cool is that up here, you have this celestial being that is sort of holding on to this disk.
The fact that this celestial being has these two ropes attached to this disk leads me to think about misunderstood technology.
The sun disk in the Tablet of Shamash is described in the below text as such: the disk was sent there or put there to be worshipped in place of Shamash.
It was the access point for the ancient Babylonians to communicate with their gods, in particular, the sun god Shamash.
This could actually be some method of communicating with the god himself.
It is some form of a technology.
Think of it as sort of a god button that the ancient Babylonians or Sumerians could push and be able to connect with Shamash.
If the actual sun disk depicted on the tablet is ever found among the ruins of ancient Babylonia, will we discover that it is some sort of technological device? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining the story of an Incan ruler who wore a disk which allowed him to wield the power of the gods.
Cusco, Peru.
Today, the Church of Santo Domingo sits on the foundation stones of what was once considered the most important temple to the ancient Inca: the Coricancha, Temple of the Sun.
The original structure, which is believed to predate the Incan civilization, was rebuilt in the 15th century by the ruler, Pachacuti, after he came into possession of a mirrored disk.
Pachacuti is the first Inca who really created the Inca as an empire, not just as one of many cultures in the Andes.
A legend has it that Pachacuti traveled to a spring to the east of Cusco.
A disk is said to have fallen from the sky into the spring.
And when Pachacuti lifted it out of the water, he saw an image of Viracocha, the creator.
The apparition told Pachacuti, "You will win many wars.
" Within ten years, Pachacuti expanded the empire in a way that's never been seen in history before.
The myths say that he held that mirror with him for the rest of his life and any answers he wanted to look into the future or what to do, he consulted the mirror and the mirror told him what to do.
The disk that Pachacuti found truly was his key and his driving force to become one of the most powerful emperors in history.
Pachacuti began the expansion of the Incan territory from the valley of Cusco to encompass 2,500 miles of the west coast of South America from Quito, Ecuador to Talca, Chile.
Worldwide, it doesn't matter what ancient culture, there's some type of a worship of a disk that came from the sky.
It is possible that this disk had some type of an extraterrestrial connection and that this disk was a technological device.
You have to wonder, was it some kind of extraterrestrial object that Pachacuti was now carrying around with him that allowed him to communicate with these extraterrestrial gods that were guiding him? We've already had smartphones that have come out in our own history where it's a lot more than what it appears.
You're looking at all of your apps.
You can watch movies on it.
You can send e-mail.
You can have telephone calls.
You can have video calls, all kinds of things.
So, that disk may have been something with a great deal of computer circuitry in it, something that had far more capability than we could ever normally imagine.
If the accounts of Pachacuti's magic disk are true, could it have contained some sort of alien technology? According to ancient astronaut theorists, further evidence that alien disks exist on Earth can be found in the Hayu Marca mountain region of Peru.
At the site known by the locals as the Puerta de Hayu Marca, or Gate of the Gods, is an enormous 23-foot high door-like structure carved into the solid rock face.
Contained within it is a smaller T-shaped opening just under six feet in height, with a circular depression inside.
Local legends tells us that the gods would use this as a gateway, or a stargate, through which they would come and go.
They opened the doorway through this disk that was placed in a little alcove or etching place inside the doorway.
One of the stories, too, is that a high priest named Amaru Meru utilized a disk to open this door.
And so this was his computer or key that opened this dimensional doorway.
Once again, the disk is the key.
Here we have an apparent extraterrestrial technology in the form of a disk, and you would then pop the disk into where the door is and that would open the portal.
This circular area has been found where the door is located and so it does suggest that there may be some veracity to these ancient legends.
Interestingly, the disk of Puerta de Hayu Marca and Pachacuti's mirror are just two of a number of mysterious disks that are said to have existed throughout Central and South America.
And legend has it that the very same Coricancha temple that Pachacuti rebuilt, housed the empire's most prized possession: a golden sun disk.
The artifact allegedly disappeared just before the conquistadors, lead by Francisco Pizarro, sacked the city in November of 1533.
Nearly five centuries later, in March of 2017, author and world explorer David Childress visited the site to see the very spot where the legendary disk once hung from the wall.
It's thought that this spot here in the Coricancha temple is where the seven-foot wide sun disk was held.
And a long rope was fastened through these many holes, and it held the sun disk in place here in the center of the Coricancha temple in Cusco.
According to Inca legend, the sun disk had existed since the birth of human civilization.
They described the artifact as being made from a translucent gold material that came from the heavens.
The disk was said, by the Inca, to represent Viracocha, the creator deity, the apex deity.
And in point of fact, just about every culture in the ancient Andes also recognized Viracocha, under various names, as the creator deity.
Legend has it that, after Viracocha created the Moon and the Sun, he created the first man and woman, Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo.
The first thing Viracocha commanded Manco Cápac to do on Earth was create the Incan golden sun disk.
The sun disk was an actual manifestation of the creator on Earth.
They truly believed it was imbued with supernatural, trans-dimensional forces, and it was the point of communication with the creator himself.
It was like a broadband connection to Viracocha.
Now, Viracocha came down from the sky.
Now, is it possible that it was a misunderstood flying machine that our ancestors thought was God? And the massive golden disk attributed to this extraterrestrial being allegedly had the power to heal ailments, to help shamans reach a higher plane of consciousness.
The Incas believed that the sun disk had the power to help them change the weather or alter catastrophes.
So if there was a big earthquake or there were terrible floods, they believed that they could go to this sun disk and ask it for help.
So you have to ask yourself, was the Inca sun disk some kind of communication device with extraterrestrials? According to ancient astronaut theorists, the fact that the Inca were so concerned with keeping the golden sun disk out of the hands of the Spanish serves as further evidence that it truly did possess otherworldly power.
And many believe the disk still exists somewhere on Earth today.
Outside the ruins of Saksaywaman, just a mile and a half from the Coricancha temple in Cusco, are little known entrances to underground passageways dating back to the Inca.
Many of the openings have been covered up and sealed for public safety, but a few still remain accessible.
In 2017, David Childress visited the site of one of the remaining open tunnels.
There is a labyrinth of tunnels beneath Cusco, and they extend for hundreds of miles in every direction.
And some of these tunnels even intersect.
Over the years these tunnels have been blocked off and sealed, but you can still access parts of this tunnel system, such as this tunnel here, cut through solid rock.
Local legend says that the sun disk was transported out of the city through these tunnels.
There has been a lot of speculation of where the sun disk was taken.
And treasure hunters have been searching for this location for centuries.
Legends recount three myths, as to how the sacred golden sun disk left Cusco.
Some legends maintain that it was taken out through a tunnel system to Gran Paititi, a lost Inca village at the top of a mountain, which the Spanish never, ever found.
Some maintain it was taken to Saksaywaman.
And some maintain it was returned to Lake Titicaca from whence it came.
Located more than 200 miles southeast of Cusco, at an elevation of over 12,500 feet above sea level, Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and considered sacred to the local Andean population.
In the Incan creation myth, their god Viracocha emerged from Lake Titicaca.
This goes along with ancient myths and legends that tell us that there's an etheric or ethereal city that's underneath Lake Titicaca.
In light of this, it makes sense that the Incas returned their prized golden disk to the lake.
The temple was said to be a thing of imagination, a thing of wonder.
Until the year 2000.
In the year 2000, a team of Italian divers and scientists ventured to the base of Lake Titicaca after finding a road of Inca stones.
They followed the road for just less than half a mile, into the lake.
And discovered a 650 by 150-foot temple underneath the waters of Lake Titicaca.
Since the discovery of the temple in Lake Titicaca, underwater archaeologists have unearthed 2,000 artifacts, including gold and silver objects, as well as pottery dating back to the Inca.
Could they be close to finding the golden sun disk of Coricancha? But why are there so many stories throughout the world of disks with incredible powers? Is it possible that they are all somehow connected and serve a hidden purpose for humanity? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining a more recent story of the discovery of a mysterious disk.
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.
This majestic mountain range rises over 13,000 feet above sea level, and is the site of one of the most remarkable claims of non-human interactions on Earth.
In his book Original Unveiled Mysteries, published in 1934, mining engineer Guy Ballard claims to have been taken into a secret entrance within the mountain.
Ballard claimed that he met these higher ascended beings, what today we would perhaps call extraterrestrials or aliens.
And one of them showed him, essentially, sort of a secret opening into the mountain.
And he was reportedly taken down this extensive shaft, possibly even to a depth of around 2,000 feet.
As they descended, they reached this particular room, which contained this large, circular, disk-shaped object.
And, when Ballard asked questions about what it was, this higher entity said to him it was essentially a guiding device, which could have an effect on the human mind.
Why would an engineer want to make up something like this? His stories are so detailed and complex that there is reason to believe that Ballard was in contact with some sort of human-looking extraterrestrial who gave him an eyewitness viewing of an extraterrestrial disk that actually had the ability to steer and guide the people on the surface of the Earth.
There may be an ability to take certain materials, like gold, and to imbue them with thoughts, such that perhaps the high priest or priestess of that civilization could actually access the disk, perhaps with a telepathic process, and use that much like a tuning fork, or an antennae that gets them in touch with some sort of cosmic intelligence.
Because gold has very unique properties.
It's highly electrically conductive and precious metals, such as gold, have a certain chemical and molecular lattice.
They can cluster together in geometric ways, which allows them to act almost like a tuning fork for the consciousness field.
Ballard's story affirms the idea that some of these disks found around the world are not objects of art.
These are actually objects brought here by extraterrestrials for the purpose of influencing human affairs.
If these disks have the ability to sort of guide the human mind down certain pathways, this offers us a potentially really intriguing scenario.
Maybe in some respects, the disks themselves are extraterrestrial, or they're imbued with some sort of extraterrestrial intelligence, which can essentially head outwards, and be soaked in by us, unknowingly perhaps.
If these objects are imbued with extraterrestrial consciousness as Guy Ballard proposed, is it possible that many of the other enigmatic disks found across the globe are influencing humans as well? Perhaps the answer can be found by further examining the Dropa stones that were unearthed in China, and the strange electrical frequencies they were said to emit.
Interstellar space, June 2017.
Located nearly 13 billion miles from Earth, NASA's Voyager 1 probe continues on its path into the unknown.
Launched on September 5, 1977, the spacecraft is the furthest from Earth that any man-made object has ever traveled, having officially exited the solar system.
If the object is ever found by an alien race, they will discover within it a phonographic disk.
The purpose of the disk itself was to introduce us to an extraterrestrial species.
The disk contains all kinds of audio recordings that would give clues as to who we are, as to our systems of culture, our systems of science and mathematics, giving them, whoever would discover it, a very clear guide stone to understanding the creators of that disk.
That same year, NASA sent a similar time capsule disk aboard the Voyager 2 launched at a different trajectory.
In both Voyager missions, the cases that contained the golden disks were etched with symbols explaining how to play them, as well as mathematical and scientific concepts that might be recognizable to an advanced extraterrestrial race.
Both disks were mounted on the exterior of the probes, and to assure their longevity, the covers were electroplated in uranium, which has a half-life of over four billion years.
I find it intriguing that if we are sending out disks containing information about us as a species, our place in the universe, then it's entirely possible, even logical, that, perhaps, highly advanced aliens would be doing exactly the same.
And certainly, there's evidence of this.
Xi'an, China, 1974.
At the Banpo Museum, Austrian engineer Ernst Wegerer photographs a display featuring two strange circular objects.
He is told that they are Dropa stones, the mysterious disks discovered in a cave in 1938, that the Chinese quickly dismissed as a hoax.
Mysteriously, as word of the find spreads, the disks are removed from the museum.
In spring 1994, I have been in this Banpo Museum, and I spoke to the present curator of this museum and he told me a very bizarre story of what happened a few days after the visit of engineer Wegerer at this museum.
Some days later, the former manageress of the museum, along with two stone disks that were on display, they have disappeared without any trace.
While further researching the story of the Dropa stones for his book The Chinese Roswell, Hartwig Hausdorf uncovered an article in the Soviet magazine Spoutnik, detailing tests performed on the disks.
After the public release of the story in 1962, Russian scientist Dr.
Viatcheslav Saizev requested permission to study the disks.
In addition to determining that they were composed of cobalt, iron and nickel, the scientist discovered the stones were emitting a signal.
Accredited scientists noticed that there was this weird electromagnetic current coming off of the Dropa stones when they were rotated.
And it was discovered that if you put these stones onto a regular phonograph turntable and rotate them with the needle on them, that they actually create electrical energy.
The disks were allegedly returned to the Chinese government before further analysis of the frequency could be made.
Under further examination, that electrical energy may be much like a radio frequency or a signal that could be deciphered.
And it is curious that we were doing much the same thing with the gold disks that we put on Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 from NASA directly.
Could the Dropa stones, and other similarly mysterious disks discovered throughout human history, serve the same function as the disks NASA sent out into space? Are they meant to introduce us to another intelligent race that exists beyond Earth? Or do the stories of their supernatural powers reveal a more profound purpose? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining an encoded disk discovered not in a cave, but in the crop fields of England.
Winchester, England, August 15, 2002.
An alien figure holding a disk-shaped object mysteriously appears in a crop formation in the middle of a wheat field.
The image was found to contain binary code, a series of ones and zeros currently used to write computer data.
Programmers, recognizing the digital language, set out to decipher the message.
When we translated that, it was basically a warning.
And this is what it said: "Beware of the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises.
"Much pain but still time.
"There is good out there.
"We oppose deception.
Conduit closing.
" Some people said, "Well, is this disk "warning about the Grey that is holding the disk? Or is the disk itself the intelligence warning?" This crop circle disk, which appears to be encoded with information, in theory, must be some kind of effort by extraterrestrials to communicate with us, and give us information that they think we need.
And it could be possibly a warning for us.
Do the many mysterious disks found throughout the world, much like the disk depicted in the Winchester crop formation, contain warnings for mankind? Could they hold information essential to humanity's future survival? These disks that were left behind, with messages from extraterrestrial races, they're trying to tell us things, and we are obligated to find out what they are.
And it's appalling that in many cases, governments have confiscated these materials and these artifacts, and they won't let anybody know.
We have to look at these disks as possibly being left for us and they're here to influence us and guide us.
They're some kind of technology here, and it's up to us to figure out why these extraterrestrials have left these disks here and what their purpose ultimately is.
These disks could well be the centerpiece of our study of ancient alien artifacts.
In fact, they could well be the extraterrestrials themselves.
By making that connection, we deepen our understanding of who they are, and what they mean to us.
There is a very strong likelihood that these disks are bringing us closer together, and creating a bridge between our world and the worlds beyond.
If the many mysterious disks found scattered across the globe are interconnected, might they really serve some technological purpose just beyond our current scope of understanding? Perhaps the sooner we are able to fully comprehend the message behind these alien disks, the sooner mankind will be able to fully reconnect with our extraterrestrial ancestors.

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