Ancient Aliens s14e03 Episode Script

Element 115

1 NARRATOR: A scientific breakthrough opens the door to an entirely new reality.
JEREMY CORBELL: This technology can alter our world beyond our wildest imagination.
NARRATOR: It has the potential to put every star in the sky within our reach.
MICHIO KAKU: Variations of it could be stable and might eventually provide fuel for a starship.
NARRATOR: But is it possible that this incredible technology was ripped from a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft? It doesn't really coincide with the aerodynamics -of a regular airplane.
-TRAVIS TAYLOR: Honestly, my skin is tingling from this.
NARRATOR: And if we harness its awesome power, will we suddenly make the giant leap from citizens of Earth to citizens of the universe? GIORGIO A.
TSOUKALOS: If you can manipulate time and space through some kind of an element, you can do anything you want.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
Roswell, New Mexico.
June 1947.
On a dusty patch of desert 30 miles north of town, an unidentified object crashes to Earth.
The initial press release from the Roswell Army Airfield on July 8 reports the recovery of a flying disc.
Curiously, the following day, the official story is changed to suggest it was nothing more than a failed weather balloon.
But more than six decades later, the FBI declassifies a memo dated March 22, 1950, in which FBI Director J.
Edgar Hoover is briefed not about the recovery of one flying saucer, but three.
We've all heard the Roswell story about the Roswell crash in 1947 and claims that bits and pieces of it, of metal, this strange material, were picked up and stashed away by the military.
Over the years, people have claimed there are other crashes.
The reality is, if this technology exists and if we could figure out how it works and if we could duplicate it, I suspect that it would be put to military uses and would never see the light of day.
At least not in my lifetime.
LINDA MOULTON HOWE: The truth is that our government and other governments have had retrieval of physics that they don't understand and they still don't understand to this day.
It is waiting for our physics and our engineering to catch up to our even being able to explore and understand the technology we have retrieved.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the United States military really is in possession of one or more crashed extraterrestrial craft? While the government has denied such claims for decades, one man has come forward to say that he has seen the evidence with his own eyes.
My name's Bob Lazar.
I'm known for working at a classified base known as S4 out in the Nevada desert near Area 51, and there we reverse engineered alien spacecraft.
In the late 1980s, the U.
government had recovered alien spacecraft, several of them, and the technology.
That's a fact.
NARRATOR: In May 1989, Bob Lazar, a physicist and former employee of Los Alamos National Laboratory, first came forward with the incendiary news that the government was conducting experiments at a top secret installation known as Area 51.
He admitted that the government had not only recovered alien spacecraft at Roswell, but also validated the persistent rumors of alien technology being reverse engineered in the Nevada desert.
Nearly three decades later, in 2018, Bob Lazar once again told his incredible story to documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell.
He said it's a secret that needed to be told to the world, that his life was in danger, and that he was coming forward and wanted to tell it.
Area 51 is known all over the world because of Bob Lazar.
Whether people believe his story or not, it put Area 51 on the map, and it's never going away.
NARRATOR: For years, skeptics dismissed Area 51 as pure fantasy, and attacked Lazar, calling him a fraud and a liar.
But in 2013, a Freedom of Information Act request forced the CIA to come clean and admit that Area 51 is real.
What they didn't acknowledge about Area 51 was that it had anything to do with UFOs or extraterrestrials.
What they said was, Area 51 was just a secret base for the U2 spy plane, which went into operation around 1960.
But now the government is saying, oh, yes, we admit it.
We've got Area 51, but there's really nothing to see here.
But researchers don't buy that at all.
There's so many stories of UFOs and extraterrestrial activity around Area 51 that no one believes what the government is saying.
NARRATOR: According to Lazar, the notorious military base, located northwest of Las Vegas, near Groom Lake, had an even more top secret offshoot buried just to the south, deep under Papoose Mountain, called S4.
It was here that he claims the U.
Navy hid the alien saucers.
They had a hangar hidden in the desert to make it look like it was actually part of the desert terrain.
Officially, there's nothing there.
They've never had a facility, that's what they'll tell you.
You look at maps, you can see roads that go from Groom Lake down to Papoose, so what the heck was that for? NARRATOR: By his account, the Navy became aware of Lazar through his work at Los Alamos, and he was recruited for his experience with particle physics and electronics.
Lazar alleged that he was funneled immediately into black project Galileo, and was tasked with reverse engineering the propulsion system of a flying saucer housed at S4 that he referred to as the "Sport Model.
" The science was something we were trying to figure out, but we knew how the devices would operate.
You know, for instance, the propulsion of the craft.
It's a reactionless craft.
It's a field-propulsion craft.
And what it does is it creates a distortion in space and time in front of it, where space actually bends.
NARRATOR: Lazar said that the crucial ingredient to make this incredible technology work was an element that did not yet exist on the periodic table; an element he mysteriously referred to as "Element 115.
" At the time Lazar came forward, the periodic table-- a list of all known chemical elements, arranged by atomic number, electron configuration, and recurring chemical properties-- contained a total of only 109 elements.
He said that this heavy element was the key to a propulsion system.
Element 115 was the fuel by which interstellar travel was made possible.
It's really interesting, as you look at the history of this reverse engineering process that Lazar talks about, because there had to be a way to get that technology here in the first place.
Of course, most people think it has something to do with the Roswell crash and other crashes that may have happened.
The bottom line is, it came from an alien source, and we have to figure out what to do with it to our best benefit.
NARRATOR: Is the Navy in possession of not only extraterrestrial spacecraft, but its fuel source Element 115? July 18, 2017, Laingsburg, Michigan.
While producing his documentary about Bob Lazar and Area 51, independent filmmaker Jeremy Corbell asks if the former government physicist knows of the location of Element 115.
CORBELL: Did you ever get a piece of Element 115 out of Los Alamos? NARRATOR: If a piece of Element 115 did exist, it would provide the first tangible evidence that the U.
government is in possession of extraterrestrial technology.
Element 115 would be proof positive that he's telling the truth.
If you could get a piece of it, it would be proof that it's alien.
(chiming) NARRATOR: The day after the interview, Corbell received word from Lazar that he had been presented a search warrant by the FBI for his business, United Nuclear.
According to Lazar, they claimed that they were looking for two-year-old paperwork concerning a customer that ordered some potentially toxic material.
CORBELL: I started getting a bunch of texts.
He's being raided, not just by the FBI, by multiple agencies.
Forensic collection agents, people mirroring computers.
They turned his business upside down.
And I've talked to a number of federal agents.
Their job is to do operations like this.
You do not go for a full turnover of a place of business for paperwork; you make a phone call.
NARRATOR: Bob Lazar never provided an answer to the question of whether he was in possession of Element 115.
But why? Could it be that the FBI was listening in? If so, did they raid his business in an attempt to find the answer for themselves? But more importantly, if his story is true, what are the implications for humankind? Some scientists suggest that if the U.
government is in possession of the type of technology Bob Lazar described, it could lead to the greatest technological leap in human history.
NARRATOR: Moscow, 1963.
Astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev examines an unidentified radio emission coming from a quasar named CTA-102.
(whirring, crackling) It is the first official Soviet effort in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.
And it inspires Kardashev to speculate that alien civilizations could exist that are millions-- or even billions-- of years ahead of us.
He creates what is known as the Kardashev scale, a classification scheme ranking three levels of civilizations, based on their ability to harness energy.
A Type I civilization has the energy of an entire planet.
They might, for example, control the weather-- earthquakes, volcanoes.
They can modify them.
They have the power of a planet.
That's Type I.
A Type II civilization has mastered the energy of a star.
They've colonized the nearby planets, very similar to the Federation of Planets like in Star Trek.
Star Trek would be a Type II civilization.
Then there's Type III.
They roam the galactic space lanes.
They harness the power of black holes.
That's like the Empire of Star Wars.
That would be a Type III civilization.
Now, on this cosmic scale, what are we? Do we control the Earth? Do we control the stars? Do we control the galaxy? We are Type 0.
We get our energy from dead plants.
NARRATOR: Some scientists suggest that if humans were even to ascend to what Kardashev called a Type I civilization, our current understanding of the laws of the universe would be dramatically altered.
KAKU: Now, some of my colleagues say, "Bah.
The stars are so far away, aliens can't possibly reach us.
" But that assumes that they're just Type I.
What happens if they are a thousand years ahead of us? Or, for a Type III civilization, a hundred thousand years more advanced than us? Then new laws of physics begin to open up, and all the "bah humbugs" have to be thrown out the window, because a new scale of physics emerges once you are Type II or Type III.
NARRATOR: There are several theoretical physicists who believe that once humans achieve the status of a Type I civilization, evolving to Type II and colonizing other planets will happen quickly and will be akin to our leap from ape to human.
If so, could Bob Lazar's accounts of reverse engineered alien spacecraft signal a revolutionary turning point in human evolution? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining a recent scientific breakthrough.
Dubna, Russia.
August 10, 2003.
Russian and U.
nuclear physicists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research shoot a beam of calcium atoms at a target of element 95, americium, inside a particle accelerator.
(whooshing, crackling) The collision results in the creation of the heaviest atom ever observed: Element 115.
Because Element 115 is highly unstable, it exists in stable form for only a fraction of a second before disintegrating into radioactive fragments.
But could this be the very same element that Bob Lazar said was the fuel source for an extraterrestrial craft? NARRATOR: Some physicists believe that if they can produce a stable form of this newly synthesized element, it has the potential to facilitate the greatest technological leap in human history.
Most of these elements, beyond uranium, only exist for a fraction of a second.
They're there, and then they're gone again.
But we physicists think that we can make use of it to create nuclear energy on a much more efficient scale than plutonium and that variations of it could be stable, and might eventually provide fuel for a starship.
This technology can absolutely, instantaneously alter our world beyond our wildest imagination.
And it could do so so rapidly that it would be a shock to the human consciousness.
So, the idea is to study these technologies and try to get parts of it that will benefit humanity.
NARRATOR: Mainstream scientists believe stabilizing enough Moscovium to power an intergalactic spacecraft is still decades away.
But the question remains: could this Element 115 be the same Element 115 that Bob Lazar claims was recovered by the U.
military? It has always been theorized that Element 115 itself does exist, but we hadn't physically made it ourselves until 2003.
However, the Element 115 that Bob Lazar had his hands on, that had a different isotopic ratio that allowed it to be stabilized.
(explosion) NARRATOR: While scientists suggest that it may be possible to create a stable version of Moscovium, there are some who believe this newly synthesized element is simply a decoy.
Could it be that some secret government agency arranged for the introduction of this highly unstable element in order to convince the public that the Element 115 Bob Lazar described does not exist? Whenever somebody makes a bizarre claim that's written off for science fiction, like Element 115 was, and then, years later, the science catches up, and it's, "Oh, yeah, he was right.
There is an Element 115, and we've just manufactured some.
" Well, it's the idea that this is disinformation.
And they'll be saying it's one of these heavy elements that's only stable for a very short period of time.
That simply can't be the real fuel by which interstellar travel was made possible.
He's making it up.
Therefore, he's not divulging anything classified.
But when this announcement was first made, some people said, "Wait a minute.
"If Bob Lazar was right about Element 115, what else was he right about?" NARRATOR: For ancient astronaut theorists, the fact that an Element 115 has now been added to the periodic table, and that scientists are already speculating about how it might be used for space travel, seems to lend further credence to Bob Lazar's claims.
But if the military really did recover a stabilized version of Element 115 from a crashed alien craft, did they come upon it by chance, or could it have been given to us as part of an extraterrestrial agenda? NARRATOR: October 18, 1947.
The Astrakhan Region of the former Soviet Union.
From a military aerospace development lab known as Kapustin Yar, scientists successfully launch their first long-range ballistic missile: a German A4 rocket.
For the next decade, this will be the Soviet Union's only test site for ballistic missiles, and the beginning of a space program that put the first satellite and the first human being into space.
Curiously, in 1948, Kapustin Yar was also the site of the Soviet Union's first reported UFO encounter.
On June 19, 1948, a cigar-shaped object was detected by Soviet radar.
A silverish, cigar-shaped object, uh, appeared over the testing grounds.
And, um, the Soviets tried to shoot it down.
It's a highly classified case.
We don't know exactly what happened, but, allegedly, they were able to actually shoot this object down.
They found remnants of bodies in it, and also technology, which was recovered and taken to the local bunker, where they kept it, allegedly, for years, and used it to reverse engineer some of the technology.
NARRATOR: The Kapustin Yar incident allegedly took place within a year of the famous Roswell event.
Both the CIA and the Soviet MGB intelligence agency took interest in what might have crashed and been retrieved in enemy territory.
STONEHILL: You had American agents trying to find out what were the objects flying over the Soviet Union.
At the same time, you had the Roswell incident in the United States.
I can tell you that Stalin was very much interested, and he had espionage information delivered by his agents to him.
We have proof of that.
And he questioned Soviet academicians about the veracity of UFO threat to his country.
NARRATOR: If stories of UFO crashes and retrievals in both the United States and the Soviet Union are true, could it have led to a collaboration between the world's only two superpowers? And considering the fact that the alleged incidents took place within a year of each other, might it have been part of an extraterrestrial agenda? WILLIAM HENRY: If there's a motivation of aliens or extraterrestrials in bringing these two superpowers together, it's to wake us up, to recognize that, hey, once we get past all the artificial lines and borders on our planet and get out into space That is the hope and promise of this collaboration.
NARRATOR: If extraterrestrial spacecraft were purposely crashed in both the United States and the Soviet Union more than 70 years ago, has the study of them led to technological breakthroughs that have been kept hidden from the public? And where have these alien visitors been during the seven decades that have passed? -(beeping) -Ancient astronaut theorists believe they have been here all along and that recent events suggest they are ready to make their presence known to humanity once again.
November 14, 2004.
100 miles off the coast of Southern California, fighter pilots with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group engage incoming unidentified flying craft.
(laughs) 11 years later, in 2015, U.
fighter pilots engage yet another UFO.
PILOT: Well, if there's NARRATOR: The accompanying report revealed fighter pilot accounts of the craft descending from altitudes of 60,000 feet to 50 feet in a matter of seconds, hovering or staying stationary on radar for short times, departing at high velocities and turn rates, and even cloaking.
The release of what became known as the GIMBAL video was one of the most significant disclosures of government encounters with UFOs.
In the description, you're talking about maneuvers that would literally crush the spacecraft and kill any occupant.
The only way you can circumvent that is if there's some sort of inertia dampening field around the craft itself, and-and that is, as far as we know, a technology that doesn't yet exist on this planet.
Reminiscent of the "Sport Model" Bob Lazar claims to have worked on at Area 51 S4, some of the crafts described in the DoD report were smooth, with no edges, uniformly colored with no nacelles, pylons, or wings, and were approximately 46 feet in length.
According to Lazar, at the core of its design was a nuclear reactor powered by element 115.
Element 115 was what we would call the fuel that provided the power for the reactor to work.
Element 115 affects gravity.
Element 115 produces its own gravitational energy.
The resulting gravity wave creates a distortion in front of it, allowing the craft to slide forward.
And that's how it proceeds.
NARRATOR: Although Lazar is adamant that he observed the Sport Model in flight, skeptics argue that antigravity propulsion is the stuff of science fiction.
Or is it? NARRATOR: Los Angeles, California.
March 9, 2019.
Dissatisfied with mainstream scientific analysis of the DoD GIMBAL video, author and ancient astronaut theorist Mike Bara invited astrophysicist and aerospace engineer Dr.
Travis Taylor to participate in an evaluation of the DoD's footage.
They are also curious about the potential connection between the extraordinary movements of the UFO craft depicted and what Bob Lazar reported as the unique properties of what he is convinced was a captured extraterrestrial spacecraft powered by element 115.
BARA: So here's the thing, though.
If you assume the pilots are telling the truth, and if you assume the DoD is telling the truth Right.
then don't you have a much stronger case for something unusual being present on these videos? Yeah, so, if you make all those assumptions, then you have this craft in this video that is performing outside of our abilities to manipulate physics with aerospace vehicles today.
NARRATOR: Travis Taylor has worked on various programs for the United States Department of Defense and NASA for over 16 years.
TAYLOR: I'm an optical scientist, an aerospace engineer, an astronomer and a physicist, and I've worked in the aerospace and defense industry since I was 17 years old.
And it's intriguing that a lot of people are saying that this GIMBAL video is something like what Bob Lazar claims to have worked on.
NARRATOR: Mike Bara has written numerous books about U.
and international space programs, and has done extensive research into aviation technology.
The thing to me that's really interesting about this video is the fact that it actually encourages people to believe that these are alien spacecraft.
Now, why would the government want to do that? NARRATOR: For Mike and Travis, the first step in analyzing the DoD footage is to determine whether it is genuine or could have been fabricated.
To assist them in this effort, they have turned to a master of illusion -Hey.
NARRATOR: Hollywood visual effects supervisor Sam Edwards.
-Nice to to meet you.
-How you doing, Travis? -Well, thanks for having us.
-Yeah, it's great.
-Yeah, come on, after you.
-This way? -Here's the screening room.
This is great.
EDWARDS: Have a seat anywhere.
TAYLOR: So, do you think that you and your team could go and recreate a video that looked authentic, like, it came from, you know, the F/A-18 gun camera from, you know, 2004 or whatever? Listen, I-I'm in the visual effects business, right, and we don't ever say no.
-Right, right.
-Right? But you know the joke is about the, the moon landing is? It must be real because Hollywood would never make something so boring.
Good point.
-Right? So there's no mediation at all to this image, right? It couldn't be more dull.
It's just, technically, this is in there and that's in there.
There's nobody's artistic vision at all.
That's, uh, that to me is one of the best arguments -right there for it, that makes perfect sense.
-Right? NARRATOR: While there is no way to determine for certain that the video wasn't fabricated, based on what they are seeing, as well as the pilot's eyewitness corroboration, Mike, Travis and Sam are convinced that the footage is genuine.
If true, the implications are profound, as even some military personnel are of the opinion that the maneuvers displayed by the craft in the GIMBAL video resemble no known man-made technology.
TAYLOR: So now the next question is, -is the origin of that advanced propulsion.
-BARA: Right.
Is it man-made advanced propulsion or is it extraterrestrial? EDWARDS: Let's try to reverse engineer what's there and understand what we're looking at.
So, yeah, it's air-to-air footage, and I thought that was kind of cool.
I stabilized out some of the camera motion so we can kind of get a better feel for its trajectory.
Oh, okay.
-EDWARDS: Wow, yeah.
-That's cool.
EDWARDS: That tells us how much it's actually moving.
Which, it doesn't seem to me to be supersonic -or anything like it.
-TAYLOR: If you look at that, it looks to me like there is structure in a couple of places.
Uh, now we're below it, right? Something right in here and here and then something here.
-EDWARDS: Mm-hmm.
-The interesting thing here is, if you were looking at a SR-71 and it was below you and you were looking down at it, the wings would look sort of disc-shaped like that, and there would be a tail and there would be a nose structure -and these would be your wings.
-EDWARDS: If that's a wing then, what's-what's going on now? Right? It's still traveling in the same direction.
TAYLOR: It-it looks a lot like a top, doesn't it? -(chuckles) -It doesn't really coincide with the aerodynamics of a regular airplane.
The fighter pilots they, they can roll, they can pitch, they can crab, they can yaw, they can do all sorts of things to an airplane to make it look unusual.
EDWARDS: I-I hear what you're saying, and, uh, we made a, uh, CG model.
And I kind of hand-tracked it to sort of match its motion so we can kind of get a feel for what some of its dimensions are.
TAYLOR: Yeah, it's interesting, if it's looking straight on like your model there, your model matches to it pretty good.
Well, let me show you something else that catches my eye, gentlemen.
What seems odd to me, this kind of light that follows behind the craft.
There's no such thing as a light source that follows around behind an aircraft.
TAYLOR: Right, because it's clearly there, -now that you point it-- I can't believe I didn't see it before.
TAYLOR: So the system is in black hot mode.
What that tells me: if black is hot, there's a cold region.
-EDWARDS: Mm-hmm.
-A cold region around the vehicle.
Thing about this, a cold region around a propulsion system is odd.
You typically are gonna be, you know, warm coming out of the exhaust or near your engine.
Doesn't that argue that it's not a conventional propulsion system? NARRATOR: Ancient astronaut theorist Mike Bara and aerospace engineer Travis Taylor are meeting with Hollywood visual effects supervisor Sam Edwards in order to examine footage of a UFO taken by a U.
Navy pilot.
They are also curious about the possible connections between the UFO craft depicted in the footage, and the reported properties of the mysterious element known as 115.
EDWARDS: On my monitor I'm taking that broader dynamic range image and I'm looking at different parts of the spectrum.
BARA: I mean, you can see that field -right around that thing.
-EDWARDS: Yeah, exactly.
BARA: It's not jet engines? I mean, look, -let's talk about what -If we make the assumption that it's not the camera phenomenon, that it is something to do with the propulsion system, then it's describing to me something like an Alcubierre warp bubble.
NARRATOR: An Alcubierre warp bubble is a theoretical model for transporting a spaceship by contracting space in front of it and expanding space behind it.
A bubble of curved space would form around the craft, and in an atmosphere like that of Earth, the air temperature inside the bubble would be significantly cooler than the surrounding atmospheric air, so much cooler that an infrared camera would detect it.
This makes it possible for the craft to travel faster than the speed of light without breaking any of the laws of physics.
BARA: Here's the thing, this is exactly the technology that Bob Lazar talked about with his "Sport Model" from Area 51.
What he said was happening was that you're simply distorting the gravity field like this, so you can kind of surf along this wave.
And if you're, if you're dealing with something like, let's say Element 115, if that really exists, if you're dealing with some sort of field propulsion, it's gonna have a little bit of a halo around it.
What Sam pointed out is absolutely extraordinary.
What I'm seeing is this bubble around the craft, and I'm willing to call it a craft now, because I don't think it's just a drone anymore.
I'm looking at something that points to a really, really extraordinary propulsion system.
TAYLOR: That right there is clearly something there, if it's not a camera artifact.
EDWARDS: Well, the lights definitely rotate -with the shape, right? -TAYLOR: Yeah.
Which-which makes you think it's not a camera artifact.
If this were just an artifact of the camera technology, I would have expected the halo to have looked slightly different.
The fact that there are strange little striations from it that are turning when the vehicle turns, it doesn't look like it's a camera artifact.
Sam, until I saw this, I had a completely different opinion of this video.
-Oh, nice.
-TAYLOR: Seeing the video and the analysis that we did today with Sam, it's opened my mind to accept that it's possible that this is a vehicle that might function a lot like the stories that Bob Lazar told.
This does have similarities that are uncanny.
My skin is tingling from this.
NARRATOR: If the bubble of cold air enveloping the craft in the GIMBAL video is the same phenomenon exhibited by Bob Lazar's "Sport Model," could it be that the U.
military has mastered the Element 115 propulsion system? KNAPP: It acts precisely how Bob Lazar described the abilities of the "Sport Model.
" And by the way, I-I have spoken to multiple Defense Department sources who are familiar with the release of that video, and they believe that it's because of special materials that that craft can do what it did.
What those special materials are, I don't know, but it sure sounds like Element 115 to me.
But if the DoD is in possession of such extraordinary technology, why is it being kept a secret? Could other world powers have also recovered similar technology? And will the public ever know the full truth? CHILDRESS: In my mind, there is a deep state, and that deep state is essentially the military.
And what makes that deep state ultimately is the incredible technology that our military has.
And in fact, I believe it's quite possible that we're already exploring Mars and perhaps other planets, and the military is keeping it a secret from us.
POPE: This the possibility that this is part of an acclimatization program, a sort of drip feeding of the truth out to us.
A declassified video here, a document there.
And maybe Bob Lazar fits into that story.
NARRATOR: With the Pentagon's release of top secret UFO videos, along with increased scientific cooperation between world powers and the addition of Element 115 to the periodic table, is the public being slowly prepared to enter an entirely new reality? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that if the U.
government really is in possession of alien technology, an even more important question is, just where is it taking us? NARRATOR: Dubna, Russia.
December 26, 2018.
An international team of physicists at the Flerov Laboratory successfully fire the DC-280 cyclotron particle accelerator for the first time.
Its beam is the most powerful ever recorded among the world's top nuclear facilities.
The physicists will use the new facility to work on stabilizing superheavy metals like Element 115 so that their incredible energy potential can be harnessed.
STONEHILL: The Flerov Laboratory has been in the forefront of nuclear particle physics research.
And on January 29, 2019, TASS News Agency came out with announcement that this year, there'll be breakthroughs, because they will use many more atoms than before when they discovered Element 114 and 115.
And definitely there is much more effort that's going on in Dubna today than we know about.
POPE: It's a center of excellence when it comes to research into superheavy elements.
And whenever you're dealing with these superheavy elements, you are dealing with something that has the capability to generate large amounts of energy.
(explosion) And again, this is what Bob Lazar said was the ultimate secret of UFOs.
So, how long will it be before we are out there among the stars? And I think that's where we go next.
We're at an interesting time in the development of our species.
NARRATOR: If the government has secretly been attempting to reverse engineer a stabilized version of Element 115 recovered from an alien craft, will these new experiments accelerate that effort? I think we've got technology, bits and pieces, maybe an entire craft, or more than one craft, from somewhere else.
Stuff that we didn't make.
The reality is, if this technology exists, and if we could figure out how it works, and if we can duplicate it, it has limitless potential.
It would propel humanity to a new level.
CORBELL: This technology would alter the basic fabric of how we relate to the external world.
If you can produce a gravity wave, you've won.
That's it.
The entire landscape of your reality changes.
It is a fearsome technology, a powerful technology, and with great power comes great responsibility.
CHILDRESS: The idea that extraterrestrials are giving us technology, perhaps, is an exciting idea.
But we have to wonder just what interactions we really are having with extraterrestrials, and what they think of us.
And I like to think that the space programs of our own military, and of other countries as well, that we are going to work together, that our own efforts to go into space and other planets are for peaceful purposes, and not for ones of conquering other civilizations or taking other people's resources.
And I think that the extraterrestrials, too, are watching us for those very reasons.
NARRATOR: Are we on the verge of harnessing the awesome power of Element 115 and embarking on a journey unlike humanity has ever seen? Perhaps as we reach this critical next step in human evolution, we will finally know the full truth about both our history and our origins and begin the next chapter of mankind in the cosmos.

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