Ancient Aliens s14e16 Episode Script

The Alien Brain

1 Events, predicted centuries before they occure.
NICK POPE: He was able to perceive the rise of Napoleon, the rise of Hitler, atomic weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
NARRATOR: Objects moved with the power of the mind.
Without touching it, I'm able to control it.
I can hold it over there.
-I can pull it back there.
-POPE: Wow.
NARRATOR: Communications that happen without speaking a word.
JOHN VIVANCO: This thing telepathically communicated with me, and it said, "We are here to help you.
" NARRATOR: There are many who believe that the human brain possesses extraordinary, untapped abilities, given to us by extraterrestrial beings.
DAVID CHILDRESS: You have to wonder if, ultimately, the goal is to activate all the humans on this planet.
NARRATOR: If true, once we learn to access the full potential of the brain, will we discover a new reality and destiny for humankind? WILLIAM HENRY: It's possible that extraterrestrial beings are sending messages to assist us in averting a future disaster.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
Paris, France.
June 30, 1559.
In a freak accident, French King Henry II is mortally wounded -while jousting in a tournament.
-(horse neighs) Ten days later, he dies.
The news shocks the French people except for one man: the seer, Michel de Nostradamus.
Years earlier, Nostradamus foretold the death of King Henry in Les Proph騁ies, a collection of 942 predictions about the future.
Now his macabre vision has been realized with startling clarity.
Nostradamus's fame as a prophet starts with the prophecy that King Henry II would die in a jousting accident.
He died, as the prophecy said, "a cruel death.
" The reaction to this positively accurate prediction was masses of people burning Nostradamus in effigy.
NARRATOR: Long after his death in 1566, Nostradamus's most chilling prophecies became known around the world.
HENRY: He's famous today because in 1555 he predicted the rise of Napoleon, of Adolf Hitler, of the death of Princess Diana.
MITCH HOROWITZ: Nostradamus is perhaps the most enduring name in post-biblical prophecy, and people continue to feel that they can learn what's around the next corner by studying his quatrains.
HOGUE: His prophecies are foggy, cloudy, cryptic, full of wordplays called anagrams.
He was trying to create a difficult verse to avoid the church justices burning him.
NARRATOR: Nostradamus did not claim to have been born with the ability to see the future.
He said that this gift came to him suddenly in his mid-40s when he traveled Southern Europe as a physician and chemist fighting the plague.
But just what or who gave him the incredible ability to see the future was a mystery even to him.
HOGUE: He was single-handedly fighting the plague, and his wife and his two children died.
He packed up his mule, and, literally, in one night, left everything and disappeared from the historical chronicles for about six years.
The shock, the grief, the shattering of what had happened to him had awakened the family gift.
He had an awakening experience that somehow opened up his psychic ability.
It's quite possible that his brain itself was somehow altered, a switch was flipped, and when he came back, he had the ability to see into the future and to make prophecies.
NARRATOR: A psychic awakening? Is it possible that Nostradamus's ability to predict the future was somehow activated by the trauma he experienced? Many researchers of extrasensory abilities believe the human brain contains incredible potential that scientists have not yet discovered, and which are sometimes switched on by traumatic events.
Evidence of this can be found not only in the life of Nostradamus, but also extraordinary cases documented in modern times.
Melbourne, Australia.
February 2012.
21-year-old college student Ben McMahon is driving home one afternoon when a semitruck -runs a red light -(tires screeching) -(crashing) -and broadsides his car.
-(monitor beeping steadily) -The accident leaves McMahon in a coma.
When he awakens a week later, McMahon shocks everyone by speaking in fluent Mandarin, a language he only casually studied in high school Doctors say McMahon suffers from foreign language syndrome, a rare condition that occurs after a traumatic brain injury.
There have been certain circumstances where people have had an injury of the brain and then suddenly developed some completely new, uh, ability.
It's a little bit like the savant phenomenon, where somebody has just these unbelievable abilities in a given domain that are kind of unexplainable.
The brain is a compilation of billions of nerve cells that work together to help us have our thoughts, feelings and experiences.
Almost everything is still mysterious about the brain.
I mean, we understand the basics of how things work, but when it comes to our actual feelings, our thought, our emotions, our consciousness, we really don't have a good answer as to how the brain helps us to have those different experiences.
NARRATOR: People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries have developed incredible skills such as perfect recall and advanced understanding of mathematical concepts, and the instantaneous mastery of musical instruments.
But is it possible that the human brain contains even more incredible abilities just waiting to be unlocked? The untapped potentials of the brain are barely researched yet.
Those researching creative people assume that most of the work that is done, that is truly innovative, new, original and valuable, is done by the part of the brain we can't track, the part that is barely understood.
CAROLINE CORY: The difference between the average human and the prophets and the seers is not that the prophets and seers have a different DNA.
It is simply that they allow their extrasensory perception and their abilities to be enhanced.
And that is the reason why they receive messages from the beyond.
HENRY: This speaks to the enormous hidden capacity of the brain, and even opens up questions of whether or not our brain capacity is in the brain itself, or maybe it's outside of the brain, and somehow we're able to tap into these other abilities outside the brain.
NARRATOR: The human brain, unlike the brains of animals, contains a large neocortex, the region responsible for language, logical reasoning and consciousness.
Many believe it is also the seat of psychic abilities.
In 2015, researchers in Germany determined that the human neocortex only developed after it was activated by a single gene.
Around 200,000 years ago, say neuroscientists, our neocortex was mysteriously switched on.
And nobody knows how.
Of course, ancient astronaut theory says it's extraterrestrials, that beings came from elsewhere and tweaked our DNA.
This is very important, because within the neocortex, we now know, are precognitive abilities, psychic abilities.
CHILDRESS: If we're actually genetically engineered by extraterrestrials, and they want us to have a certain kind of a brain, you have to wonder if, ultimately, what the goal is with extraterrestrials is to activate, really, all the humans on this planet so that we're using our brainpower and our psychic abilities.
Perhaps what the extraterrestrials did when they fashioned our DNA and activated our neocortex was cosmic consciousness, cosmic awareness, psychic abilities that could potentially link us to extraterrestrials.
NARRATOR: If human DNA was fashioned by extraterrestrials, as ancient astronaut theorists propose, is it possible that within it lie powerful extrasensory abilities? And have there been people who have been able to activate these talents, whether by accident, through practice, or by extraterrestrial intervention? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining not only claims of clairvoyance, but the incredible capability to move objects with the mind.
I can feel the different electrical sensations in my head Duke University parapsychologist Joseph Banks Rhine publishes a study that ignites a firestorm of controversy in the scientific community.
Rhine claims the brain has psychic abilities he calls extrasensory perception, or ESP.
Parapsychology consists of five very distinct characteristics that we study.
One is telepathy, which is mind-to-mind communication.
Clairvoyance it's getting information about objects or events from a distance, whether it be something that be in a drawer in another room or even something halfway around the world.
Precognition, which is getting information through time.
Usually from the future but sometimes from the past.
We also study psychokinesis, or mind/matter interaction.
HOROWITZ: ESP is really just the ability, or at least evidence of the ability, to glean information in an extrasensory manner.
So we're left with a question: how is this information being exchanged? NEWBERG: From a neuroscience perspective, there's a lot of controversy as to whether something like ESP exists.
Is there some sensory process that our brain, uh, is able to tap into? Uh, is our brain able to get to some more basic level of how the universe works and can pick up what other people are thinking or feeling? There are studies that purport to be able to show these kinds of phenomena as being real, and I think they need to be taken seriously.
NARRATOR: While working within the British Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope became aware that numerous world governments have devoted a significant amount of time and money to studying, and even employing, people claiming to have psychic abilities.
In August 2019, he traveled to Durham, North Carolina to visit the Rhine Research Center.
Hi, I'm John Kruth, the executive director of the Rhine.
- I'm Nick.
- Nice to meet you, Nick.
Come on in with me.
I have someone I'd like you to meet.
Thank you.
NARRATOR: John has been developing a new method to detect and measure psychic abilities.
-Nick, this is Edd Edwards.
Great to meet you.
Good to meet you, Nick.
POPE: Talk me through this.
What are we, what are we looking at here, and, um, what are you going to do, Edd? EDWARDS: Okay, this equipment here, what it does is pick up the electrical energy I generate in my brain, and I'm able to control it.
How do you do that? I mean, talk me through what you actually think.
I can feel the different electrical sensations in my head that I consciously control.
Like a tingling or a? Yeah, tingling, magnetics, electrical sensations.
And, then, out on my own, I've learned to generate these high energies in my hands.
And, for example, you know what neuropathy is in people? Feet go numb and everything? I can apply this energy to that, and the neuropathy will clear up in about four minutes in about eight out of ten people.
- So it's like you're activating something.
- Correct.
KRUTH: Edd talks about helping people to activate their immune systems, helping them to deal with physical problems.
And I'm wondering what is the mechanism behind this healing? And that's what we're gonna be testing here, right? This is something I can demonstrate that really most other people can't.
Right, I'd love to see this.
Okay, well, let me turn it on.
Okay, now I'm gonna hold these two units right here, and all they're doing is picking up the electrical energy in my body.
KRUTH: So, from a scientific perspective, this machine measures static electricity -and static fields.
And Edd is, apparently, generating static fields.
So, if I want that thing to go to the right, I pull on the right side of my brain.
If I want it to go on the left, I pull it on the left side of my brain.
You tell me when and I'll pull it back to the right.
So if I was to say right, you would and left and right again.
Without these controls, just to be clear, this doesn't move at all.
If there's any ambient static fields in the area, - it'll-it'll wiggle around a little bit.
- Yeah.
One of the things we thought is, maybe it has to do with pressure he's exerting on it.
As he increases pressure on one side, it moves one way or the other, but, as you can see, he can also have this effect without touching the poles.
EDWARDS: Without touching it.
I can hold it over there.
I can pull it back there.
Mentally, I'm just changing polarity in my head, or going from one side to the other.
NARRATOR: Removing any physical contact with the machine, Edd has just demonstrated something many would consider impossible: he moved the toggle using only the power of his mind.
POPE: Sounds like you're at the real forefront of some cutting-edge research here.
Well, it's difficult to find people who are able to consistently have these sorts of effects, and the fact that Edd has consistent effects allows us to explore the phenomena in a lot more detail.
Now, at the UVA studies, they do the extensive EEG brain mapping on me, and what they've learned about my brain compared to all the other EEGs is just freaking 'em out up there.
Uh, my brain is operating on all levels of consciousness all at the same time.
NARRATOR: Typically, the human brain generates specific brain waves while in different states of consciousness.
But neuroscientists who have studied Edd's brain claim it is capable of generating all of these separate brain waves simultaneously.
NEWBERG: When it comes to the brain waves that our brain has, we have denoted them alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves, and so forth.
Uh, these are essentially different frequencies, certain types that are associated with sleep patterns and things like that, but it-it's always been a little difficult to know exactly how to interpret all of the different types of brain waves that we have.
TSOUKALOS: An argument can be made that ESP or psychokinesis or precognition could be where the brain reaches a level that we are unfamiliar with.
Not because it doesn't exist, but because the great majority of people have not learned how to harness that side of the brain.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that abilities like telepathy and psychokinesis are just waiting to be developed? If so, is ESP something that anyone can master? ESP is something that everyone has to some extent.
Just like any other skill or talent you might have, whether it be a musical talent, whether it be a sports talent, everyone has a bit of natural abilities.
But there are some people who practice really hard.
And they get better at it whether they have the natural ability or not.
CORY: Everyone has the ability to develop their extrasensory perception.
It is because it is part of our DNA, it is innate in the human nature to be able to tap into other realities beyond our normal human senses.
NARRATOR: Tap into other realities? Could it be that harnessing extrasensory abilities is the key to connecting with extraterrestrial beings? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining ancient stories of the Shining Ones.
POPE: Wow.
August 2019.
Nick Pope is meeting with parapsychologist John G.
Kruth to observe an experiment with Edd Edwards, a man who has demonstrated psychokinetic abilities.
John has brought Edd and Nick to a dark room.
Here, he intends to study Edd's abilities with a device that measures individual light particles, called photons.
We have a very sensitive piece of equipment here.
It's called a photomultiplier tube.
The photomultiplier tube will measure a single photon of ultraviolet light every half second.
It's one of the most sensitive instruments for measuring light that exists.
It's used in standard physics experiments and laser technology.
The reason we have that in here is because we're trying to measure light that comes from the human body.
CORY: The human body naturally emits light.
The average person emits 14 to 20 photons by centimeter square per second.
This is very, very low.
So today what we're gonna do is we're gonna have Edd just sit like he is right now and we're gonna take a baseline reading from him.
Once we take a baseline from him, then I'm gonna ask Edd to start doing the exercises that we were seeing downstairs, to see if there's any change in our photon readings.
NARRATOR: In the control room, Nick and John will observe the experiment on computers that record the amount of light Edd produces in the dark room.
So what are you actually hoping to observe here, and how will this tie in with ESP and parapsychology more generally? The emission of light, if it's being projected from him, would be a type of PK, or psychokinesis.
It may be a mechanism that might enable ESP.
And how would this tie in with telepathy and clairvoyance? Well, when we're talking about light, we're talking about information carrier systems.
If you think about fiber optics, how the entire Internet works, it's all done using light in different frequencies and different patterns.
And this is what we're measuring in here, we're measuring light.
So it's possible that the light being modulated can be what the carrier signal could be for the information being transferred in ESP.
All right.
About ready? -Yes.
-Hey, Edd? -Yeah.
All right, I'm gonna turn the lights off so we can start the study.
NARRATOR: John kills the lights and begins the experiment.
Edd is going to attempt to generate energy with his mind.
But first John will record a baseline measurement.
KRUTH: And you can see we're starting to take readings now.
POPE: Typically, what would you expect to see in this experiment? So, what we typically see is, we'll see a baseline, which kind of wiggles around a little bit.
It'll usually be between 12 and 20 photons that we'll see moving back and forth.
If we get it to go beyond it to a point where it's two times the baseline or higher - Uh-huh.
- then that's extremely significant.
- So that's what we're looking for.
- Okay.
NARRATOR: With their baseline readings complete, John starts the next phase of the experiment.
Okay, Edd, you can start your sitting session.
NARRATOR: Edd begins his process to generate energy.
And, almost immediately, the computer readings change.
KRUTH: Oh, look.
-That one jumped up to 156.
-Oh, wow.
Now we're seeing 105.
You can see it's consistently at a higher level than it was during the baseline.
-And this is what we look for.
And you've had nothing on this scale - Nothing close to that.
- before-before he started to produce something.
KRUTH: We just got a very big spike -into the 500s.
-Oh, wow.
NARRATOR: The sudden change on the computer screen suggests something extraordinary, that Edd can consciously manipulate energy with his mind.
POPE: Up until this point, I think psychic talk was just that it was talk.
But even I can see that that is statistically significant.
KRUTH: You don't need statistics to know that there's something unusual -going on here.
NARRATOR: In a second experiment, a thermographic camera monitors heat patterns on Edd's body and it detects an unexpected anomaly.
On his palms of his hands, you see it seems to be getting warmer.
And it does seem to be getting brighter near the top of his head, too, doesn't it? POPE: Well, it does look as if the head or, dare I say it, the brain is heating up here.
Could this be mental energy? It's possible.
Some people talk about the same pattern on the forehead and on the hands is something we see in other healers.
I came to the Rhine Research Center not really knowing what to expect.
I've come away with a changed perspective.
I've seen light associated with ESP.
NARRATOR: Light created by mental energy? John's experiment may show that the human brain has far more potential than previously thought.
Could these abilities stem from an extraterrestrial origin? Curiously, across ancient cultures, there are stories of gods and holy figures emitting light.
In Irish legend, we learn of the Tuatha D・Danann, or the "tua de dan.
" These are luminous humanoid beings who are considered to be beings of immense wisdom who are also called the Shining Ones.
NARRATOR: Similar to the Shining Ones of the Celtic tradition, the ancient Sumerian gods called the Anunnaki are described as glowing.
In Judeo-Christian traditions, when Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the Ten Commandments, he, too, was described as glowing.
Might this description be more than metaphorical? CORY: In a meditative state, you can actually increase the number of photons up to a thousand, 2,000, or even 100,000 photons per second, which is extremely bright.
This tells us that, when we are in a heightened state of awareness, in a higher state of consciousness, our bodies emit a huge amount of light.
And perhaps that is the reason why we call it enlightenment.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that, by reaching a state of enlightenment, one is able to connect with extraterrestrials? YOUNG: Opening the third eye is a poetic way of saying "illumination" or "enlightenment.
" This is gaining access to some perception, some vision that is beyond ordinary experience.
And this helps us with the tasks we have.
This helps us with the challenges making plans.
It is a kind of ordinary magic, to grasp some information that is beyond everyday imagining.
Extraterrestrials don't speak English or French or Chinese.
They communicate with humans through telepathy.
When you come in contact with an extraterrestrial, you're going to feel like they are reading your mind.
You'll be able to exchange information spontaneously through telepathy.
NARRATOR: Could it be that people who have activated a higher brain function emit light, making it possible for them to communicate with extraterrestrial beings? And if so, what are they trying to say? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining how psychic abilities have been utilized by the United States government.
VIVANCO: I sit up, and there's this thing The U.
government declassifies the Stargate Project, a secret Army unit that employed people with psychic abilities as spies.
The clandestine unit gathered intelligence about persons, places and events from great distances by sensing with their mind, a practice called remote viewing.
During the 1970s, President Jimmy Carter's administration used remote viewers to locate a downed Russian spy plane in Africa.
You talk to any of the old remote viewers, the ones from the Stargate program, they'll tell you how accurate and how important and how relevant their information was.
NARRATOR: John Vivanco has been a remote viewer for over 20 years.
VIVANCO: I worked with corporations, uh, as a professional remote viewer on these projects.
Corporations, intelligence, uh, counterterror for the FBI after 9/11.
Remote viewing fits into ESP.
But remote viewing is also kind of like the, uh, Swiss Army knife of psychic functioning, because it kind of uses all of these different aspects of ESP in order to get information on things.
NARRATOR: A key part of remote viewing involves entering a trance-like state, which John does by listening to specific sounds.
We have brain waves.
And in the thinking, monkey-mind state that w-we're normally in, that is beta.
If you think about an EEG, there's very high peaks and valleys da-da-da-da-da-da-da moving fast.
That's not a very good place to remote-view from.
So, when we listen to the binaural beats, they move us down into alpha, which is a little bit slower and meditative, and also down into theta.
And we-we like to stay in the alpha to the theta zone, using that tool in order to get the best information.
CORY: During a trance state, the brain begins to relax, going down from beta to theta to alpha state, which is between four and eight hertz.
Prophets and seers tap into the theta layer of reality, where they are extremely relaxed, which allows them to receive visions and imagery beyond the normal human perception.
NARRATOR: While working as a remote viewer, Vivanco claims to have gathered more than just information.
He has also encountered otherworldly beings.
I'm at home, and I'm having this crazy dream.
So I open my eyes, I sit up and there's this thing, I'd say, like, six feet away from me.
It's got a head shaped like a-a football on the side, two eyes.
It's got these sort of spindly legs.
So I start backing up, and I'm starting to go, "Whoa, whoa, whoa.
" And it telepathically communicated with me.
And they said, "We are here to help you, and we want you to help us.
" NARRATOR: John was not the only remote viewer on his team to have such an experience.
VIVANCO: Now, the other viewers started to experience the same thing.
And so that's when we started to, "Okay, now, you know, I'm not hallucinating.
" NARRATOR: It is not only remote viewers who have reported telepathic communication with otherworldly beings.
In the ancient world, priests and seers developed various methods to enter an altered state of consciousness to connect with their gods.
In Ireland, Celtic shaman rhythmically banged on drums.
The famous Greek seer, the Oracle of Delphi, would inhale a noxious gas and go into an ecstatic dance.
Perhaps the most curious tale comes from ancient China, where Taoist priests would practice a mystic dance ritual called the Pace of Yu.
DOMINIC STEAVU: The Pace of Yu is a mediumistic trance that enables practitioners to escape the normal confines of time and space and travel to the stars in order to communicate with the divine beings that inhabit them.
And there, they would interact with various astral deities and stellar powers or stellar divinities in order to directly ask them for advice about future events.
NARRATOR: Astral deities with stellar powers? Might the priests have been communicating with extraterrestrials? CHILDRESS: With these trancelike states, the whole idea is to really contact the gods and higher beings.
And are you perhaps contacting extraterrestrials? NARRATOR: In modern times, powerful leaders from Winston Churchill to Ronald Reagan sought counsel from people with psychic abilities for all types of decisions.
POPE: What leader wouldn't benefit from knowing what lies around the corner, whether it's good news or bad news, and perhaps have the opportunity to try to prevent something catastrophic from happening on their watch? So I think this is just a continuation of something that has been with us since the dawn of civilization.
NARRATOR: If psychics have been steering the highest affairs of a nation, might they be part of an extraterrestrial agenda to direct the course of life on Earth? But if so, how could otherworldly beings know the future? Perhaps clues can be found not within the mind, but from far beyond our known universe.
HENRY: These seers and prophets are, author Michael Talbot publishes the book, The Holographic Universe.
In it, Talbot proposes that the universe is like a hologram an image or scene produced by a photographic projection.
In a holographic universe, all the information past, present and future exists all at once.
CHILDRESS: Within this holographic universe, your own past lives and future lives have already happened.
Everything is contained there.
So with the ability to tap into the holographic universe, you can see the past, you could see the future, and you would know what's going to happen next.
NARRATOR: In Western cultures, where time is seen as a linear progress, the concept of a holographic universe may seem like science fiction.
But numerous cultures, both ancient and modern, believe that time is cyclical and repeats itself on an endless loop.
Buddhist and Hindu beliefs refer to this cycle as Kalachakra.
The notion of Kalachakra refers to this idea that there is a synchronicity between various cycles in the universe.
There is the large, cosmic time cycle, which is then synchronized with other cycles that go from the rotation of planets all the way to seasons.
So all of these cycles are interconnected in this great circular motion which goes back to a circular notion of time.
Many religious stories speak of a place outside of time.
Perhaps one could travel outside of time and back into time, later or earlier.
It makes the concept of time travel workable.
NARRATOR: Time travel? A place outside of time? Could the concepts of past, present and future only exist from a person's perspective, moving through space and time? And if all moments in time are actually happening simultaneously, might the mind be able to see beyond the specific point in time in which it physically exists? Some ancient astronaut theorists believe that extraterrestrials designed the human brain with other, even more extraordinary extrasensory abilities we have yet to discover.
TSOUKALOS: In the 1970s, this French philosopher by the name of Dr.
Jean Charon proposed that each and every single particle that's in existence throughout the entire universe contains the entire knowledge of the universe.
He called that "the eternal spirit.
" And he said and this is my favorite quote of the entire book that the brain is the last untamed beast in the universe.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the next step in human evolution depends not on our mastery of technology, but on the mastery of our own minds? Will our ascension into the stars come not through physics, but something more? CORY: We think that we need a machine to make us more intelligent, to make us more superior and enhance our ability, but you have access to certain powers and capabilities way beyond the machinery.
The human brain has the ability to communicate with other beings, other dimensions and realities.
Some people believe that the prophets and seers may have a hybrid extraterrestrial lineage, but I believe that everyone has this capability.
The way to evolve is through consciousness.
Consciousness is more powerful and more important than machinery and A.
NARRATOR: Is it humanity's destiny to master psychic abilities that could put us in contact with other intelligent beings and lead to our ascension from Earth? There are some who believe that a man who harnessed these abilities centuries ago Michel de Nostradamus left a warning for future generations that this extrasensory evolution may be critical to the survival of humankind.
NARRATOR: A solar flare erupts from a powerful storm on the surface of the Sun and hurtles towards Earth.
Due to the tilt of the planet on this particular day, we barely miss bombardment by the apocalyptic flame.
Had it happened one week earlier, humans would have faced a global catastrophe.
Now, scientists say, it could happen again.
And next time, a solar flare could strike a fatal blow.
Remarkably, over five centuries ago, Michel de Nostradamus made a prediction about the end of life on Earth that to many sounds eerily similar to the potential effects of a solar flare.
Nostradamus has made one of the farthest future-dated prophecies in history.
The fire sears and dries out and destroys and desiccates the surface of the Earth, destroying all life on its surface.
But then he gives some hope.
He says but the races of humanity will go on.
And then he makes a statement that he never has made in any of his utterances.
He starts using astrological identifications for places in space, as locations.
He says some will go to Aquarius for a few years.
Others will go to the constellation of Cancer.
It's a hint of a man from the 16th century trying to grasp the concept of the galactic stage of human civilization.
TSOUKALOS: The idea that somebody from around 500 years ago said that we'll have to leave planet Earth in order to live elsewhere to continue life that's incredibly fascinating, because what does a man from 500 years ago know about leaving planet Earth? NARRATOR: Could Nostradamus have been warned about a future catastrophe by otherworldly beings? And might they be shepherding humanity until we unlock the full potential of our brain and become Shining Ones like them? Other extraterrestrial civilizations are going to focus on consciousness, on making their bodies into light.
When you become a light body, you have access to certain powers and capabilities way beyond the machinery.
Humanity is evolving, we are advancing our consciousness, and it is consciousness that directs your thoughts.
It is consciousness that can manage your body.
And consciousness has the ability to communicate directly with machinery, anything that contains artificial intelligence.
There have been a number of studies that have shown that consciousness seems to be able to go beyond just what is in the human brain, and that is something that I think all of us need to think about.
What the future holds remains to be seen, but one argument is that the development of psychic abilities is going to be the next step of human evolution.
That unlocking these abilities that perhaps lie dormant within all of us is going to be the key to upgrading humanity to the next level.
HENRY: It seems quite possible that as we evolve, our psychic abilities will also evolve, and that maybe our ultimate destiny is to become telepathic beings like what we see with these extraterrestrials.
NARRATOR: Could it be that one day soon all humans will be able to tap into incredible abilities that lie dormant within the brain? Will we be able to move objects with our minds, communicate telepathically, and even see into the future? Perhaps once we reach a new level of psychic awareness, we will be able to both see and realize our destiny in the stars.

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