Ancient Aliens s15e03 Episode Script

Destination Chile

1 Chile is home to Earth's oldest and most mysterious desert.
We have huge, giant figures carved into the desert.
ERICH VON DANIKEN: On the ground are gigantic stone plates, really gigantic.
NARRATOR: It has ancient traditions of visitors from the sky.
NICOLAS BERASAIN: Our ancestors used to tell stories about beings who came from outer space.
NARRATOR: And it is considered a hotbed of modern UFO reports.
GEORGE NOORY: Chile has one of the highest rates of UFO sightings in the world.
You got two hot spots, and they're separated.
It's probably very large, because this is 35 miles away.
I've never seen anything like this in my life.
NARRATOR: Now that the Chilean government is openly examining UFOs, could they uncover an extraterrestrial presence that has been interacting with our planet for thousands of years? GIORGIO TSOUKALOS: Extraterrestrial visitation to Chile never ended.
That's one of the most amazing things - I've ever seen in my life.
- It is truly amazing.
These are the cases where I think - there's really something to the ancient astronaut theory.
- I do, too.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
The Atacama Desert, Chile.
An autonomous rover traverses the barren landscape, carrying out a two-week NASA-funded mission to collect soil samples from below the surface of the parched desert floor.
This region of Chile is the driest place on the planet.
Some parts have not experienced rainfall for centuries, making it one of the few locations on Earth that mimics conditions on Mars.
MICHAEL MASTERS: Because the Atacama Desert is so similar to the landscape seen on Mars, it's a very useful research tool for astrobiologists, those interested in studying how life exists in such difficult environments and how it relates to the Mars landscape.
NARRATOR: On February 28, 2019, the results of the mission are finally published.
While surveying this seemingly lifeless terrain, the rover discovered evidence of microbial life thriving just below the surface.
MASTERS: Microbial life in the Atacama is very unique, and life has existed where it really shouldn't be.
Anybody who's been to the Atacama Desert of Chile knows that it's pretty unusual.
There's some very old life-forms there you don't find so easily in other parts of the world.
(whooshing) NARRATOR: Scientists believe that future subsoil sampling on Mars could reveal similar and perhaps even identical microbes.
Is it possible that there is life in the Atacama Desert that matches life on a planet 140 million miles from Earth? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the desert soil contains evidence of a more profound extraterrestrial connection.
We have figures that have been carved into the desert similar to what we see in Nazca in Peru.
And they're huge, giant figures to be seen from the sky.
NARRATOR: The Nazca Lines in Peru lie just 500 miles north of the Atacama Desert.
They are the most famous geoglyphs on Earth, with over 1,100 glyphs spread across 155 square miles.
But few people are aware that Chile's Atacama Desert is home to nearly five times as many geoglyphs as Nazca, with more than 5,000 covering an area of 90,000 square miles.
MICHAEL BRADBURY: The Atacama Desert has one of the most, if not the most, harsh environments on the planet.
So, for civilizations years ago, these glyphs that were engraved into the ground, you know that was not an easy task.
TSOUKALOS: There is no way that anyone would go through this effort unless something very compelling and something very real happened to our ancestors.
And so I think it's time that we pay closer attention to what our ancestors really tried to describe.
NARRATOR: Of the thousands of geoglyphs in Chile, one towers above the rest.
The Atacama Giant measures 390 feet, 30 feet longer than a football field.
It sits on an ancient hillside known as Cerro Unitas.
VICTOR HIDALGO: When you walk by this, you cannot really see the shape.
This has been designed, constructed, you know, to be seen from above.
CHILDRESS: And like at Nazca, seems to be a signal to the sky gods and those who are flying above the desert.
So, who are they signaling? It would seem to be extraterrestrials.
WILLIAM HENRY: The Atacama Giant has these lines coming out of the top of his head.
We have to ask the question.
Are these the beings that the geoglyph makers were trying to communicate with? NARRATOR: Could the figures depicted in the Atacama and at Nazca represent extraterrestrial visitors, as ancient astronaut theorists contend? And if so, could both the Nazca Lines and the Atacama glyphs serve a larger, more interconnected purpose, having been made long before any national borders existed? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest they could mark an ancient flight path.
CHILDRESS: So, when you look at all of these glyphs in Peru and Chile and the vast desert spaces and all of the UFO activity there, is it possible that Chile is really this UFO avenue? Is it possible that Chile is this flight path for extraterrestrials, an alien alley? BILL BIRNES: It's interesting when you look at the Nazca Lines and the Atacama geoglyphs together.
These are symbols that are best observed from the sky, and they explode in numbers as you move south to the Atacama.
Could this suggest that these symbols were some sort of aerial guide, guiding ancient aliens on their way into Chile? And if so, this is exactly how the runway lights work on modern airports.
(translated): I think what we are seeing today is what was seen in the past.
Because Chile is honestly like a kind of arrival point.
NARRATOR: For ancient astronaut theorists, what makes the Atacama geoglyphs even more compelling is the fact that Chile also boasts the highest number of reported UFO sightings in the world.
(translated): There is a huge wave, a large quantity of UFO sightings.
Quite simply, there is not one family in Chile whose member has not had a UFO experience.
For some reason, Chile has one of the highest rates of UFO sightings in the world.
Nobody really understands why, but it seems to be in a region that there's a cluster of UFO sightings.
NICK POPE: Chile is such a vast country.
It encompasses a wide range of different climates.
There are jungles, there are deserts, there are forests.
There's huge biodiversity, too, and diversity in human populations.
There are modern, first world cities and indigenous peoples.
If we're being visited, everything that you would want to see on planet Earth is there in one nation.
NARRATOR: Could there be a link between Chile's high number of UFO reports and the ancient geoglyphs found in the Atacama Desert? Incredibly, the Chilean government itself has suggested a connection between the country's ancient and modern mysteries.
Chile's national tourism board establishes a designated UFO trail, a 19-mile route through one of the most infamous UFO hot spots in the country, and it leads to an enigmatic site known as El Enladrillado.
This megalithic platform was constructed from 233 volcanic blocks, each weighing upwards of ten tons.
HIDALGO: Now, the Enladrillado is a plateau about 800 meters in diameter.
It is not a place of easy access.
You have to go on horseback for a couple days in order to get there.
There is the belief that it was related to UFO landing.
VON DANIKEN: Also on the ground are gigantic stone plates, really gigantic, and it might very well be that Enladrillado was something like a space port of the extraterrestrials.
NARRATOR: Is there both ancient and modern evidence that Chile has been visited by extraterrestrials for thousands of years? And if so, why? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining an indigenous tribe that once existed in the southernmost reaches of the country and their mysterious rituals.
The creator gods of the Selk'nam NARRATOR: German missionary turned anthropologist Martin Gusinde arrives in Chile's southernmost outpost just 200 miles north of Antarctica.
He is met by native islanders known as the Selk'nam.
But by the time of Gusinde's arrival, the once thriving tribe had been almost completely wiped out.
Pre-Columbian people HIDALGO: Something else that happens to them is that many of them were taken back to Europe to be displayed in what was called human zoos.
So, unfortunately, it was a genocide.
It was a genocide against this tribe.
NARRATOR: Before the tribe's tragic and complete annihilation, Gusinde took a remarkable series of photos of these people.
In 2015, his work was finally published in The Lost Tribes of Tierra del Fuego, documenting the Selk'nam's unique ceremonies and rituals.
(Fuenzalida speaking Spanish) (translated): The Selk'nam were a marvelous culture.
They had various rituals, and a pantheon of gods would make them perform a series of ceremonies where they would dress up representing these gods from the sky.
The creator gods of the Selk'nam actually descended from the sky and gave knowledge to the local population.
These pictures were taken in black and white, but in real life, the entire body is covered in bright red and white, and it is signifying the fire of heaven according to the traditions.
So you have to wonder what it means, the fire of heaven that descended from the sky.
Now, you combine this with the representations of the elongated skulls and the very strange-looking costumes that they have, and right there you have a connection to extraterrestrial visitation.
(Fuenzalida speaking Spanish) (translated): Where the Selk'nam are located, there have been records of UFOs in that whole area.
And if that area is active in UFO sightings, then it is possible that we are thinking what the Selk'nam must have been thinking in that time.
LUKES: They were definitely communicating with other worlds, with mythological creatures and things.
And so there very well could have been a component of them having had extraterrestrial encounters and now trying to communicate and continue that communication.
NARRATOR: Could the clothing, body paint and rituals of the Selk'nam people have been inspired by interaction with extraterrestrial visitors? CHILDRESS: They dressed in all kinds of strange costumes.
They had very specific rituals that tied them to the land and to the stars.
When you look at some of these strange costumes with-with strange antennas coming out of the side of their head, you have to wonder, are they imitating extraterrestrials with their costumes? NARRATOR: As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, compelling evidence exists that alien visitation occurred in this part of the world not only in the distant past but continues even today.
Sábado Gigante, the longest running variety show in television history, interrupts its scheduled broadcast with an urgent report.
At about 2:00 p.
Or something like that, Sábado Gigante cuts the transmissions, take the cameras outside to the parking spot, and they spot this incredible object in the sky, clear blue sky.
We're talking about a silver-looking object.
NARRATOR: The Santiago UFO, as it became known, was seen from Antofagasta to Concepción, a distance of about 1,200 miles or almost half of the country's coastline.
I was perhaps ten years old at the time that we saw it.
And you could hear on the radio, you know, broadcast from the navy telling you that they have not been able to identify.
They don't know what it was.
It was one of those cases that really make you wonder, could it be an extraterrestrial? Yes, it could have been.
NARRATOR: Ancient astronaut theorists point out that this mass sighting was reported along what could be a specific flight path that has been documented since antiquity.
A route marked by Peru's Nazca Lines, the geoglyphs of the Atacama, the megalithic platform of El Enladrillado, and reaching as far south as Tierra del Fuego, the homeland of the Selk'nam people.
The indications are that this UFO activity has been going on in Chile for-for centuries if not thousands of years.
NARRATOR: The Santiago UFO incident is only the tip of a massive iceberg of well-documented reports regarding inexplicable aerial phenomena observed in Chile.
But if these sightings represent otherworldly encounters, do extraterrestrials have a special interest in this area that some now call Alien Alley? NARRATOR: We see an 4:15 a.
nary range Corporal Armando Valdes patrols the northern desert with a seven-man military unit.
Suddenly, their lookout bursts into camp.
He has just witnessed two bright violet lights descend from the sky and land 500 yards away.
Corporal Valdes was the leader of this patrol, and he approached these objects.
What happened next is shrouded in confusion and mystery.
His men saw him almost disappear into the light.
He recalls getting disoriented, confused, perhaps passing out.
And next thing he knew, he reappeared again.
But the strange thing was that he had five days' growth of beard.
And his watch showed a date five days into the future.
Had he somehow been gone five days, and yet to all the rest of the people in the patrol, it was just perceived as a few minutes? (speaking Spanish) (translated): We were able to interview four members of Valdes's squad.
We interviewed Armando Valdes, and everyone corroborated that his experience had actually occurred.
NARRATOR: Immediately following the incident, Corporal Valdes returned to his men on the verge of collapse and uttered an ominous phrase: "You don't know who we are or where we come from, but we will be back soon.
" Based on the growing number of reports since this mysterious encounter, many believe that they were true to their word.
There are so many UFO sightings in Chile.
It's a hotbed of UFO activity.
And even just in the last eight years, there have been some significant UFO sightings that the Chilean government has actually admitted to.
The Chilean Air Force documented five lights forming strange, geometric patterns in the night sky.
And then in 2015, eight mysterious orbs flew in an oval formation above Santiago.
Just recently in 2019, several bright red objects were seen streaking over the skies of southern Chile.
Chile is a place where there's a tremendous amount of UFO activity, and fortunately, the Chilean government is totally aboveboard on these sightings.
We see an extraordinary range of cases in Chile, from close encounters, through to pilot encounters with UFOs.
NARRATOR: Why have UFO sightings persisted in Chile in such abundance for hundreds, if not thousands of years, as ancient astronaut theorists believe? I think the reason why Chile to this day is considered a hot spot of UFO activity is because Chile features one of the biggest uninhabited geographical locations on Earth.
CHILDRESS: The northern part is desolate desert that's virtually unpopulated.
And the southern part of Chile is fjords and glaciers.
It's also hardly populated down there, too.
There are all kinds of hiding spots.
Vacant places on the map where absolutely no one goes.
It's an ideal place to hide.
It'd be an ideal place for an underground base.
(speaking Spanish) (translated): Anything that enters our territory can hide.
Centuries can pass and no one will discover it.
NARRATOR: Are extraterrestrials hiding in, or even below, the uninhabited regions of Chile? And if so, is it their intention to merely observe humanity or could there be something more tangible attracting them to this part of the world? Even highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations will have resource needs.
With Chile, one wonders if it isn't copper.
They have the biggest reserves anywhere on the planet.
There are also vast supplies of lithium and staggering amounts of natural resources, too.
TSOUKALOS: It is not surprising to me that this whole strip that's present-day Chile, that just goes 3,000 miles straight, that this would be a hotbed of UFOs, because that area of the planet is huge with raw materials and resources.
So, if any extraterrestrials would arrive on planet Earth, that area of the planet would be blinking on their instruments with, "Hey, come here, check out this area of the planet.
" (speaking Spanish) (translated): We have data, concrete data of UFO appearances in mines, in hydroelectric power plants, including such cases as in Lake Colbún in the area of San Clemente.
The UFO landing and takeover of the hydroelectric power plant caused a vast quantity of blackouts.
When these lights would appear, the locals and the farmers would call them the "light robbers" why? Because supposedly the locals would attribute the blackouts to these UFOs.
NARRATOR: Have extraterrestrials mined this region's vast deposits of natural resources since antiquity? Or more recently, tapped into energy generated from Chilean power plants? Perhaps definitive answers are just over the horizon.
With more and more unidentified flying objects invading the country's airspace every year, unlike the United States, the Chilean government is actively and openly searching for answers.
HIDALGO: I do believe it's our right to know exactly NARRATOR: After a 17-year rule, Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet steps down, ushering in a period of reform across the country.
With a new spirit of government transparency and social freedom, the media, as well as military personnel, begin to openly investigate Chile's unrivaled UFO phenomena.
HIDALGO: Now, when it came to UFOs, this is not something new in Chile.
In Chile, we have had sightings long before Pinochet.
So, after Pinochet, when the democracy comes back, the military forces were making an effort to change the public opinion about them.
NARRATOR: Following the country's newfound openness to UFO sightings, control tower personnel observed a flurry of mysterious aerial activity in Chilean airspace.
Unidentified objects were flying dangerously close to Chilean aircraft.
I do believe it's our right to know exactly what we are seeing, what our military is seeing all over the world.
NARRATOR: Several notorious near-miss incidents elevated Chile's UFO activity from harmless curiosity to an issue of national security.
As a result, in 1997, the Chilean government instituted the Committee on Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena, or CEFAA.
CEFAA started as a result of pilot sightings.
Pilots, navigators, radar operators were reporting UFOs.
Some of these objects came dangerously close to aircraft.
The Chilean government decided to act.
So, this is unique.
It's government, it's military, and importantly, it's the scientific community as well.
All working together with one common aim Find out what these sightings are.
Who's responsible? What's going on? (speaking Spanish) (translated): CEFAA gets reports from all citizens from the far north down to Antarctica.
And these reports are made via our website.
In the last 22 years of investigation, we have received almost 900 reports.
Our process and our manner of looking at these phenomena has been very rigorous because we owe it to our community.
Instead of secrecy and cover-ups and conspiracies, we have an atmosphere of openness where people are almost encouraged to come forward and report.
The default position of CEFAA after their investigations is to publish, release the case files, tell the people what you've discovered.
This is astonishing and refreshing.
NARRATOR: CEFAA insists that governments around the world should take a similar approach to accelerate our understanding of these aerial anomalies and reveal their true origin.
(speaking Spanish) (translated): To us, it is important that more organizations or institutions or countries get involved in the study of this phenomena.
The phenomenon clearly exists.
We don't know exactly if there is only one explanation for its origin.
Without a doubt, however, when other countries or other states create institutions like ours, they contribute to the security of airspace operations.
We have more good, documented video evidence out of Chile than almost any other nation I can think of.
NARRATOR: On March 13, 2012, the Chilean government unveiled footage of a curious event caught on camera above the prestigious El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago.
Crowds were gathered to celebrate the change of Chilean Air Force command in 2010, recording fighter jets performing acrobatic maneuvers overhead.
After investigating the footage, CEFAA concluded that the jets were not alone.
The El Bosque was one that CEFAA was very excited about.
And when they slowed down the videos, you could see these objects zipping by at incredible speeds.
(speaking Spanish) (translated): This case acquired notoriety once the videos were viewed.
In these videos, there was a dark object that crossed the lines of flight of these squadron formations.
POPE: Now this is where it gets really intriguing, because the official conclusion was that this UFO was traveling at a speed of around 4,000 miles an hour.
NARRATOR: Since the objects in the El Bosque footage only reveal themselves for a brief moment, definitive answers remain elusive to investigators.
But just a few years later, the Chilean government would release an even more incredible video.
Just outside of Santiago, Chilean Navy officers aboard an Airbus Cougar helicopter are testing an infrared FLIR high-definition camera.
Suddenly, the camera captures a strange object flying alongside them at an altitude of 4,500 feet.
After tracking it for several minutes, they witness what appears to be some sort of discharge coming from the craft.
The Cougar case was a military helicopter back in 2014 that produced footage in an infrared camera.
And we're talking about military equipment.
We're talking about millions of dollars in equipment.
TAYLOR: It's nine minutes long that they have continuous infrared footage of this phenomena.
That's really unprecedented.
And if this phenomena is going on for nine minutes, we can do analysis on it.
NARRATOR: UFO researchers consider this to be one of the most baffling incidents ever recorded.
Could a deeper analysis of the footage provide undeniable proof that what the Chilean Navy officers caught on camera was, in fact an alien aircraft? TNARRATOR: For more than a decade, image analyst Michael Bradbury has examined videos of alleged UFOs, looking for any signs that they could be something other than man-made aircraft.
Intrigued by the recently released video shot from a Chilean Navy helicopter, he has invited astrophysicist Dr.
Travis Taylor to join him and lend his expert opinion in examining the footage.
TAYLOR: The Chilean helicopter video is really intriguing and fascinating, because you have this vehicle, or phenomena, whatever it is, and then it starts releasing some type of material behind it.
So we absolutely need to understand what this phenomena is.
All right, here we go.
I'm not going into it with a belief that it is or isn't something.
- No.
- So let's apply our knowledge to it and see what we can come up with.
Everything I look at, I look at open-mindedly, you know, from a standpoint of we could be seeing something special here, you know.
And then again, it could be a possible bird or a bug.
That's always an option inside the atmosphere of planet Earth.
- That's just the way it is.
- So this is from the, uh, helicopter not far from Santiago.
- Not far.
Uh, November of 2014.
- Okay.
There's the object, and it's only visible in infrared format.
That's really intriguing.
The high-def video, it's like it's not even there.
BRADBURY: Two ground radar didn't see it.
The radar on the helicopter could not pick it up.
So super-unique circumstances here.
You got two hot spots, and they're separated.
- You know, that's intriguing.
- Well it's probably very large, because this is 35 miles away.
TAYLOR: Now, how do we know for sure it's 35 miles away? Based off of the captain that was flying the - Okay.
- Helicopter.
That was his estimate.
I've never seen anything like this in my life.
NARRATOR: Michael inverts the image, so they can examine the object's shape more closely.
BRADBURY: What I've done here is taken the basic infrared, and I've just kind of flipped it and adjusted it a little better - for clarity purposes.
- You can clearly see the shape - of the vehicle - Right.
Or whatever the thing is.
It's peanut-shaped.
Why is it peanut-shaped? BRADBURY: The pilot, his description was it had a flat body with these two, like - bright lenses or something.
- You know, it kind of does look like two jet engines, if you're looking at it from the back, but the motion on it looks like it's moving side to side, and the aspect ratio doesn't change on the circles.
It's not going into the page - No.
- As it should be.
There's no other structure.
- That's the thing.
- Yeah.
You would see wings, a nose cone.
- Right.
- You wouldn't just see the engine.
You can look at a aircraft with a infrared camera, - and you see the structure, because it's hot.
- Right.
- You got sun shining on it.
You got, you know, the engine - Exactly.
Just the mechanics of it make it hot.
That's what I'm looking for here is reflectivity off of the physical structure, - and it's not there.
- And there's nothing.
That kind of throws that idea out.
NARRATOR: After isolating the object, Michael applies color filters to better define the object's unique heat signature for closer analysis.
TAYLOR: Now, this one is really interesting.
BRADBURY: This is adjusted, not altered.
TAYLOR: Sure, I got it.
So you got black is hot here.
- Green is an ambient temperature, I'm assuming.
- Yes.
- And white is cold.
- Correct.
So here's the thing.
There's clearly a field of cold air around this thing.
That's, uh that's baffling.
- Baffling.
- This thing, it's hot, - and then instantly - Instantly cold.
It's cold.
And in nature, that's not how things work.
There is a different temperature bubble around the vehicle than there is - around normal vehicles.
- Exactly.
Which suggests some type of a field, whatever that means.
Could be, you know, electrical, magnetic, gravitational.
We just don't know what it is, but there is some sort of clear anomaly and some sort of field around this craft.
The most amazing thing, from a scientific standpoint, is some sort of low pressure or cold area immediately around whatever this phenomena is.
And, from a physics standpoint, we can't really explain what's causing that.
So, when does it start releasing the particulates? It does at about five minutes into the video.
- TAYLOR: So right there.
Now, that's really interesting.
- Right here.
TAYLOR: So it's very hot.
Right? It's saturated black.
Very hot.
BRADBURY: So, again, in hi-def, you can't see it.
TAYLOR: That means it's a temperature plume.
It's not necessarily a particulate plume.
Like, if you spray out jet fuel from the back of a plane, it starts cooling off almost immediately, and you even get ice crystals in it, right? Absolutely, because it's affected by the atmosphere.
- This thing stays hot.
- And it holds its shape.
Which, in itself, is highly unusual.
- It doesn't follow standard fluid mechanics.
- No.
TAYLOR: You could try to debunk this as just an earthly vehicle all you want to, but I've never seen any earthly vehicle that is explained this way.
What on earth could this thing be? NARRATOR: The video analysis suggests to Travis that this craft possesses technology that is more advanced than anything that can be found on Earth.
TAYLOR: That's really interesting.
NARRATOR: Michael completes the analysis using a variety of metrics.
BRADBURY: This is inverted infrared, full gamma reduction, and you've still got two hot spots.
So, clearly you've got two hot spots in your peanut shape, and they're separated.
You know, that-that's intriguing.
Looks like a diamond shape around BRADBURY: Looks like a diamond at times.
Clearer in some formats but not visible to the naked eye.
Yeah, it could be, like, two hexagons or two diamonds, whatever it ends up being.
NARRATOR: Finally, Michael has one more thing to show Travis that he feels makes this footage even more extraordinary.
There's a good look at it right there.
That is that's insane.
NARRATOR: In 2017, the Chilean government released astonishing footage of a UFO caught on infrared camera near Santiago.
After new analysis, astrophysicist Dr.
Travis Taylor has concluded that this strange aerial object possesses capabilities that are not consistent with any known human technology.
But as far as image analyst Michael Bradbury is concerned, perhaps most incredible of all is an image that appears not in the video but etched into the desert floor.
There is a glyph on the ground that was found in the desert that has two diamond-shaped, like, objects with a plume coming out behind it that has a line in the center of it.
- TAYLOR: No kidding.
That is very intriguing.
BRADBURY: And you see that same structure that was seen by the Chilean Navy.
They match nearly perfectly.
- Just like the phenomena caught by this Chilean helicopter.
- Yes.
Like the diamond things we were seeing on the, on the infrared.
That's a phenomena right now we're seeing with our own eyes.
And-and we, we see that somebody else saw it somehow.
How old is the glyph? Several hundred if not thousands of years old.
So that's really exciting.
BRADBURY: It's no coincidence that that was found in the same geographical part of the world.
TAYLOR: That's, that's one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life.
It is truly amazing.
These are the cases where I think there's really something to the ancient astronaut theory.
I do, too.
TSOUKALOS: Just because, thousands of years ago, people did not have video cameras doesn't mean these things did not exist.
These diamond-shaped wedges have the exact same trail as we can see in the UFO video.
So is there a connection? And in my opinion, as far as Chile is concerned, there is a connection between modern UFOs and ancient craft.
NARRATOR: Could the striking similarity between an ancient geoglyph and a craft captured on an infrared camera provide compelling evidence that extraterrestrials have been present on Earth for thousands of years? And if so, has an alien flight path been positively identified in South America? POPE: There are UFO reports from the modern industrialized cities, and there are reports from the indigenous peoples.
Now, when two completely different groups see and report the same thing, this tells me they're reporting something tangible and real.
The contemporary UFOs and the mythological UFOs.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that the vast desert landscape stretching through Chile and Peru is an extraterrestrial outpost on Earth? Do the incredible sightings, curious rituals, and strange geoglyphs tell a story of ongoing alien visitation? Perhaps as more incredible footage continues to surface, it will be revealed that our alien ancestors have been among us all along.

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