Ancient Aliens s16e01 Episode Script

The Divine Number

1 In sacred traditions throughout the world, there is a number that is considered divine.
AMIR HUSSAIN: In the Bible, there's 12 tribes of Israel.
There's 12 apostles for Jesus.
NARRATOR: It is embedded in dozens of ancient structures At Gobekli Tepe, there are 12 stones focused around two huge monoliths.
NARRATOR: and found in the latest scientific principles.
MICHIO KAKU: The universe is a symphony of strings.
And that music is divided into 12 notes.
NARRATOR: Is the recurrence of the number 12 merely chance? Or could it hold a clue about humanity's extraterrestrial past? RABBI ARIEL BAR TZADOK: The number 12 contains within it the code of the power of God.
The ancient secret of tapping into something greater and higher, something very possibly extraterrestrial.
NARRATOR: There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
NARRATOR: Cambridge, Massachusetts.
William James Sidis, a 16-year-old child prodigy, becomes the youngest person to receive a degree from Harvard University.
Six years after his graduation, he publishes his first book, The Animate and the Inanimate.
In the work, he introduces forward-thinking concepts in theoretical physics, including the existence of dark matter and the behavior of black holes.
MICHAEL DE VLIEGER: William James Sidis is a child prodigy, a genius, who describes, in what he calls black bodies, essentially the way black holes would behave.
They would be invisible because they are taking in energy.
NARRATOR: Astrophysicists have only recently begun to come to an understanding of black holes that Sidis demonstrated a century ago.
But how did he come to have such extraordinary insight? Some researchers attribute Sidis's obsession with a base 12 or duodecimal for his revolutionary thinking.
The duodecimal system is the number system based on 12 rather than ten.
So, instead of counting to ten, we count to 12, but we don't use the word "12.
" We'll say "a dozen.
" For 13, we'll say "one dozen one, one dozen two, one dozen three.
" ERIC RANKIN: 12 seems like an organic number to us.
One, as opposed to, say, dividing our math into the ten-based metric system, when we stay with 12, it's more easily divided into more fractions that stay in round, even numbers.
That's why it's beautiful on a clock hand, that a quarter of an hour is an even 15.
Half an hour is an even 30.
If it was based on tens, it would start getting wonky pretty quick and requiring decimal points behind it.
JULYE BIDMEAD: The Mesopotamians divided their year into 12 months.
The ancient Hebrews took those exact months and the exact names of the months and developed the Hebrew calendar.
CAROLINE CORY: We also see the 12 signs of the zodiac, and they're basically associated with the 12 lunar cycles.
Even in biology, we find that the human body has 12 systems, 12 meridians, 12 chakras.
In science, we know that we have 12 cranial nerves.
The number 12 is also very important in the planetary grid theory, where you find exactly 12 points around the globe that are called vortices that have very mysterious qualities.
For example, the Bermuda Triangle or the South Atlantic Anomaly.
These specific 12 points are the entry and exit points from the Earth to the rest of the cosmos.
The number 12 is prevalent in many cultures in society.
It is symbolic for perfection, for completion.
Maybe even the mastery of the human condition.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that William Sidis's obsession with the number 12 allowed him unprecedented insight into some of the greatest mysteries of our universe? In 1976, theoretical physicist Burkhard Heim, known to many in the scientific community as the German Stephen Hawking, introduced further groundbreaking work centered on the number 12.
He developed a revolutionary grand unified theory that consisted of a 12-dimensional worldview.
His theory incorporates not only our material realities but philosophical ones, such as how the universe began, the nature of consciousness and even why we are here.
KAKU: In the beginning, there was one equation.
One equation which, when solved, gave us the expanding universe, the formation of galaxies, the planet Earth, people, maybe even love.
We find that three dimensions is simply too small.
You can't cram all the forces into three dimensions.
Maybe 12.
But this is one of the hottest topics in all of physics.
NARRATOR: For many outside the scientific community, the significance of the number 12 in mathematics and theoretical physics is, at best, a vaguely understood piece of trivia.
But researchers suggest this number can be found in nearly every aspect of life, appearing in patterns that seem to repeat over and over.
For example, in many ancient traditions, there exists a group of divinely appointed advisors nearly always numbering 12.
JONATHAN YOUNG: There's a fascinating pattern of 12s.
It's interesting how this number comes up again and again throughout history.
You've got the Arthurian legend, the 12 knights of the Round Table.
In the Greek stories, 12 Olympians went to war with 12 Titans.
HUSSAIN: In the Bible, you have 12 as being this important number.
There's 12 tribes of Israel.
There's 12 apostles for Jesus.
In the Islamic tradition, the largest Shia sect is called the Twelvers because they have 12 imams.
So, you have to wonder, what is it behind the number 12? Is it all coincidence? Or could there be a higher meaning behind it? NARRATOR: The importance of the number 12 is reinforced in the New Testament's Book of Acts, which tells of the founding of the Christian church after the crucifixion of Jesus and after the apostle Judas took his own life.
BIDMEAD: The apostles, which were now down to 11 not quite 12 yet had gotten together in Jerusalem to celebrate the Shavuot, a Jewish harvest festival that occurs, um, 50 days after the Passover.
Jesus had promised them before that revelation would come to them.
However, they were not yet 12.
They needed a replacement for 12 before the revelation.
NARRATOR: During this celebration, which came to be known as the Pentecost, the apostle Matthias is chosen to replace Judas.
Only then is divine contact made.
MICHAEL CARTER: The disciples are awaiting their marching orders.
They're in a home, and a violent wind comes through the house and shakes the house to its foundations, and the disciples are startled.
And then fire descends from out of the sky.
And these tongues of fire attach themselves to each of the disciples.
YOUNG: The 12 apostles gained some kind of access to special knowledge, special power.
But only because they met as 12.
TZADOK: We find the number 12 as having ancient mystical significance.
It contains within it the code of the power of God, the ancient secret of tapping into something greater and higher, something very possibly extraterrestrial.
NARRATOR: Could it be that Jesus's 12 disciples were, in effect, wisdom keepers, men who were entrusted with divine, perhaps even extraterrestrial secrets? And if so, does it further illustrate that there is some sort of cosmic significance to the number 12? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining some of the oldest stone structures on Earth that all feature a pattern of 12.
We find that there are 12 T-shaped stones.
According to mainstream archaeologists, this ancient stone complex contains the world's oldest known megalithic structures, dating back at least 11,500 years.
Prior to the discovery, the people of this time period were thought to be hunter-gatherers and nowhere near advanced enough to achieve such an impressive feat of engineering.
And as far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, just as remarkable is the fact that these ancient structures once again point to the importance of the number 12.
This is the oldest stone circle complex in the world.
If we look at the most sophisticated of the stone enclosures, we find that there are 12 T-shaped stones focused around two huge gateway-like monoliths in the center.
We have to ask ourselves, why 12? NARRATOR: Is there something to be learned from the fact that the oldest known megalithic structures on Earth incorporate the number 12? Researchers point out that the number 12 turns up at many other archaeological sites around the world.
HUGH NEWMAN: Other ancient sites that encode number 12 include the Stones of Stenness on the Orkney Islands, which dates back to at least 3100 BC.
Only a few stones still remain, but, originally, there were 12.
We also have the Twelve Apostles of Ilkley Moor up in Yorkshire, where, strangely, many UFO sightings and strange lights have been recorded.
Other sites with the number 12 include Callanish, which is up in the Outer Hebrides.
This is a remarkable megalithic construction.
NARRATOR: Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that a similar appearance of 12 stones in the stories of the Hebrew Bible reveals the significance of the number is not merely symbolic.
In the Book of Exodus, Moses erected 12 standing stones at the foot of Mount Sinai after receiving the Ten Commandments.
And in the Book of Joshua, after the Jordan River parted to allow the Israelites to pass, Joshua had 12 stones placed where the priests had been standing who carried the Ark of the Covenant.
But perhaps the most extraordinary example can be found in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Kings, when the prophet Elijah confronts the worshippers of the pagan god Baal and challenges them to provide proof of their god's existence by making a sacrificial offering.
Elijah has this bizarre life, where there are these multiple episodes where he is in contact with someone up in the sky.
HUSSAIN: Elijah builds an altar with 12 stones.
He puts the offering, the bull, on the altar.
And, of course, God, with God's divine fire, sends the fire down to burn this offering.
WILLIAM HENRY: Why 12 stones? Was it one stone each for the Twelve Tribes of Israel? That's the common explanation.
But is there something more? Is it that Elijah is pointing to the power of 12 and its connection with the divine light or the divine fire that he's about to call down? NARRATOR: Elijah, Moses, Joshua all instructed by God to erect exactly 12 stones.
But regardless of whether or not these stories reflect actual historical accounts, is there a profound message contained within this repeated pattern? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest it could reflect important knowledge our ancestors possessed about the very nature of the universe.
Canton, New York.
Mathematician Dr.
Jeffrey Weeks and his colleagues suggest, based on analysis of maps of the big bang, that the universe takes the 12-sided shape of a dodecahedron.
A team of scientists headed by Jeffrey Weeks made a re-remarkable deduction about the universe.
They believe, based on cosmic radiation data they've accrued, that the universe may in fact be a dodecahedron-shaped system, which is quite incredible.
So, again, we have this number 12, and we have leading scientists saying, "Hey, yes, this may well be the actual shape of our reality.
" HENRY: So this discovery shows us that, from the macro level, the universe level, down to the societal level that the number 12 seems to be the ruling mystical number of the universe.
NARRATOR: Curiously, the idea that the universe takes the shape of a dodecahedron was also theorized by the Greek philosopher Plato more than 2,000 years earlier.
Plato describes an early image of the Earth i-in something called the Phaedo, as a dodecahedron that is 12 panels.
This shape represents the ether, the life-sustaining life force that animates everything.
KAKU: The Greeks were masters of geometry.
And Plato and many of the Greeks thought that this was the key to the universe, that the universe obey what are called magic numbers, magic numbers encoded in the laws of geometry, numbers which seem to be the basis of reality, numbers created by the gods that were talking to us through numbers.
HENRY: What Plato described is the view that is seen by the gods or by advanced souls who are able to escape the physical and enter into the metaphysical realm.
Where did Plato get that knowledge? It's quite possible that he came into contact with some higher intelligence, maybe even extraterrestrials that want to see us ultimately fulfill our destiny.
NARRATOR: Is it possible that special knowledge was imparted to Plato so that future generations of humans would take notice and seek to better understand the cosmic significance of the number 12? And, if so, could this also be why the number 12 was incorporated in so many ancient structures? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining curious anomalies within our own human DNA.
HENRY: An immunologist found that these people had New York.
Within a collection held by the institute is an ancient Mesopotamian tablet known as Plimpton 322.
Dated to roughly 1800 BC, it contains insight into the mathematical system of the ancient Sumerians.
RANKIN: Modern culture and civilization started in Sumeria 6,000 years ago.
Almost the world's first modern city and the world's first use of technology that we use today.
The wheeled and axled vehicle; a plow; the arch; the world's first ziggurat, a pyramidal structure; writing system, cuneiform; and this math system based on 12s and 60s.
DE VLIEGER: Some of their mathematics still fascinate us today.
Um, they were able to achieve a lot with their system because it was based on 60.
60 is five times 12.
It allowed them to avoid the messiness of fractions.
RANKIN: Why would they not count by tens when they have ten digits on our feet and hands and seems very easy? Ten, 20, 30.
That's not the way those early ancestors of ours living in Sumeria of the day were taught to count.
They were taught to count by using the thumb as a counter, counting the knuckles or the pads on one hand.
So you had one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12.
NARRATOR: Where did the ancient Sumerians learn to count using their knuckles as an extra digit? According to their texts, this knowledge was given to them by visitors who came down from the sky.
RANKIN: We're able to read cuneiform.
And the people of the day said, "We did not create this.
"They were gifted to us by these sky visitors that we ended up calling the Anunnaki.
" NARRATOR: While the Sumerians learned to count in units of 12 by using their knuckles, in many other ancient cultures, they actually depicted their gods as having six fingers and six toes.
Sacred texts and mythologies around the world often reference six-fingered gods or gods with six toes.
In the Bible, we learn of Goliath, who had six fingers and six toes.
In other traditions, for example, in America, in Chaco Canyon, we see depictions in petroglyphs of anthropomorphic beings with six fingers and six toes.
Newspaper Rock in Utah same thing.
NARRATOR: Did our ancestors encounter otherworldly beings with 12 fingers and 12 toes? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest evidence that such stories are true and that these beings even mated with humans still exists in our own DNA.
Yasuni National Forest, Ecuador.
[insects trilling.]
Deep in the Amazon basin, American missionaries discover a previously unknown indigenous tribe centuries removed from human civilization.
Incredibly, the Waorani people nearly all possess 12 fingers and 12 toes.
In 1983, The New York Times reported on the work of a medical doctor, an immunologist, who did a study on the Waorani tribe of Ecuador and found that these people had extraordinary health benefits.
KIRSTEN FISHER: One interesting thing that came out of the study was that the operation of the extra digit was essentially hardwired into its own unique part of the brain, in terms of the motor control.
So it wasn't like it was stealing from another part of the brain in order to operate that extra digit.
It was fully integrated into the, sort of, the neurological system.
NARRATOR: The medical term for the condition of having extra digits is polydactyly.
The recessive trait actually occurs in nearly one in 1,000 live births, suggesting that it may, in fact, be part of the early human genome.
And the occurrence of polydactyly is not entirely random there are certain lineages where this trait is strikingly prevalent.
October 13, 2017.
Alessandro De Silva and his wife Katia welcome the birth of a healthy baby boy.
Vinicius is the 14th member of the extended family to be born with a distinctive trait: 12 fingers and 12 toes.
CHILDRESS: A lot of times when people have six fingers, they can't use all their digits very well, but the De Silva family is-is quite good at it and-and they use that extra digit.
You have to wonder, is it some extraterrestrial gene that ultimately, we should all have? It's an amazing thought.
NARRATOR: According to some ancient astronaut theorists, there may be an even more profound explanation for the rare occurrence of extra digits in humans.
They suggest this anomaly could be encoded into our DNA, and designed to draw attention to the number 12.
- But why 12? - GEORGE NOORY: Again, here we have the number 12, and its sig-significance is tied into just about everything.
CHILDRESS: You have to wonder if the number 12 isn't some code that has been put there in the past for us to decipher.
And it's still waiting for us.
NARRATOR: A code? Could there really be an extraterrestrial connection to the ubiquity of the number 12 in mankind's history and culture? Ancient astronaut theorists are convinced the answer is a profound yes, and suggest that further clues can be found by examining a group of 20th century scientists who were assembled to investigate and possibly communicate with UFOs: The Majestic 12.
Truman assembled a group of scientist October 25, 1988.
The Dallas field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation receives a copy of an alleged "top secret" government document.
The memo, dated November 18, 1952, purports to be a preliminary briefing to President-elect Dwight D.
It details information relating to a secret committee to investigate and cover up extraterrestrial encounters.
BIRNES: They prepared a manual, basically briefing documents, for the incoming administration.
According to these documents, as Truman was preparing for the 1948 election, he assembled a group of scientists.
And they were called Majestic 12, MJ-12, and they were studying UFOs.
NARRATOR: Since the first memo surfaced, the authenticity of the MJ-12 documents has been hotly debated.
But for some researchers, an equally intriguing question is if the group truly existed, why did Truman choose 12? TZADOK: Harry Truman put together Majestic 12.
Why not Majestic 11? Why not Majestic 24? Was the choosing of the number 12 for the MJ-12 a coincidence or something much more significant? Are they an echo back to the 12 apostles of Jesus in the Christian tradition or are they 12 sons of Jacob in the Jewish tradition? NARRATOR: If there really was a top secret group assembled to investigate the UFO phenomenon, does the fact that President Truman selected exactly 12 men indicate that he or someone on his team was aware of the significance of this number? Could it have been meant to signal to the extraterrestrials they were investigating that they were aware of the existence of some kind of code? According to the documents that surfaced, the men who made up the Majestic 12 included top scientists, government officials and high-ranking military personnel, led by Vannevar Bush.
During World War II, Bush headed the U.
Office of Scientific Research and Development, through which almost all wartime military R&D was carried out.
The MJ-12 documents also detail actual contact that this group made with alien entities.
LINDA MOULTON HOWE: The most important document is "The Restricted SOM1-01, Majestic-12 Group Special Operations Manual.
" And when you go to page 11, there is an extraterrestrial technology classification table, and this is solid confirmation that our government knew, and was dealing with extraterrestrial entities and technology in the '40s.
And if we are on a planet where there are non humans cohabiting with us, have they finally seen that the time has come, that we need to be released from the idea that we're alone in the universe? CHILDRESS: Here we have MJ-12, who are entrusted with this special knowledge.
You have to ask yourself, were they signaling extraterrestrials? And this was really the first official government-style welcoming and they were basically saying, "We're ready for you.
" NARRATOR: Is it possible that the formation of the Majestic 12 was an attempt to signal to a higher intelligence that humankind now grasped the significance of this number? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, MJ-12 represented an important first step towards a reconnection with our extraterrestrial ancestors and they suggest that humanity may be on the verge of entering into a new age that was foretold in the Bible.
Patmos island, Greece.
60 AD.
In a mountaintop cavern known as the Cave of the Apocalypse, St.
John the Theologian wrote the last book of the Christian New Testament: The Book of Revelation.
In the 12th chapter, it describes a heavenly realm called the "New Jerusalem.
" HUSSEIN: The Book of Revelation talks about the unveiling of a new world.
And so, there's the earthly Jerusalem.
This was a new Jerusalem.
DE VLIEGER: The New Jerusalem had 12 gates three facing north, three facing south, three facing east, three facing west one for each of the 12 tribes of Israel.
The city also had measurements that were multiples of 12.
That's very interesting.
It connects with that divine 12 and then the ability to divide 12 into four sets of three.
Very practical number.
NARRATOR: While many take the Book of Revelation to be symbolic, there is one curious aspect which leads some to believe it was inspired by an otherworldly encounter.
In Revelation this city descends from out of the sky, which leads to question, could the New Jerusalem have been a mothership or, uh, a city that descends from the ship? NARRATOR: If the Book of Revelation was inspired by an extraterrestrial event one where John the Theologian witnessed a spaceship descending to Earth might this explain how John had been taught about the New Jerusalem and the cosmic importance of the number 12? The word "angel" is used 12 times in the Book of Revelations.
Most of the time, these angels are telling the future, they're prophesying about some end-time event.
In the Jewish, the Christian, the Muslim traditions, there is this idea of the world to come, that this world isn't the be-all and end-all.
NARRATOR: Could it be that the Revelation prophecy isn't about a physical event, but rather the ushering in of a new age for mankind? And if so, might the formation of the Majestic 12 have set humanity on a path towards what is referred to in the Bible as the "New Jerusalem"? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest that according to traditions from the other side of the world, the time of Revelation doesn't lie in the far future, but is happening right now.
HENRY: Astronomers observed this December 21, 2012.
Thousands of people congregate at the ruins of Tikal one of the largest archaeological sites of the Maya civilization that thrived in the area of Central America for more than 2,000 years.
The Maya were known for being incredibly accurate at tracking time by tracing the movement of celestial bodies, and it is on this exact day that the famous Mayan long-count calendar comes to an abrupt end.
Those gathered at Tikal and other important sites around the world are anticipating some Earth-changing event, possibly even the end of the world.
RANKIN: So, the Mayans had this prophecy what we would call 2012 and they were talking about a coming new age or a coming new thing.
The best analogy I ever heard about the end of the Mayan calendar was like it was an odometer.
It wasn't the end of the world it was the end of a system and then the beginning of a new system.
BRUCE FENTON: I find it quite fascinating that the Mayan calendar system contains this period of time, 144,000 days, which, again, a multiple of 12.
So there's something very strange going on there, you know, with this number 12 recurring.
NARRATOR: Was the end of the Mayan calendar signaling not the end of the world but a turning point for humankind? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the answer is yes.
And if the number 12 is some kind of alien code, it is profoundly linked to everything from the formation of the Majestic 12 to the events of 12/21/2012.
Many people were expecting, uh, possibly some big cataclysm.
It was the end of the Mayan calendar.
But instead, uh, what happened in 2012 was a turning point in history.
NARRATOR: Geneva, Switzerland.
July 4, 2012.
In the final year of the Mayan calendar, scientists working at the CERN Large Hadron Collider, the most complex machine ever created, announce the LHC's first major finding.
The particle accelerator has uncovered a tiny bit of matter called the Higgs boson, an elementary force that allows particles to acquire mass to form matter that makes up our world.
The confirmation of the God particle, as it became known, validated the standard model of physics, which proposes there are 12 fundamental particles.
The God particle, discovered in 2012, is the 12th.
This is a very momentous occasion in the following sense, that, for 40 years now, people have been looking for it.
And it really is the particle that brings together what's called the standard model of physics and explains why particle and-and matter has mass.
NARRATOR: With this 12th and final fundamental particle discovered, scientists believe they now have a complete picture of the basic building blocks of our universe.
FENTON: We now are in a-a very different world to the world we were pre-2012, with all kinds of revelations in science.
You know, things have really changed very fast since then.
DENNIN: Now that we've discovered the Higgs boson, we can actually explore what that implication is for lots of other things we know about the physical universe, including things like dark matter, matter that doesn't really interact with light and we can't see, dark energy, whatever it is that's causing the universe to accelerate.
'Cause we know it's accelerating, but we don't know why.
So, a lot of these other features of physics, we now may be able to get a better handle on.
CHILDRESS: Along with this God particle, perhaps humans on Earth are discovering exactly, you know, who we are, where we've come from and where we're going.
NARRATOR: Has humanity entered a new age of understanding, one shepherded in by the discovery of the 12th fundamental particle, the so-called God particle? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and point to another extraordinary occurrence in 2012, one that happened just one month before the end of the Mayan calendar.
In November 2012, astronomers at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico observed this blinding flash of light that kept repeating itself.
They had no idea what it was or, actually, where it was coming from.
They continued researching it, and they discovered that this bright flash was so bright that it had the power of 500 million suns.
NARRATOR: What the astronomers were witnessing was a fast radio burst, or FRB, a transient radio pulse caused by some high-energy astrophysical process not yet understood.
They would label this burst for the year, month and day it was discovered, FRB 12-11-02.
What makes FRB 121102 really interesting was that it didn't happen once it actually repeated.
After the original pulse detected in November of 2012, it flashed again in May of 2015 and then again in June, multiple times each time, which led some scientists to speculate maybe it's not just a random occurrence.
Maybe this is actually a strong signal being sent out deliberately by some alien civilization trying to contact us.
We have another coincidence with 12 with the FRB 121102 bursts of information that are coming to us.
And it seems to be an intelligent signal aimed at planet Earth.
NARRATOR: Could the extraordinary discoveries of the God particle and fast radio bursts provide evidence that 2012 really did mark a major turning point, one in which humanity will awaken to a profound new reality? Ancient astronaut theorists suggest that we are on the brink of deciphering the final part of this alien code and that the key might actually be found not by means of mathematics but with music.
NARRATOR: Samos, Greece.
535 BC.
35-year-old mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras leaves his home to travel to Egypt and study the esoteric arts.
He becomes initiated into the Egyptian priesthood and eventually founds a school where his pupils are sworn to secrecy.
Despite his mysterious nature, Pythagoras would share with the world groundbreaking mathematical concepts.
And he believed that through his study of both music and the movement of the planets, he had uncovered the sacred code of the universe.
KAKU: The ancients realized that there were wandering objects called planets.
And because they moved, perhaps, encoded in the motion of these planets was our destiny, the future, that there was a rhyme and reason to the radii of the orbits of the planets, the music of the spheres that these spheres, when they rotate, create music according to certain ratios found in music.
The person who first understood the laws of music was Pythagoras.
He worked out the laws of music, that music is divided into 12 notes.
Pythagoras had this notion that the music of the spheres, that the harmony, the sound that moved the planets around was also the sound that would keep the body in alignment.
So above, as below, that we would be in sync with the movements of our own galaxy because of this musical pattern that suffused everything.
There are 12 tones in the musical system.
So there's a twelveness to the way the galaxies are harmonized, to the way our bodies might be in sync with everything, all through the 12 tones of the musical scale.
KAKU: An octave has 12 steps to it, and that became the origin of the mathematics of music.
Well, today, we believe that string theory, which is what I do for a living, is based on the harmonies of vibrating strings.
We now believe that all the subatomic particles in the universe neutrons, protons, quarks are nothing but different vibrations of a tiny rubber band.
And so what is the universe? The universe is a symphony of strings.
And, therefore, what is the mind of God that Albert Einstein wrote about so eloquently for the last 30 years of his life? According to string theory, the mind of God would be cosmic music resonating through hyperspace.
That is the mind of God.
NARRATOR: Is humanity's modern understanding of the physics of the universe just now allowing us to understand the esoteric knowledge of our ancestors, knowledge that was perhaps given to them by extraterrestrials for future generations to rediscover? TZADOK: So if the number 12 is sacred to the physical world, we should question why.
And in modern science, we're beginning to have an answer and to ultimately receive the revelation of the wisdom of God symbolized by the number 12.
So, the number 12 is out there, but it can only be comprehended when the mind contemplates the reality of the physical world.
And then by doing that through the power of perception, the power of perception influences space and time and therefore changes the whole physical world as we know it.
NARRATOR: Might the repeated occurrence of the number 12 found throughout our ancient world in groups of wisdom keepers, sacred formations, and even DNA all be part of a code left by humanity's extraterrestrial creators? Perhaps once we understand how to harness the power of this divine number, we will no longer simply be the people of Earth but the people of the universe.
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