Ancient Aliens s18e02 Episode Script

Mystery of the Standing Stones

1 Throughout the world, enormous stone monoliths have stood for thousands of years.
Many were built to align with the stars.
The monolith has religious implications.
It's pointing to the heavens.
Some are said to have strange powers.
People get electric shocks.
They have altered states, experiences.
And there are clues that they may have had a technological function.
These stones are standing in just the right locations where you could create a release of energy.
Are the ancient standing stones simply the earliest monuments of prehistoric humans? Or might they have a far more profound purpose? The standing stones are a calling card.
They are a message that somebody was here in the past, and they were our teachers.
There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
Biologists, from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, surveying a nearby canyon, spot a strange, rectangular-shaped object from their helicopter.
They saw this metallic slab down in the canyon.
It was a vertical slab about 10 to 12 feet tall.
And they were astonished because this this remote canyon is almost only accessible by a helicopter.
Satellite imaging reveals that the triangular column, dubbed the "Utah monolith," has stood undetected for over four years, and its discovery quickly becomes international news.
There was terrific speculation when the Utah monolith was first discovered as to the provenance of the monolith, you know, was this communication from E.
s? And I think people were really excited by this idea, because it's drawing on the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, which was a science-fiction book written in 1968 by Arthur C.
And in the same year, Stanley Kubrick directed the movie.
And together, they captured the imagination of the world.
2001 begins with this monolith appearing on Earth.
And through that monolith, as we all know from the movie, this is how our evolution begins.
The appearance of a similar monolith in a remote location in Utah gives us the sense of a connection with alien intelligence, the idea of a point of contact.
While it is still not known for certain just who erected the Utah monolith, it is believed to have been nothing more than an art installation and was removed shortly after its discovery by a group of conservationists.
During the following weeks, similar monoliths started popping up on nearly every continent.
So between December and January, you had hundreds of monoliths appearing around the world.
And there were nine monoliths in the U.
alone within a month.
But why did the Utah monolith spark this worldwide fascination? Was it all because of a science-fiction movie? Or is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that these monoliths resonate on a much more profound level and trigger deep-seated memories of standing stones erected thousands of years ago? People have always been fascinated with monoliths, and I think it goes even deeper into our past, because we have standing stones around the world.
Standing stones have been an integral part of our human development over thousands of years.
Monoliths are a part of our DNA, part of our psyche.
Stone has a great resonance within the landscape.
It has a presence of permanence that outlives the human frame.
There are more than 50,000 ancient standing stones, also known as monoliths or menhirs, scattered across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.
Most date back more than 5,000 years, and the largest weigh over 300 tons More than double the weight of the Statue of Liberty.
When you look at these standing stones, we're looking back at the Stone Age, and we're thinking, are these Stone Age people moving all of these huge megaliths around? The largest standing stone in all of Europe is called Le Grand Menhir Brisé, the Great Broken Menhir.
It's located in French Brittany, and when it was one solid piece, it was over 60 feet tall.
They have estimated for that stone, when it was one piece, to be 330 tons.
Now explain to me how you transport 330 tons.
We have a hard time doing this today.
It's a huge undertaking.
And there could have been some knowledge that they had to move heavy things that, for some reason, we don't understand today in our modern technological society.
Have we forgotten some ancient physics that they knew? Or did they have help? While not all monoliths are of such enormous size, for ancient astronaut theorists, the question still remains: why would prehistoric people, struggling just to survive, have expended so much time and energy erecting standing stones? When you try to speculate about the standing stones and what their purpose is, we have to wonder, does it have to do with extraterrestrials and something technological that we do not understand? On the northwest coast of France lies the most famous and mysterious collection of ancient standing stones found anywhere in the world.
Stretching across two miles of rolling countryside, the more than 3,000 giant menhirs are known as the Carnac stones.
French archeologists have been able to give a date to these standing stones, and it's 5,000 BC.
So, they're saying that these stones were erected 7,000 years ago, but they don't know who erected them.
They don't know why they were erected.
They don't know how they moved all these stones and erected them.
Some of these stones are as much as ten feet tall.
And they are arranged in huge alignments.
Some of them are in parallel lines.
Some of them are fan-like.
The Carnac alignments refer to rows of stones that run in precise lines for long distances through the landscape.
This is long before Stonehenge, and Avebury and other such sites.
So who were these people? And how were they able to move up to 70-ton blocks over huge distances and lay them out into these geometric configurations? Some mainstream scholars suggest that the stones are simply grave markers, while others claim they track astronomical events like the solstice and equinox.
But neither theory can explain the precise placement of the stones in geometric alignments.
One of the most interesting of the Carnac alignments is the alignment of Ménec.
When viewed from above, we can see these 11 almost perfect parallel lines that stretch out for almost a mile.
So the Ménec alignment is so pristine and created with such perfection we can't even imagine how it would've been done in ancient times.
Now, we have to wonder what these lines were for.
We have to wonder why they're so beautifully viewed from above.
In 1970, Alexander Thom, a Scottish engineer who spent most of his life studying megaliths, performed a survey of Carnac and found that the stones appeared to be purposely arranged to form geometric designs.
Of particular interest was an egg-shaped stone formation at the west end of the Ménec alignment, whose stones were precisely positioned to form perfect Pythagorean triangles.
Thom's finding astonished archaeologists, due to the fact that Pythagoras introduced this geometrical concept in the sixth century BC, more than 4,000 years after the Carnac stones were erected.
One of the arrangements we have is a representation of the Pythagorean theorem, which is A squared plus B squared equals C squared.
How do we have that mathematical message in a archaeological site that's at least 7,000 years old? The constructions in Carnac is thousands of years older than Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician.
So somebody must have teached our ancestors to put these stones in a certain line, in geometrical forms.
Now the question is simply, why? I am absolutely sure, some thousands of years in the past, the extraterrestrials who visited our planet left a proof behind.
It's a message that somebody was here in the past who instructed our Stone Age people to put this stone here, put that stone there.
Is it possible that the positioning of the Carnac stones was directed by extraterrestrial visitors, as ancient astronaut theorists suggest? But if so, was the intent simply to leave clues that they were here? Or might these standing stones, and the thousands of others that exist across the world, have served another purpose? One that can be found not by looking at the stones from above but by understanding what lies beneath.
Pierre Mereaux, a French engineer in thermodynamics, performs a study of the Carnac stones, which produces some highly intriguing results.
What he found was that the stones were aligned and placed over areas that had quartz fissures.
The standing stones, themselves, are also made of quartz.
Now these stones, as I understand it, have a fair amount of quartz, and quartz is an interesting material because we do connect it with piezoelectricity.
Piezoelectricity is the process of generating electricity from crystals, like quartz, when they are placed under pressure.
This technology is used today in watches, speakers and computer storage systems.
But in order for the stones found in the Carnac region to generate a charge, they would need to be stimulated by a tremendous amount of force.
When studying the landscape of Carnac, Pierre Mereaux found fault zones which the stone avenues appeared to be aligned to.
It's really interesting, if there was tectonic movement, the quartz could be stimulated to create a release of energy, using the piezoelectric effect.
And these stones are standing in just the right locations where you could create a phenomena like this.
You can store and create electromagnetic energy in these types of stones.
In addition to being placed over a fault line, there is also the presence of a strong and measurable "Earth energy" that lies beneath the stones.
So, one of the cool things about the Earth is the currents that exist.
And it's something we don't think about a lot is that underneath the earth, and the crust, and the mantle and in the oceans and the water there's constant electric current flowing.
Some of it very reproduceable and very steady.
It seems as if the Carnac stones somehow were reflecting the presence of these electrical currents beneath the earth, almost as if the prehistoric peoples that created them were aware of the subtle energies of the earth.
Somebody understood something about the quartz in the ground, the standing stones and the fault line.
It's too big of a coincidence for them not to have understood that.
I think in Carnac, our ancestors did not know what they were creating.
The entire region has over 4,000 stones.
And, of course, it was our human ancestors who moved that stone.
It was not aliens who moved the stone.
But somebody told our ancestors why to move it there, and above all, how to move it there.
Carnac, at some point, was an extraterrestrial hot spot.
Were the stones at Carnac part of an electrical grid? One that was created by extraterrestrial visitors to tap into the natural energy produced by the earth? But if so, to what end? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining some of the strange events that have occurred near ancient standing stones.
Rudston, England.
This ancient village in Yorkshire has been inhabited for more than 5,000 years, and several of its Neolithic structures are still standing as well as a number of monoliths.
But one towers above the rest.
The Rudston Monolith is the tallest standing stone in Britain.
Currently, it is 25 feet in height, and it weighs 40 tons.
Some researchers say that the monolith was found at Cayton Bay, which is about 10 miles from Rudston, and was carried up onto the hill.
So the effort involved to try to lift the stone in an upright position is beyond imagination.
Archaeologists believe the Rudston Monolith dates back to at least 2,500 BC.
But some point to evidence that it could be far older.
Well, we know that people have lived nearby Rudston for over 11,000 years, uh, in the Mesolithic era.
Because there have been some fantastic excavations which have revealed the oldest house dwelling in the U.
So the Rudston Monolith could be as old as that.
If the Rudston Monolith really is 11,000 years old, that would mean it was transported and erected some 6,000 years before the invention of the wheel.
And according to local historians, just as mysterious as the origins of the giant standing stone, is the strange phenomena that have been observed in the area for centuries.
This particular area of the world is known as the Bermuda Triangle of East Yorkshire, and there's a multitude of strange phenomena that people report.
Strange lights and odd occurrences in the sky and on the ground.
We have reports of high strangeness in the region dating back to the tenth century.
We have accounts of lights in the sky.
Intelligent light forms that seem to have a purpose and a will of their own.
People get electric shocks off the Rudston Monolith.
They have altered states, experiences.
People claim to have seen green-skinned fairy-like folk scuttling around the Rudston.
Aerial phenomena are reported in that region.
Lights in the sky, weird things that happen to electronic equipment, weird magnetic anomalies.
So clearly, there is something going on there.
So you have to wonder, is the Rudston Monolith there because of all these strange effects? Or perhaps, the Rudston Monolith itself is helping create some of these effects.
But how could an ancient standing stone be the source of such unusual phenomena? Are earth energies being amplified by the monolith just like at Carnac? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest there is far more to the Rudston Monolith than meets the eye.
In the early 1700s, English scholar William Stukeley conducted an excavation at the site of the Rudston Monolith, and discovered that the rock was twice as large as previously thought, with half of it lodged in the earth.
What's interesting about Rudston Monolith, they discovered this extension of the stone went 25 feet below the surface, as well as 25 feet above the surface.
This is what makes this monolith the largest standing stone in Britain.
What was the purpose? I mean, it's a lot of effort that they're doing for no real reason that we can gather.
It seems that they're tapping into certain places where this energy from the earth can be gathered, and then somehow emitted.
Could it be that the ancient people embedded this 50-foot-tall stone a full 25 feet deep in the ground as an attempt to tap into earth energies? Curiously, the Rudston Monolith, like the Carnac stones in France, is composed primarily of highly conductive quartz crystal.
The monolith is gritstone.
And gritstone is a conglomerate of sandstone, with large grains of quartz-like sand.
Gritstone has a high degree of conductivity because of the electromagnetic frequencies that quartz can contain in some stones.
So, it is a conductor of energy.
And also like Carnac, Rudston is a location where there are strong earth energies.
Some suspect this is due, in part, to the presence of the Gypsy Race River that runs beneath the earth here.
The Gypsy Race is a type of river that flows above ground, then underground, then above ground again, weaving in and out of the earth rather like a giant worm.
The Gypsy Race River is known as the Waters of Woe, because it's said to flood before calamity strikes, such as a war, famine or plague.
One of the times in which the Rudston Gypsy Race flooded was just before a meteorite struck.
It's hardly surprising that people think the Gypsy Race leads rise to energy vortices in the earth.
Rudston is also believed to be at a convergence point of what are known as ley lines.
In the 1920s, English landscape photographer Alfred Watkins made the curious discovery that many of the prehistoric standing stones and significant ancient sites of England and France line up in perfectly straight lines.
Other researchers have since theorized that the ancient people placed standing stones and structures along these lines because they were somehow aware of underlying energy currents.
I think the ancients followed a line of energy and placed certain monuments and monolith stones that could activate those lines of energy.
The Rudston Monolith apparently is at a junction of three ley lines.
And there's an energy associated with these.
It's a subtle energy, but it's there and it can be amplified by these standing stones.
Was the Rudston Monolith erected by ancient people who were aware that this is a place of powerful earth energy? Or is it possible, as ancient astronaut theorists believe, that they were directed by otherworldly visitors? The ancients knew what they were doing.
They would place these stones in specific spots.
And it would affect the energy.
But were they working with other beings to do this? We have to ask these kind of questions because why would they do it? There's so much energy that is being recorded at these sites that we have to look at this seriously.
It seems as if it was the result of some kind of contact with entities, perhaps even extraterrestrials.
Ancient astronaut theorists point out that although no written records exist to document the origins of the prehistoric standing stones found around the world, many of the ancient cultures attributed them to otherworldly beings.
In Wiltshire, England, legend says that the monoliths of Stonehenge were erected by the magician Merlin, who was not of this Earth.
The great 20th-century French philosopher and historian, Jean Marcel, wrote over 40 books on the Celtic traditions.
And was adamant that Merlin was an incredibly powerful otherworldly being.
And in a number of the legends Merlin brought the understanding of how to utilize these stones in some extraordinary way in terms of technology, communications, energy.
Now also in the Breton legends of Carnac, Michael the Archangel comes down to Earth incarnate and brings this extraordinary information to this very powerful place to build these alignments that occur at Carnac to create the energy, to harness the energy, to utilize it in some way.
For ancient astronaut theorists, the most compelling account of all comes from Ireland.
According to Celtic legend, the Lia Fáil A sacred stone used in the coronation of kings Was placed on the Hill of Tara by mysterious beings known as the Tuatha Dé Danann.
They were said to appear on mountaintops amidst dark clouds floating down in ships from the sky.
And they brought great knowledge of the architecture, metalworking and medicine to Ireland.
In Irish tradition, the Tuatha Dé Danann possessed godlike powers, but they were mortals.
And so you wonder, what are they talking about here? Lia Fáil arrived with the Tuatha Dé Danann.
So it has this mystical kind of history that goes way, way back, potentially thousands of years.
Is it possible that these stories of otherworldly visitations are not merely mythology but are based on actual events? And were standing stones carefully placed for some energetic purpose? Perhaps the answer can be found by examining our own modern-day efforts to harness the power of the earth.
Long Island, New York.
March 1901.
After years of experimentation, famed engineer and inventor, Nikola Tesla, begins construction on the Wardenclyffe Tower outside the town of Shoreham.
The project is an attempt to wirelessly transmit electricity through the ground.
Tesla invented almost everything that brought forward our modern society with electrical power.
And his idea was to power the world wirelessly, without having to have this big infrastructure.
All they would need was towers around the world.
His biggest test was at Wardenclyffe in Long Island, and it was a large tower that has a strange ray conductor on top of it, and then a large conducting pipe that went way deep into the granite basin underneath it.
What he was really doing was grounding his system into the earth, electrically connecting it to the earth and transmitting power around the Earth.
And there are minerals and salts and things in the ground that are conductive.
And you can actually pass electromagnetic energy Electrical current Through the ground.
His plan was to send wireless power through the earth, uh, over vast distances.
Tesla's dream of harnessing the natural electricity of the earth to broadcast wireless power was cut short when he lost funding in 1904 and abandoned the project.
But another experiment he secretly conducted in Colorado Springs five years earlier allegedly proved the technology could work.
During the test, Tesla placed light bulbs attached to metal conductors into the ground as much as 26 miles from the power source in his laboratory.
He then signaled his assistant to turn on the wireless system and watched as the light bulbs became illuminated.
He actually lit light bulbs many miles away with his experiment in Colorado.
And this was implementing the electrical conductivity of the earth in a way that nobody else has really been able to do efficiently since then.
More than a century later, scientists are still attempting to replicate what Tesla was able to achieve in Colorado.
But is it possible that he was not the first to conceive of drawing electricity from the earth? When we think about what Tesla was doing with his Wardenclyffe Tower, and we compare that with what we see at standing stones like Carnac, we have to wonder if the ancients were trying to create some sort of electrical system similar to what Tesla was proposing.
When thermodynamics engineer Pierre Mereaux studied the Carnac stones in France in 1992, he concluded that they do, in fact, store energy by connecting to an electric source just below the surface of the earth, much like Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower.
But if the ancient people were placing standing stones in order to tap into Earth's energy currents, what exactly were they using this energy for? Energy can be amplified by these standing stones.
And it can be emitted as well.
Much like we use antennas, and towers, radio towers and things like that.
We have to wonder, does it have to do with extraterrestrials and spacecraft? Some have suggested that these standing stones may have been used as a fuel device for some type of craft.
And while at first this sounds absolutely insane, the more you think about it, the more it makes sense.
A Soviet scientist by the name of Kardashev came up with a scale where the advancement of a society is determined by its energy use.
So, what if somebody came here who has been around longer than us and has figured out how to harness the energy of the planet through use of standing stones? Now just imagine that you're on a long trip.
And you have an electric vehicle.
And when you leave your house, you plan your trip around places that you know you can recharge.
Well, now imagine that you're an advanced civilization.
And you're going to a new planet.
But you understand planetary physics and that planets will generate certain locations that have more electromagnetic anomalies than others.
That might be a fueling station.
Would they leave a marker that says, "Fuel here"? Maybe they would.
It's interesting that flying saucers are very commonly seen around power lines and power plants.
But in ancient times they didn't have those power lines running all over the world.
But what they did have were these standing stones.
So, extraterrestrials can take the stored energy that's in these standing stones, recharge their own craft and then fly on to an-another one of these standing stones somewhere.
Could this be the answer to the mystery of the standing stones? Did alien visitors instruct our ancestors on where to place them so that they could tap into the Earth's natural energy to charge their craft? As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the answer is a resounding yes.
But they suggest this technology was used for far greater purposes and claim the proof can be found in ancient Egypt.
Cairo, Egypt 20 miles northeast of the iconic Giza Pyramid Complex stands the world's oldest surviving obelisk, dating to roughly 1900 BC.
Originating from the Greek obeliskos, meaning "pointed pillar," an obelisk is a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramidion at the top.
In Egypt, hieroglyphs were carved into all four sides, and they often recorded battles, special events, or the history of the region.
The obelisks of Egypt were erected maybe centuries after standing stones like the ones in Carnac in Brittany.
But they're monoliths, too One solid piece of stone.
The obelisks of Egypt, too, are made of red granite, and red granite is a very special kind of granite.
It's infused with tiny quartz crystals.
And this gives the obelisk a certain type of energy, and the ancient peoples were aware of this energy that was coming out of the obelisk.
They actually thought the obelisk was alive.
And this is very reminiscent of the ancient standing stones that are even older.
Is it more than mere coincidence that the Egyptians erected monolithic stones that were rich in quartz crystal, just like ancient cultures in other parts of the world did thousands of years earlier? Had they discovered the secret of the ancient standing stones, and their power to harness the energy of the Earth? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and point out that the Egyptians believed the obelisks provided a profound connection to the gods.
The obelisk itself, like a cathedral, lifts up into the heavens.
It is pointing to the heavens.
It is a connection to the gods.
And at the top of an obelisk in ancient Egypt, there was a special stone, the capstone, the pyramidion.
It was the shape of a pyramid.
It was made of specially fine granite, polished with some, uh, hieroglyphics, but the main detail was it was brightly gilded in pure gold, so that the sun would bounce off that and beams would glow for miles around it.
Must've been dazzling.
This was the point of contact between humans and the gods.
This was how we communicated with the gods through that stone.
You'll see the top of the obelisk reaching into the sky.
They think of it as a sort of, uh, an axis mundi.
It's a way of connecting Earth with the heavens.
Egypt was given, according to ancient texts, the powers of heaven.
Egypt became a mirror of the heavens, and that the powers that are found in the heavens are found on Earth, in Egypt.
As above, so below.
Mainstream scholars interpret this connection to the heavens as purely symbolic, but ancient astronaut theorists suggest that the obelisks were recreating the technology of another world, and that these giant stone pillars were part of a vast wireless energy grid, one that also incorporated the power of the pyramids.
It's a fascinating idea that like we would charge a phone on a charging pad just by placing it there, these extraterrestrials can recharge their own craft off of these standing stones and obelisks.
You have to wonder whether pyramids had exactly the same purpose.
Could there be even more highly advanced technology way beyond any technology that we even know? A lot of people don't realize this, but Tesla's original design for the Wardenclyffe Tower was actually to be the same height as is the pyramid from the base to the tip of where that conductor piece used to be on top of the pyramids.
And at the time that he was building it, in the 1908-ish timeframe, J.
Morgan had an expedition in the pyramids and were sending information to Tesla while he was working on the Wardenclyffe Tower.
Nobody knows why and what the results of that was and to what end.
But it seems suspect that Tesla wanted to do something with wireless transmission of power from a system that's the same height as the pyramids.
Did they believe that that's what the pyramids were for? The walls of the Great Pyramid like the obelisks Contain a high concentration of quartz crystal.
Could it be that this massive monument, in conjunction with the obelisks, made up a global wireless energy network? By placing some of these obelisks and standing stones around the Earth, in combination with pyramids, if you have the correct technology, you can use that energy, and these standing stones become antennas and power beacons and all kinds of things.
And it seems that this could have been a worldwide system of power.
And that spacecraft, submarines, other electric devices could draw their power from the atmosphere because it was being put out by these pyramids and by these obelisks.
Might the world that Nikola Tesla envisioned at the beginning of the 20 century have actually existed right here on Earth thousands of years ago? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest there is even evidence that parts of this wireless energy system may still be in use today.
Tara, Ireland.
Continuing a 6,000-year-old tradition, thousands congregate on the Hill of Tara every June to celebrate the summer solstice, and gather around the sacred stone called Lia Fáil.
In Axum, Ethiopia, the ancient granite obelisks attract more than 20,000 tourists every year.
And more than 800,000 tourists will visit Wiltshire, England this year, to gaze upon the iconic monoliths of Stonehenge.
After thousands of years, humankind remains mesmerized by the ancient standing stones.
There's just some energy and mystery that's associated with them that really grabs humans to the point where all of these places today are now major sacred places and tourist spots.
Was it something that the extraterrestrials had set up and has now, uh, fallen into disuse? A giant matrix and grid around the Earth that was functioning in ancient times, and now all we have is just sort of remnants of this ancient power grid that was once completely around the Earth? It's a fantastic thought.
But considering the geological makeup of these ancient stones and their potential for transmitting energy, is it possible that they are more than just majestic monuments to the past? Could otherworldly visitors be drawing power from them even today? What is so interesting is that monoliths are very strongly associated with UFO sightings.
Mysterious lights have been seen at the Rudston Monolith.
People witness these strange lights and UFOs above the Carnac stones in France.
Near Stonehenge in England, each year, strange crop circles appear.
And in the very same locality, you have mysterious lights, UFO abductions, disappearances, time slips, things like this taking place.
Plasma UFOs, have been seen and reported.
And these continue to this day.
Perhaps these standing stones are storing energy, they're emitting energy and with the right technology and instruments, you can pick these stones up These standing stones From hundreds of miles away.
The point is that the standing stone formations that we find all around the world are pieces of the puzzle of the ancient astronaut theory, that long ago we received visits from outer space and we were visited by none other than our first teachers on planet Earth.
Do the standing stones found across the world represent the remains of a sophisticated global electrical grid? One that exceeds the most advanced technology we possess today? And if so, could Earth be part of a universal network of space ports built for interplanetary travel? Perhaps with further examination of the ancient monoliths we will learn to harness their power ourselves and continue the legacy of our alien ancestors.

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