Ancient Aliens s18e04 Episode Script

The World on Alert

All over the world, governments are now openly investigating unidentified flying objects.
We've seen a dramatic increase in UFO reports in a number of countries around the world.
From democracies to dictatorships, world leaders have begun releasing secret and still unexplained video evidence.
Even in a closed country like China, what we're seeing is acknowledgment of the UFO phenomenon.
But why are governments that once denied UFOs suddenly launching serious inquiries? And if the new spirit of openness spreads, where might that lead? After nearly 80 years of denying and debunking, you have international cooperation and liaison.
This is governments acknowledging that there's a potential threat and that something needs to be done.
There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
The United States government breaks a 70-year precedent of denying UFOs and releases a groundbreaking report on unidentified aerial phenomena.
The nine-page unclassified document identifies 144 UAP incidents and concludes that only one of them can be explained.
For the first time, you actually had the U.
government putting out physical evidence that any person in the United States or around the globe could click on and see and say, "Okay, what's that about?" And I think you're left with the impression that this is something extremely unusual, highly unlikely that it's sourced to a foreign government or to the U.
And, therefore, you're left with what? I hope that because of the recent openness of the U.
government, some of our allies will take a cue from that.
These things are not an American phenomena.
They are seen all over the world.
They've been seen on every continent, in every culture throughout human history.
The fact is that Russia, like the U.
, like China, like most other world governments, has been interested in this topic forever.
In the last few years, we've seen a dramatic increase in UFO reports in a number of countries around the world.
In South America.
Also in Iran and the Philippines and Japan and even China.
When I look at the best cases of military pilots, commercial pilots all over the world caught on radar, ground radar, ground and airborne radar, multiple aircraft ground and airborne radar, it's clearly a worldwide phenomenon.
While the United States officially denied investigating UAPs until 2017, some nations had always been ahead in their approach to the subject.
Leading the world in UAP research is the South American country of Chile.
In 1997, the Chilean government officially instructed air traffic control and military personnel to create the Committee for the Study of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena.
The committee studies all reports of UAP activity by commercial, military and civilian pilots.
One of the most well-publicized was a shocking incident that occurred in 2014 when Chilean naval officers flying along the coast of Santiago captured video of a UAP.
There was an incident in 2014 where a military helicopter got video of a strange object.
It kind of looked like a rocket with some sort of plume behind it.
And they said they were at about 4,500 feet.
They have nine minutes of fairly clear video that exists on this.
The Chilean military studied it for two years, and they were not able to identify this at all.
Chile, like many other South American countries, seem to be far more open to the idea that there are objects coming into our airspace.
I think one of the reasons why South American countries are more open-minded about the UFO and the extraterrestrial question is because it is part of their cultural heritage.
In fact, Peru and Bolivia, they're treasure troves for the ancient astronaut theory.
The whole pre-Inca culture and even the Inca culture spoke of these beings of light that descended from the sky.
And so, these countries essentially grew up with this intrinsic knowledge of someone up in the sky.
Brazil has had a history of really dramatic UFO encounters.
Chile, I think Uruguay, maybe, as well.
But the whole world didn't pay much attention to it.
In addition to South America, now other parts of the world are also starting to disclose information about UFOs.
Governments are openly investigating encounters reported by both civilians and military personnel.
But many researchers believe the most noteworthy country to join this international effort is also one of the most skeptical: Japan.
In 2018, the Japanese government released an official statement denying the existence of UFOs.
For the longest time in Japan, those in charge, those at the top of the defense departments have denied UFOs, showed a disinterest in UFOs, basically a complete dismissal of the UFO topic completely.
The Japanese government made a sudden press release that was said they would not recognize any UFO encounters or extraterrestrial presence on Earth or in the airspace of Japan.
I thought this was very strange, as we had already interviewed two pilots, uh, who had several i-incidents and, uh, testimonies that they gave us regarding various pilots' encounters in the air and from the ground over the years when they were active in the military.
Mamoru Sato, a former wing commander in the Japanese Self-Defense Force, said that he regularly heard stories from other pilots as well as civilians about UAP sightings.
Some people said, "There's something strange up there.
" There were a lot of opportunities to see inexplicable things, such as UFOs that were monitoring the sky and training in the sky.
And it was my subjective view that we should make a report and organize these things as correct data.
But even when this happened, it was only shared among colleagues and not reported publicly.
According to Sato, numerous pilots have reported highly unusual encounters with what they described as cigar-shaped objects.
During one such incident, a student in his fighter pilot course even lost control of his craft.
He said, "The aircraft started going crazy.
" The alarm rang to indicate that something was wrong with the machine.
I saw a cigar-shaped object flying about 1,500 meters high from east to west.
The anomaly continued until it disappeared.
For years, pilots in the Japanese military were instructed to remain silent about such incidents.
But in September 2020, Japan's decades-long policy of secrecy and denial came to an end when Defense Minister Taro Kono tasked the Japanese Self-Defense Forces to make a visual recording of any encounter with an unexplained craft.
Many believe this very public shift in policy was prompted by a meeting held one month earlier between Minister Kono and his U.
counterpart Defense Secretary Mark Esper.
The Japanese, after this meeting, uh, gave a press conference.
And they said one of the topics that came up was unidentified aerial phenomena.
And we talked about the need to cooperate on this.
That's a major development, I think, when you have close allies like the U.
and Japan openly speaking about the UFO issue and agreeing to cooperate.
We've come so far in such a short amount of time.
The fact that Japan denied that there was UFO activity happening in their country, and now they're establishing the Japanese Space Operations Squadron says to me that there clearly is something going on over the skies of Japan.
Ancient astronaut theorists suggest governments throughout the world are finally beginning to acknowledge that there may be objects in our skies that are not of this Earth, and they say that when it comes to promoting investigation and transparency, one of the biggest proponents is also one of the most unlikely: the royal family of Britain.
At a meeting of the House of Lords The second chamber of Parliament Minister of Defence, Baroness Annabel Goldie, is questioned about the just-released report on unidentified aerial phenomena issued by the United States, and is asked if the U.
plans on issuing a report of its own.
Baroness Goldie answered in a way that said that there is no threat.
She was very careful how she phrased it.
She said there has never been a "proven" threat.
Reading between the lines, that said to me that unless these things are gonna start shooting at our aeroplanes, they're not considered a threat.
But while the British Parliament has no plans to release its own UAP report, it was recently discovered that for more than 70 years, UFO activity was closely monitored by some of the most prominent members of the royal family.
April 9, 2021.
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, passes away at the age of 99.
As publications across the world report on his incredible life, it comes to light that the prince had a long-held fascination with the UFO phenomenon.
When Prince Philip died in the spring of 2021, there was a bit of a surprise to the British public, and that was that Prince Philip had a huge collection of books on UFOs that went right back to the mid-1940s.
He had an associate named Sir Peter Horsley who was a former RAF pilot.
He was a good friend of Prince Philip, and back in the mid-1950s, was charged by the prince to do a lot of research into this whole flying saucer situation.
The two of them over the years researched and investigated this quietly, kept an eye on all the developments, secretly subscribed to various UFO magazines and newsletters, and even had witnesses interviewed.
But a lot of this, of course, was highly sensitive.
I mean, here you have the queen's husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, researching and investigating UFOs.
Had the news got out, it would have caused a sensation.
While those within the UFO community had long been aware of Prince Philip's investigations into strange phenomena, most of the public only learned of it with his passing.
And it also came to light that another member of the British royal family was responsible for one of Great Britain's earliest UFO reports.
Hampshire, England, 1955.
On the morning of February 23rd, at 8:30 a.
, bricklayer Frederick Briggs is riding his bike when he encounters a startling sight, an enormous object in the sky above his employer's estate.
He said this thing was huge, it was hovering a short distance above the ground, some sort of column descended and a figure emerged, a humanoid figure wearing some sort of dark uniform and-and perhaps wearing a hat or a helmet.
And at one point he talks about a force knocking him off his bicycle and holding him down.
He talks about the UFO as having windows around the side of it, and seeing a strange light.
It's a quite extraordinary account.
This close encounter event was so remarkable to Fred Briggs that he thought it was necessary to tell the actual owner of this estate.
And that just so happened to be Lord Mountbatten, who was the uncle of Prince Philip, who was married to Queen Elizabeth.
At the time of the sighting, Lord Louis Mountbatten, former governor general of India, was the first sea lord of the British Royal Navy.
This is a UFO sighting at the home of one of the most senior figures in the British establishment.
We know so much about this because they recorded the whole thing.
They actually took a statement from the bricklayer, Lord Mountbatten wrote up a report, they all signed them all.
This, apparently, was a very credible account, according to Lord Mountbatten.
And he talked extensively to Prince Philip about this.
I mean, you have to assume this whole thing went through the entire royal household.
You have to assume Queen Elizabeth knew all about this.
Lord Mountbatten would have access as friends and colleagues to the people in the MOD who were keeping the secret information about UFOs and ETs.
And that is my guess, is the fuel that kept Prince Philip so interested because they were telling each other, "This is real, this is true.
" While the royal family was secretly investigating UFOs in the 1950s, so, too, was the British government.
In 1988, researchers unearthed a five-page report from 1951, buried in the National Archive, detailing the findings of a group called the Flying Saucer Working Party.
One of the British government's first forays into the whole UFO mystery was the Flying Saucer Working Party.
It examined a range of UFO sightings mainly reported by military witnesses.
The Flying Saucer Working Party met briefly for about 12 months.
It comprised of five scientists, and it was Originally met in October of 1950, and by June of 1951, had produced a report.
And the report basically said, "We're gonna debunk it, following America's lead.
" I've always interpreted this report as orders from above.
You know, someone said, "Look, we don't need the lower levels, uh, to start getting worked up over these UFO reports.
" The Flying Saucer Working Party was shut down following the 1951 report, but it inspired interest from prominent figures within the British government, and led to further investigations.
In 1952, Winston Churchill, back as prime minister in the U.
, said to the Air Ministry and to his chief scientific adviser, "What does all this stuff about flying saucers mean?" Just the year after Churchill wrote that memo, the Ministry of Defence actually set up the UFO program where I worked in later years.
The government's official position was, "There's nothing here to suggest a reality to the phenomenon.
" I think the reality behind closed doors was very different.
And there have always been those of us who felt this was an extremely serious defense and national security issue.
While the British government continues to be less than forthcoming regarding its UFO investigations, perhaps the world's best model of transparency has emerged just across the English Channel.
In France, collaborative efforts by space, military and government agencies have recently uncovered more than 400 encounters that remain entirely unexplained.
The National Centre for Space Studies establishes an organization to record eyewitness accounts of abnormal phenomena observed in the sky.
Known today as GEIPAN, which, translated, stands for The Group for Studies and Information on Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena, the unit has amassed more than 100,000 pages' worth of UAP reports.
And in 2007, the group did something unprecedented.
It shared all of its files with the public.
France is quite unorthodox when it comes to how governments are dealing with UFOs.
They released all their UFO data.
And they said, "Here's where we're at.
"As we get new information, we're just gonna release it to you, the public.
" They did something that no one had ever done before.
It was the first time it had ever happened.
France is one of these countries that, both culturally and also governmentally, have made a point to be in front of the UFO issue.
This is a rarity because of the national security implications, but it shows us an opportunity where the public can be informed alongside the government with the fundamental reality that UFOs are real, that the presence on planet Earth has been durational.
It has been here a long time.
And there is a mystery that we need to look at.
It is our right to know and our duty to find out.
GEIPAN posted information on their website on over 1,600 cases and concluded that 28% of them cannot be explained by conventional events.
And a number of these unexplained sightings were reported by multiple witnesses.
One of the most sensational encounters took place more than 45 years ago on a clear, cloudless night at a combat flight school to the southwest of Paris.
There was an incident on March 3, 1976, when French fighter pilots were engaged in a training mission.
Every five minutes, T-33 planes were taking off from the air base near Tours.
Flying solo at an altitude of 20,000 feet, each student pilot had to navigate a route of several hundred miles.
One of these pilots was flying with-with several other flights just behind him.
He suddenly saw this huge, green fireball coming straight at him.
And in fact, he thought that it was going to hit his plane, and he covered his eyes and braced for impact, and just then, this green fireball went off to one side and clipped the wing of his jet fighter.
He was amazed that he had actually survived this, and had no idea what happened, but two pilots behind him had seen the same thing.
Nothing was recorded on the radar on the ground, but the fact remains, is that highly trained military pilots saw this object.
They couldn't explain what they actually saw.
Commercial airline pilots were also involved in an extraordinary incident that occurred over the French capital.
This time the reported UFO encounter took place in broad daylight.
On January 28, 1994, Air France flight 3532 was flying from Nice, France to London, England.
They were just over Paris when, all of a sudden, the pilots reported seeing an orangish-reddish disc about 30 miles away that was changing its form.
It transforms into a bell, from a bell into a lens, from a lens back into a bell.
And they kept watching this transformation, which today, we know, this is one of the key signatures in the UFO phenomena.
Later, when they made their report, they found out that radar had also tracked this disc, and they had no explanation for it at all.
These are just two examples of the 400 incidents that could not be explained.
France's decision to share its data with the public is unprecedented.
Then again, their entire approach to UAPs stands in stark contrast to the way the rest of the world operates.
If you look at the history of government UFO programs, most nations that have had one embed those programs in either the air force or the department of defense.
The French have a different model.
Their UFO program is embedded in their national space agency.
And they're provided with data from the military.
And so, it's this trilateral commission, almost, of space, public, military and government working together to release to the public current information on UFOs.
What you get is a less secretive and threat-orientated approach, and a more open scientific inquiry.
If you embed a UFO program in the military, their first question is, "Is this a threat?" If you embed it in the scientific community, their question is, "What is the true nature of this phenomenon, and can we do any scientific experiments to validate this?" So, if you look at the way things are done in France, that might be a model for the future here in the U.
Ancient astronaut theorists hope that France's collaborative approach to UAP investigations becomes the norm around the world.
But even as more nations seem willing to share information about UAPs, China, the Western world's most secretive adversary, remains mostly silent.
Recent developments, however, suggest they know more than they are letting on.
Hangzhou, China, July 7, 2010.
Air traffic at Xiaoshan International Airport, one of the busiest in the entire nation, grinds to a halt when pilots spot a UFO hovering over the runway.
You have Chinese pilots coming into the airport there and they actually are reporting unusual-shaped object, unusual object maneuvering, uh, to the extent that i-it prompted the airport to essentially shut down for an hour.
I think there were 18 flights that were diverted away from the airport during that hour.
There was a lot of speculation as to what this thing was, and we don't really have an answer to this day.
Neither civilian nor military authorities were able to identify the object, and the Chinese government made no official comment on the situation.
But behind the scenes, the incident and its implications worried Chinese officials, and an investigation was launched.
That incident really shocked the Chinese.
And at that point they thought, "Okay, we've got to see what's going on here.
" For decades, investigators around the world suspected China had a deep interest in unidentified aerial phenomena.
But the Chinese government is historically secretive, and members of the UFO community have had difficulty obtaining information on their methods of UAP research.
It's very difficult to extract reliable information about what countries like China are doing in relation to UFOs.
About the only thing we know for sure is that there are government programs looking at this.
The Chinese government is notoriously closed and secretive on a range of issues, so it doesn't surprise me that it's the case on UFOs as well.
But in the 21st century, secrets have become harder and harder to keep.
The UFO sighting at Xiaoshan Airport was only one of over 3,000 reported in China over the past two decades.
And in the years that followed the sightings at Hangzhou, China has undergone a significant change in its approach to UAPs.
China's Early Warning Academy, a division of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, issues a government report acknowledging an increase in what they refer to as "unidentified air conditions.
" So, in China, what we call "unidentified aerial phenomena," they call "unidentified air conditions," and they've set up new task force to look at this.
China's getting a lot of UFO reports, and one interesting thing about what China does to collect UFO reports is that they work very closely with all of these independent Chinese UFO groups that are around the country.
Their public has UFO clubs that have a million or more members.
They have multiple clubs that are so much bigger than our little, tiny UFO groups MUFON and things like that Which are very valuable.
But compared to these Chinese groups, oh, my gosh.
It's-it's gigantic.
There's no problem in China for you to start up your own UFO group, but you are absolutely going to be in communication with Chinese authorities.
And they actively monitor every one of those groups.
In 2019, in the same report that revealed China's UAP program, Air Force Early Warning Academy researcher Chen Li also stated that the country would become the first in the world to use A.
, or artificial intelligence, to analyze all information related to UAPs.
It seems that they are looking for patterns in the data to see historically whether examination of past reports can throw up any patterns that human analysts might have missed.
And this is a very important aspect for the future, as the technology improves.
One of the things in the recent report to the U.
Congress was that the United States needs to start doing this.
We don't want a situation where the Chinese government gets ahead of the game, so there's a gap to be closed there.
I can easily see the benefit from having a very, very excellent program to analyze these patterns.
'Cause that's what you're looking for, is you're looking for anomalous patterns.
And so, the fact that China is announcing that they're doing it was quite significant.
The Chinese have really stepped up their own official UFO investigations, and it's the People's Liberation Army itself that's spearheading this.
Could events in China indicate that there is a global mandate to share information about unidentified aerial phenomena? While it may appear that governments around the world are becoming more transparent, shocking statements recently made by a pioneer of space exploration may indicate that much bigger secrets, with far greater implications, continue to be closely guarded.
Tel Aviv, Israel, December 2020.
General Haim Eshed, the former head of Israel's defense ministry's space directorate, sits for an interview with the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper.
What he reveals is highly unexpected.
General Eshed is quoted as saying, "The UFOs have asked not to disclose "that they are here.
The human race is not ready for them.
" He then proceeds to divulge even more shocking revelations.
Haim Eshed said that the Americans and the Israelis and-and other Western nations are a part of a federation with extraterrestrials.
And what he described was something similar to what's in Star Trek, a galactic federation of extraterrestrials, and they are wanting Earth to join this federation.
Eshed was the head of Israel's defense ministry space programs for 30 years.
And so, this is an extremely credible person with this information.
I can't imagine someone more credible in Israel than Haim Eshed to make those statements.
He was the head of, uh, space security, he was a general, he was a professor, an engineer.
He knows his stuff.
He knows what's ours and what isn't flying around out there.
Haim Eshed is one of the most fascinating humans on this planet.
He was personally responsible for the overseeing and the launch of 20 critical satellites in Israel.
He's saying it, "We are not alone," and then comes the other twist.
It isn't humans that are holding it back.
It's the extraterrestrial biological entities who said humans are not ready for the introduction yet.
It is obvious now that we have to harness the advanced technologies, to join forces and create this world, a better world.
When someone like that comes out with a story like this, everyone should sit up and take notice.
And yet, for a lot of people, they're not either aware of this or just write this off because it just sounds too crazy.
And yet it comes from someone who has operated at the heart of the establishment.
Despite General Eshed's high status as the father of the Israeli space program, government officials around the world remained largely silent about his sensational claims.
But did they refrain from commenting because they found his claims to be outlandish or because they were protecting the same secret? It cannot be dismissed offhand because there were others.
One of them is Canada's defense minister Paul Hellyer, who has said that there is extraterrestrial contact going on between Earth and extraterrestrial factions.
On December 30, 2013, in an international television news broadcast, former Canadian Minister of National Defense Paul Hellyer made the astonishing statement that he has knowledge of extraterrestrials visiting Earth.
Why do you say that UFOs are as real as the airplanes flying over our heads? Well, because I know that they are.
And they've been visiting this planet for thousands of years.
And there is what is called a federation of these people, and they have rules.
When I first went public and I said that UFOs are as real as the airplanes going overhead, I got the dubious distinction of being the first person of cabinet rank to, uh, to say it categorically.
The elected people have been kept in the dark.
I would say both the president and the Congress.
There have been presidents who've wanted to know what was going on, so, yes, the situation, I think, is not well understood.
And this has been going on for decades.
So that is a, is a matter of concern, and I think, uh, should continue to be a matter of concern, uh, especially for Americans but also for the people of the world.
So here we have two senior military personnel, one from Israel, one from Canada, who are basically saying yes, extraterrestrials are here, UFO activity is real, and certain governments of planet Earth are in contact with these extraterrestrials.
What's going on? Are these people almost, like, trying to disclose themselves? Or are they part of a wider strategy involving many different nations all around the world working to try and find a way to get this out? It's a difficult one, because you can't ignore the backstory.
If it was just a question of saying "UFOs are extraterrestrial, it's all true," then fair enough, but the backstory is that "We've been lying to you about this for nearly 80 years.
" So, you got to find a way to get it out there in a way that exonerates governments all around the world from complicity in this decades-long cover-up and conspiracy.
How to do that? Well, maybe use these people who have retired but are still obviously connected and they're players.
At that level, you don't ever really leave.
Is it possible that the extraordinary claims of former high-ranking government officials like Haim Eshed and Paul Hellyer are true? Are there world leaders who are not only aware of extraterrestrials but in contact with them? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining a recent agreement that details how NATO nations will protect each other's interests beyond Earth.
Brussels, June 2021.
President of the United States Joe Biden attends the 31st NATO summit along with 30 other world leaders and dignitaries.
Among the items on the agenda is an agreement between members to expand the collective defense clause, also known as Article 5.
In addition to land, sea, air and cyberspace, NATO nations will now protect one another's safety and national interests in space.
What's particularly significant about this is it was the first NATO summit that President Biden attended.
So here we have a-an incoming president who makes this a key part of his initial business.
There's no getting away from the fact that space will be a key battlefield in any future conflict.
The only question arises, conflict with who or what? Some people say the real forces that they're concerned about are extraterrestrial.
NATO leaders claim the expansion of Article 5 was made to address their concerns about increasingly aggressive behavior in space by China and Russia.
But could this actually be the first collective agreement between nations preparing for the possibility of a threat from an alien civilization? And is it one more step towards greater government transparency? We are at 2021 headed toward 2050, when Elon Musk says he will have a million humans on Mars.
Are we now, in the next decade, going to be introduced to revelation after revelation, country by country, treaty by treaty, until the entire planet has finally stepped up to the plate on all political and military secrets? Could it happen that way? After nearly 80 years of denying and debunking and downplaying, now is the time for governments to step forward and own this.
Time and time again we see this concept that cooperation is key.
It's only when nations collaborate that we will be able to fully understand and respond to the UFO phenomenon.
Secretary General, honored guests and distinguished delegates In one of his speeches in 1987, President Reagan made the suggestion that if Earth would receive a threat from outer space, that this would unify world cultures from around the planet.
Can we and all nations not live in peace? I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat, from outside this world.
I don't look at the extraterrestrial question as a threat, but rather an extension of who we are or how we even got here long ago.
What if you have all the nations around the world pull together their resources and research the extraterrestrial question? And guess what.
There is an incredible chest A war chest Of indications from the past all the way to the present that what we see today is not new.
Are world leaders beginning to seriously consider the possibility that unidentified aerial phenomena are, in fact, of extraterrestrial origin? And could the profound implications of an alien presence on Earth lead to greater collaboration between nations, uniting to prepare for an incredible new reality? Perhaps the visitors in our skies have been watching us all along, and only when the world comes together will it finally be revealed that we are not alone.

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