Ancient Aliens s18e07 Episode Script

Alien Air Force

A detailed description of a highly advanced aircraft appears in a 3,000-year-old text.
There are tales of flying craft that could fly at extraordinary speeds that defy the laws of physics.
Ancient stories depict a vehicle that travels both in the sky and underwater.
In Sumeria and in Babylon, they talked about Oannes who emerged from the sea in a winged disc.
And the oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs reference strange objects descending to Earth.
We have depictions in ancient times of flying craft that seem to be in the form of pyramids.
Now, military personnel are capturing footage of nearly identical objects in the sky.
Are we encountering the same extraterrestrials that have occupied Earth for thousands of years? There is a doorway in the universe.
Beyond it is the promise of truth.
It demands we question everything we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
July 2019.
San Clemente Island, California.
68 nautical miles west of San Diego.
Nine U.
warships belonging to an elite Navy unit called Carrier Strike Group 9 are performing nighttime training exercises in restricted waters.
The Navy was undertaking an exercise with Strike Force 9.
This is an integrated crew centered on an aircraft carrier, but with multiple other U.
Navy vessels, and jets really testing how the U.
military would respond in a war-fighting situation, so everything has to be seamless.
And then, into the middle of all of this, suddenly and unexpectedly, the exercise is interrupted by an unknown presence.
The ships are swarmed by what the Navy refers to as UAVs, or Unidentified Aerial Vehicles.
The UAVs fly for prolonged periods of time in low-visibility conditions, performing brazen maneuvers over the warships near a sensitive military training range.
Make no mistake about it, something is penetrating the sophisticated air defense network.
That swarm series of UFOs around Navy ships is one of the most important bodies of evidence ever documented and put out to the public because it involved so many ships.
There were a strategic coordination of these unidentifieds.
The Photographic Interpretation and Examination team aboard the USS Russell captured a compelling 18-second night vision video of multiple UAVs hovering just 700 feet above the ship.
The USS Russell was swarmed by UFOs like other ships, but this was different.
These were flying pyramids without any control surfaces, wings, rudders, tails, plumes, or exhaust.
How did these things move? How were they able to get past one of our nation's greatest defense systems? This was something that we couldn't even defend against.
In December 2017, just 18 months prior to this incident, The New York Times exposed the U.
government's secret program to investigate unidentified aerial phenomena.
Since that bombshell revelation, numerous photographs and videos have surfaced of Navy encounters with different types of UAPs.
And as far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, the video captured from the USS Russell may be the most extraordinary of all.
Not because there were so many objects seen in the sky, but because of the UAP's very unique shape.
The fact that there are pyramid-shaped objects that have been filmed by the Navy is beyond interesting to me because we have similar depictions in ancient times of flying craft that seem to be in the form of pyramids.
Clearly, what we see in this footage of today is pyramid-shaped, three-dimensionally.
It's not flat.
It's a three-dimensional pyramid floating in the sky.
Providing that the footage is real, providing it is extraterrestrial, then one could argue that the same visitors that we've had back then are showing themselves again.
On display in the Egyptian Museum and Royal Mummies' Hall is an artifact from the pyramid of Amenemhat III, called a Benben stone.
In ancient Egypt, similar pyramid-shaped capstones were placed on the top of giant standing stones called obelisks.
The first of these Benben stones predate the earliest pyramids.
The obelisk pointed up toward the heavens, so it is an object of worship, and that capstone, that Benben stone, was the meeting place.
That was the portal to other worlds where human energy lifted up and made contact with the gods.
The shape of the Benben stone is like a classic pyramid shape.
And, uh, you know, apparently, the design of pyramids was based on the Benben stone itself, and these are like giant versions of it.
The Benben stone was not just, uh, symbolizing a connection to the heavens, it was actually memorializing an extraterrestrial visitation.
In ancient Egypt, it's chock-full of references of celestial beings descending from the sky and imparting knowledge to our ancestors.
One of the origin stories says that a Benben stone descended from the sky, out of which the first creator gods emerged and started Egyptian civilization.
It was a flying craft.
Could the pyramidal capstones found atop Egypt's obelisks, and even the pyramids themselves, have been inspired by an extraterrestrial visitation? And if so, is it possible that similar alien craft were captured on video above the USS Russell? What we're seeing from the USS Russell, these kind of objects flying around in the sky were an identical shape and there was multiple ones witnessed and filmed.
And so, is there a connection? Is this what was witnessed from the USS Russell? It's a fascinating idea that, perhaps, extraterrestrials first arrived in Egypt in these small, pyramid-shaped craft, like we're seeing in this video.
And, in fact, many of the UAPs that have been reported in modern times and that we see in the recent Navy videos are very reminiscent of ancient accounts of strange objects in the sky, accounts that you can find in many ancient cultures around the world.
Did people living thousands of years ago encounter the very same objects in the sky that appear in recent videos and photographs taken by the U.
Navy? And if so, could this indicate that humans have been sharing planet Earth with another race of intelligent beings since our earliest history? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes, and suggest further evidence can be found in India, within the pages of one of the world's oldest texts.
The coast of Florida.
January 2015.
The crew of a Navy F-18 fighter jet fly into restricted air space and encounter an airborne object directly in their flight path.
They aim their forward-looking infrared camera at the object and capture it in flight.
F-18s were chasing this thing, and they couldn't catch it.
The UAP is doing things that modern aerodynamic vehicles can't do.
According to the aviator's official report, the craft descended from altitudes of 60,000 feet to 50 feet in a matter of seconds, hovering for short periods of time and departing at high velocities.
One of the impressive aspects of it, is that it's moving against the wind, and you can hear the pilot say this.
It doesn't lose speed, and it rotates mechanically against the wind.
This gimbal footage is one of the rare pieces of physical evidence that is corroborated directly by individuals who are out there on the East Coast documenting these things.
It is highly impressive.
Now, modern-day aircraft can yaw and pitch, and they can roll, but they can't simply pitch straight up and continue to move forward into the line of flight.
This thing does that.
It's moving extremely fast, and it's accelerating much faster than the F-18s can.
So that, in itself, is a feat that mankind has yet to accomplish.
We tried to vet this for a long time.
What's uncomfortable is that we haven't figured it out.
That we don't know whose technology this is.
If you can't identify someone that's far more advanced than you technologically, Houston, we have a problem.
Navy video of the incredible encounter was made public in December 2017, and the object was dubbed "GIMBAL" due to its ability to rotate on an axis.
But for ancient astronaut theorists, just as intriguing as the way it moves is the object's shape.
The craft itself is an acorn-shaped craft.
Immediately, that's reminiscent of the what the ancient Indian text described as the vimana, which were acorn-shaped craft.
In the Mahabharata, and at many of the ancient Vedic texts, they speak about the so-called vimanas.
The vimanas were flying vehicles with which to reach the celestial realm.
In the ancient Sanskrit epics of India there are highly detailed descriptions of the vimana, which carried the gods and other important figures through the sky and sometimes to other planets.
The acorn-shaped craft were even incorporated at the very top of many Hindu temples, and some researchers believe they also inspired similar Buddhist structures called stupa.
If we go to Indonesia and look at Borobudur, where we have 194 stupas sitting in concentric circles, each stupa, in my opinion, represents a type of flying craft.
Because "stupa" actually means "celestial chariot," or a way with which to reach the celestial realm.
And they are in the shape of the so-called vimanas.
Often, the vimana were described as war machines, armed with incredible weapons.
There are tales of flying craft that could defy gravity and fly at extraordinary speeds that defy the laws of physics.
These were military in usage, had powerful engines and powerful weapons.
In these battles, missiles would fire that could wipe out cities.
These were the earliest stories we have of flying military craft.
In the Indian text, the vimanas are the chariots or craft of the gods.
They were clearly a method of transportation that could take the gods from place to place, country to country, or even to other planets.
They're sometimes described as bright clouds.
Some of them are seven stories tall.
In 1895, Sanskrit scholar Shivkar Talpade decided to fashion an aircraft based solely on information gleaned from the ancient Indian writings about the vimana.
While the story is hotly disputed, he allegedly tested the craft in front of an audience of thousands of people on a beach in Bombay.
The legend has it that he flew for, like, 30 seconds at 1,500 feet.
The Wright brothers only went 120 feet for 12 seconds.
But even more exciting is that this is technology based on a scripture written thousands of years before mankind ever had the idea of heavier-than-air flight.
How is this possible? According to the Hindu text, the crafts were mind-controlled, able to change direction and pitch and travel at high speeds, defying our current knowledge of aeronautical physics.
What's really cool is that these modern-day UFO videos show that these vehicles are capable of ridiculous maneuvers.
That they can accelerate at the drop of a dime, or they can just stop or change direction immediately at g-forces that we could not survive.
In the Vaimanika Shastra, which describes what these vimanas were capable of doing, the exact same descriptions exist.
The fact that we have similar stories in ancient times illustrates to me something similar has happened.
Could it be that the ancient Sanskrit texts are describing extraterrestrial vehicles even more advanced than the U.
military's most sophisticated fighter jets? And if so, are we seeing the same alien technology on display in the recent videos released by the United States Navy? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and suggest that this technology may also be depicted on the wall of an Egyptian temple that dates back thousands of years.
Dendera, Egypt.
Roughly one and a half miles southeast of this ancient city lies the Temple of Hathor, one of the most impressive and well-preserved archeological sites in all of Egypt.
Among the vast hieroglyphs that cover the columns of the temple are numerous depictions of pharaohs standing on mysterious ships and purportedly traveling through the stars.
At the Temple of Hathor, we see a remarkable depiction of a resurrected pharaoh standing on what the ancient Egyptians called the Ship of Eternity.
This is a-a craft that was created by Ptah, the ancient Egyptian god of technology, who the Egyptians connected with the star Sirius.
In ancient Egypt, we learn of pharaohs, gods who travelled the stars riding these craft.
According to William Henry, who has spent decades studying the ancient Egyptian iconography, an important detail found in some of the depictions at Dendera and elsewhere is that the pharaoh is shown within a circle or bubble.
In another remarkable example, we see a Pharaoh sitting on a throne with Isis and Nephthys on either side of him, and he's sitting in a blue bubble or magic bubble.
The so-called "magic bubble" imagery is found in artwork throughout the ancient world.
And some researchers speculate that the repeated connection between the bubble shape and ascension may indicate that it represents a common experience describing space travel.
Throughout the ancient world, we find other very compelling examples of beings surrounded by a bubble.
For example, in Tibet we find Padmasambhava who sits on a lotus throne surrounded by rainbow-colored light with a thin line symbolizing some form of a bubble.
When you see the earliest examples of Jesus ascending into the heavens, he's sitting on a throne surrounded by concentric rings that form a bubble around his body.
These are supposed to represent what the Book of Acts says he ascended in and will return riding upon.
There are countless paintings of saints and other celestial beings that happen to be shown in some type of an energetic bubble.
What if people saw something that surpassed their technological intellect, and thus drew it in that way? Mainstream historians interpret the bubble shape found in religious art as simply symbols of divinity.
But could the repetition of this iconic imagery across traditions suggest it was something our ancestors witnessed? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and believe further evidence may be found by taking a closer look at the recently released GIMBAL video captured by Navy jets in 2015.
When aerospace engineer Dr.
Travis Taylor examined the GIMBAL video, he noticed a very curious anomaly: a halo of light surrounding the craft.
After further analysis of the video, what we can see is there is a bubble region that sort of surrounds this craft.
This is something that you don't see when you look through the same instrument at, say, an F-18 or an F-22 or an F-35.
Black is hot on their forward-looking infrared camera.
And if black is hot, then white is cooler, so this is a colder region around the vehicle.
So, maybe this is a warp bubble or some sort of propellant-less propulsion field that someone has discovered.
The concept of a warp bubble was introduced in 1994 by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre, as part of a hypothetical model for traveling faster than the speed of light.
I once asked Miguel Alcubierre how he came up with the idea of the Alcubierre drive.
He told me that he was watching Star Trek.
And in Star Trek, they, well, compress the space in front of them and expand the space behind them and would rocket faster than the speed of light.
And then he said, "Well, wait a minute.
I think I can duplicate that.
" In Alcubierre's theoretical model, the warp drive vehicle is surrounded by an energy bubble within space-time.
You need energy to create a bubble, what's called a warp bubble, surrounding your starship.
Then you need what is called negative energy to drive it faster than the speed of light, while inside, you feel almost nothing.
When we look at the idea of a warp bubble that could surround a spacecraft, in the video, engineers are seeing exactly that principle in action.
As far as ancient astronaut theorists are concerned, warp bubble technology could be on display not only in the GIMBAL video, but also in artwork created centuries ago, like the pharaoh's blue bubble, the Tibetan lotus throne, the ascension of Christ, and countless other sacred images that seemingly show identical phenomena.
So, you have to wonder, what is it that the artist tried to depict here? It's just like Arthur C.
Clarke said, "Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
" These are powerful examples that are suggesting ascended beings who traveled the stars in magic bubbles that precisely matches the Alcubierre warp bubble concept.
Could these ancient drawings be showing us the same thing that we're seeing today in these modern-day infrared cameras? Is it possible that depictions of figures encompassed by bubbles found throughout history and all around the world represent an alien technology? Perhaps further clues can be found by examining another extraordinary Navy video and its direct connection to the ancient world.
Veteran journalist George Knapp and documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell publish astonishing video they acquired from the USS Omaha that shows a mysterious spherical object flying at speeds approaching 160 miles per hour before disappearing into the ocean.
The USS Omaha is one of the central pieces of evidence that I've put forward to the American and global public.
There were objects that were swarming this Navy warship, and one in particular appears to transcend between the space of air and into sea.
They call that a trans-medium vehicle, a vehicle that can operate equally as well from in the air and under the water.
Now, this was suspected, but when they went to go look for this craft under the water, or for wreckage, none was found.
Tennessee representative Tim Burchett, an outspoken proponent for disclosure of UFO sightings, was one of the first members of Congress to review the footage.
To me, i-it's pretty astounding when they showed that craft actually going in and it popping up.
It looked like it didn't even slow down.
There wasn't any friction at all when it hit the water, so, to me, that's something that we can't even begin to understand, I don't think.
I've read the mathematical equations of friction and things like that, and it just defies all of that.
How could a vehicle fly into the water at 100 miles per hour? Well, that suggests either the surface of this vehicle is frictionless, and it wouldn't have any interaction with any material it was flying through, or it's not frictionless, it's actually a warp bubble where the spacecraft or craft is inside it.
The stresses and strains by flying through the atmosphere in outer space and then plunging into the oceans would be enough to rupture any of our known aircraft.
These reports of USOs, unidentified submerged or submersible objects, are much more common than people might suppose.
In 1991, Jing Yu Xian, a fisherman was at Fuxian Lake when he encountered this strange craft in the waters of the lake.
He described it as a shining disc.
This UFO was so close and so powerful that it actually tossed the boat around.
And then rapidly this craft just disappeared up into the sky.
Over the years, there have been many, many cases of UFOs seen over the water, disappearing under the water, and in some cases, emerging from under the water.
On December 29, 2020, a very curious thing happened off of the coast of Hawaii.
People could see a huge cigar-shaped craft hovering off the coast and took photos of it, and, eventually, this craft then plunged into the ocean.
And the Navy went out there to also look for possible wreckage of some craft crashing into the ocean and found nothing.
One theory about this trans-medium travel and these USOs is that what we're seeing is evidence of underwater bases.
Now, this makes a good deal of sense.
I mean, the distance involved for interstellar travel means that it's much easier to have a base on the location that you're interested in than to constantly travel there and back.
But what if that presence goes back millennia? They're operating here, but under the oceans, right under our noses.
When we see the spherical object in the video taken by the USS Omaha hovering for a time and then descending into the water, this opens up some really interesting concepts in relation to the ancient world.
For example, in Sumeria and in Babylon, they talked about a god being named Oannes who lived in the sea, who emerged from the sea wearing a fish cloak.
He was, uh, an initiator of humanity, who taught writing and science and-and other concepts.
What's amazing about this is that Oannes also founded a priesthood of beings called Apkallu priests, who also wore fish cloaks.
And in Sumerian cylinder seals, we see these Apkallu priests on either side of a luminous or radiant tree of life with a winged disc hovering above.
The inference is-is that this craft came from the sea because these are priests of a sea being.
And so, here's an example of an ancient being emerging from the sea and connected with a craft.
Oannes belonged to a group of powerful beings known in ancient Mesopotamia as the Anunnaki.
The term Anunnaki means "those who from the heavens came," and refers to beings descending from the sky, imparting knowledge.
That is the most important thing that we can read and learn about the Anunnaki, that they were our teachers.
So, I think it's very possible that what the ancient people tried to record was an extraterrestrial visitation.
For ancient astronaut theorists, perhaps the most compelling evidence of an alien presence that traverses Earth's oceans can be found in an account from 1492, recorded by Christopher Columbus.
It's a famous story about Christopher Columbus, and he wrote this in his journals, that as he was moving west across the Atlantic towards the Caribbean in his first voyage, he saw a light out in the ocean to the west hovering over the water, and this light then descended into the water, but Columbus felt that this light was guiding him towards his destination.
So, if this glowing object that Columbus saw did, you know, go into the water, he's perhaps one of the first witnesses to describe a trans-medium craft like this, which could hover, uh, above the water and then disappear into it like a submarine.
Could the account of Christopher Columbus and the ancient Babylonian stories of Oannes have a profound connection to the object recorded from the USS Omaha? Do they provide further evidence that the same crafts witnessed in the distant past are still visiting Earth in the present? Ancient astronaut theorists say yes and believe the ultimate proof of this can be found in the Hebrew Bible.
Just outside the Capitol Building, Congressman Tim Burchett of Tennessee speaks with a reporter about the much-anticipated government UAP report, due to be released in less than two weeks.
To the surprise of many, he suggests that UFOs have been around for all of human history, and can even be found in the Bible's Book of Ezekiel.
I was intrigued when I heard that Congressional representative Tim Burchett had talked about these UFOs and said, "Well, this is straight out of the Bible.
This is the Book of Ezekiel.
" And I thought, "My goodness, he's an ancient astronaut theorist.
" We have seen a lot of unsolicited comments by congressmen, politicians, uh, even heads of the CIA have come forward and given opinions about UFOs.
This has been such a shocking and revelatory few years about UFOs that you're now seeing people go back to the Bible and trying to understand if those events are similar to the events that we're having today.
Congressman Burchett's bold assertion that UFOs can be found in the Bible was a conclusion he came to after careful study of the Book of Ezekiel.
According to this text, the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel describes a fiery chariot coming down from the sky drawn by four living creatures.
Each creature is flanked by a metallic object, a wheel within a wheel, that Ezekiel observes as it descends in a whirlwind making tremendous noise.
It's pretty clear what's going on in the Bible, what he's describing, to me.
I've read it many times.
You got to realize, Ezekiel was in sixth century BC, but he basically describes what I would say was what people describe as a UFO.
I mean, it's a wheel within a wheel, there's fire, there's landing gear.
To me, it sounds like there's a craft landing, and there are smaller craft around it that are providing protection for it.
And, you know, it's what we see when you see the president land in a helicopter.
There's not just one helicopter, there's multiple helicopters.
So, to me, it sounds like Ezekiel saw something that he could not accurately describe, and he used things around him that he would see in a day-to-day basis to describe what he saw.
The closest thing he has is a wheel because that was the, uh, pinnacle of technology at that time, was a wheel.
To Congressman Burchett and many others, the Navy videos indicate that crafts like those seen by Ezekiel are still with us in the present.
I think it's the same type of thing that's being depicted, in olden times that's being depicted today in some of those Navy tapes.
There's just too much similarity for it not to be.
If you heard those Navy pilots, they're the sharpest we've got.
You can tell they're excited, and they're trying to explain what they're seeing, much like Ezekiel would try to define what he was seeing.
And so, I think that, um, that it-it proves that we're definitely not alone.
To many UFO researchers, the only difference between ancient sightings like Ezekiel's and modern 21st-century encounters is that, today, people have the technology to record them.
We have seen throughout history that individuals will testify to seeing in the sky, you know, shields on fire, or things that just are not aerodynamic.
Now, because of the-the nature of our technology and our corroborative evidence, we have more information to say, "Yes, this happened exactly like this witness said it happened.
" We just didn't have that 150 years ago.
We just didn't have that capability.
The difference now is that we are able to artificially capture these craft and these objects to a precise measuring of the rotation and the speeds.
That is just something we did not have before.
We did not have it before, but we have it now, so it's I mean, kind of an exciting time to be alive.
Countless times our ancestors referred to these things up in the sky as flying shields or flying furnaces.
Today, we actually refer to that as flying craft, flying machines, unidentified aerial phenomena.
Back then, people didn't have those words.
And so, in my opinion, there is a clear connection between the sightings that we have today and the sightings that we have in the past because if we would not have the vocabulary, what we see in those Navy videos can be described as a flying shield.
These kinds of images have been with us throughout our entire history, and they're all telling the same thing, that the ancient astronauts never left.
The same visitors that we've had back then are showing themselves again, and this time publicly.
It's incredible.
As the photographic and video evidence of UFOs continues to grow, so, too, does the number of people who believe that governments around the world know more than they are disclosing.
The idea that there's an alien presence, and the idea that the U.
government, amongst others, knows about all this is coming out of the fringe and into the mainstream.
Now, you hear of people in Congress talk about it.
We do not need to fear these-these airborne unidentified objects.
They would've shown themselves to be dangerous a long time ago by now if they were a threat.
I wished our intelligence community would release everything they have on that.
The higher-ups put out a lot that some of these recent tapes were just sort of a joke, was an anomaly, but we sure have had a heck of a lot of anomalies.
I think there's a lot more going on to this.
I've talked to military and people that, when something like this happens, they are generally told not to bring it up.
They can have psych evaluations, they can have things put in their records, and they're encouraged not to bring these kind of things up.
If the United States government and other governments around the world were to reveal all the evidence they have concerning UFOs, would it show irrefutable proof that there is an alien air force on Earth? Ancient astronaut theorists suspect the truth is even more incredible, and that hidden away in top-secret facilities around the globe are recovered extraterrestrial craft.
NASA's Advanced Propulsion Physics Lab, known as the "Eagleworks Project," announces that, based on their latest experiments, they now believe it is possible to create an actual warp drive and a spacecraft that can travel faster than the speed of light.
The team at NASA's Eagleworks has been trying to reproduce a warp field, and the results have been right at the edge of experimental error right now.
So, they're not ready to go build the Starship Enterprise, but it's possible that they can do an experiment that says we could build the Starship Enterprise if we put enough work into it.
While some believe that such a revolutionary technology is purely the result of human ingenuity, others maintain that such advances are possible because secret government agencies possess, and are able to study, crashed alien vehicles.
It is a theory that goes back to the famous Roswell crash of 1947.
Roswell happened in '47.
Roswell, New Mexico.
They put out, you know, UFO crash, and it was on the headlines of the papers.
Then, the next day, they came back and said, "No, in fact, it was a weather balloon.
" And it just contradicted everything everybody had said.
Many have alleged that the U.
government secretly retrieved an alien spacecraft from Roswell.
In 1989, a scientist named Bob Lazar even came forward to say that he worked for the U.
government reverse engineering crashed extraterrestrial vehicles, divulging incredible details about the secret project in the years that followed.
The government is holding, uh, nine alien spacecraft, um, that are propelled by, um, a modified gravity generator.
Uh It's being the work is being conducted 15 miles south of Groom Lake.
The only reason you know about UFOs and Area 51 and that connection is because of Bob Lazar.
He was faced with a lot of adversity through this.
But, in my eyes, he's telling you the truth, and it's backed up time and time again.
For decades, the U.
government denied Lazar's claims, as well as the existence of the facility where he said the alien craft were being held, Area 51.
But in 2013, a Freedom of Information Act request finally forced officials to admit that Area 51 is real.
For the government to say the things they say and to hold back on these reports, it goes back to Roswell or any of those other spots.
It's just, um, nobody trusts the government.
They don't trust government, and they really, frankly, they shouldn't.
We-we don't keep our word on anything.
The United States isn't the only country accused of covering up attempts to study alien craft.
Many believe the Russians have a similar UFO program at a site called Kapustin Yar, often nicknamed the Russian Area 51.
Kapustin Yar was one of the former Soviet Union's most secretive air bases.
The rumor is, is they were reverse engineering UFO technology that could be as much as 1,000 years in advance of what we have today.
Recovered alien vehicles are also rumored to be held at the Pine Gap military base in Australia, at a mysterious desert airfield in the Xinjiang region of China, and at Rudloe Manor in England.
With these craft coming from other planets and other solar systems, this is clearly a very advanced technology, and we are now trying to catch up to these extraterrestrials and have the same kind of technology that they already have.
It's clear that there's something we don't understand, and we're not sure where it comes from, and I just wish they'd just say that.
They think that the American public can't handle it, and they can, in fact, handle it, I think, very well.
Is it possible that the sensational footage recently released by the U.
Navy features the same type of aerial vehicles that were documented by our ancestors? Do we now have overwhelming evidence that alien craft not only exist, but have been present on planet Earth for thousands of years? Perhaps, when we discover just who is behind the UFO phenomenon, we will uncover an even more profound truth, that extraterrestrials have been living among us all along.

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