Ancient Aliens s18e12 Episode Script

Extraordinary Encounters

An incredible eyewitness account
of unidentified flying objects.
It wasn't just, uh, one light,
it was a series of lights.
A sensational report
of an alien crash.
They had the debris out here
in the hangar area.
Ancient depictions
of extraterrestrial visitation.
I'm arguing that what
we are looking at here is
someone visiting from the sky.
For more than a decade,
Ancient Aliens has followed
investigators across the globe
as they've gone directly
to the sites where unusual,
unexpected and unexplained
incidents have been reported.
Now we take a look back
at the most
extraordinary encounters.
Encounters that, according
to ancient astronaut theorists,
reveal overwhelming evidence
of an extraterrestrial
presence on Earth.
On Ancient Aliens,
we've traveled around the world
investigating extraordinary
encounters with UFOs,
strange beings and other
unexplainable phenomena.
But make no mistake,
alien encounters
are not simply
a modern-day occurrence.
They've been happening
for thousands of years.
And when I visited
the Mediterranean island
of Sardinia, I found some
of the most compelling evidence
that I've ever seen.
Ancient astronaut
theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos
is meeting Oak Island
treasure hunter Marty Lagina
to explore the island's
mysterious legends
of otherworldly visitors.
- Hey.
- How crazy is this place?
- Isn't this something?
- So great to meet you here
- in Sardinia.
- Great to meet
To begin their investigation,
Giorgio and Marty travel
to the National Archaeological
Museum in Cagliari,
where some of Sardinia's
oldest and strangest artifacts
are on display.
It's just all weird.
He's got a helmet on,
those weird eyes.
Featured in
the museum's collection
are a number
of enormous stone statues
known as the Giants
of Mont'e Prama.
They were first
discovered in 1974
when a local farmer stumbled
upon a large carved stone
protruding from the ground.
Archaeologists quickly
took over the site,
recovering more than
5,000 broken remnants.
Mainstream historians suggest
the statues were carved
by the Nuragic people,
a civilization
that is believed
to have inhabited the island
for 2,000 years,
emerging in 1800 BC
and mysteriously disappearing
around 200 AD.
But what also makes
the statues so mysterious
is the strange way
in which the faces are carved.
Not so much resembling humans,
but what some might describe
as robots.
The giant statues found
at Mont'e Prama
were approximately seven
and a half to eight feet tall.
You have warriors
and boxers and archers.
The statues themselves
are just noted for their size,
and it's thought that they
represent the Nuragic people,
that this is actually what we
might have that looks like them.
If he's a model of that,
why doesn't he have disc eyes?
Because he doesn't have disc
eyes, and he certainly could.
What I find intriguing is
that the Giants of Mont'e Prama,
although they were
discovered in the 1970s,
were not put on display until
sometime near the year 2000.
And I believe that these
statues simply do not conform
to the conventional
archaeological narrative
on the island,
and instead point to the reality
that there was something
very unusual
happening on this island.
This is very human,
except it has weird eyes
- And disproportioned, uh
- And disproportions.
When you look
at these stone figurines,
they are extremely peculiar,
and they give the impression
of actually being giants.
The strange thing
about the statues
is that they have these
very strange circular eyes
that almost give them
an otherworldly feel.
After their visit to the museum,
Giorgio and Marty
meet at a nearby restaurant
with archaeological tour guide
Maria Paola Loi
- Paola?
- who has offered to share with them
some of Sardinians'
local legends.
How are you? Ciao.
Pleased to meet you.
- Welcome to Sardinia.
- Piacere. Grazie.
- Fantastic. Okay.
- So Yeah.
- Did you go to the museum? Oh.
- We did.
Yeah, tell me what you think
about the finds
that are displayed there.
I mean, up until
about six months ago,
- I had no idea about these statues here.
- No idea, huh?
So now, when I saw
these statues of the Giganti
for the first time,
not only did the eyes
remind me of, uh, C-3PO
- from Star Wars, but also
- They did, right.
there are these giant-eyed
statues in Tell Asmar,
from the ancient Sumerian
and Babylonian times.
the archeologists,
and also scholars,
uh, who mentioned
the Nuragic civilization
said that these people probably
arrived from Mesopotamia.
- So the Anunnakis?
- Right.
The Anunnaki?
The race of winged giants
as described
in ancient Sumerian texts,
and frequently depicted
on the temples and icons
of ancient Babylon?
There are a lot of connections
between the Sardinian language,
uh, and the different languages
of Mesopotamia.
Suggesting that-that Sumerians
did actually come to Sardinia.
They would've brought with them
the traditions
to do with the Anunnaki,
the gods of heaven and Earth,
uh, which many people believe
were celestial beings.
Might the mysterious giants of
Mont'e Prama have been inspired
by encounters
with extraterrestrial visitors?
Ancient astronaut theorists
not only say yes,
but they believe that dozens
of carved stones
found scattered across Sardinia
known as menhirs
tell the story of how these
beings arrived on planet Earth.
During their trip, Giorgio
and Marty arranged to meet
with archeological guide
Ivana Malu
- at the Menhir Museum in Laconi
- Wow.
to get an up close look
at some of these strange
standing stones.
Look at the very strange circle
with the spear.
What do you think, Marty?
What is that?
I'm not sure what that is
and I'm not sure
what this is, either.
Now, you tell me, please,
what should I be seeing?
It's a guy going down.
- To go into another dimension.
- Mm.
Do not ask me where,
or which other world.
But he's going on a trip,
on a journey,
going from point A to point B.
Whatever it really symbolizes,
it was very important.
This took an enormous
amount of work,
just this I mean,
it's very heavy,
it-it's done in relief, which
is the hard way to do a carving.
I-I think it's, uh
What do you think
that represents?
We have people with two wings
on each side.
You know, it's almost like
an early version
of some type of an angel.
I'm arguing that what we
are looking at here
is someone visiting
from the sky.
You know what I find
beyond fascinating
is this shape down here,
which mainstream
archaeology suggests
is some type of a weapon,
some type of a dagger.
Which makes perfect sense.
But in conjunction
with this symbol right here,
and that, one could argue
that this is a representation
of some type
of misunderstood technology
that illustrates
some type of a flying craft.
Is it possible that the imagery
carved onto the menhirs
of Sardinia,
as well as the stone
giants of Mont'e Prama,
tell a story of extraterrestrial
visitation in the distant past,
as ancient astronaut theorists
And if so, could these
mysterious figures
be the same beings
that some people believe
are visiting mankind today?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining a modern-day report
of a crashed UFO.
When it comes to extraordinary
When this light appeared,
did it seem to you
we are living in the most
exciting time,
because governments all around
the world are finally admitting
that there are
unidentified aerial phenomena
that simply have
no conventional explanation.
But this hasn't
always been the case.
And when I visited the site
of a UAP report in Wales,
I was completely blown away
by what the government
tried to cover up.
Late in the evening,
this quiet rural village
in the Berwyn Mountains
is rocked
by an enormous explosion.
14-year-old Huw Lloyd is
in his home watching television
when he feels the impact,
and then receives call
after call from his neighbors,
most claiming to have seen
an incredibly bright light
falling from the sky and then
glowing on the mountainside.
Today, Huw Lloyd still works
on his father's ranch
in Llandrillo.
- Are you Huw?
- Yep.
Ancient astronaut theorist
Giorgio Tsoukalos
and Nick Pope,
a former UFO investigator
for the British
Ministry of Defence,
met up with Huw to get his take
on what really happened
that night.
Can you tell us your experience?
Your neighbors called you
to ask you if you're okay.
So, they pretty much
had similar experiences?
So you're not the only one?
And what time
of evening was this?
So, you know,
some people have suggested
that, well, it was nothing else
but an earthquake.
- Yeah.
- Which, I don't subscribe to this idea,
but have you had
any earthquakes around here?
But you saw that light,
and it was much, much brighter
than people lamping.
I mean, it was something
almost blinding?
The community of Llandrillo
was shaken
by the mysterious event,
which became known as
the Berwyn Mountains incident.
That night, dozens of residents
called the region's
emergency line
to report a bright light
followed by a mysterious object
seen streaking
across the night sky.
approximately 30 minutes
after the reports were made,
a police officer arrived at the
home of eyewitness Huw Lloyd.
- Right, so a senior officer.
- Yeah.
- Not-not one of the local
- Mm-mm, no.
A plane crash?
For Nick Pope, who worked
at the Ministry of Defence
and has seen the file
on this incident,
this is a surprising new detail.
The official report
only mentions a meteor,
and nothing about a plane.
The theory initially
that this was a plane crash,
and that this police
and military operation
was a search and rescue
- Yeah.
- or search and recovery, that's fine.
But I mean, you know,
we know where our planes are.
There is 24/7 radar coverage,
- civilian aircraft to carry
- Even back then.
Yeah, a-absolutely.
Planes don't just drop
out of the sky.
And-and if they do,
immediately, everyone knows
which aircraft it is.
So it seems odd.
The officer commandeered
the family's truck
and drove with Huw
to the crash site.
Nick and Giorgio were taken
on the exact same journey
that was made that night.
How high is the mountain?
You know,
one thing that struck me
is this is a pretty
difficult drive.
So you've got to be
pretty determined
to get a whole bunch
of people up here.
Yes, and for what purpose?
Unless it's really
something of importance.
Yeah, this-this is not
- to be undertaken lightly, is it?
- No. No.
According to Huw,
the police inspector
directed him to stop
at this spot,
although the inspector
was allegedly not familiar
with the area and seemed
to have no reason for doing so.
It was at this location
that he witnessed
an incredibly bright light
in the distance.
So, down there?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
When this light appeared,
did it seem to you
as if it was an explosion?
And how long was it shining for?
According to Huw, the inspector
wanted to get a closer look
at the mysterious light,
but then received a curious
command from his superiors.
So, it sounds like
it was a "stand down" call.
In the days
following the incident,
Royal Air Force personnel,
scientists, journalists
and UFO enthusiasts
combed the surrounding land
and interviewed locals
at length.
Curiously, the official
explanation for these events
provided by the Ministry
of Defence
did not include either
fox hunters or a plane crash,
as was told to Huw that night.
And the story they did provide
involves an incredible
The story is apparently
that there was an earthquake
that hit the village.
But at the same time,
there was a bright
fireball meteor
breaking up
in the Earth's atmosphere.
So, not one extraordinary event,
but two at exactly
the same time.
Over the years, the UFO
community has become convinced
that this was indeed
a UFO crash,
that the military launched
a secret operation
to secure the crash site,
to recover
the wreckage and maybe bodies,
and to take it
to a secure facility.
More than four decades since
the Berwyn Mountains incident,
the residents of Llandrillo
are still convinced
that the British government
is hiding the truth
about what really happened
that night.
As far as ancient astronaut
theorists are concerned,
it is part of a global effort
to keep the public in the dark
about alien activity on Earth,
and it all started
after the U.S. Army itself
reported the crash
of a flying saucer.
On Ancient Aliens,
we have covered
some pretty incredible
including the most
famous of all,
the Roswell incident
in New Mexico.
And one of the most exciting
places I've ever visited
was the airplane hangar
where some say
the wreckage from
the Roswell crash was taken.
Washington, D.C., April 2011.
The FBI releases
thousands of files as part
of its online FBI Vault.
One particular file
draws the attention
of the media
and independent researchers.
The memo, dated March 22, 1950,
is a briefing to FBI Director
J. Edgar Hoover
regarding informant information
about three "flying saucers"
that were recovered
in New Mexico.
Investigators immediately
connect the memo
to the infamous
Roswell incident,
a purported UFO crash
that many people believe
was covered up
by the military in 1947.
But this document is just
the latest in a series
of government files that have
been released in recent years,
suggesting there may be more
to the Roswell crash
than the public was told.
As an investigative reporter,
I think what I am amazed by
is how many leaked documents
from the 1940s
have actually come out
into the world,
and lay out details about
what really happened at Roswell.
On July 4th,
a rancher named Mac Brazel
finds all kinds
of strange silver debris.
He knows he doesn't understand
what he's walking through.
He decides to go into Roswell
and tell the sheriff,
"Something has crashed
on my ranch."
Intel coming out
of Roswell Army Airfield
get assigned to go
to the debris field.
And these men are told
that they are to pick up
every single thing
that is in the debris field
on the Mac Brazel ranch.
Everything is to be picked up.
On July 8, 1947,
the headline on the front page
of the Roswell Daily Record
reports that the military had
retrieved a flying saucer.
But the following day,
the official story
is suddenly changed to suggest
it was nothing more
than a failed weather balloon.
Roswell was the home
of the 509th Bomb Crew.
This was the only
atomic bomb-capable squadron
anywhere in the world.
These people were
the best of the best.
The idea that intelligence
personnel at this base
would mistake a weather balloon
for something exotic
is preposterous.
So that, arguably, is the start
of the UFO cover-up.
The world was told,
"Nope, just a weather balloon."
And for more than 30 years,
that's where it was left,
until witnesses
started to surface,
saying, "No, it was actually
an extraterrestrial craft."
And people saw alien bodies.
In April of 2014,
ancient astronaut theorist
Giorgio Tsoukalos
traveled to the Roswell
International Air Center
in New Mexico
to meet with the city's mayor,
Del Jurney,
and to get a rare look
at the hanger
where the Roswell wreckage
and extraterrestrial bodies
were allegedly first taken.
- So
- This is huge.
So what do you think?
Man, I have goose bumps
right now.
I mean,
we're walking on history.
It's amazing, isn't it?
Are you, are you familiar
with where the spot is?
- Where they actually put them?
- Well, y-you know,
the information that I have
says that it's probably
right over here in the corner.
Uh, they took them over there,
did an examination
of the bodies.
So this is where it was.
This is it. Yeah, come on in.
They had the debris
out here in the hangar area
and they bring
the bodies inside this room.
I-I really don't know
what to say,
'cause, I mean,
if this was it
- You're standing where
- Yeah, yeah.
where extraterrestrial
- Were.
- might have been.
Where did the debris go?
Where did it end up?
Well, it ended up
with the government, of course.
My understanding
is that they took the bodies
to Wright-Patterson
Air Force Base,
certainly, probably
took the debris as well,
and have it well-preserved in a
military installation someplace.
Is it possible
that an alien craft
really did crash in Roswell,
and was covered up
by the U.S. government,
as ancient astronaut theorists
Perhaps such encounters
are harder to ignore
when the witness is running for
president of the United States.
On Ancient Aliens,
we have examined
the most extraordinary
encounters on record,
and believe it or not,
there are thousands
of new UFO sightings
reported every year.
Of course,
skeptics dismiss these accounts
as misinterpretations
or outright hoaxes,
but on one episode
of Ancient Aliens,
Nick Pope investigated
a UFO sighting
made by a witness
who's as credible as it gets,
because this witness went
public with his encounter
while running for president
of the United States.
During the Democratic primary
debate at Drexel University,
moderator Tim Russert
turns and addresses
presidential candidate
Dennis Kucinich.
Congressman Kucinich,
a serious question.
Shirley MacLaine
writes in her new book
that you sighted a UFO over
her home in Washington state,
that you found the encounter
extremely moving,
that it was a triangular craft.
Now, did you see a UFO?
Uh, I did, and, uh,
the rest of the account
Oh, I-I didn't, I
It was an unidentified
flying object, okay?
It's like, it's unidentified.
I saw something.
Now And also,
you have to keep in mind
that more,
that Jimmy Carter saw a UFO,
and also, that more people
in this country,
uh, uh, have seen UFOs
than I think approve
of George Bush's presidency.
The debate moment
made national headlines.
While Kucinich
was not a front-runner,
many political commentators
proposed that this admission
undoubtedly had a negative
impact on his campaign.
I think, for most people,
it's been the notion that
you are even discussing UFOs
tends to be viewed
as a career ender.
You know, people think
you're a little bit whacky
if you're, uh, taking
the phenomena seriously.
But just what did
Dennis Kucinich experience?
Former British Ministry
of Defence
UFO investigator Nick Pope
has arranged to meet
with Dennis Kucinich
at the location
of his 1982 UFO encounter,
the former home
of Academy Award-winning actress
Shirley MacLaine.
The home, which has since been
sold, overlooks Mount Rainier,
the site of the infamous
Kenneth Arnold
flying saucer incident
that ignited
the UFO craze in 1947.
- Hey there, welcome.
- Hi. - Hi.
The current owner agreed
to allow Nick and Dennis
to take a look around.
- Come on in.
- Go ahead. - Thank you.
- Wow.
- Yeah, really.
- What a fabulous view.
- Oh, look,
- there's nothing like this.
- This is, of course,
the location where
you had your UFO sighting.
Can you tell me about it?
Well, uh, Nick,
I was seated at a dinner table
with myself and two friends,
and I noticed a-a light
in the distance.
Came from a hill
directly over the house.
- Come on, let me show you.
- Okay.
- Wow, fabulous.
- So I was standing out here,
the-the scope was here.
I-I brought it up here
so that I could
get a look at the light.
And when I looked at it,
I saw that it wasn't just,
uh, one light,
it was a series of lights,
like a grid,
one stacked on another.
I went back and I looked,
and then I saw something
that was extraordinary.
I-I said,
"The lights were separating."
They were definitely
moving in this direction.
So at that point,
came right to the edge here
and I looked out
into the hills to watch
what proved to be three crafts
moving in this direction.
Just to be clear,
first seen over there,
- to directly over the house.
- Right.
Right in the hills
in the distance,
and then in a straight line.
That straight line would
just go right overhead here.
And then above the house.
And then, and then, quickly
- Right, and then "whoosh."
- accelerating out of sight.
Just like that, gone.
- And that was the last you saw of them?
- Oh, yeah.
The next day, Kucinich
described the experience
to Shirley MacLaine.
He would say nothing more
about it for 26 years.
And then, when running for the
Democratic nomination in 2008,
his private UFO sighting
would become a public event,
affecting presidential politics
in a most unexpected way.
When the question was asked,
I-I think there was mention of,
you know, feeling almost a
an emotional connection,
that it spoke to you,
I mean, not in a literal sense,
but feelings.
I don't know that I ever
communicated that to anyone,
but I will tell you this: that
it was, it was extraordinary.
It was exciting.
How could it not be?
I mean, anybody who would
see anything like that
would have to be excited,
and was I?
Uh, yeah.
As far as ancient astronaut
theorists are concerned,
accounts of UFO sightings
from high-level politicians
like Dennis Kucinich
are particularly intriguing.
Not only is he seen
as a credible witness,
but he was so amazed by
what he saw that he was willing
to risk his political career
to talk about it.
Perhaps the only encounter
more compelling
would be one reported
by multiple witnesses
that involved not a UFO
but an alien entity.
On Ancient Aliens,
we have traveled the globe
investigating reports
of incredible encounters.
And there are some locations
that seem to be hot spots
for strange
and unexplained activity.
In 2020, William Henry
got the rare opportunity
to visit one of these hot spots
where, for hundreds of years,
people have reportedly seen
otherworldly beings.
Ancient astronaut
theorist William Henry,
along with author
and historian Dustin Naef
- It's down this path here.
- set out to explore
a series of underground lava
tubes, known as Pluto's Cave
several miles north
of Mount Shasta.
That is just spectacular.
It is here
where numerous eyewitnesses
claim to have encountered
mysterious beings,
as well as seen evidence
of possible
interdimensional portals.
Pluto's Cave is one
of several natural wonders,
known as lava tubes,
that crisscross the region.
Mount Shasta
is a volcanic mountain.
So volcanic lava tubes
are formed
when you have fast-flowing lava
and it cools on the surface
of the flow,
so it actually builds a crust,
but the lava continues
to flow in the middle.
And it forms literally a tube.
Check it out, man.
So, almost all
of the mythology and legends
around the place,
it all takes place underground
in the caves and tunnels
which surround the area.
If you were able
to look underground,
you'd just see tunnels radiating
out in every direction.
There are actually
Native-authored stories
that you could travel clear into
Oregon completely underground.
Look at that, Dustin.
That's awesome.
Beautiful skylight.
There's a really big subculture
here in Mount Shasta that has
always believed that these caves
and tunnels
contain a civilization
full of people
just like you and I.
And they come
back and forth through portals
hidden in these caves.
I've had people actually
contact me and tell me
they've seen people
in this very cave
walk right into a wall
and vanish.
What-what were these people
like? What did they look like?
They look just like us.
That's how they're able
to travel back and forth
and mingle with humans.
One of the most famous reports
of a being emerging
from within Mount Shasta
was made in 1930
by Guy Warren Ballard.
Ballard, a mining engineer
who worked in the area,
claimed he was surveying
the slopes of the mountain
when he encountered
a mysterious glowing figure.
Guy reported that when he was
hiking on Mount Shasta
in the early 1930s,
he encountered
some extraordinary,
mysterious teacher,
which he later identified
as the Ascended Master.
This is a-a radiant being
dressed in white.
And they get
into a long conversation.
And this teacher, this guru,
this otherworldly
character teaches Ballard
the secrets of enlightenment.
For ancient astronaut theorists,
Ballard's description
of a radiant being
is reminiscent of accounts
from ancient times
of similarly luminous figures.
In Irish legend, we learn
of the Tuatha Dé Danann,
or the Tua Dé Dann.
These are luminous
humanoid beings
who are considered
to be beings of immense wisdom
who are also called
the Shining Ones.
Similar to the Shining Ones
of the Celtic tradition,
the ancient Sumerian gods
known as the Anunnaki
were also described
as glowing figures.
Might these accounts,
including those made
about Mount Shasta, be true?
If so, can William Henry
find any evidence
to help verify them?
If you look on the USGS charts,
there's an immense
negative magnetic anomaly
that surrounds Mount Shasta.
That's the ley line
they describe here, right?
Yeah, a lot of psychic
and paranormal phenomena
actually occurs in places
that have magnetic anomalies.
And used as a, as a portal
between the inner Earth realm
and the stars?
Yeah, yeah, it
Anything capable of generating
energy like that
could be a portal.
Might the lava tubes found
at the base of Mount Shasta
be the location
where extraterrestrial beings
can travel between planet Earth
and the stars?
And if so, does this explain
the strange sightings
of otherworldly entities
reported in the area?
Ancient astronaut theorists
say yes,
and they believe
that at the site
of another incredible encounter,
undeniable evidence
of alien contact was left behind
by an extraterrestrial
Of all the unexplained phenomena
we've investigated
on Ancient Aliens,
the formation of crop circles
is simply baffling.
Crop circles have been reported
in over 50 different countries
and on every continent
except Antarctica.
And one night
in Wiltshire, England,
two people believe
they actually witnessed
a strange formation
being created by something
that was not human.
Local paralegal and crop circle
researcher Gary King
spends the night
camping out on Knap Hill,
an area known for sightings
of mysterious orbs
and other strange occurrences.
It was the 7th of July 2007,
so because it was kind of
an auspicious date, the 7-7-7,
we decided we'd come here.
I came here with my girlfriend
to do a night watch.
So we arrived here and
about 3:00 in the morning,
we had a big white
flash of light,
which completely
encompassed the sky.
And about 20 minutes after that,
we looked and we could see
this crop circle
laid out in front of us.
The field it appeared in
was this field,
here to the right,
that's yellow now.
It was actually in wheat
the year that it occurred,
but they rotate the crops.
And it started from way back
at near those trees,
and came over the brow
of this hill.
It was absolutely enormous.
The crop formation
extended 1,033 feet long
and 490 feet wide.
The over two-acre design
150 individual circles,
the largest: 164 feet across.
I have no idea what made it.
I'm completely open to the fact
that it could be aliens.
What I do know, though,
is that people didn't make this.
Gary King's experience
is just one of many
firsthand accounts
of designs
that mysteriously appear
in a short period of time.
And crop circle researchers cite
that many of these
eyewitness accounts
include sightings
of strange lights
in and around the formation.
In 1991, local photographer
Steve Alexander
caught on camera an orb of light
floating above a crop formation
in Wiltshire, England.
- What is it?
- I don't know.
His camera caught sight
of what seemed to be
a white orb of light flying
right across this field
right next to a crop circle.
That orb of light,
whatever it was,
flew directly over a tractor
working in the next field down,
and later on, that farmer
was contacted and he said,
"I saw this weird orb of light
"about the size of a melon
or something
fly over my tractor."
I was so intrigued
by Gary King's story
and the bizarre events
surrounding the crop circle
that I had to go
see it for myself.
Ancient astronaut theorist
Giorgio Tsoukalos
is meeting with crop circle
researcher Dr. Eltjo Haselhoff,
to discuss a scientific paper
Dr. Haselhoff published
in January of 2000, suggesting
that the crop circle formations
might be created by an unknown
electromagnetic energy source.
By measuring the length
of the growth nodes
found along the plant stems
within a crop circle
and comparing them
with the nodes
on the undisturbed plants
in the field,
Dr. Haselhoff
was able to predict
what he thinks could be
creating this phenomenon.
So, you've actually done
scientific analysis
on some of those formations.
So, what were some
of your conclusions?
The hypothesis is that somehow,
electromagnetic energy
is involved in the creation
of these crop circles,
and that somehow this energy
causes node elongation.
So the nodes in the stems
get longer.
And the more energy,
the longer the nodes are.
And that is very interesting,
because all you need to do
is take a cross section
across a circle, like this,
and measure the node length
in each of these positions.
And actually,
this is what you see.
This is in at the perimeter.
See these nodes,
these dark areas?
This is somewhere halfway,
and that's in the center.
So, you see, there is a huge
difference in node length.
I mean, it's a huge
I mean, this is fascinating.
This is incredible.
It is not just a little bit.
It's a difference in size
between a horse and an elephant.
It's very, very significant.
Yeah, I mean, what, uh,
what would do this?
- That's, uh, quite weird.
- Well, in this case, it was very interesting,
because this crop circle, uh,
actually had an eyewitness
when it was when it formed.
And the eyewitness says,
"I saw a ball of light,"
and it was standing still.
And that is very important,
because when a ball of light
is standing still,
we can very accurately predict
how the energy will be
distributed on the ground,
and we know there that will be
more energy in the center
and the more energy,
the longer the nodes are.
And in this case,
it was a perfect match.
Amazing, isn't it?
Now, this is where
I get the goose bumps,
because clearly,
there is something there.
And no one denies
that many of them are man-made,
but then,
there is something bizarre.
Do you have any idea how
or who might be behind it?
That's a very
difficult question.
What I can say about that is
I don't know.
So it is something that remains
a giant question mark.
Absolutely, yes.
Does Dr. Haselhoff's
scientific research
provide evidence
that not all crop formations
are the product of hoaxers?
And if so, could there be
an otherworldly origin to them
as ancient astronaut theorists
Each and every one
of the extraordinary encounters
we've investigated
on Ancient Aliens
truly defies
conventional explanation.
And when you examine
them together,
it becomes abundantly clear
that we are not alone
in the universe.
These events can
no longer be explained away
as weather balloons or hoaxes.
So, what are we left with?
To me, there is only one answer:
extraterrestrial visitation.
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