Ancient Aliens s19e01 Episode Script

The Hotspot Connection

Mysterious encounters
reported in the same locations
for thousands of years.
In Delphi, you see
aerial phenomena
that can be traced back
all the way to ancient times.
Places where mass UFO sightings
are a common occurrence.
The Hudson Valley
exploded with sightings of UFOs.
We're not talking about one
or two people seeing something.
The number of witnesses
go into the thousands.
Areas known for even stranger
and often disturbing phenomena.
Skinwalker ranch is a place
that produces anomalous lights,
we have cow mutilations,
portals opening up,
giant wolves coming
out of these portals.
Could so-called UFO hot spots
reveal important clues about
an Alien presence on Earth?
I think these hot spots
are hugely significant
for our understanding of UFOs.
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
San Diego. July 15, 2019.
In the middle of
an otherwise peaceful night,
the USS Omaha combat
information center
records an astonishing event
off the coast of
southern California.
An unidentified,
oval-shaped craft
is witnessed performing
mysterious maneuvers
in restricted airspace
around a U.S. Navy destroyer.
It is an amazing piece
of footage
showing a UFO
hovering over the sea.
And then, apparently,
descending into the ocean.
When the footage
is leaked to the public
by investigative filmmaker
Jeremy corbell two years later,
its authenticity is quickly
confirmed by the Pentagon.
I knew that it would
strike a chord.
You can see the structure
of the craft being
oval or circular.
You can see that it doesn't
have these plumes of exhaust
or heat trails or any
traditional propulsion.
What you're seeing
is a technology
that is so far advanced
from anything that
we have ever created
or shown in the theater of war,
which is where we show
our greatest technologies.
The strange incident
was more than intriguing
to UFO researchers,
not only because of
how the craft maneuvered,
but also because of
the area where it appeared.
Off the coast of
San Diego in California
is somewhere that UFOs or uaps
have been appearing
regularly for decades.
Since 1995,
more than 1,000 UFO sightings
have been reported
in the San Diego area.
All these reports of sightings
were not just made up.
They can be photographed.
There's something up there,
and sometimes down in the water,
that no one understands.
More and more, the military
is acknowledging
that it's interested,
giving credibility to the fact
that these things exist.
When you realize
that the San Diego naval base
is one of the most
restricted naval bases,
restricted areas,
in the country,
UFOs are flying back and forth
over the ships, over the base.
The number of UFO reports
occurring in San Diego
may appear quite significant.
However, it is just one
of several locations
around the globe
where similar incidents
are often reported
and documented.
Locations that have come
to be known as UFO hot spots.
A UFO hot spot is
a physical space
where sightings of unusual
aerial phenomena are common.
There's usually a perceivable
unusual energy at the site.
There's been a long history
of sightings at these places.
UFO hot spots
are places where UFOs occur
not just across a few years
but across decades.
And of course
the question becomes,
you know, why are
these places so important?
Why is it that UFOs
can appear at them
more frequently
than anywhere else?
One well-known
hot spot in the United States
is the Hudson Valley
in New York state.
Here, we not only have
dozens of witnesses,
but over a period of years,
we have thousands of witnesses.
Marfa is this mountain range
in Texas,
and it's these
strange anomalous lights
that nobody has ever
been able to figure out.
It's such a hot spot
that the actual state of Texas
built a viewing station
where people can stop and rest
and watch the marfa lights
at night.
The Bermuda Triangle
is also a well-known
hot spot as well.
Wiltshire, England is another.
Sedona has become
a very popular hot spot.
And skinwalker ranch
in northern Utah
is an outstanding
example of a hot spot.
Native Americans
have said for centuries
that this is a place
where supernatural
UFO activity occurs.
It seems that a large proportion
of sightings of UFOs or uaps
in the modern world
do take place at-at hot spots.
The perception of
so-called UFO hot spots
emerged in the aftermath
of two of the most highly
publicized UFO incidents
in U.S. history,
which both took place
in 1947.
On June 27, near mount rainier
in Washington state,
pilot Kenneth Arnold
reported seeing
nine saucer-shaped craft
flying in a coordinated pattern
at a speed of approximately
1,200 miles per hour.
Just one month later,
the infamous report
of a UFO crash took place
in Roswell, New Mexico.
The July 8,
1947, headline
went around the world.
In the Roswell daily record,
"flying saucer crashes
into a pasture near Roswell."
You start looking
at the timeline,
and what was happening
through 1947
and beyond.
Our government,
and other governments,
were developing
gigantic, huge storage
and files and folders
and departments
that were dedicated
to the secret study
of UFOs and ets on our planet.
Over the next two decades,
thousands of
additional UFO sightings
were reported around the world,
prompting the U.S. government
to launch an investigation
into the phenomenon.
The study was given the code
name "Project Blue Book,"
and while the program's official
findings were not definitive,
a startling trend
appeared in the data.
The renowned j. Allen Hynek,
of Project Blue Book fame,
wrote there's
a statistical analysis
that showed when and where
these occurrences happened,
and a pattern started to emerge,
such as UFO sightings,
lights in the sky,
anomalous activity,
in the American southwest,
the northeast,
the Mississippi valley,
and UFO researchers
took notice of this
and began to flock
to those areas
to conduct their research.
Researchers in the '50s
and the '60s,
they went back through the data,
and sometimes, literally,
they would get out
a map, and x marks the spot.
And then they would notice,
wait a minute,
there are these clusters,
these strange hot spots.
Areas where these events
seem-seem to pile up
for no apparent reason.
What researchers realized
was that 60% to 70%
of UFO sightings in America,
turn up in the same spots
over and over again.
And they realized
that there was something
about those spots
that was drawing UFO.
If we're trying
to solve a mystery,
you want to go to a location
that has the most clues.
And these are the locations
that could have the clues
to connect our ancient
past to our modern reality,
and perhaps give us
the answers we're seeking.
Could there really be
certain locations on Earth
that attract
extraterrestrial visitors,
as ancient astronaut
theorists suggest?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining what reportedly
took place at one such location,
not in modern times,
but thousands
of years ago in Israel.
October, 2000.
While building a road
just east of the city,
a construction crew
discovers the entrance
to an ancient
limestone cave dwelling.
Archaeologists soon begin
excavating the site,
known as the qesem cave,
and are shocked to determine
that it was inhabited by
human beings 400,000 years ago.
What archaeologists found
was a time capsule
of human activity
from around 400,000 years ago,
down to about 200,000 years ago.
And when they started
to investigate the cave,
they realized that
the so-called qesem people
were practicing shamanism
at this early stage.
Evidence from the cave
shows that the qesem people
had skills considered
impossible for that time,
including the ability
to make and use fire at will,
craft stone tools
and even preserve food.
But why did early humans
with such advanced abilities
choose to inhabit
this particular cave,
and live there
for more than 200,000 years?
Ancient astronaut theorists
believe the answer may lie
in the fact that the qesem cave
sits in the shadow
of mount gerizim,
where mysterious
aerial phenomena
have been reported
for thousands of years.
Mount gerizim in Israel
was considered the original
dwelling place of God
in the old Hebrew Bible.
And God's presence would take
the form of a shekinah,
or some kind of bright light
that would emanate
from this mountain.
The earliest biblical patriarchs
came to this mountain,
and had visions
of the blinding lights,
what we'd call
UFOs or uaps today.
Mount gerizim
has been a hot spot
where mysterious lights appear
both in modern times
and historically.
For example,
in the 1720s an English cleric
by the name of Thomas shore
was exploring the vicinity
of mount gerizim,
and he and his team saw this
incredible light phenomena
around the mountain.
He referred to it
as "ignis fatuus,"
which means, "the foolish fire."
And he observed this for hours,
changing different forms,
coming forward, going backwards.
Thomas shore's encounter
at mount gerizim
is just one of many
that have been reported
over the centuries,
including sightings
in modern times.
An English journalist
by the name of Wilkins
wrote a book entitled
flying saucers uncensored.
And this talks
about a group of bedouin
in the vicinity of
mount gerizim in the 1950s,
encountering this strange object
which was interpreted
in terms of a flying saucer.
Wanting to confirm
that UFOs are still seen
in the area
of mount gerizim today,
I climbed the mountain,
and I was able to speak with one
of the highest-ranking priests
of the samaritan community
who lived there to this day.
And he was able to confirm that,
indeed, strange, mysterious
lights are seen there.
Considering the long history
of strange lights being
reported over mount gerizim,
is it possible
that extraterrestrials
have been visiting
the same locations
for thousands of years?
Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes,
and suggest that UFO hot spots
can even help explain
several mysteries
of the ancient past,
including why certain sites
are designated as places
of spiritual worship,
and why some of
the most enigmatic temples
and monuments in the world
were created.
In ancient times, strange lights
were seen repeatedly
in the same locations,
and in a number of cases,
these areas were marked
by some sort of
monuments to memorialize
these beings and these Gods
visiting the people.
The reason why Delphi, Greece,
became a place of worship
is because local legends say
that someone descended
from the sky there
and imparted knowledge.
Now, in my opinion,
you would not build
something of that scale
if it really didn't happen.
And in the area of Delphi,
to this day,
you see aerial phenomena
that are very strange.
Much like Delphi,
the ancient site
of Stonehenge is a place
where UFOs are frequently
reported today.
A photo of a disk-shaped object
hovering over
the Megalithic structure
was even included in a British
Ministry of Defence file
that was declassified in 2009.
Stonehenge is a great example
of a UFO hot spot in England.
Over the lifetime
of the ministry
of defence's UFO project,
there have probably been
several hundred,
if not low thousands,
of sightings
recorded around Stonehenge
in the county of Wiltshire.
Ancient native American sites
where petroglyphs
depict strange beings
often identified
as "star ancestors,"
have also become UFO
hot spots in modern times.
Rock art at these ancient sites
depicts a multitude
of strange beings,
large eyes, elongated heads,
often looking like some kind
of extraterrestrial creation.
And it would seem
that these ancient sites
have been having UFO activity
for thousands of years.
And this UFO activity
is continuing even today.
One very good example
is lake Titicaca,
on the borders between
Peru and Bolivia.
There's an island there
by the name of
the island of the sun,
and this is well-known
for strange lights
rising up out of it.
They've been seen,
uh, by locals,
they've been seen by visitors.
The island of the sun
is also seen
as the point of creation
by the local aymara and quechua
peoples of the region,
and what they say
is that the sun
rose up out of that
island, into the air.
There are ancient hot spots
that are modern hot spots,
and when you draw a map
of all the hot spots
around the world,
what you find
is that the ancients
and the moderns are the same.
It never went away.
Is there something
about these sites
that attracts UFOs?
It's maybe why
the ancients built them
in those locations
in the first place.
Is it possible that
mysterious ancient sites
such as mount gerizim,
Chaco canyon,
and many others
offer evidence
that extraterrestrials
may have been visiting Earth
for thousands of years
at very specific locations?
If so, why?
Ancient astronaut
theorists believe
that the answer may be found
by looking not toward the sky,
but deep underground.
Kent cliffs, New York,
new year's Eve, 1982.
Shortly before midnight
in this small town
just north of New York City,
new year's Eve revelers
are struck by the sight
of an unusual aircraft
in the sky.
The ship appears to be
as large as a commercial jet,
but has a v-shape,
moves slowly,
and makes no sound.
The incident is the first
in a wave of UFO sightings
that would shake
the surrounding area,
known as the Hudson Valley.
The Hudson Valley
is your classic hot spot.
Here, UFOs appeared
from 1983 to 1986,
and was witnessed
by thousands of people.
A triangular,
boomerang-shape object,
very well-lit, flew very low
over the community,
and it was
photographed, videotaped,
and it was seen from people
from all walks of life
who were sure
they saw something strange
that was not from this planet.
This caused people to
pull off the side of the road
and actually start calling home,
thinking there was
some type of an invasion.
And they were executive doctors,
scientists and so on,
and they all reported something
that they have
never seen before.
Over the span of three years,
officials received
more than 9,000 reports
from eyewitnesses describing
the same, v-shaped craft.
Not only was there a UFO
sighting in Hudson Valley,
but it came back night
after night after night.
These are people who
would not normally come forward
to say that they saw a UFO.
Yet, what they saw
was so convincing
and so frightening to them,
that they went on record
to report what they saw.
I mean, it's just amazing.
During the two-year wave
of UFO sightings
in the Hudson Valley,
author Philip imbrogno
investigated the area
on behalf of
the center for UFO studies,
which was founded
by j. Allen Hynek
after his work
with Project Blue Book.
Imbrogno conducted
hundreds of interviews
with residents of the area,
and even witnessed
the v-shaped craft himself.
This object,
whatever it was,
the size of a football field,
came over the highways
and hovered,
and, at times, projected down
a brilliant beam of white light.
Usually, UFO researchers
don't see the UFO that
they're investigating.
I saw this object three times.
So, it was amazing.
As imbrogno spent
months crisscrossing the area,
he noticed something curious:
The volume of mysterious
reports during this time
were not only focused on
a strange craft in the sky,
but also on bizarre sounds
coming from somewhere
deep below ground.
People start to wonder
why are these hot spots
hot spots?
And one explanation is that
what is actually going on
is underneath the ground.
That these hot spots
are in fact entrances
to vast underground caverns,
or even secret bases.
In the Hudson river there,
especially in the '80s,
I spoke to a few researchers,
and they said that
the locals used to hear things
coming up from underground,
and they weren't really
quite sure what it was,
but they figured there
was a base below ground.
A military/alien base.
Arguably, the most
famous sighting
in the Hudson Valley hot spot
concerned beings
from underground,
as was the case
with best-selling horror
novelist whitley strieber,
who wrote about
his own experience
in his book, communion.
My wife and I had bought a cabin
in the western extreme edge
of the whole Hudson Valley.
And in December of 1985,
I woke up in a room,
not my bedroom,
in the middle of the night,
and the room was filled
with two kinds of figures.
These willowy figures
with big black eyes,
and dark blue short figures.
Then I began
to hear a voice say,
"what can we do to
help you stop screaming?"
And I thought, "I'm screaming?"
And I was screaming.
And the next morning, I woke up
extremely confused
and disturbed,
without any real understanding
of what happened to me.
While many presume
that streiber's
Alien abductors
descended from the skies,
in fact, he described
them as coming up from below,
and their presence
was marked by sounds
deep beneath his mountain cabin.
In the cabin,
we used to hear
drilling underground.
And we could hear this
taking place under the cabin.
In fact, it was so loud one day,
I was sitting with
one of my neighbors
and this sound kept coming up,
and you could kind of
feel it in your teeth.
It was not pleasant.
The idea that hot spots mark
entrances to the underworld
is a phenomenon
seen across the planet.
This can be what's happening
in, say, lake Titicaca.
And then you have
other places like, say,
Mount Shasta,
or certain volcanoes in Mexico,
where UFOs are seen,
and there's a lot of activity.
Where do people allege
that there are
underground bases?
Well, in New Mexico, of course.
And what do you have
in New Mexico? Roswell.
And it's alleged that there is
a secret underground base
off the coast of San Diego.
And, of course, that's the focus
of a lot of the modern
UFO activity
involving the U.S. Navy.
Could the strange sounds
reportedly emanating
from beneath the Hudson Valley,
and many other hot spots,
be evidence
of hidden underground
structures, as some speculate?
Or might there be
another explanation
for these areas
of high UFO activity?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining the power
of Earth's magnetic field.
In this small town
outside of Paris,
numerous eyewitnesses
report several mysterious
oval-shaped craft
above the Seine river,
traveling at great speeds
before suddenly vanishing
into thin air.
It is the first of
more than 300 UFO incidents
that would take place
in France during the year.
Journalist aimé Michel
begins studying
the reported flight paths
of many of these accounts,
and makes
an astonishing observation.
All these UFO sightings
appeared to move
in dead straight lines,
often crisscrossing.
And as he kept getting
reports coming in,
and he kept plotting them,
he kept finding
the same system happening,
the same lines, the same
movements of these UFOs.
In 1958, Michel
published his research
in a book called flying saucers
and the straight-line mystery.
In the book, he introduced
a principle he called orthoteny,
which held that clusters
of UFO activity
over a short period of time
usually occur along straight
lines that often intersect.
What aimé Michel
started to realize was
that there seemed
to be a pattern
in where these objects
were appearing,
and also their flight paths.
He saw that they actually
use specific lanes,
which he felt were connected
with the magnetic forces
of the Earth.
He's noticing that these UFOs
are traveling in straight lines,
using latitudes,
and that, in fact,
this can be extrapolated
into an entire grid
that encapsulates
the entire planet.
Is it possible that aimé Michel
successfully identified
a grid pattern
across the Earth
of highly magnetized regions
that have come to be
known as UFO hot spots?
Ancient astronaut theorists
believe that further clues
can be found by examining an
area that has become notorious
for mysterious phenomena
and strange disappearances
The Bermuda Triangle.
With the Bermuda Triangle,
it is an irrefutable fact
that planes and ships
of various sizes
have disappeared
without a trace.
You also have
UFO and uap stories.
In the last century,
roughly 50 ships
and 20 airplanes have vanished
without a trace
within this infamous
500,000-square-mile stretch
of the Atlantic ocean.
According to Scottish biologist
and paranormal researcher
Ivan t. Sanderson,
the Bermuda Triangle
is just one of a strange
and disturbing kind
of UFO hot spot
that he described as
the world's 12 "vile vortices."
He was able to identify,
he believed,
certain spots like
the Bermuda Triangle,
the dragon's triangle,
places like the great pyramid,
and other huge monument areas,
and there was activity
going on at these places,
disappearing ships
and airplanes,
UFO activity,
lights and unusual phenomenon
that were occurring constantly.
In his 1972 article entitled
"the 12 devil's
graveyards around the world,"
Sanderson mapped these
sites at equidistant points
above and below the equator,
and discovered
they formed a mysterious
geometrical pattern
on the Earth's surface.
There are 12 of these
across the globe.
Now, five of them are
within the tropic of cancer,
five of them within
the tropic of capricorn,
the other two, the North Pole
and the South Pole.
What's interesting is
if you connect all of these
through the sphere of our globe,
they make an icosagon,
or a 20-sided polygon.
So, this is showing us
how all of these
type of hot spots are
connected to each other.
The hot spot sites
Sanderson identified
share more than just
a unique history and geometry.
Many of these so-called
vile vortices have strong
magnetic anomalies caused
by variations or disturbances
in the Earth's magnetic field.
If you take a look at the Earth,
the Earth has a magnetic
field like a bar magnet.
The field of the magnetism
comes out from the North Pole
and goes into the South Pole.
It comes from the fact
that inside the Earth,
there is churning electricity.
And we now know that
there are anomalies there.
It's as if our entire Earth
is one gigantic battery.
And if one were to argue
that the entire
planet is a battery,
well, what's it used for?
I think our planet could serve
to power whatever exotic device
extraterrestrials use
to get here and leave.
Incredibly, powerful
magnetic anomalies
are found at many UFO hot spots,
including the San Diego bay,
the Bermuda Triangle,
and the Hudson Valley.
Perhaps a lot of this has
to do with interstellar travel.
Maybe these hot spots
are where they get that energy.
Maybe the UFOs can literally
suck up the power,
the power that the ancients,
for example, could sense
when they built these
monuments in the first place.
Are all UFO hot spots
part of a natural
worldwide power grid?
Could learning how
to access the energy
at these sites
one day equip mankind
with advanced extraterrestrial
technology and capabilities?
Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes,
and believe
that extraterrestrials
are already using this
electromagnetic energy,
not to travel to UFO hot spots,
but possibly through them.
The uintah basin, Utah.
Skinwalker ranch is
a 512-acre property
where, for more
than two centuries,
mysterious and terrifying
phenomena have been reported,
including UFOs,
cattle mutilations
and otherworldly creatures.
Skinwalker ranch
in northern Utah
is an outstanding
example of a hot spot.
It's one that is
a crossover location
because native Americans
have said for centuries
that this is a place where
supernatural activity occurs,
and it's still occurring today,
and is now being
very well-documented
and thoroughly studied.
In 2019,
astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor
joined a team of
scientists and researchers
to investigate the bizarre
phenomena on the property.
- To the south.
- There it is!
It's moving real slow.
That thing is big and spherical.
Yes, it is, and it's got
a black dot in the center of it.
That ain't an airplane!
Since I've been out there
at skinwalker ranch,
I've seen so many
different things
that before, I would have not
really believed they existed.
Travis, you got to see this.
Okay. Well, there's the lasers.
- Yeah, I'm doing instant playback. You see this?
- Oh. Yeah.
Wow. What the crap is that?
And I can say that
I'd never seen a UFO
before I went
to skinwalker ranch,
and now I've seen so many,
I can't count them.
Skinwalker ranch is,
without question,
the most scientifically studied
hot spot on the planet.
To be able to take a more
advanced scientific effort
forward to better understand
what is really happening there,
I mean, it's
It's the greatest science
project of our time.
Between 1996 and 2016,
the federal government helped
fund investigations on the ranch
that were led by
aerospace entrepreneur
Robert Bigelow
and his organization
known as the national institute
for discovery science.
People ask me, hey,
what did Bigelow find?
And the interesting thing is,
is that we haven't received any,
not a single bit of data,
from the previous team,
so it must be classified.
Bigelow never shared it with us.
Although much of what
the Bigelow team discovered
has never been released
to the public,
it has been suggested
that some of
the hot spot phenomena
witnessed on the ranch
may be related
to a portal through spacetime.
Skinwalker ranch appears
to be the epicenter
of some really strange
energy measurements,
strange electric
and magnetic field.
There's been
a lot of speculation
that skinwalker ranch
is the site of a portal
or a wormhole where
Alien civilizations,
or maybe even
extra-dimensional creatures,
are using as a transit station.
They're moving in and out.
Could wormholes really
be an explanation
for why hot spots
like skinwalker ranch
exist where they do?
The idea of a wormhole
A shortcut through
time and space
Was proposed in 1935
by physicists Albert Einstein
and Nathan rosen.
Using the theory of relativity,
they showed that these pathways
could exist as
a tunnel structure,
connecting two very distant
points through space and time
making travel to the most
remote parts of the universe
a theoretical possibility.
Some believe
that extraterrestrials
would use wormholes,
and UFOs would then, apparently,
arrive out of
nowhere, seemingly,
and disappear into nowhere,
which is very often what you get
at locations
that are UFO hot spots
like skinwalker ranch.
What do you find? The idea
that there's a portal there.
It's within the laws of physics
to use the wormhole as a gateway
to another distant
part of the galaxy
faster than the speed of light.
We don't have
that kind of technology.
But perhaps
an advanced civilization
already mastered
this technology,
and use it to
crisscross the galaxy.
That cannot be ruled out.
Is it possible that
advanced intelligent beings
exist in other parts
of the universe
who have the technology
to create portals
through time and space?
And if so, could
UFO hot spots be gateways
where they are able
to reach Earth?
It might explain why,
on our Earth,
that places where UFOs
of any shape, size, color,
are seen on a repeated basis,
it's exactly the same thing.
They're coming in and out of
created portals,
and that's why there seems to be
a pattern of coming
and going on this planet.
They are with us on our planet.
Could it be that
are actually traveling to Earth
through wormholes or portals?
If so, where
are they coming from?
There are those who believe
that it may not be
from distant points
in the cosmos,
but possibly
from other dimensions.
Famed author and
Ufologist John keel
publishes his second book:
UFOs operation Trojan horse.
In the book, keel asserts
that Earth is being visited
by extraterrestrials,
not from distant planets,
but from parallel universes.
He believed this could
be the real explanation
for UFO hot spots.
John keel believed
that these visitors
were from other dimensions,
but that in the past,
they had been misperceived
as Gods, devils, angels, demons,
other sorts
of supernatural entities.
But he said this is something
that has always been with us.
It's just that
they don't come from
where we think they come from.
John keel said
those beings are not
from other planets.
They're from other dimensions.
And this is called
the interdimensional hypothesis.
And when they do
appear in our reality,
they can violate
our laws of physics.
They can travel
faster than light.
It's because they're coming from
higher dimensional realms.
According to
the interdimensional hypothesis,
hot spots are simply
locations on Earth
where the dimension we inhabit
crosses over into another.
It may sound like
science fiction,
but it actually fits neatly into
a branch of theoretical physics
known as string theory.
In string theory
we play with different
kinds of universes
in different dimensions.
There are tunnels
that connect one universe
with another universe.
And how many universes
are there in string theory?
Perhaps an infinite number.
In the end, hot spots
remain an enduring mystery.
Are UFO hot spots gateways
to other dimensions?
Portals to other
places in the universe?
The locations of
underground Alien bases?
Or is it possible
that all three are true?
There's no, you know,
theory of everything
when it comes to this
sort of phenomena.
It seems like there are
a lot of different reasons
as to why a UFO may be
attracted to something,
why activity happens over here.
There are a variety of different
reasons, and not just one.
I think these hot spots
are hugely significant
for our understanding of UFOs.
There might be a dimensional
solution to this.
There could be
multiple explanations,
and these aren't
mutually exclusive.
So it's perfectly
possible to have
visiting extraterrestrials,
interdimensional intrusion
and time travelers
from the future.
We don't fully
understand hot spots.
However, there's never been
a time in history
that I'm aware of
where so much
science and technology
has been directed now
in trying to figure them out.
And what will be
the benefit of that?
Well, we will
come to a conclusion
about who we are,
where we came from,
and ultimately
where we go from here.
If one day the mainstream
accepts the idea
that these UFO hot spots
do have an
extraterrestrial connection,
then that would be
a profound conclusion
in the history of humanity.
Could UFO hot spots hold the key
to understanding
strange phenomena
that has been
witnessed on our planet
for thousands of years?
Might these locations
contain portals
that lead not only
to other worlds,
but also to other dimensions?
If so, perhaps one day
we will be able to harness
the power of these
hot spots ourselves,
and discover
a reality far beyond
what we ever believed
was possible.
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