Ancient Aliens s19e15 Episode Script

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet

He was a world-renowned psychic,
who claimed to receive visions
while in a trance.
Edgar Cayce would
download messages
during his sleep.
He was able to receive messages
on all sorts of topics,
from past lives
to future events
You name it.
He could diagnose any ailment
and prescribe a cure.
Edgar Cayce,
as a fact, has healed
and helped thousands of people
and did amazing things.
And he professed
to have had encounters
with otherworldly beings.
Edgar Cayce said that
he received information
from some kind of angel.
Could it be that Edgar Cayce
was not merely clairvoyant,
but a vessel used to carry out
an Alien agenda?
You have to wonder
if Edgar Cayce wasn't chosen
by extraterrestrials
to be a messenger to mankind.
There is a doorway
in the universe.
Beyond it is
the promise of truth.
It demands
we question everything
we have ever been taught.
The evidence is all around us.
The future is
right before our eyes.
We are not alone.
We have never been alone.
Dolní vestonice,
the Czech Republic.
In 1949, archaeologists
conducting excavations
near this ancient village
came upon the remains
of a middle-aged woman.
Based on the manner
in which she was buried,
and the ritual items
discovered with her body,
they determined
that she was a shaman,
and more significantly,
the oldest shaman
ever discovered, having died
roughly 30,000 years ago.
Throughout human history,
and in every culture,
shamans have been people
who appear to have the ability
to communicate
with a higher realm,
cure the sick,
and even see into the future.
But perhaps the most astounding
of them all
is a modern-day prophet
from the Hills of Kentucky
named Edgar Cayce.
Edgar Cayce was arguably
the most significant
Christian mystic
of the 20th century.
His reputation
preceded him en-enormously.
He became incredibly famous for
his readings and his healings.
He was unlike any other psychic
who could do one ability
at a time.
He could predict the future
or he could heal someone,
all at once.
There is no one
like Edgar Cayce,
before and after him.
Edgar Cayce was born
on a southern farm in 1877
and came from humble beginnings.
But, over his lifetime,
he would become world-renowned,
recording more than
14,000 psychic readings,
making him
one of the most prolific
and documented mediums
of the 20th century.
And, according to
Cayce's friends and family,
his unique gifts were on display
from a very early age.
Edgar Cayce
was my great-grandfather,
and there are these stories
that I heard for my whole life
about the breathtaking
level of his psychic ability.
From a pretty early age,
his psychic ability
and his psychic experiences
were happening for him.
The stories that
I would hear was that
the way that his psychic ability
kind of formally started
was through a very
particular experience
that happened one afternoon
when he was outside by a creek
where he had built
this little fort,
and he was reading the Bible.
From a very young age,
he discovered the Bible,
and he loved to read it.
And he heard
a woman's voice call his name.
And he looked up,
and it was a figure of a woman
who had wings.
This feminine apparition
told him that he possessed
some kind of extra gift
of insight,
and he was asked
what did he want in life?
And he responded that he wanted
to find ways to help people,
and this angelic apparition
said to him,
"thy wish shall be granted."
And thereafter,
Edgar's psychical
or clairvoyant abilities
seemed to increase.
Cayce claimed that
this winged visitor
soon returned
and began to instruct him
on how to unlock his
incredible psychic abilities.
His father was quizzing him
on the spelling words
that he needed to have memorized
for school the next day.
And, uh, he was getting
increasingly frustrated,
and Edgar was feeling defeated
and sad and very tired.
And, finally,
Edgar heard a voice inside
that was the same voice
that he had heard the day before
at the creek,
this woman's voice who said,
"if you'll sleep on your book,
we can help you."
Edgar went to sleep with
a schoolbook under his pillow,
and he awoke the ability
to have memorized
all the key lessons
that appeared in the schoolbook.
And this uneven student
went to school the next day,
and he aced it.
- Something was guiding him.
- What was this angel?
Who was this angel?
Obviously, we cannot say, but
Cayce was being influenced
by otherworldly intelligences.
Is it possible,
as ancient astronaut theorists
suggest, that Edgar Cayce
was visited by
an otherworldly being?
And did he truly possess
psychic abilities?
According to those
who have studied Edgar Cayce's
life and readings, some of
the most compelling evidence
can be found
by examining accounts
of his astounding ability
to both diagnose
and cure illnesses.
Edgar spent his first 20 years
focusing on health readings
for people,
but he didn't go
and examine the people.
He could access them
and actually see
the condition of their body,
the blood condition,
the injuries they had had,
and start to prescribe
a way of overcoming the ailment
they were dealing with.
And he would give them
sometimes very strange formulas
to get through toward healing.
Cayce had no medical training
and had not even
attended high school.
He claimed that visions
of the past, present,
and future would come to him
while in a self-induced trance.
It was this practice
that earned him the nickname
"the sleeping prophet."
Edgar Cayce would
lay down on a couch
and put himself into
a self-induced hypnotic state.
And his breathing would deepen,
and his eyelids would flutter,
like they do
when we're in rem sleep.
He would wake up
and have absolutely
no memory of what he had said.
Although Edgar Cayce performed
his readings while in a trance,
a rare audio recording reveals
that he spoke clearly
and gave very specific
when providing health remedies.
One of the most amazing,
uh, health stories
in the Cayce psychic files
is his own wife, gertrude.
She contracted tuberculosis.
That was the kiss of death
in those days.
Gertrude asked Edgar
to please give her a reading
to see if she could get better,
and Edgar was terrified
that what he might say
might cause
this person,
who is the most precious to him,
harm in any way.
But, at that point,
she was going to die,
according to the doctors.
And so, he did
give her the reading.
And there were suggestions
that were given
in that reading
for her getting better.
Here's the formula:
You had to get a two-gallon
charred oak keg,
and you had to put
heated apple Brandy in it,
and inhale the fumes
deeply into your lungs.
All she did was inhale
the fumes coming out of the keg,
and she recovered
from tuberculosis.
And then he started, uh,
prescribing this method
to many other people,
and it worked. It worked.
Many of the natural remedies
Cayce prescribed
are still used today.
And, in fact,
he was one of the first people
to introduce holistic medicine
to the western world,
in which body, mind, and spirit
are considered together
in the management
and prevention of illnesses.
But if some
otherworldly intelligence
was responsible
for helping him to develop
his psychic abilities--
as ancient astronaut
theorists suggest--
what could have been
the purpose?
Perhaps further clues
can be found
by examining Cayce's
incredible predictions
about events that would
change the course of humanity.
A prodigy in numerous
psychic arts from a young age,
Edgar Cayce quickly rose to fame
in the early 20th century
as one of the most sought-after
clairvoyants of his time.
Cayce first became
known nationally
through a story on the cover
of the New York Times
in fall of 1910.
The headline was,
"illiterate man
becomes a doctor
when hypnotized."
Cayce was not illiterate,
but nor did he have
much formal schooling,
uh, beyond his early
grade school years.
He went from being
a fairly humble farm boy,
to being a superstar.
And it's astonishing how quickly
Edgar Cayce became famous
and influential.
He didn't want it.
Although he did not
aspire to it,
Edgar Cayce found both fame
and fortune in the 1920s.
Word quickly spread about
his ability to not only diagnose
and treat illnesses,
but also to predict the future.
Cayce's eerily accurate readings
drew the attention
of thousands of believers,
including high-profile clients
like Thomas Edison,
Harry Houdini,
and George Gershwin.
There's even evidence
that president Woodrow Wilson
had a reading with him.
And, indeed, other high-ranking
members of the U.S. government.
Cayce also claimed
to receive visions
concerning major world events,
and one in particular would
forever change public perception
of his supposed talents.
It was a prediction
of a pivotal moment
in U.S. history,
the stock market crash of 1929.
In 1925,
Edgar Cayce told his biggest
financial supporter
to sell all his stocks.
And he started to unload
his stocks,
but the market kept going up,
and his friends
were making so much money,
he bought back in.
And then, in October of 1929,
he lost everything.
In a matter of weeks,
the world sank
into the great depression,
just as Edgar Cayce predicted.
But this would not be
the only time Edgar Cayce's
visions seemed to accurately
predict major events in history.
In the mid-1930s, Edgar forecast
a great conflict on the horizon
of world events.
This was often seen as presaging
the invasion of Poland,
and the events that led
to the second World War.
Early on in his career
as a psychic,
Edgar Cayce would become
disturbed when a reading
predicted something ominous,
whether it had to do
with a single individual
or an event that affected
the entire world.
As a devout Christian,
he worried that his visions
might be coming
from a dark place.
It was deeply unsettling
and scary for him.
At a certain point,
he fully committed to it,
but there was a number of years
where he was picking it up
and putting it back down,
wanting to have nothing
to do with it.
A constant question that he was
working with is, "is this okay?
"Can I devote myself to this
and be the type of Christian
that I know myself to be?"
As more and more time went on,
to hear people say to him
how he had literally
saved their life
or their child's life
or their family member's life,
that was really
important to him.
In 1931,
Cayce told his followers
that he now knew the source
of his remarkable insights,
and that they came to him
from a vast otherworldly
repository of information
called the Akashic Record.
The Akashic Record, which is
a Hindu, uh, terminology,
is this ethereal cloud
that exists
throughout the universe,
in which any and all knowledge--
past, present, and future--
is contained.
And some individuals
are able to tap into
this timeless resource
of knowledge.
In Hindu mythology,
there are several instances
where conversation
takes place between
some entity up in the sky
and here on Earth.
And that conversation,
that voice is called Akash Vani.
Akash meaning "sky,"
Vani meaning "speech."
So, I think,
in the case of Edgar Cayce,
he's hearing some voices
from up there
while he's channeling
trying to get the source.
Throughout history, there
are numerous famous examples
of people who professed
to access knowledge
from another realm.
The great 15th-century artist
and inventor Leonardo da Vinci
wrote that he would stare
at the flickering light
from a candle to enter
a meditative state
in which he could access
new ideas.
In the early 20th century,
genius mathematician
Srinivasa Ramanujan claimed
that complex equations
were communicated to him
in his dreams.
And one of the pioneers
of electricity, Nikola Tesla,
said that his revelation for how
to harness alternating current
came to him in a moment when
he felt that some outside source
had entered his consciousness.
Nikola Tesla claimed that
he would envision
these many inventions
that he created.
So, it's possible that Tesla
himself was tapping into
the Akashic Record, just like
Edgar Cayce was talking about.
It is as if our great thinkers
are tapping into something
that is there
and beyond our understanding.
And that, perhaps, people
of a certain intellect
are able to open to that.
And their genius is to see
beyond what we are seeing.
Is it possible that
certain individuals
throughout human history,
like Edgar Cayce,
had the unique ability to access
the infinite knowledge
of the universe?
And if so, did these mystics
come to this gift by chance?
Or could they have been
chosen for it?
Because we know that Edgar Cayce
had an incredible visitation
from what he described
as an angel,
could this connection
be something
that was given to him
by higher intelligences?
Perhaps by extraterrestrials
or extra-dimensional beings?
Yes, of course. Absolutely.
Because of his
psychic abilities,
he was able then to communicate
all kinds of esoteric ideas,
but, yet, they were coming
from a very normal person.
You have to wonder if
Edgar Cayce wasn't chosen,
say, by extraterrestrials,
to be a messenger to mankind.
If there is a reason
that Edgar Cayce was chosen
by an otherworldly intelligence
to receive this knowledge,
just what was that purpose?
There are some
ancient astronaut theorists
who believe
that Edgar Cayce was chosen
not only to share visions
of the future,
but to convey lost knowledge
from our ancient past.
Edgar Cayce calls a gathering
of his closest supporters for
a series of special readings.
Up until this time,
Cayce's readings
most often involved
future predictions
or remedies to heal the sick,
but on this occasion,
he will instead be called upon
to access the ancient past.
One of Edgar Cayce's
fascinating readings
was about the
great pyramid of Egypt.
The great pyramid is
on the dollar bill.
And so, everybody who has
a dollar bill in their pocket
is carrying around a picture
of the great pyramid.
It's one of the most famous
structures in the world.
And yet, there's so much
about the great pyramid of Egypt
which remains a mystery
to this day.
The 480-foot-tall
great pyramid of Giza
consists of over two million
stone blocks
weighing a total
of six million tons.
It stands perfectly level
and is more closely aligned
to true north
than any other structure
on Earth,
built either in ancient
or modern times.
The great pyramid of Giza
is a marvel of architecture.
It's something that you cannot,
you just cannot replicate today.
Which makes you wonder,
how did they have
all this knowledge
and what kind
of knowledge they had?
According to most Egyptologists,
the great pyramid of Giza
was constructed
during a 20-year period
by order of the pharaoh Khufu,
sometime around 2500 BC.
But when Edgar Cayce
was asked about the origins
of the great pyramid in 1932,
he placed the iconic structure
at a much earlier date.
Edgar Cayce said that it was
actually built somewhere around
10,490 BC,
8,000 years before
traditional Egyptologists
said it was constructed.
Now, in the 1930s, this is
an astounding statement to make.
Cayce also claimed
that the Sphinx,
which sits near
the great pyramid
on the Giza Plateau,
dates to this same period,
which geologist Robert Schoch
believes is accurate,
based on his own examination
of the monument
and water erosion
that can be found
around the base
of the structure.
After studying the Sphinx
in great detail,
looking at the weathering
and erosion,
I've come to the conclusion
that, in fact,
the Sphinx has its origins
going back to before the end
of the last ice age,
so around 10,000 or so BCE.
This happens to be the date
that Edgar Cayce
was talking about.
Could it be that Edgar Cayce's
reading was correct
and that the extraordinary
structures that stand
on the Giza Plateau were built
more than 12,000 years ago?
During his reading, Cayce
also made the astounding claim
that the builders
of the pyramid were somehow
able to make the giant stone
blocks float through the air.
Edgar Cayce said
the structure was built
using powers
that we don't understand.
He said the ancient Egyptians
knew how to float
stone in the air
like we know how to float
iron on water.
And people still wonder
if it's
if it's gas balloons.
We don't know for sure.
Cayce's readings concerning
the ancient past
were not limited to just Egypt.
He also commented on another
topic that is well known
to ancient astronaut theorists,
the Bible's book of Ezekiel.
In this text,
the Hebrew prophet Ezekiel
describes a fiery chariot
with wheels within wheels,
descending from the sky
in a whirlwind.
Edgar Cayce, uh, talked about
Ezekiel in the Bible
and the spinning wheels
being a visitation
by an extraterrestrial craft.
Cayce really seems to include
E.T's in the timeline
of human evolution.
He talks about extraterrestrials
showing up
in Mayan times as well.
Cayce said that there were
undiscovered pyramids in Mexico,
the home of the Mayan empire.
A number of lost pyramids
have been discovered in Mexico
since that time.
And as recently as 2022,
uncovered the ruins
of an ancient Maya city
filled with pyramids
in the Yucatán peninsula.
What I find fascinating
about Edgar Cayce is the depth
and the breadth of his insights,
his readings, and how
it's been corroborated,
uh, by independent researchers.
He not only talked about ancient
history and the pyramids,
but one area in particular
is his work on the Essenes,
the Jewish mystics out of
The order out of which Jesus
and John the baptist emerged.
In the 1930s, he was
discussing the Essenes
and telling us what
the Essenes believed.
Nobody knew anything
about this before 1947,
when the Dead Sea Scrolls
were discovered
and then translated
in the 1950s.
In Cayce's readings,
he provided a number of
details about the Essenes,
such as his claim that,
in the essene society,
men and women
worked and lived together.
At the time of the reading,
scholars believed
that the Essenes
were a monastic society
composed exclusively of men.
However, in 1951,
more than six years
after Cayce's death,
archaeologists discovered
evidence that Cayce was right.
Men and women lived together
in the essene society.
Come to find out,
Edgar Cayce and his readings
precisely match what
the Dead Sea Scrolls said.
How can that be?
Edgar Cayce must have tapped in
to the past somehow,
some mysterious way.
Is it possible
that Edgar Cayce was given
a vision of humankind's
long-lost past?
And if so,
could there have been a reason
this secret knowledge
was revealed to him?
Perhaps further clues
can be found by examining
another vision Cayce had
concerning ancient Egypt
and a secret repository
of knowledge
hidden beneath
the paw of the Sphinx.
On July 1, 1932,
while in a trance,
Edgar Cayce made
an astonishing claim
that the great pyramid
of Giza was built
more than 12,000 years ago.
He also voiced another,
perhaps even more significant,
revelation when he declared
that a secret chamber
lies hidden
under the right paw
of the great Sphinx of Giza.
The chamber is said
to contain records
of a highly advanced,
lost civilization--
the same one
that the Greek philosopher Plato
wrote about
in the 4th century BC,
known as Atlantis.
The traditional concept
of Atlantis
is that it was located
somewhere out in the middle
of the Atlantic ocean,
beyond the straits of Gibraltar.
Edgar Cayce came along
and filled in tremendous gaps
in details.
In his trancelike state,
he described Atlantis
as this very luxurious
and enormously powerful culture.
It had advanced technology.
The capital city was at
the center of circular canals
with magnificent bridges
that linked the canals,
that sailing ships
could sail under.
In Cayce's vision,
Atlantis became real.
Cayce specifically stated that
Atlantis was an actual,
historical place.
He said this lost world
was founded by
supernatural beings
that were extraterrestrial.
So, he clearly believed
or stated that there were other
intelligences in the universe
that interfaced with humanity.
One day, Atlantis sunk,
which in geology makes no sense
that Atlantis sunk.
Maybe there was a storm
or whatever
that destroyed Atlantis,
maybe it was a war.
What Edgar Cayce said
was that the survivors
of Atlantis
moved into different parts
of the ancient world.
And they had to build
so-called halls of records.
One was to be in what
we know today as the Yucatán.
Another was to be somewhere
in the vicinity
of the island of Bimini
in The Bahamas.
And the third one
was to be in the area
that we now know as
the Giza Plateau in Egypt.
And these were to be
the repositories
of all of the knowledge
and wisdom
of the Atlantean people.
Did Edgar Cayce
access information
about an advanced
extraterrestrial civilization
that inhabited the Earth
thousands of years ago?
And if so, could proof
that Atlantis once existed
lie just beneath the feet
of the great Sphinx
of Giza in Egypt?
For geologist Dr. Robert Schoch,
Cayce's predictions eerily
echoed his own independent
investigation at this
iconic Egyptian monument.
We conducted a number of
low-energy seismographic studies
around the base of the Sphinx.
We placed geophones around
the perimeter of the Sphinx.
We pounded on the steel plate,
which was laid on the surface
of the ground.
This sent energy waves
or sound waves into the rock.
And they bounce off of
different layers of rock.
And from that,
we found areas that indicated
hollows or chambers
or voids within the rock.
We found one at the rear
of the Sphinx,
and we found what looked like
a tunnel-like structure
basically along
the body of the Sphinx.
And we found a large,
chamber-like structure
under the left paw
of the Sphinx.
This was totally
unexpected to us.
I was simply looking
for mineralogical changes.
Dr. Schoch's investigation
would be cut short before he
could follow up on his findings.
Dr. Robert Schoch comes along,
and it looks like
there's a chamber there.
The Egyptian military steps in
and stops the whole affair.
That tells me that
there seems to be
some awareness that there
truly is something there,
and that the
Egyptian authorities
wanted to keep a lid on it
and have kept a lid on it
till this day.
Based on our seismic analysis,
I have no question
that there is a chamber
under the left paw
of the Sphinx and that
this is an artificial,
human-made chamber.
This is precisely
where Edgar Cayce suggested
a hall of records might exist.
If we could find
this time capsule,
and it was there, I mean,
this is something
that would literally
change history,
because there's still
much to be discovered
about the human story--
who we are, where we've been,
where we're coming from--
and that's what
Edgar Cayce was talking about.
If Edgar Cayce really did
receive information
about a so-called hall
of records beneath the Sphinx,
could this be evidence
that he was carrying out
an extraterrestrial agenda
to reveal
planet Earth's true past?
Ancient astronaut
theorists say yes
and suggest that Cayce
was also preparing humankind
for an extraordinary future.
Virginia beach.
In this rare footage from 1939,
62-year-old Edgar Cayce
is captured on film
among a growing number
of followers
who now visit him
on a daily basis seeking cures
to their ailments
and insights about the future.
Four years later,
in March of 1943,
Cayce's fame
would grow exponentially
with the publication
of his first biography,
titled there is a river:
The story of Edgar Cayce.
There is a river
by Thomas sugrue
was getting a lot of acclaim,
and his name was becoming
more and more familiar
to more and more people.
Also, World War II
was well underway at that point.
And so, the combination
of people becoming aware
that there was someone
you could ask any question
and you would get
a psychic response,
Edgar Cayce started receiving
vast numbers of requests
for readings during that time.
He started giving
eight to ten readings a day.
His psychic readings
took an extreme toll
on his physical body.
His youngest son told me
that he could see
that his father's body
was not doing well
with so many readings.
I believe, when you are
in a deep trance state
and receiving information,
this information
is coming through
from a very, very
high frequency.
So, your brain is working
at this very, very
high frequency
as if you're pressing
on the gas nonstop.
And that gets very exhausting.
If you did that every day,
eventually, that takes
a toll on you,
and your body starts
to break down.
In September of 1944,
he had a series
of small strokes,
and the reading that he gave
for himself said that he needed
to rest and calm down and not
work as hard as he was working.
On January 3, 1945,
Edgar Cayce passed away
at the age of 67.
In the final year of his life,
Cayce performed
an astounding 1,385 readings.
Some say that Cayce
worked himself to death.
This was not a means
for him to get rich.
It was a means to help humanity,
to be a conduit of records
from a source
of universal knowledge
that he could share
with humanity.
Edgar Cayce stated
that his purpose in life
was to help his fellow humans.
When he died, he left behind
an enormous archive
of psychic readings that are
still being studied today,
and which some believe
could provide important clues
about the future.
Cayce is also largely credited
with introducing
the modern world
to holistic medicine.
He's called the father
of holistic medicine
because he was one
of the first people
to really start talking
in America about
the integration and connection
between our bodies
and minds and spirits.
He also popularized
certain eastern ideas
with which many Americans
were unfamiliar,
including Karma, reincarnation,
as well as a mind-body
connection in medicine.
as a therapeutic tool.
Everything that you find today
on the alternative
spiritual scene was
heightened in public awareness
through Edgar Cayce's readings.
Edgar Cayce said that people
had to fix their thinking,
and you had to have higher help.
You needed your mind
on the right attitude.
It needed to be expectant.
And you needed
some of the life force
of the spirit flowing better.
Cayce believed that
a holistic approach to life
was not only beneficial
to a person's health,
but might also lead
to more people
awakening their own innate
psychic abilities
and learning to access
a higher realm of knowledge
just as he did.
Einstein said
all existence is energy,
and that energy
is being interconnected
through the ether.
I think Edgar was correct
when he says
that you can tap into
all sorts of information
through the ether.
But this is not a science
in a lab.
We are talking about
the state of consciousness.
Edgar Cayce has spoken
about reaching
to a new level of holism.
Higher mental state,
higher vibrational state
of the body,
and more spirituality.
Even though he was a Christian,
his teachings are
way beyond Christianity.
They pick up on Buddhism,
Hinduism, Daoism,
and the Kabbalah teachings.
As humans become
more enlightened,
they can still get new
information from Cayce's files.
Could it be that, by studying
Edgar Cayce's teachings,
anyone can learn how to access
a higher realm?
Perhaps further clues
can be found by examining
Edgar Cayce's visions
of a future
in which humans develop
profound new abilities.
Over the course of his life,
Edgar Cayce gave readings
concerning everything
from critical illnesses
to the ancient past
to major world events.
But perhaps most intriguing
among his many prophecies
is one that predicts
the emergence
of an advanced group of humans.
In July of 1932,
Edgar Cayce predicted
that a new type of human being
would walk the Earth.
He referred to them
as the fifth root race
and described
this new being as having
enhanced psychic powers,
telekinesis, psychic ability,
and expanded
consciousness capabilities.
Root races are a concept
that emerged
from madame H.P. Blavatsky's
two-volume work,
the secret doctrine,
which was published in 1888.
Blavatsky maintained that,
over vast stretches of history,
humanity would be moving into
different evolutionary stages,
uh, of expanded psychical
abilities, for example.
Edgar's predictions
of an emergent generation
in the early 21st century
with heightened
psychic abilities
arguably could line up
with similar predictions that
can be gleaned from Blavatsky.
The fifth root race,
it's something similar
to the idea that a lot of
new age people started
to talk about
from about the 1980s onwards.
The idea that
children would be born
much more psychically sensitive.
They were referred to as
the so-called indigo children
or the star children.
And that, come the 21st century,
there would be this
huge rise in psychic powers
of spirituality and oneness
with the cosmos.
Cayce talked about
individuals being born
that will have psychic gifts
that will be advanced.
And I tend to believe that is
what's happening on the Earth.
A lot of people are
coming around to these
ancient ideas of metaphysics
and spirituality.
And I have encountered
a lot of young people
and worked with them
who have incredible gifts.
And we will see through time
if there's a changing
of the guard in humanity.
Is it possible
that Edgar Cayce's vision
of a fifth root race
is coming true?
And if so,
could this provide insight
into a greater mission
behind Cayce's life's work?
There are some
ancient astronaut theorists
who believe
that these predictions
of humanity's future
may actually be part of a plan
to prepare us for the return of
our extraterrestrial ancestors.
Edgar Cayce believed
that the Akashic Record
can be accessed by anyone.
And I think that
is absolutely true.
It's just that we have not
awakened ourselves.
But if you are able access
the records, like Edgar Cayce,
then the gate
to universe opens up.
I think it's very interesting
to make a correspondence between
ancient astronaut theory
and what Cayce was proposing.
The common denominator is
that there was once
a glorious past civilization
where humans interacted
with extraterrestrial beings,
the Gods.
They lived amongst us.
And one day, they will return,
and humankind
will have full knowledge
of its past,
and we will live
in a new golden age.
Secrets to healings
bordering on miraculous,
lost knowledge of mankind's
true ancient origins,
visions of a future
in which all humans
can awaken their innate
psychic abilities.
Is it possible
that Edgar Cayce's true purpose
was to demonstrate
to mankind the potential
for unlocking
the secrets of the universe?
Perhaps the truth
will only be found
by accessing
the cosmic knowledge
that exists all around us.
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