And Just Like That... (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Trick or Treat

- MIRANDA: [GASPS] Oh, shit.
I heard it.
[SIGHS] I'm sorry.
What time is it?
- It's five.
- Oh, fuck.
I didn't go to sleep till four.
- I'm sorry.
- Hey, come back to bed.
- I can't.
- What?
I have an early class.
If I don't go home
first and wake Brady up,
- he'll sleep all day.
- Sleep all day.
That [GROANS] sounds so good.
Shh. Go to sleep.
I'll be outta here in two minutes.
- Ow!
- Oh, my God.
Shit Sorry.
[SIGHS] Fuck.

Morning, pumpkin!
I got our pumpkin. [LAUGHS]
Oh, and there's, um
there's pancakes.
Not pumpkin. Dropped the ball there.
Mom, I told you, you don't have
to come all the way over here
every morning just to make me breakfast.
I know, but I like it.
And the two of you
would starve if I didn't.
Hey, so, after you eat, you
wanna help me decorate the stoop?
We can't be the only house on the block
with no Halloween spirit.
Isn't this house already scary enough?
- Oh, oh, oh.
Charlotte is going to kill us
for not wearing costumes
to her fundraiser.
I am wearing a costume.
I'm Helen Gurley Brown,
writer and founder
of "Cosmopolitan" magazine, circa 1970.
Oh I just thought you were you.
When have you ever seen me
wear bows in my hair like this?
I don't know. Wednesday?
It's gonna be an early night for me.
I've lost all my sleep in the
Bermuda Schlepping Triangle
between Che's apartment,
Brooklyn, and Columbia,
so I'm wrecked and in a terrible mood.
Now see, you did come in a costume.
- You came as a giant bummer.
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much for coming.
- GUEST: Thanks for having us.
- [GASPS] Guys!
- Hi!
- It's a costume party!
- I'm Helen Gurley Brown.
I have seen you wear that dress
before. It is not a costume.
Charlotte, did you really
think I was gonna come as Belle
- from "Beauty and the Beast"?
- I knew this would be an issue.
- So
- Ooh.
I've come as the comic
disaster that is my life.
For the record, you're
not in a costume either.
- Yeah.
- Yes, I am! I'm Elizabeth Jennings.
You know, from "The Americans."
No, still think it's you.
Okay, wait. You have to see us together.
Harry! Honey, honey, come here.
Oh-ho! Okay, yes!
Now we know it's not you
'cause Harry has hair.
We are a husband and wife team
of Russian spies in the '80s.
I'm Keri Russell, and
he is Matthew Rhys.
See? I have smokey
eye, hair on one side.
- Huh.
- Mm.
Babe, how come nobody's gettin' this?
CARRIE: I-I've no idea
what you're talkin' about,
but I am totally on
board with Harry's hair.
Right?! Right?
This is me in eighth grade!
If one more foodie asks if I'm
supposed to be Padma Lakshmi,
I will file a class-action lawsuit.
Okay, we have a winner.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you. Gettin'
my little Eartha Kitt on.
And for what? Not one fine man here.
Sweetie complete waste of Lycra.
It's a charity event with
all married men and dad bods.
I saw a, a Captain Jack Sparrow
over there. He's kinda hot.
I saw him, too. He's a woman.
Well, I need a man.
And my free one-month subscription
in Chocolate Singles
only got me cyber-stalked
by a white guy named Jeff.
- So, white chocolate?
- And we all know
white chocolate isn't real.
Fret not, I will take you to the place
- to meet single men.
- Oh! Which is?
A sperm bank? A monastery?
A Marvel movie?
A five-star hotel bar.
Super expensive rooms,
so you know he has coin,
and deadbeats aren't allowed
to wander in off the street.
- Huh.
- So, what do you say, Carrie?
Do we show this newbie the ropes?
Yeah, sure. I'm in.
- Yay!
- You are?! Wow!
- I'm kinda surprised.
- "I'm a mouse on the outside,
but inside, I'm this tiger,
and I have to get on with it."
- It's a quote from Helen Gurley Brown.
Yeah, just keep it on the down low ♪
Said nobody is supposed to know ♪
I'm out.
You finally made it!
You are one lucky Frankenstein.
[CHUCKLES] Thanks.
Why did I go through the trouble
of renting you a very expensive
George Washington outfit
- and you don't even wear it?
- Baby, this is a public event.
I didn't wanna end up on
Page Six in a powdered wig.
Also, not great press optics,
you dirty dancing with the Devil.
Well, hon', he's gay.
People don't know that. [CHUCKLES]
He knew the Left Eye, the T-Boz,
and the Chilli parts
verbatim. They know.
Well, it wasn't very dignified.
And besides, this political
run was your idea, remember?
Well, it wasn't my idea for
you to lose all sense of fun.
It's Halloween. Loosen up a bit.
It was on FX for seven seasons.
It won countless Emmys. And a Peabody.
- I look exactly like her.
Oh, like Batman is so original.
Hail Spartacus! I'd recognize
those thighs anywhere.
[SIGHS] Straightest party ever.
We're the only two gay guys here.
Anthony, from the gym.
Still can't place me?
Imagine my hand surrounded
by a lotta steam.
Uh, this is my wife.
Yeah, straight guy with abs like that.
She's a very kinky girl ♪
The kind you don't
take home to mother ♪
[SHOUTS] Are you really
going to a hotel bar
to look for men?
Well if you want a man in your life,
ya can't just sit home and
wait for him to come to you.
All right, Helen Gurley Brown.
- Actually, that one was me.
When I make my move to her
room, it's the right time ♪
She's never hard to please, oh, no ♪
That girl is pretty wild now ♪
SINGERS: The girl's a super freak ♪
- The British are coming.
- That's Paul Revere.
- Oh, I know,
but the founding father
never said anything famous
with the word "coming" in it, so
- just go with it.
You look bizarrely hot.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, but before we get down
to business, Mr. President,
I know you're running for
City Comptroller and all,
but you don't get to "comptroll" me.
The message from the councilwoman
on the comforter
- is received.
- You sure?
Oh, yes.
And I cannot tell a lie.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, oh!
- Don't, don't touch my hair.
- Oh.
Isn't that what you always say?
- Huh? Oh.
Nobody can challenge him
if he has the capability
to launch America's nuclear arsenal.
What more do you need?
A written manifesto?
This show is brilliant.
Everyone's insane.
Mom, Dad, you will not
believe what just happened!
Can it wait till after this scene?
No. I was at the park,
and I landed an ollie,
and this cool guy came up
to me and said I was awesome,
and wanted to know if I
ever thought about modeling.
W-What are you saying? What cool guy?
At the park. He wants you to call him.
We are not callin' some
creep from the park.
No, we certainly are not. [GASPS]
Oh, my God.
This I-I This is Ralph Lauren.
This guy works for Ralph Lauren?
You know who else
works for Ralph Lauren?
Me, as soon as I go to Kinko's
and make a bunch of fake business cards.
[SIGHS] This is embossed
with the Ralph Lauren logo.
It's his real logo!
Please, please, please,
please can we call him?!
- It'd be so awesome!
- It is a scam.
You think some guy hangin'
around a bunch of kids
at a skate park is scoutin' models?
Honey, this show has made you paranoid.
What's the harm in calling?
Because if this guy really
works for Ralph Lauren,
then he works for Ralph Lauren!
- Go, Mom!
- You know, in high school,
I was a model at the mall.
- And guess who I wore?
ROCK/HARRY: Ralph Lauren.
- CARRIE: Thank you.
- BARTENDER: You're welcome.
Last time I went to
a bar to meet a man
my phone folded.
- NYA: Hmm.
- SEEMA: Mm.
Last time I went to a bar
to meet a man was, um
- How is that possible?
- What?
Andre and I started dating
when I was a junior in college,
and I met my high school
boyfriend at Model U.N.
- Always wondered who did Model U.N.
So, by my calculations,
you've only seen two dicks.
I saw more than that last
time I was on the subway.
Do those count? Well,
then I've seen three.
Can I ask how many you've seen?
Enough that you can't surprise me.
- Hmm. Carrie?
- Oh, I'm still surprise-able.
Excuse me, ma'am, are you shocked
this bar doesn't carry Nettle Field gin?
No, I'm shocked that you
are calling me "ma'am."
Well, I was told that's
how you address royalty.
See, now, I'd buy you a
Nettle Field gin martini
but this bar doesn't carry it.
Why do you keep saying "Nettle
Field gin" as if it's a thing?
I rep the brand. I'm trying
to get into this hotel chain.
Excuse me, bartender.
Can I have a Nettle Field gin martini?
I just told him, we
don't carry that brand.
Why not? I hear it's amazing.
I owe you a bottle.
Only one?
- Mama done hooked a fish.
NYA: Oh, my God.
Is this a bar or an aquarium?
I think I just found
my chocolate single.
- Hi.
- Evening.
- Hello.
- NYA: Oh.
- My name is Ian.
- Hi, Ian.
May I, uh buy you a drink?
Well, perfect time for Wordle.
You are very, very hot, your highness.
Thank you. So are you.
Look, I just wanna put this out there,
it has nothing to do with you,
but, sometimes, I suffer from ED.
Erectile dysfunction.
Oh got it.
I appreciate the sensitivity,
but the way things are going tonight,
I just don't think
that's gonna be an issue.
- So, we're cool?
- Yeah, we're cool.
We're cool.
Some ladies are not cool with it.
Well, I guess some women
might feel a little insecure
Only really takes a sec.
- That's cool.
- Okay.
Make this count. Last round, last round.
I can't, I'm too drunk!
- Period!
- I'm out of rolling papers.
- Carry on without me
- Okay. Gimme a light.
But just, like, keep it down.
- CHE: Shh!
Somebody's asleep in the next room!
- [THUD]
- [QUIETLY] Oh, shit. Fuck.
It's okay. I'm awake.
Oh, God. Why don't D-Do
you not have the earplugs in?
- They don't work.
- Ugh.
- What time is it?
- Um, [COUGHS] it's 3:30.
- Oh, my God!
- Um, just go back to sleep.
- I have to be up at five.
- I-I am so sorry.
I just need rolling papers,
but we're gonna totally keep it down.
- Okay? Ow! Fuck! Shit!
- [THUD]
I'm gonna burn that fucking chair.
Good morning.
Ah There she is.
Sorry I had to cancel lunch.
I got a late start today
because that guy stayed over.
Really, really? How was that?
Let's just say I'm still surprise-able.
- He had a penis pump.
- What?!
- CYCLIST: Bike lane! Bike lane!
- He had to pump up his dick.
- Bike lane! Bike lane!
- Bike lane!
- Oh! Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
- Exactly!
No, not you. I
Oh, my God, I h I have to go.
I think I may have killed a man.
[GROANS] You can't stop in
the middle of a bike lane!
Oh, my God! I know, I know, I know that.
- I know. I'm, I'm, I'm so sorry.
- CYCLIST: Fuck.
My friend was telling me something
that literally stopped me in my tracks.
I Never, never mind.
I'm so sorry. Are you okay?
Do you want me to call
an ambulance, maybe?
- Here let me, let me
- Ow! God!
Not, n-not my arm.
- Sorry. I'm so sorry.
- God.
It's my wrist.
- It might be sprained. At least I
- Really?
I hope it's Ow. I
hope it's only sprained.
Well, can I take you to an Urgent Care?
'Cause I also I think I heard
a crack, and a crack is never good.
- Probably just my helmet.
- There's one on 14th Street.
I know, because I-I-I Once
I saw an Olsen twin go in there.
I mean, that's why it, that's
why it stuck in my mind, you know,
because, like, w-what kind
of Urgent Care on 14th Street
would a-an Olsen twin need, you know?
Do they, d-do they live
around here, you know?
I'm sorry, I'm just I'm so
I'm nervously talking 'cause I'm
Would you please Can I, can I
please take you to the Urgent Care?
All right, yeah, uh,
maybe 'cause my wrist
is really, um, starting to pound.
- Okay.
- I'll get your bike for you.
- Yeah, please. Oh, God.
- Ooh!
- I Here, just
Oh, I got it, I got it.
Oh, watch I'm so sorry.
I-I-I got a busy day,
so I hope that they're quick.
Well, I mean, "urgent"
is in their name, so
- Yeah, not in yours.
- Mm, no, sorry. We'll go this way.
- I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
- Fuck.
I never, ever I'm
not one of those people.
Like, I've lived here forever.
I never stop in a bike lane.
Hi, I know we're at
the back of the line,
but I heard him hit his head,
and I'm worried about a clot.
Ma'am, we will get to you
as soon as we can. I promise.
No, I-I get it. I do.
I just don't wanna be
responsible for a clot.
Ya know? I-I've gotta cover my bases.
You wanna move it along?
Go fill these out for your friend.
Okay. Thank you. Will do. Thank you.
Thank you. Shit, this is, uh, [INHALES]
so not a good time for a broken wrist.
Broken? What happened to a sprain?
Uh, well, it's kind of killing me
to text, so
- Here.
- Well, do you want me
to help you fill these forms out? Yeah?
- Oh, uh, yeah. Thank you.
- Okay.
No problem. Of course.
Okay, um, name and date of birth.
Uh, George Campbell.
George Campbell. C-A-M
- P-B-E-L-L.
- P E-L-L.
- Yep.
- Date of birth?
Uh, 10-17-68.
- Oh, happy belated birthday.
Um, address?
- Uh, 245 East 29th.
- Two
Really? Oh, my God, that's so funny.
I'm 245 East 73rd Street.
We're related. [CHUCKLES]
Okay, moving on to the
tougher stuff. Uh
Emergency contact.
Uh, my partner, Paul Bennett.
- B-E-N-N-E-T-T.
- Oh. Partner, gotcha.
Oh. Ha. Uh, [CHUCKLES] no, not
Uh, not husband partner.
- Uh, business partner.
- Oh.
Yeah. Never been married.
Uh, speak of the Devil.
- Hi, Paul.
- Man, where are you?
The final version
of that app deck is due
In two days. Believe me, I know.
Uh, I am at Urgent Care,
- so here.
- No, this is urgent. Okay?
We're, we're running out
of buyers. It's do or die!
Yeah, all right, let me finish.
Um, I am here, stuck
in whatever the opposite
of a hit-and-run is. Meet Carrie.
Oh, hi, hi. [CHUCKLES]
Again, I'm m-mortified about this.
I'll never get used to those bike lanes.
They didn't have 'em when
I came to New York in 1822.
- PAUL: George?
- RECEPTIONIST: Sir, with the wrist?
You can go back to exam room two.
PAUL: What is goin' on over there?
- Paul, I'll call you back.
- Okay. Um
- Do you need help with
Nah, I'm good. I'll just take this.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I'll take that.
And, uh thank you.
- Of course. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- I'll say hi to the Olsens.
- HARRY: I'm home!
- Hi, Dad!
Whoa! Rock is helpin' to make dinner.
What? Did I come home
to the wrong house?
What is What is this
Norman Rockwell scene here?
Honey, we have been
doing some more research
on the Ralph Lauren shoot.
Uh, honey absolutely not.
I'm just I'm really
I'm smellin' a, a, a "Taken" type
kidnapping vibe here,
and I just
I don't have the muscle
mass to rescue Rock
from a compound in Belize.
Dad, it's not a kidnapping vibe.
We Zoomed with the advertising team,
and it's actually quite
legitimate and impressive.
It is a progressive family concept,
and Rock will be wearing a Polo shirt,
exactly what I wore as a teen model!
Teen model. Next stop, rehab.
- Mom's not a junkie.
- That's right! I'm not.
Harry, you are being ridiculous.
Rock really wants to do this,
and they've come up with a great idea
of how they would spend
the money they would make.
Plant some trees in Israel!
Look, look, even if it is legit,
it's gonna be exploitative.
Ya know? The next thing
ya know, they're gonna be
usin' Rock's likeness in
God knows what kinda ad.
Harry, this is a Polo campaign.
- What could they do?
- Dad, I hear you.
So, you don't have to come
'cause Mom's gonna take me.
It'll be awesome.
Slippery slope.
I don't know why they call
this place Urgent Care.
It should be called "I
Hope You Have Nothing Else
Planned for the Rest of the Day" Care.
Why are you still there?
Because I made the mistake
of telling him my name,
so now I'm implicated.
I don't wanna get sued. I'm Google-able.
And, you know, the poor guy can't type.
He's got this big sales
presentation in two days,
and it's all about an app he's
desperate to sell. At his age?
I mean, oh, God.
I just hope I didn't
ruin his big chance.
You know, maybe I should
just write him a check.
You're a pushover like me.
[LAUGHS] Since when are you a pushover?
Since last night. I told pump
gin guy I'd see him again.
- Seriously?
- Dating at this age,
there's always something.
We had 30 minutes of great foreplay,
a bizarre intermission,
followed by B-plus sex.
Well, what are you gonna
do if he doesn't bring it?
You gonna swap in the pump
you use for your yoga ball?
With most of these guys, I have to
get myself off anyway at the end.
And at least with him, I had some
laughs and a sexy spoon after.
Oh, 'kay, gotta go. Bye.
Wow You're still here?
- Waiting for a total stranger?
- That is very cool.
- How's the wrist feeling?
- It's pretty good.
- Oh, great.
Great, I just wanted to
make sure it wasn't broken.
Oh, uh, yeah, no. It's, uh,
it's definitely broken.
- Oh.
- That must have been
the opioids talking.
RECEPTIONIST: Sir, the card ya gave us
earlier to put on file was declined.
Oh, right. Uh, shit, that one's no good.
Um, yeah, here. Um, sorry, this one.
Actually, uh, sorry do that one.
Sorry, yeah.
It was so great.
I felt like everyone on the street
was giving me that
"you just had sex" eye.
I love you having a hot walk of shame.
I mean, I get it now.
These one-night stands are amazing!
STUDENTS: Afternoon, Professor Wallace.
- Good afternoon, ladies.
We did it all night long,
and then, I got up,
got dressed, went home,
and slept in my own bed until two.
Jealous. Not of the sex, of the sleep.
- What?
- I'm early mornings, Che's late nights.
I would only sleep there on the weekends
when we could stay in bed,
if I had literally anywhere else to go.
Um you do. Andre's
music room is empty.
Crash there until
Steve finds a new place.
That's an incredible offer!
But y you don't really mean that.
You're just being nice.
I-I'm not nice, and I do mean it.
I don't really like living alone.
And you can't keep going
from Che's to Brooklyn
- at five in the morning.
- I can't.
I'm exhausted, and I look it.
You do.
I told you I'm not nice. [LAUGHS]
- Oh, um
if this is George Campbell, this is, uh,
this is your near-assassin,
Carrie Bradshaw.
- Oh, uh, come on in.
Thank you.
Hi there.
- Hey.
- You again?
Wha Do you live here,
or are you temping for an art gallery?
Nope, uh, I-I live here.
Oh, my.
Was it previously a train station?
- an airplane hangar?
- What a, what a nice surprise.
Um, unless you're here
to break my other wrist?
No, no, no, no, no. No, I come in peace.
- Ah.
- Well, actually, it's guilt.
And to offer lunch and my intact wrists
to help with your big presentation,
if that's not weird.
Umm, it's def-definitely
weird, um [LAUGHS]
- Okay.
- But I can I-I will
take your help because I
just ran out of Percocet.
- Oh, no.
- Uh, so, I assume
you are proficient in Python?
I type 92 words a minute.
Um, Carrot Ginger, Matzo Ball, and Pea.
- There's enough food here for a week.
- Hm.
Who has three different soups for lunch?
I was thinking maybe
you could freeze it.
I [CHUCKLES] I don't
know when your last meal was.
- Do I look like I'm starving?
- No.
Um, you know, just
'cause I'm not married
doesn't mean that I don't
know how to cook or order in.
No, it wasn't that.
I just thought that perhaps
you were in a bit of a bind.
Because, you know, the frantic,
last-chance business call,
and then the credit card situation.
Oh. Uh, okay, so, that credit card
was closed out 'cause of fraud, um,
and Paul and I have just put
way too much time into that app
to, to see it go down the tubes.
You know, we-we've been hustling
in the tech space since college.
Oh, beer pong to all this.
It's impressive.
Yeah, uh, we've sold three apps.
- Wow.
- Uh, hopefully, four, uh, if
you and I can ever get down to work.
- My wrists are all yours.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Here, hold on, let me just, uh
Just gotta wake it up.
- Tiny wrists.
That okay?
Dude, fuckin' hang a towel
on the door if you got company.
Um, yeah, no, and I th
I thought we used a sock.
- Not time for comedy.
Um, your dry cleaner called me again.
- This has been there a month.
- Ah.
Anyway, uh, Paul, this is Carrie.
- FaceTime from Urgent C
- Oh, yeah, yeah. Hi.
Um, yeah, she's helping me
out with my mangled wrist.
Not what it looks like.
We're on a deadline, bro.
It's game time.
Well, I should
probably take my tiny wrists and go.
It's, um, it's rush hour.
Can I borrow a bike?
- Yeah, sure.
Never gonna happen.
I take cabs. Enjoy the soups.
CHE: ABC is, like, so excited.
And my agent's flying
in for the testing,
- which is apparently a good sign.
This red curry is not a joke. [EXHALES]
You know that's what happens
when you order something spicy.
Yes, but I needed
something to wake me up.
- Hmm. Hm.
- I am awake, so please, go on.
What is testing?
So, they ask a bunch of randos
that they find in Times Square
to, uh, give feedback on my pilot.
I guess it helps them figure out how
to best market the show to America.
- Thank you.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay. [EXHALES]
- if my body survives this meal
- Uh-huh.
I'm thinking I may move
into Nya's spare room.
Sometimes, I-I feel like
I'm cramping your style.
Meaning my loud-ass friends
are keeping you awake all night?
- Yes.
- Mm-hmm.
And my crazy-ass schedule
is keeping you awake all morning.
- Oh, is that right? I hadn't noticed.
Plus, Nya's place is, like,
- two minutes away from my house.
- Yeah.
I mean, I love having ya
there, but whatever works
best for you is what I want.
And, uh, and I'm, I'm still
gonna sleep over plenty of nights.
- Don't worry.
- Hmm.
The only thing I'm worried about
is that spice all over your lips
'cause I'm not tryna
have curry-lingus later.
Look, honey.
Oh my, look at how professional!
I am so proud of you.
I haven't even done anything yet.
That's okay. It's already amazing.
Hey, Rock. I'm Bee.
I'll be your stylist today.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
- This is my mom.
- Hi. I'm Charlotte.
- Are you wearing all vintage Ralph?
- Head to toe!
I've been wearing him
since I was a teen model.
Right this way.
Sorry, "model" just came out.
Thank you so much for
asking me to be here, honey.
- It means a lot.
- I'm so glad you can be here with me.
CARRIE: So, how are you feelin' about
the whole roommate situation?
- Great!
- Oh.
We're both going through divorces,
so we'll be like an
angry Laverne and Shirley.
Okay, the room is very small,
so if ya see a single bed that
looks like it won't fall apart
before Steve finds a new
place, throw yourself on it.
Well, it's been a couple months.
How long will that be, exactly?
I-I don't feel I can ask him.
I-I don't feel like I'm allowed
to ask anything right now.
Except to ask me to sit on
someone else's used mattress?
Ugh, these single beds look so sad.
Well, look closer,
'cause maybe they're not.
Case in point,
the single man I'm having
dinner with tonight.
I heard "partner," I thought "gay."
I heard "crash," I thought "lawsuit."
I heard "Urgent Care," I
thought, "This'll be quick."
I got everything wrong.
No more snap judgments.
So, you're saying you think
I should take this one?
Absolutely not. I see that
mattress, I think "bedbugs."
PHOTOGRAPHER: Rock, that's great!
There we go!
All right, Rock turn around.
Big smile, big smile! Lots of energy.
PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, eyes wide.
That was perfect, that was perfect.

Yo, dude, what's happenin'?
- What's good, man?
- PHOTOGRAPHER: You're crushin' it.
Dude, this is a dope shoot.
What's gonna be on
that green screen, yo?
Like somethin', uh,
dirty or sexy or what?
All right, let's keep that head down.
I don't know, bro
but this is a family scene.
There's kids here.
PHOTOGRAPHER: Big smile, big smile!
There we go!
Excellent, Rock. Just like that.
you better get outta here right now
- before Rock sees you.
- All right, another one right here.
Baby there's just somethin'
about this whole situation
that does not sit right with me.
Could it be that I am the fun parent
and you are the heavy for a change?
Mmm maybe.
- Look at that one right there!
- If you don't get outta here
before that kid sees you,
all trust will be broken,
and you will never be
"fun dad" ever again.
- Good point.
- PHOTOGRAPHER: Here we are!
- Later, dude.
- PHOTOGRAPHER: All right, big smile.
I thought you were returning that hair.
- Carrie likes it.
- Over your right shoulder,
- right shoulder.
- And I lost the receipt.
- Peace out.
- PHOTOGRAPHER: There it is Hat off.

Look away like you're too
cool, too cool for school.
That's great, Rock. Just like that.
- That scene with the apron was funny.
Okay. Wow, so we love,
we loved Che's dad.
Any other positive feedback
on the character played by Tony Danza?
- Yeah.
- Great head of hair. So lush.
[LAUGHS] Everybody loves Tony.
Negatives about our dad character?
He looked uncomfortable in
that scene when she cried.
When "they," "they" cried.
Right sorry.
The crying sends a signal
that it's sad to be non-binary.
That is what I said!
I knew the scene was too
much, and I told 'em that.
I told 'em that repeatedly.
- Repeatedly.
- Okay. We have that note.
You've been pretty quiet.
Can we hear some more from you?
- Me?
I mean [SCOFFS] the
whole "Che" character
was like a walking boomer joke
that felt so fake to me.
Just some phony,
sanitized, performative,
cheesy-ass, dad joke
bullshit version of what
the non-binary experience is.
It sucked.
Also, they would not be able to afford
an apartment that big in Bushwick.
Did anyone else have
anything negative to say
about the character of
Che, played by Che Diaz?
Okay, looks like we got a Yahtzee.
MIRANDA: Everybody thinks of TV today
as a place where artistic
people get to be creative.
But the truth is, they just
care about selling soap.
TV is just a-a-a-a-a
corporate conglomerate,
and those corporate
assholes can eat shit.
It's just like corporate law.
They will never get it. And I'm sorry,
Times Square tourists?
They can't possibly
understand your story.
Um a genderqueer person
from Brooklyn tanked it.
That call came from inside the house.
Well, they can eat shit, too then.
And ABC was like, "If that
demographic doesn't like Che"
ABC can eat shit! ABC
can eat shit and die!
Stop telling everybody to
eat shit. It's not helping.
How am I gonna afford this apartment?
I was counting on that TV money.
Okay, so you'll make another show.
You'll make an even better show.
Yeah, doesn't work that way.
You mean it didn't before now
but you're you.
There is nobody like you.
- You just have to suck it up
and, and pull yourself outta this.
- I'll be your cheerleader. Woo-hoo!
- Oh, Miranda, stop.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- Stop.
- Miranda, stop. Stop, stop!
- Let's go!
I don't need a cheerleader!
This isn't a game, this is my life!
This is my career! This is my identity!
It took me 46 years
to figure out who I am,
and then a focus group one
hour to fuckin' destroy me!
So, I don't need to be
all Tony Robbins'd right now.
I got it.
- So, what can I do?
I don't Nothing.
I'm a mess. [EXHALES]
I just need some space.

Would you mind staying the
night at your other place?
Oh, sure of course.
Can I hug you before I go?

So, I'll see ya tomorrow.
You know, honestly, I think I just,
I think I just need a, a bit
A, a few more days alone.
Is that okay?
Yeah, sure.
Wow! Oh!
- Oh!
Woo! [LAUGHS] Ho-ho-ho!
My oh.
Wow, that was great.
Uh, that's not cool.
- [SCOFFS] Are you for real right now?
- Um
- Sir,
do you seriously have the balls
to say something about my device
when I wake up to your
freshly washed penis pump
- drying in my dish rack?
- That's different.
That was just to get us started.
This is so like [IMITATES VIBRATOR]
- So noisy.
- Oh.
I'm sorry if I'm bothering
the man whose penis pump goes
pft-pft-pft in the
middle of my bedroom.
Wow Mm-hmm Mm-hmm.
Not cool.
So not cool.
- Seriously?!
Not cool!
Look at you.
- Uh, l-little help here?
- Oh, sorry. No, I'm sorry.
They're tiny tender buttons.
Mm, here wait one second.
That's probably Paul.
Um, I just need to,
I just need to get this.
- Uh, sure.
- Give me one second. Um
- Uh, dude, what is up?
- Dude, where's the final deck?
I messengered it to you.
I have no final deck.
Fuck. Fuck! Fuck, I forgot to send it.
Uh, I'm gonna, uh, call my
assistant and have him
come pick it up ASAP, okay?
- Are you with her right now?
- Yeah, I'm
- Seriously, dude?!
- With her,
but that is not relevant.
Hey, it's not not relevant!
I will get this to you pronto,
and my head is totally in the game.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
PAUL: Goddammit!
Just stop, all right?
Look, it's, it's
it's nothing against you.
Is it Carrie?
Can you hear me?
Okay, I'm, I'm sorry about all this.
Honestly, it's just It's been a
a few bumpy years.
You know, he's, he's creative,
and I'm, I'm business,
and uh, sometimes I have to push
just to get him across
that finish line
which, uh
I guess it ends up making
me look like the bad guy,
and, and a piece of shit, and I'm not.
I've been in this game for
20-something years now
and, uh, you know, I feel
like he's been just, kind of,
falling off a little bit, like,
"Oh, you know, I'm just gonna give 70%,"
like, that's cool.
It's not fucking cool.
I'm fucking frustrated, Carrie.
- George?
- GEORGE: Be right there!
Just gotta get this deck together!
Hey, listen, I'm gonna go!
He's upset.
GEORGE: Paul's great.
I don't want you to think he's a jerk.
It's, it's just this
sale's a big deal for us,
and it's stressful as hell.
You know how on your
form I checked "single"?
Well, I think you
actually are married
to Paul.
He's not just your business
partner, he's your wife.
GEORGE: No, no, it's not like that.
We're more Lennon and McCartney.
Well, that kinda makes me
Yoko, so I'm gonna go.
- GEORGE: You sure?
- Yep! Leaving!
I wish you a long and happy marriage.
Just smile, just a smile ♪
CARRIE: And just like that,
George and I were over.
But at least I got back up on the bike.
Just smile ♪
Just because the morning is sunny ♪
To say hello, to say good-bye ♪
Maybe somethin' strikes you funny ♪
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