And Just Like That... (2021) s02e11 Episode Script

The Last Supper Part Two: Entree

No. No, no, no. Go, go. I was just, um,
checking to see that you got Wyatt home.
Oh. Okay, good. All right.
Well, I'm about to
shift into party gear.
Tell everyone I said hi.
All right, I love you very much.
I'll talk to you later. Bye.
[GASPS] Hello, darling.
- Hi, sweetie.
Tell me what happened while I
was out getting my fancy napkins.
- Tell me everything.
- All right, tell me later.
Hello, London. What's shakin', lady?
My flight's three hours delayed, Carrie.
I won't be able to
make it there in time.
- In, in time for what?
- The last supper.
Miranda and Charlotte
told me all about it.
[SIGHS] I was gonna surprise you.
Oh, my gosh. Well, you
did. I'm very surprised.
Well, the fog finally lifted,
but the crew? Maxed out.
Oh, I am fucking furious!
Well, no, no, no, don't worry.
We'll just get together tomorrow.
Honey, I just left Heathrow.
I was flying back on the
first flight in the morning.
Wait a minute
you were flying all the way
to New York for an overnight?
Well, it is your apartment,
and I have to pay my respects.
So, uh, put me on speaker.
- Okay.
- Go ahead, put me on speaker,
and hold up that phone.
All right, you're on speaker.
Thank you for everything,
you fucking fabulous, fabulous flat.
Uh, Samantha, do you
have a British accent?
[BRITISH ACCENT] Who's Samantha?
This is Annabelle Bronstein.
I'm from "Injah."
Ta and cheerio.
And have a great night.
Ta Bye.
[GASPS] Oh, no, no!
No outside, no hallways!
Oh, no! No stairs.
Oh, no. No, no, no.
I can't handle any more drama.
- [SIGHS] Rise and shine, sleepy head!
Anthony's here!
[GRUNTS] What? What, w-what?
What does he want?
He said he texted you that
he was on his way over.
He did?
- Where's my phone?
- In a pitcher of margaritas somewhere.
Oh, right.
But w-what, what does he want?
He wants to talk about
losing his ass virginity.
- What?
- To be more specific,
it's a whole "will
he, won't he" scenario.
He didn't talk about
this in front of the kids?
No, no, no, no, no, just in front of me.
Lucky me. No, the kids are out.
I got 'em up and out without your help.
I can't do it all, Charlotte!
I can't talk loud, so,
so please, just listen.
You are not "doing it all."
I know, because you
made a few breakfasts
and you ran a few errands,
that it feels like you are,
but in fact, you're
doing the bare minimum
of what I and other
women have been asked
No, expected to do around the house
for years and years and years.
And now, I am asking
No, no, expecting you
to help me with part
of it, not all of it.
Because I love my work,
and I am good at it.
I wanna keep doing what I am doing,
minus the blackout drinking.
Uh, yeah, good call.
So, I need your help and your support,
not your words of help and support.
And you can support me right now
by going out there and telling Anthony
that I am not available.
I've never even heard
the term "ass virgin."
Levanta la encimera para
ver si todo esta disparado, bueno di
- Entiendes, Victor?
- No. English, Steve.
All right, fine. Uh, let's
clean out the grease traps next.
- Easier, right?
- Yeah.
Hey, uh, you got a visitor.
So, you gonna have to
change the name, huh?
Actually, no.
I'm lookin' forward to bein'
somebody else for a while.
Hopefully, Paul had a better
last couple of years than I did.
That bad, huh?
Miranda, it
It's like I never got off
The Cyclone over there.
I'm surprised my head's
not smashed on the pavement
like a watermelon.
That happened to a prom kid once.
That's why I didn't go to prom.
Also, 'cause nobody asked me.
- What was wrong with those numbnuts?
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, right?
Ya didn't have to come out here.
- I'm good.
- Yeah.
It's okay now.
It's in the past.
So that's why I came out, Steve.
I-I-I-I don't wanna be
just someone in your past.
I don't wanna have to hear
about your life from Carrie.
I don't want you to
forget about me, or us.
[CHUCKLES] And I get
that that's something
that you might want, but
if it's at all possible, in any way,
I-I-I would like to be
someone in your present
and maybe in your future.
If you'd have me.
But just as friends, right?
I mean, you're not gonna flip
it around and go straight again?
'Cause I can't get anywhere
near that roller coaster.
No. Me neither.
Not that I want to 'cause
I don't.
You were smart about a lotta things.
You were smart about us buying the house
and moving to Brooklyn when we did.
We could never afford
to buy that place now.
And you were right about
us being good parents.
Yeah, we didn't kill him.
- Yet.
- Yet.
Only thing you weren't
right about was us.
I was right about us
for a very long time.
- Yeah.

- Yes?
Gene. I just got your text message.
- I would have come to your office.
- It's fine.
I needed to get my 10,000 steps in.
- Oh.
- Only 9,000 to go.
- Shall we sit?
- Yes. Yeah. Of course.
Someone's been elected to the
prestigious American Law Institute.
And it's not me.
I've been prestigious for 15 years.
Gene, you just submitted me last week.
You said it would take a while
for the governing board to decide.
It usually does,
but when it's the brilliant, tenacious
Professor Nya Wallace
of Columbia University,
the voting was swift and unanimous.
Even old Larry.
- Who's old Larry?
- My nemesis.
I can't believe this.
you're a jewel.
Everyone here at Columbia knows that.
And now the American Law Institute
wants you in their crown as well.
Even old Larry.
Listen, I'm kind of
liking this old Larry.
- Trust me, you won't.
- Hey! How was your day?
I was unanimously elected to
the American Law Institute.
Congratulations! That's amazing!
Yeah, it is. [CHUCKLES]
And you know what I did after
receiving the amazing news?
I picked up my phone to
share it with Andre Rashad
then I remembered.
How sad is that?
Nya, you have a great life.
You're a beloved and tenured professor
at one of the best law
schools in the entire world.
- This is the life you wanted.
- Yes.
Except no man to share it with.
[INHALES] Oh There.
I said it.
You know, I don't feel like
being around people tonight.
I'm gonna text Carrie my regrets.
I understand, but could
I just say two words?
Michelin chef.
So, a Michelin chef meal is
gonna make me feel all better?
Well, better than staying home.
Plus, you'll have a wingman for Che.
- Win-win.
- Mm-hmm.
- Oh, my God, the table is gorgeous.
- Oh, thanks. Yeah.
I really went crazy in here, you know?
But if not now, well, then, um, never.
- GREETER: Hello, welcome.
- I'm here!
- Hi!
- Hi! I'm here!
- Hi.
Oh, my God, Carrie!
- Carrie, it's so fancy.
- Oh, yeah.
Do you remember when we
used to sit right here
and eat cold sesame noodles
- out of cardboard boxes?
- Yes, I certainly do.
- Aw.
- I do. Hey, where's Harry?
Oh, he's stuck at
work, but he'll be here.
Okay. All right, well, I
should go check on things.
- You guys are good for drinks?
- BOTH: Yes.
Okay. All right.
Hey, Carrie, do you know what the stain
on the ceiling is coming from?
Uh, I have no idea,
but it's your stain now.
- CHARLOTTE: Hi, handsome.
- How are ya?
- You're drinking.
Oh, I'm so sorry, am I
not supposed to know yet?
- W-We lost it.
I miscarried.
- Oh, my God.
- Not here.
Sorry I'm late. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- The Apple Store was a zoo.
- The Apple Store?
Your new iPhone 14 Pro Max.
Oh, and bringin' out the big guns, huh?
Well, she needs all the
power and options she can get.
She is slayin' at work.

Evening, gents.
Where the hell are you fleeing to?
Is the fancy celebrity chef a bust?
Oh, hardly. Boy, is he fancy.
No, since I, uh,
only have an Easy-Bake Oven up there
- Lisette's letting him use
her fancy gay-guy kitchen in here.
That is very nice of her.
Well, for the price I
gave her my apartment,
she had no choice. All
right, see you in a few?
- See ya then.
- Okay. Gotta check on the kitty.
After you. Unless it makes
you feel like a woman,
then after me.
Oh, oh, you've got
the best of my love ♪
Stop checkin' out my ass.
It's not on the menu tonight.
- CHE: Hey.
- GREETER: Good to see you.
Thanks. Ooh.
Hi. Hey, I'm, I'm Lisette.
I'm Carrie's downstairs neighbor.
- Oh, hi. I'm Che.
- Yeah, I, I know.
Um, I loved your podcast.
- Oh.
- Is, um, is there any
big, new comedy thing I
should be looking out for?
Um yeah, not right now.
You know, to tell you the
truth, and [CHUCKLES]
I don't know you at all and I'll
probably never see you again,
- so why not, right?
- Yeah, go for it.
I'm transitioning. Yeah, emotionally.
Yeah, the old me's fucked,
- and the new me's not here yet.
- Mm.
You're in your cocoon stage.
Yeah. It's like me when I
came to New York from LA.
- It can be really hard.
- Hm.
Then one day I, um, I woke up
and I made this butterfly ring.
Oh, to remind you of your metamorphosis.
I also really like butterflies.
- I'm hella literal, [CHUCKLES] so
- Oh.
Look who it is. What's up, bud?
I haven't seen you since
you fucked our podcast over
for that lame TV pilot that
you totally fucking failed in.
At least I had a pilot, Jackie.
No one would even give
you a lame TV pilot
to totally fuckin' fail in.
- Hi, I'm Smoke.
- Lisette.
This is how stand-ups express love.
Come on. Gimme that thing I need.
- Zoloft?
- [GASPS] Hey!
- Carrie Bradshaw. Hugs!
- Hugs!
- The Beatles are back together!
[SIGHS] Okay.
I got your back, and you got mine.
I don't really know any of these people.
- I'm not feeling very chatty.
- Ohh.
Have we met?
- Yes.
- You look so familiar.
We met briefly at Bar T in Brooklyn.
- It, it was a while ago.
- Okay, Bar T's my place.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to exclude you.
I'm Toussaint, Toussaint Feldman.
Oh, you're the Michelin chef!
- Yes.
- Oh.
Bar T. T for Toussaint.
- Yes.
- [LAUGHS] Okay.
And you were a rampart.
You were using your purse
- as a rampart.
I was. I had a giant
purse, and you said that.
- Yeah. [CHUCKLES]
- He said that to me.
- And you were married.
I'm not now.
[SOFTLY] You can go up now.
- What about my back?
Your back's fine.
- I'll see you upstairs.
MIRANDA: Okay. Thank you.
I'm Professor Nya Wallace.
- Professor Wallace.
- You can call me Nya.
Nya, it's so good to see you again.
[CHUCKLES] Good to see you, Chef.
- CHE: Salud.
- Yes, salud.
CHE: Mm, are you gonna
get fired after this?
It's cool, don't worry, don't worry.
Hi, we can't ruin Carrie's thing.
I will never do those jokes
or talk about you on stage ever again.
I am so sorry I hurt you.
I was just so surprised.
I thought we ended well.
Yeah, well, I did too.
Until you never returned my two calls
and you ghosted my texts.
But that is not why I did those jokes.
- I thought they were funny.
- I'm bad at leaving relationships,
I'm sorry.
- And those jokes were not funny.
- Agree to disagree.
but, Che, us? [SCOFFS]
[CHUCKLES] What was all that?
[CHUCKLES] Miranda,
we were a train wreck.
Okay But, like, a
good train wreck, right?
- You know, where nobody dies
and you get off the
train in a new place,
a-a-a place where you,
you needed to go to
but only that train could get you there.
- That's what I wanna believe.
- Okay.
- We were a good train wreck.
- Oh, stop it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Hey, everything okay in there?
- Yeah.
[GASPS] Happy last supper!
- Hey. Lovely to see you again.
- Likewise. Thanks for coming.
Yes, I know this place.
I love Rome so much.
But don't you miss it?
Well, actually, I'm returning soon.
Uh, you are? When?
Next month, I'm thinking.
But you're coming back.
Not certain. New York
publishing is kind of, um
Qual è la parola?
What is the word? Um
When you cannot go any further,
uh, make your way, uh
It stops you, huh? A wall.
- Impenetrable.
- Impenetrable, sì.
This is New York to me.
HERBERT: Nicely done, Harry.
- I bet you destroy at Scrabble.
- Oh, no, no, no, no.
I demolish. Three more points.
- I like this piece very much.
- Oh, thank you.
I haven't decided if our lady is, um,
having the time of her life
or, um, in a grueling dance marathon.
- Oh, excuse me. I have to take this.
- Of course. Of course.
Get over here.
Uh, a little help here?
No, sorry. I'm not putting
any more energy into this.
I said, "I love you," and suddenly,
he's always on his phone again?
Really? Really? I-I-Is
he always on his phone?
'Cause he was just
standing here, trapped,
listening to me go on about
a thrift store painting.
I should never have
said "I love you" first.
I haven't made that
mistake since I was a temp
at a law firm in 1990.
And I said it to a gorgeous,
young junior partner
who I was seeing there.
And the very next day, he let me go,
claiming I was a temp.
- Because you were a temp.
- Well, convenient for him.
This is how it starts.
Ravi's pulling away.
He can't take his eyes off you.
You're No, no, no, no, no, no.
You're the one pulling away.
Because, I think maybe you're scared.
This might be real,
this might be what
you've been waiting for,
and you might be scared to death.
take a breath.
[SIGHS] Take a breath.
You are not a temp.
Hi, welcome back.
I'm sorry. It was the studio.
- Couldn't be helped.
- It's okay.
Would you like another drink, darling?
Oh, yes. Please get her a nice,
big glass of something strong.
I won't let you fuck me,
so you're leaving the country?
This is about more than your ass.
You are always making excuses
to not let me in everywhere.
Too young, too old, poet, sphincter.
I mean, can you believe this closet?
Oh, my God, she left me the bras.
Oh, my God.
- Look, Tony, this
- A-All right, enough with the Tony.
This is not about your ass wall.
This is about your other walls.

You're right. It's me.
I have issues. I do.
I've only been in love once before,
and I called all the shots.
You are in love with me?
- Have I not said that yet?
- [CHUCKLES] Another wall.
It's quite late, but Shoe
just wanted to say hello.
- Her name is Shoe?
- Oh.
Yes, but, you know,
with a double meaning.
You know, shoe as in, you know, shoe,
and shoo as in, "Shoo!
Get outta my shoe."
- CARRIE: Oh, it's past her bedtime,
so I gotta put my baby to bed.
- Say good night, baby.
Say good night. Oh!
Good night.
Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me.
- Pardon me.
- Lis, it's me.
Are you all right?
Did I wish the baby away?
You didn't wish anything away.
Don't you even think like that.
Get that thought out
of your beautiful head.
I just feel so guilty
about everything I said.
- You have feelings.
We both have feelings.
I was thrown, too. But Lisa,
thoughts are only thoughts.
And they're nothin'
to feel guilty about.
It wasn't meant to be.
It wasn't meant to be.
And God has other plans for us.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
CARRIE: Okay, can everyone
please take their seats?
Dinner is served.
Do you wanna leave?
No no.
The table is so pretty.

- I call this one "Enjoy Olives."
- [CHUCKLES] Okay.
You start with the green one,
and then you continue
with the black one.
Once you eat the black olive,
immediately after, you lick
the little spoon on your plate.
It has the essence of tangerine blossom.
I lick the spoon after the black one?
That's exactly what I want you to do.
Mm. Oh!
It exploded in my mouth.
I wasn't expecting that.
- ALL: Mm.
- Wow.
- This is so good.
- Onward?
- All right, let's do it.
Okay, let's go.
That was amazing.
It's the studio again.
I have to take this.
But you didn't even
lick your little spoon.

So, um, what other surprises do you have
in store for us tonight, Chef?
Well, I guess you'll just
have to wait and find out.
- Get a room.
No, absolutely not.
No, is that clear enough, mate?
Tell that to the
Egyptian Film Commission
and call me right back.
Ravi, that's the main course.
You've been out here
since the appetizer.
Egypt just changed the
date I'm permitted to shoot
in front of the Great Sphinx.
My producer wants to flip
New York and Cairo dates.
Well, can't you just
build the Great Sphinx
out of foam in Yankee
Stadium or wherever?
I mean, don't you movie people do that?
If I want the Sphinx, I
have to leave New York now.
Do you know who's not the Sphinx?
You. 'Cause this situation
is clear as a bell.
I said, "I love you,"
and you're just, like
Are you seriously suggesting I concocted
a fake Egyptian crisis because
I have a fear of commitment?
Who said "fear of commitment"?
I didn't say fear of commitment.
But it is kinda convenient.
Because I said, "I love you,"
- and you're outta here.
- And I said "I love you" right back.
Yes, in between the DMs and TikToks
from every actress
and wannabe out there.
I have not Tik'd or Tok'd since we met.
And you know what I mean
by Tik'd or Tok, right?
Oh, come on, Seema, I have
given you absolutely no reason
to not trust me or my word.
Your questioning and your
doubt and your insecurity
is not only a insult
to me and my feelings,
but to what we have,
and what we could be.
I don't know whose crazy
movie you're starring in,
but it's certainly not mine.
Egypt's calling. See? It's all real.
Hello? Ravi Gordi.
Commissioner, hello. Yes.
- 'Kay.
Well, um, in honor of
my letting this place go
which has meant everything to me, um
I would like us all
to go around the table,
and say something we wanna let go of.
- Only one word.
- Otherwise, we would be here all night.
- Exactly, exactly. So, one word.
And no repeats.
So, if somebody says your word,
you have to think of something else.
Those are the rules.
CHE: Huh.
Che, what is something
you wanna let go of?
- Rules.
Okay, going around the table: Smoke.
Um, [INHALES] competitiveness.
All right, my turn. My, my turn. Um,
something I wanna let go of, one word.
I know. Smoke.
- I hate you.
- [LAUGHS] No. No, no, no.
For real, for real, for
real, um, nervousness.
I would let go of my nervousness.
Social-media. [CHUCKLES]
I hyphenated.
- It's okay.
- Yesterday, too.
- Oh, great minds.
New word.
Um regret. No. No, no.
Um guilt.
Oh, sugar!
- That was mine.
- Oh, sorry.
- Okay, new word.
Um nope. Sorry, Carrie.
It's okay.
[INHALES] I'm letting go of guilt.

Um, can you, uh, c
Just come back to me?
- CARRIE: Sure.
- Thanks.
- Fear.
I'm sorry, was that
too real? I feel like
Nope. I think we're all
just too afraid to say it.
- Limits.
- Hm.
And to be clear, I'm not
talking about having dreams
or wanting something to happen.
It's so important. I'm talking about
you know, assuming things will go
the way we think they should.
For whatever reason.
Because you never know
what tomorrow will bring
and it might be greater
than anything you ever expected.
Carrie, that was
way more than one word.
- ALL: Cheers!
To you all, to you all
to you all, to you all.
- To you all, to you all.
- ALL: Cheers.
You've actually never told me
- that you two had a
Guys. [SIGHS] That was my boss.
Something just came up with
the case we've been working on,
and she can't leave her baby,
so she's asked if I could do
a live interview tonight on the BBC.
- BOTH: Oh, my God.
- Wow.
MIRANDA: I know!
Thank you, Carrie.
The party was amazing!
- Thank you!
- Good luck!
Yeah, we'll be watching!
- Can I offer you a ride home?
- Thanks. Oh.
You said ya live in
Harlem. I live in Brooklyn.
Well, my favorite way to Harlem
is through Brooklyn.
- MIRANDA: Oh, 'scuse me.
- Oh! Uh, uh, w
What's happening? Where
you off to so fast?
I'm gonna be on the BBC. [LAUGHS]
Ooh, wow.
- Oh, taxi! Taxi!
Thank you! [PANTING]
Thanks for stopping.
going to the BBC studio.
It's on, uh, 52nd Street.
Do you know how few directors
have ever even been given permission
to film in front of the Great Sphinx?
Only 12.
Not helping your case.
I have the fix.
Come with me to Cairo.
It's only for five months.
Five months in the sand?
I wear heels, and I
have a job in New York.
But you work for yourself, right?
I am not giving up my career
and this person that I've
worked so hard to become
for a man. Full stop.
- So?
- Ravi.
This is real for me, too.
I've never felt this way
in all these years I've longed to.
And now, you're leaving
and I'm terrified.
Oh, Seema. There is
nothing to be afraid of.
- Well
- I'm coming back,
because I'm in love with you.
And because you made me sign
that ironclad lease for that apartment.
- Come here.
Oh, thank you. [GASPS] Hey!
- Joy.
- Fear.
[LAUGHS] You're gonna be great.
The BBC are ready. Are you ready?
I'm-I'm ready. I hope.
Course you are.
It'll be finished in five minutes,
and then we'll go and get a drink.
- Oh, I don't drink.
- Think you might.
- STAGE MANAGER: Here we go.
- Okay.
- In five, four, three, two
Yes, at Human Rights Watch,
we've been monitoring the situation
with the detained
migrants for some months.
But over the last 48 hours,
we've grown more concerned
with a large movement of vehicles
into the detention area.
- Well, that went that went well.
Best party I ever gave.
And now I get the
perks of having a pet.
- A conversation with no feedback.

One second. I'll be right back.
I thought you were in Norfolk.
What are you doing here?
I was ringin' the buzzer.
Oh, [CHUCKLES] I bet it finally broke.
There was a lot of
activity. Don't tell Lisette.
- That's who let me in.
- Oh.
Look at you.
- You're in the apartment.
You said you'd never set
foot in the apartment.
Do you, uh, do you want a
drink? I have everything.
Uh, yeah, maybe a beer.
[CHUCKLES] Everything
but beer. Um, red wine?
No, just Y-You have a drink.
Why? Do I need a drink?
Where's your luggage?
Oh, I don't have any. Come sit.
I don't have any because I gotta
I gotta go right back.
- Okay.
- [SIGHS] He needs me.
Sure. Of course.
No, of course. Stay
Stay down there with, with
Wyatt as long as you need.
Don't even think about coming up,
you know, back up here
until you feel good.
I don't think I can come back up.
What do you mean?
He had Psilocybin in his system.
Fuckin' shrooms and beer and
a car crash at 14.
Uh, where do you even
get magic mushrooms?
He needs a lotta watchin', that one.
Right, but are y
Are you saying that
that you're not gonna
be coming back up here
every other week like we've been doing?
- I am.
- Wait, wait, wait.
So, not even w-when he's at Kathy's?
Kathy [SIGHS] This happened
while he was at Kathy's.
He hitched back to the farm
'cause he wanted to be back home.
'Cause the farm's his
home. I'm, I'm home.
And not just for Wyatt.
Ya know, my other two
are only 17 and 20.
I mean, their whole lives,
I've, I've been the constant.
Kathy's back and forth
from China or England
for the textile factory,
or with her boyfriend.
I mean, I've, I've
always been there. I'm
- I need to be there.
- Okay, w-well
well, I can, uh
I could come down there
and, um, spend time
with you while you're there.
You know, when you get
a chance to get away.
[SIGHS] No. No, I-I'd
only be thinking of you.
Oh, my God. Are you
Are you not even going
to be thinking about me?
[CHUCKLES] No, of course.
I-I've been thinkin' of nothing but you
for all these years.
God, I can't believe
we're back here again.
Hey. No, no, no. We're not back Hey.
We're not back here again.
Carrie. Listen.
Listen. Look at me. Look.
[SIGHS] The only thing,
the only thing
that I love more than
I love you is my boys.
I made a commitment to them.
But I won't lose you again.
Okay? I won't.
- Just gimme some time.
- How much time?
[SIGHS] Till Wyatt's out of his teens.
Well [SIGHS] That's six years.
It's five. His birthday's next
week. It's only five years.
Remember, on Valentine's Day
when I said 10 years
went by like [SNAPS]?
Five years will go by like
- You didn't snap them.
- Oh, I did.
It happened so fast, your
eyes didn't even detect it.
That's, that's five years.
I thought I'd let go.
- Of what?
- Expectations.
Come here.
"Connect to a Wi-Fi network."
- Done.
- "Then, set up FaceID or TouchID."
- Should we just call Rock?
- No, no, no, no, no.
Honey, we can figure this out together.
- Okay.
- I just
I, I, I don't know why the
phone is not activating.
- Why do we have to set up
- Can we finish it
- in the morning, please?
- No, baby. Let's finish it now.
No, no, no, no, no. Give it to me.
I'm gonna do it all by myself.
- I don't need no light to see you ♪
Yeah. Oh, of course, I do.
Shine ♪
It's your golden hour ♪
- Ohh ♪
You slow down time ♪
In your golden hour ♪
Ohh ♪
We were only gettin' better ♪
Driving in a circle, a whirlpool ♪
Goin' 'round forever ♪
How could I be so lucky? ♪
Nobody has loved me ♪
Without all the pressure ♪
Of makin' tiny errors ♪
'Cause we just laugh it off ♪
Still havin' a ball ♪
I don't wanna go home ♪
To the rest ♪
Of my life ♪
You know nothing compares ♪
- So
Do you have anything to eat?
- Eat? We just ate.
- Well, I didn't.
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Come in.
She's got glitter for skin ♪
My radiant beam in the night ♪
- I don't need no light to see you ♪
Shine ♪
It's your golden hour ♪
Ohh ♪
You slow down time ♪
In your golden hour ♪
We were just two lovers ♪
Feet up on the dash,
drivin' nowhere fast ♪
- Burnin' through the summer ♪
Radio on blast,
make the moment last ♪
She got solar power ♪
Minutes feel like hours ♪
She knew she was the baddest ♪
Can you even imagine,
falling like I did ♪
For the love of my life ♪
She's got glow on her face ♪
A glorious look in her eyes ♪
My angel of light ♪

- CARRIE: Hey.
No matter what happens
and this
was not a mistake.
Nothing's gonna happen.

It was just two lovers ♪
Sittin' in the car,
listenin' to Blonde ♪
Fallin' for each other ♪

- Hey, Seema.
- Is he still there?
- Nope. He's gone.
- SEEMA: So is Ravi.
Look, we're not just gonna
sit here in this hot city.
I got us a place on the beach.
No. I'm not up for the Hamptons.
SEEMA: The Hamptons? Carrie,
who said the Hamptons?
So what, I'm waiting five months
and you're waiting five years?
I might get time off
for good behavior.
Well, as you suggested, we ran at love.
- And where did that get us?
What if they never come back?
- Oh, there will be more.
- Men?
Cocktails. Ooh, excuse me?
- 'Scuse me?
- Yes, yes?
- Cosmopolitans.
- Parakaló.
- Parakaló.
CARRIE: And just like that
I ordered two more Cosmopolitans.
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