Andi Mack (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Were We Ever?

1 Previously on Andi Mack - I need to talk to you.
- Okay.
- Andi - Andi! Who's that? It doesn't matter.
What were you gonna say? I'll tell you later.
Look at you guys.
Here together We're getting a birthday present for Amber.
You remember her, right back? Jonah's girlfriend who's still his girlfriend.
See how this makes her eyes sparkle? Wow! You look really pretty.
That one likes you.
Even if he doesn't know it yet.
- You don't know that.
- You'll see.
Thanks, Andi.
You're a great pal.
Guys, I need a face for picture day.
- Too easy.
- (Andi laughs) Listen, this is important.
In grade school, I went with the classic "Please love me.
" But this is middle school, I wanna branch out, show some moxie.
Which one of these you like better: Young Ben Affleck or future yoghurt millionaire? You do know picture day's a racket? Picture day is a sacred institution.
You can get an 8x10 picture of yourself in any photo lab in the country.
For two dollars.
It's not just any 8x 10 picture of me.
It's an 8x10 picture of me perched awkwardly on a stool, in front of a blue backdrop.
Ease up.
I think you hit a vein.
Excuse me.
Just wanted to introduce myself.
I'm the new principal, Dr.
Nice to meet you.
Andi, Cyrus, Buffy.
I want you to know, I'm not a scary principal, I'm an approachable one.
I don't see any reason why we can't be friends.
(sniffs) Well, I do see one reason.
- Me? - Your attire.
Specifically, your leggings.
When was the last time you read the Jefferson Middle School dress code? I didn't know there was one.
Of course there's a dress code.
You're here to learn, not distract each other with your body parts.
Who am I distracting? Because that would be a first.
I want you to know, I have a sense of humor, but I'm choosing not to exercise it right now.
I hear if you don't exercise a sense of humor, it loses muscle tone.
(laughing) Nothing? Tough crowd.
This went south very fast.
I will be distributing a copy of the dress code to every student.
You can plead ignorance today but not tomorrow.
Which is picture day! Don't forget! No chance of that! Sorry, that was an involuntary response to the words "picture day.
" (theme music playing) I'm standing on the edge And everything I know-oh-oh Has blown away Life is upside down But any way it go-o-oes I'll work it out Oh oh oh oh oh Here we go One, two, three! I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way All the way "No jerseys, no tank tops, no crop tops"? "No shorts, no leggings, no yoga pants.
" "No oversized clothing.
" You're making that up.
"No oversized clothing"? Why would anyone ban oversized clothing? Is he against being cozy? So what are you gonna do about it? Do? It's the dress code.
It's a code.
It's a school law! That's been in effect since February.
It's not like he can monitor what every student's wearing.
He's definitely gonna be monitoring Andi.
And it's so unfair.
You're not a troublemaker.
Maybe you should be.
Cyrus: No, no, no, no, no, no.
You do not want to run with the troublemakers.
They're like coyotes.
They're mean, and they hunt in packs, and they're night feeders! How's middle school going for you, Cyrus? Bit of a roller coaster.
Okay, well, there are other kinds of troublemakers.
Like the ones who don't let somebody tell you what you can and cannot wear.
Does any of this seem fair to you? - No.
- It's not fair.
It's like we're in prison.
I come alive, one request tonight I'm comin' strong, game on, and I'm ready to fight I got the moves, so what you gonna give me and my girls Hey, world, we're comin' for you Because my mind gets jumpin' and I won't be stoppin' Just 'cause you've got somethin' to say Say it! Yeah, come on, come on, come on, say it! Yeah, come on, say it! Yeah! Come on, come on, say it! You know it makes me want it more Say it! So I gather you're not happy with the dress code.
Up until yesterday, we didn't even know we had one.
And everything worked just fine.
Did it? Then why am I here? Why does Jefferson Middle School suddenly have a new principal? We give up! Your grade point averages.
Your test scores.
Your numbers are falling! This used to be the third-ranked middle school in the city.
Now it's 10th.
Out of how many schools? A hundred and sixty-two.
So that's what, a 4.
3 percent drop? Her test scores are still very high, but her socks may be too colorful.
Oh! Oh! Still not exercising that sense of humor, I see.
We understand that there needs to be a dress code.
All we're asking is that it's reasonable.
Is that too much to ask? No, really, I'm asking.
This is my first protest.
No, you're doing great.
But this prison garb is against dress code.
- Since when? - Since just now! - You can't do that! - Oh, but I can.
It's in another pamphlet called, "Oh, But I Can!" (laughs) Consider my sense of humor exercised.
I liked it better before he was funny.
And now you can either go home and change, or just stay home, until you decide that your education is more important than your wardrobe.
You'd suspend us just for what we're wearing? Guys, come on.
You've had your fun, now let me do my job.
I'm your principal, not your prison warden.
Students (chanting): Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! X-X-L! X-X-L! X-X-L! X-X-L! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! Freedom of dress! - Andi: What do we want? - Students: Leggings! When do we want them? Students: Now! And extra large sweatshirts! X-X-L! Students: X-X-L! X-X-L! X-X-L! So, are you gonna suspend all of these kids? Ooh, that's not gonna help this school's academic standing.
This is hilarious! You know what's going on? Yeah, we're protesting the dress code.
Why? Because I wore leggings to school yesterday, and I got in trouble for it.
Can you believe that? Huh? I mean, the dress code's totally unfair.
They have all these random restrictions, especially for girls.
So it's like we're in prison.
Oh, I get it.
Like a metaphor.
Exactly! So now we have this protest that I'm the leader of.
Do you wanna join us? I could totally get you a uniform.
Nah, I'm I'm good.
- Okay.
- Hey, don't forget.
Space Otters team picture's this afternoon.
First one ever, it's gonna be in the yearbook.
You'll be there, right? Definitely.
If I can, there's just a lot going on.
No, listen, you have to be there.
This is important to me.
I want the whole team to be in this picture.
Then I'll be there.
You rock, Andiman.
You never let me down.
Is he gonna put on a uniform? Nah, he's good.
He'd be better if he put on a uniform.
Bex: My principle, okay? Yeah, that's right, it's your body, your clothes, your style.
There you go.
Thank you for joining the cause.
Here you are.
- Thank you for joining the cause - I'm the principal here.
Oh! Thank you for joining the cause! Leave the premises immediately or I will call the police.
No need.
I'll go.
And I'm confiscating this box.
All yours.
You can strive you can all show 'em Not try to prove you're a bigger man - (students cheering) - Don't stop Jump, jump! You're ready for We've flown away Do any of you know who that woman is? Let me put it another way.
Do any of you who wish to graduate with the rest of your class know who that woman is? Yeah I know who she is.
So, do you wanna change first or should I? What do you mean, change? Into our picture day clothes? These are our picture day clothes.
(laughs) No.
I have a cobalt blue Italian linen shirt and a satin batwing bowtie from the Diamonds Are Forever James Bond collection in a garment bag in the teachers' lounge.
Save my place.
I'll be right back.
- Cyrus.
- Buffy? The whole point of this protest is to show that we're not free to wear what we want.
But it's picture day.
The James Bond collection? (mutters) Nobody has to know.
Cyrus, we're the leaders of this movement.
We have to be strong.
But I'm not strong.
I'm weak! This line is moving so fast.
It'll be fine! You'll be a hero! Not to my parents, who need this picture for their mantles to reassure themselves that they didn't damage me in their bitter divorce.
It started like some stupid fairy tale One look you threw me off my feet And whoa, oh whoa! Got nowhere to run I'm feelin' like a fool I can't return This story welcomes you and I Whoa-oh-oh-oh! This time I'm up at the plate This time I'm out Hey, buddy, it's picture day.
This look on your face.
Got anything else? Cyrus! I know what your picture face should be! What? Troublemaker.
I'm gonna wear it backwards.
'Cause that's what troublemakers do.
The party's here don't you know Landing like a tornado You want a little fun Look out 'cause here I come You wanna go wild You wanna set this off Hold onto your glass 'cause the party's here You're here! I told you I would be.
I want you up front.
Are we ready? Uh, one second.
You got your jersey under that, right? Where's your jersey? In my locker.
You have to wear it.
Go get it.
No, I'm good.
Listen, I've got other teams to photograph.
Real ones.
I hate it when they say that.
I know you do.
We are a real team.
We play a real sport.
This is why I need you to wear your jersey so they take us seriously.
It's important.
To you.
Wearing this is important to me.
I'm just asking you to wear the Space Otters jersey for five seconds.
For me? - Okay.
- Yes! I'll wear the Space Otters jersey for the picture if you can tell me why I'm wearing a prison uniform.
We talked about it earlier.
I explained why it was important to me.
Yeah that's what I thought.
Are you okay? No, I'm not okay.
We did the protests, nothing changed, and now we've both been called to the principal's office.
This is bad! What's the worst that could happen? I could get suspended.
That goes on my permanent record! - Forever! - Little secret.
There is no permanent record.
What? Yep.
They made it up to scare kids.
Well, it worked.
There's also no boogyman and your face will not stay that way.
I'm glad you could make it.
I don't know if you remember me.
We met in the parking lot.
I'm the new principal, Dr.
And I (laughs) have been looking through your permanent record.
- May I see it? - No.
And yours had been empty.
Until today.
Aw, it's like my permanent record had a baby.
Metcalf, I just wanna be able to wear my clothes.
The same clothes I wear every day.
And my fellow students have still, somehow, been able to get an education.
And I just wanna be a principal who has the respect of his students.
It's only day two and clearly, I don't.
I do respect you.
But I would respect you a lot more if we could maybe talk about adjusting the dress code? I could maybe talk about adjusting the dress code if you and your friends agree to never wear prison uniforms again, and you agree never to pass them out again.
Andi? I can live with those terms.
So can I.
Shall we shake on it? Is that right? Is that how you end a protest? I don't know, this is the first time I've ever won.
You're the kind of kid that made me want to be a principal.
Ha-ha! I knew it! It's all Sudoku! (chuckling) In your face! And you're the kind of kid that made me want to be a dentist.
Get out.
- Okay.
- Go, go, go, go, go What should we toast? Troublemaking.
All: To troublemaking! I love today! All these great things happened, and we're all sitting here, and we're all happy.
I mean, how many days like that do you get in a lifetime? Not many, I can tell you, from reading my parents' patient files.
Oh, hey, more good news! - Tell me, tell me! - The school's bringing back the photographer tomorrow to redo picture day.
You'll get to wear your James Bond bowtie after all.
But what about the pictures they took today? - They're scrapping those.
- No, they can't! My facial choices were on fire! I could take some pictures now, get them printed, and you could have your eight-by-tens by the end of the week.
And I'm gonna need some wallet-sized.
(tapping on window) I bet he wants to apologize.
Then I guess I should let him.
Hey! Could we walk a little? Please.
I wanted to say congratulations.
I heard they're changing the dress code.
It feels really good to do something.
Except, now I have to get rid of 40 prison uniforms.
I feel really bad I wasn't a part of it.
I was only thinking about Frisbee.
As usual.
That's okay.
We had plenty of people.
I don't know if you heard, but the photographers are comin' back tomorrow.
I heard.
They're going to retake the team picture, and I want you to be there.
And you can wear whatever you want.
Thanks, that's really nice.
But I don't wanna be in the picture.
So you're still mad at me.
I'm not mad at you, I swear.
I don't wanna be in the picture because I don't wanna be on the team.
You can't quit the team.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure I can.
You're Andiman.
You love Frisbee! No you love Frisbee.
I like it.
But, really, the only reason why I joined the team was because you asked me to.
Well, then I'm asking you not to quit.
See, that's the thing.
You think I'll do whatever you want, which makes perfect sense because that is what I do.
No, it isn't! Yes, it is, think about it.
I joined the team, I helped you get a birthday present for your girlfriend, who is never nice to me.
I made you a bracelet, that you gave her.
I'm sorry about that.
It's fine.
I don't care about Amber.
I I don't care about the bracelet.
I don't care about any of it.
I just want you to stop asking me to do things for you.
I will.
I'm sorry.
Stop apologizing, you didn't do anything wrong.
I did! I never stood up for myself until today.
But I want to again tomorrow, and the day after that.
But being around you makes it really hard.
What are you saying? We're still friends, right? Jonah, be honest were we ever? Jonah: Next, on Andi Mack A Jonah-free lifestyle is way less complicated.
Do you know what's going on with Andi? I wouldn't call it mad, more coolly detached.
You like her, don't you? I gotta go.
Buffy: If we race, and I beat you, will you still talk to me? If I beat you, will you still talk to me? You're breaking up with me? How dare you! You're in middle school, do you know how lucky you are to be dating me?