Andi Mack (2017) s02e23 Episode Script

Bought, Lost Or Stolen

1 JONAH: Previously, on Andi Mack I made something for you.
These are incredible.
Too bad I can't wear them outside this room.
Why not? I don't wanna take the chance that Jonah would see them.
Like your sneaks.
They were a gift, from a friend.
I know who the friend is.
ANDI: These are family heirlooms.
My mom saved them from when I was born.
And now, I'm making them into a bracelet for her.
And I'm going to give it to her in this box.
This is off limits.
I'm gonna put this up here.
- Hello! - Mommy! ANDI: Bye, Morgan! She took it! She took my box! Morgan doesn't seem like the kind of kid who would steal somethin'.
Which means, you don't believe me.
Is this it? Now, is there something you wanna say to Morgan? Sorry.
I know that she took this box.
I just wish that Bowie believed me.
Because of recent events, these rules must now be followed when borrowing each other's clothes.
Rule one: Ask before taking something.
Rule two: All items must be cleaned and returned in the same condition they were taken.
And, rule number three: All items may be borrowed for three days, max.
- Any questions? - Just my original question: Where is my fuzzy blue cardigan? Hopefully, in the cineplex lost and found.
I'm waiting for a call back.
Perfect! Which is why we need the rules! (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) I'm standin' on the edge And everything I know-oh-oh is blown away Life is upside down But any way it goes I'll work it out Oh oh oh oh oh Here we go - One, two, three - I'm ready for tomorrow Tomorrow starts today There ain't a map to follow But I'm with you all the way I'm ready for tomorrow - Tomorrow starts today - Hey There ain't a map to follow - But I'm with you all the way - Hey All the way (BOTH YELP) What are you doing here? I live here.
What are you doing here? That's none of your business.
Of course it isn't.
I'm so sorry the bulb wasn't on.
It's usually on if my mom's with a patient.
Maybe it's out.
Or maybe it's broken.
It was nice seeing you.
AMBER: No, it wasn't! - Guess who? - Oh! Um, it's either the amazing woman I'm having lunch with or a really handsy customer.
Ready to go? Almost.
Give me a few minutes? Okay.
Oh, uh I brought you a surprise.
Come on out, surprise! Surprise! - Morgan! - She begged me to come.
Well, I just she doesn't mind me stealing some of her French fries! You better stay away from my fries.
Never! (MIRANDA LAUGHS) Just let me finish up here, and then we'll go have lunch, okay? - Okay.
- Okay.
- I'm bored.
- Do you wanna draw? I brought your pencils.
Do you wanna play, "I Spy with My Little Eye"? I'm not five.
Morgan let me show you something.
These are music boxes.
Here's how they work.
(MUSIC PLAYS) (MIRANDA LAUGHS) Pretty cool, right? Here you go, you try.
(MUSIC PLAYS) - I like it! - Yeah? Each one of these plays a different song.
You can play with these until I'm ready to go.
Has anyone ever told you you're perfect? (LAUGHS) Um, actually yeah.
If you're here to horrify me, you've already done that today.
That's exactly why I'm here, to apologize for horrifying you.
As the child of four therapists, I feel personally responsible for handling the situation in the most professional manner possible which I didn't do earlier.
And I am really, really sorry about that.
I want you to know that I won't tell anyone that I saw you or that you're in therapy.
- Apology accepted.
- Great! Uh, well, um, looking forward to disliking each other the normal amount, then.
Does therapy help? I think so.
And my mom is a really good therapist.
I'm sure she is.
It's just I don't feel comfortable talking to adults.
I get that.
They can be really annoying sometimes, with their "experience" and "wisdom.
" (LAUGHS) Okay, old people, we get it, but maybe we can't learn from your stuff.
- Maybe we have different stuff.
- Not everything happened to you.
(LAUGHS) I like talking to you better than your mom.
I like talking to you better than your mom.
- Huh? - That was awkward.
I don't think we've ever really talked before.
I mean, I've had some conversations with you in my head.
About what? So, if you don't like talking to adults, why are you in therapy? It was my parents' idea.
They're worried about me.
With everything going on at home, they want me to express my feelings.
That can be hard.
It's just some of my feelings are kinda dark.
Everybody's messed up.
We all have dark stuff.
Yeah, but my stuff is super dark.
I think that, too sometimes.
But I find that, if I say it out loud, it doesn't seem so bad.
You really think that's true? Absolutely.
I spit on the hamburgers.
And then I like to watch people eat them.
You're trying to remember if you've ever had a hamburger from here, aren't you? Uh-huh.
Now do you think I'm messed up? No.
Are you going to tell anyone I'm messed up? No.
You better not.
I'm trusting you with my deep, dark secret.
That's quite an honor.
Yes it is.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYS) I love this art festival.
It's like the world's biggest AndiShack.
Wouldn't this be perfect to hang in the salon? Ugh no.
It most certainly would not.
Come on! This doesn't say "Cloud Ten" to you? No it says, "Don't buy me, I'm ugly.
" Then you pick something.
How about this? That's actually beautiful.
- Mm-hm.
- The imagery transports you, right into a podiatrist's waiting room.
(SCOFFS) Andi? Andi, can you come here a second? Yeah.
Which one do you like better? Uh-uh.
No way.
Leave me out of this.
But we trust your opinion.
Well, my opinion is that you find a piece of art you both like.
Well, there's nothing good hanging in the house.
What? Okay.
You guys are at an art festival.
A literal festival of art.
Thousands of things to choose from.
Just pick some art.
Any art! That painting or that photograph.
Or that charcoal drawing.
- (MIRANDA LAUGHS) - All right finished! - Let's have lunch.
- Okay, great.
Morgan, can you put away the music boxes? Okay.
Is that all the music boxes? Yes.
Thought there were five.
Hey, it doesn't matter.
Let's go.
(MUSIC BOX PLAYS) Uh Morgan? Is there something in your pocket? I didn't know it was there.
That's okay, uh nobody's mad, right? Right.
Just put it back.
You okay? You're not gonna say anything else to her? She put it back.
Is there anything else you want me to say? I mean, it's your call.
Thanks, for saying that.
Let's eat! (LAUGHS) Who is Walker Brodsky? The caricature artist, from Cyrus' bar mitzvah.
Did you know about this? I knew he drew it.
But I didn't know it would be here.
On display, winning awards! Why didn't he tell you? I wanted to but someone thought it would be better if we didn't talk anymore.
Of course you'd be here.
Of course, you'd be here.
(LAUGHS) Nice to see you again, Ms.
Oh, please, call me Bex.
Mack is my mother who happens to be right here.
Oh, then, let me try this again.
- Nice to meet you, Ms.
- Oh, please, call me Celia.
Mack is my mother-in-law.
When do I get to meet her? She's dead.
Well, she is.
(SCOFFS) Uh, my face? First place? You can't shoot a girl a text? Well, I was respecting your wishes.
Oh, well, respect my wishes if a drawing of my face comes in second place.
If a drawing of my face comes in first place, all bets are off.
(LAUGHS) It's really good to see you.
MIRANDA: You were very quiet at lunch.
What's going on? Oh Oh Morgie here's my phone.
Why don't you sit over there and play your game? Okay.
(CLEARS THROAT) I just thought you might've said somethin' more to her.
Ohhh, so earlier, when you said it was my call on how to handle this, you didn't really mean it.
Except you didn't handle it.
Is it really that big of a deal? Yeah, I think it is.
She's seven.
It's the kinda stuff kids do.
Mmm has she done this before? Why would you ask that? Because of what happened at AndiShack.
(SIGHS) So Morgan did steal the prayer box.
I kinda thought we were past this.
And you knew she stole it? I was hoping that Andi and Morgan would become friends.
It's important that they like each other because we like each other.
And you asked Andi to apologize to Morgan.
I'm sorry.
Now are we past this? Wait.
How did the box get back into AndiShack? I guess not.
(SIGHS) You put it there! Maybe it wasn't the best decision.
It was a horrible decision! You made it look like it was all Andi's fault! That's not what I wanted to do.
You made me doubt my own daughter.
And even worse you made Andi doubt herself.
Morgan still has a lot to learn, which she will.
I guess I have a lot to learn, too.
Knowing when I can trust someone.
(LAUGHS) There's no such thing as trusting a seven-year-old.
I'm talking about you.
Morgan, let's go, we're leaving.
Bye, Morgan.
(SIGHS) Andi, hey I wanna get a picture with the picture.
Okay, say Leonard Da Vin-cheese! (CHUCKLES) I thought it would get a better reaction.
Oh, hey, that's my granddaughter in that drawing.
We won first place! (CAMERA CLICKS) Okay, different pose.
Something where it looks like you know each other.
Hey, isn't that Bar Mitzvah Boy and Phoenix Girl? Yeah, that's Buffy and Cyrus.
And my boyfriend, Jonah.
(CAMERA CLICKS) So glad I captured that moment.
What should we do? We should check out the primitive folk art.
I wasn't sure if you guys were showing up.
Cyrus made friends with an artist, who sold him that.
I mean nice.
I'm an easy mark.
That's a great picture of you.
- Allow me to explain what happened - Not necessary, I think it's pretty obvious what's goin' on here.
You're the artist.
That's right.
Congratulations on winning first place.
- Thanks, man.
- I'm Jonah, by the way.
I'm Walker.
Nice to finally meet you.
JONAH: You, too.
Can I buy that? It's not for sale.
I figured, but I had to try, right? Wanna show me around? Let's go.
I haven't seen anything yet.
We'll catch up with you guys later.
Sounds good.
- Bye, Andi.
- Bye! Hey, shouldn't you be in Phoenix? Uh, yeah.
That didn't really work out.
Your friends must be happy.
We're ecstatic.
Anyways, uh, it's good to see you again.
You, too.
What was that? What was what? This, with the hair.
What about it? You never do that.
I play with my hair all the time.
Never! Which can only mean one thing: Your crush is on Walker.
Cyrus, please.
- You have a tell.
- A what? A tell.
It's an unconscious thing you do when you're trying to hide something.
Like who you have a crush on.
I'm not trying to hide anything.
I'm just not telling you.
There's a difference.
What is it? Like I said the other day It's interesting you bring up the other day.
Because then, your hostile silence confirmed that your crush was Jonah.
But now, your stubborn refusal to acknowledge your tell, points to Walker.
Here's the tell for "This conversation is over.
" It's not a tell if you tell me.
What? You know, I was really nervous about you meeting Walker.
But you were so cool.
You can be friends with anyone.
How is that even possible? Because I'm the one wearing this.
- It doesn't get better than this - (LAUGHS) - (BOTH LAUGH) - It doesn't get better than this And I know, no matter where I go I can shine this light, I can let it show - It doesn't get better - You guys look adorable together.
No, we don't.
Yes, we do.
Just admit it you're happy.
- I guess we are.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Just don't overdo it and make it gross.
Have we ordered? Yeah.
Got you a milkshake and some baby taters.
- Great.
Who's our - Hi, Cyrus.
Large baby taters for the happy couple.
Small baby taters for Cyrus.
And a burger for Buffy.
You ordered a burger? With extra pickles.
Bon appetit! You know what? That doesn't look cooked enough.
Here, let me take it back.
Ow! It's fine.
Uh I guess it looks okay.
In fact, it looks really okay.
I wish I had ordered a burger.
Do you wanna trade? No.
I'll I'll throw in my milkshake.
And a foot rub! No! And stay away from my feet.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING) Noooooo! (PLOPS) What's wrong with you? I'm so sorry! I don't know what happened.
I'll go order you another one.
(WHISPERS) I couldn't let my friend eat a spitburger! And I didn't reveal your secret.
I know.
You passed the test.
What test? I wanted to see if you'd keep my secret.
And you did.
Now I can tell you the truth.
Y You lost me somewhere.
Cyrus, I don't spit in people's hamburgers.
Ohh! Oh! Oh, thank goodness! Did you really think I was capable of something so mean and disgusting? Yes, like absolutely capable.
Your mom said I had to find people I can trust.
She says I need to open up more.
As in to me? Apparently, I'm very bottled up.
Well, um, Wednesday afternoons work for me.
Actually, any afternoon.
I don't think they'll miss me in Spanish Club.
Morgan stole a music box? - Yeah.
- What did Miranda say? She said it's the kinda stuff that kids do.
- (GASPS) No! - She did not say that! Oh, please stop, this story is too awful.
Then what happened? I got her to admit that Morgan took Andi's bracelet.
I knew it! Miranda stood there with that fake smile.
(MIMICKING) "Oh, Andi, is there something you wanna say to Morgan?" (MIMICKING) "Oh, Andi, could you please apologize to Morgie?" Hey, but you found the bracelet in AndiShack.
How is that even possible? Yeah, Morgan was standing outside with you the whole time.
BOTH: Miranda! (GASPS) They're like a mother-daughter crime team! Look, I I am so, so sorry that I put you through that.
I really thought for a minute there I was losing my mind.
I I know, I I feel horrible.
I can't believe I ever doubted you, even for a second.
I'm such an idiot.
It's over now.
You know what we should be? A mother-daughter crime-fighting team.
Ooh, making Shadyside less shady, one block at a time.
(BEX LAUGHS) So, um you and Miranda? Oh, that's over, too.
Oh, really? She's outta my life forever.
Oh, and I found a fuzzy blue cardigan in my car.
BOTH: Yay! (BOTH SHOUTING) (CHATTERING INDISTINCTLY) ANDI: Next, on Andi Mack Your lunch is served, Cyrus and you.
Why do you have this need to be friendly with unfriendly people? You know, from Amber's point of view, you're the unfriendly one.
Are we playing that game we used to play? In this version there's a twist.
Jonah's taking me to the trampoline park tomorrow.
Will this be your first real date? You're really the coolest girl I've ever known.
I was thinking, Adrenaline City next weekend? I can't next weekend.
The weekend after that? - Andi - Oh, no.
I was having so much fun.