Angel Beats! (2010) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Where is this? I don't remember anything You're awake? You Welcome to the "Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront".
This may sound sudden, but will you enlist with us? Enlist? The fact that you're here means you died.
Huh? Um I don't really get what you— This is the afterlife.
If you don't do anything you'll be erased.
Erased? By who? By God, of course.
So what's this about enlisting? Into the Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront.
Well, the title changes a lot.
First it was the "Afterlife Battlefront".
But if we called it that, it would sound like we're admitting we're dead, right? And so we got rid of that.
We've been changing it since.
Now it's the "Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront".
Before that, it was the "Don't-even-feel-alive Battlefront".
Though that name was a total joke, so we changed it the next day.
Um Is that a real gun? Everyone who comes here reacts like that.
Try to be more flexible.
Just accept things as they are.
Accept them? What should I do? Fight.
With what? That.
That's the Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront's enemy, Angel.
I think I want to change the Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront name, after all.
Give it some thought.
Hey, hey No matter how you look at it, that's a normal girl What's she talking about? Um Can I go over there? What?! Why?! You make no sense! Why would you do that?! Are you an idiot? Want to try dying!? That's a joke you'll hear a lot in this world where you can't die.
Well? Was it funny? M-My impressions of your joke aside At the very least, I'd probably have a more sensible conversation with her than someone who points guns at girls.
I'm your ally.
If you tell me not to aim the gun at her, I won't.
You can trust me.
Hey, Yurippe! How's the newbie recruitment going? We're short on hands, so do whatever it— Huh? I'm going over there.
Recruitment failed! I don't know what's going on.
What's with them? Um Good evening.
Um Someone's aiming a gun at you.
They said you were an angel or something I'm not an angel.
I thought so.
Then— I'm the student council president.
I'm an idiot.
That girl was making fun of me.
Dammit! I don't even know who I am I guess I'll go to a hospital.
There are no hospitals here.
Huh? Why not? People don't get sick here.
Don't get sick? Because everyone's dead.
Huh? I get it now! You're in on this too! You're trying to trick me! So this amnesia is your doing too? Memory loss is quite common when people come here.
If you die in an accident, your head gets damaged, after all.
Then prove it! If I'm already dead, I can't die agai Hand Sonic.
This is I'm alive Even after that excruciating pain Damn! Dammit! I don't really get it, but I can't stay here! What's with this guy? It was you, huh? The one who disgraced Yurippe and refused to enlist! H-Hey, wait Calm down! Wanna die? Oh, I get it! That's That's one of those A joke for a world you can't die in, right? Good sense! A hundred times! Die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die die!! If you ever disgrace Yurippe again, we'll have another dance.
A few minutes later Are you trying to kill me?! Wait, I guess I was too late for that comeback What kind of joke is this world? Not dying even after going through the pain of it This is the worst! This is the afterlife.
If you don't do anything you'll be erased.
That's right! I'll just get erased! If that happens I can say goodbye to this world! But what should I do? I'm your ally.
You can trust me.
Is there anyone I can trust here? Oh yeah! I'll find an adult! Though, where are the adults? Where are the teachers? Principal's Office I guess I can ask the principal.
Fine, then how about this? The "You're-gonna-die! Battlefront"! That makes it sound like I'm going to get killed.
No, I'm talking about that girl.
Okay, then look this way.
Where am I? You're-gonna-die! Battlefront.
Oh crap! It really does feel like I'm going to get killed Any others? No good ideas? How about this? "Flashback Battlefront"! That's just before you die.
How about this then? "I-want-to-disappear Battlefront"! That sounds like you're prepared to die! "Absolute death battlefront"? This isn't absolute death! Then about about "Invincible Battle Fleet"? And now we're no longer a battlefront "Honorable Defeat Squadron"! I'm going to punch you.
"The Wright Brothers"! Have you no shame? It has to end in "Battlefront"! I'm not giving way on that! We're the front line in this battlefield! Doesn't anyone have a decent suggestion? Hey, that guy's awake.
You woke up? Oh yeah, I got this guy to think about it too.
He's had plenty of time.
How about we hear him out? Hear what? The new name for the Like-hell-I'm-dead Battlefront! "Do-whatever-the-hell-you-want Battlefront".
You've got guts to talk back at Yurippe I said do whatever the hell you want! What'd you say?! What the hell's with you guys? Don't drag me into this! I want to disappear as soon as possible! You want to disappear? Even though you're here? Yeah that's right! I explained it to him.
You want to be erased without even resisting? Yeah! Then you want to become a water flea without even resisting? Yeah! Huh? Water flea? You think souls only reside in human bodies? How shallow-minded.
You might become a barnacle or a hermit crab or maybe a sea slater.
No way! Your face says "I don't have the time to point out that all your examples live in the water".
Incidentally, there's no particular reason.
Well then, get out of here.
You're gonna go do what Angel says and reincarnate as a barnacle, right? Become a barnacle and get eaten by someone.
That'd be a good reincarnation for you.
Barnacle? You can eat barnacles? Some of them are edible.
I had no idea How shallow-minded.
Now now everyone, don't bully him like that.
The poor thing We, the Uh what were we again? Barnacle Battlefront.
Right! We, the Barnacle— Principal's Office We're changing it back! The Afterlife Battlefront! That was a good kick Our Battlefront headquarters here is a safe haven.
He probably knew that and tried to take refuge.
No, I had no idea And I got sent flying the moment I tried to enter Anyway, that stuff about not necessarily coming back as a human when you're reincarnated That's a joke right? It's no joke.
But how do you know for sure? Has someone done it to find out? Of course we can't say for sure.
But the Buddhist philosophy says that you might not come back as a person when you're reborn.
But a barnacle? Well, religion is a human thing to begin with But anyway, listen to me.
This is the important part.
When we were still in the world of the living, death was something that came indiscriminately and randomly.
So, there was no way to fight it.
But this world is different.
As long as you oppose Angel, you'll continue living.
You can fight it! But wait What was all that back then? What do you want to do, exactly? Our goal is to erase Angel.
And then take over this world! You only just got here, so it can't be helped if you're confused.
Try to be more flexible.
Just accept things as they are.
And fight? Against Angel? That's right.
Along with us.
Not so fast, Yuripp— Idiot.
He fell for his own trap So that's what happened to me? If you want to enter this room safely you'll need the password.
Principal's Office This is the Anti-Angel Headquarters.
There's no other place we can safely talk.
Can you give me a bit of time? As long as you do it somewhere else.
Okay then! What's the password? "No God, no Buddha, no Angels".
I'm Yuri, the leader of this battlefront.
And this is Hinata-kun.
As you can see, he's a slob, but every now and then he pulls through.
Yep, I— That doesn't make me look good at all! This is Matsushita-kun.
He's a Judo 5th Dan, so everyone calls him Matsushita 5th Dan out of respect.
Pleased to meet ya.
This is Oyama-kun.
He specializes in having absolutely no specialty.
Welcome to the battlefront.
Come on, let's dance! I'm not dancing here That's his way of saying hi.
We call him TK.
He's kind of a mysterious guy, and nobody knows his real name.
You're okay working with a guy like that? The guy who keeps propping up his glasses to look smart is Takamatsu-kun.
In reality, he's an idiot.
Pleased to meet you.
And that's Fujimaki-kun.
I'm Fujimaki, kid.
I'm no kid.
And the guy who went flying earlier is Noda-kun.
The girl who keeps saying "how shallow- minded" in the shadows is Shiina-san.
Sitting over here is Iwasawa-san, leader of the diversionary squad.
There are a few dozen more members around the school who aren't here at the moment.
That reminds me, what's your name? Um O Oto Otonashi Given name? I don't remember Amnesia, huh? Don't worry, it'll eventually come back to you.
Hey, shouldn't we give him a uniform? I guess so I totally forgot.
Speaking of which, why am I in a different uniform from you guys? You're not the one who's different, it's us who are.
That's the model student uniform.
This is our "Class 3S" uniform.
Classroom Building A Rooftop This sure is a big school.
Total student count of over 2000.
It's a mammoth boarding school.
Just who— Hey, is it okay to be talking out here? Yeah, as long as it's not about operations.
I feel like I've been tricked What? Nothing.
Is that canned coffee? Key coffee.
It's good.
Was that your question? No What about them? They're in the middle of club activities or going home.
You don't participate? If we did, we'd disappear.
What? If us people attend class and join clubs like Angel says, we'd disappear.
"People"? You almost sound like you're saying those aren't people.
They're NPC's.
NPC's? You haven't heard of that? "Non-player characters".
We're in a game now? It was just an analogy.
I mean they're models that have been here since the start of this world.
So they aren't conscious? If you talk to them, do they give the same answer every time? Why don't you try it? You probably wouldn't be able to figure out the difference between us and them since you just got here.
You can converse with them? Try poking a girl up the ass.
Up the ass? They'll run away or kick you.
Well-made, aren't they The teachers too? Right.
Also, NPC's don't age.
Same with us.
Any other questions? How violent is Angel? I was stabbed as soon as I met her.
I saw that, but that was completely your fault.
If you ask Angel to prove that you can't die, of course she'd stab you through the heart.
For her, that's the same as telling you where the staff room is if you asked.
So Angel obeys the rules of this world.
It's more like she's not good with people.
Is she conscious? No idea, that's a mystery.
She's emotionless, blunt, and uses way too few words to be an NPC.
So it's not that easy to get kill— I mean, done in like that? If someone doesn't act like the model students, first she gives a warning.
If you run away, she follows and intercepts you.
And if you attack? An eye for an eye! Every time we do, anyway.
So there are times you get done in like I was.
Of course.
And don't even try acting like the models.
Some people have disappeared just doing that.
Got it.
One more question then.
About God Does he exist? I believe he does.
I've never seen him, though.
Have you tried asking Angel? If you try asking her questions about this world, she has no comment.
That's all! Our study meeting ends here.
Truthfully speaking, I haven't actually joined the battlefront.
What I want more than anything right now is to buy enough time to recover all my memories.
That's all.
After that After that I don't know.
Anti-Angel Operations Headquarters Here you go, Otonashi-kun.
Something you can shoot as a beginner.
Will it work on her? Aim for her legs.
She won't be able to chase you for a while.
Shoot at a girl? Do her wounds heal quickly? Try it out and see for yourself.
We found out the same way.
Good answer, Otonashi-kun.
First off, in order to get you used to things, I'll have you participate in a simple operation.
Its name is "Operation Tornado".
That's a big one.
T-Tornado We're going to lift meal tickets from the students! You'd steal something like that?! And that's not big at all! That's just bullying! I'm disappointed in you! Just because you have so many members and weapons! You little You dare disgrace Yurippe? Take that back.
Why?! As members of the Barnacle Extinction Guard Battlefront, we would absolutely never threaten ordinary students with numbers or power! They're going to go extinct? Probably, one day.
But you said you'd lift them! Right, literally lift them.
Alright, you're going to be in the "barricade squad" that ties up Angel's movements.
You'll all surround the main operation point— the dining hall, and lie in wait, armed at your specified positions.
Don't worry, I'll put you somewhere easy.
Check with Takamatsu-kun or Oyama-kun afterwards for the fine details.
I'm depending on you today too, Iwasawa-san.
If you encounter Angel, shoot right away.
It'll be your signal.
And if you hear gunfire from somewhere else, make sure you run to their aid too.
The operation commences at 18:30.
Planned live performance ending Operation commence time Planned operation completion Current time Operation start! Academy Main Dining Hall Academy Main Dining Hall Second Contact Bridge How on earth are we supposed to peacefully lift meal tickets with this plan? Academy Main Dining Hall Interior Yusa here.
Lighting and sound teams on standby.
I think it's about time.
The fans who've noticed have begun to gather up.
Okay, I guess we'll get going.
The wall that I backed up to Hey, it's GirlDeMo! The concert just started! My fingertip smells of iron I keep holding on, in this city, anywhere.
Fly away from here! Fly away from here! From now on I'll find you! From now on I'll find you! Play those notes! Play those notes! Look over here! Look over here! Even if I can't find you in this town She's here! She's really here, at my position! Does that mean I'm the weakest link in this operation? She's totally looking down on me.
Dammit, shoot her! But should I really be shooting at that delicate body? I have to do it, or I'll be done in.
Without mercy I got her! Damn I should have hit her legs Isn't this enough? This Guard skill: Hand Sonic.
No No way! Why? Why doesn't she stop? What the hell is this?! Dammit! Damn, I missed.
Sorry to keep you waiting! So you'd target our weakest link? She's still only using Hand Sonic! Get her into the open! We'll pull back slowly as we attack! Understood.
Let's go! Guard skill: Distortion.
Fire! Damn, we were too slow! This is why I hate guns! Dammit! When are they going to do the lifting? We're only buying time I never thought it'd be this fierce The act is at its climax.
Turn it on.
Turn it on please.
You okay with that? Let's go! Here you go, meat udon.
Is it really okay to eat here like this? Won't she come after us? All we're doing is eating.
Is that how it works With this leadership and power, she could make anything happen.
itsumo hitori de aruiteta いつも一人で歩いてた I've always walked alone But instead, she's just eating and living so simply.
furikaeru to minna wa tooku When I turn around, everyone's far behind 振り返ると 皆は遠く There really is only one enemy.
Just Angel.
We're only fighting against her.
"I'm not afraid of anything anymore", mou nani mo kowakunai もう何も怖くない But does that justify those actions? No, it's too soon to think about that.
sou tsubuyaitemiseru I try to whisper to myself そう呟いてみせる Because I don't remember anything.
itsuka hito wa hitori ni natte Everyone becomes alone someday いつか人は一人になって 思い出の中に生きてくだけ omoide no naka ni ikiteku dake They live on only in memories kono gu sae aishi waratterareru you ni So I can laugh, loving this foolishness この愚さえ 愛し笑ってられるように あたしは戦うんだ atashi wa tatakaunda I will fight æ™ãªã‚“て見せないんだ namida nante misenainda I will show no tears Operation Descent We call it a guild.
You're up next.
It seems you don't understand yet.
Run! The trap hasn't been disarmed yet!? Ah, damn! I'd forgotten that! You resisted first.
Angel is getting up! I don't know I don't know about that Shoot!! What am I doing I can't forgive that way of living.