Angry Boys (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

ã Theme music (Boy raps) ã Check my phone, check my phone, check my phone WOMAN: Julia, can you get Nathan to turn the music down? GIRL: Nathan, Mum said turn it down! He's deaf.
How will he hear it? He's got to have it up loud.
WOMAN: Turn the music down! Nathan! Turn the fucking music down.
Fuck off! WOMAN: I don't know how to do it.
Mum said it, dickhead.
Oh, last night was pretty fun, right? Nath's in so much trouble, but.
Doing what Mum asked you to do, dickhead! 'Cause me and my mates are in town, right, and Nath wanted to come in, too 'cause he wanted to make a YouTube video.
'Cause, Nath, he really likes that S.
mouse song Poo On You and he wanted to do, like, a tribute video where he pooed on a police car.
And we didn't think there were any witnesses and that but there must have been witnesses 'cause the cops came round here.
They were like, 'Oh.
We know Nathan did it.
' And Mum started crying and that.
Like, when the cops went, Mum was, like, bawling about it.
They could arrest him unless we agree to let the welfare people come over.
They reckon 'cause Nath's deaf and retarded that he might be getting neglected.
Not a good night.
Nathan's got himself into trouble again.
He's been listening to rap music and he just gets these really dumb ideas.
Mum, Nathan's listening to it on his iPod! WOMAN: Nathan! Fuck off! Nathan! Nathan, take those So we've agreed to let the Family and Community Services people come around.
They just want to see how well we're looking after Nathan.
Nathan, you are banned from listening to this crap! I'm sick of it! Yeah, I just feel like I'm losing control sometimes.
Stupid bloody crap! Another one.
Another one over there.
I don't give a fuck! No more bloody S.
ã TINNY ELECTRO MUSIC ã You at the animal zoo ã I said now You at the animal zoo ã I love the zoo ã It's the animal zoo.
ã You know what? Kids, they're all listening to my music and they is inspired.
Kids want to go and do stupid things and get themselves in trouble.
And that's not my fault, you know what I'm saying? I'm just the artist.
I just create art, you know? This is Smouse - S.
mouse - a legend in hip-hop.
I'm the king of hip-hop.
I'm the voice of my generation.
Yeah! Cut that shit.
ã Uh, yeah ã This is S.
mouse - Smouse ã With some very important information ã I want you-all to get your elbows out ã And slap it ã Slap my elbow, you do it like this ã Slap my, slap my elbow You do it like this ã Slap my el, slap my bow Slap my el, slap my bow ã Slap my el, slap my bow Slap my elbow ã Slap it on the right Slap it on the left ã We had this catchy little song with a dance number that went with it.
Bow Wow refused to release it, because, to be honest, he thought it was shit.
mouse was in the right place at the right time.
ã Now I'm going to show you how to slap my elbow ã Initially, I called him 'Mouse' because that name had tested really well, and then we got threatened with legal action because, apparently, there was a rapper Mouse in Detroit.
So we added the 'S'.
mouse' equals 'Smouse', which was my idea.
When I first came up with my name I wanted something powerful, you know? Something that was going to cut through from the rest of the bunch.
mouse - it's a revolutionary name.
You know why? 'Cause it's got punctuation in the middle of it.
You don't often see that shit, you know? And it's a word you know, you immediately think of mouse.
And that don't seem like a big animal, but you know what? People are motherfucking scared of mice.
We got to get that chorus right.
Jump Roc contacted me and he said he had this artist he wanted me to manage.
Shwayne - that's his real name - he couldn't dance very well and he wasn't good-looking.
I think he was 24 at the time and they needed him to be 17.
I thought, 'That's cool.
We can do that'.
mouse, terrific, man.
We worked on some tracks.
The label wanted to lead with Slap My Elbow, which I thought was the strongest track of the sessions.
The whole idea of this crazy kid just telling everyone to smack their elbow.
It blew me away.
(Cheering and applause) After I dropped my first single, the kids, they loved that shit.
They couldn't get enough of me.
You know, the biggest selling hip-hop single of all time.
ã Elbow, man.
ã (Wild cheering) S.
mouse, he just took off.
Westbank Shopping Mall, yeah, yeah! He became very famous very quickly.
I got a question for you-all.
Who wants to slap their elbows? The whole thing was a phenomenon.
Everyone was doing the elbow slap.
(Crowd sings along) ã Slap my el, slap my bow ã When you've got kids, parents, grandparents all loving the one song you've got yourselves a hit.
And you know what else you got? Money.
'Cause hit songs make a lot of money.
Welcome to my crib.
I buy my shit, you know, I buy my house.
I buy my cars, I buy my jewellery, my shoes, my clothes.
All the shit you need when you got a lot of money.
Hey, ladies.
So we decided to release the second single, Animal Zoo, which .
nobody liked.
ã You at the animal zoo ã I said now you at the animal zoo I love the zoo ã It's the animal zoo, the animal zoo ã I'm getting you at the animal zoo.
ã After I dropped my second single Animal Zoo, the critics they started to diss me, you know? And I stand by my statement that that song was equally as strong, lyrically, as Slap My Elbow.
ã That panda, that horse ã That hippo-potamorse ã You gotta walk like an elephant Run like a beaver.
ã It was disappointing numbers-wise.
But we went ahead and released the album Chocolate Boy.
The physical and digital sales were really good.
That's when the critics pounced.
They said it was hip-hop for kids.
It was manufactured, it was too repetitive.
ã Slap my el, slap my bow Slap my el ã I'm revolutionising my art form.
No-one doing this shit.
No-one ever done this shit.
And that's why I made my impact, you know what I'm saying? ã All them African zoos England zoos ã There's zoos all over the world You got to get to a zoo.
ã Then the VMAs happened.
And S.
mouse lost out on the Outstanding Newcomer award.
He didn't handle things the right way.
All you judges, all you assholes who made this decision, you all is dumb-ass, motherfucking, dumb assholes.
Yeah! 'You all is dumb-ass, motherfucker dumb assholes' didn't do him any favours.
You just do not cuss in front of the kids.
For a while there, he was the laughing stock of the industry.
But despite that, the public still really loved him.
I mean, it's like he could do no wrong.
If you-all love S.
mouse, say yeah! Of all my years as a manager, I have never come across such an incredibly gifted and talented young man as S.
We've just got to keep this train rolling.
Thank you-all for coming.
Yeah! (Cheering) BOY: Kick your ass, kick your ass and kick your ass.
Well, the boys are very excited 'cause we've just found out that Cameron's got an early release.
He's done his time.
The boys are all over the moon.
Cam bruz, when do you get out? It's a double-edged prong, because for a lot of the boys it really hits home that they're still in here.
And that can be hard.
Hey, Gran.
Can we get KFC tonight? No, no, no.
How about we ask Gran's magic 8 ball? But, for me, I'll miss them but I'm quite thrilled that they're getting on with their lives.
I've always got my new intakes to keep me on my toes.
Hello, young fellow.
I'm Gran.
Welcome to Garingal.
Out you come.
We're here to look after you.
Thanks, guys.
Alright, we'll get you inside.
We'll get those cuffs off when you get in.
That sun's coming out, isn't it? (Sharply) Turn around, please.
We'll give you a bit of breathing space there.
WOMAN: Taleb Warlpiri.
15 years of age.
Non-parole case pending.
I'll grab those clothes, please.
Yeah, we have a high-risk detainee here.
This fellow's been in and out of the system for quite some time now.
He's the victim of abuse himself, which is sad.
Stepfather in jail for that.
Uh, repeated sexual offences on animals.
On parole.
He's been busted wanking a dog.
Well, that's Whatever floats your boat there.
We'll certainly need to make sure the other boys don't find out about this one.
Ooh, don't you look handsome in your uniform? No? OK.
Come on.
You're not going to talk, are you? Well, this is going to be interesting, isn't it? ã GENTLE MUSIC We think that's a really good place.
It would be residential in Adelaide.
So he, um, he would actually have to stay there full-time? We had the welfare people come over, talking to Nathan and stuff.
About him pooing on the car and getting heaps busted and all that.
He pissed on the bottle shop sign heaps of times and no-one cared.
MUM: Daniel, shoosh.
It's true.
He obviously comes from a loving and supportive family.
The concern is that his hearing isn't going to get any better They came up with this bullshit idea of sending Nath to a deaf school in Adelaide, for deaf kids.
Shit idea.
There is a big focus on careers so that he will definitely be employable.
He doesn't need a job.
He's going to be working on the farm with me, so (Sighs) Daniel.
He doesn't need a career when he's got a job with me on the farm.
Daniel, just shoosh, please.
It's not about you.
I'm just saying.
He's my brother, not yours, so He's my son, so shoosh.
You shoosh.
Anything you need, please just give us a call.
OK, yeah.
Nath, don't even bother reading that bullshit.
Fucking bullshit.
So what? How long would he go for? Well, they said it was a two-year course.
(Sighs) Bullshit.
Two fucking years? He'll learn to do sign language.
At the end of it Who fucking needs sign language? Well, it might help him, Daniel.
Just try and go with it a little bit.
It's bullshit.
I reckon it's bullshit.
It could be really good for him.
Nath, do you want to go to deaf school for two years or do you want to work on the farm with me, mate? Danthan Industries, mate, remember? Nah.
He doesn't want to go.
He doesn't want to go, so I don't think it's a bad idea.
There's no way he's going, so All he did was do a shit on a police car, anyway.
ã HIP-HOP INSTRUMENTAL This is the ghetto where I used to chill as a kid.
mouse always told me that he was from the hood.
To survive sometimes you gotta hustle.
MAN: He was always telling me about stealing stuff for his family and being forced to hustle.
It's a hard life for a young kid.
I guess I just believed him.
I never knew he was really a rich kid from Calabasas.
mouse, as you call him, he grew up as a rich-ass kid, OK? Look at my place, man.
I'm rich! We get it, nigger.
You shut the fuck up.
You went to private white schools.
I gave you everything you wanted.
You ain't no motherfucking gangster.
When he was little he went to church with his mama and sang in the choir like the biggest-ass sissy you ever seen in your life.
(Laughs) That's crap right there.
Quit lying.
I was there, I saw it.
You was all, 'Yay, Lord.
Yay, Lord', all gospel style and shit.
(Laughs) Then he got into musicals.
I did not get into musicals.
I was there, I remember.
You begged me for the Wicked Broadway cast recording.
I did not want the Wicked Broadway cast recording.
You wanted to give me that shit, I did not want it.
Bullshit! I didn't ask for that shit.
Bullshit, man.
You begged me for it.
I remember for weeks you begged me for it.
Danthony, am I lying? You got a fictional mouth right there.
You gotta shout that mouth.
(Laughs) I remember that shit.
Both you niggers shut your mouths! S.
mouse, he's my boy and all, but he wasn't that cool at school, man.
Fuck you.
Fuck yourself, bro.
If I was a nerd at school, you was a nerd at school, motherfucker.
mouse used to wear these motherfucking tinted glasses.
For my dyslexia.
It's a disability.
I don't wear that shit no more.
What is these, then? Where they at? You can find them in there, yeah.
Are you ready for this? World exclusive, world exclusive.
Put my fucking shit away.
Bam! Put my shit away.
Look at these.
Put my motherfucking shit I thought you didn't wear these anymore.
You want to go home? You're showing off, man.
I'm just telling it how it is.
You keep showing off you know where you're going to end up? You're going to end up in your own home.
I'll tell you to get out of my fucking house.
Alright, bro.
Shwayne wasn't exactly what you'd hope a son would be.
When he became a superstar, you know, that's when all the lies started.
That's when he started that bullshit about me being a drug addict.
Can you believe that shit? That bullshit that I used to beat his ass.
I should have beat his ass.
I'm a drug addict? I ain't never had a cigarette in my mouth.
Listen, motherfucker.
If you want to be boring, if you want to be an artist that is not interesting then you can just tell people normal shit.
'Oh, yeah.
My daddy told me he loved me today.
My daddy folded my underwear.
' No-one wants to hear that shit.
Well, all I'm doing is trying to deliver the shit that the fans want.
You diss me for being a liar then diss me for trying my hardest to entertain the kids.
BOY: It's somewhere in there, bro.
Hey, Dog Wanker.
Woof, woof, woof! The boys have found out about Taleb and his situation.
Is this turning you on, bruz? Yeah.
So things are a little dicey in here at the moment.
(Woofs) Hey, Doggie Style.
Is this what the dog sounded like when you rooted it? (Barks) Bottom line - the word's out that he's a dog wanker and his life is not going to be easy in here.
Hey, bruz.
Bruz, do you know Kylie? Yeah, she said she knows you.
Yeah, you know Kylie.
She's from your area.
The boys are trying to get him to admit that he knows Kylie.
And what that is, it's their little code that they do, they try to get you to admit you know kylie and if you say you do it means you're a coward or a pushover or you're an easy target.
Doggie boy.
You know Kylie, don't you? Marlon and Jacob, shut the hell up.
Leave him alone.
Hey, you know Kylie, don't you? The boys form these alliances in here and they decide pretty much straightaway whether the new guys are going to fit in or not.
In here, it's pretty important to have your mates.
Random drug checks.
Form a line.
Everyone in a line.
You know what to do.
Well, we do random drug checks on the boys.
We bring in a sniffer dog to detect marijuana.
Watch your dog around him.
He might get wanked.
(Laughter) Marlon, you'll go straight to Iso.
Behave yourself.
Give me the dog.
He'll get wanked.
He won't get wanked.
Jesus Christ.
Shut up, all of you, or you'll do early lockdown.
You'll be twiddling your thumbs for 18 hours on your own tonight.
Is that what you want? Yeah, yeah.
You know what? People have been hating on me a lot lately.
And all them other rappers, they're all saying shit about me, saying, 'You give hip-hop a bad name' and 'You're the faggot of hip-hop' and 'Eat a dick, S.
'Die, asshole.
' Who said that? Uh, that was Jay-Z.
He said that? Yeah.
But it's a constant problem, you know, it's a problem.
It's hard.
I got an image Even though I'm so popular I've got an image of being a little bit of a faggot, you know what I'm saying? I'm not like that, you know? 'Cause, you know what, when my album broke I got a lot of fans writing to me, saying, 'You, S.
You got to write some of your own shit, you know? You got to write some more gangster shit'.
But I said, 'The problem is I got a contract that says I can't cuss'.
I can't cuss.
It's a hard thing.
There's a lot that I can't say.
I can't portray the image that I want to portray.
I'm limited.
You know what I'm limited by? My motherfucking record company.
And that company don't own my ass.
I owns their ass.
If I can cuss, you know, imagine all the words I can use.
I can use words like 'dick' and 'poo' and 'bitch'.
'Asshole', 'ass', 'motherfucker'.
You've got another vocabulary, you know what I'm saying? You got a dictionary of words there that you can throw into some tracks that's going to blow people's minds and realise that you are more thug than they thought you were.
Drum me a beat.
Slow beat.
(Beat-boxes slowly) ã Balls, balls I got big, black balls ã Let me show you my big, black balls ã You're a bitch, you're a bitch ã You're a big, fat motherfucking bitch ã Yeah, yeah ã Poo on you, poo on you ã Put my butt on your face and poo on you ã Dick on my shoulder Get your dick on my shoulder ã She said, 'Go to sleep and get your dick on my shoulder' ã Put it away, put it away ã Put it away Put your motherfucking dick away ã Yeah.
ã Those tracks.
Yeah, man.
We worked out that track Poo On You and we put that shit online.
We even made ourselves a motherfucking music video, pirate-style, without telling Jump Roc.
ã Poo on you, poo on you ã Put my butt on your face and poo on you ã We were pissed off big-time.
We tried to get as many illegal copies as we could and shut down the website.
ã Everybody get down ã And let me show you some brown.
ã That was a blatant breach of contract.
We're ready to roll the second album and that's not an image any of us want out there.
To all my fans, I deeply apologise for what happened.
Jump Roc, they were pissed.
I had to do an online apology to my fans.
Kids, you should never, ever poo on the hood of a car.
That track got more motherfucking downloads than most of the shit on my album, you know what I'm saying? People loved that, the fans loved that.
It's a new direction.
You gotta give kids something new.
Kids want cuss words, you know what I'm saying? You say 'poo', you get a lot more buyers.
Well, you can't help but have your favourites.
There's, um There's certainly boys in the prison that I've got quite a rapport with.
But, you know, you keep it professional when you're there.
The boys are there to serve their time and to be rehabilitated, not to, uh, be your friend.
Well, there was a young boy many years ago now, his name was Tony.
And he came in here, fish out of water.
Not a criminal, just a troubled young guy.
We formed quite a bond.
He opened up to me and He, unfortunately, got himself into a lot of trouble while he was inside and he ended up in isolation for quite a few weeks.
Got myself on Iso duty.
Made sure I could keep an eye on the young bloke.
A lot of the officers thought he was a lost cause but I thought he was a lovely young fellow.
I was on Iso duty at the time, actually, when it happened.
And he'd snuck some sheets in.
The little bugger, he took his life.
He hung himself.
He didn't want the pain to go on.
And that knocked me around a bit, as you can imagine.
And a lot of the others said, you know, 'We warned you.
Don't get too close.
Be careful.
Keep a distance from the boys if you can'.
Anyway, it's all a little bit heavy, isn't it? I don't know where all that came from.
How are you, sweetheart? Got enough food in there? So, um, we think we've made the right decision.
He's going to be going away to a special school.
Daniel's not dealing with it well at all.
So when is he going? He leaves in about two months.
You can catch a train down and see him whenever you want to.
Fucking catching a train down.
Daniel I'll tell Grandma about it and she'll be fucking pissed off.
Well, what does Grandma know about the situation? She fucking knows more than you two know about it.
Chill, alright? She does.
Your mum and I feel that we're doing the right thing here.
How is sending him away the right thing to do? Hey, Nath.
He's not fucking happy, look at him.
Are you keen for deaf school, mate? Yeah? Yep.
He's getting an iPhone.
Yeah, Steve said he'd get him an iPhone if he went to deaf school.
You're going to buy him a fucking iPhone? You're going to fucking bribe him? You're a gaylord.
Nathan! Nathan! Nath! Nod your head if you don't want to go to deaf school.
Just shake your head.
He doesn't want to go.
He just shook his head, doesn't want to go to deaf school.
Mate, it is too late.
He's not going.
We've enrolled him.
Calm down.
It's the best thing for him.
You're not the fucking dad, anyway.
And I'm the boss of Nathan.
Nathan! Daniel! MUM: Steve.
BOY: He can't hear you.
Steve, just leave him.
GIRL: What the hell, Daniel, you dickhead? Look, Daniel's crying.
I'm not fucking crying! You're so gay! Do I look like I'm crying? Why don't you go kill yourself, lezzo? Mum, Daniel called me a lezzo.
MUM: Daniel Daniel, come back.
BOY: What a retard.
BOY: He's walking off.
There was more trouble.
The LAPD saw footage of S.
mouse in the act of actually defecating on the police car from this video.
They were not happy.
I got arrested for the incident pertaining to the Poo On You music video.
Yeah, in particular, me taking a dump on the hood of the police car.
So I gotta do some house arrest for that shit.
And I gotta spend two months in my parents' house as part of my legal conditions.
And I gotta wear this shit so they can track me.
That's how much of a motherfucking criminal I am right now.
I want my PS3 in the living room.
He needs to come down out of the clouds.
He needs to stop lying.
I mean, boy, you cannot shit on public property.
Straight to my bedroom with all that shit.
Despite the house incarceration, we are full steam ahead on the second album.
Songs have been written, tour, merch - it's all planned.
He's got two months here.
And I'm going to kick me some disciplinary ass.
I'm going to put my foot so far up his ass it's going to get in his eyeball.
I'm not going to be a kid artist.
They ain't gonna turn me into no-one.
I'm going to be slapping no elbows for no motherfucker no more, you know what I'm saying? To all you haters out there, all you niggers who said I was the faggot of hip-hop, yeah, who's a motherfucking faggot now? Shwayne.
Get off that fucking thing and empty the motherfucking trash like I told you to.
You're in jail, motherfucker.
Yeah, eat a dick, Dad.
What? Nothing.
You're hearing shit.
Hey, Gran.
Can you tuck me in? I'm feeling a bit lonely and I need a hand.
Shut up, you two.
Shut up.
(Boy laughs) Knock, knock? Looks like you've got a visitor, Taleb.
This is Kerry-Anne.
Have a hold.
Give her a pat if you like.
She's a little nervous.
Now, jamies.
I've got the Shrek pyjamas or the zebra from Madagascar, which I think might be the 'large' from memory.
The 'extra-large', actually, so that's no good.
So you might have to go with Shrek.
Now, is Mum sending in a doona or? No? Right.
Well, that will go with the blue, anyway, so That's nice.
Now, you're not much of a talker, are you? That's alright, 'cause that one's not much of a talker either, so I'm quite used to that.
BOY: Hey, Gran.
Do you know Kylie? No, Marlon.
I don't know Kylie.
Do you? Nah, but I think you do, but.
Now, I want you to get some rest tonight.
And tomorrow I'd like you to try and get along with those other boys.
'Cause if you don't they're going to make your life hell in here.
OK? Just try for my sake.
BOY: Don't let him wank your guinea pig, Gran.
Ignore it.
Now, don't worry about them.
I'll look after you.
That's my job, OK? Now, pop those on, hop into bed and have a good night's rest.
Goodnight, Rim Face.
Go blow your didgeridoo, Marlon.
Good comeback, Granny.
I was thinking we could have, like, a massive farewell party.
Emily Chase is coming to your party, mate.
Nathan's Legendary Farewell Party.
Do you really think celebrities will come to Dunt? Who asked you, dickhead? MAN: Blake is an absolutely legend.
BOY: I reckon he's trouble.
BOY: I formed the Mucca Mad Boys.
BOTH: Oi, oi, oi! WOMAN: He thinks he's a hero but he's a dickhead.
He's borderline genius.
He's not 15 anymore.
MAN: It changed Blake's life forever.
BOY: That's when I knew I'd been shot in the balls.
We got all the shit you need to keep yourself entertained while you're on house arrest.
This might be made by a retarded fan.
Where you been? He says I'm a bitch.
I say, 'Suck a dick.
' Yeah.
Listen to your manager.
He don't know shit.
This is our music video.
ã Grand motherfucker ã They specifically told you not to put shit on the internet.
I'm not your kid anymore.
I've flown the coop.
Oh, fuck, Nath.
You're going to go nuts, mate.
Get off that goddamn Come here! Didn't hurt.
Do it again.
Didn't hurt.
Closed Captions by CSI