Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s03e02 Episode Script

In the Red

1 So, this is how you're laundering the money.
I want to learn.
Come here.
I want you to meet Morgan Wilson.
I want my grandson J given my power of attorney now.
Hey, taking one last shot at the Q.
What about school? I'll make it up next semester.
See you when I get back.
Do you know a Barry Blackwell? Yeah, he's my brother.
We were responding officers to a shooting last night.
He was found with several gunshot wounds to his chest.
I can't believe Baz is dead.
My dad's dead? Who's gonna take care of Lena? Does she end up in foster care? She's not going into foster care.
J, I need you to pay those people I asked you to pay.
Yeah, I already did.
I need you to pay them again.
- How are you? - Good to see you! Sit down.
Let me make you something.
Do you mind if I use your bathroom real quick? Go ahead.
So, you're really going back down to Mexico, huh? I need to find something for me.
I'm gonna find out who killed my brother.
You got the money? Hold this.
Let me see.
It's all there.
Chair 4 at 11:00.
I'm buying.
- Your place, then.
- No.
Go home.
Order a pizza, make sure the delivery guy sees you.
I'm amped.
Come on, let's celebrate.
Go home and jack off, then.
I'll see you tomorrow.
You're missing it.
Got work to do.
Come on, we're playing Kings.
Just like sophomore year.
Stop, stop.
What is this shit? Bills.
Utilities, property tax, insurance.
Smurf owns all of these buildings, but there's not enough money coming in.
What about the rents? It's not enough to cover it all.
Okay, well, you have to tell the pool guy to come, because there's a dead bird in the filter, and it's nasty.
Yeah, I fired the pool guy.
We can't keep spending money on stupid shit.
I'll deal with it.
- Come find me.
- Okay.
How you guys doing? Doing all right? You need anything? Good? - Man, what's up? - How you doing? Hey.
Can't do any more work.
My eyes hurt.
How we lookin'? Last call was about 20 minutes ago, but none of these assholes are leaving.
Just stop serving them alcohol.
They'll leave.
Can I watch TV? It's 2:00 in the morning.
What was it tonight? Wolves.
All right, um 30 minutes, but then you have to go back to bed, okay? You know, you shouldn't be scared of wolves.
They're loyal pack animals, and they almost never attack people.
The rangers put them back into Yellowstone, turned the whole park around.
There's wolves at the park? In Wyoming.
It's far away.
You're not gonna sleep, are you? Did they find who shot him? You okay? If somebody was coming for us, they would've come already.
That's not what I meant.
I'm fine.
Can we talk about something else, please? I like your hair.
- Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Having a midlife crisis? No, I just got itchy.
Is Craig giving you shit? No, I haven't seen Craig in a couple months.
Where is he? He's in Mexico, I think.
You think? Who knows with that kid.
You want another drink? It's late.
Um I should go, I guess.
Yeah, you should probably go.
That might be good.
You should probably go.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
I thought you said you had to go.
I don't know about you, but I was just gonna get naked and hang out in the back, but if you have to go Shut up.
You catch a couple more sets? Called Manuel.
He's got a hook-up with a worm guy.
I thought real tequila doesn't have a worm in it.
It doesn't.
But Manuel's guy is breeding electric-blue worms.
It's all about marketability.
I like this, uh, "business Craig.
" - Yeah? - Mm-hmm.
So, I got the cook coming in from Pescado's tonight.
Yeah? Happy birthday.
It's not my birthday.
Well, you're wearing your birthday suit.
Could be.
You're gonna be late.
What are you doing? I'm sick.
No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
You're not sick.
If you miss too much school, your teacher's gonna call DCFS.
Is that the police? No.
No, no.
Don't worry about it.
Come on.
There's cereal.
I'm not hungry.
Breakfast is important.
Why? Ms.
Henry wants to talk to you.
About what? What is this? Lena? What happened? Nothing.
We're gonna be late.
Lena, tell me what happened.
I don't want to talk about it.
You need to get a real bed.
I have a real bed.
A mattress in an attic is not a bed.
You hungry? Oh.
Here you go.
Let me get a little sauce on there.
There you go.
These are actually pretty good.
It's ranchero.
We make it in-house.
- "In-house"? - Uh-huh.
You're looking at a restaurateur, kid.
So, you got the European qualifiers at A Coruña next, right? When are you leaving? I'm not.
What do you mean? I've surfed five events.
Made it past the first round twice.
Well, it's heat by heat.
You know that.
It's your first year.
Yeah, well, sponsors aren't exactly lining up to hand me 60 grand to fly around the world and lose.
You have the ability.
It's just a mental game, so you're in your head too much.
I'm going back to UCSD.
Plenty of people have a rough first year.
Okay? Look at A.
Took him, what, two years to qualify? I don't have two years or $100,000.
All right.
I liked college.
It's not the end of the world.
I got to I got to go meet Tao.
See if I can get my old job back.
You didn't eat.
You want to take this to-go? No, no.
Hey, maybe I'll see you later, though.
I I'm around now, so Okay.
See you later.
Goodwin worked through his retainer and then some.
What's this? His bill.
You're kidding me.
I'm not.
And I don't need it right away, but mine's in there, as well.
When's it due? His is due now.
He's a highly sought-after criminal defense attorney.
He doesn't come cheap.
Yeah, you know we're good for it.
If you're having some cash-flow problems, Josh, you can talk to me.
I'm your attorney, too.
That means our conversations are privileged.
Smurf's got a lot of bills that I'm not sure how to cover.
You have to pay the bills.
Tens of thousands of dollars run through Smurf's buildings every month.
If rent stops just because Smurf goes to jail, it might give the cops the impression that her real-estate business is nothing more than a money-laundering operation.
Have you talked to your uncles? They won't work, not for Smurf.
If I wanted to sell a building, how would I do that? Oh, you can't.
Not right now, anyway.
The D.
's looking into Smurf's finances.
You sell a building, it gives them a more complete picture of her business.
Although we could do a private sale.
What's that? Well, you sign over several properties to a corporation in my name.
I get a mortgage on it, I front Goodwin the cash, I give some to you to cover the bills.
But that would mean that you own the properties.
We could sort that out when Smurf gets out.
If she gets out.
Not yet.
I'll let you know if it comes to that.
Okay, good.
We wouldn't want Smurf to end up with a public defender straight out of UC Irvine, right? No.
What the hell are you doing here? I got the police file.
The neighbors didn't see anything, and there are no cameras on the Strand.
How much did this cost you? He used a 9 millimeter.
Hollow points.
What about Javi's crew? One was in jail for a parole violation, and the other two were in Arizona the night Baz was shot.
Any other suspects? Anyone we know? No.
The cops are still looking for you.
What about Smurf? Have you talked to her at all? I think I left some stuff here.
If you need that stuff, go ahead and get it.
Where are you sleeping? The couch.
What's that? What kind of kid bullies a sweet little girl about her dead dad? Is Lena being bullied at school? Someone kicked her.
Couple of girls cornered her in a bathroom and told her that her dad was a criminal.
This is just what the The teachers tell me, and she won't talk to me.
But I know she's having nightmares, and she wakes up every day, she says she's sick, she doesn't want to go to school.
And what? What? I'm supposed to make her go? This shit is happening every day.
Are you getting any help with her? I don't need help.
Got something to say? Okay, go ahead.
Bitch, we got a problem? Yeah, we got a problem.
This bitch.
You're Smurf Cody from Oceanside.
Have we met? My asshole boyfriend robbed a liquor store, left me holding the bag.
Now I'm looking at two years.
Like I give a shit.
We had a bigger score going before I got picked up.
I want to hit it before he can.
You could get your boys to do it.
No idea what you're talking about.
Everybody knows about you.
You have me confused with someone else.
I'm just someone's grandma.
It's an easy score.
Tons of cash.
Jesus Christ.
What are you guys doing here? I said Chair 4 at 11:00.
What are you doing here? Sully got picked up.
For what? I don't know.
Mariah was at Sal's, saw him taken out in cuffs.
You think he's talking? Shit.
Some fun ones this morning, huh? Yeah, I saw you score a couple.
So, uh I got to borrow her a second.
What's up? Aah! Whoo! Get it! Yo! What the hell are you doing?! You going through my shit? - Cute.
- Come on, let's go.
Smart ass.
Yo! Yo! Who brought this kid? He's going through my shit, sniffing my underwear.
- Cabrón.
- Wait.
What was that? How old are you, Pichacorta? Huh? Yo, is anyone gonna own this little thief? Huh? Anyone? Look, I'm not some lame-ass tourist.
You want to roll someone, find a dentist on a vacation.
¿Comprende? Hey? You want some money? All right.
Thanks, man.
How much was bail? I'll pay you back, whatever it was.
I'm sorry, okay? It wasn't my fault.
Guy got in my face.
I should have gone home, I know.
Next time, okay? Do, uh, Colby and Ox know I got busted? Say something, D.
You're freaking me out.
Where, uh Where we going? What are you, like, trying to scare me or something? Hey, baby.
How's Pope? Did he threaten you again? No.
But he's still glaring at me.
That's Pope.
He's mourning.
Stay out of his way.
Are you boys being careful? We're being careful.
J when the Trujillos call you, pick up your goddamn phone.
And pay them on time.
The bills are piling up, Smurf.
Go ask your uncles for help.
They won't do it.
Didn't Baz give everybody a shitload of money? They won't do it if they know it's for you.
You don't tell them it's for me.
I'm sorry.
I know you're taking on a lot, - and if you can't handle it - I can handle it.
Call Morgan.
Tell her to get Goodwin here Today.
Goodwin's gone through his retainer.
She brought me his bill this morning.
And hers.
She's got some balls.
I paid that bitch to sit on her ass for 22 years Well, what should I do? Pay Goodwin whatever he needs to get me in front of a judge.
The sooner I'm in a courthouse, the sooner this bullshit case falls apart.
Goodwin wants 10 grand.
Well, I guess you're gonna have to use your own stash, then.
Oh, come on, baby.
I know you have your own stash.
My boys never missed a meal.
Not you, baby.
You have gone hungry.
You have slept in cars, just like me.
You have a Plan B.
Who should I pay first? Goodwin or the Trujillos? Both, baby.
You pay them both.
Yo, J, you're dodging my calls.
You followed me here? You visit Smurf every Tuesday and Thursday.
I don't got to be a genius.
I'll get you your money this afternoon, okay? I needed it two days ago.
Yeah, well, I haven't got it on me.
I'll swing by your house in a couple hours.
- How about that? - That's not gonna work.
I'll hang with you until you got the money.
Get out.
I didn't say shit, all right? They didn't even ask.
It was a bullshit D&D charge.
They don't know about the cars.
You're paranoid, dude.
I'm not wearing a wire.
I got in a bar fight.
Get on the ground.
All right, I get it.
You're pissed.
I'm sorry, but this is stupid gangster shit, Deran.
Take a piece of my cut or something, dock my pay.
Get on the ground and put your face in the dirt.
Are you serious? Look at me.
Look at me! If you ever say my name again, I will find you.
And if I can't, because I'm in prison, say, because some asshole decided to run his mouth, well, there are a lot of Codys and I'm the nice one.
Ohh! So, you're not Smurf's kid? She's my grandmother.
How come her kids aren't collecting the rents? Because she asked me to do it.
So, what, you're, like, the favorite or something? I don't know.
You got to ask her.
They got you doing the bitch work, man.
I collect the rents, and you collect off me.
So I guess we're both doing bitch work, huh? This is a sick truck, bro.
This cost like $40,000? Yeah, something like that.
How are your payments? I paid cash.
You own this? Yeah.
Look at you.
Probably shouldn't be four days late on a payment if you've got a $40,000 truck, though.
Just sayin'.
The last one was pretty good.
You're the creepy dude on the beach staring at the surfers.
You should know that.
You belong on the tour.
No, I don't.
You should've seen me at Ballito.
I got smoked in the first round.
No, you had the highest-scoring wave.
All you needed was a 2.
5 to advance.
I watched.
At 3:00 a.
? I was up.
I'll give you $50K to start.
Should get you through the first few months.
What are you talking about? I'll sponsor you.
We'll split the endorsements when they start rolling in, - and - Ah, I can't let you do that.
I want to do it.
Uh, I can't take money from your family.
It's my money.
You don't have to keep saying you're sorry.
If you quit now, you'll regret it.
Trust me.
I want to do this for you.
Let me.
Don't throw your life away on college.
That's good advice.
Is that your plan? To just let me rot in here? I was here last week.
Why don't you try eating powdered eggs and kissing up to a guard while your lawyers bleed you dry? A good defense costs money.
When am I gonna see a good defense? Goodwin isn't doing anything until he gets paid.
What the hell is going on here?! We need to see their evidence.
The minute the judge gets ahold of Javi's autopsy, I am out of here! Janine, the D.
doesn't give two shits about the autopsy report.
She's stalling for as long as it takes to build a real case! What's that supposed to mean? They're making inquiries about your businesses.
They're subpoenaing tax returns.
Somewhere in San Diego, Pearce has got a bulletin board with your picture in the middle of a mess of red string.
Pearce is trying to make this a RICO case.
Do me a favor.
You tell J to get Goodwin his money without drawing attention to your assets.
Wouldn't want to give the D.
the impression that you're running a criminal organization.
Right? Mm.
What do you think of the name Agua Agrio? It's a name for the tequila.
Sour Water? You think it's stupid.
I don't.
Just give me a minute.
Ozzy's uncle works in branding.
And he was saying that I should have a name and a logo before we talk to investors.
Agua Agrio.
"Hey, give me a shot of Agua Agrio.
" It's stupid.
- No, stop! It's not.
- Forget it, forget it.
Yo, what happened to the music? What's up? Do I know you? No.
He's pissed about the parties.
Says you're shutting down restaurants, keeping people awake.
Tell him we'll keep it down.
Everybody's welcome.
Who's gonna help him with this coke? More for you, I guess.
Look, man, he was in my house, stealing my shit.
Get off him! You want a piece of this, too, chica? 1, 2, 3, 4 of you? That's it? Get off! Craig! I'll be two minutes.
Stay in the car, please.
J, this is a nice surprise.
- Hey.
How are you? - I'm good.
How are you? I'm good, I'm good.
I was just in the neighborhood.
I thought I'd swing by.
Appreciate that.
Is this Nicky? Yeah.
Nice to meet you.
She's kidding.
This is Mia.
Okay, Mia.
Y'all got time for some dinner? No, uh No, we can't.
We got stuff to do, so I We're not in a rush.
You got any beer? Yeah.
I guess we'll stay for one.
So Smurf never made me go to school.
She didn't see the point.
I used to get into fights, I used to punch people.
One time, I lit a teacher's desk on fire.
And Grandma Smurf, she She didn't want the hassle.
So she let me skip it.
I hate it there.
School sucks.
But you are smart like your mom, and she'd want you to go, so you're going.
Pick one.
What? Go ahead.
Pick a school.
These are for rich kids.
What the hell do you think you are? How long have you lived here? Well, J's whole life, at least.
He and his mom lived across the way.
You're friends with J's mom? We were like sisters.
Were? She's dead.
How'd she die? Heroin.
It's painless, at least.
My mom got stabbed.
Sorry to hear that.
Anybody want another? - Yeah.
- J? I got to drive.
Is that supposed to scare me? What? Talking about your mom getting stabbed to death.
My mom got stabbed.
You want me to lie about it? Forget about it.
When you're getting to know somebody, you ask them questions.
You tell them shit about yourself.
Thanks for the tip.
My mom was a junkie, so we got that in common.
Here you go, Mia.
Dina, could I use your bathroom? Sure.
I guess I was wrong about you.
What are you talking about? She said Smurf cut your mom off and left you guys with nothing.
Says you almost starved.
Maybe you're not a completely spoiled little bitch.
I'm kidding.
You never laugh.
That's 'cause you're not funny.
Where do you want me to drop you off? Who's Nicky? What are you doing? What does it look like? Stop.
I'll tell you when to move.
What's wrong with her? Who? Alvarez.
She's a crazy bitch.
Shot her boyfriend in the middle of a robbery.
Where's she from? Why do you care? Maybe I'm interested.
You don't need any more friends in here.
Where is she from? Where you been? Pope and Deran are here? It's Tuesday.
Lena? - Dinner? - Oh, shit.
What is all this stuff? Oh, I got some things for the house and some clothes.
I got you a jacket.
Do you want to see? Nicky, we got to stop spending money.
Just until Smurf gets out of jail.
So, what, you don't want toilet paper? Just go to the store to get it.
It's much cheaper.
Then you don't have to pay for shipping.
Jesus, J, it's Amazon.
You don't pay for shipping.
Are we seriously that poor? Yeah.
We got to act like we are.
Didn't you pull a job last night? What? Car dealership in L.
, guys in motorcycle helmets.
That wasn't you? They, uh wouldn't do that without you, would they? You're late.
We're done.
Hi, J.
Can I watch TV? Of course you can.
Go ahead.
Her dad was shot in their driveway.
You can show up once a week for dinner.
Once a week! I'm sorry.
I forgot.
The house looks like shit.
Well, we had a party last night, so Oh, yeah? I got to get back to the bar.
You guys pulled a job? Motorcycle helmets, car dealership in L.
? What? You pulled a job? We're on our own, right? We can make our own decisions You pulled a job? Goddamn it, Deran! L.
? Are you kidding me? I don't have to run shit by you.
No, you don't.
Who did you use? Ox and Colby.
They were solid.
- Bullshit.
- They did fine.
Yeah, they did fine.
How many times did Ox wind up in juvie? It's the safest I've ever felt.
I planned the job, I ran it.
No Craig showing up high.
No Smurf.
No bitch work for Baz.
Until the cops pick up Ox and lean on him for two seconds.
I need the family cut.
You pull a job, that's fine, but I take the family cut from now on.
What are you talking about? - What is he talking about? - The buildings that we own, they hide your cash All of it.
Well, I can clean my own money.
Without cash flowing through those buildings, we lose them.
Everything that you worked for, all the apartments, the houses - Maybe even this place.
- Nah, that's bullshit.
Oh, yeah? You want to take a look at the books? If we don't get some serious cash running through those accounts in the next couple of days, we're gonna start losing properties.
So sell a building.
That's what the cops want us to do.
What cops? The lawyers have said that the cops are looking at everything Smurf's finances, her properties, accounts Everything.
What about the rents? They're bullshit.
Don't even cover 10% of what Smurf was running through the accounts to launder the money.
Look they don't just want Smurf.
They want you, they want you They want everything.
If we start losing properties, they're gonna know that we're using the buildings to launder the money.
So we need to pool our cash.
I need everything that Baz gave you from Smurf's storage unit.
I need it now.
That money's long gone, man.
I'm out, too.
You spent all that cash in two months? Parenting is expensive.
It's our money, J.
We don't answer to you.
Then we need to pull a job.
- A hundred grand, at least.
- What are you talking about? You just said the cops were watching us.
So we'll have to be careful.
So we lose the properties.
It's Smurf's shit anyway, right? No.
They belong to us, too.
They belong to all of us.
So you just want us to trust you? You haven't got a choice.
What happened to you? What's wrong with you? What happened? Someone stole all my shit.