Animal Kingdom (US) (2016) s05e06 Episode Script

Home Sweet Home

- Can I help you?
- Hey, this is Officer Chadwick.

- I'm looking for Deran.

- Andrew's in the hospital.

Thought someone here would want to know.

You can't mess up my business, Craig.

Don't do your business in my house.

- Fine.

- You need to quit.

I think you know why I'm here.

I was hoping we could
work something out.

Power can be taken,
- or it can be earned.

- We have to make a deal, man.

Look, she wouldn't come
all the way down here
if she didn't want to
work something out.

What, one meeting and you
know her so well already?
If this doesn't work out, we're
losing this goddamn house.

- That's what I know.

- There's an individual
who has something of great value to me.

- What is it?
- It's a safe.

So you want us to steal it?
Where's the safe?
Bolted to the floor near Marion's desk.

Marion don't like random
people in and out of there.

Too busy downstairs being the man.

I'm hearing Smurf's voice in my head!
Everywhere I look, I see her everywhere!
Go do what you need to do,
and then you come back, all right?
- I don't think I can come back.

- Pope.

All of Nick's stuff is in his bag.

He should be up in about half an hour.

What, you're leaving now?
Yeah, there's gonna be a line.

Skater kids halfway around
the block in a couple hours.

Blaise knows what time
I'm dropping Nick off?

Tell him not to get high all day.

Well, just keep an eye out.

Just let us know what's going on.

I'll text you a thumbs
up when we're in
- Yeah, basta.

- and then get out.

Craig, I know the plan.

What's the matter?
No, I'm just going over
things in my head.

You should, too, by the way.

You know, it should be
easy, but it's still a job.

I've gone over everything.

It's gonna be great.

Thank you, by the way.

For what?
Getting Deran to let me in on this.

You won't be sorry.

She asked me if I loved her ♪
And I told her a damn lie ♪
And she squeezed me,
oh, so hard, yeah ♪
I thought I would die ♪
- She asked me about my job ♪
- Mom!
Yeah, I'm coming.

I said I'm living down on the bog ♪
And she said that she don't care ♪
Pretty cool, right?
As long as she was mine ♪
All right, go explore.

- Go.
Go, go, go.

- Yeah.

- Hey.

- Hey.


Not bad.

What this place set you back?
$400 a month, plus deposit.

Yeah, I got a deal
'cause I paid in cash.

Speaking of
Yes, Manny, I have your cut.

We all get 18 each.

I thought it was two each?
18 after Jerry's cut.

Make yourself useful.

- This new, too?
- Yeah.
It's nice, right?
Look at you.
New couch, new place.

It's good for Andrew to be by the beach.

The ocean calms him.

I'm gonna learn how to surf.


Janine putting down roots.

I never thought I'd see the day.

All right, calm down.

It's not like I'm getting married.

Speaking of,
I'm surprised your old lady
hasn't kicked you out.

You ain't ever home.

Ah, she wants a kid first.

Needs a sperm donor
and wants good genes.

So I should expect a call?
Oh, hey.

Oh, here it is.

- Beers?
- Yes, please.

- All right.

- Yeah.

I told you guys Oceanside
would work out.

You hear from Phoenix?
Yeah, weekend crowd.

Place next door is empty,
just like we scouted.

In and out.

You all right? What's going on?
You should've talked to me
before you pulled Renn in.

- Ah, Jesus.
Get over it, man.

- Get over it?
What, you don't think it's
bad enough I got to worry
about my own ass on these jobs,
but now I got to worry
about Renn's, too?
Since when do you worry about anything?
Renn can take care of herself, man.

And it's a skate demo.

She's gonna blend right in.

You should've asked me, on principle.

So now you have principles?
I'm pretty sure if it weren't for Smurf,
Renn's cousins would've cut off
your dick while she watched.

So don't underestimate her.

Well, what's this piece of shit?
It's a work van.
It's perfect.

You get the vests and the gloves?
Yeah, they're in here.

I gave Pam a place for us to meet.

I figured we'd get there early,
make sure everything's cool.

Hey, uh, where's the concrete saw
Pope never lets us use?
Any word on Pope?
I texted him.
No response.

Yeah, me neither.

You know, at some point, we're
gonna have to start to worry.

He's fine.

He just needs a little
bit of space, you know?

Well, we got a job.

Show me where my dad is.

Didn't even know I had a dad.

This is what you want?
This is what you wanted?
This is what you wanted?! Huh?!
Hey, don't do that.

You're gonna burn the place down.

- It's not gonna work anyway.

- Yes, it is.

Hey, I said stop.

- No.

- Whoa.

That's how you talk to adults?
Go home to your house.

Okay, give me that.


Just wait here.

Trouble with the kids, huh?
You looking for somebody, pal?
Yeah, man.
I am.

You two.


You know why I'm here.

- I'm here 'cause you're dumb!
- Ah!
And because your girlfriend is dumb!
You've been here two months,
and you're already making moves.


You gotta get that bitch
in line, you hear me?
I don't want to do this to a woman.

But I will.

Come on.

Max Cross.

Welcome to my town.



Can I help you with something?
Those your signs out on the road?
They are.

What is this place?
It's the Kinship of Light and Truth.

I'm Mickey,
ordained minister, state of California.

This is a church?
We don't label it.

All these people they live out here?
Some of them, yeah.

You got a name?

It's a pleasure, Andrew.

You look like you've been
on the road awhile.

Yeah, I drove south and then east.

Went back north, and now I'm here.

Why are you here, Andrew?
I don't know.

That's good.

That's the first step.

Take a look around.

I'm gonna get back to it.

Everybody's welcome here, Andrew.

Where's Andrew?
Pope had some other shit
he had to take care of.

Is he doing all right?
Yeah, he's fine.

Drop the package off here
as soon as you have it.

We'll be in touch.

Soon as this is finished, we'll sit
down and talk about next steps.

Next step is you giving
us our shit back.

That's what we'll discuss.

We don't want to drag this out.

Neither do I.

So let's just see how this goes.

Watch yourself.

Dude you're stealing from ain't no joke.

This is bullshit, man.

We're opening up.


Have a good time.
Enjoy yourself.

What's up, what's up? Yes, sir.

Hey, we are Demand Skate.

Thank you so much for coming out here.

Huh? Huh?
I got a real quick question.

Who'd you come to see?
Shiloh Marley in the house!
Let's go! Thank you so
much for coming out.

Marion's office is on the
other side of this wall.

Yo, yo! What's going on over here?
Can I help you?
You can't work here today.

Oh, we just got a couple
things to finish off.

Like hell you do, man.

We poppin' next door, man.

My boss ain't gonna be cool with this.

Look, I got a boss, too, man.

Not like mine, you don't.

I got major keys, the boy goin' hard ♪
- Been a major week ♪
- All right, we'll be quick.

Just make it really quick, homie.

- Yeah, all right.

- I'm so used to this, I'm so lunatic ♪
Yo girl blew a kiss,
so I blew her wits ♪
Don't run the ♪
Rollin' down, ole natty hair ♪
Nappy, matty as a black
grandaddy, all fact ♪
No cappin', fat, black,
bold captain, stay floatin' ♪
No flappin', wave
runner, I'm a gunner ♪
I'ma have your block hot
as a sauna all summer ♪
And I put that ♪
Craig, text Renn to turn the music up.

Matter of fact, kiss the
and even the cra-a-ack ♪
Automatic facts, it's like tha-a-at ♪
Scandal bliss when you puttin'
villains in charge of ♪
All of us targeted,
all we doin' is arguin' ♪
Part of them isn't workin'
'til every pockets been picked ♪
Turn it up louder.

I'm ready to mob on
these Charlatans ♪
Charlatans, charlatans, charlatans ♪
Charlatans, charlatans, charlatans ♪
Go-go-go, go-go-go-go ♪
Go-go-go-going up ♪
'Til time die, I'm galatically fly ♪
The moon is movin' the
maniacs in a shitty decline ♪
Hearts fried, all this neon
is rippin' us up inside ♪
Immortality's out of bounds,
it's a one-round ride ♪
I got one round left,
a hunnid cops outside ♪
I could at them or
put one between my eyes ♪
- Hey.

- Hey.

Ain't seen you around here before.

- What's your name?
- Danielle.
What's yours?
Marion Wills.

Nice to meet you.

You don't know who I am, do you?
- Should I?
- Yeah, this my spot.

- Oh, this is your place?
- That's right.

It's cool.

And that's more honest
than your whole life ♪
In a fraction of time ♪
Here by yourself?
In how to smoke weed 'til I'm blind ♪
Not anymore.

My brother made a point so
out the back door I'ma slide ♪
I'm chubby, husky, thighs
rubbing up my Levi's ♪
The crooked copper got the
proper, I put in his eye ♪
Plus we heard he a black
child so none of us cry ♪
Came in that with the mob ♪
Left out that with ya ♪
Get down low, hit licks ♪
Stack up the paper, get rich ♪
You better be lucky, I miss ♪
I'm tryna put pointers in my wrist ♪
Shiloh have time for a quick one-on-one?
You know he does.
Hey, yo, Shi.

- Come on, man, come on.

- 'Sup, man?
Time to go to work, but
don't go anywhere, all right?
- I won't.

- Stevie.

Take care of my girl Danielle
over here, all right?
Let's go.
Let's go, man.

Hey, yo!
You never know a be plottin' ♪
Why you playin'? I got the chop ♪
What's What's going on?
Are they working over here?
Dude said he'd be quick.

Gentlemen, I got to take care
of some business, all right?
I'll be back.
Come on, man.

- Yo, someone's coming.

- I'll handle it.

Hey, yo! Yo!

What's going on here?
- Uh, we're just doing some work.

- Yeah, no shit.
Well, uh, the owner had some punch-list,
uh, stuff for us to do, so
we're just getting it done
- before we inspect
- Bullshit.

I pay Warren not to work
on my demo days.

Well, I don't know
what to tell you, man.

- I'm just doing j
- You don't know what to
All right, how about
I tell you something?
How about we call up Warren,
I get your dumb ass
fired over the phone,
and then I knock your teeth
out just to pass the time?
We'll wrap up and get out of your way.

I'm sorry.
We don't want any trouble.

Pack your shit up and get out of here.

You got it.

You got 10 minutes.

What's going on?
Hey, we gotta go.
The job's burned.

They pay the owner of this building
not to work on demo days.

- We gotta go now.

- God damn it.

Hey, hey, Warren, call me, man.

There's people working next door.

W-We're already through this wall.

We're almost to the safe.

Yo, let's go! He said we're burned!
- Job's not burned.

- He just said we're burned.

- The job is not burned!
- We'll walk now,
we strike a new deal with Pamela
- when we get out!
- No.

This is for our house!
It's for everything we've worked
for our entire lives!
- It's all in that wall!
- Bro, this is jail,
and Renn is next door, bro!
Renn is gonna be fine.

And in three minutes, we're
gonna go through there,
and we're gonna get the safe out
like we planned! Okay?
Sorry about that.

I'm trying to entertain the
people and run a business,
got these fools banging
on the walls and stuff.

How's it going?
How are you?
- Dude, you're awesome.

- Oh, thank you.

Guys, this is Marion.

He's the owner of this
fine establishment.


This is supposed to be his office.

This is not supposed to be here.

Yeah, no shit.
I thought
you scouted this.

I know.
He must not have permitted it.

It wasn't in the city plans.

- Hold up.

- Hold up, my ass, bro.

We're We're done.

Better run, run and hide ♪
We comin' down the block,
taking what you got ♪
Better run, run and hide ♪
Get the tools from J now.


Get the tools from J.

Yo, J.

What the hell, man?
The office is outside of this door.

You know the rules ♪
I go to work when I
go berserk, red alert ♪
I'm at my best when I'm at my worst ♪
So bring it on, I crush
boulders with my fist ♪
How are we gonna get
the safe out the building
without anyone seeing us?
It's fine.
There's a
window in the office.

We can just hoist the safe up
and push it out the window.

- There's a window?
- Yeah.

A window? That's part of your plan, too?
Go get the truck and bring it around.

Don't worry about the
We'll leave 'em.

We're getting what we came for.
Come on.


Run and hide ♪
Let's find the safe.

I gotta get this.

Hey, yo.
Warren, what's up, man?
My money's not good enough for you?
Oh, but you got people over there
banging on the walls, man.

Then who is it, then?
Make sure no one can get in here.

No, that's all right.

I'll take care of it.

Come on.

Hey! Open this door!
Open this door!
Hey, I see you in there.

When I get in there,
that's your ass, boy!
That's your ass!
All right, the rest of you,
on me.
Let's go, let's go.

- Hi.

- Danielle.


- She don't go nowhere.

- Got it.

Come on.

Yo, yo.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on!
A little more.
Open the window.

It's stuck.

Just lift it!
Let's go.

- Move!
- Shit! Come on!
- Shit.

- Go, go!
Don't touch me.

You better let go of me,
or I'm calling the cops!
You ain't callin' anyone.
Give me the
- Fine, fine!
- Come on!
Aah! Aaah! Aaaah!
Shit! Aah! Bitch!
Get him out!
Go, go, go, go!
You know, when we say we're burned,
we're burned, all right?
We did it.
We have the safe.

We almost got busted.

You know, I made the call.

I would've made it again.

Yeah, you know who
you sound like, right?
We make the calls, all right?
Together, not just you.

God damn it.

Renn is still not answering.

Well, you know, the plan was
for her to get out on her own,
- which she did.

- Oh, yeah? She text you?
Did she let you know that she's okay?
- No.

- Well, no,
then you don't know shit then, do you?
Yeah, I know that she
can handle herself.

She's got more balls than you do.

- All right, hey, hey!
- You better hope for your sake
- that she's all right.

- What are you gonna do?
- What are you gonna do?
- Hey, quit it! Break it up.
Hey, stop!
- Stop.

- You done?
Call Renn again.

God damn it, dude.

What, you got a problem, too?
No, we just need to hand over the safe
and get our shit back.

Not yet.

Not yet.

You do all this?

This one's mine.

I'm Cassandra.


That's a nice name.

How'd you find this place, Andrew?
I don't know.

What about you? You live here?
No, I got a place out in Thermal.

You know where that is?
- No.

- That's okay.

Neither does anybody else.

So, uh what are you doing here?
Um, I was going through a rough patch.

I was driving by, saw the signs,
figured, "What have I got to lose?"
Well, he said this place was a church.

That what this looks like to you?
Looks like it's time.

Time for what?
You're gonna like it.

Thank you.

Here you go.

Nah, drugs don't work on me.

It's not a drug.
It's a tool.

First step to finding the truth.

What truth?
That's what you're looking to find out.

- Come on.

- No.

This is our sacrament.

You want to stay, you you drink.

If you don't want to drink,
just keep on driving.

What have you got to lose?
Jesus! Is she okay?
She's just scared.

What happened?
Where How bad is it? Jake.

Come here, come here.

Both of you, come here.

You're fine.

Stop crying.

What happened?
- The man beat him up.

- Who? What man?
He punched him and kicked
him and stepped on him

He said his name.

He said his name?
Max Max Cross.


You You don't tell
anyone about this, okay?
You're gonna be fine.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Don't worry.

Mommy's gonna take care of this.


I gotta go.


You okay?

Can you feel it?

Oh, oh, oh.

Look at me.

What do you see?
I see somebody I used to know.

I'm sorry.

She made me do it.

As you're walking through
the valley of truth ♪
It won't be the end of this ♪
Where's Craig and your nephew?
They left.

And the package?
Yeah, left with them.

I thought we had an agreement.

We do.

Just want to make sure you
hold up your end of it.

- We always hold up our end.

- Good.

We'll be giving you a
memorandum of understanding
that says you agree to transfer
Smurf's estate back to us.

The safe stays with
us until you sign it.

So much for trust.

You know, Smurf she taught us
not to trust anybody but family.

That's a hard way to live your life.

Know what I think?
I think your mother did this
because she wanted us to meet.

I think she wanted you to know
there's someone you could turn to
if you ever needed help.


Well, it was nice to meet you.


Nice to meet you, too.

We good?

We're good.

You're home.

I started without you.

No worries.

You okay?

You know, it was supposed to
go a lot smoother than that.

You want to tell me about it?
Not really.

I had fun.

I get why you do it now.

I do it for the money.



You keeping the drapes open?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
Let 'em watch.

What is that?
Oh, that thing.

That is a scar.

Where'd you get that?
Oh, yeah.

My brother.
I guess brothers tend to get rough?

No, it wasn't his fault.

It was my fault.

And nothing was his fault.

It was all my fault.

Where is he?
He's dead.


Get him out of here.

- Brian, easy, man.

- Why is he looking at me like that?
Hey, easy, easy.

Everybody's welcome here.

Sit, sit.
Come on.

- There's something wrong with him.

- No, no, no, no.

Hey, leave him alone.

I don't like this.

- He's nothing but darkness.

- It's okay.

- Don't listen to him.

- He said I'm darkness.

- I see you.

- Here, take this.

You don't fool me.

Her darkness
- it's inside you.
I can see her.

- What?!
- Hey, calm down, man.

- Please make him stop.

What did you just say to me?
Calm down, Brian.

Everything's gonna be okay.

- Here you go.
Take that.

- No!
- He should go, not me.

- It's okay.

- I see it.
I-I see it.

- Everything's okay.

It's not okay!
Make him go.

Give me your keys.

- Hey.
Give me your keys.

- Everybody's okay.

- She's inside of him?
- Get out of here!
- Let's go.

- Hey, hey.
It's okay.

- Let's go.

- Devil!
Go straight, straight, straight!

Doing some repairs to the house?
The bowling alley.
Pipe broke.

Sorry to hear that.

Now, I know a good plumber
if you're looking for one.

Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.

I'm good, thanks.

Hey, uh, how's your uncle doing?
- He's fine.

- Okay, good, good.

Glad I could help with that.

About that.
You're a little short on
friends in the department.

Barker's gone, retired.

He's an asshole anyway,
if you ask me, but
like I said, you get what you pay for.

That was Smurf's deal.

Yeah, sure, I get it.

It's a new era, though, right?
For you guys, for us.

Anyway, I'll let you get back to work.


Is there a file on Smurf? On my family?
I want to see it.

If you would've asked around
about this guy two weeks ago
instead of two hours ago, we
wouldn't have this problem.

Everybody's got a boss, Janine.

It's about time you
figured out who yours is.

Wait here.

What? No, this is about all of us.

He didn't come to your house.


There's no sign of
the morning coming ♪
You've been left on your own ♪
Like a rainbow in the dark ♪
Just a rainbow in the dark ♪
- Is Max around?
- That way.

Yeah ♪
I heard you might be able to
get me something for this.

Your name anywhere near it?

Ah, you got some set
of balls, don't you?
I am not the kind of guy
who takes a hammer
away from a carpenter.

this is not an open town.

So you're gonna kick
me 30% of your take.

And you're gonna tell
me what you're taking
if you're taking it between
Pendleton and National City.

And I'm not asking.

So you don't like it
you can shoot me.


And I'm gonna need 2 grand right now
for all the shit you already pulled.


I think we're even.

There is one more thing.

You ever come near my kids again
I'll kill you.

Where are we?
I don't know.

But I can't keep driving.

Jesus Christ.

That's so beautiful.

We shouldn't stay here.

Why not?
- What?
- You.

Looking at the road.

It's moving.

These lines shouldn't be moving.

That kid Brian was scared of you.

A lot of people are.

Should I be?


Hey, where you going?
I don't know.

Over there.

Are you coming?
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