Anne (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

The True Seeing is Within

1 [horses snorting and groaning] [Matthew] Come on! Come on! [neighing] First thing we climb a tree And maybe then we'd talk Or sit silently And listen to our thoughts With illusions of someday Casting a golden light No dress rehearsal This is our life You are ahead by a century You are ahead by a century [Anne] Dear Oh.
No, no, no! [gasps] [huffing] I O U - paper.
- [door opening] [gasping] Yes! I am allowing you to go on this trip against my better judgment.
Marilla, I assure you that once I return from this adventure, you'll realize your decision was correct! Adventure? Not an adventure per se.
A a restrained travel endeavor for personal edification and familial socialization.
And Gilbert's letter will be sent across the sea to lands unknown.
Do not put me in a position of having to defend - any disruptive behavior to Mrs.
- Understood.
The Barrys are traveling there for important business.
- Double-understood.
- Any foolishness will have consequ I will be as calm as the Lake of Shining Waters on a sunny day or a moonlit night, - depending on your preference.
- [horses snorting] Diana! [laughing] [Marilla] I suppose it'll be beneficial to have some quiet time to think.
About the future, you mean? The boarders.
And how long they need to stay.
[Matthew] We could Hello! We could go over the books together.
- Mr.
- It's very kind of you to allow Anne to accompany you on your trip to Charlottetown.
Aunt Josephine expressed her enthusiasm for seeing Anne again rather forcefully.
We couldn't possibly disappoint her.
You're certain about your decision to forego the testing of the soil - here at Green Gables? - Yeah.
We're decided.
[chuckling] Shame to miss out on a golden opportunity.
We have enough, Mr.
That's for her train fare.
That's both ways.
- You sure? We were we're happy to - Darling, leave well enough alone.
- We'd best be on our way.
- Of course.
[chuckling] Good day, Marilla, Matthew.
We'll take good care of dear Anne.
Thank you.
Safe travels.
[Anne] Bye, Matthew! Bye, Marilla! - [Marilla] Goodbye.
- [Matthew] Bye now.
Safe travels.
- [sighing] - [door creaking and closing] Know anything about this? - About ? - Paper.
There something you wanna tell me? I'm staying here.
After the grift.
[laughs quietly] Uh you're a laugh riot.
I'm staying.
For good.
What the hell? You setting me up, Jonesey? I'm asking you for a gentleman's agreement.
When Barry gets back, we split the 1,700 bucks, shake hands, part ways.
Rat me out and walk away with the entire kitty? No sale.
When we're done here, we're done.
Deal is: I get my inheritance and I don't know a thing.
- How long you been planning this? - I don't know.
- Since we arrived? - No.
It's just I belong here.
What makes you think these people are going to accept you? Haven't you been paying attention? They already have.
You're not gonna ruin this for me.
We both get what we want.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
Why wouldn't it be? I'm fine.
I'm fine, thanks.
- [horse whinnying] - [birdsong] [cattle lowing] [crow cawing] [cawing] [door creaking] [cattle lowing] Oh! I didn't realize Anne was already off to Charlottetown.
I was hoping to say goodbye.
I believe this belongs to you.
And I wonder if this is also yours.
Mm, no.
I was never much of a drinker.
Perhaps it's Mr.
Dunlop's? The poor man seems to have picked up some nasty habits from his days as a soldier.
War can poison a man's mind.
Allow me to rid you of this filth.
[Minnie May] I'm bored.
When are we gonna be there? [Anne] Mr.
Barry, I know it's indecorous to ask about financial matters, but I'm so curious about this gold business! - Yeah.
Well, what would you like to know? - Where to start?! Well, I'm bewitched by this notion of how money moves from country to country.
- It seems like magic.
- I can see how you'd perceive it that way.
Minnie May, please be careful.
[Anne] So your money travels from England to Charlottetown? It's like a telegram, but with cash instead of words.
You must be receiving a substantial amount since you're not only testing your soil for gold, but you're also There'll be enough for many, many Avonlea families to test the value of their land.
I believe a rising tide should lift all boats.
[Anne] Then you'll distribute the money to those in town - who want their soil tested as well? - The money goes to Nathaniel.
He collects it directly in order to expedite the process for everyone.
Barry doesn't usually discuss our finances.
Today's your lucky day, Anne.
- Ow! Stop it! - [Mrs.
Barry] Minnie May, please be respectful of where everyone is sitting.
Know your place.
[mockingly] Sorry, Mother.
Barry] Minnie May, for heaven's sake! [grunting] Hey, kid.
You still learning how to spell? So? Y-E-S, or N-O? [In French] Oui.
What, you've never seen booze before? Aren't you a Frenchy? Thought they started you early on this stuff.
We don't keep alcohol in the house.
Um, we're we're Catholic.
Come Sit with me.
Sit with me, little froggy! There we are.
- [grunting] - And there you go.
Hmm? Drink up.
It'll make the work go faster.
- No, thank you.
- Hmm? Have a taste.
What, you scared? - No.
- Then drink.
Come on, it'll put hair on your chest.
Um, I should get back to work.
Yeah, you're too young to drink.
[scoffing] [whistle blowing] Minnie May! This is your final warning! [quiet sobbing] [lowing] - Jerry.
- [Jerry sniffling] I'm sorry, Mr.
What are you what are you sorry for? I know I made a hardship for you in Charlottetown.
- Back at Christmastime? - [Jerry sniffling] When I lost the the money from the horse.
If if I'd been smarter if I'd been more more careful may-maybe I could've run away from them.
Are you talking about the men who beat you up? Why are you thinking about that now? I I should've stopped them! No.
They were they were grown men.
They're bad men.
Not your fault.
Yes, it is.
If I hadn't lost the money, you wouldn't have to take in the boarders.
You didn't do anything wrong, my son.
[sobbing] Never mind now.
Never mind.
Never mind.
Oh! Oh.
[sighing] [Matthew] Anything the matter? I don't know.
Is anything the matter with you? I dunno.
Jerry, he's, um he's troubled about the boarders.
He's not the only one.
Thank you for helping me send this, Rollings.
Official-looking correspondence.
It was important to me that the form of the letter match its contents.
This could be life-changing for Gilbert.
Well, Rollings will investigate the boy's whereabouts, won't you, Rollings? - I've said I would, yes.
- If he is indeed on a steamship, it shouldn't be too much trouble to discover which one and where it will dock next.
I may need to spread a few coins in the process.
Yes, yes, grease whatever palms you need to.
Ah to think that my words will be sent across an ocean, delivering news of gold! [laughing] Is that the gold certificate? Did Nathaniel want me to have it for my banking transaction? Hmm? - No - It's a letter, sir.
The one we've just discussed.
At length.
Moments ago.
- Rollings.
- Well, it looks like it.
Perhaps you're overtired, dear.
Best to set that aside.
It's medicinal.
[groaning] Ahem.
Time to retire.
Come along, dear.
- [Mrs.
Hardy] Come along, Minnie May.
- Night-night.
[sighing] You ask me, this gold business is a load of hogwash.
Though it is my fond hope that I'm wrong.
- Why do you say that? - The tenor of it all reminds me of another town that had gold fever.
- Here on Prince Edward Island? - Yes, a town up north.
Cape Wolfe.
About a decade ago, I think.
I don't remember the details, but I remember the mood.
- What happened? - Nothing.
It was a bust.
- [Diana] Have you told Father? - Oh Ha, ha He's never taken kindly to my advice.
About anything.
Oh, uh, as I recall, it was a story that was covered in The Island Announcer.
Newspaper articles about the gold, and then the unfortunate lack of it.
Oh, it ran for weeks.
Quite the fiasco.
Father's convinced of it.
He says this is a very exciting prospect.
I'm sure he's done his due diligence.
Good harvest.
Merciful Lord.
We have a bit of a cushion now.
Even after paying back the bank.
No real need for extra income, then.
No real need.
Be nice to have things a bit more quiet again.
- And back to normal.
- Yeah.
It would indeed.
I can't stop thinking about the terrible possibility of "gold fever.
" It sounds so feverish.
Don't get a fever.
Otherwise, you're gonna get smelly onions on your feet.
It's worrisome.
We need more information.
If only there was a way to read those old articles.
Diana What if tomorrow we E-S-C-A-P-E so we can V-I-S-I-T - N-E-W-S-P-A-P-E-R.
- [Anne laughing] No fair! To I-N-V-E-S-T-I-G-A-T-E! [nasally] No fair at all! [both] Shhh! Go to sleep.
[Minnie May] Horse.
Horse! [Mrs.
Barry] Plenty of those in Charlottetown.
- [Anne] It's a splendidly busy city.
- [Diana] Yes.
It's all rather exciting.
- [Anne] I love Charlottetown.
It's fun.
- [laughter] Really, do you have nothing more interesting than this? - What else did you have in mind? - As I said, something interesting.
To clarify: something that doesn't bore me to tears.
This velvet has absolutely no drape.
What do you have in a higher price range? Something of quality.
This feels like a cat.
Oh, Minnie May.
I've seen Mother in this mood before.
When she's angry at Father, she becomes very passionate about home decor.
How long do you think her passion will last? - [door bells chiming] - Long enough.
- [background chatter] - Ahem.
[snoring] [snorting] Not the mustard! Good afternoon, sir.
We were hoping you'd point us in the direction of your archives.
- Archives? - [Anne] Uh where you keep the old copies of the newspapers? I'm well-apprised of the concept of an archive.
What's confusing me is your ignorance of spatial relationships.
Use your young eyes.
Does it look like we have the room to keep a functioning newspaper archive? There's no archive.
We have a veritable Sherlock Holmes on our hands.
Excellent powers of deduction, young lady.
In that case, do you happen to remember anything about the story of gold in Cape Wolfe? Age and memory do not go hand in hand.
But you might have some luck with, um, Malcolm Frost.
- He covered the story.
- A bona-fide reporter! A naturalist.
He wrote the pieces because he was concerned, as I recall.
But you best to talk to him.
He frequents the pub down the block.
- Thank you so much! - Thank you very much.
Girls? Tread lightly.
He never recovered.
[Anne] Never recovered from what, do you suppose? The gold? - [Diana] Aunt Jo said it was a fiasco.
- Do you suppose his spirit is broken? - [horse whinnying] - This is it.
Here we go.
[background chatter] [Anne] That's got to be him.
[Diana] Dear me.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
We're sorry to intrude.
Uh, are you Mr.
Malcolm Frost? I'll take another.
Frost, you covered a story about gold for The Island Announcer 10 years ago? Thirteen.
But I don't talk about my work anymore.
Good day.
- May I ask why not? - See, that question sets me up to talk, which not one second ago I said I would not do.
I'll talk, then.
- Everyone in our town - Avonlea.
has gold fever.
Apparently everyone in Cape Wolfe had gold fever too, but there was no gold.
- Incorrect.
- What part is incorrect? Hopefully the "no gold" part.
A year of my life that I'll never get back.
Barkeep?! I'm scared, Anne.
We should go.
Sir, please.
Is there anything you can tell us? I'm sorry you're sad.
And I'm also sorry to disturb you from your sadness.
I know how difficult that can be.
But if you can tell us anything at all about the gold, we'd be much obliged.
Educate yourselves.
Oh, how beautiful.
Your handwriting is so neat.
You have an organized mind, Mr.
I admire that.
These sketches remind me a bit of the book Nate gave me.
Uh, Nate's the geologist who found the gold in the soil of Avonlea.
He showed me the gold under his microscope, but I couldn't see anything.
You didn't see any gold? Once I learn more about the topic, I'll be better able to perceive what's right in front of me.
- Gold is very shiny.
- The particles were very small.
Or not there.
[sighing] You're aggravating but you don't seem dumb, or blind.
If there was gold, you would've seen it.
- No, I - See, right right away! No one listens to reason.
I That's why I didn't want to talk about this.
You came here specifically to talk to me about this specific topic.
Then I tell you something true, something I know because of decades of research, and you say no.
I'll tell you now.
Since you insist on me telling you something, I'll bet my last dollar that your town will do exactly what everyone in Cape Wolfe did.
Yes, there are trace amounts of gold in the soil of P.
No, it is not enough to justify the cost of digging.
Even if you mined for 900 years, it wouldn't be enough! Your foolish town will repeat history.
What company is this so-called geologist working for? I don't know.
He never said.
Did he ever talk numbers? Calculate how much gold a ton of ore would produce? - No - Why not? I'll tell you why.
A ton of ore anywhere on this island will only reap 40 to 60 cents of profit.
One ton.
Forty cents.
That'll buy you two-dozen eggs.
But we don't buy our eggs.
We have chickens.
[Nate] I can't talk about it! Shhh.
Diana why didn't Nate let me accompany him on his excavations? Because there's no gold.
Why was the gold chapter the only well-loved chapter in the whole geology book? [Malcolm] Because he studied it to fabricate a gold discovery.
Why did your father think my letter to Gilbert - was the official gold certificate? - You got me there.
Because I wrote it on paper I nicked from Nate's room.
The same paper as the certificate! [Anne] And he had an embosser.
From New York.
He must've forged it.
Why didn't I put any of this together?! Let me ask you this.
Who have you been listening to recently? Everyone around here? Or that person in here? Hmm? I'm a child, Mr.
Children are pure instinct.
You should've trusted yourself.
Seems to me you've got it all figured out.
[Nate] You wanna come at me? I've been carrying your dead weight for 5 years! Nate and Mr.
Dunlop are working together.
- What?! How's that possible? - I heard them fight one night.
It was the fight of two people who've known each other for a long time.
There's one huckster, there's bound to be another.
They're criminals.
They used Green Gables to bamboozle the whole town! Grifters.
Bottom of the barrel.
Have to let your parents know before it's too late! Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait.
This one has some clean pages left.
Take notes as you explore your life.
It'll help you make sense of it.
Keep honing those instincts.
They're crucial.
Thank you, Mr.
Truly! [sighs deeply] [indistinct chatter] - Diana? Diana?! - [neighing] [man] Whoa.
- [Anne] and I won't tell that part - Diana! - Diana! - Mother! Oh! We've discovered something awful about the gold! What were you doing in that establishment?! - Please, listen to us! - lying about the gold! Thank you, Officer.
We'll be on our way.
- Bye-bye! - Bye.
Mother, I understand we caused you a fright, but I promise we had good intentions.
We went there to talk to Mr.
Malcolm Frost about the gold.
What you learned from a strange man in a public house is of no consequence.
- But, Mother, I - I will hear none of it.
You were improper.
You disobeyed me.
You fraternized with a stranger, a male stranger, unchaperoned! Mr.
Frost knows more about the gold on the island than any of us! How could you possibly think that you have the right to insert yourself in this complicated financial matter? You are a child.
You are not to utter one more word until we are back in Avonlea.
You're making a mistake! - A mistake?! How dare you? - Mrs.
Barry, please If I hear one more word from either of you, your friendship will be over for good! Now come along.
[singing softly] [singing softly] [bell ringing] Sure you don't need any help with supper? I do not.
[singing softly] Oh, Matthew.
I'm a bit at sixes and sevens.
I've gotten used to being in the kitchen.
I'm in your way.
Uh Uh, excuse me.
[chuckling] Thank you for the dance.
[chuckling] Seems like I'm in everyone's way.
Guess I should head up, make myself presentable.
It's time for them to go.
We'll tell them at supper.
I have some happy news.
I've found a plot of land nearby that's perfect for my needs.
[Nate] Land, eh? [laughing] Gonna build a gingerbread house, Mr.
Dunlop? You know, what's lovely is, the walk from there to Green Gables is only a half-hour.
Six months from now, when my house is finished, I'll remain close to you in both geography and spirit.
Matthew and I have decided it's time for you to find other accommodations.
It's time for Green Gables to get back to normal.
It may, um take me a little while to find someplace else.
We're happy to give you a day or two to get organized.
[Nate] Not to worry, friend.
We're in this together, hmm? [chuckling] [Mr.
Dunlop] When we remember The friends we love Mr.
Dunlop! Shouldn't you be using this time to pack? It's Anne! I'm baking her favorite! I can't wait to hear all about her adventure! [Mrs.
Barry] And I am not against a child's right to curiosity [voice muffled] but Anne continues to coerce my Diana.
[Nate] Always a pleasure.
Barry] Here it is.
It's all there.
I promise.
[laughs] [no audible dialogue] [heartbeat thumping] [Marilla, muffled] Anne? Anne? Anne! Please thank your hosts! Thank you.
[panting] Marilla, I need to talk to you about Nate and Mr.
Dunl We missed you so much.
There's a lot of catching up to do.
I made this for you special.
You must be tired and hungry.
I'm fine.
Dunlop, I kindly ask you to leave my kitchen so I can attend to supper.
Come and help me, Anne.
[Anne] Malcolm Frost.
He was the naturalist who reported on the story.
He said there was never any gold anywhere on Prince Edward Island! They know.
Nate and Dunlop have been working together.
They used Green Gables, Marilla.
They used us.
They're grifters! I believe you, Anne.
I believe you.
[Nate] We believe you too, Anne.
[Anne] Oh no.
[grunting and groaning] You worked hard today, Jerry.
So just go home to your family.
Be well.
[in French] Merci, Mr.
Uh, so so's you know, the boarders, they'll be moving on.
[both grunting] - [grunting in frustration] - [Marilla groaning] [groaning continues] [Anne exclaiming, panting] [bell clanging] [grunting] [muffled] Hey! - They took the gun.
- Where's Anne? I looked upstairs.
They've gone! I'll go for help.
[birdsong] [Anne panting] Ah! Where do you think you're going, froggy? It was you.
It was you! [both grunting] [neighing] [Nate] Let's go.
I never liked you.
Gimme the money! Sure thing.
- You get your half - All of it.
- Let's - This is all your fault! H how is this my fault? The kid tipped the grift.
You turned them against me.
All I wanted was to stay! Snap out of it.
This isn't on me.
They knew we were working together.
[Matthew] Down yonder! Come on, boy! Come on! [man] Let's go, boys.
This way! - [horse snorting] - Hyah! There's no life there for you.
They liked me.
Everyone they liked me! Jonesey, we gotta get going.
We'll find a whole new grift.
Just you and me, just like old times.
- [gun cocking] - There is no me and you! I'm taking the money, I'm gonna buy a house with land! - Somewhere beautiful! - [gun clicking] [gasping softly] - [Nate exclaiming] - Ah! Ah!! No! [screaming] [Dunlop groaning] There you go, buddy.
I made your wish come true.
- Stay in Avonlea forever.
- [Dunlop groaning] [both] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me.
[horse grunting] [Matthew] Come on.
Come on.
[man] Over here! [Lynde] What is it? What've we got? - [Matthew] Careful now.
- [horse chuffing] There's someone on the ground.
[man] Whoa! [Matthew] Jerry? Jerry! - Jerry! - [indistinct chatter] - [Dunlop] I'm down here! - [Matthew] Jerry.
- [Lynde] We got someone in the hole! - [Dunlop] Help me out of here! - Are you all right? - [Lynde] Who have we got? Got yourself a nice goose egg there.
At least this time I tried to stop them.
- You're a good lad.
- [Lynde] Get him outta there! Jerry.
- Well done.
- [Jerry moaning and wincing] They're the ones who robbed me in Charlottetown.
- Then you had a feeling.
- [Dunlop groaning] [groaning] - It was Nate.
He orchestrated everything.
- [Matthew] Quiet now.
I was a victim, too! Are you forgetting? I pitched in $150 like everyone else! Avonlea was to be my home! That's enough now, Mr.
Dunlop, or whoever you are.
- And what of the money? - It's gone.
[Dunlop] He took it! Nate took it.
I'm telling you, I'm a victim, too! - All of it? - I'm sorry, William.
Things'll be a little tight for all of us for a while.
[Matthew] Time to get you home, Jerry.
[birdsong] Matthew said you tried to stop them.
All this time, I I couldn't remember who they were.
And then, all of a sudden, like, I I did.
It was very brave of you.
[owl hooting] I wish you'd be rid of that book.
This is a period best forgotten.
I'm not sure I agree with you, Marilla.
Take this rock as an example.
Nate's book taught me that it's iron pyrite.
Fool's gold.
If you perceive it in a certain light, it looks like real gold.
It does if you're foolish enough to trick yourself into seeing something that isn't real.
All we can do is our best, Marilla, regardless of what we know or don't know.
True enough.
I believe there's always a bit of good in any situation, even a bad one.
I think it builds character.
[Marilla] Easier said than done.
But I suppose that's a fine way of looking at things.
Malcolm Frost recommends I trust my intuition, and I plan to.
So what it say? There's gold in Avonlea?