Anne (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

There is Something at Work in My Soul Which I Do Not Understand

1 - (MARILLA) Don't talk to any strangers.
- (ANNE) Of course! - (MARILLA) Don't accept any rides.
- (ANNE) Of course.
(MARILLA) And stay close to Gilbert at all times.
- Matthew.
- Fergus.
(MARILLA) And you're quite certain you have everything? The-the-the fare for the train back and the ferry? Of course.
Because Lord knows what'll happen if you get stranded somewhere and Goodness, Anne! Marilla.
You are how you present yourself.
If you look like an urchin, heaven knows the danger you'll attract! Do you know what sort of people ride trains? Me! I ride trains.
And I've ridden many without you before.
And need I remind you that I'm a veteran voyager? Matthew, give her another penny for food just in case.
You know what she's like when she's on one of her adventures.
She forgets to eat.
And before you know, And before you know, sh-sh-she's weakened and and face-down in a ditch! Marilla! I I never did that! (MAN) Last call for boarding! Last call! Despite your distrust, I do appreciate you allowing me this quest to learn about my family.
I just know it's gonna yield something remarkable! It's gonna fill a void that I didn't even know I had! (MARILLA SIGHING) Gilbert? You'll not let her out of your sight till you reach Miss Josephine's? Thank you for agreeing to chaperone.
I go every Saturday.
It's no trouble.
I don't know what's come over her, but I'm certainly capable of I'll do my best to keep her out of a ditch.
(MAN) All aboard! (SQUEALING) Let's go.
(TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) (MAN) Hey! You got a ticket for that ride you just took? Would you've sold me one had I asked? Hey! Hey! Hey! First thing we'd climb a tree And maybe then we'd talk Or sit silently And listen to our thoughts With illusions of someday Casting a golden light No dress rehearsal This is our life You are ahead by a century You are ahead by a century She's fond of you.
It's ridiculous, really.
If it's any consolation, I don't mind being your escort.
Well, I mind.
I can fend for myself! Do you even know what my quest is? I am on a deeply meaningful personal journey.
And I certainly don't need you.
I've taken notice of that.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to - It's fine.
(MATTHEW) I hope Anne's trip won't cause you too much worry, Marilla.
It's likely common for a child to want to know where she came from.
And once she does (CLUCKING) then th-th-that will be all of it.
- Yes.
- Ooh, and even even if she does find a distant relative Will you leave me be?! I've a mind to walk home and not have your incessant chatter ringing in my ears.
Uh, but we were both supposed to, uh go along with Miss, uh, Stacy to Just us two, then? Uh well Our printing press awaits.
Here's to the power of the written word! How brave you are, little crocus.
Aren't seasons a gift? There's such hope in the emergence of a new one, don't you find, Mr.
Cuthbert? Oh Uh I simply mean it can be difficult.
Stages of it.
The newness of a season brings possibility, and don't we all deserve that? A fresh start, or the feeling of one, at least? How do you feel about the change of seasons as a farmer? Ahem.
Uh, well, now I suppose I must thank you.
This printing press, if we can get it up and running, will be a godsend for the children's poor wrists.
Especially now that we're enjoying increased readership.
Your Anne, a vital contributor.
You must read her article on the Mi'kmaq.
It's What a beautiful, sorrowful-looking tree! This countryside is the stuff of poetry.
Really! Exquisite.
She calls me a kindred spirit, your Anne.
I can, uh Yes.
You know, I've lived in the city for much of my life, and there are marvellous things about it, but Lilies of the valley Deck my garden walk Oh don't you wish That you could hear them ring That will only happen when the fairies sing Huh? (LAUGHING) My baby son is home! (LAUGHING) Good Lord, Mama, you trying to kill me? Oh, Good Lord is right! He is too good to bring me this beautiful boy on this beautiful day! Oh! I have questions to ask and I don't want to hear nothin' about it.
Where you been? Are you well? Who you passing time with? Alright, slow down, woman.
What do you want me to answer first? What can you answer that isn't gonna break your mother's heart? Since when are you all soft with a heart that could break? Since always.
With you.
(GIGGLING) Ah Handsome as they make 'em.
You just need a good meal in you.
Oh! You still like my chicken soup? You know who was asking about your famous soup? Old man Mr.
Ah, why you gotta bring him up? I worked for that man all my life, he never even learned my first name.
Well, listen to this.
He's always had the sleep-walking problems, right? Yes.
I was the one that found him in that cow paddock one morning.
Well, there's a new family moved into The Bog, across from the laundry.
Father wakes up one night, hears a sound coming from the closet.
Thinks it's an animal, gets out his shotgun, and almost blows Mr.
Edwards's head clear off.
Now, near-death experience and all? He's a new man.
I've cleaned his underthings.
Change is not something he's amenable to.
(LAUGHTER) (DOOR CLOSING) How you been keeping, Bash? Been hoping to see you out here.
Figured it was time I check up on you, see how you're faring with this tyrant.
Doing my best.
I'm open to pointers.
Don't tell her to go to bed when she's tired and don't want to go.
She gets vicious.
In truth, she turns into a right toddler, storming around and wailing, doesn't even know why.
- That's not true.
- It is! Oh, he got you pegged.
You should visit more often.
I could use someone on my side.
I should.
This place.
This is quite the homestead you have here.
Look at this light.
Mama, remember the windows we had in that place below the store? Tiny as the bugs used to crawl across the floor.
Let in just enough light to keep you from going crazy.
I could get used to this.
There's plenty of work on the farm.
More than Bash and Gilbert can handle.
I can see how this country air could make a man want to stay put for a breather, that's for sure.
(BABY CRYING) Don't move.
Hmm? (BASH) We tried to get you word, but you're a hard man to write a letter to.
It's alright.
Delphine, come meet your brother.
This is who I was telling you about every day since you came into this world.
- You don't want to hold her - Um, no.
No, I'm I'm filthy from travel.
I wouldn't want to dirty up the shiny new child.
(MARY) I'm gonna stuff so much farm-fresh food into my baby boy until he can't be able to fit through that front door! (BIRDSONG) - Uh thank you.
- You're welcome.
I'll, uh, see you at the train.
- (BOTH) I've missed you so much!! - (ANNE SQUEALING) - Oh! - Ah! (LAUGHING) And sometimes after school, I go to a gallery with my classmates Like-minded individuals! Are you listening to yourself?! And we just stare and stare at the paintings.
Art school is your perfect habitat.
I wish you were there.
Yesterday, we - Aunt Jo! Rollings! - Miss Anne.
- (ANNE SQUEALING) - (JO LAUGHING) - Oh, wonderful to see you! - Oh, and you, dear girl, so tall! (LAUGHING) Oh Still lacing your boots, I see.
I've never met a soul who takes so long to get out of the house.
I'm ancient and I run circles around him.
You'd think you'd have learned some patience in your 100 years on the planet.
Oh! Do you hear how he treats me? (LAUGHTER) He's trying to render me obsolete.
I can't get used to it.
- I see things are going terribly here.
- (LAUGHING) Oh Cole has apprised me of your quest.
A noble one.
An inevitable one.
An emotional one.
But no matter what you learn good, bad or indifferent, know that you are so much just as you are right now.
- Hmm? - Mmhmm.
Oh (WOMAN) We've really got to stop meeting like this.
Yet here we are again, Mr.
And you don't look any better than at our last meeting.
Or should I call it a dust-up.
It seems there's very little the good doctor can do for you.
You really must start taking better care of yourself, young man.
You're wasting away.
(RATTLING BONES) Oh! Well! I don't know what kind of girl you think I am, but you've just bought yourself a date with my father and his shotgun.
Though if I do get you shot, it'll be me putting you back together, and isn't that just the plight of women.
I should like to say that you have some nerve.
But you also have a complete lack of nerves, which'll do you well if you do get shot.
Hmm? It was an accident, you say? Oh, you're awfully handsome when you are contrite, Mr.
I can forgive.
(THROAT CLEARING) Here for the show, are you? Just a ticket for one? Mr.
Bones, do you have the tickets? I'm afraid we're all sold out.
Good day, Mr.
Good day, Miss Rose.
If Mr.
Bones is alright with it might you accept an invitation to tea? That sounds lovely.
Oh, careful! - (CLUCKING) - (HAMMERING ON METAL) (MISS STACY) I think hammering is good for the soul.
The notion of whacking something over and over Sometimes it's just the medicine.
(PANTING) Something, uh, amiss? I'd like to pick your brain.
It would seem Mrs.
Rachel Lynde is on a mission from heaven on high to find me a man.
(SIGHING) You've known Rachel for years.
How does one get her to stand down? Afraid I, uh might have bad news for ya there.
(SIGHING) I was afraid of that.
You appear to be doing just fine on your own, I mean if that's what you prefer.
Thank you! All I did was mention once that I missed companionship, and I do, but not more than I like my life as is! My tinkering my walks, time alone with my thoughts.
I don't think I see a romantic future.
Well then, there you go.
Though I sure didn't see Anne comin'.
I suppose love can storm in, and then make a mess of everything that you have in place, you know, in your life.
(PUFFING) I wouldn't go back for the world.
So you think I should heed Rachel? Oh, I never listen to Rachel.
- (CAWING) - (COLE) Spooky.
This place almost looks haunted.
How long were you here? On and off from when my parents died.
Poor as church mice and they loved me so, but fever took them when I was three months old.
So from then until I was 13, I'd get placed out, but always ended up back here.
(GIRL) No, moron! Why are you so stupid?! Did your parents take your brain away when they left you here? (YOUNGER ANNE) Why can't I pretend? Because it's not real! You can't play if you keep doing it wrong! - (GIRL) Don't be a baby.
(EXHALING) Are you alright? (GIRL PANTING) (COLE) Do you know who we must speak with? - (WOMAN) right now! - (ANNE) Matron.
(MATRON) Think you can come and go as you please? No supper.
That's what you'll be having.
And much worse if you don't stop your snivelling.
(CHILD) It's not fair! (CHILD CRYING) Looks almost bearable in daylight.
Was it horrible here? It's an orphanage.
Worse than some, better than others, I'm sure.
(MAN) I'll thank you to help me out with my pair.
Their mother died, and I can't keep 'em.
(MATRON) How old? Four, five, six, something like that.
Real mouthy, too.
This place'll probably do them some good.
When they're older, you want 'em back, or should I tell 'em you're dead? Dead.
(CHILD CRYING) Papa! I can't take care of ya.
I can't keep ya! Go on.
Papa! (SOBBING) It's our turn.
Yes? May I help you? Are you dropping off, or picking up? Neither.
She was an orphan here for a long time.
Her name is Anne Shirley.
We're looking for information on her family.
Did you used to talk a lot? Talked yourself clean out of words.
Well? What? Why come to me? Might you have documentation on me? My parents? We may have at one time.
A few years ago, the rats were so bad, they cleaned us out.
If your folks dumped you off here, we've nothing that says anything about it.
Walter and Bertha Shirley.
They didn't dump me off.
They died of fever.
If you say so.
But we've nothing.
I need to see something.
You used to come up here? I used to steal up here to write.
I didn't have time to retrieve them when I was leaving for the last time.
It was a surprise when I was taken to Green Gables.
"The air was damp where Princess Cordelia was held captive.
The constant dark made her lose sight of her senses.
The threat to her sanity and personage loomed large, but so did the surety, that she would be rescued from this horrid place.
Princess Cordelia, with raven hair that had once been the colour of carrots, laughed as she escaped through the haunted woods.
Captive once more, she stole to the tower to write her tale, knowing that once again, they'd not be able to hold her long.
" A flying lizard horse! - Only you - It's so stupid!! Can't you see?! I thought I was Princess Cordelia! I spent my life here in full, lunatic imagination! And now I don't know what's real.
What else did I tell myself? What if my parents aren't dead?! What if they just dumped me here 'cause they just didn't want me? I can't remember who told me they loved me.
What if I made that up like everything else? I'm such a fool.
It's pathetic.
No, not pathetic.
It saved you, that you used your imagination to escape this place.
Your reality, it's effervescent.
It made you who you are.
Able to see and dream what's possible not just what is.
You're amazing because of your experiences.
(CRYING) It's given you such empathy and the widest mind of anyone I know.
And selfishly I'm thankful for it all.
Because you were able to understand and accept me.
That saved my life.
Pardon me.
My, my.
If it isn't Princess Cordelia.
That's right.
You got out.
What, you get yourself knocked up? Dropping off a little bit of trash? I beg your pardon? How dare you? So shiny now.
But you're still garbage on the inside, aren't you? I'm sorry you're still here.
I work here! I'm not still here! I get paid to be here! Don't you think You think that?! You've stopped shaking.
I didn't expect it to be so Being there Her.
I-I didn't expect her.
But I think it's good.
To bring it into daylight, and realize nightmares aren't so scary without the protection of the dark.
But it's not enough.
But I wish it was.
I wish all you had said to me in the tower was enough, but it's not! I need to know my mother and father.
I I need to know I didn't make it up.
I need to know if I was loved.
Then let's find out if they're gone.
Churches keep those kind of records, don't they? We could turn right back around when we dock.
It's too late today.
But I will.
I'll come back and I'll find them.
If it is the last thing I do.
Would you like some Oh, no, not for me.
Thank you.
So Winifred How old are you? Is this your first time, Mr.
Blythe? Hmm.
What gave it away? Why don't I talk you through this? I pour, you pay.
We're not to talk about anything so interesting as ages, politics, dreams.
And if you're having fun, you're doing it wrong.
Seems like you've done this before.
And I've always been bored.
Acceptable topics include the weather but that's low-hanging fruit, the decor, a sermon given at church recently.
And you should compliment my Oh, your your hair Ah, trick question! No compliments.
Shall we start over? Miss Rose, thank you for accompanying me to this tea place.
Isn't it lovely? Isn't it? I do enjoy the blossoms.
I was wondering what you thought of the sermon last given, at whichever church you attend? I especially enjoyed the part about those of us destined to burn in hell.
Did you enjoy that bit? Very much.
I like the heat.
Blythe! A better lady might have taken her leave.
But you laughed.
Perhaps a sign that we should be getting back? Oh, uh I know this one.
Oh! Oh! I'm sorry.
I thought The best part of knowing the rules is finding acceptable ways of breaking them.
You have much to learn.
I expect I'll need a second lesson.
- (BABY CRYING) - It's alright.
It's alright, sweet girl.
Mama's got you.
- (BABY FUSSING) - (MARY SHUSHING) - Did you sleep? - (ELIJAH SCOFFING) Aren't mothers supposed to have a magic touch? What you got to cry about anyhow? You got everything.
You got a house.
A daddy.
Hey, you even got yourself a fancy white daddy too.
You got something you like to say? Am I disrupting things, Mother, in your sparkly white new life? I want you here, so much, Elijah, but I do not want you drinking around this baby.
You hear that? I see how it is.
This is a do-over.
Wouldn't want your new baby getting corrupted by the one that came out ruined.
Oh! Oh.
- Mary? - Ah, it's fine.
I I cut myself, is all.
I see.
You got the hero thing going.
Can't help but swoop in, can you, Papa? Can I call you that? Oh I know that look.
Seems Papa wants to put me over his knee.
You might be wanting to take your leave.
Bash, it's alright.
Yeah, Bash.
It's alright.
This baby's more than alright.
After all, she wanted you.
I was just the thing she got stuck with.
She was too stupid to keep her skirt down.
Lie down and sober up! (CLANGING) Please.
(KNOCKING) Hey, Papa, I don't take kindly to discipline, so you try and wash my mouth out with soap, I'm gonna disagree.
- Ain't enough soap in the world.
- (SCOFFING) You must be tired.
You have to hop a freight? Not to mention coming here, learning your mother has a new baby.
It's a lot.
I understand.
Do you? You're my friend? You gonna speak kindly and tame me? Talk me into eating out of your hand? I think you know you're too soft to go head to head with someone who's lived the life I have.
We all lived lives.
I watched my mother raise other people's children.
Didn't understand why the only person in the world supposed to love me seemed like she didn't.
Real sad, Papa.
But we're grown men, so let's just put all that to rest and get to the point.
What's the scam with Massah? Come on.
No way you're friends with this white guy.
When are you gonna kill him in his sleep, and get full title on this place? No scam.
He's my friend.
And I don't need you to understand it.
I don't buy that any more than I buy that Mary loves you.
You know you're just her way out, right? Hero? After all, no one in The Bog would go near her after You ever speak ill about your mother again, you'll find yourself missing a mouth of teeth.
- Maybe I was wrong about you - She wants you here.
You can have family if you want.
Hey, when you're not on the drink, I even like you.
And you have a sister who'll want to know you.
But don't make your mother choose.
Oh! (KNOCKING) Rachel! How lovely.
You know you don't have to knock.
- Oh, yes, I do.
- Let me take your coat.
I'll put up some tea and you can tell me all the news.
Why, I do happen to have news, and isn't it a miracle to have you greet it with open arms for once.
- Tell me everything.
- (RACHEL LAUGHING) Miss Stacy is ready for a suitor.
- Well! - And I've been charged to find her one.
By whom? Why, the lady herself, in a manner of speaking.
And by that I mean she will thank me when it's over.
Do you have a plan? When it comes to matchmaking, the best bet is to throw as many suitors at the wall as you can.
Until one sticks.
It's about volume.
Isn't this the most marvellous coincidence.
Her ears must be burning in the stable.
Why, she's here right now.
Working with Matthew.
In the stable? Nothing ladylike happens in a stable! There we go.
Easy now.
- That's got it.
- Triumph! That is what I call teamwork, Matthew Cuthbert! It's what I call a disgrace.
This is the very thing we were speaking about, Muriel.
You're never gonna catch a man if you can't stop behaving like one.
Catch a man? Is it like fishing? Because I do so enjoy fishing.
It is beyond me why you don't take this spinster business seriously.
- You.
- No.
Time is of the essence.
This is a crop-rotation situation.
Tell her, Matthew.
What happens if you don't rotate new crops into the picture? Not wanting to get involved.
I'll tell you what.
The soil gets stale and unusable.
The soil being me? And before you know it, it's grown over.
The field.
It's a field of cobwebs, basically.
- And the field would be? - And just try and jam a seed in there, and see what happens! It shrivels and dies, that's what.
We wouldn't want that to happen.
(STACY LAUGHING) - You should've known better.
- (LAUGHING) (BACKGROUND CHATTER) (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) How did things go with your search? Fine.
And Cole accompanied you right into the orphanage? Mm-hmm.
Uh, it was alright? To go back.
It was lovely to see Cole.
(CHUCKLING) What did you learn? The, uh Matron had nothing.
But if it's not too much trouble, I'd like to go back again next week, to check the church for records? No trouble.
I'm pretty well exhausted.
I may go up to bed now, if that's alright? Quite alright.
Sleep well.
(SIGHING) (ANNE CRYING) Please, can you please help me? I feel such hollowness, and I know it's not going away until I know about my family.
My mother I need to know that I belonged to someone somewhere.
I need some proof that I was loved.
Gilbert's home.
I told him Elijah's here.
Now he won't go screaming about no ghost in the night if they both get up for a cold drink.
You alright? My heart is broken for the betrayal that he must feel.
To see me in a new life, a new family.
A child who's gonna have it so much better off than him.
You're more forgiving than I could ever be.
The way he speaks to you He bore the brunt of the shame that was thrust on me.
You bore it too.
For something not your fault.
It doesn't matter.
I knew what was coming for him from the day he was born.
I promised myself that I'd just love him enough to make up for it.
(SINGING) What's this here? Nothing.
Oh, yes, nothing, I can see that.
Just a normal day with you all moony-like and sprouting posies.
Mary, Bash told me Elijah's here? Typical Blythe, changing the subject.
I hope you don't mind.
We let him sleep in your father's room.
Oh, of course.
It's not a shrine.
He's not used to getting up with the rooster.
Though we were wondering if he might get used to it.
Maybe you and me could use an extra hand, what with the apples this year and all.
And did I mention? Yes.
I'll deliver the news.
Alright, then Tell me.
- Uh well - Mm-hmm.
- There's a girl.
- Mm-hmm.
- She works at the - (BASH) Lord have mercy! Mary! He's gone? Gilbert, I I'm so sorry.
It's a good article that Anne has written.
It's quite, uh eye-opening.
"My Visit to a Mi'kmaq Village.
" Do you like my article? We trusted you.
And this is how you behave.
With foolishness, childishness, stupidity and deceit! Fraternizing with savages? - No! They're not - And lying! You went into the woods with them! You could've been killed! I only said that because I knew You are a danger to yourself, and are forbidden from going anywhere, including Nova Scotia! Please, Marilla, please.
- We - I'll not hear a word! Why are you doing this? Because I love you!! (TUTTING AND CLUCKING) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
She meant what she said.
A-about love.