Anne (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

A Hope of Meeting You in Another World

1 Oh, Jonah.
I'll have you know I'm quite content as I am, as content as I'm able to be without you.
But Rachel won't hear it.
She certainly has her work cut out for her to find someone anywhere near as fun and adventurous as you.
(LAUGHING) You saw possibilities in everything.
I loved that about you.
How very odd.
Muriel?! Muriel?! Are you in there?! Coming! Sometime today, I hope! So sorry, - I lost track of the time.
- Good morning, Miss Stacy.
Speak up, dear.
You left us waiting nearly an age.
But my Caleb, who's come all the way from Spencervale, didn't mind one bit as he's mighty interested in getting better acquainted with you.
- Isn't that right, son? - Yes, Mother.
What on earth is that? This is my new walking stick.
For extra support.
That's what men are for, dear.
Caleb, shall we be off on our walk? I'm quite able, thank you.
Ah, she's a plucky little thing.
Since I'm here, perhaps I will join you?! Lord knows I need the exercise.
And if we walk by my house, we can stop in for tea.
Always nice to have a destination! Isn't that right, son? Yes, Mother.
First thing we'd climb a tree And maybe then we'd talk Or sit silently And listen to our thoughts With illusions of someday Casting a golden light No dress rehearsal This is our life You are ahead by a century You are ahead by a century So it's all set.
We'll drop Delphine with Marilla on Saturday in time to make the morning train to Charlottetown.
I'll meet Dr.
Ward while you head to The Bog to make arrangements with the minister for the funeral, - and speak with Mary's friends.
Take a nappy now? (CHUCKLING) - Oh - (BABBLING) Bash, you have to come see this.
Bash, it's alright to cry.
To scream.
All of it.
I'm fine.
Well at least eat something.
I swear it's almost edible.
Oh you were the stuff of dreams, dear dress.
And now destiny awaits.
Where are those wretched Indians? Thank goodness you've got schools now to teach them some sense.
I'll take another look inside.
You people have no sense of time! Your girl almost missed the train.
We were here at sunrise.
We waited in the forest.
It's safer for my family.
The Indian agent is inside.
He needs information on the girl.
- Anne! - Good morning! (LAUGHING) One moment, I have a little surprise for you.
Very good, Anne.
You learned very much during your last visit.
Ka'kwet, this is the dress I wish I'd had on my first day of school.
I want you to have it.
But I've grown.
See? It doesn't fit me anymore, and Ka'kwet is the perfect size.
Yes! Thank you, Melkita'ulamun.
You're welcome, Sea Star.
(STATIONMASTER) Last call! All aboard! (TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING) Well, I've got to get to my school, but good luck.
Write to me! Green Gables! (STATIONMASTER) All aboard! Time to go.
Say your goodbyes.
We're ready.
Only the girl comes with me.
No one else.
The government knows best.
They take children all the time.
- All aboard! - Say your goodbyes.
- Come along.
Come along.
- (WHISTLE BLOWING) (BELL CLANGING) (WHISTLE BLOWING) You're so lucky that you get to ride like a boy.
I hate that I can only sit side-saddle.
- See you tomorrow, Diana.
- Nice horse.
(LAUGHING) If you want to do it, you should do it.
It's your life, is it not? Hmm.
I don't know, Anne.
It's not proper.
My knees are showing.
It's just us and Mother Nature.
She would never judge you.
- Solidarity.
- Now go over it again.
What should I say if anyone asks why you rode this morning? We had to be at school early to finish a project.
That's why I was allowed to take the horse.
How have you already forgotten?! I just want to get it right so I don't get in any trouble.
That's all.
Excuse me for not being a master Fibbing McFibster like you.
If that's how I get to do what's important to me, it's a worthy cause, don't you agree? I suppose.
Yes, I do.
Now I just have to figure out what to do about Mrs.
- Mm.
- She'll be sorry.
I'll be scraping the bottom of the barrel to find eligible suitors for her now.
But mark my words, Miss Stacy will come to her senses soon enough and reconsider my Caleb.
I worry so about poor Sebastian.
Mary was the love of his life.
Don't you look all cheery and windswept.
Did you have a nice ride? Anne took Matthew's horse today.
Apparently Miss Stacy is keeping them too busy for walking.
Yes, I did enjoy it, yes, I Mrs.
Lynde, may I speak to you for a moment? Privately? In the parlour? Pardon the interruption, Marilla.
This won't take long.
Probably about the Indians at the train this morning.
It certainly was very kind of you to give away such an expensive dress to that little heathen girl.
You told me you had an important project to finish before school.
You lied to me again! I knew you wouldn't let me go! You don't care a whit about what's important to me! And so you put yourself in heedless danger, yet again.
To think I was reconsidering my position.
But I was right to forbid you to go back to the mainland, and that edict stands! You're clearly not mature enough to make sound decisions.
Why are you being so cruel?! That's the way you see it.
I see an irresponsible child who needs my protection.
While you are under my roof, you'll abide by my word.
Hasn't grown out of that temper.
Cuthbert! - What? You'd better come.
Anne's, uh (SOBBING) I don't want to talk about it.
I'm sorry to find you here is all.
I'm certain now that Marilla doesn't love me.
It is heartless to deny me the one thing I want above all else.
Well, I'm sure that will all get sorted, you know, with a bit of time.
You're right.
Well, soon I'll be off to Queens so she won't have to tolerate me anymore! Nor I her.
I will leave and never come back! There was quite a spectacle just now, Matthew.
Your Anne Not your business.
Well! Well, well, well.
This has gone on long enough now! It's time you smooth things over with Anne.
You always take her side.
I know what I'm doing.
Don't let the child manipulate you with tears.
- Now, look here - Boots! You're traipsing mud all over my floors! Now see here, it's not right what you're doing.
It's unkind to deny the child her heritage! How dare you speak to me that way? You can't punish her for your own My own what? You're afraid that we'll lose her because of what she might find.
But we're losing her right now because of your selfishness! No one deserves happiness more than our Anne.
And it's our job to help her find it, not hold her back.
That's why I am giving her permission to go! That's that.
Good morning, ma'am.
Lynde invited me to walk with you this morning.
In her stead.
Of course she did.
- (BABBLING) Let's make you a little lunch.
Anne's away.
She's so lucky! We'll be out on the back nine all day and home for supper.
And I'll fetch Anne after that.
Wouldn't it be amazing if Anne finds her real family, Miss Cuthbert? (DELPHINE CRYING) Oh, do, do, do, do, do, do, I'm gonna make you some lunch, okay? - (CRYING) - You're alright now.
Oh No, no, not my Oh.
No, no, no, no! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh Oh.
Ah Thank you.
Not a good idea.
Poor sweet soul.
Have you figured out when the service will be? Sunday afternoon.
I hope you'll be there.
Of course we'll be there, honey, 'course we will.
Poor Mary.
I wonder if Elijah will regret his stingy ways now that she's gone.
You know that ingrate wasn't even in New York.
When we heard, we went right over.
Told him his momma needed him.
He slammed the door in our faces.
He wouldn't even take the letter, neither.
Do you have the letter? (SIGHING) Where can I find him? Probably where he makes his moonshine.
Four streets down, with the green door.
It's kinda hard to explain other than to say that it feels right that I finish the search on my own.
Thank you both a million times over for believing me mature enough, unlike Marilla.
Well, do I pass for someone old enough not to need a chaperone? Not with these braids, you don't.
Jo, you must work some magic.
I am setting my overpowering nostalgia aside to continue to aid and abet this folly.
(ANNE LAUGHING) I'm sorry, Aunt Jo, but one day or another, my maturation was inevitable.
Well, I can still wish that youth wasn't always in such a hurry.
- Brush, please.
- Oh.
Although I can't imagine why I was in such a rush to wear a corset.
- (JOSEPHINE CHUCKLING) - How do you stand it? At my age, it's the only thing keeping me upright.
(LAUGHTER) Either of these would do.
Which do you prefer? I know, I know.
"Come quick, she's really sick.
" She's dead.
She loved you.
It's all in here.
Guess that's that, then.
The funeral is on Sunday.
Don't make no difference to the dead, though, does it? I got better things to do.
(ROARING) (CRYING OUT) (GROANING) (BIRDSONG) And I need to be home right now.
Doesn't feel right to be away from Bash and Delphine.
And you mustn't worry about Dr.
It just means he has to start doing everything he hated again.
You were a great help.
It was a great experience, and I I learned a lot.
But it's made me unsure about pursuing medicine.
Why so? It seems to me that doctors are essentially powerless.
All they really do is react to illness.
I want to help people, not stand by while they die.
Medicine couldn't save my mother, my father And now I've lost Mary, who was like a sister to me.
It just seems pointless.
I'm so sorry, Gilbert.
I can't imagine how difficult it all must be.
But I know for certain that whatever you focus your passion on next, the world will be better for it.
For listening.
For your friendship.
It's been really nice.
Well, I'm not going anywhere.
But you could perhaps visit? And leave Mr.
Bones? - (CHUCKLING) - I'm not sure he could withstand it.
You know how delicate he is.
That is, if you'd even consider it I could be tempted.
I do love a train.
That's what my father always said.
Well, then how can I resist? (LAUGHTER) - Oh, my word.
- Bash! - What happened? - This is Bash? Dear me, you certainly are.
Poor thing.
Come along, let's wake the good doctor.
Ward? Bringing in a patient! (CRYING) Are you alright? My parents are dead and I am from Scotland! - (DELPHINE BABBLING) - Oh.
What, you We don't want that, now do we? Hmm? Good girl.
Oh, you grabby little miss.
Some baking soda.
My hair! Um Oh, no, what a mess.
Mary Joe.
Where are you going? The usual errands in town.
- I'm gonna join you.
- But-but why? Because life is short and the world is wide.
Let's go.
(SINGING IN DISTANCE) Oh, hello! Good day, Miss.
How may I help? Good day, Sister.
This is the Indian residential school, is that correct? - Hmm.
- How wonderful! I'm in the area unexpectedly, so I've come to visit my young friend, Ka'kwet.
I have no idea who that is.
The children are given proper Christian names when they arrive, you see? Oh.
That's She would've arrived recently, from Prince Edward Island.
Very bright.
Gregarious? Big smile.
Dimples? Regardless, it's not possible to visit at this time.
- The children are in choir practice.
- (CHILDREN SINGING) How marvellous.
(CHILDREN SINGING) Singing is a great fortifier of the spirit.
Will you please let her know I stopped by? I'm Anne.
Anne with an "e.
" Hail him hail him Anne! Anne!! (KNOCKING) Anne!! Hannah! You get away from that window.
- Anne! - Now! Please let me leave with my friend! I want to go home! Please! - (GRUNTING) - You will behave.
Speak English.
Your heathen tongue is forbidden.
Now, sing to the Lord.
(SINGING) Let's see what your defiance gets you! Let's just see! - (GRUNTING) - Father Beck, I require assistance! (KA'KWET GROANING) Dear me.
Is Hannah here not doing as she is told? Hannah, are you behaving like a stupid Indian? I'm not stupid! You're stupid! (DELPHINE CRYING) Oh, no, the butcher closed early.
Do you mind if we make a short trek to the trapper's homestead? I don't want to make - this trip again tomorrow.
- That sounds like a splendid adventure! Yes, let's go! Great.
Thank you.
Miss Cuthbert, are you quite alright? Good heavens, is that a a baby? Clearly your orphan girl's lack of decorum is rubbing off on you.
Have you no shame? (SIGHING) Good day to you, Clayton.
I'd like to purchase a small bag of flour and four baby bottles, please.
I've always known you to be a fine, upstanding woman, Miss Cuthbert.
It saddens me to see you conduct yourself against God's will.
I am caring for an innocent child.
God made her, same as you and me.
So I suggest you take your complaint to him.
(CLAYTON SIGHING) That'll be 85 cents.
You can be on your way.
I'll just add it to your bill.
How kind.
But you'll get what you're owed.
You certainly will.
- Marilla.
- Oh (DELPHINE CRYING) A cabin in the woods.
How charming.
Are you sure we're allowed to be here? I've come to the Acadians numerous times before when their storefront was closed.
They don't mind.
(BARKING) (SCREAMING) Oh, Diana! I'm so sorry! I should've warned you about the dog.
- (BARKING) - Diana! - What are you doing here? - Jerry? Hey, sorry.
Bonbon is really very sweet.
My dear girl, are you hurt? Agree with them that I should stay.
Your mother would have my head! I think she'd be fit to be tied if I was permanently damaged from the long walk home on a sprained ankle.
Can you walk, my dear? - (CRYING OUT) - Oh, no.
No, no, no.
You will stay with us.
Uh, will you let her family know? And if Anne were to find her real family, her her birth family, I'm afraid she won't need me anymore.
I love her as if she were my own flesh and blood.
She's been my joy and comfort ever since she came to Green Gables.
I have good news for you, Marilla.
Love is not quantifiable, and therefore not finite.
Anne can love others that come into her life that will in no way diminish the special bond you have with her.
I can tell you that with certainty, because if I were ever to find another romantic partner, it would have no bearing on the profound love I will always have for my Jonah.
That's not to say it's indestructible.
If love isn't cherished and nurtured, it can indeed be lost.
Baynard? Ho-ho! Oh (LAUGHING) - (LAUGHTER) - (FRENCH CHATTER) Sorry.
(LAUGHTER) (FRENCH CHATTER) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) We don't have any other rooms.
Just this one.
So we all sleep here.
- Yes, please.
- Oh.
Thank you.
I talk English! Vous comprenez ? Yes.
You are a very smart girl.
(REPEATING IN FRENCH) (FIDDLE MUSIC) Au chant de l'alouette je veille et je dors J'écoute l'alouette puis je m'endors Come on.
Je n'ai pas cueilli j'ai cherché des nids Je n'ai pas cueilli j'ai cherché des nids (MARILLA SIGHING) She's just asleep.
Thank you.
We I really appreciate it.
Good night.
(SIGHING) Poor Bash.
What insult to injury.
I wish there was more we could do.
How did it go at the church? I hope the trip was successful.
I found what I was looking for.
(SIGHING) Both my parents did indeed pass, weeks apart from one another, when I was three months old.
(SIGHING) So death was in fact responsible for our tragic parting.
Which oddly enough, is a relief to me.
Because they didn't choose to give you up.
It's been weighing on me.
- I see.
- (SIGHING) I'm happy for you, Anne.
Oh, and I'm Scottish.
They hail from the town of Glennark.
But that's all I know.
My, my.
Perhaps a little more sleuthing is in order? We could write to the Kirk in Glennark to find out more.
Shall we? It'd make me very happy to help.
Marilla what a splendid idea.
I would love that.
(FIDDLE MUSIC) En roulant ma boule roulant En roulant ma boule Derrière chez nous y'a-t-un étang En roulant ma boule Trois beaux canards s'en vont baignant Rouli-roulant ma boule roulant En roulant ma boule roulant En roulant ma boule Your ankle is much better.
My ankle was never too bad.
Y-you lied? - (LAUGHING) - I did.
In order to experience something that's important to me.
What is that? Freedom.
(EXCLAIMING) (MUSIC STOPS) - Diana!! - (BARKING) - (SCREAMING) - Hey, hey, Bonbon, Bonbon.
Unthinkable debauchery.
You're safe now, dear, you're safe.
For your troubles.
- Ah, it was no trouble, Monsieur.
- No trouble at all.
She's a lovely girl No, no, I really must insist.
Thank you kindly.
(LAUGHING) Oh, dear.
- (KIDS) Au revoir! - Bonne nuit! - Bon retour! - Au revoir, Princesse! The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will live in the house of the Lord for ever.
(SOFT MUSIC) How are you holding up, son? Please don't offer me a kind platitude, Father.
If I hear "time heals" one more time No offence.
None taken.
I would like to share a story about your Mary, if you'll permit me.
She must've been around ten.
Just loved to sing, she did.
One service, her favorite hymn wasn't included.
And little Mary was not having it.
She stood up and belted it out! Everyone was so confused.
My service was over.
But wouldn't you know it, before long we all joined in.
(CHUCKLING) Even way back then, we knew it was better to go along than try to stop her.
(LAUGHTER) Ah That woman loved a joyful noise.
That's right.
That's right.
That's right, you love her.
You love her.
That's right.
I look forward to receiving any information you may have on my dearly departed parents.
Thank you kindly for your efforts in this matter.
(SIGHING) Respectfully.
No, no.
Sincerely seems right.
Oh, Marilla, your handwriting is ever so refined and elegant.
I have hopes of being taken seriously now.
Why don't you sign it.
Won't the seal make it so much more momentous, Marilla? Just imagine, when it's broken, in Scottish hands overseas, I'll be that much closer to knowing more about where I come from.
Now my hope is etched into each one of its tiny grooves.
Marilla I'm very sorry for the lies I told you.
I behaved disrespectfully.
I was frustrated, yes, but that's no excuse.
I hope you can forgive me.
I'm sorry I let my fear get the better of me.
I never want to impede your potential.
And I will do my best to make sure it doesn't happen again.
Do you think you can forgive me? Oh I love you, Marilla.
Forever and a day.
Forever and a day.
I'd like to buy postage to Scotland, please.
And these other three go to Nova Scotia.
You like that? - (BOY GRUNTING) - (GIRL) Ah!