Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

The Real Wish

1 -OP- Yeah, she got angry at me after all.
It was like she was possessed by a demon.
I told her I'd run away from home, and she said to go ahead and try it.
I guess I tried to set her off and she called my bluff.
Yadomi? Why did you bring this? I can't sleep without it.
What about this towel? I need this to sleep too.
You must be seriously sleep deprived.
Calm down and think things through.
You can't run away from home.
And you shouldn't skip school either.
You're one to talk.
Listen to me, Anjou.
Once you've tried skipping school, it will get out of hand.
It's fine at first.
Nothing changes if you just skip one day.
But since nothing changed, you tell yourself it's OK to skip one more day, and then another, and the days just keep adding up.
And before you realize, you've already Yeah, I guess I don't really have a right to lecture you about that.
All right.
Huh? Yeah.
You're right.
You're pretty amazing.
You haven't lost your style while living as a shut-in.
Why bring that up You really haven't changed.
Huh? No matter what you're going through, you only think of others.
Cut it out already! All you ever do is worry about others.
I'm not like that.
Menma's way more Hey listen I talked to Yukiatsu, and he said that we're all still obsessed with Menma.
And he said that maybe that's not healthy.
Say what you want, but she's at my house right now.
That's what I'm talking about Wait, you don't believe in Menma? No, it's not that I don't believe in her.
I'm heading home.
Wait a second, Yadomi.
I bought some beef bowl curry.
That'll be 520 yen.
Meat and Produce Beef bowl curry retreats! It's not what you think! I was just here for the diary My food! nanpeeji mo tsuiyashite Upon pages and pages of entries We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.
tuzurareta bokura no kibun We've put down all our emotions But now I've hit a writer's block doushiteka ichigyou no I don't know how to finish this page anymore kuuhaku wo umerarenai oshibana no shiori hasande Putting a bookmark in my diary You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha Let's go to our secret place wasurekake no renga wo tsumiageta basho ni yukou Where we piled up our bricks of memories Run up the hill, where we can see the horizon umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte kowaikurai ni aoi sora to Where we can see the sky so fearfully blue With cider in my right hand migite ni saidaa hidarite wa My other hand helps me search for you zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru souyatte ima wa boku no hou e You used to come find me way back when toitsumeru koto mo nakute You used to demand me of so much more mada futari wa sugu soko ni irunoni You're both still standing right by my side douka mata aemasuyouni nante Yet why do I pray to see you both again? douka shiteru mitai There must be something off with me By reading this we might figure out Menma's wish.
Let's do it.
The Menma I don't know is in here.
The things Menma thought that I don't know about are in here.
Today I played with everyone.
I had fun.
February 12, Cloudy Today I played with everyone.
I had a blast.
February 14, Sunny This is pretty Halfheartedly done.
The only thing that's different is whether she says she had fun or a blast.
She was bad at writing.
Hey, this one's a little different.
I tripped while playing with everyone today.
It hurt.
Look, this one's different too.
Today we all went to the hospital to visit Jintan's mom.
We visited the hospital huh? We did do that often, all of us together.
Mom! Jintan's mom is always in the hospital.
I have an idea! Let's all write a letter to God.
"Please make Jintan's mom better soon!" How would we do that? Look at that Jintan! Shooting Star I remember now.
Back then Jintan? We decided that we'll make fireworks together.
We think that it will be tough.
But we'll do our best.
Now I remember! We were going to attach a letter to a rocket and send it to God.
Do you think this is her wish? That's it! That must be it.
We wanted to make one but in the end we couldn't.
What do you think Yadomi? For my mom Late Jintan.
Delinquent Jintan.
Evil Jintan.
I wasn't thinking about Jintan at all.
You'll turn into a pig if you eat late at night.
You're the one who'll turn into a pig.
That's salt ramen.
With egg.
They were out of Ken-chan ramen.
I thought I'd cheer you up by giving you a treat.
It's tasty! My dad's coming home soon, so hurry up.
Oh yeah, I'm going to school tomorrow too.
So don't follow me.
I'm proud of you! Here's you reward.
I don't want it.
Just make sure not to do weird stuff anymore.
So why are you wearing your uniform even though you're skipping school? What's the problem? I have the freedom to choose the way I dress and Nope.
Huh? According to the Conflagrating Substance Control Law, You have to be 18 to get a nationally recognized license to possess or handle fireworks.
Are you serious? It looks like little toy fireworks are an exception, but you need a license for those too.
Looks like it's hopeless.
If you think about it, we're not even remotely qualified to make fireworks Come to think of it, while cleaning the other day Is this for real? Get a bunch of fireworks and mix the powder together to make one big one! Stick it into a toilet paper roll.
No! It'll burn! Isn't that the point? This is scary! Kids are scary! But back then we thought this could work.
We really thought we could get this flying back then.
It would be way cooler than anything we had seen at festivals.
We thought we could get it to fly.
It flew! High-schoolers looked like old people to us back then, but we thought we'd be able to do anything once we got there.
Now it feels like we were more free to do anything back then.
We agreed to think about how to proceed, but really, it's hopeless no matter how you look at it.
But Just keep one thing in mind.
If this isn't Menma's wish that you keep talking about, it'll just be a wild goose chase.
Have you confirmed it with the Menma who's at your house? Yukiatsu.
Asking her Asking her directly is kind of scary.
See ya.
Déjà vu.
Huh? There's Jintan, always forging ahead.
And poor Yukiatsu, seeing him off.
So why didn't you tell everyone? If he hadn't told us to meet up at the hideout that day Didn't Menma call us out that day? Huh? Yeah.
She called me by phone.
By phone? That's right.
She said she had something to talk about.
You've finally remembered that, so why didn't you tell everyone? Because Yadomi was there.
Huh? You're forgetting something important.
Menma told us to keep the meeting a secret from Yadomi.
Menma said that? Episode 7 The Real Wish Fireworks? I know someone who make them.
Really? Yeah.
An old guy from my work says he works as a pyrotechnician during festivals.
Do you want to make fireworks? What? Yeah.
Why? Why? No reason really.
By yourself? Oh, no.
With Popo and the others.
What's with you? No, it's nothing.
So that's how it is.
I'll ask him for you then.
Jintan Jintan JINTAN JINTAN! I can't get out of Condal City! So what do you think? I'll get in touch with him.
Let's talk about that later.
Huh? Yeah, even the simple ones will cost you around that much.
It's not that I'm not willing to let you try to make one though.
Welcome back.
How'd it go? 200,000 yen? Whoa, I haven't ever seen that much cash.
I know right.
Don't worry.
It'll work out somehow.
Anaru and I can work ourselves to death with part-time jobs, right? How about you stop deciding things for me? Part-time work.
Isn't it a good idea? We'd be helping each other out.
But What? It'll be easy if you work seven days a week! What are you talking about? I still haven't agreed to do it.
I'll do it too.
I'll work part-time too.
You enter the cash you receive here.
This is the used price, and this one's for new items Oh, and so you put the balance in here.
How come you've instantly picked up the technique it took me a month to master It took you way too long.
Welcome! Welcome.
You suck at this part.
Shut up.
Here's the next group.
She's that girl people are talking about.
So she showed up to her job.
She skipped school but Hey is that the guy who doesn't go to school? You're right.
You think they're hookin' up? That must be nice.
I want to hit that too W-el-come! What's up with him? H-how was that? Wasn't that awesome? What's with you? I'm not sure.
When we're like this It's the same way it was back then.
Hand me the tape Jintan.
Catch, Anaru.
Pretend that didn't happen! Nice catch.
Yadomi's got a job? It looks like he's serious about the fireworks.
What are you going to do? Should we set up some kind of fund-raiser? Are you going to get caught up in Yadomi's little hobbies? I'll pass if you're not going to participate.
Hey, wanna hang out a bit? We could grab tea or something.
I can't.
I have exams coming up.
You're not ranked fourth in your year for nothing.
The guy ranked second in his year shouldn't be talking.
Hanging out with you brings its own difficulties you know.
Back to work.
I'm home.
You're so late, Jintan you delinquent! Jintan! I'm going to take a bath.
He's definitely acting weird.
He goes to sleep right away at night.
I'm off! Be careful! He leaves right away in the morning.
Time for today's Puppy Corner.
If the puppy is a girl, it means Jintan is doing something weird.
Wow, this pumpkin is perfect! Today's puppy is Oscar, a girl.
She's 7 years old.
Pugs are cute.
Wrinkles are cute.
It's a girl.
say greetings, like "Welcome!" Coming.
Good morning.
Good morning.
If you could sign here Oh, right.
Let's see By the way, did Jinta quit school? No.
But why do you ask? Sorry for bringing it up.
But a little while ago I saw him I guess he was working a part-time job? Has he told you about that? Oh, yes.
But you could say I'm a proponent of free will.
I let Jintan decide on his own.
It's fine.
No it's not! It's not fine! It's not fine! It's not fine! It's not fine! Anaru.
Hey Poppo.
I'm not scheduled today, but apparently the manager took a liking to him.
You're working with him tonight though, right? What? The Hitsujiyama construction site? Isn't that going a little overboard? Yeah, you're right.
Skilled labor pays the best.
Rocket fireworks are fueled by money.
My wish.
Think about yourself a little more! Your attitude pisses me off! Oh, yeah, I guess.
By the way, did Yukiatsu get in touch with you? Yeah you know, we talk every once in a while.
It would be nice if they came by too.
It's obvious they're worried about Jintan.
Huh? Jintan? What? Jintan's Jintan.
That's what you call him.
What's wrong with me calling him Jintan? Jintan.
Over here, new guy! Coming! Come over here next.
Sure! He's giving it his all.
That's right.
He's really cool.
While I haven't been thinking about myself Jintan has always been thinking about me.
Hey, watch your step.
What was that? Don't change the angle of the light on your own! What was that? Maybe the wind? You think the wind could move that light? You're so cool.
You're glowing, Jintan.
You're cool.
All this? I made plenty! You need to learn some moderation.
It's tasty! Really? It tastes a lot like the ones my mom made.
So Jintan, is school tough? Yeah, but it's also fun.
It's fun? Yeah, how can I put it I guess it unexpectedly feels better than always staying at home.
I feel alive while I'm there.
Alive Oh, no, I didn't mean that literally I mean, up until now I've been Me too.
I also feel alive when I look at you while you feel alive! Menma.
I've brought a deposit.
I know it's not nearly enough, but could I get started on it now? Please.
Yeah, about that.
I'm sorry, but I can't help you out.
I accidentally let it slip to the director of the festival I got scolded for offering to teach high-schoolers this stuff.
I'm really sorry.
That can't be We worked so hard! Who's this festival director? I'll talk directly to them! It's one of the Honmas.
Someone from Menma's family? It looks like Jinta and the others are trying their best for you.
They're all messing around.
deai wa futtoshita shunkan We met in an unexpected moment kaerimichi no kousaten de koe wo kaketekureta ne when you called out to me at the crosswalk, "issho ni kaerou" "Let's walk home together.
" We shared so many happy times and thrilling adventures ureshikute tanoshikute bouken mo iro iro shita ne together in our secret base.
futari no himitsu no kichi no naka I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
kimi ga saigo made kokoro kara "arigatou" sakendeita koto shitetayo I could feel your heartfelt thanks all the way until the end.
namida wo koraete egao And I know it must've been painful de sayounara setsunai yo ne to hold back your tears and say goodbye with a smile.
saikou no omoide wo But those are my best memories.