Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e09 Episode Script

Menma and Company

1 Upon pages and pages of entries nanpeeji mo tsuiyashite We still don't know the name of the flower we saw that day.
tuzurareta bokura no kibun We've put down all our emotions doushiteka ichigyou no But now I've hit a writer's block I don't know how to finish this page anymore kuuhaku wo umerarenai oshibana no shiori hasande Putting a bookmark in my diary You and I go out to ride the bike we found in the dumpster kimi to korogasu tsukaisute no jitensha Let's go to our secret place wasurekake no renga wo Where we piled up our bricks of memories tsumiageta basho ni yukou umi wo miwatasu saka wo kakenobotte Run up the hill, where we can see the horizon Where we can see the sky so fearfully blue kowaikurai ni aoi sora to With cider in my right hand migite ni saidaa hidarite wa My other hand helps me search for you zutto kimi wo sagashiteiru You used to come find me way back when souyatte ima wa boku no hou e You used to demand me of so much more toitsumeru koto mo nakute You're both still standing right by my side mada futari wa sugu soko ni irunoni douka mata aemasuyouni nante Yet why do I pray to see you both again? There must be something off with me douka shiteru mitai That's hot! Ouchie! Calm down Menma.
Here it comes! Help yourselves.
She said 'Help yourselves' and looks very proud.
I'm feeling chilly.
Cut it out.
You're being creepy.
Go ahead.
You can have the biggest one because you're a big guy Poppo.
She said you get it because you're the biggest one here.
Yeah, that's right.
I've gotten really huge.
It's good.
It tastes really good Menma! I'm so glad.
What about mine? What's mine going to have the most of? Yours will have the most raisins.
I never said that.
I want you to tell me directly.
Please tell me Menma.
Oh yeah! Let's see, here's some paper.
And here's a pen.
Now Menma can show how she feels.
Let's see What the? It doesn't work Jintan.
Why is that? You could write in the diary.
Let me try.
It looks like it still has ink in it.
Give it back! Let me try again! Hold on.
Tsuruko that hurts.
I feel really sleepy for some reason.
I know what you mean.
It's like I'm too relaxed.
What's wrong? Menma isn't angry at us.
She forgave us.
We don't know whether she's really forgiven us or not.
What do you mean? I don't think she'd have made muffin bread for us if she was angry.
It's also possible that she's appeared in order to condemn us precisely because she hasn't forgiven us.
That aside If she could write all along, why didn't she just do that from the start? You have a point there.
If she did, we could have communicated with her and believed in her existence immediately.
Both Menma and Jintan can be real airheads.
That's not it.
He told us to believe in Menma.
But really he just wanted to keep her for himself.
Hisakawa, Anjou, make sure to save up what you earn from your jobs.
We'll make fireworks.
I'll definitely make Menma go to heaven.
You ran around in top gear for so long it's no wonder you're tired.
We all want to make fireworks together.
To make you Go to heaven.
Would you like that? You were awake? Thank you Jintan.
Thank you.
It's fine like this.
It's fine.
Just like this.
Please! Maybe it's really hopeless.
Round and round I go! Menma! Running around like that is dangerous.
I'll be fine! Menma is running? Then I will too! Wait for me Menma! I'm over here Poppo.
Well that's something.
I couldn't forgive myself for liking you.
Menma! Yeah? That's the way it is.
I can't give up, right? I'm sorry.
Could you cover my shift for next week? Your shift? On Thursday they're doing construction on the bridge.
The pay is high so I want to be there.
So she's finally gotten tired.
Hey, listen listen, over there Good afternoon.
You two are Yeah, that woman Meiko's mother probably told Yama about it.
So it was her after all.
So you're not the one against the fireworks.
She's still living in the past.
Time hasn't moved at all for her since what happened to Meiko.
I want to pull her back into the present.
That's why I don't want to force her to remember any more.
Forgive me.
Please! Yukiatsu.
I don't want to sound pretentious, but I think I understand how your wife feels.
I liked your daughter Meiko.
I want to do something for Meiko.
I was also living in the past, which is all the more reason I I was surprised you did something so uncool.
I even surprised myself.
You really haven't changed.
You'd do anything for Menma.
Are you OK with it? What? If you really believe in Menma, are you okay with making her go to heaven? You were so obsessed with Menma, and now you can even talk to her through Yadomi.
And yet Only through Yadomi.
What's up.
Are you heading to work? Yeah.
I'll be working late tonight so I thought I'd take Menma home first.
Is Menma here? She doesn't want to be locked up inside so she's been following me everywhere.
I want to try my best together with everyone.
Yeah, yeah.
She says she wants to be together with everyone.
Is Menma's hair still long? Yukiatsu.
Actually she's grown like the rest of us.
She's grown? I know right? I wonder why that is.
Is she hot? Where did that come from? Wh.
Who'd like an ugly girl like You know, so-so, sort of kind of hot or rather, cute.
What do you mean so-so? Leave me alone! You dumb dummy! You idiot! You eggplant! Shut up stupid! So-so is all you are! It's like a one-man theatre.
But it's not like that.
After all Yukiatsu has snapped.
Episode 9 Everyone and Menma Really? Yeah.
I'll let you make them.
Awesome! Fireworks! Fireworks! We did it, we did it, we did it! I can't let you handle the combustible materials, but do you want to help out with the simple stuff? Yes! We did it Jintan! We did it! Please let us help out sir.
You got it.
That was scary.
My bad.
So this thing comes out of the bamboo shoot right? I think it would be cute with more red.
Cute? I honestly didn't think you had that side to you And this is where you ignite it.
I see.
So how about this here? That's just a decoration.
It makes it easier to carry when you take it to the launch pad.
That's super-awesomely awesome! And this is the same thing.
Super-awesome! Hey Jintan Be careful Menma! Don't let go of that Jintan.
Are you done Poppo? She just jumped onto your back.
Really? Give me a break Menma.
Poppopopo Poppo! Even though I can't see Menma, I can see.
I can see it.
I can't measure up to her.
Not back then.
Not now.
I can't measure up.
What's wrong? I'll go buy some juice or something.
You saved me there.
You ran away.
I was about to start screaming back there too.
Menma is here with us.
I've accepted that.
But I can't see her.
Nor can I talk to her.
I wanted to see her again.
So why's it only Yadomi? It's all about Yadomi.
And for Yadomi it's all about Menma.
Nothing's changed since then.
Do you admit your defeat? You were about to say 'Jintan' but immediately changed it to 'Yadomi'.
What's with you and acting like you can see right through people? You're the only one I can see through.
Call it empathy between the like-minded.
I don't want to be compared to a freak like you.
Hey, calm down.
I'm sorry.
I said I was sorry.
I was actually pretty serious about what I said before.
What you said before? About us going out.
You're really not used to guys are you.
Don't pick on me! Nice kick.
What the hell do you mean 'nice kick'? Stop laughing.
You really surprised me.
Is it really so surprising? That's the spot.
Alright, I'm all fired up.
Hey Jintan.
Anaru's stuffed animals aren't here.
Did Anaru go back home? Yeah, right out of the blue.
She's a stray little kitten, that one.
Say that Menma really is at your house, if you grant her wish, won't she disappear? What's up Jintan? Nothing.
Oh, it's time for work.
You're leaving already? Yeah.
How about you Menma? I'll stay with Poppo.
She says she wants to stay here.
Is that OK? Really? Of course it's fine.
Stay right up in here yo.
Really be up in here yo.
You're making a ruckus.
That's because I'm so happy.
She's happy right? I thought so.
I thought so.
Did you see that one? At first I thought of her as a beast of summer.
Which one? The one where the high school girl fights with nun-chucks.
So you've finally watched it? I bought the DVD and I heard there was a new one out too But now.
A new one? I'm wearing winter clothes.
A girl fights teachers with pom-poms.
What the? I can write! Are you here Menma? I am.
That's amazing Menma! But I can't write on the paper at the house.
I wonder why that is.
Write some more.
Let's talk lots! Hello.
What should we talk about? Hello.
What should we talk about? Hello.
What should we talk about? Hello.
What should we talk about? Hello.
What should we talk about? Hello.
What should we talk about? Well, let's see Back on that day.
Did you Back then Did you me I got it! Let's play shiritori! Shiritori with pictures! Let's! Alright.
Hey what's that? It looks like a biscuit.
Take a hat in one hand and a pie in another, put them together, and you have 'happy!' Go binoculars! Menma begins the investigation! Staaaaaaaare.
I'm home.
The number you've dialed is currently Shit.
It won't connect.
Is she at work already? Why am I walking more quickly? Why am I running? Menma is probably at the secret base, so why am I like this? Jintan.
Hey, over here.
Hey! Jinta.
Menma has No! I don't want Menma to disappear! Jintan? Jintan! I don't want that to happen! I really, really don't want you to die! What are you talking about? Aren't you dead? Oh yeah.
You're so weird.
The one who calls others weird is the weirdo.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, let's go.
Carp? There's a really big one in the river.
I wanted to see it up close.
There it is! It's by those tree roots.
It's all wavy.
Look! Stop! Jintan? That hurts Jintan.
Do you need a hug? Forever.
Stay here forever.
Jintan? Stay Stay here.
I'll catch the carp for you.
You'll get soaked Jintan.
Jintan! Geez, are you stupid? You'll catch a cold! Come back here Jintan.
I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite saikou no omoide wo But those are my best memories.
deai wa futtoshita shunkan We met in an unexpected moment kaerimichi no kousaten de koe wo kaketekureta ne when you called out to me at the crosswalk, "issho ni kaerou" "Let's walk home together.
" We shared so many happy times and thrilling adventures ureshikute tanoshikute bouken mo iro iro shita ne futari no himitsu no kichi no naka together in our secret base.
I will never forget the hopes and dreams we shared during that one summer's end.
kimi to natsu no owari shourai no yume ookina kibou wasurenai jyuunen no ato hachigatsu mata deaeru no wo shinjite I'm sure we will meet again in another August, in maybe ten years time.
kimi ga saigo made kokoro kara "arigatou" sakendeita koto shitetayo I could feel your heartfelt thanks all the way until the end.
namida wo koraete egao And I know it must've been painful de sayounara setsunai yo ne to hold back your tears and say goodbye with a smile.
saikou no omoide wo But those are my best memories.