Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day (2011) s01e11 Episode Script

The Flower Blooming on That Summer

1 Menma didn't disappear.
Even after the firework had ended, Menma hadn't.
The firework was amazing.
Thank you for inviting me.
And thank you also for doing all this for my sister.
I've got to go.
All right.
Take care.
What? You came to get me? Papa.
We should go too.
For Menma.
That's a shame.
I guess I had some other wish.
But actually, I'm a little glad.
Because they've been playing "Dodosuko" a lot on TV lately, which I really like.
Do you know what "Dodosuko" is, Jintan? The reason Menma didn't go to heaven really tries hard! wasn't because she had another wish.
Could it have been Hey, if you're going to sleep do it upstairs.
Hello? Yukiatsu? Menma's asleep right now.
Then come out right now.
Make sure Menma doesn't notice.
Huh? Uhh what exactly is this? Why do you think Menma didn't go to heaven? Well Is it because the firework wasn't Menma's real wish? That's not it.
The reason Menma didn't go to heaven isn't that she had another wish.
Hey, were we really looking out for Menma? Were we really hoping that her wish would be granted? I know that I was only thinking about myself.
Because I didn't want to keep seeing Jintan knowing he was thinking about Menma.
I wanted her to go to heaven.
I didn't care about granting her wish, I wanted her to go to heaven for my sake.
God must have seen through me.
It's the same with me.
I love Menma.
Time has passed since then, but it shocks even me how my love for her hasn't changed a bit.
But now, only Yadomi could see her.
I couldn't bear it.
Jintan? Uh-oh.
I could stand her being Yadomi's alone.
So I thought that granting her wish and having her go to heaven would be easier for me.
You're the worst.
Yeah, I am.
You're terrible too, Tsuruko.
Stop hiding your feelings.
Don't you have something to tell Yukiatsu? Hey! Tsurumi? It's the same as last time.
That day you two plotted together to test Menma's feelings for Jintan.
Yeah, you're right.
I know, I've always envied Menma.
But you're exactly the same.
No I'm not! Yes you are! You're envious of Menma because you love Yukiatsu, so you tried to make her go to heaven.
Huh? You're wrong! I'm not envious.
I've always known I couldn't measure up to Menma.
I'm not like you.
I don't dream about things that can't come true.
What do you mean? I've already told you.
Even if Menma goes to heaven, you're the replacement.
Huh? I didn't mind being a replacement.
The one I've always been envious of since back then is you, Anaru! Now, just like back then, you're Yukiatsu's confidant.
That hurts me so much.
That's why I tattled on you that day.
I told Menma that you were going to test Jintan's feelings for her.
Menma knew about it? Then why didn't she say anything? Menma said Hmm, I wonder what I should do.
What do you mean you wonder? Those two called Jintan! They said not to tell you about it.
Isn't that mean? Let's go tell them we're angry.
But I really like everyone, not just Jintan.
That's when I knew I couldn't measure up to her.
It took a long time, but I finally became Yukiatsu's confidant.
I was satisfied with that.
But now I know that even now the one by Yukiatsu's side is Tsuruko.
I thought that if Menma went to heaven Anaru would cling to Jintan.
If that happened, I'd have my place back.
Yeah, I'm terrible.
I'm So it was impossible after all.
How could we send Menma to heaven when we feel this way? What's it matter how you feel? It's a lot better than not doing anything at all! What's wrong Poppo? If I don't grant Menma's wish If I don't make her go to heaven If I don't, Menma will never forgive me! Poppo.
I saw it.
On that day, I saw Menma pass away I was scared.
I was afraid of staying here.
I wanted to run away, but for some reason I couldn't get away.
I'm living in the base we built together.
I didn't go to school.
I thought that if I went somewhere far away in the world, things would change.
But But I always return to that place.
I'm begging you.
I'm begging you, please make Menma go to heaven.
I know it's selfish of me.
It might be impossible to make Menma go to heaven when I feel this way, but I can't let it go! I can't let go of the sight of Menma slowly, steadily drifting further away from me that day.
I wasn't the only one.
Everyone wanted Menma to go to heaven for their own sake.
We weren't serious about granting Menma's wish.
I'm sorry, Menma.
I'm sorry.
How about now? No, not yet.
No, not yet.
I'm home.
Sorry I'm so late.
Oh? Jintan's not home? I wonder if he's still at work.
Geez, he left all the lights on.
I'm home, Touko.
Jintan spent this afternoon with everyone from the Super Peace Busters.
Jintan's been acting a lot more energetic, lately.
I guess I'll go take a bath.
Jintan's been Lately I'll Apologize! Huh? I don't care about Jintan anymore! I'm going to apologize to Menma.
That way Anaru What is it? You have two sets of eyelashes.
Oh no! My fake lashes! Hey, Yukiatsu! I'd thought the way your eyes looked had changed.
Tsuruko, not you too You're so hairy already Anaru, why would you want to add any more? Anaru's fine the way she is.
Thank you so much.
But don't keep calling me Anaru.
Now that you mention it We've all switched to using our nicknames again.
You're right.
Yukiatsu was right.
Huh? Somewhere deep inside, I was happy that I was the only one who could see Menma.
Jintan But Menma's different.
To be honest, I didn't care about sending her off to heaven.
But she didn't feel that way.
She said she wanted to speak normally with everyone, not just me.
That's why she wanted to go to heaven and be reincarnated.
Let's really grant Menma's wish.
Let's call Menma and communicate with her properly using her diary.
Let's try it one more time, together with Menma.
There's no point in talking about it without Menma here.
After all There're six of us in the Super Peace Busters.
Hey, that's my line! I'm counting on you, leader.
I'll bring Menma right away.
Let's meet at the secret base.
Menma It finally feels like we've started moving again.
We'll grant your wish.
And this time for sure, we'll proudly send you Menma! MMenma? The Flower that Bloomed that Summer Welcome home.
Hey Menma! What's wrong? Why are you like this? It looks like my wish already came true.
I remembered the promise I made with your mom.
With my mom? There's just one thing Huh? Jintan won't cry.
I think he's been forcing himself to act strong ever since I got sick.
Auntie? I'm looking forward to being reincarnated, but that's the one thing that worries me.
I've made him put up with a lot.
I really wanted him to laugh, get mad, and cry more.
I got it! I promise you I'll definitely make Jintan cry! Thank you Menma.
I'll be counting on you.
And even though I thought about it a lot I just couldn't figure out what to do.
That's why I decided to ask everyone for help.
So I called everyone and asked them to meet.
The wish But it's not like I wanted to get everyone together to bully you or anything.
That Menma wanted to be granted so badly It's just that I'm not very smart That she returned here think of a way to make you cry without bullying But it didn't work out at all.
I wonder if that was a punishment for keeping it secret from you.
It's not some punishment.
I just go there.
It doesn't matter if you keep it a secret.
I always go there, even if I don't have a reason to.
You're crying again.
But to be honest, I like it more when you laugh.
I guess it's about time to say goodbye.
You can't go yet, please wait! Huh? I can't be the only one! Huh? I've wanted to see you! All this time, I've wanted to see you.
I've wanted to call out your name.
I've wanted to apologize to you.
I've wanted to tell you I loved you.
But everyone else feels the same way.
They all love you.
They all wanted to see you again.
Everyone's waiting for us.
Over at our place.
Menma Jintan I wanted to grant your wish.
I love you so much, Jintan.
But this is so sudden.
I had fun.
I want to be with you forever So much that I've thought it would be nice to stay like this with you forever.
JJintan? Everyone Ji Menma.
Menma? Menma! What is it, Jintan? What's wrong? Could it be Has Menma No way Jintan.
Menma! What's going on? Where are you? Hurry up and come out! Menma! Menma.
Menma! Hey, Jintan! Menma! What happened? Menma! It it's hide and seek.
What do you mean, hide and seek? Jintan.
Hey Menma! Is Menma playing hide and seek? Hide and seek? Hey Jintan! Wait! Menma! Let's all go.
Let's go.
All right.
No Not yet.
I still haven't said goodbye properly.
Menma! Menma! I'm not ready yet! Menma! Menma.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Not yet.
Just a little Just a little longer.
Jintan! Did you find Menma? Your feet Jintan.
So that means Menma is already What is that? These are from the diary.
This is Menma's writing.
Are you serious? I like how kind you are.
I like how much effort you put into everything.
I like how fun you are.
I like how level-headed you are.
I really like you, Jintan.
\h\h\h\h\h\hThe 'like' I'm talking about \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\his the kind that means I want \h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\h\hto become your bride.
I made it.
This time I managed to say goodbye properly.
Now I can What is this? What's going on, Menma? This is hide and seek, right? That means it can't end until we find you.
Jintan Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Are you ready yet? Now I'm ready! That was Menma's voice.
It can't be.
Menma? Menma! Is that really Menma? Menma.
It's Menma! I can see her! Menma! Menma! I can see you, Menma! Menma.
You're not supposed to just say my name now.
Huh? I'm really bad at hide and seek.
Come on Jintan, say what you're supposed to.
What? That way it'll end the right way.
I read your letter! I really like you too, Menma! I really like you too! I really like you too! And of course I really like you too! A goodbye isn't supposed to be one-sided.
Right, Jintan? Thank you for granting that wish.
I love you, Menma.
Hey! Jintan made Menma cry again! Jintan.
Why'd you do that Jintan? What? Made her cry, made her cry.
I'll tell the teacher! Poppo you traitor! Haven't you done enough yet, Jintan? Jintan! Shut up, Poppo! Why's it my fault? I want to be with everyone longer.
I want to play with you! That's why I'll be reborn.
I'll be together with everyone.
So Jintan cried.
I've said goodbye So now Ready, and We found you, Menma! You found me.
Menma was smiling.
We're turning into adults.
As the seasons turn, the flowers blooming by the side of the road also change.
I wonder what the name of the flower that bloomed that season was.
It swayed ever so slightly.
If you touched it, it prickled.
If you brought it to your nose, it gave off a scent of ripeness and sunshine.
That fragrance gradually dissipates.
We're becoming adults.
But That flower is definitely still blooming somewhere.
We'll keep on The Super Peace Busters should always get along! granting that flower's wish forever.