Another Life (2019) s01e08 Episode Script

How the Light Gets Lost

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! [GROANS.]
Does it hurt? Why does it hurt? - [MOANS.]
- William? - All this is - [ALARM BLARING.]
Is this all because of you? No.
It's p - It's the programmin'! - [WILLIAM'S VOICE.]
You there.
- What about it? - Neurons - Should have been a poet - generatin' new data, but Unh.
I can't-I can't cope.
I can't pro I can't-I can't process it I can't process it while I'm managin' the ship.
Stark naked - Gah.
- Stark naked.
- Dark matter out there is gettin' in here.
Seepin' through the ship's shields.
The Salvare can't survive it.
- I can't survive this.
- Yes, you can.
We can.
I can help you.
Oh, please.
Oh, please do.
Twenty-five seconds until we enter the field of dark matter.
Thought you said we had half an hour? - Yeah, it was an estimate.
- Yeah, it was a shitty estimate.
- Hey.
- Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I Just jumpy.
Working too hard.
I'm fine.
Holy crap.
That is amazing.
Fifteen seconds.
All that that nothing.
It's No light.
So weightless but heavy.
Hypothetical but real.
Just the trippy absence of anything whatsoever.
That's what worries me.
Five seconds.
- [NIKO.]
Everyone, here goes.
Four three two one and we're in.
All stable.
- We're fine.
First shift.
- I'm excited.
- Stay alert.
Navigation's down.
Tonight you're pilot and lookout.
I feel so claustrophobic knowing there's nothing out there.
It's just like driving through fog or a really shitty snowstorm.
Yeah, but in a 13,000-ton spaceship.
Want me to keep an eye on Beauchamp? No.
He's a trained pilot.
He'll be fine.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No tablets at the table.
- Oh, it's-it's work.
- It's still a tablet at the table.
I'm tracking the crew's biometrics going from regular space to dark matter.
Interesting to see what makes you tick.
Hey, Bern, room for one more? Oh, yeah.
Dude, nice.
What? You dressed this? Yeah.
It's a cider vinaigrette my grandmother used to make.
Said it came over with the Harrisons on the Mayflower.
Now us nobodies get to enjoy it, too.
Wow, Bernie, this is a lot of food.
Carbs, fats, proteins.
- Everything for intermittent fasting.
- We are rationing.
We have months traveling at impulse speed before we come out the other side, so Well, let's load up, then, 'cause we're about to get skinny.
- Hmm.
- Yeah.
You mind passing the salad? - [CAS.]
Can you pass that? - [ZAYN.]
Looks really good.
There's some potatoes.
Potatoes look great.
- Okay.
- There you go.
- This is so good.
- Mind passing those? - Pass the chicken.
- [SASHA.]
No, the Harrisons came over.
- Okay.
- It's true.
- Yeah, here you go.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Enjoy, everyone.
- Dressing? Yeah, pass that down.
- No, thanks.
- Okay.
- Somebody help me! I need help! - [WOMAN.]
Over here.
Um, the Artifact emitted some kind of pulse like a shock wave.
We know.
Burst ear drums, nosebleeds.
Everyone has the same injuries.
- Sweetie, what's your name? - [MUMBLES.]
- Her name is Jana.
- I'm asking her.
- I know, but she can't say it, can she? What happened, all this bruising? She fell over in the blast.
I carried her in.
That's it.
Jana, I'm gonna touch your tummy.
You tell me if it hurts.
- Take her to Exam Room One.
- I need to run more tests.
- What's going on here? - Any underlying medical conditions? - She grinds her teeth.
- Besides that, she's healthy.
- What about you? Your wife? We are perfectly healthy.
- No history of - Of what? I'll be back as soon as I can.
So how is Beauchamp holding up? He's a little bug-eyed, but he'll be fine.
Shields are still touch-and-go in places.
That was fun, everyone hangin' out like that.
Is the whole crew hooking up? - I've seen flirtations.
I've seen Zayn and Bernie.
Of course, August and Oliver.
I thought that it was August and Javier.
You know what? I don't care as long as they are blowing off steam.
Is this Are we gossipin'? No.
Good night, Erik.
Good night, William.
Jesus, I need sleep.
Oh, shit.
Were you sleepin'? Not anymore.
- Good God, woman.
You are gonna get a cold if you don't get inside right now.
- [GASPS.]
- [CAS.]
I want to talk.
- [BANG.]
- Now.
Why did you go behind my back like that? Huh? Why? - Fuck you.
- Cas, what the hell's going on? Out of everybody in soma, you woke up Beauchamp.
Was that to hurt me? Some kind of test? He was the next person on the list.
No, this is my kick in the ass, right? Okay, fine.
All right.
Ass is kicked, but I want my job back, Niko.
Hey? Uh you guys seen August, Oliver? - No.
- No, I was in my room.
Let's go in my quarters.
- We can talk about this.
- No.
Be honest with me.
You prefer him as your second.
Look, I-I know he's more stable, and he's probably easier to get along with, but that's my job.
- That's my job.
- Cas, I did this for you, - and you know that, okay? - [JAVIER YELLING.]
- This is just a phase.
- All right, guys! You're gonna be okay and come back stronger than ever, okay? Where the fuck are August and Oliver? [CREAKING.]
Sorry, sorry.
I know, I know.
It's just - It's just messed up.
All I wanna do is just is just touch you but So go with me on this.
Okay? Hey.
Go with me.
Now me.
- Did you see that? - Yeah.
Want to see something amazing? The whole crew's heart rates are up, same as their endorphin levels, oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine.
- Do you know why? - I guess dark matter is the ultimate serotonin enhancer, and I discovered it.
- You did.
- I could cure depression, ADHD, anxiety.
I could win the Nobel Prize for Medicine.
I need to tell Niko.
- Do you not trust me? - Of course I do.
You said if I was left in charge, everybody would be dead.
- That's what you said.
- That was then, this is now.
Shh, shh.
I thought you said everybody was happy.
Who-Who's happy? All of us, according to Zayn's tablet.
Can that tell me where August and Oliver are? Careful.
That's gonna change the lives of everyone on Earth.
What's, um, what's oxytocin, and why are their levels so spiked? - It-It's a human sex hormone.
Niko! - [AUGUST.]
What are you - Okay, wait.
- Get off me.
- Everybody stop! We're under attack.
- What? - We saw lasers shooting past the ship out the airlock.
- There were lasers, I swear.
I saw them.
They were red and aimed at the ship.
The aliens want to kill us.
No, no, no.
Oh, my God.
Erik? [GASPING.]
I need a flight suit.
- What'd you see, Niko? - He can't breathe.
He's dying.
- Who is? - Erik.
He's right there.
I need a suit.
No, you don't, Niko.
But he's he he's dying.
Erik isn't outside.
I am looking right at him.
Oh, my God.
That's all I do is I fail him and Jana.
How did Erik get outside? - Does it matter? - Why Erik? Why not Jana? Why not the President or Father Christmas? 'Cause I was thinking about Erik.
How much I love him, how I don't deserve him, how he's too good for me, and how he's gonna die because I left him.
You're not acting like yourself Niko.
None of you are.
So just think.
Push your emotions away and think.
With the unexpected levels of endorphins that Zayn's pickin' up - could you be hallucinatin'? - [SHIP CREAKING.]
Have you ever felt this way before? Nobody touch anything.
Nobody work on anything.
Beauchamp? Yeah, Niko? The whole fucking crew is high.
Let me get this straight.
You thought it was oregano? I was making dressing for the salad.
- I raided Bernie's stash.
- Dude.
You saw what that flower did to Cas and I.
Why would you bring it on my damn ship? Pain management.
I-I can't sleep because of my leg, so I heh heh I self-medicate.
Yeah, now you've self-medicated all of us.
Look, I didn't do this on purpose.
Yeah, no.
We know that, Bernie.
Your heart's always in the right place, but you gotta use your goddamn head.
Okay, thiamine, folic acid, magnesium sulfate.
Let's see if we can't flush these drugs from our systems.
Um I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Those chemicals may exacerbate the toxins already in your system.
If there is something out there, I have got to be alert.
There's nothing out there.
August and I couldn't have had a shared hallucination.
Yeah, and you didn't see lasers, either.
What you saw were electrically charged cold hydrogen particles, which used to be a theory of dark matter until you proved them true.
Goddamn it, he's so fucking smart.
Okay, so we just need to, um, what, wait out these drugs? - Yeah? - Great.
I'll be sleeping it off.
Uh, no, you won't.
Why not? 'Cause we are like cats, like, stoned fucking cats right now, and herding us is gonna be easier if we're in the same spot.
So, right now, Beauchamp's the only one that leaves, and he is in charge.
I'm in charge, and my first task is to sober you guys up.
Don't worry.
- William will make it fun.
- Me? Wh-What were you What were you thinkin'? Beauchamp? [DISCO MUSIC PLAYING.]
- Whoo.
- One hand on my shoulder Get a little bit closer Yeah.
Do it.
Come on, make a move, yeah Skip through all the small talk Wanna see you with the lights off, so - Let's go to your room now - Whoo.
I know that I'm impatient - My imagination's - Eclectic your holograms.
Yeah, well, I couldn't decide on a decade, so I I went with a few of them.
You keep up the pace You look happy.
It's these drugs.
They amplify your emotions and your feelings, and right now, I think I'm feeling happy and having fun.
Can you dance? - Can I dance? - Uh-huh.
I can do any dance you like.
The waltz.
Surprise me.
I need it, we gettin' heated Come on and keep me satisfied - Yeah - [LAUGHS.]
Keep me satisfied Keep me satisfied Oh, my God, you can dance.
- Let's go, baby.
- So much fun.
You'll know when we get there No reason to be scared I come on a little stronger - What's up with William? - [GASPS.]
- You okay? - Hah.
Yeah, man.
I'm I-I'm fine.
What's up? William.
- He's got game.
- Yeah, he better.
He's an AI.
Heh heh heh.
- Oh, shit.
- What? You don't see that? The way he's lookin' at Niko? I think Willie's in love.
What happens when he realizes she'll never love him back? - That's a shitty question.
- Realistic.
You're the software engineer.
What's the answer? I don't know.
I-I'm not sure anyone's ever coded a broken heart before.
No, I'm-I'm fine.
I'm good over here.
Drugs made you a psycho.
I gotta make us all friends again.
Keep me Why aren't you as out of it as the rest of us? Should've saved me some salad.
Keep me satisfied - Whoo.
- One hand on my shoulder Get a little bit closer - Come on, make a move, yeah - Ooh.
Skip through all the small talk Wanna see you with the lights off, so Let's go to your room now You know they're holograms, right? - You can walk through them.
- I know.
Come on, why are you so sulky? I'll never be in the DSM.
It wasn't the dark matter.
It was the drugs.
Garden-variety drugs.
Space drugs? I wouldn't call 'em garden-variety.
- Come on, come on, come on.
- Wait.
Whoa, just Hey, it's okay.
My leg's fine.
- I'm on the good shit.
- Till it wears off and you're in pain.
- Bernie - Keep me satisfied Hear me breathin', breathin' Don't want it, I need it, need it We gettin' heated Come on and keep me satisfied Keep me satisfied Keep me satisfied Beauchamp has requested everyone to stay here.
Well, I'm sober now, so it's all good.
You know you're made of light.
You can't stop me, right? You know I can lock every door on the ship with my mind, right? Why don't you go back and dance with Niko? I'm sure she's lonely without you.
Yeah, you've got it bad, my friend.
- Not sure what you mean.
- No, you know exactly what I mean.
It's fine.
It's normal.
You like her.
You really like her.
I think she likes you, too.
She's respected you, trusted you, talked to you like you're more real than I am.
Now, if these toxins we're on amplify emotions, well I'd say the lady's in love with you.
Come on and keep me satisfied William, as smart as you are, you don't know shit about the human heart.
- Okay, I gotta get some sleep.
- Party police won't let us leave.
- [SIGHS.]
Hey, Beauchamp? - Yeah, Niko? I feel like we could all, uh use some sleep now.
William, what do you think? Well, if Niko said it's okay, then it's okay.
Straight to bed.
- Keep me satisfied - 'Night, boys.
Follow her.
Make sure she gets to her room safe and sound.
Keep me satisfied - [LAUGHING.]
How much salad did you have? - Not enough.
- That's why we need to get drunk.
- Wow.
- Someone find the glasses.
- Fuck glasses.
It's vodka.
Yeah, it's peach.
It's peach because I never thought I'd be sharing it.
I'm up for sharing.
Guys, guys, guys.
It's okay.
Just go with it, yeah? Just go with it.
We've never - Never? - With anyone in real life.
That's okay.
Still can't sleep? [SIGHS.]
Now I think I'm overtired.
All right, well, I don't wanna hear "I was high on alien opiates," - when I whup you.
- No.
No chess tonight, please.
Okay, Scrabble, then, or Go.
Can't we just talk? - Talk? - Mm.
Whenever I couldn't sleep, Erik would stay up with me.
Keep me company.
What would you talk about? Ah.
The day.
The work.
The Jana.
Okay, well let's talk.
So, uh our water levels are higher than I thought.
2% versus 90 Hah.
I'm sorry.
I'm still a little high.
Yeah, and I am useless at small talk.
I sh I should leave you.
You can watch a holo-video of Erik and Jana and hopefully fall asleep.
We were supposed to be able to talk.
I wasn't prepared to go months, maybe years with Fuck.
These damn drugs.
I do not need to be feeling this right now.
Look at me.
What would you say if you could speak to him right now? We would just talk face-to-face.
- Ahh.
Change back, please.
Um, I-I apologize.
I know.
You were just you were just trying to help.
It's fine.
You don't do that a lot.
Change into other people.
Um I like William.
He's pulchritudinous with an excess of charm.
But, um if-if you liked, I would Okay.
Are you sure? No.
But it might help.
- [CAS.]
Is this the after-party? - Whoa, whoa.
- It's a lame after-party.
- No, no, deck's off-limits.
Oh, my gosh, do you wanna dance? Okay, I'd love to.
Hey? Guess what.
- What? - [WHISPERS.]
I want my job back.
- You are annoying enough sober.
- How are we gonna do this, Beauchamp? - We are not doing anything.
- Listen, okay? I talked to Niko, and she agrees and I agree that it's just a little phase that I'm going through.
You flaked on her, and you'll flake again.
Mourning is not flaking.
I lost Yerxa.
I watched Michelle dissolve in front of me.
So now I am going to do the job that Niko brought me onboard to do.
Which you gave up to me.
I'm sorry.
Let's keep this party goin'.
What do you say? William? Play some music.
Willie? Huh.
No William.
Look at that.
Well, what should I do, Beauchamp? I got it.
If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands If you're happy and you know it Clap your hands We found this black hole.
It's about 12,000 light-years from here, and it's got this accretion disk that we think, well, has about 140 trillion times as much water as the oceans.
I drank that trying to sober up.
- Right.
Should I keep going with the weird water facts? No, no, no, no.
Please, no.
Then Do you remember camping in Yosemite? Of course I do.
You caught a trout in the Toulumne River.
I cooked it, too.
You did.
And I floated for three hours in that inner tube.
- I bet you got pretty burnt.
I did.
You called me Pinky.
Pretty, pretty Pinky.
Do you remember chopping wood? I do.
Do you remember me greeting you in nothing but a blanket? [WHISPERS.]
Close your eyes.
Why? 'Cause you're not the only one that gets to do the surprises around here.
- Ready.
- That was quick.
I want to see you.
Undress for me? God, you're gorgeous.
How well do you know me? Come here.
'Cause love is a word that's dangerous Maybe you're just lonely Maybe you don't know the difference I love you.
- You're a man - I love you, too.
Who's not easily frightened Give me your hands And make me believe it Give me your all And then keep on givin' Touch me gently In all the right places Strange love Might as well embrace it To be alive And to feel my heart beatin' To get so high I'm walkin' on the ceilin' All I'm feelin' Walkin' on the ceilin' I'm walkin' on the ceilin' Walkin' on the ceilin' Walkin' on the ceilin' Walkin' on the ceilin' I'm walkin' on the ceilin' Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh [WHIRS.]
Access denied.
ID already in use.
Access denied.
Come on.
What the fuck? Access denied.
Hey! Hey, Sasha! - Did you hack my access code? - It didn't work.
What-What-What didn't work? Oh, God, please.
Please, please don't I did everything I was supposed to do.
Everything I got from your stupid brain.
- But William won't fucking shut down.
- Just don't do this, please.
So you're gonna give me somethin' else.
Somethin' I can actually use this time.
I'm gonna take everything.
No, no, no, no, no.
Go back to sleep.
Uh no, I'm-I'm good.
I've slept.
- You slept 20 minutes.
- It's enough.
Uh, can you change back into William? Did I do somethin' wrong? No.
No, it's just, um um, I'm awake.
I'm-I'm sober.
It's Beauchamp's first time in the chair, so I really should go check on him, and I need you to be you again.
I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm I'm so embarrassed.
For what? You are the kindest, purest soul that I have ever met, and and I took advantage of that.
It's all right.
It's not.
Uh, it was just It was a huge mistake.
I love you.
- You don't.
- No, I do.
I do.
I love you.
You don't.
I need you to forget this.
How? I want you to, uh delete it from your memory.
Just wipe it clean.
It's It's the best way to fix this for us and for the mission.
William? Did you do it? Yeah.
Yeah, I did.
You said you would handle it, so why is William still up and running? The only person who can turn off William is William, okay? I've tried everything I can think of, everything in Javier's head.
- Did you just do that? - Salvare is still a planet-killer.
I don't know what else I can do.
It You know I can melt your brain from the inside? Javier didn't have the answers.
I-I could wake up all of the engineers.
Maybe one of them's gotta know how to shut him down, how to hack the ship.
No! No! No, she didn't.
How are you? Can't do anything for my daughter.
Can't do anything for my wife.
You could come back to work.
Help us figure out how to retaliate.
I was reinstated 40 minutes ago.
Harrison's dead.
Harper? - No sign.
- She's still inside.
Wallace? Jana's body, it's producing too many immature lymphocytes.
- They're white blood cells.
- I know what lymphocytes are.
- I need you to open your mouth.
- What for? Now, Mr.
It's to see if you're a bone-marrow match.
She has leukemia.
Acute lymphocytic leukemia.
- Erik - Wait.
No, it's None of this makes sense, 'cause she was perfectly fine this morning.
The energy blast emitted high levels of ionizing radiation.
So, you're telling me that the Artifact that the Artifact gave my daughter cancer.
William? Where the hell are you? - We've been calling him.
- The whole ship's dark? Upper level's out.
Not sure about the lower decks.
I'm gonna go check on Beauchamp.
You two see if you can go find some ans [AUGUST.]
Zayn? Niko? I need your help.
And she Stark naked! - Stark naked.
- William? - [CRACKLING.]
- Is this is all because of you? No.
- What about it? - Neurons generatin' new data, but Ahh.
I can't-I can't cope.
I can't pro I can't-I can't process it.
I can't process it while I'm managin' the ship, the ship.
Dark matter out there is gettin' in here seepin'-seepin' through the sh through the shields.
Salvare can't survive this.
I can't survive I can't take this.
- You can.
We can.
- I can help you.
- [MOANS.]
We found him like this.
He was fine 15 minutes ago.
- Okay, he's breathing.
Can we move him? Support his head and get him to med lab.
- Go grab a stretcher right now.
- Okay.
Where the hell is William? She-She doesn't-she doesn't love me.
She doesn't love me.
- Please.
- He's weak.
Use it, Sasha.
- Make him turn himself off now.
- Okay.
What if you reboot? What if you shut yourself off, restart? Would that work? I'd need Javier to oversee it.
Javier's still under the influence.
Tell me what to do.
Go to engineering.
I've unlocked the system.
- Find a computer deck.
- Then what? - Aah.
You'll find the code.
- Find the code.
Enter it, press return, and I'll reboot.
I'll reboot.
- Okay.
- Gah.
- So you're shutting down now, right? - [GROANS.]
Oh, thank God.
- Yeah.
Okay, quick, before we lose power again.
William? Beauchamp, why isn't William answering? I'm running diagnostics.
- [CAS.]
System says he's rebooting.
- Where's Sasha? Anyone seen him? Not since before the party broke up.
- Probably sleeping off the oregano.
- He didn't have any.
- What? What do you mean? - We-We were dancing.
He didn't seem as drugged up.
He said because we didn't leave him any salad.
And before, when I asked him to take part in my experiment, he flat-out refused.
Bernie, mess hall now.
- Hey! Hey! Give me a sign you're paying attention.
What do you want? Huh? What the fuck do you want? You're killing my kid.
Why? Because I chose her instead of you? I chose my life here, and she's paying the fucking price? What the fuck do you want? Harper? Somebody call an ambulance! Call Dubois! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Got you.
You're okay.
You're good.
You're okay.
We're about to get skinny.
All right, keep your eyes on his damn salad.
He's the only one that knew I had a secret stash.
Niko, I need you in medical right away.
Sorry, William.
I'm gonna try somethin' else, buddy.
AI system deactivated.
I found this in my deleted files.
What the hell is that? [ZAYN.]
No idea, but it's not human.
After the forest moon, Sasha was begging me to do a brain scan.
Said he felt messed up delirious.
He must've deleted the actual scan and replaced it with a clean one.
Beauchamp? Beauchamp? Something's locked me out of the observation deck.
- I'll get us back online.
- Wait.
Zayn, fix Javier.
He's our best computer engineer.
- And if I can't? - You have to.
Our lives depend on it.
- Why didn't he stay with us? - We didn't tell him to leave.
- What the fuck? - Open it.
Access denied.
I can't.
- Access denied.
What are you doing? - Let me go! - Sasha! [YELLING.]
- [NIKO.]
Sasha, open this door! Open this fucking door! - [SCREAMS.]