Another Self (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

- [music box plays]
- [children chatter]
[woman] Is it possible that our past,
whether or not we remember it,
is always saved somewhere?
Hi, Papa!
[girl giggles]
[man 1] Be careful, baby.
Hold on tight, okay?
[man 1] All right, I'll get you one.
[woman] You know how
a flight recorder saves the data on it,
no matter how damaged it gets?
The past works the same way.
Tastes, smells, moments.
They all wait for the right time
to be remembered one day.
- [man 1] How is it? Do you like it?
- Yeah, it's delicious.
You want some?
[dramatic music plays]
[woman] And, even though we forget it,
does the past stay with us?
[girl] Papa?
[theme music plays]
[man 2] Thank you all for coming.
I'd like to introduce you
to my esteemed colleague,
a doctor whose success
- [cell phone chimes]
- in breast cancer operations
has brought this award to our hospital.
In addition to her work here,
he's also recently been nominated
for a position on our
cancer research committee in Brussels.
Please welcome
General Surgeon, Ada Korkmaz.
Thank you so much.
- Thank you, everyone.
- [audience applauds]
[Ada] I'd like to dedicate this award
to all the patients
who are battling cancer,
to all the tenacious scientists
who are with us in this fight,
and to our healthcare personnel.
And to my dear father.
[Ada] Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold it!
Deniz! Long time no see, honey.
How's everything going with the chemo?
I actually already
finished my chemo, Sevgi.
I'm all fine now.
[soft music plays]
Our prayers are with you.
[woman] A man called Zaman.
He is amazing.
He did wonders for us.
- Maybe he can help you too, huh?
- Hm?
Look, I can give you his contact info.
Give me one second.
[soft music continues]
I thought surgery went well.
Her vitals were improving.
We can't start medication now.
She's gonna need some time to recover.
- Hm.
- [cell phone chimes]
Would you mind
if I told her instead, Doctor?
[doctor] Sure, I was covering that file
- All right then [sighs]
- [door opens]
[Sevgi] No, I guess I couldn't explain.
Sure, if you want.
Girlfriend, I'm so proud of you.
- Was that Ayça on the phone?
- Uh-huh.
They still haven't given me my meds.
I'm gonna be late, Ada.
Excuse me, Nurse?
She wants me to pick up the client,
but he's not answering.
Does she want me to wait at his door?
Hey. Listen, they won't be giving you
the meds today.
[chuckles] What do you mean they won't?
Ada, do you even know the hoops
I had to jump through to leave work?
Come on. Let's go get some coffee.
Oh, I can't believe it's happening.
Seriously, so pretty, a work of art.
And, Leyla, I can guarantee you
yours will be even better.
Oh! I'm so excited,
I won't be able to sleep.
Thank you so much for everything.
Okay, I'll see you in the morning.
- [boy] Yah!
- [exclaims] Sarp!
- God damn it, you little
- Yah!
- Here come the troops!
- He doesn't want to eat.
- He's out of control.
- Come on. Get it together, Marsa, huh?
I'll be in the hospital tomorrow.
What are you gonna do without me then?
Unbelievable, that damn woman
is good for nothing.
[Ada] I'll send your file
to the committee in Belgium.
I'll try other meds.
Just stay positive.
Okay, honey? Stay positive.
[cell phone chimes]
- [gasps] I'm late!
- For what?
- I told you already. I have a hearing.
- Sevgi.
Honey, I don't think
you're listening right now.
There's no hearing, no work, nothing.
We're gonna admit you, okay?
[chuckles] Yeah, right.
You wanna tell that to Ayça yourself then?
Fuck Ayça. I'll send her an explanation,
and she'll deal with it.
Ma'am, there's an emergency patient.
They're waiting for you in the OR.
Listen to me.
Take Sevgi for her tests, please,
and admit her to the second floor.
[Sevgi] Would it even matter
if I said no, Ada?
[Ada] What do you think?
Don't say anything about this
to my mother, please?
[nurse] The patient is Ayşe Kara.
She's 18.
She fell down some stairs.
[monitor beeping]
[Ada] Ayşe? Hello, honey.
I'm Dr. Ada.
The fracture in your rib
has ruptured your spleen.
We're gonna take care of it, okay?
Anesthesia, please.
[nurse] We're ready, ma'am.
[monitor continues beeping]
[Sevgi] Mom, I'm okay, I swear.
Okay, Mom.
Listen, I have to go. The doctor's here.
I love you. Stop worrying. Okay, bye.
- Have a good one.
- Mm.
[suspenseful music plays]
[cell phone buzzing]
[breathes deeply]
[music intensifies]
[touchscreen keys clicking]
[clears throat]
- [line rings]
- Hello?
Uh, yes, hello.
My name is Sevgi.
I'm calling 'cause I'd like to set up
an appointment.
How soon would that be possible?
Tomorrow, you said?
Mm. What made you
think of Ayvalık, sweetie?
Sarp! That's enough.
Get outta here. Get out!
That's it. Go away.
Leyla, I need to be there at 10:00 a.m.
What do you think? Can you help me?
Love, I'm having an operation tomorrow.
Can it wait?
Or maybe just ask Ada to take you there?
[gasps] No way!
Leyla, listen.
Ada can't know about this. You hear me?
[soft music plays]
How do you expect me to be calm?
Something's wrong.
I hear it in your voice, Ada.
What's wrong with my daughter?
Tell me right now.
We'll keep Sevgi for a few days, Muko.
She needs some rest.
But please don't worry.
I'm taking care of her, all right?
[suspenseful music plays]
- [Leyla] Hey. I was about to call you.
- [mockingly] Hey.
- Where have you been?
- What?
Come on. What do you want from me?
I had to explain to Erdem and pack a bag.
Why do you need a bag?
We're just staying one night.
What, am I not allowed to post a vlog
while we're in Ayvalık? Gimme a break.
- Are you all right, sweetie?
- I'm fine. Just go.
Look, I want to know everything.
Tell me. Who is this guy? What's he doing?
- What's his method?
- Leyla, go!
- Oh shit.
- [groans]
Are you trying to drive me crazy or what?
[Leyla] Ada.
What's up? We're going to Ayvalık, love.
You should come.
Sevgi, get out, please.
I can't, dear. All right, we're leaving.
I was gonna call you tonight anyway.
Ayvalık? Can you tell me
exactly what you're hoping to find?
Who knows? Raki, fish,
maybe the Ayvalık trio?
- [Ada and Sevgi] Leyla!
- Get off my back.
[Ada] Sevgi.
- You need to get out now, please.
- [Sevgi] Ada.
Sevgi, come on.
You either come with us
or you get out of the way.
But I have to go. There's no other choice.
So this is it?
This is what
you're risking your health for?
Risking what health, Ada?
[Ada sighs]
Hey, girls, um, just wondering
if anyone feels like telling me
what the hell has gotten into you today?
[retches, grunts]
[Leyla] I'm talking to you.
What is going on?
- [Sevgi clears throat]
- Leyla.
- [Leyla] Hm?
- Pull over at the gas station, please.
- We have enough gas already.
- Leyla, you need to start signaling.
[groans] You're too much today, Ada.
You're seriously suffocating me.
I'm pulling over now.
[Leyla] We just hit the road,
and she wants to pull over.
Listen, I'm fine.
You cannot go on a road trip
in your condition.
Ada, I don't want to be
in a hospital, okay?
And I don't want you
to get your hopes up for nothing.
I don't want to see you unhappy again.
Then please stop making me unhappy, girl.
Let me out. I'm going to the bathroom.
What's your problem, Ada?
Why do you have to make this
such a big deal?
Girl's been through chemo.
Give her a break.
Leyla, I can't let her go
all the way down to that place
just so you can get a few Instagram pics.
Thanks, Ada!
You're not making any sense right now.
I cancelled the operation
I've been waiting for for months.
I left my kid all alone.
What are you talking about?
- All because she asked me to go with her.
- Leyla, Sevgi is not doing well.
It's relapsed.
Why else do you think
that I would get in your way?
[melancholy music plays]
[retches, coughs]
[music intensifies]
Sevgi will be fine.
But, right now, she needs to be
under constant care, inside a hospital.
You're positive?
- You're sure she'll be okay?
- How can you ask me that, Leyla?
Of course I'm not sure.
How could I be?
Then we'll do what she wants to do, Ada.
If she wants to go to Ayvalık,
then that's where we're going.
[Leyla clears throat]
Oh my God!
That lipstick looks so good on you.
You're so cute.
- You look great, sweetie.
- You're so cute.
Looks like someone decided
to come with us.
You didn't think
you were really gonna go without me?
Let's go, then.
[Turkish pop song plays on car stereo]
[Leyla] All right, then.
Let the road trip begin.
[Ada and Sevgi] Yeah!
[song continues]
Windows, please.
[singing in Turkish]
[both singing in Turkish]
Get inside!
[all continue singing]
[song ends]
[Ada] And so the journey
we were forced to take
changed not only Sevgi's life,
but all of ours.
Of course, we had no idea then.
[automated voice] In 200 meters,
turn right.
Continue straight for 17 kilometers.
[Ada] We also didn't know
not to trust Leyla with directions.
[Sevgi] It says Temple of Athena.
Go back. You took a wrong turn.8
Girls, I think it's time
for an Instagram post.
- [Ada] Oh no, Leyla. Don't be silly.
- [Sevgi] For God's sake, Leyla. Stop it.
[Leyla] What's the problem?
It's not even gonna take ten minutes.
As most of you know,
in Greek mythology,
Athena is known as the goddess of war.
And, in fact, she's also a goddess
capable of seeing things from every angle,
opening new paths, and giving direction.
That's why the owl is
the symbol of Athena.
You know it can turn its head
270 degrees? That's all for now.
Leyla, if you think
that's enough enlightenment,
can we please be on our way?
Just one more thing, love, hang on.
- Sevgi, come here.
- Hm?
Come on, come on, come on.
- Oh, but I'm so tired.
Yeah, I know, but we can't leave
without doing this first. Okay?
Girls, let's hold hands.
Gimme yours. Come on, come on.
[inhales deeply]
We're gonna close our eyes now,
take a deep breath,
and then, we're all simultaneously
going to make a wish.
And Athena will listen to us.
You with me?
[breathes deeply]
[Sevgi] I want to get well.
I want to live.
I want to fall in love.
[Leyla] I want Sevgi to get well.
And I want to have beautiful tits.
I want my tits to look
just like Erdem likes them, please.
[Ada] I need to pee.
And can't we eat something? I'm starving.
I'd like to be picked
for the cancer research team in Brussels.
And, please, just help Sevgi get well.
- [Sevgi] I want to get well.
- [Leyla] I want Sevgi to get well.
Leyla, honey,
did you pack Erdem in this bag
because you can't be away from him?
[laughs sarcastically] Oh, yeah, honey.
You're just hilarious tonight, aren't you?
Well then, did you guys bring
anything to wear?
No. Right?
Who's the one thinking about you
every single time? Leyla.
Leyla, it's just one day.
For one day, I'll save you
from those hideous clothes.
- [Ada] Take it. You carry it.
- I'm not gonna. No.
[Ada] You always do this.
I'm not carrying your luggage.
Where is it? Is this it?
- [Leyla] There it is. That's it.
- [Ada] Which one?
- This is it.
- [Sevgi] Are you sure?
- [grunts]
- [Ada] Come on. Come here.
- I can't stand watching this.
- Mm, you're so sweet, my love.
[Leyla] Okay, GPS says it's
somewhere around here, but I don't see it.
God, I'm gonna be so late. Zaman told me
to be there at 10:00 a.m. sharp.
I mean, what kind of name
is Zaman, anyway?
- [sighs]
- [Leyla] Hey.
[Leyla] I think this might be it.
[Sevgi] Yep. This is it. We're here.
[Ada] I'm coming with you, Sevgi.
I'm going alone. Call you when I'm done.
- [Leyla] Leave her be, sweetie.
- [sighs]
We'll come back for her, anyway.
It's not like she's leaving without us.
Come on now. Come take a picture of me
over there. The path is gorgeous.
[Leyla] Hang on. I'm setting it up. Here.
- You have to get me walking.
- [Ada] All right.
[Leyla] It needs to look cool,
like a model shoot.
With the wind at my back,
it'll be perfect.
It's gonna be such a good post.
[rhythmic meditative music plays]
- [man] Oh!
- Oh my God. I'm terribly sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
Um, is this Mr. Zaman's place?
Yeah, it is. Come in.
Can I help you?
Which one is Zaman?
Oh, you're new. I'm Fiko.
Fikret. They call me Fiko
They call me Sevgi.
Zaman's office is upstairs.
You can't miss it. Want some tea?
No. Thanks.
[Fiko] Thank you.
[folk guitar music plays on stereo]
Come in.
Excuse me, Zaman?
I called yesterday. I'm Sevgi.
Ah, that's right.
- Have a seat, please. Welcome.
- [door closes]
They say it's a symbol of abundance
and fortune, as well as life after death.
it reminds us that within one's life
there are other lives as well.
Would you like some?
I can't even remember
what pomegranate tastes like.
- It's been so long since I had one.
- Hm.
Welcome, Sevgi.
How can I be of help to you?
- I'm here 'cause I have cancer.
- Mm-hm
It started in my liver.
I had surgery, and then we started
a chemotherapy treatment regimen.
But now the cancer came back.
Do you think there's possibly
a way you can help me?
I mean, the treatments you're doing here.
Do you think your treatment could help me?
Now, Sevgi. [sighs]
Expansion of Origin Family
hm does not offer medical treatment.
We leave that to doctors.
That's not what we do.
What we deal with
is the spiritual origins of diseases.
If we can tap into the source
the disease could begin to heal.
Although, there's no guarantee.
That's a pretty name.
Thank you so much. [chuckles]
All right.
If I may, the other hand.
[heart beating]
[heartbeat intensifies]
[breathes deeply]
Excuse me.
I'm not feeling well.
That's it. Let it out.
[Zaman] You've held it inside too long,
haven't you?
- Sevgi?
- [inhales]
Do you think you could thank cancer?
[chuckles, sniffles]
[Zaman] Mm.
No. Of course I can't.
I've never smoked once in my life.
[Zaman] Mm-hm.
I try to be healthy.
And I've always tried to be a good person.
I didn't do anything to deserve this.
So [sighs]
No, I cannot be thankful.
I just want this thing
to get the hell away from me.
Follow me.
Maybe this disease
wants you to remember something. Hm?
Come, let's see.
[suspenseful music plays]
[music intensifies]
[continues whistling]
Go ahead.
[camera shutter clicks]
[camera shutter clicking]
- [Ada] I think this is good. Check it out.
- No, wait. Do a couple more.
- [Ada] Come on.
- [groans]
- [Ada] Here.
- [sighs] Oh, you
I really don't understand
how you're so cool about this.
We just left her alone
at that weird place.
What do you want me to do?
This is how I keep my mind off things.
What's wrong with that?
Mm, these are pretty good.
Well done, girl.
Oh my gosh. Oh God. [gasps]
Natural breast enlarge
Are you seeing this? It says
they can enlarge breasts naturally.
Ah! Babe, go grab
an Ayvalık grilled cheese or something.
I'll call you later.
[blows kiss] Bye-bye.
Good morning, love.
How's Sevgi?
Not good, Selim, not good.
She acts fine,
but really she's devastated.
You went all that way,
you should at least enjoy it.
- Get an Ayvalık grilled cheese.
- That's the last thing I need.
Selim, I had to postpone
two surgeries today,
I am not in vacation mode.
Honey, I think I'm lost.
Uh, I have to go.
- I'll call you later.
- Okay. Love you.
[vendor 1] Peaches from Bursa,
peaches from Bursa.
[vendor 2] Strawberries from Mount Ida.
Get your sweet strawberries
straight from Mount Ida.
- Good morning.
- Hello there.
Would you like a kilo of these, honey?
- [Ada] I'll take it.
- Sure thing, sweetheart.
[melancholy music plays]
[Ada] Shit!
[music stops]
[vendor 2] Excuse me.
Miss, you forgot your strawberries!
- Your head must be in the clouds, honey.
- I'm so sorry, ma'am.
Thank you very much. Thank you.
It's Toprak.
I'm sorry. I didn't recognize you.
That's good. I thought
you were just running away from me.
[Ada thinking] He hasn't changed a bit.
[melancholy music resumes]
How are you?
[Ada thinking] Ugh. My hair's a mess.
I'm good.
You look good.
[Ada thinking] You, too, bastard. [scoffs]
So what are you doing here?
I thought you lived abroad.
Well, I'll be here for a little bit.
- [sighs]
- [Ada] Mm.
And what about you?
Here for a vacation?
Yeah, kinda.
You haven't changed.
[Ada thinking] He still has that smile.
You have, though.
You're not taking care of yourself.
[chuckles] You're exactly the same.
Blunt as ever.
Have a nice holiday.
Ada. Ada.
Do you have time to get coffee?
Sure, Toprak.
Why don't we just get dinner and reminisce
about the good ol' days, yeah?
You're still angry.
[Ada thinking] I'm not angry, moron.
I'm hurt.
It's been many years. I'm not angry.
We're not children anymore.
the girls are waiting for me.
My number hasn't changed.
Mine has.
[Leyla]You're kidding me.
Mr. Toprak is in town, for real? [gasps]
Keep it down.
He might be around here somewhere.
[Ada sighs]
I mean, would it kill you
to just have one coffee?
Haven't you ever wondered
where the guy has been?
I mean, what has he been doing
this whole time?
I haven't, Leyla. Why would I?
I mean, with everything going on,
why would I be thinking about him?
Okay, look at me, sweetie.
Hey. Stop it. Wait a second. Look at me.
Look, we're gonna take these glasses off.
- [Leyla] Mm-hm.
- Hm.
Now look deep into my eyes, love.
How did you feel when you saw Toprak?
Tell me the truth.
Are you stupid or something, Leyla?
I am married.
Oh, that's right.
'Cause people totally stop feeling things
once they're married.
Damn it. I totally forgot about that.
Listen, Ada, you can't run.
You can't run away from me,
we're going to talk about this!
[Ada] I got you.
No, it's too cold anyway. It's too cold.
Hey, listen, you and I
are gonna talk about this. This is not
[water whooshing]
Mm, mm, mm.
You know,
I've never felt anything like that
in my whole life.
So spill. What happened then?
It's not something I can describe.
You have to experience it.
[Leyla] To experiencing it.
[Sevgi] Hm.
Mr. Zaman, though, he told me
not to tell anyone about it for a month.
So, what, he decides
whether you tell us or not?
Be patient. I'll tell you in a month.
- Excuse me.
- [Leyla] Let it go.
- Could we get another order?
- Don't push it.
I mean, she looks good right now,
really good.
But, love, you shouldn't eat that much.
You're gonna upset your stomach.
Oh, stop it, Leyla.
It's the first I've been able to eat
without getting sick in months.
Well, then go ahead, baby.
Enjoy all of it.
[Leyla] Enjoy it, love.
Let's do another toast, then!
- Cheers!
- Toast to your health.
- Yeah, to my health! There you go.
- [Leyla] To your health.
[all chuckle]
[retches, coughs]
[upbeat folk dance music plays]
[Sevgi] I feel like
I should call Ayça right now,
and tell her I'm not gonna
put up with her shit anymore.
Tell her I'm quitting. I'm done.
[Ada] Come here, baby.
Oh, and I could rent a place
with a full view of the ocean.
Why not just go ahead and buy it then?
I mean, if you want it that much,
we could rent a place for you right here.
Sweetie, there aren't any good hospitals
around here though.
I'd definitely come visit you
all the time.
- [gasps] You'd bring your son too? Uh?
- Are you out of your mind?
I swear, living with Sarp
for even one single day
is enough to give you cancer.
[Ada] I think maybe you've had enough.
Oh God, I'm so sorry.
- Love, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean that.
- [chuckling]
You know me, babe.
I just blurt things out sometimes.
- I'm so sorry. Was that offensive?
- [laughing]
[sighs] I mean, the good news is,
that's not a problem for me,
so you can just bring him anyway.
You know how people always say,
"Oh, don't eat that.
It'll give you cancer"?
And, "Don't drink that,
or else you'll get cancer"?
[chuckles awkwardly]
I don't have to worry anymore
[sing-song]'cause I already have it.
- [Leyla] Oh my God, stop.
- Stop.
[all chuckle]
- I wanna make love so bad.
- [coughs]
- What's that?
- [Sevgi] What's wrong with that?
I want to fall in love.
- I want somebody in my life. Why not?
- [clears throat]
Love, don't worry. You're not
missing out on anything, for real.
I'm having sex all the time, and so what?
Orgasms, that's what. You remember those?
Please. I mean, that's just insulting.
Of course I have orgasms.
Do you actually think I would go through
all the trouble if I didn't have any?
- [Sevgi] Stupid.
- [chuckles] She has a point.
Honestly, I can't remember what it's like.
Doc? What about you?
- Do fake orgasms count?
- [tsks]
[Ada] It's been a while.
You know, the fake ones
just make you appreciate the real ones.
But, if you want to have orgasms,
you have to really
put some effort into it, right?
Leyla, do you even realize
how many surgeries
I have to do every week?
I just don't have time
for fantasies like that, all right?
Oh, come on, Ada.
Like you're too busy to just buy
some cute lingerie or something?
[scoffs] So buy lingerie, have an orgasm.
It's that simple?
Yeah, it is.
'Cause you can only have an orgasm
when you feel sexy and comfortable
- in the way you look.
- Mm.
You were having real orgasms
with Toprak, though.
- [Sevgi] Wait, what?
- Leyla.
- What's Toprak got to do with this?
- I can't hold it in.
Guess who she saw today?
Toprak, she just ran into him.
And how was that?
Enough. Come on.
Just drop it, drop it, please.
Or, at least, I'm done talking about it.
- You two suit yourselves.
- Yeah, we should drop it.
I mean, if Selim heard about it,
he'd lose his mind.
Honestly, Selim is gonna
lose his mind anyway
when he hears all about Brussels.
Don't you worry about Selim.
What's on your arm there?
Oh. Oh, I guess
you wouldn't understand, sweetie.
It's a fantasy thing.
I got it from pole dancing.
- Pole dancing, you said?
- Exactly.
So, just out of curiosity
So you do pole dancing for Erdem,
but what does he ever do for you?
[Sevgi] Yeah, exactly.
- Like, maybe a gladiator costume.
- Mm!
With leather straps and handcuffs
and all that kind of stuff.
[Sevgi] Maybe a whip too.
- [Ada] A whip. [chuckles]
- [Sevgi imitates whip cracking]
Well, true, he doesn't do anything for me.
But at least he doesn't do anything
for the other ones either.
- Huh?
- What's that?
What do you think?
Erdem cheats on me.
All the time, ladies.
Is there any more raki?
- [server] I'm afraid not.
- [Leyla] You're out?
Guess I'm out as well.
Leyla, hon
Why didn't you tell us earlier?
[Sevgi] Look.
- In one hearing, I'll have you divorced.
- Mm-hm.
We'll take everything that bastard's got,
down to his underwear.
You know that, don't you, babe?
I know it, sweetie.
That's exactly why
I haven't told you already.
But why is that?
Because, babe,
I actually love my husband.
Leyla, he cannot treat you like this.
Do you really think
that this is what you deserve?
I swear, if Selim
If Selim ever did that to me,
I would never forgive him. Ever.
Not everyone's like you, you know.
For some, pride doesn't come first, okay?
Yeah, but apparently, comfort does.
It seems like it doesn't matter
what your man does,
as long as the credit card keeps working,
that's what really matters.
Are you kidding me right now?
Do you actually believe I think that way?
No, I don't. That's exactly why
I'm getting upset with you.
At least you aren't sleeping
all by yourself every single night, right?
And, even better than that,
when you wake up every morning,
you don't have to wonder
how much time you have left. Right?
Don't say that, Sevgi.
You're not alone. You have us. Always.
[Sevgi] It's just
this right here.
It's totally empty.
And it feels like
I'm somehow hollow inside. [sniffles]
I mean, I just wonder
what if I've already run out of time?
Sevgi! [grunts]
Don't be stupid.
You just have to keep going.
Scoot over.
Who knows how much time
any of us has left?
Anything can happen at any moment.
I'm right, aren't I?
Here's what we're gonna do.
Starting from now, we're gonna need
to stop putting things off.
So, wherever you feel good,
that's where you should be.
And us too. We'll be right there with you.
Everything will be all right.
I'm going to stay here then.
Good for you.
I'm not going back to Istanbul.
So don't.
And I'm getting a boob job
when I get back.
[all chuckle]
- [Ada] You're stupid.
- And you're buying lingerie.
Oh, shut up, for heaven's sake.
- Just go buy it already.
- [laughs] Fine, I'll do it.
[Leyla] Okay, but you have to let me
come with you.
- Come on.
- [both laughing]
[smooth jazz plays]
[Selim] Mm.
[Selim exhales]
Happy seventh anniversary.
Selim, I'm really sorry.
[Selim] Sh.
It's okay.
You go ahead.
I'll get the wine and be right with you.
All right, then.
[Ada] Mm.
Tonight is supposed to be
the perfect night to make a baby.
At least, according to the astrologers.
- [Ada] Mm.
- Uh-huh.
As if you believe them.
Oh, I believe them right now.
[chuckles, sniffs]
- Selim.
- Mm-hm?
I heard back from Brussels.
- Mm?
- There are three final candidates.
And I'm one of them.
And if they do accept me
it's a two-year research program.
- [Selim] Two years?
- Uh-huh.
It's a very important committee.
We talked about this.
Except for the two-year part.
Well, maybe you can come with me, babe.
We'll go together.
Maybe I could just put off
the construction work in Ankara.
Or I have a much better idea.
I could just sit around
and drink beer all day.
I'm cold. I'm getting out. You stay here.
[smooth jazz plays]
[cell phone chimes]
Yes, my love?
I'm screwed.
Baby, we're completely broke.
[moans] Ah
- Hm?
- [music stops]
Bankruptcy fantasy, babe?
Leyla, I'm serious.
We lost everything.
But this isn't over.
I'll take care of it. Don't worry.
Open the safe for me?
Why, Erdem?
[melancholy music plays]
[cell phone chimes]
[Leyla] God, I hope Sevgi is okay.
[Ada] Yeah, well,
we need to be prepared for anything.
[Leyla] It's gotta be somewhere
around here. Oh, maybe that one?
[Leyla] There's no number on the door.
I guess this is it.
Welcome, my dear girls.
[Sarp] Muko!
[Muko] Come here, boy.
Did you make me those cookies
I love so much?
Well, were you good in the car? [chuckles]
- Muko, is Sevgi okay?
- Mm-hm.
Muko, we've been so worried.
How've you guys been?
It was an act of God.
- [Muko] God helped us.
- [chuckles]
Welcome, ladies!
Good to see you.
Yeah, good to see you.
But your hair looks so beautiful.
- Transplanted, dear.
- [Muko] Come on. Come in. Come on.
[Sevgi] Come on. Come on,
come on, come on. Have some chocolate.
[instrumental soft rock plays]
I call dibs.
[Sevgi] So what do you think?
Do you like it?
It came furnished, but I'll bring
a few of my things from Istanbul.
It's pretty like this, right?
[Ada] Sweetie, is this
why you brought us here?
[Sevgi] Yeah. I wanted you
to see my new place.
[Leyla] Love, we were worried
that something bad happened to you.
[Ada] You're unbelievable, Sevgi.
[Sevgi] I'm fine, don't worry.
In fact, I've never been better.
[Sevgi] Look, my vitals are improving.
This worked.
This place is good for me.
And Mr. Zaman too, of course.
Now I can tell you
what happened to me that day.
It doesn't really make sense,
if you think about it,
'cause no one knows each other over there.
[Zaman] All right.
You're here to represent Sevgi.
In your mind, tell yourself
who and what you're representing.
You can open your eyes
whenever you're ready.
Then, you can move your body
and go throughout the entire space
however you desire.
- [woman sobs]
- [Zaman] Right.
How are you? How's Sevgi?
It hurts here.
Sevgi, what happened when you were five
or six years old? Did you lose someone?
[music box plays]
My father.
[girl giggles]
It was my birthday.
My father took me to an amusement park.
- Turned out loan sharks were after him.
- Hey. Wait
- They were just supposed to scare him
- Papa! Papa!
I was so convinced
that he died because of me,
that I wished it had been me instead.
- It's okay, sweetie.
- [sobs]
So, starting that day,
I began to break down, bit by bit.
I felt so much rage
toward the man who killed him.
That's why I became an attorney.
To fight criminals.
But, in reality,
those battles just consumed me even more.
[killer's proxy] I had no idea
this would happen.
[both sobbing]
[breathing shakily]
- [sniffles]
- [Zaman] And how are you now? How's Sevgi?
[sobs] She's carrying a burden.
[woman gasps, sobs]
[proxies sobbing]
Could you ignore your daughter
and touch the man on the ground?
- [Muko's proxy] No.
- Hm?
[Muko's proxy] No, I'm fine here.
All right, but your daughter
is not doing well.
She's doubled over. Hm?
- Look. Touch the man on the floor.
- [sobbing]
[Zaman] See whether you belong
here or there. Okay.
[Sevgi] And then it hit me.
To spare my mother
the pain of losing a husband,
I had started to take his place.
But I am just her daughter.
[young Sevgi sobbing]
[Sevgi] I'm dropping the burden I've been
carrying for you all these years.
I am just a child.
- [Sevgi's proxy] And you are my mother.
- [sobs]
[Sevgi's proxy]This is too much for me.
Let's see.
Do you want to say anything to Sevgi now?
- [Fiko] I do.
- [Zaman] Okay.
[Zaman] Then tell her
[Zaman] "The best thing
you can do for me"
The best you can do for me
is to live your life
fully, freely.
Enjoy it.
Open yourself up to love.
I'll always be with you.
To life your life to the absolute fullest.
Would you mind
taking a step forward, please?
- Something's missing.
- [Zaman] Mm.
[suspenseful music plays]
Okay, then.
I'll end this expansion here.
You may take a step back and leave.
[clears throat]
[music intensifies]
It's honestly a mystery.
At least, that's what Zaman said.
He said, in time,
it might manifest itself.
What did he tell you, huh?
[chuckles] Come on.
He said "in time" [shushes]
He also said, "Your mother will be
manifesting cookies and tea for everyone!"
[chuckles] Stop it! [chuckles]
[Leyla] Wow, Sevgi.
That is so weird. I'm not gonna lie.
Look, it gave me chills.
That wasn't all of it.
After that, I had a vivid dream
about my father.
He brought a basket full of pomegranates.
Sevgi, if you had gone to a therapist,
they would have said the same thing.
- Come on. Have a seat.
- This isn't new information.
I can't explain.
You had to have been there.
These aren't concrete results, Sevgi.
We should go to Istanbul
and do more tests.
- Ada.
- [Ada] It's decided.
Fine then.
I'll go to Istanbul with you.
But there's one condition
- [Ada] Hm?
- You visit Mr. Zaman for just one session.
All right?
Absolutely not.
[whimsical music plays]
How nice.
[Leyla] Thank you.
Mr. Zaman, my friends would like to join
the session for today.
Uh, hold on.
- I didn't say I'm joining.
- You're joining.
What's your name?
My name is Dr. Ada Korkmaz.
General surgeon.
And, you? You are?
How long has it been?
How long has what been?
The tremors in your hand.
Unless you get to the root of it,
it could get worse.
Right. [clears throat]
Excuse me.
We're about to start the session.
- [Leyla] We'll be there hopefully.
- [Zaman whistling]
Hey. What are you doing? You promised.
- We had a deal, Ada.
- [Leyla] Exactly!
I didn't think you'd bring me
to such a weird place.
[Leyla] Save it. Come on!
[suspenseful music plays]
[Ada] The past,
whether we remember it or not,
is always saved somewhere.
You know how
a flight recorder saves the data on it,
no matter how damaged it gets?
The past works the same way.
Tastes, smells, moments.
They all wait for the right time
to be remembered one day.
Even if we forget,
the past
stays with us.
[music intensifies]
All right. Who wants to start?
[theme music plays]
What if the past is not yet history? ♪
And it's why my future
Gets away from me? ♪
The bliss, the joy, and the victory ♪
Are hidden in another self
deep inside of me ♪
So tell me
If the past is not yet history ♪
Could it be
Somewhere we've lost the harmony? ♪
The muse, the spell, and the irony ♪
Are sailing in another self
Deep inside of me ♪
I came to smile
I came to cry ♪
I came to fail, then grow up high ♪
I came to fall
I came to love ♪
I came to remember we're born to fly ♪
I came to sing
I came to fight ♪
I came to lose, then look upside ♪
I came to doubt
I came to trust ♪
I came to remind you
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
No one's born to die ♪
Don't you see
The past is not just history ♪
It's why you are you ♪
And it's why I'm me ♪
The spark, the taste, and the destiny ♪
Are dancing with another self
Deep inside of we ♪
So tell me if your past is not history ♪
But it's why you're here
Singing out loud with me ♪
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