Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e04 Episode Script

Garden of Amahara

1 Mameshiba Baby! Shiba! baby-baby-baby babyshiba baby-baby babyshiba baby-baby-baby babyshiba baby-baby babyshiba Baby! baby-baby babyshiba Mameshiba baby-baby babyshiba LOVE The Garden of Amahara? Yes.
Do you know about it? Yup.
But I don't like it outside.
It's a garden that God created and where he gathered all the plants of the world.
They say that if you go there, you'll see all the flowers that grow in this world.
Really? I want to go there! Granny, let's go there together! I'd like to go but I'm too old and my legs hurt.
And besides, this garden is my treasure so I can't just leave it.
When you grow up, you should go look for it.
Yes! The Blue Exorcist After birth, people live as they wish sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka They then learn the black box in their head; is that bliss? nou no black box wo shiru sore wa kou ka Just cross over, beyond the line of your limit you wa limit line wo subete ryouga saa ikou ka fumidasu sore wa kyou da Let's go, take a step, and I mean this minute yappa hibi wa ika sen kou sotsunaku konashitecha no no Life's a bitch, so if it's easy, you're doing it wrong stop nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze (here we go) Stop, which way is the world going? Then ignore it and go wherever (here we go) There are things I could never have, things with time todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa Is there a reason I force my heart upon them? rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shitekita I never tried to understand, I just forced it on them I'm no better than those lifeless adults ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo Even if it's just a pipe dream I could never have doushitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga But no one can put out the fire in my heart mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo keseya shinai The black rain may pour hard and leave me drenched sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi nurashi furitomanakutomo But I know I can change, I will change myself mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaetemiseru This is my pride, what makes up my core kore ga sou "pride" sorezore no basho de I won't let my fire be put out; not yet mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo I'll keep going, and I'll never stop mada mada ikeru zo ikeru zo How can this story be so horribly hopeless? Brother! Hey, damn you! Give that back! Don't treat my manga like that.
And how are your studies? Have you taken a look at the materials I gave you yesterday? I did, I did! But Why is it all children's stories?! Bible Stories for Children You're getting carried away with making fun of me! I'm not making fun of you, it's just suited for your intelligence.
You damn spotty four-eyes! I thought stuff like this would be easier for you to understand.
Are you implying that I'm not suited for obediently sitting at my desk and studying? That hadn't crossed my mind.
Don't you want to become an Exorcist? Well, yeah Then stop slacking.
I need to prepare for the lessons.
Are you going somewhere? I received a request, and I'm going shopping while I'm out.
I don't think it'll take long.
"Request"? Does that mean an exorcism? Yeah.
Take me with you! Won't it be much more educational for me than burying my nose in books? But you're still a Page.
You don't have authorization for actual combat on that level.
Isn't it too late to worry about that in my case? That's true Fine then, but just to observe.
That's what I expected! However Pay attention to what I tell you.
And don't go soloing.
Gotcha! This is the key to the supply store.
It's one of the keys that only Exorcists can carry.
And you got one? That's awesome.
High! Does that key make us warp or something? This academy is a very important place for the Order of True Cross.
So the Principal has used his power to set a maze of amulets and barriers to ward off demons.
Oh, him I guess he's not just any ordinary clown.
You can avoid those traps and visit the world outside the academy if you have the keys.
I see You should take good care of the keys you're given.
They're very precious to us.
Ye Olde Exorcist Store Episode 4 sziaGarden of Amahara Well, I'll go buy the supplies first.
Wait out here.
I want to come with you.
Exorcist Supply Store Futsumaya Only Exorcists can enter the store.
I won't be long.
Don't loiter around! And don't touch anything! Just hurry up! Damn, he keeps treating me like I'm just a brat! "No loitering! Don't touch anything!" Like he's my mother or something! Damnit.
One day you'll come asking for my help Wow, it's so pretty! Ouch! Um, I didn't do It just broke! D-Demon? The warding gate Warding? Oh crap, did it react to me? Don't come in! Demon! Demon schmemon! I'm not a demon! Don't make assumptions! Stay away! Hey I told you to stay away! Can't you use your legs? Valeriana, St.
John's wort, fern, horehound Two of each.
And then one liter of C-concentration holy water.
300 grams of magnetite sand.
And six dozen of my usual blessed silver-jacket bullets.
Thank you for your patronage.
Buying in bulk again, I see? I used up a lot the other day.
How about the young lady? How is Shiemi? Her legs keep getting worse day by day.
But the doctors can't find anything wrong with either her bones or muscles.
That's why I asked you here.
And Shiemi? Unfortunately we're at odds right now.
She isn't talking to me for the time being.
Do you think a demon could be involved in this? It started when my mother her grandmother died.
It stinks! Makes even my eyes water It's fertilizer made by mixing cow manure and water.
Cow manure I'm not good at digging deep holes like this, thanks for helping me! "Thanks for helping"?! First you call me a demon, then you make me work for you! I'm sorry.
You just surprised me earlier.
Let's make up.
I didn't know you were actually a nice guy.
Nice I dunno about that, but I'm glad! I'm Shiemi Moriyama.
What's your name? R-Rin Okumura.
Hey! Didn't she touch poo just earlier?! This garden used to be my Granny's.
She taught me a lot of things here.
I really like this garden, and I loved Granny But she died this winter in an accident.
I'm sure she's gone ahead to the Garden of Amahara.
It'd be great if she had The Garden of Amahara? It's a place where God has gathered all the plants and flowers of the world.
I know it's just a children's story but if the Garden of Amahara really existed you could find all the grass and flowers and trees there.
I would really like to go and see it.
Brother! What are you doing here? You mustn't let your guard down! Hey, Yukio! Yuki! Yuki?! Do you know each other? She's the daughter of the owner of this shop.
I come here often.
Hello, Shiemi.
This is my older twin brother.
But you look like you're the older one! In truth I'm more like a big brother than he is.
He's the older brother only formally.
What the hell do you mean "formally"?! Shiemi.
He would like to take a look at your legs.
Mom! I don't have anything to do with demons! It's just to be certain.
If I don't find anything in my examination then there's no need to do anything.
Will you let me see? Excuse me.
Roots? It's a Spirit Wound.
This is definitely the work of a demon.
But Then is Shiemi- No, she's not possessed.
This isn't a demon that is capable of possessing a human.
It has possessed a plant here in the garden.
Maybe a DÃkkálfar, a Green Man or an Ent.
Some sort of low level demon that possesses the vegetation and has reached a crack in Shiemi's heart through her legs.
Its real body is somewhere in this garden.
Shiemi, demons usually take advantage of finding a gap to enter by talking to people.
You must have talked to one.
Do you remember something like that? I've not talked to a demon Shiemi! Leave this garden already! I don't care how much you prized your Granny, it isn't worth destroying your health to protect this garden.
Don't talk like that about the garden! This garden was Granny's treasure! I hate you, Mom! Shiemi! Shiemi! Shiemi.
When the moon is waxing you plant the root crops, and when it's waning you plant the leaf crops.
Yes! You really like grass and flowers, don't you Shiemi? Yes! And I love you Granny! Let's always be together! always together It may not seem like it, but the demon is sucking her energy through her legs.
If we don't stop it soon, her life may be in danger.
Why is there such a room inside a warehouse? Her grandmother lived in this warehouse.
After she passed away Shiemi has secluded herself in there.
Like she wants to be a part of the garden.
That was also when her legs started deteriorating.
She's just like her grandmother who had bad legs, too.
Did this place have something to do with why you're fighting? Even now, her grandmother seems to be the only thing she's thinking of.
That might be it I'm no good as a mother, and just as bad as a daughter.
Shiemi's been frail ever since she was little so she never went to school.
I was always busy with the store so her grandmother took care of her instead.
So Shiemi got very attached to her grandmother.
And yet, I always found that so enviable Well, you get what you deserve when even your own child has had enough of you.
It's way too late to try and act like a mother now and start worrying about her.
That way of thinking is a prime target for a demon to get in.
They take advantage of the weaknesses in people's hearts.
Shiemi! Shiemi! Won't you help me a bit? The night is going to be cold.
I need to cover the grapes.
Granny! I'm going to go look for the Garden of Amahara! I've saved up some money! Look! Maybe there's enough to travel around the world! You're going out? Go on then! But I don't think there's enough in that purse to travel around the world.
I thought so Go search for it somewhere nearby today.
I'll cover the grapes when I'm back, I promise! Don't worry about it.
Be careful! Come back before it gets dark, okay? Granny The pansies aren't sprouting And how am I going to fix this? If this goes on your garden will wither and die.
What should I do? You have to protect this garden.
Who was that? I can protect the garden.
Was that you? Yes.
I am the fairy of this garden.
Please lend me your strength! I will! I'll give you as much strength as you want! So please protect Granny's treasured garden! I promise.
Let's protect it together.
It's already past the evening watering time.
I have to protect it I have to.
You're doing gardening even at this hour? Your mother is really worried.
She's being mean to me.
I decided that I would protect Granny's garden! What are you doing? Stop that! Stop! Please stop! This has gone far enough.
Why are you binding yourself to this place? If I just had returned sooner Granny, I'm back! I'm sorry I'm late! Granny? Granny! If I had helped her with covering the grapes instead of going out Granny wouldn't have died.
It's my fault that she died.
So that's why I'll protect her garden! She's She's just like me.
Trapped by her past, blaming only herself.
Then stop making your mother worry! You can do that, right?! Besides, isn't looking for the Garden of Amahara what you really want to do?! Would your Granny want to keep you here instead? Go on then! Don't say that! Please don't! I've been so stupid! And now my legs won't even move anymore! Leave it to me! I'll chop those roots to pieces! Sorry to interrupt this tender moment.
Yukio! How long have you been there? Our opponent is a small fry.
We'll deal with it in a blink of an eye.
You'll soon be able to use your legs again, Shiemi.
The rest was just a matter of your heart's resolve.
Yuki Unforgivable.
You've broken the promise.
Is it going to show itself? Unforgivable! Shiemi! We are one now! We'll remain in this garden until we die! So you're in full bloom this late at night, you bastard! It's using her as a shield.
Brother! Yeah? Could you give me a hand? Please? Could you repeat that? I already told you, I need a hand! Guess I'll have to, since you're younger and all And you went as far as to ask for me so nicely.
Are you a demon, too? I'm nothing like you, you stinking weed! Don't bunch me together with the likes of you! What's wrong? You're a vigorous one, Mister Big Brother.
Stop playing dirty! Can a demon even be nothing but dirty? If you're going to cut her, then go ahead! It's all right to cut us up a little, as lovely as we are together.
Rin! Stand back! I have no choice but to shoot her.
Hey, Yukio! You're bluffing.
You wouldn't hurt her.
Don't try to deceive me.
Is that how you think? Maybe it is so and maybe it isn't.
Yukio! Well then which one is it? You filthy Exorcists! As if you'd shoot! I don't believe it! It let go of her! Go, Rin! Yukio, damn you! Yuki What a relief.
The roots are gone from your legs, too.
Won't you try standing? It's all right now.
Shiemi! Mom Go on! Brother! Go and apologize to her.
If you don't do it now, it'll just be harder later.
Um I've looked for it once, too.
The Garden of Amahara.
You silly child! I was so worried! Mom Mom, I'm sorry! That's a nice sight.
But what did you shoot her with, anyway? Nutrient capsules.
They sting a bit when they hit.
So that's what it was.
I helped her but it feels like she helped me, too.
Kimi to deatta no wa It wasn't by chance Tada no guuzen ja nai that I met you.
This is what they call fate.
Kore wo unmei to yobunda Reflected in your eyes is Sono hitomi ni utsuru the way we keep on shining together.
Bokutachi ga kagayaite Let's keep our gazes locked Irareru youni zutto so it won't fade away.
Mitsume tsuzukete (Please be) Dakara moshi kono mune ga (Please be) Maybe the day will come (With me) that we'll lose our way (With me) Michi ni mayou hi ni wa Mirai e no tobira wo hiraite hoshii while looking for the door to the future.
Ready, ready, ready for the take off Michinaru sekai e to We'll soar high towards an unknown world.
Mai agarunda So don't let go of my hand.
(Buddy) Dakara sono te hanasanaide (buddy) Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have while aiming for Tsukanda kono kizuna the place of our dreams.
Nigiri shimete Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have Te ni shita kono kizuna while aiming for the place of our dreams.
Nigiri shimete We have a new private student.
Shiemi Moriyama.
Ni-nice to meet you! How? I'm just a weakling who knows nothing about the ways of the world, so I thought I'd train myself through cram school.
And Yuki I mean Mister Okumura agreed.
You're shaking.
Are you all right? Is that why you've started school? It's thanks to you.
Thanks a lot! I didn't really do And of course I wanted to see Yuki as teacher.
Mandrake show caution Oh, that You're just messing around with girls Next Episode Preview What an eyesore! I'll be the one to defeat Satan! Stay the hell back! The fun and games start here.
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