Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist) (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

A Flock of Plovers

1 Ye Olde Exorcist Shoppe Banana Milk They're announcing the test results today.
By the way, Shiemi, have you made any friends? Y Yeah.
I'll be going! Take care! Friends Who's that girl? Your chick? I told you it's not like that! Then what, your friend? She's not my friend.
I mustn't cry Instead of spending time crying, today I'll make some friends for sure! Kamiki! Paku! Good morning! Ouch Moriyama? So lame Are you okay? Be careful.
Wait, Izumo! Shiemi? What are you doing there? Nothing at all! I can't depend on Rin! I have to do it myself! The Blue Exorcist sei wo uke sorezore ga jinsei wo ouka After birth, people live as they wish nou no black box wo shiru sore wa kou ka They then learn the black box in their head; is that bliss? you wa limit line wo subete ryouga Just cross over, beyond the line of your limit saa ikou ka fumidasu sore wa kyou da Let's go, take a step, and I mean this minute Life's a bitch, so if it's easy, you're doing it wrong yappa hibi wa ika sen kou sotsunaku konashitecha no no Stop, which way is the world going? Then ignore it and go wherever (here we go) stop nagare wo mikiwamena mazu mono to mo sezu ikou ze (here we go) todokanu mono ya kagiri aru mono ni There are things I could never have, things with time Is there a reason I force my heart upon them? atsuku naru mune wo osaetsukeru no wa I never tried to understand, I just forced it on them rikai mo sezu osaetsukeyou to shitekita ano otonatachi to onaji jan ka yo I'm no better than those lifeless adults doushitatte kanawanai esoragoto darou ga Even if it's just a pipe dream I could never have But no one can put out the fire in my heart mune wo moyasu hi wa dare ni mo keseya shinai sora kara furu kuroi ame ga kono mi nurashi furitomanakutomo The black rain may pour hard and leave me drenched mada ore wa kawareru jibun de kaetemiseru But I know I can change, I will change myself This is my pride, what makes up my core kore ga sou "pride" sorezore no basho de I won't let my fire be put out; not yet mada mada kieru na kokoro no hi wo mada mada ikeru zo ikeru zo I'll keep going, and I'll never stop Episode 7 szia Flock of Plovers Now, we only have six weeks until the summer break.
Before that you will have your Exwire authorization exams.
A squire? What's that? It's Exwire! It's the name for Exorcist candidates.
If you become Exwires you'll have more practical training, so the exam isn't going to be easy.
Therefore we'll be going on a week-long training camp next week.
Training camp? The training camp isn't compulsory, so please mark down your attendance, and what field you want to advance in as your Meister on this form.
You have until monday to hand it in.
Meister? Field? Hey, what's a "Meister"? Tell me please.
You want to become an Exorcist and you don't even know that? You're taking this too far! Okumura, you really don't know anything There are people like that, too Meister is a necessary qualification for Exorcists.
It's a title given to those who are skilled enough.
Aria Tamer Doctor Knight Dragoon Knight, Dragoon, Tamer, Aria and Doctor are the five classes.
If you get the title in at least one field, you become an Exorcist.
I see I think I get it.
Who said you could sit down? And the fighting style of each Meister is very different.
I see.
Thanks, Konekomaru.
What are you taking? Shima and I are aiming for Aria.
Aria? Arias fight by reciting the Bible and other holy scriptures.
Bon is overdoing it again, he's taking both Aria and Dragoon.
Huh, that's amazing, Bon! Don't call me Bon! By the way, Mr Okumura is a Meister in both Doctor and Dragoon, too.
He's amazing What should I take? To begin with, what's a Dragoon? You're seriously annoying! Dragoon Meisters fight with guns.
Knights fight with swords.
Oh look how Bon's acting all tough, but explains it to him anyway.
Shut up! Did you just say sword? Yeah.
The Meisters who fight with swords are called Knights.
Then I'm taking Knight.
Speaking of which, you always have a sword with you.
It's like a keepsake of my dad.
Rin is really having fun with the guys.
I have to pull myself together.
I got in the cram school thanks to Yuki and Rin, but they won't be always there to take care of me.
Now I will summon a demon.
Don't step on the drawing! If the magic circle is broken, it loses its effect.
You need blood and the appropriate chant to summon a demon.
Son of Typhoeus and Echidna, heed my call! So this is a Naberius? This is the first time I see one.
It stinks of sulphur.
There are very few people who can summon demons and use them as familiars.
A strong will is necessary to tame a demon.
This can't be learned, you need to have talent.
Now we will test if you have that talent.
Test? Put a drop of your blood on the paper with the magic circle I gave you earlier, and say the words that come to your mind.
I humbly call upon the Gods of Harvest.
Follow my wishes, leave none unfulfilled! Wow, what's that? Amazing! Two spirit foxes at once.
Well done, Izumo Kamiki.
Amazing, Izumo! I can't do it.
It's just natural, I'm the descendant of a shrine maiden! I can't do it.
Nor can I.
Kamiki's so amazing! Let's do this! I'll try too! Come, come just kidding.
It looks like a Green Man spirit.
Splendid, Shiemi Moriyama.
Hello Oh, this is a chance to talk to her! Hey, Kamiki! I could summon a familiar too! Wow, so amazing! It's as tiny as a bean and cute! Amazing? Cute? Thanks! Looks like we have plenty of Tamer candidates this year.
Tamers who can fight using summoned demons are rare and highly valued among Exorcists.
Demons never obey someone weaker than themselves.
On the contrary, they attack those who have lost their confidence.
We'll be fine, right? As I told you earlier, if the magic circle is broken, the bond will break and the summon will disappear.
So if you feel yourself in danger, just tear the paper.
Today's class is over.
I don't want to erase you.
Can I call you Ni? Let's go, Paku.
Hey, Kamiki! Umm Izumo, she's calling you Just ignore her.
Let's go, Paku.
She's so annoying.
Wait, hey! Hey! Why are you tailing me?! Why are you getting so high and mighty just by summoning that familiar? I just Would you Would you like to be friends with me? Huh? I I never had any friends So Sure! Then we're friends! Really? I'm so happy! Then, take this! I'm weak so I get tired very quickly.
Friends help each other, right? Will you carry it for me? Friends help each other Sure! Izumo, are you sure? She's happy about it, so why not? Huh? What's that? Looks like Shiemi became the follower of Miss Eyebrows.
Miss Eyebrows? Heh, that's Kamiki I guess.
They're just playing.
Will you hand these out? Could you prepare my valeriana for the next class? Melon bread.
Fruit milk.
Hey Shiemi's totally turning into her servant.
Huh? Nevermind By the way, why's the training camp in our dorm? Because it's no problem if we get a bit loud since we're the only ones living here.
It's just practical.
Good morning! Good morning! What's this? It looks like a haunted hotel.
True Cross Academy Boys' Dormitory I don't like it.
It feels creepy.
Couldn't we go somewhere nicer? Take this.
Moriyama, if you don't tell her that you mind Huh? But I don't mind.
I'm helping a friend.
Ah well.
Put down your pens! Turn the paper over and pass it here! Finally it's over It was so long I'm going outside to enjoy the night wind a bit Go cool down.
Tomorrow we're waking up at six.
We'll have a short quiz covered by this test.
He's a demon, seriously Paku, let's go take a bath.
Me too! I hope the bath is big I don't care, I just want to get there quickly Izumo, you really like bathing, don't you Of course, I'm a girl.
Heh, girls' bath time I get the feeling we'll have to go and take a little peek Shima, you're a monk! Those bad habits again Look who's talking, admit that you're just as interested.
Try not to forget that there's a teacher here.
Teacher or whatever, you're a freshman too! You don't have to act.
I prefer not to embark on reckless adventures.
Ladies This is it! Bathrooms This is my first time taking a bath with my friends! Sorry, but can you wait a little? Why? Because I don't want you to see me naked.
If you're my friend you'll understand.
Ah, but I don't want to make you wait like that, so go and get me some fruit milk.
I'd like to drink it after the bath.
I'll leave it to you.
Shiemi, what are you doing? Nothing I gotta go buy some fruit milk.
Hey! Stop that! That? You're not her servant! It's weird! I'm not her servant! She's my friend and I'm helping her! You're not helping her.
Is that really what you think you're doing? It's not, right? I don't want to stay behind others' backs and depend on their help all the time.
I want to Become like Rin and Yuki Become strong enough to help others! She's my first friend! But you're strong and have friends, you wouldn't understand! Hey, wait! I'm glad at least the bath is clean.
This place is like a haunted house Izumo you're so mean to her.
Huh? Well, I don't consider her my friend.
She's the weird one for following my orders like that.
You're different, Paku.
You're my best friend! I'm so happy that you even came to the cram school with me! Though I can't keep up with the classes at all It's okay, I'll help you! Did you hear? Kamiki made a ruckus again saying she saw a ghost.
So scary It's obviously a lie.
She doesn't have any friends, so she's just trying to get attention with that.
She's always alone! Wait, Kamiki! I'm on the student council, too.
Let me help! If you come with me they'll badmouth you, too I don't mind.
I'm not a good person.
You always stayed by my side.
You know, Izumo I think I'll quit the cram school.
I don't really understand the classes and I don't think I could fight with my life on the line.
But I will No, that'd be weird.
Also I don't like those who make a fool of honest people.
Sorry for saying this all of a sudden.
I wanted to tell you, but I couldn't That's not what a friend would do.
It's Kamiki and Paku! You go and get Yukio! He's amazing! He rushes to their help without thinking! How can he be so strong? Don't leave me behind! Paku! Wounds inflicted by Ghoul type demons must be treated right away! I humbly call upon the Gods of Harvest.
Follow my wishes, leave none unfulfilled! I must save her! Paku is my only friend! No, that'd be weird.
I don't like Woman, what is the state of thy heart? We shall not follow you, woman! Tear the paper! The paper! You stay back.
Damnit, what now? I can't draw my sword in front of her.
Come on, Yukio! Rin! You?! Paku! Rin, hold the demon back while I treat Paku! You make it sound so easy! It looks like a burn.
It's a Spirit Wound from a Ghoul! She'll die in minutes! Then I must hurry with the treatment! Young Master Rin! Don't come here! Think, think! The first aid for burn wounds Sancho! If only I had some sancho! Ni? Amazing, Ni! It's sancho! Huh? That's aloe! Wait, why is aloe growing from your familiar? Forgive me This is the order of a certain person Satan? I can't match it without my sword! I can't take it anymore! Rin! You're not getting away! Are you okay, Rin? You're late! But not too late.
Shiemi! How is Paku? Yuki, I Your first aid was right.
Who knows what would've happened without you Ah, Paku! Thanks for saving me, Moriyama.
Hey, are you okay? Don't look! I hate myself I don't want anyone to see me like this.
I couldn't do anything I couldn't help my only friend She hates me Put that on and go.
Did you fail? What are you whining for? Or are you just laughing at me who has become the dog of a demon? Kimi to deatta no wa It wasn't by chance that I met you.
Tada no guuzen ja nai This is what they call fate.
Kore wo unmei to yobunda Sono hitomi ni utsuru Reflected in your eyes is Bokutachi ga kagayaite the way we keep on shining together.
Let's keep our gazes locked Irareru youni zutto Mitsume tsuzukete so it won't fade away.
(Please be) Maybe the day will come (Please be) Dakara moshi kono mune ga (With me) Michi ni mayou hi ni wa (With me) that we'll lose our way Mirai e no tobira wo hiraite hoshii while looking for the door to the future.
Ready, ready, ready for the take off Michinaru sekai e to We'll soar high Mai agarunda towards an unknown world.
So don't let go of my hand.
(Buddy) Dakara sono te hanasanaide (buddy) Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have Tsukanda kono kizuna while aiming for the place of our dreams.
Nigiri shimete Ready, ready, ready for the take off.
Yume ga mezasu basho e Hold on to the bonds we have while aiming for Te ni shita kono kizuna Nigiri shimete the place of our dreams.
Why are you naked, Rin? I got a bit carried away.
Just take them away quick! Mameshiba Babyshiba tuwned into fwuits.
oppai milk dou dou grape-grape grapeshiba budoushiba drinking milk oppai ni buru buru blue-blue buruuberii blueberry oppai ni drinking milk energetic pichi pichi peachshiba piichishiba drinking milk oppai ni kan kan so noisy mandarinshiba mikanshiba milk oppai shinbou confident sakuranbo cherry oppai lots of milk ippai pineappleshiba painshiba I won't be friends with the likes of you.
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